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  1. If you don't like the pricing of the ranks simply don't purchase them Hofer does that already
  2. Ok, maybe not family friendly, but at least we'll be more approachable than Manhunt and Postal. This is an update on this announcement from last year. I have discussed this topic further with co-owner @Hofer-chan and we believe that DayZRP needs to go more mainstream to continue attracting players, content creators and keep the player base growing or at least sustain it at a healthy level. This is especially important now that we have plans to release DayZRP exclusive content later this year which we hope will bring more attention to DayZRP and we would like as many people as possibl
  3. Was this ever added? It's almost 1 month old and nobody messaged me about it
  4. Meh, you basically walled off the main Cherno square with walls and blockades and then outside of that area added a bunch of cosmetic decoration in the docks? That's not really how group prefabs work, they're supposed to have a unique atmosphere in the compound based on group background and have a coherent structure, not to just wall off an area, be spread out all over the place or used to decorate the city with objects outside of the compound itself. I think you should rethink your approach here.
  5. Looks cool and minimalistic, send files
  6. 5 utility boats should start spawning from next server restart.
  7. Merlin and utility boats should start spawning from next restart. Also increased number of Hueys and Llittle Birds.
  8. I like how toy didn't tag me there, but tagged Hofer flaming him right below It's not that I don't care, it's just that my priorities have shifted due to past experiences. IMO being able to play on a boring server is better than not being able to play on a fun server. Stability should go above all as we've gotten burned too many times by broken mods that cause constant crashing. So I'm simply careful with adding new mods, especially large ones and remove those that don't get regular maintenance from their authors. And yeah, you're right about the rest and we currently have a dip in acti
  9. Updated main post with new mod changes: Removed BuilderItems - redundant as it is already integrated into Expansion Added Land Rover Added Uncuepas Civilian Clothing Added Advanced Weapon Scopes
  10. Just checked it, it's pure retextures and no custom code. Will add soon.
  11. Last update was half a year ago. I will first have to unpack the mod and check if there are any scripts in there that could be broken, but if it's really just a retexture mod then it should be fine. Note that those variants won't be in item shop.
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