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  1. I am on vacation, but admin team has been given a go ahead to try a few of the ideas above
  2. That mod has two external mod dependencies, I doubt we will install three separate mods for just one vehicle. Those dependencies in turn seem to have compatibility issues. Also the comments suggest that the RV itself does not play well with MuchStuffPack which we already use. Sorry
  3. I will fix this later today, thank you for pointing this out!
  4. I skimmed across the thread and I liked some of the creative ideas you've come up with. I also think it's amusing that many of you have conflicting suggestions about what to change, something that really shows how varied our community is and how difficult it is to please everyone. I can tell you what my plans look like right now. My current plan is to ride through the player dip. What this means is that we won't be doing drastic changes that would appeal to some percentage of players and gain a short term player boost, but which would also change the characteristics of DayZRP. We are stil
  5. Sorry to disappoint but there is no second amnesty and there won't be one. The amnesty is still a one time offer by DayZRP, so I will not be offering anyone additional chances or make it an official thing that is written somewhere and is available to all banned players with specific pricing. But, if it happens the other way around - someone approaches me and offers me a worthwhile deal - like Mason did - I may consider it.
  6. I lowered the spawn rates and restock delays drastically last week. Give it some time, let people get rid of their stockpiled stock. It's impossible to switch server economy and PvE difficulty from abundance to scarcity in an instant without a full server wipe.
  7. Small change today! Mods Added Immersive Placing
  8. Will try to add this tomorrow
  9. Just an idea I had recently that I remembered after seeing this thread. I think we can accomplish the same thing (if not better) by group leaders (aka council) trying to recruit more newer members to approved groups and them learning by playing along with the group as a whole and making friends in the process. It would be mentorship by group, rather than by individual mentor like in the past.
  10. We wanted to avoid a Namalsk like situation where a large influx of players cleans up everything in the city and there's absolutely nothing left for players who come to play after. We know it's not ideal, but it was better than magically spawning everyone cans of bacon for them to not starve to death or get frustrated with dying because they can't find a gun or ammo. With time the loot tables will be adjusted based on your feedback, like this one
  11. Funny thing is, Nyheim is so far up north, if I were to set the in game date to current month and day, it doesn't even get fully dark, it's dusk for 2 hours and then morning again. The opposite happens during winter months, it is almost completely dark in November, all the time. Currently the server is set to 1st of May 2071 which results in light night. I would have to bring the date back down to March to achieve more darkness, but then it gets quite longer too. I have no trouble changing this based on popular demand so vote and let me know what you want.
  12. Yes, listen to sensible William Thompson right here
  13. Yes, metagaming happens. It's unavoidable, if people know who you are on the forums they can easily find your character page and then they know all of your details: age, height and the full backstory regardless or any name shenanigans you may attempt. But we don't remove the requirement for a character or background story because of those things. It's just something that you have to work with. I do not buy the concept that remnants western civilization would have within one, tops two generations stopped naming their kids with first and last name like they did for several hundred
  14. You are insanely annoying and you know it.
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