DayZRP Life is Feudal Rules


  • Must have a valid RP name. No famous names.
  • Must roleplay at all times.
  • May only have one (1) character at any time.
  • Must uproot all stumps.
  • The first time joining the server will be allotted 1 Silver coin and 30 copper coins. Coin will be handed out by a banker if available.

Combat Rules

  • No kill on sight (KOS) unless your claim is at active war with another claim.
  • You may KOS any person that has a verified bounty, posted in the bounty section and approved by the LiF Council.
  • You must initiate on a player and give them time to yield as well as make your hostile intent clear, before performing any type of hostilities.
  • Kills must be justified within roleplay and executions should only be done after three hostilities between the two claims or parties have occurred.
  • If you are killed on another claim, you are considered wounded. You are not allowed to return to that claim for a period of two (2) hours.
  • If you are kill in a fight, you cannot return to the fight and are considered wounded. You are not allowed to return to that area for a period of two (2) hours.
  • If you are killed on your own claim, you may return only after the battle or situation has finished.
  • Allies are permitted to join in a fight as long as they are within eye sight, or a raven is sent for help.
  • If you are trying to breach walls, realistically stack items to get over the wall. Do not stack on other players or horses.

War Rules

  • Wars must be declared on the wartime forum.
  • The party initiating the war must provide the roleplay reason(s) leading up to the Declaration of War, as well as victory demands (goods, land, destruction of buildings, etc.), and any allies that will be joining them in the war at the time of their declaration.
  • Once the post is made in the Wartime forum, the defenders and any allies wishing to side with them must respond to the post within 24 hours with a list of their own victory demands.
  • If the declaration of war is accepted by the LiF Council, the two sides can choose to either openly wage war upon each other until one side concedes, or pick a time and have an open field battle event.
  • If a field if battle is to be had, then a time and place shall be chosen and the battle will be held as an event. The winner of the field battle shall give the loser a chance to accept defeat and the victory demands. If the losing side refuses the offer, a siege will take place at their claim the following day.
  • Allies of any side wishing to join in a war must make an open post in the wartime thread declaring allegiance, which will then allow them to join the war. By doing so, they open themselves up for attacks by the opposing side.
  • During open war, raids may take place on enemy claims once every six (6) hours, with a raid being defined as any hostility that crosses into the walls of the claim.
  • During open war, KOS will be allowed against the opposing faction and its allies.
  • During open war, at any time you leave your claim you must wear your tabard.

Global Chat

  • Global chat is only to help new players, ravens for those without Basil mod, and knocking on doors and/or gates.


  • Cannot be pushed off claim to be stolen, but can be stolen directly off the claim at any time.
  • Cannot be used to jump or climb over walls. However, furniture and other items may be used as long as it is realistic.


  • Can be placed on market days by visiting the bounty man and paying a price of 1 gold piece.
  • Any amount paid above the 1 gold piece shall be added towards the bounty, creating a greater reward.
  • Bounties are public knowledge and the face of the person is general knowledge after a bounty has been placed.
  • The person who placed the bounty shall have their name on the bounty, unless they pay a fee of 2 silver pieces for anonymity.
  • Bounties can be collected by killing the person and posting a screenshot of their tombstone in the corresponding bounty thread.


  • No claims are allowed to cover clay pits. No claims are allowed on the largest mountain.
  • Solid tree walls are not allowed. Small tree farms are allowed, but must be kept small (3x5) to reduce server stress.
  • No may not stack items to be used as walls or gates.
  • You may not dig fall traps or areas where a player may be killed or unable to exit.
  • Any land, building, horses, or items not claimed by a monument can be claimed or destroyed by another player.

Market Days

  • Must be two days out of the week and determined by the Council. Wednesday and Saturday will likely be the chosen days.
  • Players are able to bring trading carts, wheelbarrows, and normal carts with items to Council members. They will receive silver or copper depending on the items.
  • Citizens will be able to purchase stalls to use during Market Day to sell their goods.
  • No hostilities should be had at the market during market time. If any are to occur, they must then be settled in the fighting ring.


  • Must be kept strictly in character (IC).
  • Cannot be followed to find another player.


  • Players are able to create religions or gods, assuming they meet the set requirements.
  • To create a religion, you must have the title of Pope (100 piety) as well as a certain number of followers. (TBD)
  • Players may also have to build a temple to their God or religion before the religion becomes official.
  • Once all requirements are met and sent to a Council Member, the religion/god can become a part of the official lore.