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  1. Roland

    Question About Characters And Kill Rights

    No, just the character listed on the thread is part of the group and gains rights etc. In the future one will be able to mark in character pages which character is part of the group.
  2. Roland

    Balance Bases and Update Rules

    I thought we already had a discussion about this with several ideas. Destruction timers have been increased to several minutes in the last patch Offline raids are being discussed by implementing scheduled "raid hours", during which base buildings can be destroyed, outside of these hours they cannot. People get into abandoned bases to search for loot, that is normal. We don't have any territory claim system that would tell players they are entering a group controlled area. Also not every attempt to get into a base is griefing. Allowing to shoot on sight random people who are just looking for supplies would be unfair.
  3. Roland

    The House

    OP doesn't meet group leadership requirements, 7 days since you were last part of another group. See you in a week.
  4. Roland

    BeanZ WAR

    I can't believe I waste SSD drives for storing these shitposts in my database
  5. Roland

    Suggestion: TELNYASHKA item store

    It's a variant of National Shirt in the item shop.
  6. Roland

    OOC Hate

    Because it goes against core values of the community.
  7. Roland

    Please Help Me :(

    Solved. I'll look into deleting the cars later.
  8. Roland

    Assassin's Creed Unity Free Until 25th of April

    Inb4 someone sets the pyramids on fire so we can get Origins as well
  9. Roland

    Increase the amount of Zombros in towns and cities

    I would have doubled the amount of zombies already, if I could. But the server goes down on its knees when AI count is increased, especially with 100 players.
  10. Roland

    S1 Tisy Summer Camp: Killing of Compliant Hostage 3:57

    The rules about hostage execution do indeed state that hostages may be killed only if "Approved group of the hostage refuses to negotiate or opens fire on hostage takers". However in this situation this rule was intentionally or unintentionally circumvented by sending in not the approved group of the hostage, but an allied group which shared defense rights, to attack and kill hostage takers. This essentially allows any allies to bypass negotiation demands and go straight to shooting and hostage takers would not be able to act upon this since they have no way of determining whether it is the hostages group or their allies shooting at them. This is not how the rule is supposed to work and rule circumventing like this will not be tolerated. The rule will be amended with "or their allies" so that it is clear that nobody can bypass this rule. Invalid kill removed from @-CML-NorWayy, no changes to the ban
  11. Roland

    • Roland
    • Brayces

    * Would attempt to throw a punch *

    Roll D20

    1. Brayces


      Aaaaah. A NAT20. You send me flying to the moon, like one punch man! 

      I crash among the moon rocks, gasping for air that doesn’t exist as I quickly freeze and shatter into thousands of shards in the vacuum of space. 

      I die.  

      *pulls out new sheet.*

      MY BROTHER ARRIVES ON THE SCENE TO AVENGE ME. *He would attempt to punch you around the face area.* 

      1D20 pls plus my modifier ... 


  12. Roland

    False Report?

    Yeah, I think you'll be fine Inb4 powergamed punching.
  13. Roland

    False Report?

    Not at all, I just said that in this situation where the person got punched, it was not completely unreasonable for the victim to react the way they did and drop the attacker on the spot. Staff will never tell you things like "it's ALWAYS ok to do X", simply because circumstances and situation matters and can completely change context. I don't know how to explain it any better my thoughts about why this is a false report, I added a point form in my first post in here, it pretty much explains it. Don't be silly, insults do not deal damage to your character.
  14. Roland

    What's Up With These Verdicts?

    You're absolutely right, I am a huge fan of "eye for an eye" and having comparable level between action and re-action when it comes to hostilities. This is for example why we have the execution rule state that you can only execute people if they actually participated in death of your ally. This way people get kill for kill, and can't be executed for something silly like not being able to sing. And this works well in scenarios where you are role playing with others, you can take your time, agree on things and get permission OOC. In situations like in the report where the attack is sudden, unprovoked, without any initiation, it's very difficult to get attacked and then think about what just happened and start disarming yourself in order to punch back. First thing you think is to protect yourself and with a loaded gun in your hands, that's a very easy thing to do. In those sudden situations you don't know if the person is going to continue punching and stunlock you or start running away or perhaps something else. So you don't have that luxury as you have with more slow paced RP. Therefore it is in my opinion justifiable that if you suddenly or unprovoked get attacked and there's no notice of it happening like an initiation, even if it is just with fists you should always be able to defend yourself. And in general I think it is a bad idea to punch people with guns.
  15. Roland

    False Report?

    I don't see why previous reports would be affected? I have said over and over again that reports to not create precedents, we don't search for and analyze old reports with similar situations before writing a new verdict. Every situation is unique, circumstances are different, players involved and GMs handling the report are different. We are not going and never have pursued consistency of verdicts in reports. We go with what we as a staff team feel is the right thing to do at the time. I have to repeat this every time someone popular gets banned and threads are created to challenge the verdict, because people start linking old reports, sometimes done years ago and say that we are not consistent. Working as intended. Now that we got this out of the way, my opinion stands just like I mentioned in my previous post. Don't create a reports about getting dropped if you were the first to attack someone, that's just asking for it. I am always pushing for more role play, however I'm also a stong believer that people should always be able to fairly protect themselves. For example recent rule preventing remote initiations was a step in this direction, so that person being attacked knows exactly who is attacking. And so that's exactly the reason why I disagree with you, I don't think defending oneself from being punched is bullshit. He attacked someone, got dropped for it, all fair and square in my book. Probably should reconsider attacking people holding big guns. I don't know why this is such a controversial opinion, shouldn't we all value our characters lives and defend ourselves to our best ability in apocalyptic world? Why can we treat other characters as punching bags without facing consequences of our actions?
  16. Roland

    False Report?

    I don't think that's on topic of "false report". If you want to discuss what actions qualify as hostile and when your life is in danger, you probably want to create a different thread.
  17. Roland

    What's Up With These Verdicts?

    If you attack someone while clearly outnumbered or without a plausible chance of successfully winning, it may be considered NVFL. Attacking with your bare fists someone holding a rifle, who also happens to have reinforcements around is pretty clear NVFL to me. Like it's literally worse than popular saying of "bringing a knife to a gun fight". He didn't even have a knife. I don't know where you got these made up rules that attacking someone with their fists is not a hostile action one cannot defend from? Since when does everyone on the server get a free haymaker on other players without possibility of retaliation? Can I run and punch everyone I meet once or twice and hope that someone actually defends themselves and shoots me so that I can report them for attempted invalid kill and get them banned? That's silly. I've seen a few clips from our server where someone held up at gun point and disarmed suddenly runs up, punches the guy holding the rifle and the guy passes out and his weapons are picked up. IMO people need to be able to defend themselves if they feel threatened, doesn't matter if it's with fists, knife, bat or gun. Sure, punching can also be part of role play and in some situations it doesn't justify using kill rights gained, however if someone all of a sudden runs up to me and punches me while I'm armed, you can bet I would drop them.
  18. Roland

    False Report?

    False report can be any time someone creates a report with malicious intent, manipulated evidence, false claims or similar. I personally suggested false report verdict for this report to the GMs, since I believe it should be a false report in situations where one starts a hostile situation, it doesn't go ones way, one creates a report to get revenge. For example: Attack or provoke someone (punch, shoot near the legs) That someone defends themselves fully within their rights You die Report them because you're suddenly the victim now? ??? False report
  19. Roland

    Please try and help me understand this verdict. Because I don't.

    I think you need to condense your question down to bare essentials, because you're going in like 3 different directions in your post and there are like a dozen of completely different questions and I don't know which ones to answer. Specific questions please.
  20. Roland

    Roleplay and you

    This thread was a mistake OP, these guys have a point. Considering you're getting roasted now, I'll help you out and close this.
  21. Roland

    Review group recruits

    Too much micro management, group leaders know best how to manage their group and are the ones doing recruitment and sending invites to people. Especially now that with the latest group requirement changes, the group leaders actually have to be leaders in full meaning of that word.
  22. Roland

    Staff Productivity/TeamSpeak

    I see GMs and other staff in our staff voice channels in Discord every day. It may not be populated like it used to be on TS, but I don't think it has reduced productivity in any measurable way. For the most part, text in GM chat has replaced voice discussion, as it is usually not needed for reports and appeals, they can be done solely based on staff notes.
  23. Roland

    The Chernarus Space Program Wasn't For Me

    Hahaha, that was awesome. That desperate bail right in time. Oh DayZ...
  24. Roland

    Group requirements revised

    All groups have some kind of leader. Otherwise they wouldn't be groups or approved. That's correct, if you as a leader give up on a group, you may not rejoin it later. This is to prevent abuse and shuffling leadership of group in between a pack of friends that we've seen in the past year. See above. Yes. The benefit is that I always know whom to contact about group related issues, whether they may be IC or OOC and there will be no excuses like "but X handles IC stuff, I only update the thread". I can't have an address book for each group because groups choose to have 3 different leaders depending on whether it is about IC, OOC or thread. A leader is a leader for everything group related, period. The point is to have a single person contact for the group for both IC and OOC things, plus the council membership and to prevent abuse involved in group leadership switching. Graphic design is none of our concern, groups consisting of pure text have the same chance of being accepted as those with awesome graphics. Graphics are not a requirement for group approval. The rule is to make groups actually select a leader that can be held responsible for the group both IC and OOC and can be easily contacted about IC or OOC related issued, including council matters. Abuse involved was only for "group holding" which what this change also resolves.
  25. Roland

    Group requirements revised

    In these situations staff will need to get involved and discuss a solution tailored specifically for the group depending on the circumstances. Those are two edge cases that happen so rarely they do not justify blocking this change.
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