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  2. Roland

    List of Website Changes that I Think Should be Added or Brought Back

    1. I'll look into it, I do admit it was nice. 2. Which character list? 3. That's a feature that was never implemented, or asked for. What would be the use case of such feature? 4. That's intentional, to reduce scrolling time on the mobile version before you get to actual content below. 5. Was removed (or rather de-listed, the page is still there, just hidden) because it didn't really serve any purpose, nor was it visited often. 6. Known bug, I have no clue what is causing it. One day I will get the motivation and energy required to pursue and fix it.
  3. Roland

    "Bad RP"

    Your ban has been re-adjusted and this appeal will be closed, see here: Create a new appeal if you wish to appeal this new verdict.
  4. Roland

    S1 ----- Bad RP/Griefing 06/01/2019 -- 6-7 am ish - 10:00-10:14 am

    I'm not really sure why this was verdicted they way it did. Majority of thread notes in this report from GMs were of completely opposite opinion than what was posted in that verdict. Anyways, after looking at Nihoolious appeal here, I'm quite convinced that the verdict is in fact incorrect. Running away from someone screaming at you should definitely not be considered avoiding RP. In general trying to avoid or escape any possible hostile situations would be considered valuing own characters life, something that one is required to do by the rules. So if we did things the way it's in that verdict we would punish for avoiding RP if a player tries to escape those situations, but then punish NVFL if the player does not try to avoid those situations. I don't think that's how it's meant to work. So let's remove the avoiding RP punishment, it's fine to run away from people if they are scream at you, especially if you're in process of doing something that could justify hostile action against you, for example stealing or dismantling their base. Then we go onto griefing, and here I shall also overturn the original verdict. You dismantled someones base for over 1 hour (!!!) with multiple group members. That kind of action should be justified by significant, ideally long lasting conflict, or even a war between two groups. Certainly not what you described as a conflict of interest about who controls the town and an announcement over a megaphone that they claimed the town and base for themselves. I mean, in that case any kind of claim or conflict of interest would justify completely destroying opponents base, and is that what we really want on this server? If the scope of destruction you did, with so little IC justification behind it is not deemed as griefing, then when will we ever be able to consider anything griefing? How much destruction or smallest possible excuse would be needed to actually label something as griefing? Does someone need to destroy a base for 2, 3 hours? Does the justification needs to be something as small as someone telling you a bad word? Based on your PoV and justification behind deconstructing the base, as well as base building logs, I'd say that your actions definitely qualify to be labeled as griefing. @Nihoolious, @Leon_Idas: Avoiding RP - ban and points removed @Nihoolious, @Viking, @Striverus, @Leon_Idas: Griefing - 1 ban strike, 7 day ban added. Solved with notes from Semiazas, Zanaan, Banshee
  5. Roland

    Attempted Invalid Kill x2

    I'm not sure what you're trying to argue here. The initiation was declared invalid by staff. As per rule 4.4 (...) "Defense/kill rights gained from any rule breaks (including but not limited to baiting, invalid initiation) are considered invalid and their use will be punished in the same way as if they were not obtained at all.". So regardless of circumstances, if people were running, had weapons out or any other actions, if the initiation is invalid, all kills are automatically invalid as well. I don't think any video would change the fact that town wide initiation and then shooting players moving in/out from the town is a stupid idea. Just like in case of your team mates, the ban and points will stay.
  6. Roland

    invalid kill 10 warning points

    Rule 4.4 says that (...) "Defense/kill rights gained from any rule breaks (including but not limited to baiting, invalid initiation) are considered invalid and their use will be punished in the same way as if they were not obtained at all.". You acted upon rights gained from an invalid initiation, which means those rights are invalid as well. It isn't your personal fault, it's a fault of your team mates who initiated. However, since you are in the same group and have the luxury of sharing rights between each other, you also share the responsibility to make sure that initiations and the rights you are executing are valid. The verdict is correct and as such the ban and points will stay.
  7. Roland

    Invalid kill 2 day ban 10 warning points

    If the initiation is invalid, then even if someone acknowledges that they received or heard the initiation, it doesn't make it valid again. As per rule 4.4 (...) "Defense/kill rights gained from any rule breaks (including but not limited to baiting, invalid initiation) are considered invalid and their use will be punished in the same way as if they were not obtained at all.". I believe the ban is justified considering the nature of the initiation and how poorly it was done. Ban and points will stay.
  8. Roland

    2 day Ban and 5 warning points

    You relied on your team mates to deliver a valid initiation. You thought the initiation was valid when you acted upon your kill rights. It was decided that the initiation was in fact not valid. As per rule 4.4 (...) "Defense/kill rights gained from any rule breaks (including but not limited to baiting, invalid initiation) are considered invalid and their use will be punished in the same way as if they were not obtained at all.". Thus your punishment, which does not really have anything to do with how long the report was open. It's an entire groups responsibility to ensure that the rights you are allowed to share with each other are valid. I would communicate with your team mates better to ensure that in the future initiations are delivered more reliably and on specific targets and not the entire town, which is completely ridiculous. The ban and points will stay.
  9. Roland

    Ban Appeal for Invalid Initiation & Attempted Invalid Kill

    You can't initiate on the entire freaking town without knowing who is who. That is guaranteed to cause a clusterfuck which is exactly what happened. Rules clearly state that all hostile actions must be clear and unambiguous to all involved players. That also includes the knowledge of whom you are initiating on and for what. You can't just run around the town and spam initiation in text without knowing on whom you're initiating and then shoot all players who happen to run around in the town. The verdict is valid in my eyes, it's an incredibly stupid thing to do and you got punished very lightly considering this situation has caused multiple people to die. The ban and points will stay.
  10. Roland

    Stannis' Amnesty

    That's a name I recognize. No status updates though, that's a lifetime sentence. Final removed, credit added. Don't spend it all at once
  11. Roland

    Sylva's Final Warning/Amnesty Appeal

    While on amnesty you got banned, then unbanned, used your caution, several times you posted borderline flaming / edgy comments and then snipped your post. I personally remember recently quoting you on some stupid thing you posted and asking you what the hell were you doing. Nah, I think you need another 3 months.
  12. Roland

    AndreyQ Final Appeal

    Yes please. Final removed, credit added
  13. Roland

    Combat log - 3 days

    You spent more time in this appeal accusing others of other rule breaks than actually defending yourself from the ban you received. If you want to accuse others of rule breaks then you do it in a report and not in your appeal for punishment you received. And remember that someone elses rule breaks do not justify your own rule breaks. You even admit that you had family emergency and had to log out immediately in front of others. That's exactly what combat log is. We realize that situations like these may happen, but the rules apply in all situations. If you have a family emergency then you do what you gotta do for your family, take the ban and move on. Obviously real life is more important than some game on the Internet. Since you basically admitted to the combat log above there's nothing for us to do here. Points and ban will stay. Solved with note from Zanaan.
  14. Roland

    Addendum to rules 4.2 & 4.3

    As always, that's really up to the situation and interpretation, where you meet that guy, how long has it been, how "bad" the original hostile encounter was, previous history. In some cases it's justified, in others it may be considered rule play.
  15. Roland

    Bounty's Final Warning / Amnesty Appeal

    That's a name I recognize. You did good. Final removed, credit added, solved with notes.