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    I know what you're thinking... Thank God. *Sigh of relief* Truth is: i have been trying for weeks to resolve issues i've had with fellow staff members, to do everything i could to do the job right, and be friends with everyone all the time. While some fellow staff members were able to talk things out with me and get things fixed, like @Harvey and @Brady, others haven't and It clearly didn't work out, and it's made evident in the way i am treated by them while they face no recourse. Instead of coming to me with concerns or listening to me when I express mine, I am sometimes ignored for days, or weeks with no answer. So he's my answer. I Quit. Not that it really matters, since i'll be replaced in days. I'm tired of being inconsequential, or just a number as i was made to feel. Sorry. @DrMax - You're truly a sweetheart. Keep on the right track and don't change a thing. @Harvey - I'll likely miss you most. I'm sad we won't get to work together. @Stagsview - I tried. I'm sorry. @GenjiRP @Zanaan @Dakotaen @Flapjack @Svenne - Good luck and remember you're a TEAM. It's not all about you doing all the work.
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    It's been over a year since I started Lo's diary, and while I haven't been playing as much she sure has been through a lot much like myself. I think I've used her as a outlet for a lot of feelings I had back when I first joined. I felt helpless a majority of the time, under a lot of pressure, scared and afraid. In a attempt to grow stronger I made Lo (and in a attempt to avoid juicing while IG as well...). I wanted to learn how to manage things on my own, see what people could teach me about surviving and how they felt seeing a weaker person that wasn't that much of a threat. Some, well most, have been helpful. Kind. Caring. Something I didn't think they'd be! Others, tougher but with golden hearts, trying to instill the same rough yet determined survival instincts into her. And those playing villains showed us (as well as myself) how the world will take every opportunity to use your own good will against you. Lo is definitely in a better place now. She's with her best friend Ella (@Spartan's char) and Liam (@DrMax's char) with Will who is around there somewhere ... I imagine, brooding in a forest or some sort. Ella and Lo also stop by Merek's house every so often to see Phe, Felicia and whomever else visits there. I find myself also in a better place, it's not perfect by any means but I'm better overall. I let people in when I hadn't after such a long time, and now for the first time in a good damn while they cared for me, and helped me when I needed it. I didn't expect things to be where they are now, but I am happy to have progressed so far. There are still some things I want to sort out (a better job for one) but for now I am thankful for those who have joined me in my personal as well as Lo's adventures. And I want to thank those who still stick around, who still let me bother them (Spartan, Lyca, Aristo, Jim!) and let me hang out or chat and don't get mad when I go absent for a while due to RL.
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    Thank you for all your help Taryn, you were one of the best mods we've ever had, I'm really grateful for all the time you spent on making this community a better place, your contribution means a lot. I'm sorry that the GM thing never happened, but I think one shouldn't think of it as something guaranteed to get. I know you were very motivated to reach it, but sometimes that just doesn't work out through no fault of your own. It's our fault, not yours. I think you should stay the way you are and be proud of what you've done and accomplished.
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    I made mash potato earlier on … yes .. not potatoes… cause it was only one potato. And even that I couldn't eat all. LOL.
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    Ah memories... Finding photos like this make me miss what this game and community once were.
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    Did u know that having sex at night without protection is 100% safe cause the sperm are asleep.
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    i disagree. There are a lot of internal staff issues that cant just be ignored when it comes to it. Staff is supposed to be a team. when someone has a issue that is unavoidable, the team should try to fix the issue. instead of being completely ignored like there was never an issue in the first place. That's a "clear cut" way to make anyone feel like they are worthless. And yes she should care, if people don't listen or talk to her about their issues. You cant grow as a person or fix any sort of issue people are having with you if they don't come to you and tell you the issues they are having with you. if they just decide to go straight to a higher up or even worse just become a petty ass hole to you because they have an issue with you that they haven't told you about than That is their fault. But making them feel worthless because of issues they have never been given the opportunity to fix is, an issue. You of all people should know how staff works, and the fundamentals of what is needed to become a team, Speedster. When those fundamentals aren't there the team mentality doesn't work.
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    I always try to see both sides of things, and although a lot of the time I never managed to (for whichever reason) understand the full picture of your staff related issues Taryn, I can truly say that, whether I agreed with you or not, I always saw you for who you were: A hard working staff member who had the purest intentions in mind, someone who tried their best whether they were right or wrong and made an effort to form intelligent opinions whenever she could. Ill miss you Taryn, we progressed as mods together, and although you didn't fully reach your potential in staff, I saw you as an equal, and still do.
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    Had a great time with all of our boys @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] Great RP with @[email protected] and anybody else who was at the North East Airfield And also, great firefight with @xdproslim11 and his RED boys Also thanks for being our hostages @JoffreyRP and the other dude.
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    Headed away for ten days! I will return soonTM. Be good. Don't be bad. Remember I love you all. Sorta. Kinda.
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    *snifs* Most of my old rp buds are gone
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    Fae + Sal pt 2 @Dakotaen "Shh, you hear that? That's the sound of forgiveness" "That's the sound of people drowning, Fae" "That is what forgiveness sounds like. Screaming and then silence"
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    I personally think you mistook a lot of things the wrong way and I sometimes found it extremely hard to work with you and in general trying to get a point across. You could've done more to resolve your issues with the other people you're talking about in this post but didn't but we all make mistakes. However. You were indeed a literal workhorse and was an extremely dedicated person. You did well and I can say that you were one of the best mods I've seen and had the pleasure to have on the team. Like any other staff member, sad to see you go and good luck on your future ventures.
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    This is me in like 9 hrs I
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    I have huge respect for anyone who's donated their time freely to try and make this community a better place. Your efforts are not in vain, I witness you.
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    Happy 3rd birthday to my dearest little feathered friend For the many years of companionship to come!
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    Hmmm I just tried the nacho fries from taco bell and tbh they're actually pretty good
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    "I deserve to treat myself to a takeaway despite me having no money because I'm extra sad today" - Me #selfcare
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    It's hard to fix issues when that person says "take it to admins" or "stop pming me" every time you try, and then when you take it to admins you don't get any PMs back after waiting days or even a full week. I tried to resolve the issues and wasn't successful. And @Roland I can't lie. Being passed over twice for GM hurt, but not once was I told why or given feedback as to what was needed to be changed. After a while I had already accepted I was never going to be promoted but never knew what the issue was. I got tired of waiting and tired of drama, snarky comments, and apparently eyeroll and mentions about how much people dislike me to other staff members. I loved staff. LOVED it. I worked my ass off because I loved it. I suppose it just didn't love me back. Also, if the admins actually care to know more about why I left, please ask me in private. I would hate to make some one look bad, especially not myself.
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    Rolling her eyes, Fae pushes the PTT button "Is there actually something you want, kid? Or are you just trying to play the big shots now that Anarchy aren't around? Trust me, you'll never be what we were. But it's cute that you're trying"
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    @Jman14102 @SofiaLR
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    I got an RP idea. I did a 90+ year old british WW2 tanker as a character, but what about a 90+ year old forcefully conscripted german soldier? hmm?
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    What a fucking night in Svetlo. First we run Sanctuary out of town and seize it then we get invaded by the Black Roses and we fight them off. I'ma give a special shout out to @JackZ for being my road dog today and getting into all kinda interactions. Big ups to @Rakesh & @steemy1000 for the last stand which brought us victory. Well fought Reds. It goes without question that @JoffreyRP crazy ass is MVP of the day. Code name streetsweeper LOL
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    A man held down the PTT, crying and sobbing, then laughing maniacally "Privyet, my tovarisch, it is me! Anton, no need in hiding myself anymore, ANTON YIROVITCH!" The Chernarussian bellowed into the radio, static buzzing over, then fading. He spoke, like a whisper, but laughing. "Liam.. Paradox.. I know you are alive, my friends.. I know you are.. but.. I can't be. They know me. They all do, and because of such, I must go." The clicking of a magnum's chamber was sound, a gun audible. Anton held the gun to his head, breathing heavily, sobbing then laughing "FUCK THIS SHIT, FUCK'S SAKE, IT'S ALL OVER, IT'S ALL FUCKING OVER!" He pulled the trigger, a loud bang sounding over the radio, the sound of a THUD as his body fell, then the radio fell silent, the PTT released.