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  1. I think the problem may simply be in density of these spawns. You only have that many military class spawn points on the map (barrack buildings etc.) with lots of items designated by the loot table to spawn in military areas only. That's why the items are seen there so frequently, because even spawn numbers in loot tables are low, the amount of possible spawn locations is also low relatively low. Then you have far, FAR more civilian class buildings on the map, in principle every single house. So even though civilian items spawns are much higher than military ones, those spawns spread out over a vastly higher amount of locations on the map, thus giving the illusion that they are more rare. Solution here would be to lower the military class items even more so they are on about the same level as the civilian ones. But with so many military class items added by various mods, even if we reduce their number to minimum 1 item spawn, that's still dozens of items to respawn in those few military locations on the map every hour. We recently reduced item spawns all across the board and while percentage wise all items were reduced the same amount, it is vastly different number wise. For example a match box may have been reduced from 150 spawns to just 75 (50%) and this will be easily noticeable when looting, but a military gun reduced from 20 to 10 (also 50%) will not have as high impact. We're continuously tweaking item spawns in every single patch, so we'll definitely take outcome of this poll into consideration when releasing updates. That's my explanation for what you're experiencing. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
  2. Last update 27 Jul, 2019 No go chief, it's not maintained anymore
  3. Also because buried stashes are very hard to find unlike other storage forms. So it was balanced out by shortening lifespan drastically so it's only used as temporary storage.
  4. Roland


    Mom, I coded something! Wallets will only accept cash and paper next patch. While it's not unreasonable to allow other small items, each and every one of them would have to be explicitly defined in the code which makes this tedious and we'd have to deal with "why X isn't allowed in wallet if Y is". So cash and paper only to make it simple.
  5. Yes, and we still ban people for breaking the rules too! I know, hardcore "no fun allowed" stuff.
  6. 2020-09-22 New items: Paper New variants: Coat (wool black) Tank top (white, telnyashka) Face shemagh (black, blue)
  7. Another small update coming in a few minutes: Fixed spawning of certain Shemagh colors in game Fixed spawning of MMA tops, shorts and hand wraps in game Improved coat textures and clipping Added new coat variant: Black Wool Added new MMA top variants: white, telnyashka New Airborne gas mask should no longer muffle voice
  8. Took like 15 minutes, but I finally found the missing variants. There have been name conflicts and that's why the confusion between the two shemagh types. This should be fixed in a small update that will be released shortly.
  9. 2020-09-21 New items: Parka Sleeve Shirt Flipflops New variants: Gas mask (airborne) Button pin (sheriff) Creepy mask (skull)
  10. Good idea, @Watchman-kun onegaishimasu!
  11. The Discord ban will be lifted for the last time. If you get banned from Discord once more it will be permanent. Points will stay as they are warranted. Solved with @Hofer-chan
  12. But there was no firefight? Denied with @Hofer-chan
  13. This should be done next restart, if DayZ gods allow I didn't say batteries, I said magic of game mechanics
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