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About Premium

Being a member of our community and playing on our servers is completely free, however to cover the costs of dedicated servers, website and turn some profit we offer our members Premium - special website ranks and features that give you additional website customization and cosmetic perks. We strictly keep the Premium features to non pay-to-win perks and items and we abide by the Bohemia DayZ monetization policy which we are approved for.

Terms and Conditions

DayZRPs goal is to be a transparent and trustworthy community. We do not wish to trick or scam you into purchasing anything and we want you to be satisfied with your purchase. Therefore, we believe it is important to you to know some facts that we consider must-knows if you are considering a purchase from us. We do not like long user agreements that nobody reads, therefore here you have a summary of the most important things that you should know before spending your hard earned money.

DayZRP is a registered company in Sweden. As such, our Premium features should be considered a business model where we sell non-physical products or "virtual goods" on our website. Please note that all Premium transactions are considered payments for a service provided by DayZRP, in exchange for your money you receive a product - a special usergroup on the website and perks associated with it. As such these transactions should be considered a payment for a product and not a donation. Any surplus of funds after all DayZRP related expenses are covered is considered a company profit, which is subject to income taxes. This profit may be saved for future expenses, used for DayZRP legal costs, staff rewards and bonuses or spent as the community owner sees fit.

While we will always try to satisfy all our Premium users, some technical aspects and features of the website are outside of our influence or control. Similarly, business model changes, promotions, balancing and similar events may result in Premium ranks to change price or Premium perks to be moved to a different Premium rank. As such we cannot guarantee that the Premium perks that are listed at the time of the purchase will always be available or stay the same. Because of this you are hereby warned that all Premium perks are subject to availability and may be changed or removed without prior notice.

All purchases are personal and tied to the account on which the purchase is made. Purchases are not transferable.

If you are not satistifed with your purchase please contact us before creating any PayPal disputes or credit card chargebacks. We will gladly refund any payments when given a reasonable explanation.

If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, please do not purchase Premium.



If you want to show your appreciation and support our community, you can always donate any amount to our PayPal account. Note that donations per definition do not give you any reward, product, rank or other compensation of any kind.

Donate with PayPal


Gift Cards

You can buy a Premium rank for someone else by purchasing a gift card voucher. The voucher will include a code that our friend will be able to activate on the website and receive the full amount as account credit, to purchase ranks from our Premium store.

Account credit

You can add funds to your account credit, to be used for purchases at a later date. Account credit is also sometimes awarded in community contests and promotions. Account credit can be combined with normal payment options, for example if you have 5€ in account credit and the rank you want to buy is 25€, you will be required to only cover the remaining 20€ through PayPal.

Your current account credit balance: 0€


Username Change

Allows you to change your username once. Make sure that your desired username is free by using the search function!



BeanZ Increase

BeanZ increase - permanently increases your daily BeanZ limit by 5



Item Shop

Purchase cosmetic items like civilian clothing which you can automatically spawn in your inventory in game.



  • Disable ads on the website
  • Whitelist application priority
  • Post and reply to status updates
  • Cover photo
  • Unlimited PM box size




  • Everything from BRONZE rank, plus:
  • Large avatar
  • Custom image background for your profile and character pages
  • Full editor for character pages story
  • Unlimited storage for images




  • Everything from SILVER rank, plus:
  • Animated avatar
  • Animated cover photo
  • Quote text on top of cover photo
  • MP3 music player on your profile and character pages




  • Everything from GOLD rank, plus:
  • Change font of your username
  • YouTube video background for your profile and character pages
  • Free name change every month



5€ / month



  • Everything from EMERALD rank, plus:
  • Animated username with your own choice of colors
  • Custom icon to the right of your username
  • Background textures and colors for your forum posts



10€ / month



  • Everything from SAPPHIRE rank, plus:
  • Item shop cooldown reduced by 50%
  • More to be announced...



20€ / month