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  1. As much as I hate it I kind of agree with Challenger. It's nice that you understand what you've done wrong and we know that you have made attempts to do RP properly and even went through the effort to create documents and plans for lore faction. We also know that you guys are a bunch of great role players when you want to and can create awesome experiences for others on the servers. At the same time it's also very bad how things worked out with your leader and how the Ski Resort group ended. BUT I think you're flattering yourself thinking these incidents warrant an group defense or discussion thread like a large portion of the community is affected, there's a community wide hate or even bias towards your group. There isn't one, we have between 500 and 600 weekly players here and most of them were completely unaware about the situations you described. The actions of your old group leader were quickly dealt with and admin team fairly swiftly reacted to the in game shenanigans of Ski Resort group and put a stop to it after only three incidents. I don't think an apology, defense or even discussion is required with the entire community, it's much more appropriate to just reach out to people affected by your actions directly and fix relations with them that way. As for whether the punishment given to the old leader or restriction put on your members about joining or creating approved groups for 30 days is fair, that's something between you and admin team and not something general community has input on. The details of this restriction have already been shared with you in PMs, so I don't think there's any further clarifications or discussions needed about this. Let's not create drama where there isn't one. Carry on, role play and have fun
  2. Verdict revised, a simple and short "I'm dead" should not count as metagaming, it is such a common "knee jerk" reaction to dying in game that we do not classify it as an intentional act of relaying OOC information to team mates in order to gain an unfair advantage. Metagaming bans for @RocJag, @Taniks and @DrCrazyGamer removed.
  3. If someone is shooting at you, you are allowed to defend yourself using defensive kill rights. Defensive kill rights are always valid if you're attacked, even if the attack is against the rules like in this case where it's attempted invalid kill.
  4. Another hotfix added now, should fix the issue with removing handcuffs from hands using new free hands hotkey as well as the bugged 100 round mag.
  5. You don't activate characters anymore, it has been changed. You can join the game with whatever character name you have a character page for. The active character that shows on your profile and here on the forums under your name will change automatically to the most recently played character.
  6. Small hotfix released today, hopefully improving the weather in game and making it more sunny and less rainy (but also warmer) considering it's summer.
  7. Nice, that's a cool fact to know!
  8. I can't believe you've done me like this


    1. Roland


      Tough love

  9. You can now re-enable mods "Base Fortifications", "MoreDoors" and "OP Base Items" as they have been updated for 1.08. Keep "MassManyItemsOverhaul" disabled!
  10. I wonder how that bear got there, right next to a bunch of people sitting and talking beside a water pump
  11. We could add fences back with collision on, meaning they wouldn't be able to be stacked or built inside buildings. Combined with new base building mechanics in 1.08 where you can destroy fences using regular weapons it could be a nice thing to have. It wouldn't allow to build wooden castles, but a few fences here and there to wall off an area. I think we could give it a try and if it doesn't work out just remove it with a patch again.
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