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    You confused off topic threads with my threads created elsewhere on the forums when you wrote my verdict. I create a serious thread that thought was put in to, people shit post on it, flame bait me, but I respond to someone who was flame baiting me, and point out he was baiting me, but I deserve warning points?! You should mention somewhere on the rules staff members can use double standards when handling situations so we know that the rules don't apply to some people.


    It's like someone going on my profile and types "Go fuck yourself" and they don't get warning points. I go on their profile and type "Go fuck yourself" and I get a ban strike. It's completely not fair, and I don't even think you realize that. It's kind of scary.


    Every month it seems I get warning points for something pettier and pettier, starting from when I tried getting money and publicity for somebody's life saving surgery through my connections, to giving feedback on a great staff member who left moments before my post was made and you keep denying my appeals because you have some thought stuck in your mind that everything I post is just a troll, when in actuality, all I ever did was just share an extensive gallery of media in the off topic section in hopes of just trying to improve one person's day.


    January 5th, I want you to come on to my live stream and whoever else wants to come, and we'll have a podcast talking about everything in the community. 

    1. Roland


      I didn't confuse anything my m8, I know which of your threads were in offtopic and which in suggestion forums. Your suggestion threads were not very well thought through and received mostly negative responses, to a point where it felt like those suggestions were made to trigger people into responding about how bad the suggestion was. Considering your history in offtopic, I accepted that as a possibility. And then you posted the baited comment which convinced me this is what is happening, hence the points are IMO warranted.

      Sure, I can come on a stream and talk, remind me :)