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  1. Based on vanilla weekend poll results we have re-enabled the following mods today: MoreDoors MuchStuffPack We will evaluate performance with these two re-enabled and will enable additional ones in the next few days.
  2. We have drastically reduced number of mods running on the server this past Thursday. Now that the weekend is over and we've been running the server with a minimal amount of mods we ask those of you who played during this time to report your experiences. Feel free to leave your feedback as a reply in this thread as well. Once we get some results in we will decide if, when and how many mods to re-enable. Thank you for your feedback!
  3. Hofer is correct, this will never happen, I have already stated this a few months ago in a similar thread. We have an amnesty program for people who have messed up big, but still have a chance of redeeming themselves. It's not really "saving the server" if we fill it up with notorious rule breakers or toxic players and drive away the current upstanding player base in the process.
  4. I wonder how such cool map would look like.
  5. Hotfix 1 has been released based on the issues you have reported so far: Our custom temperature override has been disabled, looks like DayZ changed how temperature works in 1.10 and it's already cold enough Vehicles spawning inside each other fixed Unknown entity dead bodies fixed Added new bus spawns Removed ship and containers from Prison Island area since it has been changed Wet clothing from Windstriders should no longer change textures Zelenogorsk Improvements by @Watchman PLEASE REPORT ANY AND ALL GAME CRASHES IN OUR DISCORD #BUGS CHANNEL!
  6. This just makes me feel so bad about removing the mod
  7. Yes, Expansion has refactored their mod and split it from 2 into 4 different mods. So you need all 4 Expansion mods loaded. I updated the list in this thread to reflect that change now.
  8. Since we will most likely be getting patch 1.10 today we will commence with mod removal along with the vanilla patch.
  9. A month ago we ran a one day test with a barebone DayZRP Mod to try and identify the cause for frequent game crashes. Based on the poll results the DayZRP Mod is not at fault. Therefore we're gonna run another round of testing starting Friday and remove some of the "non-essential to RP" mods to see if it improves the crashing situation, which was so severe during Saturdays event. I'm giving you this heads up as last time I started removing mods without notice people were quite upset to lose their gear without having a chance to replace it. If you have any items included one one of those mods, they will disappear. Think of it as "soft-wipe". The following mods will be temporarily disabled on this upcoming Friday (2020-11-20): Base Fortifications BMW 525i E34 Farming Plus Mass'sManyItemOverhaul MoreDoors MoreGuns MuchCarKey_Expansion MuchStuffPack OP_BaseItems Squad MFC Zeroy-Fishing So, the mod list we will run from Friday will be as follows: CF Banking BuilderItems Community Online Tools DayZ Expansion DayZ Expansion Core DayZ Expansion Licensed DayZ Expansion Vehicles Notes Trader WindstridesClothingPack DayZRP Mod We're gonna run this minimalistic mod setup for the weekend (or more if it works well) to see if it reduces or eliminates crashes. During the weekend we will organize another large event (with prizes) to try and gather lots of people into one location and see if the crashes are still on the same level as yesterday. A poll will then be created so you can vote whether or not your experience has improved or not. If this doesn't work we have a part 3 planned where we will remove all custom assets from the DayZRP mod (clothing, weapons, RP items) for another testing round to see if those may be the cause. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding while we try and fix the game stability.
  10. Rule 3.10, yes it's a rule break.
  11. Fixed again now, made a typo
  12. Thanks for reporting, this should be fixed as well now.
  13. I found a bug and yesterdays game bonus was not calculated correctly. This should now be fixed
  14. This could be arranged, if there is enough of a demand for it. Create a suggestion + poll.
  15. I have explored a possibility to add an incentive for the players to play on the server. An idea was suggested by me last year to add a play bonus that would give you a tiny amount of account credit for every hour you spend on the server. Lately something similar to this idea has been brought up again in DayZRP revitalization project where one of the goals was: Offer promotions, discounts or special access to limited items to loyal players who regularly play on the server Play bonus is a partial fulfillment of that goal using the suggestion from last year. It works in the following way: For every full hour you spend online on the server you gain account credit equivalent to "base bonus" value. This can then be further increased using multipliers - having a high Premium rank or completing activities in game (currently set to killing zombies). Every day at midnight your hours and multiplier will be calculated and account credit increased by the bonus amount. It's all explained on the play statistics page where you will also be able to see your bonus statistics, updated live. This page is available under main menu "DayZ" -> "Play Statistics". I am of course aware of the possibility of AFK misuse of this bonus system, therefore I decided to set game multiplier (killing zombies) quite high so it especially rewarding for active players. Do note that the values like bonus base and multipliers I've set are only based on guesstimation of what could be reasonable. The system should therefore be treated as a trial and should people find ways to farm large amounts every day the values will be adjusted accordingly without a warning. Sounds fairly simple and I hope this will give you additional incentive to join the server. Remember that more people are online, even more people are inclined to join the server that is populated.
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