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Core Values

DayZRP community implements a set of core values. Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization. These guiding principles dictate behavior and can help people understand the difference between right and wrong. Core values also help companies to determine if they are on the right path and fulfilling their goals by creating an unwavering guide.

  • 1. FAIR PLAY

    All your choices that you make both in game and outside of the game should follow the fair play principle. Fair fights, respect, friendship, team spirit, equality, respect for written and unwritten rules such as integrity, solidarity, tolerance, care, excellence and joy, are the building blocks of fair play.

  • 2. RESPECT

    Treat people with courtesy, politeness, and kindness. Listen to what others have to say before expressing your viewpoint. Never speak over, butt in, or cut off another person. Never insult people, name call, disparage or put down people or their ideas. Do not nit-pick, constantly criticize over little things, belittle, judge, demean or patronize. A series of seemingly trivial actions, added up over time, constitutes bullying. Treat people the same no matter their race, religion, gender, size, age, or country of origin.


    Upholding good quality of role play and making sure that everyone enjoys it should always be a priority. The objective is for everyone to have fun, regardless of their preferred type of role play or nature of their character. Do not discriminate other players based on their preferred way to play, previous characters that they have played or their OOC reputation. Help newcomers with their first steps in game and guide them with these core values in mind.

If you disagree with any of the core values above, DayZRP is probably not a community for you.


Compared to other gaming communities, our requirements are quite stern. We aim to be a serious and mature role-playing community and since all content in game is created by you - the players - we must demand the same from all our members. Here are a few requirements that you need to meet before joining DayZRP:

  • Forget all your old DayZ habits. No shooting on sight, no exploiting bugs, no loot cycling or duping, no camping or hunting other survivors. This community is about role playing. We are NOT a simple "no-KoS" server. Everything like gear, weapons or vehicles in game are secondary objectives, your primary one is to create authentic role play with other players.
  • Have a clean sheet. We have an absolute zero tolerance policy for cheating, exploits or any attempt thereof. If we find out you've been cheating in any competetive multiplayer games, received a BattlEye global ban or have recent VAC bans on your Steam account you will be immediately blacklisted or banned from DayZRP without any questions asked.
  • All members must carefully read the community and server rules, this newcomer guide and Frequently Asked Questions before considering joining or asking questions.


The first step in joining the DayZRP community is the account registration. In order to register click on the "Sign Up" button in the top right corner. Make sure to read the registration agreement carefully, it contains important information that may be useful later on when you post on the forums or apply for whitelist. Once you've read and accepted the agreement you will have to enter the usual information - your desired username, password and your email. Make sure to use a username that is Safe For Work, does not contain any profanities and is generally in good taste. Also, make sure that you are happy with your name, as after you register the only way to change your username is by buying a certain premium level or the name change service. You also have to answer the security question, the answer to it can be easily found on the FAQ page.

Once you have registered, check your email for activation link which you have to click in order to active your account. Accounts that are not activated within 24 hours will be deleted.

Multiple accounts are not allowed. DayZRP allows only one account per user, connected to one email address and one steam account. Any violation of this will result in a blacklist of all your accounts from our services.

Your Account

Your account is your sole responsibility. All actions taken on your account or Steam accounts connected to your DayZRP account will hold you accountable. Please make sure to properly restrict access to your DayZRP account, for example make sure to always log out from the website when browsing the forums from school or other public places. Do not allow anyone else to use your website account or your Steam account to play on our servers. Sharing accounts is not allowed.


All users can set an avatar - a small image that will be displayed next to all your posts and on your public profile. Different user groups get different avatar sizes and formats. You check the full and up-to-date list of Premium perks including avatar sizes on the Premium Overview page.

If you're having trouble meeting the file size restrictions, try using TinyPNG. Upload your image to TinyPNG first to optimize it and then try using the image you get from there as your avatar.


Signature is the text or image that appears below users posts on the forums. Only registered users who have more than 100 posts on the forums or premium users can use signatures. We have some rules regarding the size and content of signatures:

  • The maximum signature size is 800x120px. Please keep the file size to a minimum using TinyPNG. Upload your image to TinyPNG first to optimize it and then upload the result file to an image host like Imgur.
  • Signatures may not contain any animated features or media, this includes WebM videos, mp3 audio, GIFs etc. All images must be static.


The reputation system is a point system where users award each other "Beanz" for helpful or insightful posts. Other content can be given beanz too, such as profile status updates and many other things. Every post has a "GIVE BEANZ" button at the bottom right corner of it, which you can click to give that user BeanZ for their post. You can give maximum of 5 BeanZ per day, unless you are a Sapphire rank who can give 10 BeanZ per day. Any BeanZ that the staff deems to be spam or given for illegitimate reasons may be deleted.

Warning System

DayZRP uses a custom warning system that is used to track and punish community and game rule breaks. All members start with 0 warning points and the maximum warning is 30 points, if you reach 30 warning points you are automatically permanently banned from the DayZRP community. You can always check your current warning level and your warning history by going to your profile page accessible from a drop down menu next to your username at the top right of the page.

For in game rule breaks we use a ban strike system - all in game rule breaks give you at least 1 ban strike which is equivelent to 10 warning points or 33%. So, 3 ban strikes equals a permanent ban.

For other community rule breaks, staff decides the appropriate amount of warning points, it is usually between 3-5 warning points for lesser offences and banstrikes (10 points) for more severe ones.

When you receive a warning it has a certain expiry date set by staff. The warnings expire after this time and your warning level will go down again, however the warnings are never erased from your history and may be a factor when deciding punishments in the future. The length of a warning is based on the amount of warning points you have received in the last 90 days. This goes for all warning points, both from forum or in game actions.

  • 0 - 15 warning points received in the last 90 days = next warning will last for 1 month
  • 16 - 30 points = 2 months
  • 31 - 45 points = 3 months
  • 46+ = permanent warning until the admin team decides to revoke it

Example: Roland has gotten 2 banstrikes (20 points) in the last 90 days. His next warning will last for 2 months!

Premium Perks

Premium ranks are special paid privilege ranks that give you cosmetic and functional perks on our website. All perks are of course purely cosmetic, optional and do not affect your ability to play or give you any kind of advantage over other players in game. A full list of Premium ranks, prices and perks can be found on the Premium page.


All DayZRP game servers are whitelisted. This means that you cannot join them unless you go through a whitelisting process. This process makes sure that you are familiar with our rules and have gone through the required security checks before you are allowed to role play with other players. The whitelist process can look intimidating and complicated, however it is quite straight forward. The current DayZRP whitelist consists of 6 steps:

  • 1. Website account
    You need a website account to do most things in our community. Create an account by clicking "Sign up" in top right corner of the website. Note that we only accept emails from well known and established providers like Gmail, Hotmail and Outlook. Yahoo is not allows because they do not deliver our emails reliably.

  • 2. Steam connect
    You will have to log in through OpenID system using your Steam credentials. The process is completely safe and your password is only sent to Steam servers. After you successfully log in, Steam sends us an encrypted confirmation that you have successfully logged in to your Steam account after which we will gather some information about your account neccessary for whitelisting.

  • 3. Passphrase and rules
    The passphrase is located on the rules page. If you are trouble finding the passphrase, check our FAQ. Afterwards you will have to answer a few questions with multiple choice answers provided.

  • 4. About you and character story
    In this step you will have to write a little bit about yourself as well as a background story for a character that you would like to play on DayZRP. Try to make the story realistic as well as compatible with the official lore. We will check your writing and story telling skills as well as test your lore knowledge. Do NOT use a story someone else wrote or one that you found online. Do NOT use fillers (spam space or other characters/words) in order to meet the length requirement. Those things can result in you being blacklisted! We also do NOT allow the use of famous characters like celebrities or characters from movies, series or other games.

After step 4 your application will await to be handled by one of the staff members. Sometimes it can take minutes, sometimes hours and during heavy traffic periods - days. Premium members get priority in the whitelist approval queue. You can leave comments for staff handling your application if you think you have forgotten about something or just want to add more information.


Before you can play you will need to create a character page for the character that you wish to play. Your character page must always include a sensible and realistic name, at least one picture of your character and at least 500 characters long backstory about your character.

Be aware that you must use exactly the same name in game as on your character page (case sensitive). The rest of the fields are optional and you can fill out with additional character information if you want to.


Now that you're whitelisted and have created a character page, it's time to play! In order to join our servers make sure to set your server browser filter to 0 ping and filter for name "DayZRP". You should get our servers listed after a minute or two. Add them to your favorites for easy access next time!

If you're new using voice can sometimes be intimidating, but we strongly recommend to start using it as soon as possible. Your accent does not have to be perfect and most players you meet will show understanding if you let them know in chat using OOC (//text) that you are new.

If you're a new player we strongly recommend you to play as a normal survivor for a while, to get accustomed to the rules and how they work in game. Starting out as a bandit who robs and kills people without experience can lead to swift bans for rule breaks.

For in depth role-play video guide, see the next tab.

Role Playing


DayZRP staff team provides you with personal support, in case you have questions, problems with your account or whitelist or other community related issues. When asking for help try to gather as much information as possible prior to contacting us, as that will make your experience better and our work easier. First and foremost you should always contact a Support first, no matter what your problem is. Even if it may be something that you think only an admin can fix, a Support staff member will be able to assess the scope of your issue and escalate it to an available administrator if needed. Contacting an admininistrator directly may not always get you a response or reply in timely manner, if the questions or problem is trivial or can be solved by lower rank staff members.


DayZRP community relies heavily on moderation and enforcement of our rules. Our staff members are our most valuable assets, without them none of this would be possible. We are continuously searching for dedicated and talented individuals who are willing to give their time and effort and help our community grow and prosper.

Every staff rank has its own tasks and responsibilities. While we work as single unit, your main focus should be on your ranks main responsibilities. The current hierarchy of the staff is the following.
Support (S) Moderator (Mod) Game Master (GM) Administrator (Admin)

Staff group tasks:
Support - 1st line support, answering questions and solving user problems on forums and Discord.
Moderator - forum moderation and advanced Support tasks.
GameMaster - handling reports, ban appeals, ingame moderation.
Administrator - back end administration, staff recruitment and guidance, whitelist, Search & Destroy operations.

If you're interested in becoming a staff member, head over to the staff recruitment forum and submit an application.


Majority of all common issues are resolved on our Discord, which is also the fastest way to contact a staff member.

In order to gain access to our Discord and its channels you must link your Discord account in your account settings here.

Use the #help channel to ask questions and problems. If you need assistance in voice, you can also join "Waiting for Staff Help" voice channel under "Helpdesk".

Private Messaging

You should only use PM to get help if instructed by a staff member or if the other attempts of support did not help.

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