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Community Answers

  1. If we decide to introduce a toxic zone on Nyheim we'll change the in game name of the hazmat suit spawned from item shop to "Ripped Hazmat Suit" and gas masks to "Broken Gas Mask". These variants will offer no protection, but will still look exactly the same.
  2. Changed in game date to 2021-09-01 with next server restart. Let me know how that affects sun path and darkness at night.
  3. Removed it, it seems to be broken vanilla item.
  4. DayZRP 21.8.2 Released 2021-08-24 Mods @Roland @Hofer Added HellRetex Survival Added Spurgles_BagZ Added Quadley's Tools and Melee Weapons Added Mass'sManyItemOverhaul items to loot table Nyheim @Kerkkoh Various bug fixes New lake and short river New city and military areas down south Preparations for expanded underground areas Keybinding (default numpad1) for toggling Nyheim ambient sounds Lower volume, range, and prevalence for houseparty music + 2 new fire beats (all of the music can be heard here) Weapons @Misho VEPR and Vz.58 will now take standard AKM compatible magazines instead of custom ones
  5. We are working on it, once done it will be available here on the website under DayZ->Map
  6. I removed the "NWAF" part, the location part was not important for the question. Thanks for reporting.
  7. This was a bug after this mornings website upgrade/maintenance. It should be solved now.
  8. Fixed the Card "license" variant. Bandana "Black" variant is a vanilla DayZ item, I double checked the classname and it is correct so I can't really do much more. Perhaps it's bugged?
  9. DayZRP 21.8.1 Released 2021-08-12 Just a small update to update mods for new Expansion version 1.6. This thread will be updated later on as we add new features from the new Expansion update. Read about the new Expansion update here. Mods Removed TraderPlus (will be replaced with Expansions new trader soon, once we configure it). Your bank balance is safe and I will try to migrate it to Expansion economy. Replaced DayZ-Expansion, DayZ-Expansion-Core, DayZ-Expansion-Vehicles with DayZ-Expansion-Bundle which also adds new Expansion book and traders Added MassManyItemsOverhaul mod (just the mod for now, items from this mod will be added to loot tables later on)
  10. After lengthy discussion and criticism of my (in)actions during and after Nyheim launch I have decided to step down from El Presidente post and attain a new position - Server Manager. Starting today I will be solely taking care of server hardware and software maintenance, new DayZRP patch releases, technical aspects of the website, amnesty, payments and Premium. Questions and issues regarding all other aspects of the community should be directed to the newly appointed Community Manager - @Hofer who will be your Alpha and Omega when it comes to rules, staff, suggestions, mods and everything else not related to the above. I wish Hofer good luck, I am sure he will do a great job and satisfy the communitys wishes that I wasn't able to fulfil.
  11. I am on vacation, but admin team has been given a go ahead to try a few of the ideas above
  12. That mod has two external mod dependencies, I doubt we will install three separate mods for just one vehicle. Those dependencies in turn seem to have compatibility issues. Also the comments suggest that the RV itself does not play well with MuchStuffPack which we already use. Sorry
  13. I will fix this later today, thank you for pointing this out!
  14. I skimmed across the thread and I liked some of the creative ideas you've come up with. I also think it's amusing that many of you have conflicting suggestions about what to change, something that really shows how varied our community is and how difficult it is to please everyone. I can tell you what my plans look like right now. My current plan is to ride through the player dip. What this means is that we won't be doing drastic changes that would appeal to some percentage of players and gain a short term player boost, but which would also change the characteristics of DayZRP. We are still making smaller adjustments though - we just added a new placement mod and also drastically lowered loot spawn numbers and increased restock delays to decrease loot abundance and increase survival feeling. We should not panic and make hasty and rushed decisions based on lower player population last week. Considering that the new map is much smaller and was designed for lower population in mind, I think we're doing OK'ish and role play is definitely still possible despite lower numbers. So no major changes planned from my side and instead, we in staff will use this time of lower activity to take well earned vacations and/or brainstorm ideas for the future. I for example will be gone for 5 weeks starting next week But I do want you to continue coming up with ideas on how to make DayZRP a better community and how you think we could regain the interest of players after the first new map hype has passed. If you have specific and detailed suggestions it's always best to create a new thread with a poll so that we in staff can see how popular the idea is before we implement it. Thanks!
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