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  1. Roland

    Rule 2.3

    If you believe someone is breaking the rules, report them. There is no point to a community discussion about that. /thread
  2. Roland

    Addition to the whitelisting & helping new people who joined

    That sounds like just additions and updates to the newcomers guide. There's already a video in there, check it out. As for making it a part of whitelisting process, it would be very difficult to make it anything more than a step in the process, which I think will just be skipped by 90% of applicants.
  3. Roland

    "Bad Version, server rejected connection" error

    CF updated server side
  4. Roland

    Follow Staff Feedback?

    One unfollows threads automatically if no new posts within 7 days
  5. Falk

    • Falk
    • Roland

    Good Morning Rolle 

    1. Roland



  6. Roland

    Group requirements revised

    No, that's not possible anymore. A new group should be created in that case, that has similar goals and continues the legacy of the previous group.
  7. Roland

    Next server wipe

    Yes Holdup is that we want to release next major DayZRP content patch before we wipe. That way all the new changes and balancing will take effect immedately. Yes Yes
  8. Roland

    Mordhau server

    I don't have a EU dedi at the moment, only the US one that DayZ is hosted on
  9. Roland

    Mordhau server

    Anyone still playing this? DayZRP battle tonight?
  10. Roland

    Violation of Rule 2.3

    I think you two and me need to have a chat on Discord about this.
  11. Roland

    DayZRP mod versioning

    DayZRP mod uses a simple versioning based on date of release and number of releases within that month: <year>.<month>.<release number> For example, the first update released in June 2019 will be called 19.6.1, second update 19.6.2 and so on.
  12. Roland

    DayZRP 19.5.2

    DayZRP 19.5.2 Released 2019-05-17 - Ingame chat hotfix
  13. Roland

    DayZRP 19.5.1

    DayZRP 19.5.1 Released 2019-05-15 - Compatibility with DayZ 1.03 - Loot tables updated to include new items added in DayZ 1.03 - Canned food and seed spawns reduced by approx 50%
  14. Falk

    • Falk
    • Roland

    Welcome back. 

  15. Exactly what part is it you don't understand about attacker kill rights as described in the rules? Your example is self explanatory.
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