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  1. It seems nobody received a valid initiation in this situation. Since a clear and unambiguous initiation has not been successfully delivered to all involved players, kills will be treated as invalid. Since there was no role play at all leading to the situation and the supposed initiation was the first interaction between the groups for a while, these are invalid kills on sight. @Sleepygoat, @GMAK, @Rutkiy, @speirs, @OxeN, @Lucas - IK(OS) - 7 day ban Fix your shit lads, your group was just approved a few days ago. Another stunt like that and the group will take a hit as well. And the bragging video while the report is still open? Unacceptable.
  2. This group can no longer use attacker kill right group sharing defined in rule 4.2 until further notice.
  3. I'm taking an executive action here since my admin team disagrees with this outcome and voted not guilty on 2.3 rule break. They believe it's not enough to punish for 2.3 since Umbras actions contributed to the attacks on several occasions, mostly by "talking back" and "disrespecting" 5.0.3. While I agree that Umbra are not completely innocent, I see those small and mostly harmless actions as a reason to completely disregard rule 2.3 rule breaks that are indicated here and just let 5.0.3 go free. As I stated previously in this thread, rule 2.3 has very little to do with actual role play in game and regardless of role play involved and IC reasons you must follow the rule 2.3 at all times. You are not allowed to repeatedly attack, target and harass other groups or individuals to the point where they can't enjoy their role play, even if it's justified by some IC reason - you must carefully ration the attacks and cooperate with other role players or groups so that everyone can enjoy the experience and have fun. The server is about role play (including hostile RP), not OOC winning over others through constant initiations, firefights and raids and forcing enemy to submit, stop playing or archive. That's the whole purpose of rule 2.3. It is therefore my belief as the owner of the community who wrote those very rules that rule 2.3 has been broken here through combined effect of the following actions: Repeated attacks on the group using dubious reasoning and excuses which are disproportionate to the attacks Following the group across the server to continue attacks Setting up a camp in the near vicinity of Umbra base for easier continued attacks and raids Other individuals uninvolved in this report or conflict contacting me about similar repeated targeting of them while in game There are however some circumstances which lessen the rule break: Umbra being not exactly a neutral group, their behavior contributed to the attacks Some fights that Umbra got involved in voluntarily No actual proof from said uninvolved individuals targeted aside from their PoV backed by conversation and server logs The punishment is difficult to issue, I don't want to archive the group and cancel all ongoing RP and I don't want to ban people and possibly remove good role players from the community. However the PvP focus of the group has to stop as well as the overreaction to any received hostile RP. You don't have to initiate, create a large firefight, kill half of the enemy, torture remaining hostages and then raid their base just because one of them called you an asshole, especially when some of your characters are role played and act as assholes in game. That's a huge overreaction and shows focus on PvP. Call them an asshole back instead, that might actually create some role play. With this, I am revoking attacker right sharing from 5.0.3 group and thus their ability to effectively coordinate any PvP attacks until the current aggression subsides to reasonable levels, I see that their behavior improves and they receive positive feedback from the people who were wronged. This decision cannot be appealed.
  4. Excessive hostility? What?

    1. Shroud


      Honestly Confused

  5. We have disabled the stash count on items, this means that all items, including weapons, will continue to spawn at the same rate, regardless of how many are being stored by the players. Instead of that we have increased cooldown timers on item respawns, which means that some more rare items like FAL will only spawn every 12 hours or so.
  6. It's not We're not that incompetent that we cannot find models It's about animations and weapon configuration.
  7. We already have build anywhere enabled on walls and towers, for the sake of being able to create seamless walls without holes in them. It makes no sense to enable it for other objects and have them clip through walls.
  8. Roland

    The Saints

    This group will be denied for excessive hostility in game with little to no RP behind it.
  9. I don't handle weapons, @Watchman-kun does
  10. I think you misunderstood the rule 2.3. Nowhere in it does it say that the attacked party must submit and make attempts for peace. The rule is about PvP focus and constant attacks, regardless of RP surrounding it. It's your sole responsibility as an attacker to not overdo it and break the rule. If op wishes to drop the report he needs to post here himself and I'll consider it.
  11. My biased opinion so far after skimming through the PoVs: 5 fights in 7 days for various reasons, that's not too far from OPs claim of "every day". Not terrible, not great. 5.0.3 went after Umbra even when they switched servers, going as far as creating a new set of new low effort Chernarus based characters to get around the issue of travel time between two maps. Hostility of 5.0.3 is unproportionate to the hostility originating from Umbra. As justification for that war-like hostility by 5.0.3 we so far have: a random radio bragging thread some curse words thrown in game offline raids on a stash that was recently been set up in the same town initiations done by Umbra in self defense at their own base If above wasn't enough, similar concerns of rule 2.3 violation have been submitted by other groups, among others Kings Ridge on Livonia who are in fact neutral
  12. this guy fucks

    1. Roland


      You know it boiiii

  13. If zombies were as easy to kill as humans there wouldn't be an apocalypse to begin with.
  14. You should add a link to specific thing you want added. I can post "fix DayZ" and "add helicopters" suggestions and everyone will probably agree on getting them added, but we all know that's outside of our scope, just like these guns
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