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  1. Roland


    We will soon be moving Valheim servers to a new home on ValheimRP. The existing servers with their worlds will continue running for some time.
  2. lmao That's +15 for necro for you mister
  3. For something to be considered constructive you don't only have to answer what, but also why. Why is probably the most important part of it all It's not very fun to just scroll through pages and pages of posts with random acronyms/weapon names in them, the fun/informative/constructive part is in WHY you think that. I don't see anything wrong with the rule, it's one of the easiest ones to follow in the community.
  4. We have other plans for maps this year. Namalsk is online only for it's "cool" factor and unique features, sound design, weather and events. Livonia offers none of that.
  5. If they worked properly, this would be a great idea to have in high end loot spots like military bases. Those AI don't have to provide RP themselves, they project their power through KoS which affects player RP positively (fear, planning, tactics when approaching sites with them), since we don't have other types of KoS on our server they would fill in that niche that we haven't had for a long time since removal of KoS zones. But it doesn't look like this mod is publicly available, have you done your research OP before you suggested this? Don't suggest things that we can't get.
  6. Ah of course, why didn't I think of bribing Bohemias DayZ project leader. Silly me.
  7. I love Namalsk. I would make it the only map we have on DayZRP in a heartbeat if only we could monetize content on it. It's too bad really.
  8. There only exists one character on the server. What you're doing is switching character to role play someone else, as indicated by your character page. The gear in game and looks of the character remain the same until you die.
  9. So because you found two rare weapons at the same time their spawns should be nerfed?
  10. I like this thread. This. So much this. "Server is empty, I can't find anyone to RP!", "Server is full, I am stuck in queue!", "The map is too big, I have to run a lot!", "The map is too small, I can't run anywhere". It never ends
  11. Found some old forum goodies from around 2013 in my archives @Jackfish. So young, naive and innocent Reason why we had an age limit back then: Anyone remembers the one line story? Maybe we should do it again (but more serious, without all the butt stuff)? For those uninitiated, it was a thread members would post one sentence per post to create a RP story. There was a special page that took all replies from that thread and put them together into paragraphs, so it looked like a real story. Best ideas Last but not least, Skype staff chat @Papa Emeritus II @Elissa
  12. Those things were commissioned by members themselves, without involvement of our devs or staff. And I have no good reason to reject good quality free content that is offered to me to be added to the server.
  13. Hotfix #1 Fixed some issues with smoking cigarettes Increased world temperature Entering wrong code lock code should no longer deal damage 6B5 and civilian vests had their armor values and temperature isolation increased Dexamphetamine max stack is now 10 tablets, can be split, effect lasts for 30 seconds Edited vest derp by Roland - @Hofer
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