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    Operace Orel - Lore Post As the conflict in South Zagoria raged on between the various groups competing for influence, the Chernarussian Air Force continued operations in the skies above the chaos. When a local Mig-23 trainer jet crashed many of those in South Zagoria turned their attention away from struggles and ran towards the plummeting parachutes as the two Chernarussian pilots began to traverse the unfamiliar countryside towards the relative safety of the coast. A still taken by local survivors of the crash and parachuting crew Scouts of the BPR located the downed aviators nearly as soon as they hit the ground, and continued to pursue and report on their movements. Just outside of the Zelenogorsk Military Base the Syndicate wing of the Coalition reached the pilots, and began to escort them south as a firefight broke out in the town. Shots could be heard from miles around as the party raced towards the coast, albeit at a slowed pace due to an ankle injury sustained by Colonel Mladek during the landing. They stopped several times to re-assess the situation and get their bearings, occasionally splitting the group to keep the enemy at bay. The smoldering ruins of the CAF Mig-23UB on the edge of the province The battle only intensified once the Coalition reached the coast and Anarchy forces maneuvered to halt the advance of the rescue party near Kamenka. The thick fog only served to complicate the fight, which at this point spanned all the way from Pavlovo to the shores of the sea. The pilots and their few remaining friends made a rush past the gas station, taking heavy fire from the hills onto the Syndicate escorts. As the pilots ducked into a ditch under a bridge for cover, Anarchy forces managed to capture and separate Colonel Mladek from Lieutenant Novak and the others, taking him back to the gas station as the shooting continued. Lieutenant Novak saw his chance and sprinted to the checkpoint where CDF forces greeted him with orders to take cover. The government checkpoint east of Miroslavl After Colonel Mladek's wounds were tended to by Anarchy he was spirited north through the dense and rocky woodland of the provincial border's forests towards BPR territory as Russian fighter jets circled overhead, keeping an eye on the situation. CDF relief units moved Lieutenant Novak to the north in search of a better landing site for helicopter evacuation. As Colonel Mladek was handed over to the BPR and interrogated, CDF and friendly forces were heavily engaged at the Lopatino Castle, resulting in the capture of the Lieutenant. He was also handed over to the BPR shortly before the Russian militants made a hasty retreat back to the safety of their Black Mountain dens. In the end a valiant effort was made by the Coalition, the bulk of its forces having successfully transported one of the pilots to the CDF as Anarchy snatched another away in the confusion and chaos. In the end both pilots were delivered to the elite black-clad vanguard units of the Belozersk People's Republic. Despite the initial strides made by the Coalition and the resulting capture of one pilot from their hands, both Anarchy and the Coalition achieved major tactical and strategic success in the course of the afternoon. Pictured is the commander of the BPR detachment sent to retrieve the pilots. This newly-formed elite spetsnaz unit is believed to be made up of former KGB and OREL troops, and is entirely loyal to the leadership of the BPR Anarchy managed to retrieve valuable intel documents from Colonel Mladek, as well as flight orders and the absolutely critical flight IPad. This IPad is loaded with a program which handles all Chernarussian Air Force air contacts and their locations, along with navigational charts, maps, and other encrypted and stored intel that will prove invaluable to both Anarchy and the BPR in the destruction of future. An example of the IPad used by the CAF The live tracking of CAF flights will certainly allow Anarchy to target and destroy any jets that come into it's airspace, revealing a massive weakness in the mighty Chernarussian Air Force. Also of significance is the fact that the captured Colonel Mladek was a seasoned veteran of the civil war, and most importantly Squadron Commander of the 54. Vzkrizini Squadron whose Mig-23s have bombed and harassed Anarchy in the area and destroyed countless BPR advances in north Miroslavl. A pilot from the 54. Vzkrizini Squadron readies for a mission in Miroslavl His capture represents the first senior air force officer taken by the BPR, and his absence is sure to weaken the morale of his comrades unless he is returned safely. If the loss of air crews and aircraft continue the air force may be forced to deploy jets from Utes or Primorsk to Miroslavl Airbase to make up for losses on the Zagorian front, thus weakening other areas. Anarchy now has the weapons and the intelligence to do this easily. In addition to the materials gained from the pilot, Anarchy has also been granted a compound in Belozersk with an underground bunker that it can use for coordination with other Anarchist cells in the country. Shipment of more weaponry from the capital of the BPR are sure to continue, only increasing the power and reach of Novy Sobor's arsenal. However, Anarchy Warlord Luke Krey or "Louie" as he is called has suffered cardiac arrest and was taken into surgery shortly after the conclusion of the fighting. His recovery is very important for the future of the Anarchist cause in the Oblast. Elite soldiers of the CDF's 176th "Gorka" Mountain Battalion, rumored to soon be deployed to South Zagoria to aid the Coalition and replace local CDF conscripts Despite the Coalition's best efforts, they were only able to deliver one pilot to the CDF. However, they fulfilled their pledge to the State and as such the leadership of the embattled Coalition will likely sit down for high-level talks with government and SV Party officials about the prospect of a formal treaty. The 93rd Brigade of the CDF, based on Utes Island has guaranteed the shipment of a company of the highly experienced 176th "Gorka" Mountain Battalion to fight alongside the Coalition at their next engagement. The western residential section of the Miroslavl safezone on the morning of the crash This will bolster the already large numbers of the Coalition and should serve to sort out some of the chronic communication issues that plague the alliance. Government agents are likely to step up shipment of weapons caches in a bid to counter similar efforts of the BPR. The Coalition is also going to need to seek for new members for it's cause, as recent battles have eliminated large amounts of manpower. President Radek Kozlov answers questions from local Chernarussian reporters about the jet crash today following an SV Party meeting in Miroslavl, he is likely to take part in these negotiations The clear loser of this conflagration can only be the CDF. Their forces made the critical mistake of moving north for evac instead of simply remaining near the border or walking to Miroslavl on foot. This foolish move brought the lieutenant into the arms of Anarchy that quickly dispersed CDF forces and captured the last pilot. The State has nothing to show for this, and is now forced to broker a deal with the BPR for the release of the pilots. The loss of a valuable Mig-23UB can also not be understated, as only a limited number of such training aircraft are available.The forces of the BPR are the total winners in every respect. They not only now possess two important pilots but also have solidified their relationship with Anarchy and proven that they can bleed the State's armed forces dry in every corner of the infected-ridden nation. Intelligence passed from Anarchy to the BPR about the movement of aircraft will also likely result in continued losses for the CAF. The very fabric of the State will be in danger of collapse if the air force is degraded Anarchy now has a literal mountain of intel that must be processed, along with other valuable forms of information that could tip the scales in their favor for the foreseeable future. Despite this the Coalition has not given up it's fight, and stubbornly seeks to defeat Anarchy in the field or at least to undermine it. Both sides' forces are exhausted, wounded, and badly mangled by the fighting that has taken place in the past few weeks. The Coalition and it's allies are in need of a clear and decisive victory in order to remain a force within South Zagoria. The ingredients for a massive confrontation even bigger than the battle of Novy Sobor are being to materialize, and this could serve to ensure the survival of the Coalition or the complete dominance of Anarchy......
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    "Sláva Chernarus." The Special Operations Detachment "Svoboda" or more commonly known as the Svoboda Brigade, is a paramilitary popular mobilization organization formed in 2010 by the newly founded statist-nationalist Strana Vzkříšení (Resurrection Party). As the SV began to expand its power and became the dominant political party in Chernarus, it absorbed NAPA and membership among the ranks of the CDF soared. The party needed a means by which to protect its infrastructure, members, and leadership in times of warfare or civil unrest. It began to form what it called Vzkříšení Brigády or Resurrection Brigade(s). The party stockpiled weapons and other munitions within local and municipal Vzkříšení buildings that could be used to arm loyalists and civilians alike in turmoil. Eventually such a stockpiling of weapons had taken place that the party saw fit to offset the CDF and other police units by actively arming and formalizing the brigades. Most large towns across Chernarus have party buildings where the brigades store equipment and attend party meetings. Each brigade is officially commanded by the governor of their respective Oblast, with lower level party officials actively organizing and leading units. Military bases of the CDF are used for larger scale training operations and exercises. All brigade members report solely to the SV Party and have no direct organization connection to the military or to the Interior Ministry, other than the fact that they do receive weapons from the CDF. After the outbreak, it gained notoriety after allegations of torture and war crimes outside the government safezone. Svoboda Brigada is Miroslavl city’s Vzkříšení Brigade and draws members from all across Miroslavl Oblast. Credit to @Sylva and @Major for the group lore On an unusually cold spring morning in 2010, a group of civilian members of the newly formed Strana Vzkříšení began to assemble in the assembly yard of the party’s local headquarters in downtown Miroslavl, near a tributary of the Burnaya River. Václav Dubček, leader of the Miroslavl wing of the party gathered behind a podium on a stage high above the hundreds of members clad in well-pressed TTsKO uniforms and business clothes. Václav raised his hand to quiet the crowd while clutching a sheet of paper that beared the seal of the Republic. He read the text of the paper loudly: “Tímto jste nařízeni, abyste začali přijímat zaměstnance za účelem vytvoření lidové mobilizační síly, která by mohla ochránit stát v době konfliktu. podepsal, prezident republiky, Radek Kozlov. Sláva Státu!” (“You are hereby ordered to begin recruitment for the creation of a popular mobilization force that can safeguard the state in times of strife, signed, President of the Republic, Radek Kozlov. Sláva Státu!”) The courtyard roared back at him in unison: “Sláva Státu!” For Dubček and the rest of the hardline party members, this was the moment they had been waiting for. A chance to expand and solidify the power of the State and the party and to usher in an era of peace that would bring an end to the history of sectarian strife and weakness that had plagued the nation and nearly brought it to its knees during the civil war. Many of those in the courtyard had been members of the CDF or NAPA before the inception of the party, giving a great deal of members combat experience. So when the Party and the President called for volunteers, these men, in middle adulthood, idealistic, and full of bright ideas of glory and patriotism, led by Václav Dubček, Ulan Dvorak, and Alexander Kopec set into motion a chain of events that would change Chernarus forever. And so the Svoboda Brigade of the Vzkříšení Brigády was formed. Dubček’s father was a wealthy distillery owner, and agreed to to give the startup funds necessary for what would become the Svoboda Brigade, alongside official Party funds that had been allocated. Dubček’s father and his role in the Party leadership made it possible for the Svoboda Brigade to expand rapidly. Kopec, who had been discharged from the military due to a leg injury, became the military backbone of the unit, while Dvorak became its public face. With Dubček running its finances, Kopec drilling the new recruits, and Dvorak bringing in said recruits by the dozen, within a month the battalion was nearly eight hundred members. In 2015 the brigade deployed to the border amidst tensions with Russia, effectively complimenting the CDF and staffing many checkpoints and border defenses. Svoboda Brigada performed so well that the CDF gifted several BTR-70s to the brigade. The operation to secure the border put Svoboda Brigada in the local headlines and lead to a cascade of new recruits that had been galvanized with the threat of war with Russia. With grants from the Chernarussian government, the unit bought additional weapons, even going so far as to add a mechanized BTR platoon and towed anti-air artillery to its ever-growing list of equipment. The brigade became a brotherhood, a close-knit group of men (and even a few women) who would do anything for one another, and more importantly, for the cause they represented. The CDF officially incorporated Svoboda Brigada into its exercises to act as military police and logistical support. The brigades also served to keep an eye on the CDF and ensure loyalty to the State and the party. During the early days of the Outbreak, President Kozlov authorized the Vzkříšení Brigády (as an unofficial, but official government entity) to restore order in the streets and to launch raids against the infected once the crisis expanded. Many members of the party who had never joined the military wing of the party signed up for Svoboda Brigada. It was clear that this force was to be the official military arm of the Party and it’s muscle should the CDF fail. The best military units had been kept back to guard Primorsk and other critical government facilities during the advent of the Takistani incursion and the war with the Belozersk People’s Republic. In order to preserve the CDF newly assembled conscript units and Right Sektor militants were sent into the fray. However, in Miroslavl the State had to deal with increasing numbers of infected and a dwindling supply of food for winter. The Svoboda Brigade was given free reign in “pacifying” its home region, and it did so with extreme prejudice returning separated civilians to the coastal safezones.. Despite the high casualties (both friendly and noncombatant), Novigrad was impressed by the wide swath of territory it added back into the Republic’s fold, forging a barrier of land between Miroslavl city and the wild reaches of the Black Mountains to the north. But as the situation collapsed in South Zagoria, and the war with the BPR intensified, Kozlov and his generals sat down for a revamp of the current strategy. It was decided that South Zagoria needed to be quelled to secure the CDF’s flank, and in doing so open another front against the BPR. It would have the added effect of reopening a trade route into Russia and securing the vast, untapped resource reserves of the province to assist in the war effort. But with most of the CDF’s maneuver forces locked down on the BPR front, it was decided that Kozlov’s finest, his own personal Svoboda Brigada, would shoulder the task under the cover of the mighty eagles of the Chernarussian Air Force. And so, on a cold spring morning, exactly eight years after Václav Dubček, Ulan Dvorak, and Alexander Kopec and other party leaders fulfilled the call, the first units of Svoboda entered South Zagoria, and changed the game forever. IC GOALS Day 300: Establish a clear understanding of the political and military situation within the oblast and make contact with as many groups as possible. Isolate and speak with as many survivors as possible, eliminating any functionaries or scouts of the illegitimate Belozersk People’s Republic. Establish contact and cooperation with Jednotka-743 and exchange intel. Day 330: Re-establish a firm foothold in South Zagoria and bring a large settlement completely under the State’s direct control. Create a registration office to log the amount of non-Chernarussian peoples in the oblast. Day 345: Establish a local State administration to initiate the return of the area to civilization and to connect the rest of the government safezone. Establish laws and bring order back, localized in our territory, along with a meager food, welfare and healthcare system to keep the masses happy. Support the operations of fellow Chernarussians in the oblast and facilitate military operations. Day 350: Destroy or vassalize any groups pretending to be a government in opposition to us. Solidify any existing alliances and prepare for South Zagoria’s formal re-annexation. OOC GOALS Actively contribute to the lore of the server and the lore of individual characters with frequent updates to the group page and media thread, as well as becoming an official Lore faction. Enforce a strict use of in-game radios instead of teamspeak, as well as avoiding glitches within the game that make the game-play unimmersive and or easier, to fully immerse ourselves in the world we RP in. We want it to mean something when we collect food and hand it out. If a “lore character” of the faction dies in-game to any circumstance besides a glitch, they are immediately permanently killed. Furthermore, all members of the group will accept requests to permanently kill their characters. This group is heavily influenced by ZBOR and Res Publica. Combine the best of both and kill what was wrong with the former. Company Command Element These characters are the 'pk-able' characters. You won't see them often and if you do, it's for an event. Vůdce – Ludek Mikulas – @Stannis Důstojník – Otmar Čížek – @Xavier Společnost Seržante – Andrej Svárovský – @Sylva 1st Platoon - Liška Kapitán –Oskar Hosek – @Stannis Seržante – Stefan Reznicek – @Xavier Voják – Benedikt Adamek – @Tander Voják – Konstantin Demy – @Clarence Archer Voják – Dimon Andonov – @Cpt Voják – Jaroslav Simand – @Pope Voják – Marko Michovich – @Sylver 2nd Platoon - Jezevec Poručík – Stepan Cernik– @Sylva Desátník – Dimitri Reznov – @Racine Voják – Ostrovsky Sokov – @Wolfaye Voják – Artur Mistrovka – @Jinx 3rd Platoon - Sokol Poručík – @Jack Rees-Mountbatten (Character not created.) Voják – Artyom Aristov – @Wyoming(TBD) Voják – Pavel Popov – @Spanners Voják – Vlad Zykov – @Nozzy1110 Voják – (TBD) – @Gandhi State Security Attachment - Vrstva Nino Kobiashvili – @Empress Julia Karol Orlov – @Prince Borivoj Kopriva – @Major Jakub Hosek – @Greener161 Radec Sokov – @Combine Samuel Valinskov – @Centurion Application - RECRUITMENT OPEN
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    :: After setting up the radio equipment, Dominik sits down and begins to broadcast his message :: "I'd like to set a few things straight. It seems like some people aren't very aware of what they're getting into. You see, there's a lot of rumors going around about the so called Corporation fellas. And well, I thought I'd bring everyone up to speed." :: He pauses briefly before resuming :: "You may have run into these folks. Their uniforms consisted of gas masks and pink armbands with a fancy logo attached. They'll tell you they're collecting blood and tissue samples in order to research the virus. They'll try to convince you, perhaps make you believe they can make things better... That they are here to help. This is not the case." "These people are mercenaries. Hired by the Corporation to retrieve samples from us, the people still living. You see, they act fairly normal when they don't have the advantage over you. They act polite and convince you to let them take samples. But when you're alone, helpless by yourself. That's another story. You see they've taken samples from one of my people. A young woman, a nurse. She was out on her own with no way of stopping them." :: There is an audible sigh before his voice resumes speaking once more :: "You may be asking, So what? Why does this matter? They just want to do their research... Well you see, these mercs have no loyalty to one another, and only blind loyalty to their company. You see, we found their people. We wanted our girl's samples back. We wanted information. And once we had them, we called out to their comrades on their own radios, demanding them to surrender the samples. Instead, they let two of their own die then give up some measly drops of blood. What kind of person cares about some tissue samples, more than a human life? The Corporation." "You see, I interrogated one of their men. He admitted to me, that if he failed at returning these samples and if his work here in this country was continuously impeded, the Corporation itself would kill him. Do you see it now? These aren't doctors or scientists as people know them. They are not here to help you. They have files on people, listing them as subjects. We are lab rats to them. I hope you understand now, what these people are." :: There is a long pause almost if the transmission was left running :: "Hmm. I almost forgot, and this is to the so-called 'Mountain Men'. Yes yes, we know who you are. You should really know who you introduce yourselves to. Now that you've decided to align yourselves with these blood-stealing Corporate folks, I can only assume you wish to help them find people to experiment on. I'm sure the people of South Zagoria would be happy to share in this knowledge." "Well this has been your friendly Damned Public Service Announcement. I thank you for your time. And to the people of South Zagoria, be on the lookout for these fellows. One named Logan, Codename-Wolverine. He likes to dress in red with a matching beret. There's also a female named Ash. Suppose they'll have to find some new lies to tell us. Have a pleasant day." :: There transmission slowly fades out with an eerie humming of what sounds to be 'One Way or Another' ::
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    *Jaxon gets up from the chair hes sitting in and throws away the glass of whiskey against the wall, when Beth tries to come to him to calm him down he pushes her away. He grabs his radio and shouts extremely angry into his radio when he presses his PTT* ''You motherfucking bitch Angelina, good fucking job. You didnt just disapoint our dead sister, but you just also broke the heard of our 16 year old dead fucking brother Luca, i hope you know that. Because from this fucking day on. *He raises his voice even more* ''From this goddamn day on YOU arent the real Valentine, Rain is a real Valentine. Goodluck finding a new family because you just FUCKED your old one.'' ''Jaxon out'' *He throws his radio on the ground and crushes it underneath his shoe.*
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    Damn Jim made a bunch of people's day then ruined it.
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    Like most others on the community, it's the friends and general feel about the RP that makes me stick around. Some people I can name off the top of my head are @N-Tox, @Lady In Blue, @Gallo, @Refacture, @Wolfstorm, @Empress Julia, @Dvlinhb, @Anoymouse, @KSGamingTTM, @Blake Quinn, @Brett, @Canon360, @Dallas, @Fil Vandren, @jangoskull, @Jman14102, @Madkilla67, @SgtSmithy, @SnipZ, @SoalXtractor, @Wulf_jon, @Roach, and plenty of others.
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    Somebody shared this link in facebook earlier today and at first I thought it was just some artsy qutesy tumblr thing but after going through it I found it so interesting and thought provoking that i wanted to share it and hear peoples opinions.
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    Mountain Men originally came about originally in 1810 in the Rocky Mountains. They became men of the wild when they valued freedom over government interplay. They believed they should have the right to live how they wanted, own modestly, (not too much, but enough to survive) and they believed they should not be regulated by any people or government. The mountain men were mainly traders. They traded in pelts and goods, but after the outbreak pelts became almost useless. The mountain men of this era would have to trade in food, medical supplies, clothing, and lessons on how to shoot and live off the land. Mountain men’s lives were not ones that were easy. They faced many hazards. There no doctors where these men lived, so they had to set their own broken bones, tend their own wounds, and nurse themselves back to health. Among first aid, mountain men needed to know how to fish, build shelter, and hunt for food and skins. Some notable Mountain Men were that of: Jedediah Smith, Kit Carson, and Daniel Boone. Perhaps you heard of them in your history class before the outbreak. Anyhow, back to the Mountain Men of this time. The time of darkness in this world. A lot like regular forming of mountains, with extreme friction and stress, the Mountain Men formed when a group of men came together under stressful circumstances after disagreements with the so called, "societies" people like to call. Rather than live under a forced rule and law of the people they decided to live off the land, away from civilization. However, they do come out of the mountains and forests of Chenarus to trade and support those in need. They are men of generosity and kindness, but they will fight for a just cause. They will fight to protect people from their aggressors. The Mountain Men stand for so much more than just freedom. They hope to stand as a light of hope in the darkness of the world and it's ruins. To those who lost everything. To those who want to end it all by taking their own life. They hope to encourage those around them to fight for one more day, and another after that. To fight for a better world. For a future. Before the outbreak Charlie Baker, was born in Grand Island and was raised by a construction worker and his wife. As he grew up, he began to enter in marksman competitions and took up avid hunting of game. When Charlie graduated high school he decided to go on a hunting trip in Chenarus as well as see a concert. Not only was Charlie a hunter but also a gothic folk music singer and player. During his childhood he worked and worked. He was no stranger to hard work by any means. He traveled to Chenarus with his friend, Kirby Hammer, who was there for an archery competition. Charlie once graduated left his country and family to hunt and sing in a whole new land. On the 19th of July, Charlie and Kirby were in Chernogorsk when the outbreak happened. That is where his story begins. After the outbreak Our story, the Mountain Men's story, begins in Novy Sobor. Charlie Baker. A man of ambition, realized that the societies placed by the people around him fell apart almost as soon as they went up. Societies saying they were free, but in the end decided to strictly rule over their people. This was not the way. Charlie was a man of God and a man of freedom. He believed people had a say in everything, had a right to live how they wanted, had a right to defend themselves. With his friends Kirby Hammer and Matthias Reid, the group set out to find a few others to establish a small community of crafters, protectors, and traders. Not long after their idea came to action, they came across three men by the names of Glenn Wickstrom, Ted Bowman, and Gideon Novak. The trio decided they too believed in the same rights and way of life. Thus the idea of the Mountain Men started forming into something more. Finding an area in the hill country and forest of Chenarus, the band decided to make camp and start hunting. To start paving a life and establishing themselves in order to reach out to those around them. The Mountain Men began to fight the infected and clear towns in order to make way for safer travels and trade routes. Not only for themselves but for any of the survivors of the living hell that they all have to call home. This is their life now. The Mountain Men's legacy begins with the simple idea and flicker of freedom. With the hope for that flicker to billow into a brighter future. We? We are the Mountain Men. -- Glenn Wickstrom -- Ted Bowman -- Kirby Hammer -- Matthias Reid -- Gideon Novak Roster Current Members: 6 Charlie Baker-Leader/Chaplain Kirby Hammer-Clothing Crafter Matthias Reid-Farmer/Hunter Gideon Novak-Trader/Farmer Glenn Wickstrom-Trader/Spokesman(when Charlie is not at meetings) Nana Fujioka-Scout The Mountain Men is NOT a hostile group and we try our best so avoid conflict so if you have itchy trigger finger, then you are looking at wrong group. We do recruit people ooc but it is preferred that it’s done in character. All the current members have met ingame and have chosen to join this group not knowing what to expect, we want to keep it that way and we find that joining a group OCC ruins the immersion. We don't want to be a large group but small to medium is fine. Recruitment interviews will take place both OOC and IC. Please fill this form out if you are interested and send it to one of the moderators in the group: Thank you to all who read through this and took a look, I hope to see you in game!!
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    cool group guys good luck with being approved
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    - When the hostage taker pays more attention to you than your family on the radio. Time to be more edgy...
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    Server and location: Game of Thrones, Winterfell Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Last episode of season seven Your in game name: Peter Baelish Names of allies involved: Name of suspect/s: Arya Stark, Sansa Stark, Brandon Stark Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I was hanging around Winterfell just chillin with the boyos. I had a plan to turn Arya Stark and Sansa Stark against eachother, but that little bitch kid metagamed my plans with some sort of mind powers or something. My plan was working perfectly, but they took OOC into IC and used the information to accuse me of treason. During the final scene, I begged for my life and DID NOT give permission to perma, but Arya Stark did so anyway. I would also like to point out that I donated a bunch of money. Calling in @Wyoming and @Stannis for their POVs.
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    Always enjoy @Mr.Panda and @LemonRP, especially when Aleksei begins to shout at Blue and she gets a temper tantrum, that was great. @Jean and @Hardwired for the bit of Medical RP - I do miss my MedRP. Feel sorry for Iosif, even though it seems he hates her. And for Sally putting Blue in her... ahem... uniform. @TheTrueHawk, why you in the toilets a lot Mr. White? I always enjoy Blue x Mr. White's counters. They're always different! The the RP with @Lyca, @GreenySmiley, @Malet and @Malthis where cool (I forgot who Clyde is D: I think it's @Finn) But it's nice for Blue to see new faces around and create some sort of bond. Especially finding out what taxes are
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    Group is being archived, thanks to everyone for taking part and being here daily. Especially @LouieRP, @UndeadRP, @ExoticRP, @OskuRP, @Eagle, Dusty and the rest.
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    A big thank you to @UndeadRP, @LouieRP, @NateRP and all the other Anarchy-lads I forget to mention here - You guys truely know how to fuck someone up @Jean - I'm a shitty patient, I'm sorry @Niccokick - Kenneth and his fish were technically my priest. Love it @GreenySmiley & @Lyca - They might take our freedom but they will never take the hill <3 @Mademoiselle - Did you even got the cows? You were suddenly gone. Glad I gave you the teddy back before I got rekt
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    Spore looked around the room of people he was with as he listened to the radio transmission that was being broadcasted and raised an eyebrow. The man who entered the room named Tidal who was replaying the broadcast to inform them asked. "Who is this guy." One of the other members at the table named Stone answered him. "If its who we think it is it is a corrupt Russian business man we used to benefit in our dealings with before the apocalypse." Spore shifted in his seat listening. As one of their other associates said. "Is this just a bluff? What does he actually know, was he ever working with the Press do you think before any of this shit went down 10 months ago?" Stone thought for a moment and said. "It shouldn't matter regardless, this isn't the first time we've had people try to bring up accusations against the Corporation, we have means of spreading misinformation to deal with such leaks." Spore nodded at the man who had entered the room and Shadow who were standing by one of the door ways. "Send out a radio broadcast. Let the local populace know that may have received it that were in the general location that it was sent that we can help offer them food water and medical supplies." Shadow nodded and walked out of the room with the man who had first entered relaying that information to everyone named Tidal. Shadow asked Tidal do you want me to handle this? Tidal shook his head and said. "No, I'm deploying down there soon anyway, it might as well be my voice so the local populace will have a chance to recognize it." Shadow nodded and they went their separate ways. About 10 minutes later Tidal prepared what he was about to say and then held the button on the radio to begin sending out a transmission. "To anyone who may hear this message in the area, there is a humanitarian group nearby, seek us out, our Corporation wishes to give your people aid, wholesome food, safe water, and antibiotics along with other resources to help you defend yourselves. Please reach out to us so we may be able to easier find you and your communities so we may easier be able to give you aid. Please be wary though, there are many dangers, not only including the infected but also wild animals and dangerous people moving about that threaten the lives of you and your communities. Please reach out ASAP so we may help provide you future aid, and take you in under our protection."
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    +1 You guys put yourself in this situation. I think Rolle has done more than enough to balance out the rules in your groups favor. I'd recommend just coming up with a solution that doesn't limit other people's RP further. Something constructive preferably.
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    So what you are saying is that killing people has more roleplay than taking hostages?
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    *Eddie still distraught from the death of his wife reaches in his bag and grabs his radio after hearing Boris speaking, he presses the PTT button and begins to speak* "What a man you are to kill a woman and then decapitating her. You could of just shot her in the leg and immobilized her but no, you couldn't of did that, you motherfuckers are not that humane" *Eddie starts to get emotional and angry as he thinks of Alexa, he begins to speak again, this time he screams into the radio* "YOU SICK, WEAK, SAD EXCUSE OF A MAN, DON'T WORRY HER DEATH WILL BE AVENGED AND I WILL PARADE AROUND THE STREETS WITH YOUR FUCKING HEAD ON THE END OF MY SWORD, ONE ON ONE YOUR ASS WOULD HIT THE GROUND LIKE THE TIME I LAID YOUR BITCH ASS OUT IN THE OLD DAYS OF SEVEROGRAD! I WILL KILL YOU, I WILL MAKE IT NICE AND SLOW AND YOU WILL BE BEGGING ME FOR DEATH!' *Eddie lets the PTT button go and begins to try to gain his composure back, he looks off into to the sky and sheds tears, he wipes them away with a bandanna Alexa had given him and begins to speak once more* " Don't worry Boris I will be seeing your cartoon sounding ass soon!" *As Eddie was about to shut the radio off he hears others speaking and responds to them* *Eddie presses the PTT button and begins to speak* "Louie, you gotta be fucking kidding me! I brought this upon myself, I BROUGHT THIS UPON MY SELF! She had nothing to do with anything with the Coalition, I kept her in the dark about my dealings because of these things that could happen and to keep her safe! Yet your little fucking minions go out and take matters into their own hands, but don't you worry Louie when you least expect it you Lucky Charm sounding motherfucker I will take someone you hold dear to yourself and you will see the pain I am going through! *Eddie releases the PTT button just to push it again and speaks once more* "Oh and Louie I heard that you got hurt pretty bad and you are in a wheelchair, well when I see you again I will make sure that you get a matching colostomy bag and catheter bag to go with your chair! All the do-boys you have in Anarchy can take turns spoon feeding your ass too!" *Eddie continues to respond to others on his radio* *Eddie presses the PTT button and begins to speak* "SHE'S DEAD YOU SAY! YOU WILL BE DEAD AS WELL, NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO BACK TO YOUR WET-DREAMS, ASSHOLE! *Eddie continues to respond to others on his radio* *Eddie presses the PTT button and begins to speak* "Look Colt, now is not the time, I have enough to deal with at the moment. I never put a target on anyone's back, Jaxon did a great job of doing that! But like I said Colt, another time another place! *Eddie continues to respond to others on his radio* *Eddie stares blankly at the radio before pressing the PTT and speaking* "You will deal with me personally, uh, who the fuck are you? Look grown people are talking now shut the fuck up and go do your Anarchy check list you fucking puppet!" *Eddie laughs and continues to respond to others on his radio* *Eddie presses the PTT and begins to speak* "Ah Brodie, Louies shadow. We once considered you as a friend, now you can join the rest of the other fucktards we laugh about while we have our drinks." "You should know it's bad to talk about the dead but as I see it you are one foot in the grave so I will let that slide and Brodie, I will be seeing you soon!" *Eddie continues to respond to others on the radio* *Eddie presses the PTT and begins to speak* "HAVE A NICE DAY, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! THIS COMES FROM THE GUY WHO JOINED ANARCHY BECAUSE HE WAS THEIR PUPPET WITH A RED ARMBAND, I GUESS THE SAYING IS TRUE, THE WEAK ACTUALLY DO JOIN ANYONE TO PROTECT THEMSELVES! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!" *Eddie throws his radio into his bag and begins his plot for vengeance and revenge*
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    When you see Anarchy in the distance:
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    @fletcho1 fuck off you are making things weird! @Razareth need more hot foreigners to turn you into a liberal tbh @Hellspawn REEE read my text stuff @Majoo and @derNils everyone thought it, I said it. Sorry, not sorry. @VodkaWolf that poor gun of your's... seen things no gun should ever see. lol
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    *Sergei picks up his radio and depresses the PTT button before speaking a match being lit is heard* Hello Friends, Acquaintances and those who may stumble upon this radio frequency, I come to offer all of you a warning hopefully preventing you all from experiencing a situation similar to mine. I was recruited into a group called The Corporation, they offered me a job as an advisor to their public relations team, I accepted their generous terms as they sold me on their humanitarian mission to find a cure for this god awful disease that we know has taken so many of our people from this land. *Sergei pauses a moment drawing a hit from his cigarette continuing on with his radio transmission a fire crackling can be heard in the background. These people are not to be trusted ever, they are lying and backstabbing pieces of human garbage, every last one of them. After helping them for a few weeks with their public relations with the people of this land and trying to promote their image of good people. I learned that they had a dark agenda planned for these so called voluntary tests they performed on people. At first everyone was a volunteer then one night in camp I overheard the leader talking about how the corporation was to use these test results to not only cure the infection but also some other nefarious purpose that is still currently unknown whatever it is it cant be good. They also talked aobut how quotas must be filled by any means necessary these test are now being done both voluntarily and involuntarily. Upon hearing this I confronted some of the members of the corporation and was met with fierce resistance and not long after I was taken hostage and my blood and tissue samples taken against my will. While being held captive to become one of these experiments they were cooking up I was able to escape to the town of Novy where a kind man named Aleksei was willing and able to help me fight back against my former captors and regain my strength to live another day. These men earlier this week have again found me and made permanent marks to identify me in future instances. How can these sick fucks call themselves doctors and spray their shit about helping all of us defeat the infection while cutting me and many others up like pieces of swiss cheese, Again I want to clarify these men are liars and should never be trusted as you give and inch and they will take a mile. I have prepared specific demands for these fuckers to comply immediately or more of their people will die until we eradicate this plague upon our community. Cease all tests voluntary or forced upon the people of this land Hand over any and all documentation of these tests/data to Anarchy so they can be properly destroyed Immediately free any current captives or test subjects you have and allow them to return to their homes and families *Sergei again takes a pause releasing the PTT and Quickly double taps the button to continue his transmission* Finally to anyone out there wondering how to Identify and fight back against the corporations gross misuse of power I have compiled as much data as I can for you and would be happy to provide it to better prepare all of the great people of my home. I will now list the descriptions and locations, sightings and descriptions of The Corporation. Pink armbands worn on the left arm to signify their affiliation with the company Gas masks to be worn obscuring their facial features and disgusting many of their voices Locations to avoid at all costs if possible North Dubrovka they have had a camp there in the past where many experiments have happened and might continue to take place. The military checkpoint coming up from Berezino and leading to Gorka is also a place many of these scumbags like to hang out and take innocent people. I want to leave you all with a well wished final goodbye and to say please continue to fight these assholes with all you strength if they are to every gain a major foot hold in northern politics we are all more fucked then we currently are with the infected. Please consider joining your local militia to fight bac or supporting groups or factions that will stand up for all of us living here now I hear Novy is a great place to find some good guys willing to put up a fight against these bullies and I hope to see you all soon, A special thanks and possible final goodbye to a man I have much respect for Mr. Aleksei of Anarchy you have been a great friend a great advocate for helping me take back control of my life after this terrible incident I wish you the best of luck in any furture endevours and hope to dine with you soon whether that be here on Earth or in Heaven when the good fight is over. *Sergei begins to release the PTT button when a wolf howl is heard over the radio, a single gunshot is heard from a small caliber round the transmission is cut off abruptly *
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    Internet tears from unfairly treated and permabanned players.
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    Members of the community, I have been sitting here for about 15 minutes staring at a blank topic creation form, debating with myself the best way to ease people into what is going to be a long and critical post, but the more and more I thought on it I came to a realization that I cannot beat around the bush on this issue, so I'll just out and say it. The community is dying, and it's all YOUR fault. Yes you, the person sitting behind the computer reading this post. You are the reason the community is dying, and you are the only one that can stop it. I know it sounds pretty finger pointy, but the fact is that I too am part of the problem, and unless we ALL take steps to fix the community, then frankly it will not last much longer. The evidence is, quite frankly, depressing (See a post on statistics here). When I joined the community back in early 2015 there were 2 servers., A few months later there were 4, and all of them had queues to get into during prime time. During that time there was never not someone to roleplay with. You could throw a stone and hit 3 groups of five just randomly about the triangle (which back then consisted of green mountain to the south, the airfield to the north, and Novy to the east). Sense then however the numbers have dwindled due in part to several reasons such as the lack of content updates, a larger number of the community having been banned either voluntarily or otherwise, and a complete stagnation of RP. Now the first two examples I have given, there is not much YOU can do about it (except if you are Rolle/staff in which case I'll get to that later). What you can do however is attempt to fix the latter part of the three issues I have presented. Attempt to fix the stagnation of RP. Now some of the things I am about to suggest may sound easy in essence, but in practice are going to prove rather difficult. Others, however are going to irritate a lot of people and might even cause people to get at one another on finger pointing, but I'll be frank. Everyone is at fault. No finger pointing necessary. So here we go. The stagnation of roleplay is, by far, one of the largest issues that plague the community. It has been there from the start, even when 4 servers were present, however it wasn't as noticeable at the time due mostly in part to the fact that there was such a massive amount of people to interact with that even when stagnation was present it wasn't likely you had seen it all. However now that the numbers dwindle, dipping below 40 more often than not, and often enough dipping below 20 players active, it is quite obvious that it is present. The first thing that has led to stagnation is simple, everyone has continued to play the same character in either essence or in name since they started on the server. Now theoretically that is good as you can roleplay out how your character evolves over time, or you can remain in your niche even on a new character due to the fact that your new character still feels familiar. However when everyone is doing this it frankly leads to one of the most boring things you can fathom. Predictability. The more you play the same character, run with the same or similar groups, behave in the same way, the more that people will immediately know what to expect coming from your roleplay. The bandits will always be quick to anger, finding any slight against them as a means to initiate. The campfire roleplayers will always be friendly, welcoming you and aiding you however they can, the medical RPers will always do just that, provide medical RP. People talk about showing there characters evolution over time but, breaking it down, has anyone's characters' really changed? Or have you just become so caught up in what is routine that you are content. If you want to fix this, try something new. Bandits, try backing off for once, interacting with the people, sitting down at the campfires. Maybe even attempt to make a campfire RP character every now and then. Campfire RPers, try making a hostile character (shout out to @Mademoiselle here for doing just this), be aggressive, hold someone up. Everyone try playing something new, something different, and keep changing. Make it so that every time someone meets you again for the first time on a new character they don't actually know what they will get. Make them approach you apprehensively until they know just what role you are playing. Maybe one day you are running a pub, then you retire that character for a bit, and the next time people meet you, you are playing a Takistani Terrorist, then a week later you are a survivalist. I think you will find that it becomes not just more enjoyable for those that interact with you, but for yourself as well, as you get to explore things outside your comfort range. Now then, onto the next thing that leads to stagnation. Hiding or isolating yourselves over long distances. Remember how I mentioned before that when there were four full servers there was always someone to interact with? We don't have that luxury anymore. And yet we have become, over time, increasingly more separated as a community. I think it started around .55 or whatever the patch is that created the complete lack of supplies, which (in my opinion) was among the best patches, but more on that later. Now however it is hard to find people to actually interact with aside from the small groups of people that you already interact with on a daily basis. I myself tend to hang around the 'hotspots' as much as possible, but honestly that still usually only accounts for maybe a quarter of the server. The others or setting up in venues away from the hotspots which, while good roleplay of wanting to be off by yourself, is terrible for the community. Take a new player for example. They join and look for someone to interact with. They are excited to meet people and get into roleplay. So they head to the airfield and there's... nothing. They may find one random person who will then spot them, then immediately run off for fear of being robbed. Alright so then they head south to VMC and... same thing. It's just a walkind dead graveyard. Oh, but hey there's that hotspot they heard about. Let's head there. They meet people, talk to them for awhile, and then what? They either have to stay interacting with the same 5 people, or attempt to find others to no avail. Don't think this is a problem? When I was looking around for the UPS group back when I was running with the Black Fangs, I was astounded with where I found them. A group of eight or nine (comprising about a third of the server at the time) had isolated themselves to a single house near debug. Debug, let that sink in. A third of the server that people could interact with had isolated themselves so much that, frankly, no random would ever get to interact with them. Now I get it, you isolate yourselves out there for fear of bandits, or whatever, but in attempting to avoid one type of RP, you instead isolate everyone else off from yourself. Meaning that the interactions that those people are going to get are going to be increasingly boring or repetitive. They might run in to only the one bandit group on the server and assume that that is all there is to roleplay, a bunch of people going around and robbing or strong arming people. Now what do you think that person's perception of the server is going to be? Do you think that they will continue to play after X amount of time? No. They will leave, and the numbers will continue to dwindle. Now I know that this will lead people to go 'Aha, so the bandits are the problem', to which I will say... yes and no. The issue, when it comes to banditry, isn't that it exists or that there are players who enjoy robbing people and getting into firefights, it's that it is becoming predictable and rushed. And again, it's all YOUR fault. Yes, the issue of how bad hostile RP has gotten is even the fault of those that have nothing to do with bandit RP... because they will have nothing to do with bandit RP. Now I have played both sides, and I can tell you that the best bandit RP happens slowly. The escalation is slow, perhaps they are insulted by a couple things you said, but let it slide. Perhaps you are a foreigner so they are already aggravated by your presence. However usually it starts with just veiled threats. However that buildup has disappeared, and the reason it has it simple. The hostile RPers are bored. They run around the map, sometimes for hours looking for someone to present their hostile RP to, only to either have people immediately flee at there presence, suddenly find a need to log, or are simply hiding and yelling on the radio all the time. What this creates however is boredom. The longer they are running around without interaction, the more they want to get to what they consider the 'juicy' stuff, so that when they do finally find someone to interact with, the RP becomes hastened. They start to seem like all they want is the firefight, that they are looking for any reason to initiate, and it's simply because, after 2 hours of running around, that is exactly what they want. Look at the VDV, when we came down to Cherno we were able to interact with people quite often, and even though many of these players are the so called pvp scum of the server, things went surprisingly well. Do you know why? Because they were able to constantly provide their hostile RP without running about for hours on end looking for someone to interact with. The buildup to the fight with the CDF took time, the buildup to the fight with the UN also took time. And the payoff for the players was all the greater for it. They got to enjoy that buildup of growing hostilities, and then when it boiled over they got to enjoy the long overdue fight all the more. Interactions like that however cannot exist without someone to have a buildup with. Now onto the next part of stagnation, and I promise, we are almost there. This one is probably the most vitriolic for growing the RP base, and that is elitism. Many of you have been in the community for years, and have had a chance to develop your RP to where it is. Some of you are pariahs of RP, or come from other communities where you were able to grow it. You know who doesn't always have that luxury? New players. Whitenames as they are so often referred to. These are, often enough, players that are wanting to try something new. Perhaps they come off too super soldiery, perhaps there character choice is somewhat trolly, heck perhaps they are even someone more experienced trying something new. What are they met with? Shunning and reports. If people do not like the RP of a person, rather than working with that person to improve it, they are instead either ignored, or thrown into a report. Then you have the staff look at it and go 'yeah, no, not good enough. 3 day ban'. Now I want you to think on that for a moment. how many people do you think that waited 2 or 3 days to get into a community only to be banned a few days later for again a few days are going to return to your community at all. Sure you can argue that there are tools in place to help them, that there are precious guides or mentors and staff to talk them through things, but let's be honest with ourselves. The only way that people will improve is through first hand experience, and that will only happen if you let them. So don't be so quick to report them and get them banned just because there RP doesn't meet your expectations. Sure you can start the report as a means of contacting them, but try and talk it out with them, try and coach them on what they did and where they can improve. DO NOT BE AN ELITIST PRICK. So yes, stop saying that THEY are the problem, and instead focus on why YOU are. And this is especially true for staff (told you I'd get back to this later), if what I have heard is true. For those of you that haven't heard yet, there is a rumor going about that members of staff (I will not name names, but if it's true you know who you are) had fallen so far into the 'THEY' blame game at one point that they attempted to get @Rolle to ban an entire demographic of RP and all of those who prescribe to it. Thankfully, as the rumor goes, @Rolle and @JimRP denied there request. But that just goes to show that, if we continue to focus on how everyone else is the problem, that all we will do is reduce the community further. Or you know, you can also keep talking about how Beta will fix everything... just like you did with the lorewipe... and like you did with .61... and like you did with... well you get my point.
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    So uhh recent report I noticed that both parties agreed to close it. But staff now can keep it open If both sides agree the situation was bad but they both learned they can improve on it what is the point in keeping it open and banning them? It was the OPs right to report it why is it not his right to close it? This is a community end of the day we should have value for each person that plays here. It's just kinda shitty to look at yeah Ill be honest I wouldn't have done what @NateRP did sorry bro but the OP has more than enough reason to go afk and the OP was clearly new wouldn't a verbal be suitable? So I remember back in the day when both sides would agree to close a report and they would close it what has changed and why did staff still pursue this? If this is TOS thing then just yeet it.
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    Next time I get taken hostage I'm gonna hit them with the //afk 30 sec
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    S L A V A C H E R N A R U S Y O U F O R E I G N F U C K Shits looking lit, good luck!
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    @Mr. Blue @Lady In Blue @SmashingMedal @Roach @Dakotaen @Sam Fields @Kriss Blade @Levi Ackerman @Blake Quinn @Agent Banks And a fuck ton more that I'm too lazy to put down. <3 These lads along with the storylines we develop.
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    I was recently going to quit but my friends convinced me to stay. tbh fuck drama who cares its just a video game end of the day.
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    Free Undead and Louie! Their voices are not heard! Their rights revoked! What is this madness?!?
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    Make this group official, it's a fucking crime that they aren't!
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    This issue is, the people who enjoy swinging their dicks come into every thread trying to act hard. It doesn’t matter the topic, you end up getting this: “*Wipes sweat off of massive throbbing muscles. In the background you can get a woman begging the man to come back to bed for another round. The man lights a cigar And checks the bolt and his AK47. Picking up his radio, he presses the PTT and says* *laughing* fat Chance [INSERT GROUP NAME], me and my men will wipe the floor with you next time we see you at [INSERT MAP LOCATION] don’t mess with [INSERT GROUP NAME] because we are the best. *he releases PTT and begins doing 1000000 clap pushups*” Now I’m fine with making threats over the radio. If you want to make yourself look like an idiot with the text emote above, go ahead. But the people who make these threats are the same people who roll over when you find them IG. I’ve seen people make these bold threats against anarchy, saying they’ll kill us all and when we run into them IG they either throw their rifles in a bush or just comply to the arms Embargo. Also back to my main point, they do it in EVERY thread. It doesn’t matter if it’s a declaration of war or a peace treaty. You get a handful of community members who talk mad shit on the radio coms because they know the chances of it coming back to the IC is slim.
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    My character will join the fun. inb4 Major saying Nice snow in Spring or something again
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    Lol the radio chatter rules are this; 3. Keep all your messages relevant and on topic. Content that is prohibited in radio chatter (including IC): hate messages, overly hostile replies radio warriors, provoking, taunting replies that add nothing to the conversation, consist of just insults, laughter, mocking of others, memes, etc Seems like no one follows them half of the time. Might as well remove the rule.
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    Im in the car right now so Im to lazy link more threads but I would say it's way harder to find a productive radio chatter thread and much easier to find numerous completely useless ones. Whether it's replies , or posts. I can't be the only one reading half this stuff and cringing . Like has this stuff not devolved to random dick swinging again( not that it hasn't always been that) . But I mean really take half these posts and read them out loud to yourself.
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    Some sensitive support requests like permanent ban appeals, blacklists, age verification, payment issues, problems with registration, etc have been up until now solved through email, we directed users to send an email to [email protected] which created a ticket in our support system. Due to multiple issues with that email where many requests ended up in spam folder or were not delivered at all, I have changed the support system configuration. WE ARE PHASING OUT ABILITY TO SEND SUPPORT REQUESTS TO OUR CONTACT EMAIL! We will still handle them for a little while during transition period, but all new support requests for admins should use the website forms instead. You can create a new support ticket for the admin team in two ways: If you are a registered user and are logged in, in the main menu click Support -> Support requests and create a new request there. If you are NOT a registered member or cannot log in (guest, problems with registration, banned, everything else), you can click on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of our website. This link is present on every page on our website. The difference between the two is that #1 will give you ability to add a title and select category for your request so we can immediately see what it is about which can speed up ticket handling time. You also get a fully fledged editor where you can upload attachments. Method #2 is a simple text form where you cannot add title, category or upload attachments (can still link to things from external sources though). Registered members can of course use both methods, it's just that #1 option gives you "more" and can in some cases speed things up significantly. Also please remember that this support system is for things that regular staff members cannot do or answer and should normally only be used AFTER contacting one of the support staff members and being told to create a support ticket. Do not create tickets asking what the passphrase is, how does one whitelist or what is the password to the server is. These types of questions should be directed to our SUPPORT TEAM members, see a list of them here.
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    *Matthias listens very carefully...almost insulted about what he was hearing, and then hesitantly presses the PTT* "Now listen here you dumb-asses....them cooperation boys are good people, don't go burning their name! That ain't right..." *Matthias pauses for a moment* "ME and my boys spent a good portion of the afternoon, talking with these people, they are genuine, kind, and very helpful! They aren't cannibals , or anything of the sort...we helped one of theirs be put to rest..a good man, GONE! They have feelings. SO with that said, i pray anyone who runs into the cooperation, please, have open arms, take these people in and help them, and in return they will help you, please i pray..." *Matthias drops his radio into his lap, placing his face into his hands*
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    this one is for you guys great Rp I have been around this community for a longtime and I can say that your RP is 10/10 thank you for sparking my love again for rp
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    It's sad how some people behave in this community...
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    The white one is mine, he's called Milo! Brown one is my mothers, he's called Harley. Not fond of my mother's dog choice, but he's ite. (You may see Harley's butt hole.) Heres more:
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    *Jaxon sighs and chuckles, Colt chuckles next to him* ''And you are a goddamn disapointment.'' *He releases the PTT on his new radio*
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    *Boris looks at Alexas dead body* *drops the radio*