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  1. Roland

    DayZ Mod poll

  2. Roland

    LORE Question!

    Your character saying something about state of some country in game doesn't automatically make it indisputable truth and part of official lore. You and all other players are presented with the official background story to the whole infection and state of the world at the time of the infection on the lore page, the rest of the story up until now is built by players by their own stories, rumors, journals and hear say. Only things that actually happen in game are absolute and undeniable truths and events, the rest of the stuff that is made up and doesn't actually happen in game may just as well be all made up by the characters who tell these stories.
  3. Roland

    Any installation tips so far?

    You click the link on front page to join the server. ArmA3 launcher should open and then after a few seconds another window showing server and a list of mods required. If you already are subscribed to the required mods in Workshop you just click "Setup mods and join" and it will automatically launch the game and connect to the server with what you need. If you don't have the mods needed, you can just click subscribe to all and they will download. It's as simple as it gets.
  4. Roland


    The mod server is still under construction and thus not ready yet. Once it's finished it will use the same lore as the other two servers - Standalone and ArmA3. The plan is to have three game servers connected and use the same world, lore and characters that travel across the world.
  5. Roland

    Interview with a Community Member: Dino

    Deal, we can remove DrMax from staff, then you can be Support.
  6. Roland

    Interview with a Community Member: Dino

    Staff app when
  7. Roland


    I understand your concerns, however this is a business in terms of "one man company with a site on Internet selling colorful names for a few hundred euros every month", not a "multi million dollar global corporation with hundreds of employees". Both are businesses in legal terms, however one is allowed way more leniency than other. A pizzeria run just by the owner in a small town and making enough just to barely make ends meet will not be put to the same scrutiny as McDonalds who make billions of dollars in revenue. That's one thing, the other major thing is - we simply cannot afford legal help due to the size and income of this community. I try my best for the site to meet all legal requirements, but it's no secret that we have no massive disclaimers and what not like Valve or Blizzard. I write all the policies, and do book keeping, invoicing, VAT, payments and what not all by myself. If I had to hire a corporate lawyer to do a thorough check or an accountant to do the book keeping for me there would be no money left. In fact, I'd probably go negative. In any case, I am quite confident that this will work just fine because: We only sell non tangible digital items for use on the community website, which I am the sole owner of, thus not breaking any 3rd party ToS. The website is our own product. I'm selling pixels and access to this website. Registration is free and you are not signing any contract with me when registering where I would be liable to deliver or provide anything at all. PayPal will offer us seller protection on digital goods with the terms and conditions we have declared on the amnesty page, as the service is immediately delivered after payment is complete. We've done it in the past on a much, much larger scale (whitelist open only for Premium users during 2013 and 2016 player waves, hundreds of players bought Donor to be able to whitelist) and there were no issues Even if someone would somehow make the connection that access to the site = access to the servers, Bohemias monetization policy allows for paid restricted access to their games and we are approved for monetization As the company and me who solely own and represent it are located in Sweden, it has to follow Swedish laws. Förenklat tvistemål would be used if someone tried to sue us for the 25€. This would mean they would have to pay their own legal costs even if they won, which would vastly overshadow the 25€ they are fighting. Which leads to... No lawyer will pick up a case worth 25€. Worst case someone will do PayPal dispute, which we will win - see point 2.
  8. Roland

    Troll RP DayZ SA Server 2018-09-19 20:00

    I'm sure that if Vader thinks him being locked in was due to a rule break, he will create his own report Closing as requested, no rule break/evidence.
  9. Roland

    NVFL Standalone Server 22:00 2018-09-19

    Closing as requested. Glad you gents could talk this out. psst... also 2v1 is usually not considered NVFL
  10. Roland


    I have not heard anything about it, I will Google, but it sounds completely ridiculous. Also we don't sell any in game perks, but rather only website ones aka "colorful names", so that may not apply to us. Oh absolutely, I know he's just looking out for me. It just sounded so strange I couldn't believe it at first. Yeah, I did state that on the very first point of the terms and conditions of the amnesty:
  11. Roland


    I'm not sure what you mean, what are "trading laws"? Do you mean all game companies like Valve or Blizzard are illegally restricting players from playing the games the player paid for by banning them or issuing VACs after a player was caught breaking the games rules or ToS?
  12. Roland


    None of whom? Because this offer is not directed at any particular group of bans or rule breaks, it's for all banned players, those who were banned 5 years ago in mod for KoSing someone as well as those banned 1 year ago from exceeding 30 points for flaming or that random guy nobody knows who got banned for copy-pasting a story during whitelist in 2014. Thinking that this amnesty is directed or specifically created for some particular group of your banned friends that we desperately want back is very pompous. And that's fine if "they" don't, it's their choice, it's an offer. Nobody has to take it and for us nothing will change if they don't, we have plenty of both new and old non-banned players as it is. This amnesty is not a move to try and unban as many people as possible because we are hurting for active players on our servers and we want to flood the server population with ex-banned members to get the server full again at any cost. It is a goodwill gesture from my side to give some "not-so-bad" people another chance in a way that does not put the existing playerbase at risk, after they have been banned for a significant time. It's done specifically now because we are moving into new phase of Standalone gameplay with beta and custom servers and I know a lot of players will be willing to come back to DayZ in this new version. I could've just as likely kept the "insta deny all appeals for permanent bans" policy that we've had for the last year or so, but Burgz thread gave me an idea how to create a secure amnesty process that you now see and a lot of people were positive about it. If banned players refuse to take the offer because of the collateral involved which is needed to avoid putting the existing community at a large risk of sabotage, it's their loss - we as a community didn't gain or lose anything from them refusing to take the offer - it's just as if we kept the aforementioned policy and continued to deny all perma appeals. Status quo is maintained. Those who do take the offer can enjoy being given a chance role playing here and if we gain some good RPers from it in the process, we all win. If people choose to believe the requirement for collateral payment is a cash grab that I intend to get rich from, that's fine too, you can choose to believe whatever you like. I have said what it's for and why it's needed, how without it the risks are too high to allow for any kind of amnesty or why the payment cannot be returned as cash. But I realize that the more controversial conspiracy theories are more exciting It's worth noting that we already have 8 appeals submitted, so there seems to be some interest at least. We shall evaluate the candidates within the admin team and monitor progress of the amnesty carefully, so that if there are any new risk areas or certain restrictions are not needed based on experience with previous candidates, we will modify the amnesty process accordingly.
  13. Roland

    Server files released, what now?

    Didn't you get the newsletter?
  14. Roland


    Probably should've checked that first before jumping to conclusions
  15. Roland

    DayZ Mod poll

    Chernarus will be hosted on Standalone as per DayZ World concept.