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    We named it after your sex life. Keep the meme's outta here.
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    I think I and many others have noticed a change in attitude from Rolle and I guess now the admin team in recent months. A shift towards a less forgiving and more "my way or the highway" approach. I cite the lore wipe as marking the beginning of this change and the way groups, specifically hostile groups were threatened with removal and punish from Rolle, something that is continuing. Other important events are Dusty's perma ban and, from personal experience, my removal from staff. But I'd say one of the most drastic and uncalled for displays of admin authority was tonight with the banning of 4 individuals from a report by the same administrator who reported them. Something Rolle approved of. The exercise of Rule 4 in a way that only paints a picture of the admin team and Rolle simply not giving a fuck what anyone else thinks because they run the server and they will do as they please. The first instance of this was JimRP giving me warning points for a status I put on his profile and then denying my ban appeal himself. Now we have Aiko making a report against a group of people without video evidence, waiting for a PoV and then banning all of them minutes after it was posted. This "Deal with it" attitude in my opinion is extremely detrimental to the community. I don't play on the servers because I am not satisfied with DayZ right now, something most people agree on illustrated by the decline in players, but seeing this type of behavior dissuades me from ever playing again. I can only imagine how current players must feel knowing now that if they slip up the admins will not hesitate to permanently remove them at a moment's notice with Rolle's blessing. I can only imagine how new players might perceive the casual removal of players by administrators in a report they made. I can only imagine how the rest of staff must feel about this whole thing, especially Gamemasters who have been basically cast aside for a liberal use of Rule 4. I made a poll to gauge these opinions exactly. I didn't want to get sucked into some drama in this community again, I prefer being a lurker who beanz posts or banters in status updates. I don't like having to call out Rolle or the admin team, since the other two haven't given their opinion and because I considered Aiko one of my best mentors in staff. But I firmly believe this attitude will kill the community and there are no viable alternatives. This is the only DayZ roleplaying community that isn't a pile of shit, so let's not turn it into one.
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    For now it is time for me to say farewell, my real life is taking over fast with the army approaching my family and college need more more right now and i've got commitments in other places of the internet such as other games/communities that I feel I will have more fun with. I guess everyone gets burned out eventually and since I joined a little less than a year ago i've pretty much played non stop and that is... bad but not regrettable. I've had a lot of memories and made a lot of friends here who I can say are closer than my whole like 7 IRL friends who I definitely don't take for granted. People act like this place is going down or whatever but honestly it's really not, this place hasn't changed other than new blood in some places and less in others but for the most part this community is about 100x better than most other places and you only have to go join a discord community to get a true taste of cancer. Sure DayZRP has its issues but everywhere does and its not broken just misguided but I got some wise words from vets here a while back which I took on seriously. But imma shout out my friends/people I respect in the community in no order other than how many people I can remember at 12am; @Jadeboat What can I say a really good staff member and a really good friend (Yeah I said it) you've always put thing in perspective and been honest which is all you can look for in a person through my eyes, we talked about the randomest shit at 4am then go watch Diary of a wimpy kid like its no one business then have the courage to watch fucking Mean girls afterwards. Don't change for the world and come back to staff when you get stuff sorted because honestly you are one of the better community members to do this kind of stuff (No offence to the current GM team ya'll are great too <3) Also @Drbeans *Insert multiple out of context soundboards here* @Buddy I could go on for hours with how much i've agreed with you and the things you have done for the community. The Mentor System that you picked up may not be popular but it works and really you are doing god's work and you don't bathe in the glory, you do it through PM's create meetings and get it done no need for a thread every time you help someone. You told me a while back in my "Community" thread to just enjoy myself and make the changes myself and I really took that in and I have enjoyed myself. Thanks for that advice that set me straight for a long time along with a lot of other things. @Strawberry One of my earlier friends throughout the community, after my horrible 6 fire fights a day RP in the saviours you took me in with 2eazy into Symptom and it did develop my hostile RP even more than the family did even if it did turn out cancer in the end. You always around on snapchat or whatever to play games and we talk on the regular enough to say we do, from everything to 3am chats about motivation to like just the crazy things its been nuts and you are a really good addition to the community. Keep fighting the good fight! @Brady Hell man you told me off more than anyone when I did some dumb shit and I needed it, you gave me a good insight on the rules from a staff perspective and from a community members one, I knew you before staff and to be honest you are the same as you are now so no dumb power trips here. You are a honest friend and funny, from listening to you negotiate to a female drunk at a party to you just being a lemon iC. Like strawberry (You two are like the same but different and I met you at the same time so you too will always be like a package deal) keep fighting the good fight. @Cocomii I met you in the newcomers channel and you told me you were stuck between a bin and my first advice to you was to kill yourself, ever since bringing you to symptom you have always been chill, another person I can say anything around and you will just send it back my way with good advice or some weak roast but ya'know... I'm glad you've come back recently as I do enjoy your RP and you commitment to it is unquestionable. @Honeybee You are sexy and I love you and that's all I have to say. Stay angry to be honest.. <3 @Jasper You are gone now but I still love you and you know everything I have to say about you already. Same with @LawRP @Darion Real chill dude, it's a shame we don't talk as much as we used to but times change, i'll hit you up soon since you guys don't even go into discord anymore I swear. I hope you come back and RP again because I missed your RP and our group OOC discussions. Stay chill! @Lyca n' @Ender The mayhem twins, you two are like so cool and people really just fucking go at you for fuck all reason and its unfair but sometimes that's just the way assholes are and you gritted your teeth all the way until the sweet end. You guys deserved everything you got after leaving staff except a big fucking thank you from all the people you helped indirectly like helping solve those peoples reports/disputes. Also you are both cool to talk to and I know I can come to you two with anything. Love you both <3 @Para What can I say except you are a good guy, drive your point and keep things flowing. Some people may disagree with that but eh, at least most people think you're right or you wouldn't of been a GM. Keep up with your education man and you better be my lawyer when I do some dumb shit in the future like idk not pay my Tv license or something like that. Stay cool man. @Elmo You are my favourite irishman, you've got a good head on your shoulders and the first person who gave me my caution. Also I remember you barging in and shouting at me and @2Eazy for putting things on Shiros wall Good times <3 @Methias Helo fy nghyfeillion dydd Mawrth nesaf! @PCJames You are the gift that does not stop giving, we have similar viewpoints for tasteful conversation and good synergy with our humour. I know I can trust you with whatever and we could talk for hours about life itself and the secrets of the universe. I'm glad you got LM after trying for so long and honestly even though it may be your cup of tea all the time the team needs you still because that's what you are a team even if you don't have any powers really as to say it. I'd leave you feedback but you leave that yourself on other groups Stay loving my prince. @Clumsy Thank you for all the graphics and advice for streaming when Is started out, I really appreciated and ill have to tune into your streams more often when I have free time! Good luck with your kid I wish you the best! @BostonRP Just memes man <3 As for everyone else that I can remember coming over my journey I appreciate ya'll (If I miss you and we talk or have been friends and I didn't mention you I love you too man <3) @2Eazy @Josei @Tony @Spartan @Brayces @Eddie @Hebi Kotei @Lad @Chewy @Sexlaxarienlaxask @Enigma @Jack Bandit @Will @Taryn @WulfeGirl @Stagsview @Laski @Macbrine @KyleRP @ExoticRP @Everyone else on this damn platforum I get along with. A song for the road Hopefully this will be on my gravestone @Laski O O F
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    As not to derail @Nihoolious's thread here I've opened this thread to discuss the idea of hosting a Community Summit. The Community Summit is an idea of stealing from an old Arma 3 Milsim community I was once apart of. it consists of several members of the community who have been nominated by their peers meeting with Staff to discuss the issues currently facing the community. The Summit would be open to the public for all those interested in listening in to join, however only those community members who have been nominated and staff will have talking privileges. I'd like to use this thread to plead my case to you, the community on why this is a much needed alternative to the continues circle jerking we've seen in the past. Why a community summit? This community has major issues. Lack of quality Roleplay, Lack of staff transparency and a dozen other things that need to be solved if we want to see this community alive by summer. No matter where your opinion falls on these issues, there is one thing we can all agree on; Continuing to complain in threads isn't solving anything. We need to sit down like adults and address these issues, together as a community. However, this community and is varying opinions has grown to large for ever single person to voicing their opinion on a subject. There are just to many voices and we'd be trapping ourselves in a loop backtracking so each person can voice their personal opinion on an issue. However our division as a community is actually a blessing in disguise! We all know this community runs on cliques and friend groups. Instead of putting every single person in this community into a channel would be chaos, I say we have each of our communities cliques and friend groups nominate one of their members to be the voice of their group. Everyone can listen, but the number of people fighting for the podium would be drastically cut down to a point where we can actual host a productive discussion. A discussion where people can ask Staff point blank the questions that they want answered and where staff can explain their reasoning behind their decisions. We can give and get real time feedback without all the BeanZ and snarky remarks. How it would work Format: 1-2 hours of open discussion where Staff/Nominated Community members may discuss any issue they feel is appropriate, Speakers (Staff AND Community Members) will have 5 minutes or until they cede the floor to state their question or comment directly at another party (Example: @Rolle what is your stance on pineapple on pizza?) the other party will then have 5 minutes or until they cede the floor to respond/answer the question or comment. This will continue until all question or concerns have been raised or the meeting hits the 2 hour mark. Speakers: Each official group in the community will be allowed two speaker positions at the summit. I'm open to discuss this with everyone, I feel that this might be a productive way to solve our issues and I'm happy to get the community and staffs input.
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    Y'know, as of late I've been seeing a lot of petty and childish behaviour in this community. I really am saddened by how often the word 'community' is forgotten by some and therefore ruined for others. Community means fun, it means looking out for each other, it means including everybody in the fun, it means cooperation and good-natured behaviour. And yet, all I seem to see these days is bitterness, division, elitist exclusion, polarisation and people downright ruining the fun for others because of their behaviour. I guess, in essence, what I'm trying to say is that the community starts and ends with everybody here. Make sure you respect that responsibility.
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    Let me decide what my members on my website can or cannot post and where they can post it, thank you very much. Know your fucking place. Y'all banter brigade, gif posters, apache helicopters and jokers can get the fuck outta this thread, I will be issuing finals and permabans for people not following our core values. I'm done fucking playing with this cancer. If you don't have anything nice and on topic to say, don't post at all. Deal with it.
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    Normally I would do this on a person by person basis.. but there are far too many people to thank.. it frankly.. it would take too long to do so! I've been playing SA awhile here, not as long as some to be sure.. but a fair amount. I would like to take a moment out of my day at work and just hand down a little appreciation to the hard working volunteers that have made up the staff team over the time I've been here. When I first joined.. I believe the Admin team was Terra, Rick, Rampage, Connor and one other. The GM's during this time were great too. It was a busy time for DayzRP, a lot of players to handle.. and too many reports to count. They took a huge amount of time to keep things fair, and balanced, and most of the time. they did a great job. Thank you. Then I think the team moved onto Echo, Shark, Ellie, Kattica.. yes I am missing a bunch of folks.. but I'm doing my best here. The community was still pretty busy, and with the torches handed to these fellers, they carried on the legacy of the Terra-era team very well.. and I think most would agree .. did a pretty good job! Thank you for your time working to make this place fun! Next, I believe we saw the resurgence of an old Admin team which I did not have the pleasure of meeting too much, I think it was Ceaser, Dax, and Oliv? My memory is a tad hazy.. I'm an old man forgive me. Now this was around the March 1st dropout.. And while we did see a marked drop in the player base.. most of these folks leaving.. were salty.. angry.. non-productive community members.. who more or less did us all a favor. You are certainly not to blame for the actions of them. It was a short reign.. only a few months.. but you were productive! You did the reports well, that were around.. and more or less kept things running smoothly. You all rightfully earned your Legends tag, and while I always didn't agree with some of the things you said.. you still helped this place out a ton. So Thank you! Then came the Oliv, Jamie, Ender, Lyca, Aiko team. They took on the community in its "Dark Age" Low activity periods. They could have sit on their hands and gone ho-hum.. and let the community wither. But no! They got off their asses. and did a Lore Wipe! A huge community effecting move, that I feel honestly brought fresh life into the server, and community. It brought old members back for a time, and breathed new life into a withering game. Thank you for not giving up! Now, with our current Support,Mod,GM, and Admin team.. I can only look toward the future positives you guys will bring to the table. You have some great oldies like Oliv, Spartan, and Staggs in there.. to give context and history to new decisions.. and you have the new faces, like Eddie, and Josei to I am sure will raise through the ranks of greatness to bring the community on towards the releases of .63, and Beta. And ofc to our future admins, Hebi, Brady, Chewy, or even Strawberry.. I full heartedly await your exciting ideas to keep the community forward progressing when it is your turn to lead the team into a fun new direction! Thank you for your current. and future work in this gaming community! I know I missed a bunch of people in this post.. but I hope you know I had you in mind and spirit when I said my thank you's. Feel free to comment below about your pleasant appreciations of former, future, or current staff.. in general. Anything specific.. maybe take to it to their personal Staff Feedbacks! Thank you Staff!
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    What it boils down to is someone was upset that their Roleplay session was 'interrupted' by someone else. Rather than allow the report to process normally, the OP banned all four accused, some of which had no warning history whatsoever. It is corrupt, it is bullshit, and no it shouldn't be allowed despite what community leader permits it and which doesn't. All staff should abide by a set of guidelines. Otherwise, it's a chaotic mess of people doing what they want. Rule 4 should be used to protect the community from those who wish to harm it, not as a card you can pull to ban whoever you want.
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    Yeah, pretty much every crazy hostile, and bandit thing mentioned here that you have suggested would be fun; is a one way straight down ticket to permaban hell at the moment. I might suggest hiding in the corners of the map, talking shit about people who are not you, and PMing the admins about those you don' like. Self campfire rp seems to be the new hostile rp format. Good luck!
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    Saw a similar meme about another game not yet released and couldn't resist!
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    "Back in my days" as an Admin I hat to rule4 from time to time WITHOUT discussing it, simply because of the fact that no one was around and this does not mean that the other admins did not discuss my decision afterwards, reversed it or agreed. I did this because I felt the community will get harmed or has been harmed. That's how rule4 can be used by Admins - like Rolle already explained. If it was a good move from Aiko to use rule4 in her own report is another question. Was she allowed, aside the normal protocol to use rule4 (in her own report)? - Yes. Was it a good decision? - In my opinion No. = these are two different topics.
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    *Tracy would pick up the PTT* "Good riddance you stuck up prick! Remember when you called me "Manly"?!?! WELL GUESS WHAT?! I SABOTAGED THE RESCUE TRUCK!!! AINT NO ONE COMING TO SAVE YOUR HOMOPHOBIC ASS NOW!!" *Tracy would erupt into a raor of cackling, as she imagines Louie getting gutted by soldiers*
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    Aiko should not have solved her own report. Once there is a report, there is a procedure to follow. It goes against the whole system. I don't think there was a need for a report. If an Admin witnesses a rule being broken they have the power to act. Rule 4 isn't anything new. For anyone saying that people are banned without a chance to defend themselves, they still get to defend themselves. _____________ Remember that time you told me someone raped you IG and I banned him immediately? That wasn't protocol. Admins make the protocol. Absolute power corrupts absolutely #DealWithIt
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    Ease up there, people are upset and have the right to voice their opinions. Knock off the hardbody attitude, mkay?
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    A few months ago, I received 5 points for flaming when I told my friend @Mexi to fuck off. I will provide a link to the warning message below: I was pretty salty, and it ended in my appeal receiving a bias answer as you can see in my appeal, but whatever. I would like to know why I was forced to be made an example of but other people seem to get away with the same attitude? I would like to know whether this is because the staff team despise myself and people whom are connected with me, or it's purely inconsistency because it's one of the two. Speaking to @Sleepyhead, they aren't even friends and he only receives a thread warning, when I was slapped in the ass with 5. An answer to this would be spectacular, thank you. @Rolle
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    I guess I can reveal my identity for you all =)
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    This thread is turning into a complete joke would someone please just lock it for an hour? Honorable intentions from OP were made, good discussions were had, however it is now nothing but repetitive statements, frustrated staff AND members and a bunch of low key jabbing. Nothing will change from it until appeals are made and other admins finish reviewing. Can we please move on until then?
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    Refrain from turning a serious discussion into whatever this is. Stay on-topic.
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    It is a response to the behavior and abuse we are exposed to from some of the community members. People constantly break rules, prioritize PvP above RP, abuse rule loop holes, behave badly, start drama, flame each other, start rumors. It's a constant work and uphill battle for staff to make this community a nice place to be and there's only that much we can take before we lose patience, stop being nice with 3 point warnings and cautions. We tried to be lenient, we introduced 0 point cautions and verbal warnings in threads, a lot of people who would have been permabanned just a year or two ago have been put on final warnings instead. But when a time comes when people push things too far we snap and we will not let things slide anymore. I guess more people are feeling this way, seeing Aikos decision to use rule 4 today. That's the reason I am in the "I am the law", "this is my house", "deal with it" attitude. Remember that administrators are leaders of this community, they set rules that you must follow, they allow you to play here in the first place by accepting your whitelist, they are the law. They have rule 4 to their disposal to remove anyone, at any time, for any reason they see fit should they see the behavior harmful to the community and no staff procedure, sticky thread, rule on the rule page or popular opinion can stop them. The only thing that can is majority vote from the rest of the admin team (the only democracy in this community) or my personal veto. Rule 4 has always allowed administrators to remove people from the community and bypass any and all restrictions. Yes, all admins follow the procedure to not get involved in own groups reports or appeals to prevent conflict of interest. However use of rule 4 is a special circumstance that does not require following that procedure. So you are severely misinformed saying that "back in X an admin would get in trouble", when rule 4 goes into effect everything else is disregarded. That's the whole point with rule 4 - to bypass unnecessary bureaucracy and allow a few trusted people to remove troublemakers from the community swiftly and efficiently. So no, what Aiko did is fully acceptable and in line with rule 4 use, she is an administrator and she has full, unquestionable authority to use rule 4 the way she did. And she came to me ask for my opinion about it and get my approval and I told her to go ahead with rule 4 if she believed it was justified, since she knows best what happened and I trust her judgement. So no, she didn't really do it on her own without asking anyone first. Now, whether in this case rule 4 had to result in an instant permanent ban, that is an entire different question, which will undoubtedly be discussed in the admin team in the very near future.
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    *a yung Niall would speak into his handheld* I mean literally pissing on women really shows what kind of lads you lot are. Bunch of edgy teens rebelling against anything you possibly can since your parents aren't here to baby sit your asses. The kingdom is quite fine if I do say so myself and never claimed itself to be government * he would pause for a moment looking across at his nice quaint town* We even have more and more people flocking to the city on the daily So what will it be fellas, keep torturing a poor defenseless girl till she says what you force her to say or wake up and smell the roses? *END PTT*
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    @Rolle so have these changes been made yet? Because in this appeal, you read out the current rule set regarding dynamic groups. I was under the impression that these changes were already implemented. I just want to make sure my friends and I are following the rules correctly. I’ve already made it extremely clear that I am absolutely against the removal of dynamic groups. The community has also done this, including much of the staff team if I’m not mistaken. So, if a majority of the staff team and community is against a change being implemented, why continue with the change? Especially when you’re not even active in game, so how would you have any idea what the state of the server is like? How would you have any idea what changes are needed and which aren’t? If you’re making these changes based off of complaints you received from a very small amount of people, then you’re only getting one side of the story, are immediately taking the side of the minority and are implementing changes that only a very small portion of the community actually wants. This is only going to piss off more and more community members. Not to mention the fact that removal of dynamic groups only serves to hurt casual players as well as kill immersion. Without casual players, the server will die. There must be a good mix of active and casual players in order to keep things a bit more fresh and to keep the server populated. The staff team was extremely opposed to this change when you wanted to implement it for the lorewipe, so I’m really confused to see it being pushed forth when the community and staff team have made it clear that they oppose it.
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    Yes, hello. I'm a proud parent who wants to share the wonders of my child with other proud parents so we can all d'aww over adorable babies and stuff. Please dont post anything of children in bathtubs or with too much skin showing, or anything questionable. You never know who's looking... So here's this thread. Show off your kids and talk about their achievements and stuff. Here's mine. This is Dahlia. She's 7. I love her. @Keira and @Species I have made us a home.
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    At the request of my fellow gym bro @Brady Here am I one year ago: Me today: Still nowhere near my goals. My next set of pics will be around when I reach them
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    Now I know DayZ Standalone is far from a perfect game, but going through YouTube I stumbled upon this. It really got my attention and maybe when BETA hits in the year 3000 we could strive to add it through mods. I'd love to hear what you guys think. As Roleplayers I feel like this could be a natural addition to bring across the intentions of our characters without emoting. I also can already foresee the issue with people playing multiple characters as it would impact your characters and require a bit more effort between changes. However seeing as this would never be implemented by the Developers it does open the floor for discussion of what could be the perfect system for a roleplaying community. Also be sure to check out Uncuepagamer which inspired me to share this with you all: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDvmx0imVtZGFw3Lvbso5qw
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    Pouring sweat, David wipes his forehead across with his palm whilst holding his hat and sets his rifle between the wall corner and doorframe. Sliding the radio off his tactical belt, David switches to a public frequency and places his face into his palms. Pressing the PTT down, David speaks with a serious tone, one different than what anyone has heard before. "This is a message to the Black Rose boys. Today, I heard some rumors poking around town that the Black Rose boys were talking shit about the Anarchists and looking for a fight. Well, we've earned quite the reputation around here if I do say so myself, so with that being said, we came to town to get shit done... and boy, did we do it. Listen, boys, walk away with all those dead numbers on your hands and just end this shit already. Come on, you suffered a heavy loss and that should be enough to do what's right by swallowing your pride and surrendering. I don't wanna see you guys in Severograd again, that shit belongs to us. If anyone sees you, they know to report straight to our radio frequency and let us know. No more. By the way, one of your boys, Erin Wellington, denounced his loyalty to you guys in exchange for his life. Might wanna get actually loyal people to join your cause, seems like he just kinda backed down when there was a gun in his face, but what do I know?" David lets go of the PTT and sighs heavily, wiping the sweat away from himself and looks to his rifle across the doorway. Smiling, David brings the PTT to his face for the last time and presses it. "If you know what's good for you, you'll listen to good ol' David. This is him, signing off." David lets go of the PTT, slides the chair out from under him, gets up, and walks back outside, basking in the cold air brushing against his face.
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    Whatever way the wind blows, I've loved my time in this community and made friends to last a lifetime. Love you guys. Its been real.
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    Honestly, I feel like I need to get it out of my system. I try to avoid my mum seeing me get any sort of negative emotion from me. I've been suffering with depression since I was 12 and it's only gotten worse. I cry by myself, I start gasping for air and it evolves into high blown panic attacks and I hide it so my mum doesn't suffer. I lost my dad in october. Before I lost him, I went to the doctors. It took me so many years to even try and book an appointment because my motivation was nothing, I booked so I could get help for myself. And you know what he said? "Go online and talk to these people..." I mean, I took so much strength to even go and see a doctor to tell me that shit? And what makes it better was, I was promised a psychologist by nurses who wanted to help our family whilst we looked after my dying father. 6 months later I get a phone call, "Do you still want to see a psychologist?" Obviously. I still have nothing back, it's been nearly a year. I have friends who care about me and I made and still make mistakes that I need to learn from. But when you try and seek professional help, no one cares. And it leaves you to deal with it all on your own. Sometimes I just get thoughts of it being easier not being here, it'll make the pain go away. But I know I can't because my mum needs me here so she can carry on. And I care about her. But when you try your damned hardest without sleep medication, antidepressants or even someone to fucking talk to that can make your life easier, you begin to feel like it's time to quit. It's not nice having to force a smile on your face or pretend you're always happy and jolly when you feel like every little thing is against you. I make myself act like a twat for other peoples shits and giggles so they don't go through the same pain. It's just, when will it all end? I fucking hate knowing I'm just another person to give money to the government, get fucked over by them and have no help. All the while they're rolling in the fucking money living like pigs in shit. What makes it worse is, I'm absolutely terrified of putting depression in a job application because they'll use it against me.... I can't win. All I can say is, hug your mother and father. You only have one of them by blood whether you hate them or not.... I promise you.... You will miss them life half of the world doesn't exist...
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    I'll take the points, Never will I have to deal with being flame baited by him again. I guess telling me to Jog on aint Flame Bait eh? Jog on staff team. its not a flame in your eyes.
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    *He would hold down the PTT button and speak into his radio* Yes beating up and pissing on 18 year olds is a cause you believe in Anyhow pretending you aren't literal manchildren panhandling your shitty anarchy blah socialism blah blah agenda around I have been in Severo this entire time guess you need to open them eyes Just seems all you lads good for is little girls Wish Chris Hansen was still around to stop this shit *END PTT*
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    Great medical RP from @RogueSolace and great peeping tom RP from @TiviylScratch. and as always great RP from the boys @Cosmo , @Petrovsky , @mark3390. and @Ender great seeing you in person. and everyone else I didn't get your names but you all were great.
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    I've had a large amount of fun with both sides of my roleplaying characters. First off let's mention @KricketRP @KyleRP @OskuRP @DustyRP @Kouketsu @Sophie and the others have given me some great roleplay. I enjoyed being apart of what other people hate, I'm not going to lie. It was great in my aspect (apart from that firefight). as my other character I see through their eyes so to say. As Faith, I've enjoyed @Dino @Malet and the others. Seems like things are getting intense!
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    Honestly, after seeing that report and the way it was handled, it makes me loose a lot of hope for the community...
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    Actually you just projected your own biases by making this reply. The only person I told I was making this thread was Shroud who already agreed with what I was saying in ts. But if you want to dismiss a differing opinion by saying a poll is fake go ahead. You actually are the dayz rp equivalent of people who think Russia hacked the American election to determine the outcome.
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    Daughter turns one in less than 4 hours
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    The Coalition of United People Is now going fucken' strong! We got a shit load of people joining in now (From about 25-30 people in it now). Can't wait to do a lot of RP with people with @XxGrAipYyxX (Irish or Cullen) and all the groups joining the Coalition A little snipbit of @Cal and @kimmylou with Ulman
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    "14 eyes.... 14 ears..." One of my best roleplaying moments ever was spent today with yall. thank you. I'll have to look into Wes Carter (spelling). He sounds scary. I'm humbled
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    @Laski @Jadeboat @Spartan @Para
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    Last night in Boston.. tomorrow is going to fucking suck.
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    Hello friends, It is I, the comedic genius Elmo, coming at you with some feedback. It is quite lengthy, so I have put it in a spoiler for your viewing pleasure. Thank you for taking the time to read this feedback. Kind regards, Elmo
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    Thanks for this guide, it will be helpful when navigating to your profile.
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