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    DayZRP will support and promote this. All tomorrows Black Friday sales will go towards his crowdfunder. We'll be present on his Stream tomorrow.
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    Members of the community, I have been sitting here for about 15 minutes staring at a blank topic creation form, debating with myself the best way to ease people into what is going to be a long and critical post, but the more and more I thought on it I came to a realization that I cannot beat around the bush on this issue, so I'll just out and say it. The community is dying, and it's all YOUR fault. Yes you, the person sitting behind the computer reading this post. You are the reason the community is dying, and you are the only one that can stop it. I know it sounds pretty finger pointy, but the fact is that I too am part of the problem, and unless we ALL take steps to fix the community, then frankly it will not last much longer. The evidence is, quite frankly, depressing (See a post on statistics here). When I joined the community back in early 2015 there were 2 servers., A few months later there were 4, and all of them had queues to get into during prime time. During that time there was never not someone to roleplay with. You could throw a stone and hit 3 groups of five just randomly about the triangle (which back then consisted of green mountain to the south, the airfield to the north, and Novy to the east). Sense then however the numbers have dwindled due in part to several reasons such as the lack of content updates, a larger number of the community having been banned either voluntarily or otherwise, and a complete stagnation of RP. Now the first two examples I have given, there is not much YOU can do about it (except if you are Rolle/staff in which case I'll get to that later). What you can do however is attempt to fix the latter part of the three issues I have presented. Attempt to fix the stagnation of RP. Now some of the things I am about to suggest may sound easy in essence, but in practice are going to prove rather difficult. Others, however are going to irritate a lot of people and might even cause people to get at one another on finger pointing, but I'll be frank. Everyone is at fault. No finger pointing necessary. So here we go. The stagnation of roleplay is, by far, one of the largest issues that plague the community. It has been there from the start, even when 4 servers were present, however it wasn't as noticeable at the time due mostly in part to the fact that there was such a massive amount of people to interact with that even when stagnation was present it wasn't likely you had seen it all. However now that the numbers dwindle, dipping below 40 more often than not, and often enough dipping below 20 players active, it is quite obvious that it is present. The first thing that has led to stagnation is simple, everyone has continued to play the same character in either essence or in name since they started on the server. Now theoretically that is good as you can roleplay out how your character evolves over time, or you can remain in your niche even on a new character due to the fact that your new character still feels familiar. However when everyone is doing this it frankly leads to one of the most boring things you can fathom. Predictability. The more you play the same character, run with the same or similar groups, behave in the same way, the more that people will immediately know what to expect coming from your roleplay. The bandits will always be quick to anger, finding any slight against them as a means to initiate. The campfire roleplayers will always be friendly, welcoming you and aiding you however they can, the medical RPers will always do just that, provide medical RP. People talk about showing there characters evolution over time but, breaking it down, has anyone's characters' really changed? Or have you just become so caught up in what is routine that you are content. If you want to fix this, try something new. Bandits, try backing off for once, interacting with the people, sitting down at the campfires. Maybe even attempt to make a campfire RP character every now and then. Campfire RPers, try making a hostile character (shout out to @Mademoiselle here for doing just this), be aggressive, hold someone up. Everyone try playing something new, something different, and keep changing. Make it so that every time someone meets you again for the first time on a new character they don't actually know what they will get. Make them approach you apprehensively until they know just what role you are playing. Maybe one day you are running a pub, then you retire that character for a bit, and the next time people meet you, you are playing a Takistani Terrorist, then a week later you are a survivalist. I think you will find that it becomes not just more enjoyable for those that interact with you, but for yourself as well, as you get to explore things outside your comfort range. Now then, onto the next thing that leads to stagnation. Hiding or isolating yourselves over long distances. Remember how I mentioned before that when there were four full servers there was always someone to interact with? We don't have that luxury anymore. And yet we have become, over time, increasingly more separated as a community. I think it started around .55 or whatever the patch is that created the complete lack of supplies, which (in my opinion) was among the best patches, but more on that later. Now however it is hard to find people to actually interact with aside from the small groups of people that you already interact with on a daily basis. I myself tend to hang around the 'hotspots' as much as possible, but honestly that still usually only accounts for maybe a quarter of the server. The others or setting up in venues away from the hotspots which, while good roleplay of wanting to be off by yourself, is terrible for the community. Take a new player for example. They join and look for someone to interact with. They are excited to meet people and get into roleplay. So they head to the airfield and there's... nothing. They may find one random person who will then spot them, then immediately run off for fear of being robbed. Alright so then they head south to VMC and... same thing. It's just a walkind dead graveyard. Oh, but hey there's that hotspot they heard about. Let's head there. They meet people, talk to them for awhile, and then what? They either have to stay interacting with the same 5 people, or attempt to find others to no avail. Don't think this is a problem? When I was looking around for the UPS group back when I was running with the Black Fangs, I was astounded with where I found them. A group of eight or nine (comprising about a third of the server at the time) had isolated themselves to a single house near debug. Debug, let that sink in. A third of the server that people could interact with had isolated themselves so much that, frankly, no random would ever get to interact with them. Now I get it, you isolate yourselves out there for fear of bandits, or whatever, but in attempting to avoid one type of RP, you instead isolate everyone else off from yourself. Meaning that the interactions that those people are going to get are going to be increasingly boring or repetitive. They might run in to only the one bandit group on the server and assume that that is all there is to roleplay, a bunch of people going around and robbing or strong arming people. Now what do you think that person's perception of the server is going to be? Do you think that they will continue to play after X amount of time? No. They will leave, and the numbers will continue to dwindle. Now I know that this will lead people to go 'Aha, so the bandits are the problem', to which I will say... yes and no. The issue, when it comes to banditry, isn't that it exists or that there are players who enjoy robbing people and getting into firefights, it's that it is becoming predictable and rushed. And again, it's all YOUR fault. Yes, the issue of how bad hostile RP has gotten is even the fault of those that have nothing to do with bandit RP... because they will have nothing to do with bandit RP. Now I have played both sides, and I can tell you that the best bandit RP happens slowly. The escalation is slow, perhaps they are insulted by a couple things you said, but let it slide. Perhaps you are a foreigner so they are already aggravated by your presence. However usually it starts with just veiled threats. However that buildup has disappeared, and the reason it has it simple. The hostile RPers are bored. They run around the map, sometimes for hours looking for someone to present their hostile RP to, only to either have people immediately flee at there presence, suddenly find a need to log, or are simply hiding and yelling on the radio all the time. What this creates however is boredom. The longer they are running around without interaction, the more they want to get to what they consider the 'juicy' stuff, so that when they do finally find someone to interact with, the RP becomes hastened. They start to seem like all they want is the firefight, that they are looking for any reason to initiate, and it's simply because, after 2 hours of running around, that is exactly what they want. Look at the VDV, when we came down to Cherno we were able to interact with people quite often, and even though many of these players are the so called pvp scum of the server, things went surprisingly well. Do you know why? Because they were able to constantly provide their hostile RP without running about for hours on end looking for someone to interact with. The buildup to the fight with the CDF took time, the buildup to the fight with the UN also took time. And the payoff for the players was all the greater for it. They got to enjoy that buildup of growing hostilities, and then when it boiled over they got to enjoy the long overdue fight all the more. Interactions like that however cannot exist without someone to have a buildup with. Now onto the next part of stagnation, and I promise, we are almost there. This one is probably the most vitriolic for growing the RP base, and that is elitism. Many of you have been in the community for years, and have had a chance to develop your RP to where it is. Some of you are pariahs of RP, or come from other communities where you were able to grow it. You know who doesn't always have that luxury? New players. Whitenames as they are so often referred to. These are, often enough, players that are wanting to try something new. Perhaps they come off too super soldiery, perhaps there character choice is somewhat trolly, heck perhaps they are even someone more experienced trying something new. What are they met with? Shunning and reports. If people do not like the RP of a person, rather than working with that person to improve it, they are instead either ignored, or thrown into a report. Then you have the staff look at it and go 'yeah, no, not good enough. 3 day ban'. Now I want you to think on that for a moment. how many people do you think that waited 2 or 3 days to get into a community only to be banned a few days later for again a few days are going to return to your community at all. Sure you can argue that there are tools in place to help them, that there are precious guides or mentors and staff to talk them through things, but let's be honest with ourselves. The only way that people will improve is through first hand experience, and that will only happen if you let them. So don't be so quick to report them and get them banned just because there RP doesn't meet your expectations. Sure you can start the report as a means of contacting them, but try and talk it out with them, try and coach them on what they did and where they can improve. DO NOT BE AN ELITIST PRICK. So yes, stop saying that THEY are the problem, and instead focus on why YOU are. And this is especially true for staff (told you I'd get back to this later), if what I have heard is true. For those of you that haven't heard yet, there is a rumor going about that members of staff (I will not name names, but if it's true you know who you are) had fallen so far into the 'THEY' blame game at one point that they attempted to get @Rolle to ban an entire demographic of RP and all of those who prescribe to it. Thankfully, as the rumor goes, @Rolle and @JimRP denied there request. But that just goes to show that, if we continue to focus on how everyone else is the problem, that all we will do is reduce the community further. Or you know, you can also keep talking about how Beta will fix everything... just like you did with the lorewipe... and like you did with .61... and like you did with... well you get my point.
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    Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: I definitely don't have any but there are pictures and video circulating. Feedback: I have been talking with several people about this and I feel it was time to address the owner of the community in which this takes place. What I am speaking about has been occurring since I joined the community but from hearing about more recent and blatant occurrences it has lead me to write this. In the past there have been several occurrences of internet pedophilia and pornography with minors depicted of people in this community. Some examples of this, with no names said, are a Skype stream of a 17 year old girl masturbating in front of other minors and adults doing the same thing. Nude pictures of an 18 year old being sent to a 15 year old. Spoken sexual harassment to minors in the community as well. As well as The mass circulation of these photos and the constant talk about these acts. I personally know all about this which is saying something because I am really a no name in this community and I am really only known for an example of pedophilia which I will PM you about in depth after I post this because it needs to addressed and I have waited to long. My point is that I, a no name, know in detail about all of these acts so that leads me to believe that you too know even more about hem then I do. What shocks me is that in most cases nothing is done about this. Instead you focus more on banning people who criticize you and simply turn a blind eye to this. Now I only know what I see on the commutation and it affirms my prior statement. In fact in the case of one of these cases of the spreading of pornography depicting minors a member of staff focused solely on crushing rumors of one of the spectators owning photographic records of this instead of punishing those involved and the person who made the porn itself. It was completely swept under the rug from mine and others point of view. In fact, in the past the victim was permanently banned for it and not perpetrator. They have been able to to stay in the community. This is just my opinion of what I know occurred and what I've seen done by the current and Ex-staff. I'm not trying to be the Corey Feldman of Dayzrp right now and this has nothing to do with the current political climate surrounding this type of thing I just thought that now would be a good time to address it. Suggestions for improvement: Put this problem at the forefront of your mind and at the top of your list of things to deal with in the community before it comes back to bite the community on it's collective ass. You might think that it was all done by the persons involved choices and the responsibility doesn't fall on you but it most certainly does. All these people met on your gaming community and the people who posses the aftermath circulate it with other people in your community. You are fully responsible to take the necessary actions to make sure the current and past perpetrators are stopped and punished for the actual CRIMES they committed inside your community.
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    Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: See above friends. Feedback: Hello Jim, I am a concerned community member in possession of an audio/visual recording of you behaving poorly whilst in a conversation, acting in a staff member's capacity, with several community members and staff members. Overall I found your conduct to be extremely unprofessional, your attitude biased and your demeanour to be absolutely unrepresentative of what a staff member should be. For context, my fellow roleplayers, my friend @Para is the current group owner of the Nexum Co. group, a group of slave traffickers consisting of security of various nationalities, beliefs and creeds, slaves with the same diversity and, of course, a cast of roleplayers with whom I have had the privilege to roleplay with. As somebody who has roleplayed extensively, with over 1400 hours logged in DayZRP in the last year, I feel as if there is some credence lent to my judgement regarding what is good and bad roleplay. With that being said, on to the meat of the situation. Nexum Co. met the PCC, a group of left-leaning, self-proclaimed communists and socialists, in the town of Vybor. Roleplay ensued, my character disliked the fact that communists were in South Zagoria, once again trying to organise due to the previously negative history of communist uprisings in Chernarus. The culture of Chernarus is so virulently fearful of and anti-communist that laws were passed to suspend their capacity to organise and unify. It is no surprise that my character and the characters of those whom you and yours would denounce as bad roleplayers are virulently anti-communist, as they are products of their backwards, uneducated and cultural setting. Such is their hatred that they would hurl various insults at them, as discussed in the video, as well as maintain a general air of hostility towards a foreign, taboo presence in their country. This is how our characters should be roleplayed, I have no complaints in that regard, however, you, though you were not present for the situation whatsoever, and your friends, seemed to take issue with our roleplay. As such, a discussion was in order to hash out our differences and come to a reasonable compromise. As is evident from the video, as well as your people's behaviour prior to and during our recording, this was evidently not your intention. When I entered the room, I, as well as my friends, were told that our roleplay is trash and that we are bad roleplayers. Needless to say, I was not recording, but I was suitably irritated by somebody I've never met before calling my roleplay shit. However, we continued the conversation and seemed to be getting somewhere for a bit, then, as seen in the video, it went downhill as most of your people seemed to be irritated not because we dropped the homophobic F word or that we were virulently anti-communist, but simply because the roleplay did not go their way. This shit happens and both you and the people of your group, aside from Cosmo, in that room, evidently have not learned this important lesson. Anyway, aside from the insults and general pettiness, the conversation really wasn't going anywhere because your people were grasping at straws but, as he does most of the time, Para tried to be reasonable and offered a compromise. As is seen in the video, he agreed that we will have an internal group discussion about the matter and decide what to do then. This was fully supported by myself and Saffy but, alas, this was not good enough for you and your friends. Instead of ending the conversation on an amicable note, you continued on, making subtle threats about taking things to Rolle, using the large number of staff in the group as an excuse to intercede and, most of all, left the conversation like an immature child when you didn't get your way. Now, as a regular community member, being browbeaten by a staff member in a TS channel for roleplaying my character does not sit well with me at all. There were several things wrong with you being in that situation, namely the inherent bias you possess as you are a member of the PCC, so anything you say to Rolle regarding this really should be taken with a grain of salt; you were also not present for the discussed situation yet you deigned to intercede and denounce our roleplay as bad and, what's more, attempted to force change on us as a group simply because your friends told you that we are shit roleplayers. How you can pass judgement and attempt to force change as somebody with that degree of personal involvement, without being involved in the complained situation, is beyond my meagre abilities of comprehension. Overall, you demonstrated a bias as obvious as a ten inch penis, involved yourself in a situation which you knew nothing about, which also involved your group members, and, furthermore, decided to leave the conversation before its natural conclusion because we weren't folding to your bullying tactics. It was unimpressive to witness as a community member, and that is as nicely as it can be phrased. Suggestions for improvement: Don't threaten community members, vaguely or otherwise, do not involve yourself or attempt to act in a staff capacity when there is evident self-interest in a situation and, finally, act in a manner befitting the title "Co-owner" of this community.
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    Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: No because you won't read them anyway, I will just get to the bulk of the feedback that you will probably also ignore. Feedback: Fact 1. This was a fairly poor written response, back during my time in staff people were actually expected to put thought into their closing statements it's a shame that you're not. But then again you never had to put anything towards your rank other than money so I'm not surprised in this. Fact 2: I did not directly call any Transgender in this thread mentally Ill. I suppose one can argue indirectly yes I did as you stated in your "Closing statement" , I was merely stating that maybe Macbrine and Joe should not make fun of those people. Allow me to explain: We are constantly fed a narrative that we should not make fun of "transgender" people because it is discrimination and the deeper argument behind this narrative that if you do indeed tell them that they have a problem and tell them that they are not the gender they truly believe they are it is bullying and is the reason that 46% of most young transgender people commit suicide. This is entirely false. We as human beings should not mainstream delusion it is unhealthy and unethical. The fact that those numbers of suicide are only equivalent with Jews under Nazi Germany rule should really speak to you on something. Because I can tell you this, they are definitely not treated the same, and if you believe this you are as delusional as the people with this illness, that need help, and should really considering taking a read in any history book. So the only logical conclusion for even an untrained professional in the medical field to come to is that there is something deeper than just a bullying issue, it is a deep seeded mental issue, This progressive movement that holds these beliefs true are actually the most regressive form of people and you, are showing this exact attitude in this appeal. If anything I was telling people to not joke about such a thing, to not laugh at such a thing, as it is not funny. We do not tell schizophrenic people such as my mother that the people that they are afraid of in the walls are real, and that society is just being mean to them by telling them they're not. We do not laugh in the face of bi-polar people when they have breakdowns and freak the fuck out. We help these people seek treatments for the disorders, encourage them to get help by making them face facts even if it is sad and harsh, trust me no one wants to be diagnosed with these issues. I could literally go on and on all day and explain to you that why ignoring these facts are bad for these people but I will not because you will not read this anyway more than likely. Either way, it is never okay to make fun of the mentally Ill, and the fact that gender identity disorder, now referred to as gender dysphagia is legitimately a mental disorder plaguing people and I choose to address it as such as many others do and I state it is not okay to make fun of these people is utter hogwash. You had no basis for my post to actually be flaming, or actually being hate speech. You simply asked a rhetorical question then /yeeted my thread. With probably one of the saddest excuses for a closing statement that I've seen in a while. Suggestions for improvement: 1) Have some fucking pride in your work and what you say, because as an administrator that closing statement was pathetic. 2) Become educated on issues before you have an opinion, because it is clear that you are not when it comes to this topic. 3) Stop being ignorant when it comes to facts such as this, it is only hurting these people, not helping them get better, as I said we as humans need to stop mainstreaming delusion and need to start calling things what they are.
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    Who gives a fuck how he was removed? He leaked the fucking server logs to his group so that they could have some cheap laughs at some players, who were harassed because of it afterwards. So we're supposed to be all nice and "thank him" because he broke THE MOST IMPORTANT staff rule there is, and these people who were harassed now do not trust the staff team or feel comfortable saying anything in text in game because it might get leaked? I'm disgusted by the people "thanking him" for his service after what he's done. Get your priorities straight. New staff agreement means that intentional leaking of logs will be met with a permaban. I'm done with fucking snakes and people who can't be trusted with a simple task of keeping internal info internal. Closing, deal with it.
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    I think you're mistaken. I'm certain it is not my responsibility what users on my website send to each other outside of this website and I'm certainly not required by any means to take any action unless I receive a Swedish court order to provide information about someone actions who is a member on this website. What nudes members of this community send between each other is none of my business. I'm here to provide role play game servers and not to monitor if you masturbate on Skype to others. If a member is harassed through nudes that were stolen and are being spread within the community itself, like actually posted here, sure I can step in and rule 4, but in 5 years of this website I only had to do that once. I haven't received any reports and I'm not aware of any harassment involving these things at this time, I don't browse through people's PMs either. If you have solid proof of someone spreading other members nudes through the community website or TeamSpeak you should report it to me or one of the admins.
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    I want to thank everyone for the amazingly kind messages. They are very much appreciated. I know it might be a bit of a shock to most of you, my stepping down, but I needed to do it for my own mental health. I have too much on my plate right now, and I can't do it anymore. It's too hard to do all the things I want to do, and more importantly need to do. My time in staff started with trying to give back to this place, donating my time. It then turned into a distraction for me in the time leading up to my mothers death. Since then, more on then off, I've been supporting my wife as she deals with mental health issues. I've got nothing left in me right now that I can give to this place and need to step down before I break. I'd like to thank the staff team, both past and present. The past staff team, @Roland @Terra @Ron @Conor @Mamba @Hebee @Stagsview @bunny @Storm @Rory and honestly just too many more to name gave me the tools and leadership to hopefully help lead this place as best I could. If I've not mentioned you above, it's not because you didn't deserve it, it's because I've not yet had enough coffee . The current staff team is a solid bunch. I hope I have been able to shape you all as much as the past staff team did to me, and in a positive way. That's the true mark you leave on staff and the community. Remember the stories of the old staff team I told you, a great staff team can argue and gouge eachother's eyes out on a subject and then hug it out at the end and show eachother the love and respect you all deserve. That's a lesson the rest of the community can benefit from too, because as someone who has had to handle it, I can tell you all that you guys hang on to too much petty shit. Don't take offence to this comment, it's the insights of someone not involved in your drama, and you will all live happier lives when you don't hang on to things that will drag you down and hurt your own lives. Argue, gouge eyes, put it aside and let it go. Live by the old adage of getting into a bar fight and then sharing a beer. I have things I never got to do here, that I wanted to accomplish, but right now I just need sometime to myself. Sometime to look after my wife and even myself, because I'm beat the fuck down. I love you all and I thank you for letting me work along side you and for you. ~ Oliv
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    Have you ever wondered what life would be like, if.. we all got along without an hierarchy? If, people managed to maintain a group without having to pay their dues to someone? As Kant himself said.. from a certain point of view, anarchism is a society where law and freedom can be maintained without force. Of course, in today's society.. surviving is the hard part. However, with the right people, with the right mindset, surviving can be achieved and so can maintaining a society where no force is required to possess the rights that any person deserves to have. Anarchy is an ideology that most people would take for granted in our society, because of the massive chaos, but most people are not well educated on the matter and what anarchy really is about. Everyday, there's a new group of people out and about who believe they can rule the world. There's a group of people who believe they know the answer to what this world we currently live in is about, what is right and what is not.. but the answer had always been there and is the same for everyone. A self governed society where people's cause is re-establishing a society where no one is wrong except for people who try to force their opinion on other people. In our current society, there is only one way to achieve something remotely close to a society like that, a revolution. Violence is deemed right and wrong depending on the reason behind it, depending on people's perception on the situation and how necessary certain actions are. If for example the french revolution did not happen, or the revolution in South Africa, imagine how the world would've changed. Everything must be reshaped, reformed, even in a society where chaos rules.. if someone doesn't step up to make a change, then.. it'll never happen, which is this group's sole cause. Letting people know that they can all take part into opposing themselves against all forms of oppression, no matter what the cost is and no matter how that message can be carried across to other people. Collection of relics. Anarchy's art. Roots of Anarchism "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty." Anarchism is a political philosophy where a society is self governed by its own members and are not represented by another group or 'party' if you will. The idea of a nation state is opposed by anarchists. Anarchists believe in ideas of mututal respect for others, creativity and cooperation, while opposing hierarchy and government. Anarchism has traces from the 6th centuary BC by a Taoist philosopher Laozi and his successors had written pieces that hint to anarchism. Such as Zhuangzi's passage saying "A petty thief is put in Jail. A great brigand becomes a ruler of a Nation", a brigand being a foot soldier. The first sight of Anarchism in politics and religion was in Islam shortly after the death of their propher Mohammed, where Islam split into different branches as they all had different ideas on who to follow, you had the Shia, Sunni and Khawarij. Where Shia and Sunni had different ideas on who to follow, Khawarij Muslims believed that it was Allah's decision and that they would remain in their 'free' states in their own tribal villages where they shared similar ideas to anarchism but it was not full anarchism. Our tale "We anarchists do not want to emancipate the people; we want people to emancipate themselves." Dimitri Tarasov was born and raised in the region of the southern coast of the Black Sea, Pontus, near-by Trabezon in a really small village. The roots of his family originate from the Christian Pontic Greeks that remained throughout the area (including Trabezon and Kars in northeastern Turkey/the Russian Caucasus). He was moved to an early stage of his life inside the region of Caucasus and later on to Chernarus thanks to his parents getting into legal trouble with debts within the Caucasus region. He was brought up for the early stages of his life by a very caring family that only wanted to bring the best to their son, educating him well by actually homeschooling him for most of his life due to them not really being able to be in a position where they can properly pay for his education, but rather wanting him to teach other things which they considered mostly important in life. He was always a really silent person and tried to stay away from trouble, as much as he was able to. Dimitri joined the military and served for about two years when he realized the military was not the answer to our country's problems and that he was not helping the country by any means by spending his days aimlessly in the ranks of the army (pre-outbreak). He was much more of an artist and chose to quit the army at a young age to be able to focus onto his artistic side and look at life from a much different perspective. And oh boy was he in for a big surprise.. coming home in July of that year, to the outbreak. He knew he was fucked, he didn't know how to survive alone. Of course, he wasn't that social either and by that time the only way he could get involved with people was by signing up to join, kinda like he did with the military and so he did, he decided to join the ranks of PCC, not only to help his family out but to also become a part of a group that will help others, hoping he would actually not get in too much trouble but boy was he wrong. Dimitri Tarasov did get a warm welcome into PCC and was serving in their ranks for a long time. Dimitri saw a lot of things, he saw how people who everyone thought were all for saving people would turn as time went on. One valuable lesson for Dimitri was that no one is good and no one is actually right. People don't want to to help each other, they just want as much power as they can get. One great example would be Dimitri's encounter with the people north of Tisi, as well as multiple other groups near Stary that changed his view on what people really want to do during the outbreak. Same with BF, in Dimitri's eyes it was a handful of individuals that were all crazy from his point of view. After having a few situations with them, clearly people like them for Dimitri do not want a peaceful country, they want all the power in our country, rather than making the situation which we're currently in better. After PCC decided to disband the current organization built within the nation, Dimitri realized that there was no way law & order could be established in means that would better what was left of Chernarus, it was all about power. It came down to having to do what was necessary, whether that required violence or not, to preserve a world where Anarachism is the ideology which people follow. Dimitri of course realized that was certainly not easy along with the wide-spread activities of the Black Fangs and the PAU and also the slave traders and so on, it would be hard to get rid of every form of oppression. However, Dimitri has collected individuals that are all helpful in a way or another which can make his job a lot easier. People like Fyodr, Luke, Alexi as well as himself. These men were all collected by Dimitri for one job, to end the oppression on the people of Chernarus. To stop the evil of the power hungry men, to stop nationalism and in general all forms of oppression. These individuals were also gathered because they were all skillful in their own way, skillful social engineers, skillful marksmen and of course, great supporters of the anarch-communist ideology. The most important point promoted by this kind of anarchism is the abolition of the state. The group's views lean towards insurrectionary/platformist anarchism to an extent (organization wise). That means that this group was formed due to a common interest, which would be stopping the tyranny and oppression throughout Chernarus among also expanding knowledge about our ideology. The group also embraces the views of illegalism which means that the people of the group embrace the fact that they will have to get their hands dirty to achieve their goal. Every and each member that takes part in this group's activities know that violence will be the answer in most cases, due to what today's world has come to. These men are not scared to take part in such events, because it is needed to preserve our individual freedom and the freedom of our country from tyranny and terror reigned by other people and groups. Each member carries a relic on himself, which is a way to identify other members of the same ideology. Members of the group have their own unique relic, which is assigned to them by Dimitri. Stories of our members. Short Term Goals (by Day 450) i) Find the remnants of the coalition and make them pay for the death of our friends and loved ones during the war. (by day 445) ii) Relocate and operate a new home. (by day 445) iii) Bring in a new form of equal society and have multiple groups work together following our ideology. (by day 450) iv) Secure alliances with smaller groups get them to operate towns and offer them protection. (by day 445) v) Only attack when provoked. (ongoing) Long Term Goals (by day 480) i) Capture each radio warrior and teach them to have respect. (by day 470) ii) Dismantle all government forces in the South Zagoria Region. (by day 470) iii) Send emissaries from Anarchy to follow other groups and see how they operate. (by day 470) iv) When a trifecta of groups follow the Anarchy Ideology have them set up trade routes and send out security teams to protect them. (by day 470) v) look out for the smaller groups and help them flourish and advance their goals. (by day 470) vi) Pop out events every two weeks to help advance the lore. (ongoing) vii) Create a summit and have each group send a representative to openly speak out their concerns and how they contribute to South Zagoria (Once every 3 weeks meet up and discuss things) (ongoing) viii) Destroy anyone connected to Aegis or The Corporation make them suffer for capturing and torturing members of Anarchy. (ongoing) ix) Capture The Black Roses and have them pay for the false accusations against the doctors at Pavlovo. (ongoing) x) Restrict CDF airflow with anti-aircraft weapons. (by day 480) xi) Make sure that every single group around South Zagoria are Distributing their wealth to everyone equally. (ongoing) @JimRP - Dimitri "Dima" Tarasov @LouieRP - Luke Krey @G19RP - Fyodr Belokov @BorisRP - Boris Olov @Eagle- Jhon Derek @ExoticRP - Leo Lynch @KennethRP - Sami Iisiaat @VictusRP - Viktor Kovar @RandyRP - William Wolfgang @KyleRP - Aaron Miller @groovy tonyRP - Tony Doyle @MrPanda - Hondo Hunt @Kricket - Jakob Vasilev @Lucas - Lucas Jones Interested in joining? PM me with the form below. Disclaimer: If you have any problem with any group member's RP send a video and the members name to @LouieRP.
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    Anarchy went through its course things come and go but I will say that I enjoyed my time to an extent till it became stressful to deal with. Playing here is about having fun and when you lose that you need to move on. I would sit there and deal with so much bullshit there on a daily bases get accused of being a toxic community member and stuff. I would get called a shit roleplayer people wouldn't give me or my friends a chance to roleplay so eventually when we would give up on dealing with bullshit people would be like hey uh why did they archive? I don't know maybe we get sick of peoples shit. There are people here that like to stay in a bubble they don't like it when you try to roleplay with them and when it doesn't go their way they get super offended. That shit right there is so annoying to deal with you walk up to someone you try and put effort into your roleplay but they're like oh hey it's these guys we don't like them lets just not put any effort in and when they do we will go in a drop in some feedback in. Then there's the whole report shit I legit don't want to report I don't but when it comes to the fact that we have to report to show that it's not just Anarchy that breaks rules then its becomes fucked. The fact that Anarchy was around for like 4 months and it was like 4 bans just happened to be frequently close to each other doesn't mean staff need to be heavy handed the fact that I had to go and help staff correct some report verdicts is ridiculous we shouldn't have to do that we should have confidence in the staff team to provide good verdicts. I would say I have faith in the current GM team but I do not I want things to change but I am one man and they will most likely not listen to me. I bet most of these issues would be tolerable with a better game but right now man its hard to deal with a shit game and a community that's so turned against itself I would like to see a place where we could all get along but that will never happen. I want to say to all my friends in Anarchy and especially @JimRP thank you guys for the time in Anarchy and If I'm not around after this then fuck it love you all.
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    Its a farming life for me. Establish a place to call home and to conduct business in. ( Day 210 outbreak) Establish a large radio network advertising our farming company. (Day 215 outbreak) Find military organizations and ask for their protection. (Day 220 outbreak) Establish the best farming community in South Zagoria. Protect our fellow farmers any means necessary. Produce enough food to feed the majority of South Zagoria We wanted to try out a new way of roleplay here in the community currently hostile RP is shunned either way. So we are going to take the route of campfire roleplaying but we will defend ourselves based on circumstances. The plan here is to set up a hub for people to come roleplay with us and share supplies. Food will be supplied free of charge. Rules don't be a dickhead and keep your weapons holstered. Click the radio to contact us ICly. Recruitment will be handled in-game but If you really want to join send @Vytis a message. Shoutout to Kyle Jones for the graphics.
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    Happy new year! @DeeBlack @Karma @Blackfyre @Oisin @Crim @Commissar @Keira @Chewy @Anouk @RogueSolace @Fenrir @Faith @Lucky1911 @Dingoz @Stradic @ToeZ @Don @Corry @Jamie @Mr Anon @Shane @Oliv @Ender @Major Frohes neues Jahr! @PatZ @Grimnir @Terra @Galland @Ron @Shnitz @Revie @Sineda @Lyca @Kunkka @Sarilla Gelukkig nieuwjaar! @Spartan @Ramon @cheeks @Red @RedSky @Samti Šťastný nový rok! @Stormyvill @Majoo Честита Нова Година! @Ghoozov @Bulgarian Bombshell @puppet @SmartPlayerZ Gelukkige Nuwe Jaar! @Razareth Bonne année! @Dr Willsky Head uut aastat! @Lemons @Shanoby @DarkStyle Gott nytt år! @Vrik @Rolle And those i forgot i also wish a happy new year and that the new year will bring only the best for you !
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    I've browsed through some group threads and most of the goals struck to me as very generic, unmeasurable, unobtainable guidelines for the group, rather than actual specific objectives that the group wants to accomplish. It feels like the groups just fill the goals with a few meanings that hold no real weight on what the group actually does in game and having a requirement for a group to have goals wasn't meant to work like that. I'm here to change that, so that we can have official groups actually work towards specific things in game and give them a direction that all group members can work towards. So I have revised the group requirements and added the following part to the Group requirements thread: Group goals must follow the SMART goals and objectives principle. We use our own, slightly modified version: Specific – goals must target a specific area for improvement or accomplishment. Measurable – goals must be able to be quantified or at least suggest some kind of an indicator of progress on the goal. Attainable – the group must be able to achieve the goals and mark them as complete within a realistic time frame. Relevant – goals must be relevant to the nature of the group and fit well with their back story. Time-bound – specify when the goals can be achieved, must be within realistic time frame. It's a good idea to use days since the infection outbreak as an in game time measure. Good example: Our military group wants to create an outpost for us to conduct our meetings and allow for trade with external parties. Updates will be posted in this thread and/or in radio chatter. ETA day 180. Bad example: Our military group will fight enemies, make everyone fear us and we will claim the Chernarus as our own. All groups will get a few days grace time to make appropriate changes to their group goals, I'm sure that you can come up with creative things to accomplish in game and I can't wait to see them. Protip is to write a goal and then go through the SMART checklist and check if all points are covered. Don't worry about being archived if you can't come up with good goals, in a few days I'll go through all the official group threads and leave feedback on your goals so that you know if they're good or need to be adjusted. Additionally I've installed some new group features: Group owners can now set a "home page" for the group, which is pretty much intended to contain what group threads first post is - demo for Nexum. Unsure if this will mean that we no longer need group threads, since it's pretty dumb to have to keep the info updated in two places. Stay tuned. Group owners can now give another member ownership of a group. Note that when you give up ownership, you lose all rights to the group even if you were the original creator. You can now only be in one group at a time Group icons now show next to posts on the forums again
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    Well, the admins have come to a decision that I'm getting removed from staff for letting people In my channel know that two people were tickling and kissing during a long ass report that I was pulling logs for around 3 Pm my time. Real once and others. @Jade Your cool asfk @Chewy Goodbye never got to work with you properly. @Oliv Don't turn into a yes man. @Ender Don't go overboard with things you shouldn't stick your nose into still respect ya mate. @Lyca Try to say no for once and mean it. @Ark Jog on. @Shane Don't change. @Spartan You're alright. AS for the rest of you stay classy never got to fully work with all of you even though I've been in staff for a year + and a small mistake during my whole time here was apparently that bad, but yeah cya around. And at the end of the day, all the time I put in was not worth it strange how after all this time in staff the only staff member that seemed to have the balls to talk to me was @JimRP Shows how much you guys cared. With that goodbye staff.
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    (Our Group Song) Background: -IC Goals- Become Allies and create a trading network between other groups in Chernarus (Day 250) Train a security team to keep Poveglia safe (Day 230) Start a Radio Station for Advertisements/Entertainment (Day 240) Open up a Gun Shop where we sell and clean guns (Day 240) Open up a small pop up Garage (Day 220) Get the White Raven (Clinic) stocked up and running again (Day 215) -Long Term Goals- Create a stable environment that provides a sense of security. Keep the Family as safe as we can Take care of hostile forces that oppose a threat to the bar or our Family Keep the Bar up and running. Head of the Council FieJaxon - Jaxon Valentine GreenySmiley - Rain Valentine Head of Medicine TiviylScratch - Tivian Ecsha RogueSolace - Elizabeth Smith Head of Security Blackburn - Jack Castle BrianM__ - Joseph Green Head of the Bar Dallas - Vasco Fernandes Head of Supplies AlanBrian - Andrew Green Council Members Lyca - Calandra Vlcek Spartan - Ella Strakova SgtSmithy - Colt Valentine Bloodcrusader - Ethan Jones Mattszo - Matt Price Members Pontito - Kjartan Andersson SofiaLR - Diana Huxley Fil Vandren - Sara Vandren We conduct a strict recruitment process, the minimum age is 17. If you are interested in joining the group fill in the form beneath and send it to @FieJaxon.
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    Again, why do you have to be an asshole in your feedback? You think that jumping on me with "I hate everything you stand for" attitude is productive? You're doing exactly the same thing that you just brought up yourself, posting edgy and unproductive opinion to get attention and get BeanZ from people who don't like me very much: Look at all these BeanZ you already got! But sure, I'll bite and answer the feedback, I like pointing out flaws in arguments from haters. It's great that you have asked all our ~400 active players about the staff, so you can with certainty make claims that these are the ONLY people with such opinion are the people Jim paid. I have personally conducted similar poll and it turns out the vast majority didn't feel that way, what a coincidence. Anyway, so where the feedback for me in this? Am I supposed to do something about that we have different opinions about Jim being in staff? Don't you think it's hypocritical for a person that is on a final warning because of spreading drama and hate towards LGBT people, points fingers at people who said 'sieg heil'? I never insinuated that your feedback is bullshit, I insinuated that your reason for leaving the feedback is not that you care about it or that you are offended about what Jim has done or that the verdict is wrong, I insinuated that you left the feedback because you want attention and you don't like Jim very much, so you try to do what you can to undermine his authority. So similar to this feedback really, as I mentioned in the beginning. Or it's just for the lulz, to brag about with the boiz that you left both co-owners dank feedback and we got embarrassed in front of everyone. I don't know really, I wonder myself. Yes, yes, of course. It's all a convenient coincidence that certain people give BeanZ to certain posts made by certain author which are targeting certain individuals. Moving on. If you really wanted it to improve you wouldn't be having destructive kind of attitude that you do. You think that you will improve the community by attacking the two undisputed owners of the community? If we go, the community goes as I would pull the plug on my way out. I like running this place the way I envision it to be, I would not like someone else to run "my baby" so me leaving is not an option. I may be a shitty community leader, but I'm a shitty community leader who has kept this community for a dead game online for 5 years and still going. I guess I must be doing something right. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Working as intended, that's how the new warning system works. The warning message I thought was self-explanatory. You're a smart guy and you've been here for a long time so you know how things work, surely I don't have to point out to you that you posted a YouTube video that spreads hate and riled people up? I won't even discuss the transgender being a mental illness argument with you, let's keep it to the fact that I don't want that kind of content or discussions to be done in my community, similarly to YouTube videos of cats being kicked or nazi songs. You can express and discuss your edgy and controversial opinions elsewhere. I don't brush off actual feedback, I take it very seriously, look up a few posts up, I'm sure you'll find some. Note that it has to be an actual feedback, not a rant about difference of opinions. Which what the rest of this entire quote is. You don't have to agree with me, just like I don't have to agree with you. The only difference here is, I don't try to convince you that you're the problem and that you're wrong. And what's wrong with having a list of rule breakers that need to be removed from the community for the betterment of RP? That's like the best idea *ever*. Surely you mean that I alienate a loud, vocal minority who doesn't like me and ideally would like me to disappear so I don't stand in the way of them being able to PvP and be edgelords on the forums. I'm on a Christmas break currently, as you've noticed from my lack of activity. I only came back for this feedback Last thing I leave you with and I'd really like you to reflect upon this, if you hate my decisions so much as the community leader and first community co-owner, and you hate Jim who is the second community co-owner, and you refuse to roleplay on our servers because of them... Why are you still here? With best regards, no hard feelings and merry Christmas! /Rolle
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    Apologies, I really feel that this needs to be mentioned. I ask that you listen instead of just dismissing it, in regards to how this rp was handled. Please understand that this is creative criticism. It's not insulting. It's calling out particular things that are flawed, and trying to offer helpful suggestion as how to fix them, a lot of people don't understand that. I'm trying to help. 1: “Just hit F2 when you’re initiated on.” = Just, no. What you’re not seeing is that by saying that, all you are saying, is ‘your opinion doesn’t matter to me, I’m going to bully you, you’re going to shut up and take it.’ That’s not acceptable; this is not a community of bullies, and all pvp. I have every right to try to run, or do other options to continue the roleplay. You have the option to shoot me if I do, at the same time, get creative. A foot pursuit and talk after also provides a lot of rp. We are all here to have fun. I look forward to rp in the future with you and your group, I also want both of us to have fun during it. 2. “When I went to the church I honestly felt based off their reactions and them insulting me that there was no hope for negotiations and since we're at war with them we will try it the forceful way.” This was your choice to act this way, to respond with violence. If you had clarified, WHY you were there, besides just I want to talk, (then demand her) and actually been patient, you would have gotten your conversation and peace You were not told ‘NO’ in your wanting to talk to Rory. You were told she was gone, and to go wait outside while we did something important. Why didn’t you? If you had gone outside and waited as asked, the wedding would have continued and finished. After the wedding, once we realized you really did just want to negotiate, we would have let you. Your response IC was essentially having a tantrum because you didn’t get what you wanted, exactly when you wanted it. You couldn’t be patient, and accept waiting outside for a bit? F2 logic here, why didn’t you follow what we said? Because you didn’t like it as your option? Well, welcome to how we feel when you tell us to shut up and comply. You need to make your demands clearer. Also analyze what you’re doing. You walked in to place with a lot of people with guns out (obviously on edge about SOMETHING). That’s typically the first sign of ‘bad idea’. You then, go in anyways, and ask to talk to someone, that the people inside only know that you want to hurt. Also, the majority of the time when I hear someone reference, “talk to someone”, it actually means beat the shit out of them. Then you demanded her and got mad when people were being protective. What I would highly suggest if something like this happens again, would be to say “Hi, I’m so and so, leader of the black fangs. I’ve been talking with my people, and we want to broker a peace with Rory and her people. I really want to get it done as soon as possible, can I talk to her?” Then after being told to go outside, “Okay, I’ll wait a maximum of (say 30 min). I really want to get this done and its obviously important for both of us. This needs to be taken care of." I hope this will help in understanding some of our frustrations with how this rp was handled. I also hope that it can help all parties in the future to interact better with one another.
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    As of today, I've been removed from staff by the big man himself. It ultimately came down to disagreements we had about the community and this was the only option. That being said, my experience in staff has not been tarnished by this. I tried to make a difference and while I may not have been a legendary admin like Terra or Hebee, I did what I could. The ride was pretty lit and I had some good times in staff. I'll tag a few people that I enjoyed my experiences with. If I don't mention you don't take it personal, I love you all. @Jamie - When I first got that PM from you telling me to go to helpdesk, I was spooked. And when @Lyca and @Ender told me they had evidence of me duping in the Akrasia camp I was freaking the fuck out. Then I realized it was a joke and I was a new Support on the team. You were a great admin and I'm glad to have worked with you. @Aiko - You helped me out a lot in staff and for that I am forever grateful. Too bad you are a weeb, kinda ruins it <3 @Shane - My fucking boy. If it wasn't for staff I probably wouldn't have gotten to know you and realize how much of a lad you are. Chillest dude in the team by far. @Brady - Another lit dude I wouldn't have met had it not been for staff. You have the potential to be a great GM, show them what you've got. @Eagle - When I joined staff, I was excited to work with you the most. You've been my boy for over a year and its a shame we don't play games with each other much anymore. Don't let bullshit get to you my nibba, you're a true lad. @Ark - You suck worse than me at PvP but I guess you're an OK moderator :^) @Loscham - You should be a loremaster tbh. But you're a good mod too. @Boston - I enjoyed being in staff with you. She did you dirty though and that fucking sucks. @Dusty - People would always shit on you and call you a bad staff member. You don't become a GM on three occasions if you're a shit staff member. RIP my boy Not sure what I'm going to do now to be honest. Staff was the only thing really keeping me around. Don't fucking take my posting rights or I swear I'll leave bad feedback.
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    I don't know how many of you have watched WOBO in the past or know who Aggathor is but the guy used to make really informative DayZ content about various weapons, lootspawn changes, guides, etc. I'd assume as DayZ players some of you might've seen his content before. Well the guy released a video explaining why he hasn't been on. He tells you everything in the video but the rundown is that his Mom's going for an operation to remove a cluster of cancerous nerve cells from her neck and (I think) she'll be full-body paralysed because of it. Guy's quitting his life to be a full-time caretaker and he's doing one last stream to raise some extra money to help out his Mom before he leaves. I'll leave the link here in case any of you wanted to go show your support, since Youtube doesn't show videos in your subscription box if you haven't watched that Youtuber for a long time so some of you might be subscribed and have not even received the notification.
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    Errrrr I'd say keep the feedback threads to actual forum staff work, not slack arguments <.< private slacks are kinda a private thing for a reason. Send a pm instead no need for it to be public if you weren't willing to make the entire convo public in the first place, just makes it seem like an unnecessary call out for the sake of making the other guy look like a shitbag.
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    Link to the PC: https://www.scan.co.uk/products/3xs-vengeance-aura-ti-sli-overclocked-intel-core-i7-8700k-32gb-ddr4-2x-11gb-asus-gtx-1080-ti-strix-o Anybody can join this giveaway (whitelisted people), winner will be picked on the 12th. Post below to join.
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    I would say that a concern about someone lying in a report to get people banned and telling people to not do it here is not bullshit. Keep your shit attitude to yourself and do your job, how about that. A badge means nothing if you're going to bring this attitude with it to a report.
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    @Raven06 the super soldier RP and metagaming are both significant enough to justify a full punishment. Verbal warnings should only be used in situations where the rule break had no significant impact on the quality of RP. And considering the fact that you did not role play any pain or fear, it is a huge deteriorating factor when people try to role play with you. Bad RP - 5 day ban, 10 points @Ronin47 Same goes for you, no fear or pain role played out, it completely destroys the immersion of the situation and prevents other players to continue to role play normally. Bad RP - 5 day ban, 10 points @Puncture As the rules state: 8.4 Hostages may only be killed in the following scenarios: - 8.4.3 Hostages do not value their life, for example they continuously talk back or insult you despite being told to stop. The hostage did talk back multiple times and continued to do so despite multiple warnings because he is an "old ex-military Russian" aka super soldier. FYI rule 6.2.2 applies to everyone without exceptions, regardless of your characters background. It also does not matter how long time has passed since the warnings have been issued, as long as it's still the same hostage situation the warnings given are be considered valid for its entire duration. We can't require players to have to remind someone every 5 minutes that they should stop talking shit in a situation where that persons life is at risk. The suggestion from the GM team that the hostage should have been tortured instead of killed, after he showed no fear or pain earlier on is ridiculous. The guy doesn't want to RP out pain, he keeps talking shit despite multiple warnings, what are they supposed to do? The hostage refused to properly RP during the situation, kept talking back after multiple warnings, the kill is fully and completely justified. As the old saying goes - "talk shit, get hit". Ban and points removed Overruled with help of @Ender and @Lyca