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  1. Roland


    Just like in real life if someone attacks you, you have a right to defend yourself with equal amount of force. If they do not heed warnings to stop or your life is in danger, you can use excessive force.
  2. Roland


    Priority is to fix existing issues first, before adding any new stuff. Problem is, it's DayZ patches that break our code and there's nothing we can do to fix that. We're trying to work on workarounds, but it's difficult to do.
  3. Roland


    I meant accepting bets what will be broken in next patch
  4. Roland


    I should start accepting bets.
  5. Roland

    Base Building is the biggest waste of time yet.

    Flaming, +30. I did not touch persistence, that's separate for each server.
  6. Roland


    The dev chat is in complete chaos, our backend is a disaster right now. It's a miracle the server is even up and accepting players.
  7. Roland

    Buy another server?

    Yes, well. Both servers are running on old 2014 i5 CPUs, but they are overlocked to 4.5GHz, so almost as fast as modern CPUs when it comes to single thread performance. And since DayZ server cannot utilize more than 1 core effectively, I don't need a 32 core Ryzen, 4 cores is plenty The S2 is now up on a separate box which means it shouldn't have to fight over resources with S1, which is what caused the issues a few days ago when I tried that. Both servers are connected to the same HIVE through a very, VERY sketchy trick (DayZ devs don't want you to host your own HIVE like in the old days, only GSP hosted servers allow that), which may or may not work well under load. I need you to join S2 and test that your character from S1 transfers and saves OK between the servers.
  8. Roland

    Is calling your characters ethnicity white allowed?

    It's OK to be white. We don't discriminate.
  9. Roland

    Emote Wheel

    It's an issue with the DayZ Launcher, we're working on it.
  10. Roland

    Rolando Good Samaritan

    Those 4 fellas were limping down the road with a broken car with just 3 wheels. Rolando helped out by providing a spare wheel for them.
  11. Roland

    Free Medics Media

    You got DayZ'd
  12. Roland


    New Join page is up! It also works as a guide on how to join our servers.


    Thanks to @Banshee for the graphics.

    1. Ron


      Looks pretty nice. Maybe add a download link for the launcher? Maybe I'm just blind.

    2. Ron


      nvm, it is the official DayZ Standalone Launcher via right click - I'm stupid.

    3. Falk


      Looks good

  13. Roland

    DayZRP Standalone v1

    This is not a support topic, stop posting in random threads.
  14. Roland

    Quick website suggestions

  15. Falk

    • Falk
    • Roland

    Anybchance of adding tools in the shop or nah 

    1. Roland


      Just clothing, no tools.

    2. Falk


      need nails mate to build me bridge