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  1. That's entirely up to @Kerkkoh whether or not he continued to provide updates or considers the map finished. It's nothing I can influence. I loved the farming mod, but I believe it got broken and not updated and was hence removed. So I absolutely welcome mods like that, if they still work and get updated. Traders are important part of economy IMO and give people something to do when the server is not peaking and full with role players. Which is majority of the time. We would be trading an improvement for majority of the time to a possible improvement of RP during just an hour or two daily. Agreed, I want to either disable the base raiding completely so you simply can't do it and thus there is no drama surrounding it. It's my preferred option since it's automatic and requires no effort on staff part. We could also do rule based restriction, but then you have to deal with drama, reports, people getting banned and salty, etc. I'd rather just disable raiding completely and let people build and hoard whatever they want as long as they're happy. I know for a fact that a VAST majority of the community doesn't care about the lore and only uses it to have their characters world view in sync with each other. It's a background story and it doesn't and shouldn't influence creativity. We have already changed lore multiple times, we did the future and the present and neither have helped in any significant way with player retention. That is not possible to enforce in any way, if people want to play together there is no way for us to limit that. If we introduce group limits people will just create 2-3 allied groups instead, it's pointless. Strength is in numbers and unfortunately there is nothing we can do rule or game wise to balance that.
  2. It would take many, many hours to get the mod in working condition again from archived source code, find all the build tools we used and set up a build environment, configure a server and battle the technical problems all over again. For what, a handful of players interested in nostalgia? I think I'll pass, if I did have time to spare to work on things this summer I'd put it into improving our regular servers.
  3. Presidente POV: Their entire post history is memes, with serious posts few and far in between. Good call IMO, ain't nobody got time to deal with people who are here not to contribute, play or be helpful but rather to joke about and shit on everything staff does or doesn't do. 6 month break will do them and more importantly us nicely.
  4. Yes, we should change the map, and then enable amnesty and unban everyone for free. And add a bunch of mods that people voted for in suggestions. Hofer didn't do any of that months ago so now is the time to make it happen and finally make the change the community wants and fill up the servers!
  5. The only right choice - DayZRP. The ship always respawns Plus, free promotion.
  6. That makes sense, thank you for clarifying Most Valuable Player AndreyQ.
  7. I'm shocked by current map activity. All that effort for nothing. I wonder why we don't add new content anymore, these big mod and map changes sure do wonders.
  8. PSA Summer Chenarus was introduced as a low maintenance project for the summer. It will not be modified or have frequent content updates. Hofer really tried a lot of changes and suggestions in the past year that cost a lot of effort in implementing but never paid off. Unfortunately I don't have time to continue to micro manage the server like he did during the summer, so I settled for a big map change and opening of groups for the duration of the summer and intend to keep it like that until september'ish. Next, there is a rumor that server is shutting down soon. That is not true, our dedicated server is paid until March 2023 so there's absolutely no reason for anything to change right now, even if the server would be completely empty, which it isn't. Hope this clarifies some rumors and concerns about me not being around and no updates being given, it is working as intended. I hope that you still get to enjoy role play in Chenarus without us having to keep adding new mods or tweaking server settings constantly for a while. Thanks!
  9. Hello, I can explain. The gas thingy is a relatively new thing and I haven't had time to add "fixed" or "broken" hazmats and gas masks that look the same but offer no protection. This is still a plan, but in the mean time the quickest fix is to disable toxic zones which I have implemented now. Your second and third concerns were discussed with Bohemia already and we've come to satisfactory solution for both sides. Instead of modifying every item to create a cosmetic version in order to not offer paid advantage and comply with the monetization policy, we instead chose to offer free items in the item shop that offer max slots and max armor of any item available in the shop. Since all similar items share cooldown, this way both paying and non-paying players have access to the same advantage, thus getting rid of advantage altogether - hence our range of free items available in the item shop. Bohemia agreed on this solution as long as we offer a free alternative for every item slot where we offer paid items. If something is incorrect about those or they aren't working as intended (I wouldn't know since I don't use item shop to spawn items) please create a support ticket and I will look into it. The texts you quote from item shop page are very old and were written before the above was introduced, I will fix them next time I update the item shop app so there is no confusion about the compliance with monetization policy. As always thank you for looking out for the community @AndreyQ and keeping the positivity up!
  10. Hey there stranger,

    I think its time for you to throw in the towel and hand the community over to a true leader, @GMAK


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      Update on this?

  11. You pulling the plug or what?

    At least let us know what's happening so we don't waste our time making suggestions and trying to improve the place.

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      Cant wait to read his reply in 3 weeks.

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      Just typing here to get notified on the response. Don't mind me.. 👀

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      its dead bruh public server incoming

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      Thank you @ImRedemptionsiri please add this to my calendar. Cheers lads.

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      Sorry to worry you. Nothing is happening, I was away taking care of real life. Server is up and working, I don't think you need me to be here all the time and constantly make changes and adjustments for the community to function 🙂 I said in my announcement thread that the Summer Chernarus would be a low maintenance project.

  12. Nice to see you again, a lot of things have changed but I hope you will still have fun!
  13. Nothing actually stops you from role playing there though? It's just a more "organic" kind of RP, where there are actual risks involved. We can't have the second server even light RP enforced because it's public - ain't nobody got time to enforce rules and moderate that.
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