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  1. Thank you senpai, will be included in next patch.
  2. Adjusted animal changes after some testing on live server yesterday: Bear HP down from 200% to 150% Bear damage down from 200% to 100% Wolf HP down from 200% to 150% Wolf damage remains at 150% Will take effect shortly through a small patch.
  3. I'd like to remind all you role players that notes on the server are meant to be used for role play purposes. NOT memes: Thanking you.
  4. It's better, but the wall still looks strange and out of place. Nobody builds solid walls around schools And considering the background of your group, why choose hospital and school buildings as HQ, wouldn't city blocks or garages work better for a crime syndicate?
  5. I too share the opinion that the buildings look out of place. Especially that two story city block on the corner built in the middle of the field. You probably need some ambient cosmetic objects around the place to make it blend in more, cause right now it really sticks out.
  6. I would love to remove it, just don't know how yet Will have to dig into disease scripts. Last time I was in there to reduce cold symptoms it was a mess, DayZ devs complicated this game mechanic as much as they could with things like disease agents, symptom triggers and what not.
  7. Roland POV: Was just rolling in my tank on Discord when some caucasian name said something about an idea for the website. I immediately initiated idea takeover from the other channel, and since he didn't reply I took ownership of the idea and instantly dropped him. I didn't know messages do not transfer between channels it's not even stated in the rules so you can't ban me. Afterwards I implemented the idea and now he's salty. I would like to remind staff team that seven and a half years ago in another report there was a similar situation and the person was found not guilty so I too must be. I would also like to counter report for lying in report about ford transits color which is completely irrelevant to this case. I will only reply to staff when requested or whenever I feel like it. I had a video but the one on my drive got corrupt and I deleted the one on YouTube to save space.
  8. DayZRP 20.2.4 Released 2020-02-18 Balancing Wolves now have 50% more HP, deal 50% more damage and drop at most 3 meat pieces (down from 10) @Roland Bears now have 50% more HP and drop at most 10 meat pieces (down from 20) @Roland Fixes Fixed emote wheel character state animation triggers @Roland Fixed Pith Helmet for Cavaliers @Roland @Aristocrat
  9. RX 470 should have a multitude of ports, 2 DP, 2 HDMI, 1 DVI. You should connect all monitors to the RX and disable iGPU Multi monitor in BIOS.
  10. My reasoning for turning it to bright nights: + Makes finding and conducting RP easier during the night when you can see each other + Makes it much easier to record/stream during night time - Not as hardcore or realistic as dark nights - Lowers the value, desirability and usage of lamps, flashlights and NVGs In the end I think the increased accessibility added with bright nights is more important than the usage of accessories or increased navigation difficulty No, it's on both servers.
  11. Roland


    It was just added. It's better that it's too much than too little and it gets built everywhere.
  12. Surely that's not while playing
  13. Check temperatures while playing with HWMonitor
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