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    Our active playerbase continues to grow for some unexplainable reason, and we are reaching new records in queue length to the server during peak times. I opened server 2 yesterday to temporarily help this issue, however as we all know it comes with a long list of problems on its own, including using the second server for looting, loot storage and ghosting into bases. At the same time we cannot expect to grow as a community and server if we cannot add additional servers and have enough slots for everyone. I have coded a little addition to the server player check today. What it does is it locks the second server until server 1 is 80% full. This happens automatically and without requiring staff to start/stop servers or do anything in particular. This way both S1 and S2 can stay permanently online, but S2 will only be usable once S1 fills up. Once S1 dips below the player threshold, an announcement will be sent to players on S2 and they will be kicked some time after in order to move to S1. The locked/unlocked status of the servers is displayed on the front page using a lock icon. This status is updated every 5 minutes.
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    Lmao Dusty got the YEEET cus the staff doesn't like him
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    Question you’d like to ask: Why was the whitelist dumbed down so much? And do you think that the whitelist being as unbelievably easy as it is now has anything to do with some of the less than stellar RP showcased in recent reports?
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    Oh MY oh my. I have no idea as to why this was marked as a false report. Or NVFL As an ex gamemaster myself but then again maybe times have changed and I'm just stupid. But never have I EVER considered a single punch to a man's face to be met with being sprayed down, NVFL. Guys in staff, I implore that you take a second look at this report carefully. I've never seen such an outcome for a situation like this before.
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    you can whip me if I misbehave
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    From the album: Lindse's stuff!

    Made using Wallpaper engine Here's the full 1440p version in all its glory https://gfycat.com/GoodEagerDaddylonglegs
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    You're right he did not bring a knife. He brought role play to a gun fight. __________________________________________________________________________ I am not a fan of the situation shown in the report, nor about the fact that the verdict basically states kill rights > role play. Dusty counted on the wrong people and noticed too late that he fell for the story he was given to by scars allies. He looks around and values his life by trying to get away in the darkness. Here the back and forth starts and ... I don't mean to insult anyone here really ... I think that it was pretty sad. You see big dicking by the individuals involved and both sides don't initiate. As a GM I would've asked myself: Why wasn't there an initiation being dropped to lead the way to a hostage situation? Any interpretation would end up sounding like an accusation, so I leave it for you to think about it yourself. Dusty tried to leave which shows value for his life. He did not spray his gun into the group of individuals "trying to take some people down with him, accepting his characters death". The punch in the end was a risky decision. It is a hostile act. Not a life threat but a hostile act , just like stealing someones belongings for example. But what I find annoying in this whole situation is ... there is two experienced members who should have been focused on furthering the role play ... but the discussion is all about nvfl, rule playing, kill rights, attacker rights , defender rights, bla bla bla. I get tired of it, sorry. Stop being picky about the "but in real life someone with a gun...reeeee!". Think twice about the role play impulse given to you. Yes, Dusty could have chosen to do something else. Maybe even emote "*pushes him back*" or whatsoever. If you have back up right behind you, you can take a single punch even if you get knocked out. Further the role play instead of insisting on your damn kill rights. This is not how hostile role play works. At all. The situation abruptly ended, because "kill rights" and the person making the first hostile move/ the punch was irritated by it and used his right to call in staff as a neutral third party. Learn how to role play with each other in such situations, then you don't need staff to get involved. my two cents.
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    I have not long returned myself and honestly this is just the latest in my trip into the twilight zone. Honestly, I don't recognise the place. Not a friend of Dusty and I will openly admit I've disagreed with a lot of his RP in the past as I usually do when I see someone prioritising PVP over RP. But this isn't 2017, he has indeed been prioritising RP and he absolutely did not deserve that. It's just the latest in a long line of confusing bullshit that's hurting this community. When you have this many ex staff members and known RP'ers showing complete lack of faith in the staff, then that's a -BAD THING- The community isn't ignorant and it's not blind. The impression we're getting is that this is now a RP-PVP community, where what was once considered taboo is now believed to be protected by staff. It has always had these elements to it, but not to this severity. Late last year a lot of great RP'ers started to recognise this change and they left. Straight up packed their shit and went looking for greener pastures where they wouldn't be subjected to it, because quite bluntly they didn't feel protected from bullshit. I was one of them... but I came back, feeling nostalgic, I left a lot of friends behind and missed RP'ing with them and.... then I see what the place has become. I go in game and I am almost guaranteed to hear 'niggahgayfagniggah' like I am in a highschool detention room. The sheer amount of cringe is like an advertisement for Durex. I get the whole anti censorship thing and to a degree support it, but some people really took that to embarrassing levels. What I've learned is that everything and everyone is gay now if you disagree with it/them. 'Fag' is the worst thing you could be and 'niggah' is a term of praise that young white males tend to call each other. I am all for free speech, but this shit is embarrassingly cringe... but the thing is it's socially accepted, it's the precedent and it paints a clear picture of the communities standards now. Other such fine observations include a massive thread on the fundamentals of RapeRP, PvP being glorified as a precedent, folk terrified to speak their minds...I mean I don't give a damn at this point so I'll just speak for them and say that literally anyone with RP at the end of their name is now considered the worst this community has to offer in terms of quality, understanding of universal RP standards, memeRP and of course staff abuse/corruption/game mechanic rule violations. It's the butt of literally every joke... This outlook has existed long before I said it, this is just what I've picked up and from a lot of what I've seen lately and after watching it fill report after report, abuse accusation after abuse accusation and straight up bias...I completely agree. I'd be embarrassed to even brand myself with that tag... because even if that ain't personally me, that is now what it symbolises... But folk are afraid to speak the truth. Oh they'll happily speak it among themselves, but they won't speak it here... I wonder why? Nah... Dusty's latest perm is just another layer of icing on this massive fail-cake.
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    Maybe things have changed but this seems harsh to be classified as a "false report". In the past if the OP was in the wrong staff would give very obvious opinions on the case and then ask "how do you wish to proceed?". Generally the op would see the error of their ways and agree to close the report. Or if they continued to persue it, they could be hit with a false report. Like I said maybe things are different now, but if they are, mayhaps the above should be considered again, as situations can get messy and people aren't always going to be in the right when they create a report. Maybe this case is different because of the NFVL points but the false report to me seems like it came out of no where.
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    67th "Lopotev" Sotnya “One man with a gun can control hundred without one.” ~ V. I. Lenin The Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star (ChDKZ) is a political movement that existed in Chernarus prior to the Zombie outbreak, it was also the main belligerent group during the Civil war in Chernarus. Their Communist ideology is linked to the nostalgia of Chernarus's former state of being apart of the Soviet Union (USSR). This group is a bunch of remnants of different platoons within ChDKZ that linked up in the black mountains after the civil war and after the outbreak, essentially a bunch of guerrilla freedom fighters that believe in communism and that want to take back the province and turn it into a state apart of the (USSR). OOC GOALS: Provide a guerilla style roleplay, with a high standard on hostile roleplay. Provide a more realistic type of roleplay, and of course a very lore-accurate type of roleplay (Try to) raise the bar for Hostile RP by having actual reasoning behind hostile actions Come up with unique RP ideas to keep the server and the group interesting Have fun together IC GOALS: Eradicate all NAPA and CDF presence in the region (infinite) Survive at all cost (infinite) Fight for the South Zagorian Independence (infinite) Convert settlements into communist safehavens 0/5 (day 700) Rebuild Chernarus into a soviet state (day 780) Spread communism to 0/25 people (day 715) Recruit like minded communist and chernarussians to fight for our cause (0/5) (day 690) Demilitarize the region (confiscate all military grade weapons from the civilians around the province) (infinite) Civil War Remnants of the 67th 'Lopotev' Platoon Dimitri Konashenkov Mikhail Zakharov Andrei Balenski Aleksandr Korotkevich Timur Priyodok Vilem Cerny Viktor Petrov Oleg Kazimir Gvido Nazarov Vrach Sikorski Assets Ryan Shepherd Callum Burke Recruitment is currently OPEN, (keep in mind you character must be suited for the group and fit the context) Send a PM to @OxeN using the format below;
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    Before we begin, let it be known I an a friend of Dusty's, so there is a hint of bias coming from me, and what I mention following this disclaimer is my opinion. I'm going to be dissecting the verdict handed down in this report. NVFL: @YNW Dusty, you punched an individual having clear hostile intentions against you while said individual was carrying an assault-rifle in his hands. This unrealistic behaviour shows that you cared very little for your character well-being. 3.2 Your character must behave realistically and appropriately to the different situations you participate in, keeping the current world situation and context of post-apocalyptic world in mind. Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters life and survival. For example, attempting to kill people when heavily outnumbered, excessively talking back or insulting someone when taken hostage, or knowingly running into an area of active hostile engagement when not involved in the fight. Characters found guilty of breaking this rule will be permanently marked as dead. What...? So, in a server where we prioritize RolePlay over RulePlay and PvP, punching someone is considered NVFL? So, why according to this verdict found here, that isn't the case. There is literally zero difference from what I am reading in the situation. The guy, who had a gun, was punched and when the guy punching the person was shot, it became Attempted RDM because punching is literally stated in the link," First of all lets address the punch. This is something that falls completely within RP, you two had an aggressive conversation which led to -Snip- punching you once." Why is this situation not NVFL, but Dusty's is? What has changed? I don't see any justification for this. @Roland literally states that we prioritize RolePlay over PvP, so what the fuck should've Dusty done? Walk away and have Scar follow him until he is initiated on? I guess HostileRP can only be done by initiations these days instead of shit talking in person and fighting via fists. I'll remember that next time someone threatens me verbally or something in RP so I can just green light and gas them. Good to know. False Report: @YNW Dusty, you will be found guilty of filing a false report. You punched a man with an assault-rifle in his hands and allies in direct vicinity. While you might have been surprised that you got killed, the fact remains that you put a report up despite being the first person in the situation to start hostilities. The reasoning for False Report is lackluster entirely. False Reports are verdicts given out to people who do not know the rules, or throw up a report with malicious intent (eg. no obvious rule break, yet they want to try and get someone banned- like what a certain G person did to @Nihoolious in December, which in turn got he/she banned. From reading the report, there was no malicious intent behind it. Every community member has a right to put up a report if they believe a rule was broken. Dusty was fucking shot for trying to RP and punching Scar instead of escalating immediately to PvP or just bullshit shit-talking, which again is not against the rules. So, out of curiosity, are we allowed to put up reports against anyone, as long as it isn't any RP boys anymore? I promise you if the situation was reversed, the outcome would've been entirely different. I get that Dusty left a really bad taste in people's mouths when he was initially banned, but this is grasping at straws and throwing them at the wall hoping something sticks. It is very disappointing to see how verdicts have steadily declined since the beginning of this year. Hell, @Jasper was even wrongfully permabanned in a report he put up and it took almost two weeks for the error to be corrected. It is very disappointing to see how the rules are interpreted and how different verdicts can be with a new staff generation getting involved. I urge every GM+ to PM @Terra, @Ron, @Stagsview and all older and more experienced Ex-Staff for their input and guidance because we need it right about now. It takes 6+ days to verdict reports where people have stopped commenting on to be verdicted, we as a community and as a Staff team can and should do better. This isn't a flame thread or post, but I'm sorry. These verdicts lately, even accusing and involving people I don't know are just whack.
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    What I've learned from this report: - If someone punches me, I'll just gun him down immediately - I will also report him for NVFL and get his character PKed. Sounds bout right.
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    Apparently, I must of not been a qualified astronaut, my rocketship left without me... Ohwell, I guess the Chernarus Space Program wasn't for me! I say this, as I know the server is full with 100 players, and I am about to jump into a car.
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    Thanks for this man, will take this into account and hopefully it will make me a better role player.
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    *Kevin The Builder Nivek will remember this*
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    Hello Survivor! I've already seen a lot of groups and group ideas on the Server, experienced different kind of RP in the community and took place in lots of their scenarios. And while I did that i was again and again thinking about my own ideas for a group. What could be creative enough to entertain the players in and around the group and provide a healthy amount of RP? Well the answer to that question is already in my head. The idea for my own group is nearly completed. The only thing that I am really missing is the people who will form the group with me together. So this thread is about giving a short taste about what the group would be about and then see who can identify himself with the whole thing. Lets start with the basics. The mentality of the group will be hostile, chaotic hostile. But don't expect PvP. Because this is not what I want to aim for. What I really expect of the outcomes are interesting conflicts that every character will remember. No instant initiations, no boring robberies. It is more like forming a scenario from a movie where people we interact with will notice the difference between every single character of us. No Military stuff. The Group will be formed out of civilians.. with shotguns, pistols and other weapons in the game that most people forget that they are existing, No Platecarriers nessecarily to push for best outcomes in a firefight. It is not needed because we would do whatever we can to avoid a fight. We want to live. We want to choose our opponent smart. The following things are details that will give the whole Group idea a face so you can imagine how the Group will work. The group basically want to survive like everyone else in an apocalypse. And everyone has his own way to keep themselves alive. My Group will technically live from the fear of others. Yes, my idea is spooking the hell out of other Players so they will think twice if they want to mess around with us. And as soon as they fear you they will do everything to be safe from you. So they will give you food and you give them the promise to leave. Or they are stupid and refuse to follow your demands. then you give an example of what consequences will follow if someone tries to be fearless. The next time - I promise - they will welcome you with 3 cans of delicious beans because losing another finger might be worse than losing food or something else. You probably still think this is a typical hostile Group with no Specials, but here is the important thing: The Group will be two faced. As long as it is bright and shiny in chernarus every group member won't be that different to a normal civilian. Maybe a bit strange but definetly not dangerous. But when the sunlight leaves and the night arives everyone of the group will come together for a hunting season in the cover of darkness. Equiped with torches, flashlights and other light sources we haunt the unexpecting survivors for informations, resources or maybe for vengeance or a clear statement. another important factor is the way we will protect ourselfs. Our identity will be what is gonna be our Shield. Nobody will ever find out a name of anyone of us. And to make this a sure thing we will cover our faces when we go for a hunt - with masks of any kind to increase the spooky factor hehe. I am also a fan of staged RP Scenarios to serve unexpected situations for more interesting RP experiences and to avoid Rule conflicts. But I prefer not to tell examples of my ideas here I think this is enough Information to give a first impression about my idea. Are you interested to go a brand new way of RP with me? Then feel free to send me a PM for more informations and questions! - Sorry for mistakes. My english isn't always on Point -
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    I finally closed this. Dolores has had a wild ride, but I don't ever see myself bringing her back to play again. She's sort of lived her journey through, and the people she's met and experiences she had can't ever be recreated or rekindled, and to be honest they should stay that way. Memories of the past to be revisited fondly. To all the people who RP'd with me, this was my first RP char, my first attempt at RP and creative writing and my first dedicated effort to work on something as detailed as making a believable human character. I hope everyone who I had a chance to meet enjoyed meeting me as much as I enjoyed meeting you. Special thanks to; @Aristocrat @Monday @Spartan @Elmo @Lyca @Tony @Sylvester Todd @RogueSolace @Harvey @Dino @Malet @GreenySmiley @cheeks @Lemons @Mademoiselle @Oisin @Buddy @JimRP and others! You all had some impact on Lo, molded her and shaped her outcome. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you did more for me than just engaging in RP and helped Lo progress. You brought me many moments of happiness, in my darkest of times. I laughed the hardest around you, cried because of our characters, and felt inspired to grow and change! Here's to more RP adventures, new characters, new friends and new enemies. Thank you!
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    Heads up, this shit got corrupted and will give you a seizure so be warned. I fixed the problem yesterday but these clips are from beforehand. @Oiram ????
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    "Pixies - Where is my mind?" "The tales of Fifty Two, the backstory and information. A separate thread is being made for a continuous write-up of the group." Group Overview The Fifty Two is made up from a bunch of nobodies, and that's how it's meant to be. The group doesn't aim to become a famous nor infamous faction known by either banditry or heroism, whose name is passed throughout Chernarus. Fifty Two are simply just irrelevant survivors, but the fact they acknowledge it and strive to be themselves and nothing different is what makes the group work. Hopefully, in the future, those who are aware of our group can look at us as real down-to-earth personal individuals, each with our own behaviour, skills and interests working together as Fifty Two. We aim to provide thorough, enjoyable encounters with those we meet in-game, and develop our own group lore and stories as time passes. Fifty Two takes a neutral standing to politics in Chernarus. As well as developing each other's characters, the group also provides support outside of the game for its members and other community members to ensure everyone is ok in real life. - Formation The aces of Fifty Two first met after an incident Clancy experienced in Gorka (Горка) where he was held up by a masked man. The man was soon shot by Clancy, and he remained in the Police Station whilst surrounded by infected. Figuring it was his only way out, he began unloading slug rounds on the sea of infected surrounding the door. These gunshots intrigued a recent passer-by, a man by the name Kaine Wilson. With the new-found help of Kaine, the two cleared a safe exit out of the station and engaged in conversation about the whole ordeal. Sharing mutual feelings about the fate of the man, the two continued talking on a trip to Altar, where they hoped to meet an old friend of Kaine, Markus Lawson, an ex-group friend. The meet up was amazing, and whilst checking out a fortified radio station, the trio spoke of working together in an effort to survive more efficiently. Soon being joined by Liam Carter, Clancy's long-time friend throughout the epidemic, who was finishing his last bit of business in the North. When the four came together in Markus' old camp, they found themselves playing a game of poker, sharing their tales from their past. The four agreed to form a supposed group amongst themselves and that was when Markus came up with the genius group structure idea based off of the set of cards they were playing with. This structuring can be seen further down the thread. After sharing the idea with the others, all were in support and quickly sorted their strongest characteristics and skills into the four suits. Deciding each had their own responsibilities and oversight of the groups different tasks, they set about fixing up their old soccer field camp. They decided once camp had been set up, they could truly start working efficiently. During a supply run being made by Clancy, he came across a stranger using the wooden planks from the neighbouring city's construction site to fuel a campfire, the perfect stuff to supply the Spades with for the on-going camp construction. After introducing himself, and joining newly met Theodore Woodley Jr for some freshly cooked steak, the two made use of some nearby large-capacity bags to bring back double the supplies for Markus. Once arriving back at camp, Theodore was introduced to the Fifty Two family and their structure, loved what he saw and offered to be a part of its early growth. The boys welcomed him with open arms, and the five individuals continued to improve on the camp sharing the few bottles of vodka and cannabis Theodore and Clancy had picked up on the way back to the camp. "The goals of the group are split between the four suits, however, there is an overall group notebook, which is separated into chapters. This group notebook displays the past objectives set out by the group, as well as their current tasks and goals. Once a note is completed, it will change to the past tense and be struck through, however current notes will be readable and present tense." "The suit goals will follow through with the development of the current group notebook." CHAPTER I: Setting up camp Fifty Two members from all suits began construction on a suitably sized camp [Day 645] Achieved! Spades are making improvements on and expanding Camp Fifty Two till the main camp is secure [By Day 655] Hearts are assisting Spades by finding and bringing back the necessary tools, materials and equipment to make the improvements [By Day 655] Diamonds are also assisting in the finding of materials, as well as covering ground to understand the other nearby groups and factions [By Day 655] Clubs are focusing on protecting the Spades until completion of the current improvements being made to the camp. They are also working with the red suits to sort out weaponry [By Day 655] ... "The group is structured into four suits, Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts and Spades. When a member joins, he or she will choose which suit they would like to take responsibility in. The suit doesn't restrict what an individual can do, as work is open to all, however being in a suit means you take responsibility for the suit's main focus. If you are a Club, you should make protection still your priority, but you may assist Hearts in supply runs, as protection for example." "How the personal card works: When each member joins Fifty Two, they choose a personal 2-10 card within their suit. They keep this, as it represents their membership within the group, and their suit shows their responsibilities within the group. Everybody has one of these, it is a personal card." "How the face cards work: There are four face cards per suit, each displaying the amount of responsibility they have for their suit. This card is held at all times as well as the person's personal card. It should be clear that this does not represent POWER. An ace card shows that said person has the main role of responsibility for the management of their suit, they will be the person organising work and keeping track of progress. Everyone throughout the group is equal, all opinions are listened to and people have the freedom to think individually. Holding the responsibility of a face card is simply a physical sign that you hold more responsibility within your suit. These may be changed between members if needs be, for example, an ace passes their ace responsibility to another member so that they can focus on themselves more than organising things for the suit." Current Members: 5 The Clubs represent the group's security, and enforcers. A Club will take responsibility for the group's protection, and thus are more often armed heavily compared to other suits. Clubs will handle most of the group's dirtier work if necessary, including encounters of a more hostile nature. The suit of Clubs would suit the following characteristics: security workers; soldiers; gun enthusiasts, mercenaries etc... The complete active suit possession is as follows: Ace of Clubs: @EaZi 10 of Clubs: @EaZi The Diamonds represent the group's communicators and business organisers. A Diamond takes responsibility in maintaining communication and trade with other factions and groups, finding prospective members, organising work for the Clubs as well as Full Housework (Entire group work). Diamonds will often be sharing stories, making regular radio communications and so on... The suit of Diamonds would suit the following characteristics: public speakers, friendly people, deep thinkers, management, businessmen/women etc... The complete suit possession is as follows: Ace of Diamonds: @Alone 7 of Diamonds: @Alone The Hearts maintain the group's survival and wellbeing. They vary their skills between scavenging, medical practice, even just keeping morale high amongst the group. Hearts will organise supply runs, manage necessary farms and food management. Scouting, as well as mapping, can often be expected within the suit of Hearts. The suit of Hearts would suit the following characteristics: doctors, farmers, looters, survivalists, scouts & hikers etc... The complete suit possession is as follows: Ace of Hearts: @Welshie 10 of Hearts: @Peril 7 of Hearts: @Welshie The Spades represent the group's tradesmen and construction specialists. Spades will likely have experience in practical tasks, with a passion for building. Spades take responsibility for base-building, the maintenance of camps and other areas, as well as the expansion of it. Making use of Hearts' supply runs, supplies should often be sufficient, allowing creative minds to improve camp. The suit of Spades would suit the following characteristics: tradesmen, builders, architects, building-management enthusiasts etc... The complete suit possession is as follows: Ace of Spades: @LewOS 9 of Spades: @LewOS "The current official affiliates and hostilities of fifty-two. Note: denoted IC by being dealt a Joker from an ace." "4 Jokers are held, a single card designed respective of their suit. In the event that a Joker is dealt use by a suit, the person, group, or dynamic group that receives the suit becomes marked as friendly, ally, affiliated etc to Fifty Two." Clubs: N/A Diamonds: N/A Hearts: N/A Spades: N/A - Fifty Two members have noted down those they have come into contact with, the notes and opinions are as follows: "Ruski locals in Severograd - Friendly as of yet, lot's of shooting though, better to be wary" "A map of the group's active area. Green represents highly active. Yellow represents less active." "The current group standing on recruitment, joining, affiliation and other relations" Fifty Two is currently open to both OOC and IC interests in joining. Fifty Two is currently open to IC interests in group relations. If you are interested in joining the dandy bunch of fellas that make up Fifty Two, then please don't hesitate to message me expressing interest, with whatever information you want to share, the more the merrier, you're all cool individuals! People may not understand the way the face cards work, but I have tried to explain it as well as possible. Everyone is equal in this group. The overall oversight of suits IC, and the management of the group OOC will be done by myself as the thread poster, but I'm making it clear that the group doesn't use the face cards as a hierarchy. Credit: @LewOS For the initial group idea. Credit: @LewOS, @Welshie and @Peril For helping finalise the group info. Credit: @Alone Graphics and Story (Haha yes that's me)
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    All of this. Fucking true every word. Suppose ill throw my opinion in here cause why not. In the past, I've Disagreed with Dusty, tried my best to avoid him and those he hung with as yes i believed they were more pvp focused so i didnt want a part of it. But this report is a fucking joke. How the GM team, and who knows who else in the notes agreed, thinks that wasnt ruleplay and it was a false report ontop of that. I mean fuck me, i didnt like Dusty but the lad had changed his ways for the most part. Rule 4 that shit instead of a BS report. It gives you lot a better look. Anyways, to add on. For months now, its just been accepted that hostilerp = PVP or shit tier hostage rp followed by an execution. Didnt matter if you'd only met the lads once, you defend yourself to them its grounds for execution. Not only that, but in a recent report put up by @Lyca Here where the hostage rp was primarily driven -BY THE HOSTAGES- is apparently not only acceptable, but the norm. To staff's credit, this came from Jim himself, so i dont know if this is a commonly accepted thing in staff or he stepped in because he saw fit. (See spolier below for what im on about.) So, what I'm seeing here is a community, that once was a place of an amazing variety of rp but also QUALITY of rp has now turned into Rpvp and sub-par hostilities. 'Campfire rpers' hide because they dont wanna deal with the 'typical' hostile rp thats accepted for some reason. thats why they hide. They're sick of this shit. Its not people hiding ruining the server. Fuck, look to Dead Batteries. They're hostilerp is fucking amazing compared to what we got now. Look at the praise they get from a variety of rpers, people dont dislike hostilerp. They dislike shit hostilerp. Frankly I see one connection here. The 'RP bois' a fair few who were let back in thanks to amnesty too. (tell me if im wrong here.) People are scared to say what they think on the forums, but behind the scenes its all the same chatter. Its just a matter of when Staff, or Roland will notice and make a change.
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    If you attack someone while clearly outnumbered or without a plausible chance of successfully winning, it may be considered NVFL. Attacking with your bare fists someone holding a rifle, who also happens to have reinforcements around is pretty clear NVFL to me. Like it's literally worse than popular saying of "bringing a knife to a gun fight". He didn't even have a knife. I don't know where you got these made up rules that attacking someone with their fists is not a hostile action one cannot defend from? Since when does everyone on the server get a free haymaker on other players without possibility of retaliation? Can I run and punch everyone I meet once or twice and hope that someone actually defends themselves and shoots me so that I can report them for attempted invalid kill and get them banned? That's silly. I've seen a few clips from our server where someone held up at gun point and disarmed suddenly runs up, punches the guy holding the rifle and the guy passes out and his weapons are picked up. IMO people need to be able to defend themselves if they feel threatened, doesn't matter if it's with fists, knife, bat or gun. Sure, punching can also be part of role play and in some situations it doesn't justify using kill rights gained, however if someone all of a sudden runs up to me and punches me while I'm armed, you can bet I would drop them.
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    Another 6 hour session later..
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    got accepted into paramedic school today. >get EMT license >do 4x classes this summer >do paramedic from august -> next august (3 semesters) >get AS in public health and safety >also be a licensed paramedic nationally shits looking up boys
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    For a start don't start of with "You Are" please, as it was a minority who did it. The group itself is cobbled together or Chernarussians of many different backgrounds, meaning that while a majority would follow as you say the group goals others do things outside of the group knowledge and are oocly aware of the IC consequences if it brings discredit upon the group. So if a member who pretends ICly to be following the group goals goes off and does merc work then that's his business and is responsible for any action taken ICly if they are caught.
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    We are all different None the same So who are we To judge insane To see the world Through different eyes The things you’d see Such sweet surprise Describe a color With my senses Feel freedom from Enclosing fences Built by peers Sane and normal Doctors probing Pills and potions Our story begins with a group of patients from an asylum up north, as the infection started to spread and ruin the country from the inside out the government couldn't uphold their standards of basic case, staff started to leave the facility and food and other supplies started to run low everything in there had fallen into complete chaos leading to the men and women who resided in there escaping and starting to roam the lands, some had fallen into the grasps of the land feeding of everything they could not knowing what was right or wrong continuing onwards as ‘’normal’’ people as most of them thought they were stable individuals and nothing was wrong, now they had been released from the grasps of the medicine they were getting fed through methods the caretakers used in order for them to be capable of handling them. After a year or so of chose the government issued a small unit to find these individuals and bring them back to a safe place where they could be treated and if not be dealt with in the manner they saw fit, many had escaped but the headcount was unknown due to most of the documents of the old world had been lost during the chaos that had ensued from the beginning of the outbreak, none the less the once that were counted for were either found dead alive or close to death from there delusions some had formed small groups to keep each other company others had survived in the forest away from any and all human contact using each other to try to manage their situation going as far as cannibalism. The paid guards who were mostly just hired guns had helped track some of these individuals or dealt with them in a manner they saw fit if they didn’t comply with there orders as somewhere to unstable to be even safely moved to the safe haven they had planned to bring them. They were all rounded up in a camp on the mainland and prepared to further movement given the medicine the caretakers had been supplied and the march continued,only place they saw fit for these individuals to be moved to was an island far south where the walls were made of concrete and the doors out of thick metal frames, there they grouped up with the rest of there unit and settled in though it didn’t come without a fight as another group had claimed it as there home, after a few days of fighting the safe haven had been taken over and fully fortified the patients were placed into their new rooms and kept there under supervision by the caretakers, there they kept relaying there information and progress on the patients to the officials that had set them up for this task getting supplies when needed but those sometimes came with a delay leading to some of the patients to start showing symptoms from there illness and lack of food didn’t help either leading to some of them acting out and attacking the people that worked there, most didn’t get to do much due to there fragile state allowing the caretakers to sedate them and place them into an isolation room where they were kept until they managed to gain full control over them, those that did manage to inflict pain on the guards were promptly handled in the back after getting restrained. After weeks of attempting to control these people they started to slowly but surely lose control over the patients supplies started to run low and some of the hired guns started to sight with the patients on false promises as anything was starting to look better than help the caretakers who kept putting these men into constant danger to protect people they were starting to see as nothing more than prisoners who were just being kept there until they dwindle away. A day came where the unit lost all interest in controlling the facility and released the patients from there cells after stockpiling everything they needed and then left the heaven up to the patients no one knows what came of the people that were left behind. Find mind liked individuals to join the fold day 700 Secure a home for our own needs day 710 -Sustain our fold with substance to continue onwards- Locate those that are responsible for our imprisonment day 680 @Cookie - Emma Isaksen @Eagle - Stefan Reynir Jonson @ItzTyler - Ryan Bonfield @BrianM - Dylan MacLeod @JmVidz805 - Jamison Harrlow @Zilly - Chase "Rex" Quinton If you wish to join our group, you would have to interact with us IC.
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    Awesome! I love the gamer elbows!
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    Hello, it is I, Mademoiselle - barer of bad news. As a group decision it has come to a vote that we shall be archiving. Before this happens, i want to leave a small message for those to read as this isn't just an 'oh, well archive;. No. First off, to each individual that has joined this group, died in this group and just hung around after being one of our members - thank you. You have by far been the best people that I have ever had the privilege of running a group with. I have made friends because of this and by all, you are all amazing role players. Each and everyone of you. To everyone outside the group (whether official or ones whom came to visit our camp) your pages upon pages of Whoses Roleplay Did You Enjoy Today? And the in character dedication you gave us to keep running a camp was immaculate. It grew a community and server as one. I am so proud of you. I am so happy that you all enjoyed the camp we attempted to run. I am so sorry as well this has to come to an end. All in all, the stress OOC has gotten too much for a majority of our group members and it has not become enjoyable anymore. Thank you, one last time, from the bottom of my heart, for letting us have one crazy and amazing roleplay experience with you all. Mademoiselle
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    No your right, to this day I still get a chuckle out of the fact that some people who have RP in their name tendied by posting fake nudes of a then admin and saying “nice titties god damn” are allowed back into a community and yet someone gets banned for false report and NVFL because they punched someone and got sprayed for it, gotta love it. (sorry for getting a bit off topic, some of this shit just baffles the fuck outta me)
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    Lmao what heavy memery is this report verdict? (4 GMS signed off on this verdict? The actual fuck is going on?!) He punches a guy once, a light punch, and gets gassed for it. That's straight ruleplay if ever I've seen it, but to hit him for false report? Also where the fuck did this new precedent come out where 1 punch resulted in NVFL just because he was carrying a rifle? Also fyi Dusty was literally being followed, and then when he reacts he's killed? How backwards is this verdict holy hell...
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    Picked up some more ammo for my AR15
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    While making this group. I honestly thought it was going to fail. Recruitment was going so slow and I felt like the interest in the idea was little to none. But bit by bit with a core group of people we have grown up to be a fantastic clan to the point I can happily say we have reached the area where the idea in my head has become a reality. Thank you you glorious bastards. You made this concept a reality and I am glad to be working with all of you. Its only been a month but we have made more a stir IG with our RP than ever. Thank you, this is your clan xx @Para @Terra @AndreyQ @Elmo @Ron @Smixxa @Kordruga @Castiel @Craig @neom @Majoo @Tony You made this clan xx and ur all the best x
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    We are still a Family... We will not leave each other because of the ending of the group, the times we have made together not only will keep us together but this group will ring out for a long, long time... Thank you all for fighting for this group, thank you all who brought us supplies and thank you all who just simply Rped with us. A major shout out to the Dead Batteries and the Toy Makers for giving some amazing Hostile/Bad guy Rp. Your groups keeped us going and forcing our stories to continue in a good way. I hope another group with this amount of pull can come around soon after us. But thank you all for Role Playing with us. What is Dead may Never Die!
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    Back in what is now patches of safezones, a Chernarussian government employee wanted to boost morale and became creative... More to come...
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    Oh jeez where do I even begin? Hope finally having a mental / nervous breakdown from everyone just piling on top of her? A panic attack. Trying to do the right things. Putting everyone before herself before finally resigning after having enough to Noah somehow convincing her to revisit the camp and not give up all hope just yet. Galapagos - Probably the best group I’ve had whom are so dedicated to run a camp as much as me. As dedicated enough to provide people different and unique types of roleplayers in a singular group. @Peril just in general, you being there and somewhat picking up the pieces shows a hell of a lot. Including your journal/drawing diary. @FireDude Caught me off guard. With all the OOC chat about it, I was expecting Hope to be rejected by it. So you surprised me. As well as having to pick up a mentally broken down Hope. @Isaiah Cortez Glad I could help you new ‘old man’ Those three German guys, it was really interesting to watch. @Kase @HeyItsGrimm - Never a boring day with Mac Tyre @MrDew - Holy shit dude, I didn’t know it was you! Poor Fletcher having to listen to Hope lose all the world to continue. You’re the first person to see Hope finally break down into tears in years, normally she excuses herself and be alone to seem more composed and stronger than she really is! @CamoRP - I feel like a dick. Love you. Don’t hate me. Thanks Lastly to anyone and everyone whom supplied our tents double after what happened, I was OOCly so surprised and amazed. It had me honestly feeling OOCly emotionally. I was so taken back to see everyone contribute in efforts of supplying the camp WITHIN AN HOUR of two tents of medical supplies. That there shows a community built both OOCly and ICly. Hope was ready to walk out and abandon everyone - glad you could all change her mind. I may have to clip my surprise to show you how genuine I was. It means a hell of a lot for not only me but my group. It shows you want us to keep going no matter how rough it gets. Much love
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    I'll write a tad bit of feedback here. Everytime i encounter your group in game i get nothing but good RP, you all play solid characters that are always fun to interact with. One of the best groups around at current time. Keep it up ladies and gents.
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    They got spooked when the buildings started speaking Armenian
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    Just a quick update on Dev stuff I am working on for those who read my profile posts. Right now I am focusing on to things, drug effects and base building. The goal I hope to achieve for drug effects is a visual and possibly physical effect when a player consumes drugs such as Cannabis, Codeine and Morphine. The visual effects will vary depending on the drug been consumed. Right now the only issue with this is the same issue that is facing the new admin tools. Issues with RPC framework not working as expected. Hopefully we will find a solution to that shortly. As for base building, it is my main focus. I have a few goals when it comes to implementing new things for base building: - Solidify settlements and make them more permanent. - Add modular building units to allow players to build the most customized varied bases possible. - Add utility buildings such as build-able water pumps and farms to enhance a bases survival rate while been attacked. - Add unique defense structures to add some interesting twists to besieging a large base. Overall my goal for base building is to increase longevity. I want to encourage people to group up and survive, this will also provide less hostile groups with a purpose as well as helping hostile groups find new RP opportunities through attacking large settlements. Base building will also benefit from a large variety of items such as new storage containers, new tent variants for smaller camps, more types of stashes (sleeping beds) and road blocks to block areas of from cars. Let me know what you all think of this
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    Today was amazing, Thanks to @OxeN and @Cuchulainn for the internal RP and for being cool. @ScarletRose, @yuthee and the rest we had in the church, thanks for the RP! Really enjoyed it @Xehara, Thank you for the good laughs in Kab and the talks while walking to your home. I loved the fact how it started with humor, then serious talk and it ended with me being a Chedaki cunt and telling you what to do. I loved the RP and im curious to see where this storyline is going. If I missed anyone else, sorry and thank you!
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    Flag of Bratstvo, showing the Brotherhood between Chernarussians and Russians. Not all in Chernarus were swept up by the great economic change that the post-2010 reforms brought. Promises were made, platitudes were spouted, and those at the periphery waited for a change which would ultimately never come. The sectarian strife in the ethnic Russian enclaves would continue, the saber rattling would ultimately lead to protests and clashes on the eve of the apocalypse that had now swallowed the world. The scars and deeds of the past had remained, and not for the better. Russian folk in Chernarus felt betrayed, and left behind by the world at large. The Chedaki had managed to give all of them a bad name, after all they were the group that harbored the "treasonous insurrection" against the nation. The post-conflict era had not been friendly to them. They were not allowed to be proud of their background, and their few channels of discourse were frequently shut down by those who saw any attempt by ethnic Russians to better themselves politically as another potential plot to secede from Chernarus and invite the Russian bear in once again. They were sick of the nationalist thugs that often preyed upon their villages while the State either turned a blind eye or participated in the atrocities, despite claims of "Pan-Slavism" for all. This ceaseless treatment had led to a new but meager faction within the local ethnic populace. They were average, everyday Russian folk who were simply tired of being treated like second-class citizens. They were Bratstvo. -Long Term IC Goals- Establish a Safe Haven for all peoples of Chernarus. [By Day 750] Establish a Free Independent State. [Day 1350] Bring the people together in national unity to restore the country. [Day 1200] The eradication of "Bandit groups" that threaten our efforts to rebuild Chernarus. -Short Term IC Goals- Recruit members to support our cause for a strong and unified Chernarus. [Ongoing] Secure a base to begin our operations in the region. [Completed] To eliminate the stigma surrounding Russian ethnic's. [Ongoing] Begin Diplomacy other groups to begin unification to ultimately rebuild the country. [Ongoing] Help the peoples of Chernarus by providing security, food, and shelter for all who need it. [Ongoing] Secure a means to broadcast on a region wide scale. [Ongoing] Begin construction of a large settlement for all peoples. [By Day 734] Setup defenses inside the large settlement. [By Day 746] Complete the Settlement and begin broadcasting its location for all willing to listen. [By Day 750] Leader @DarkestSkies241 - Kazimir Petrov Officer's @Slouchonmycouch - Boris Novez Enlisted @Slider - Nikolai Makkel @Sh4rp - Mikhail Movski @Dylanamo - Vojtch Kucera You must be Chernarussian Or Chernarussian With Russian Ethnicity. Send a PM for further information to @DarkestSkies241 Thanks to @Major for all the graphics and helping us with the lore.
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    This will be a long post, but it was a very fun night so here we go: @Dino & @Brayces - My favorite filthy foreigners in Chernarus @Revie - Climbing up a tower turns into an adventure with you @Lyca - Drug buddies 4 ever. @Ouromov - The best chernarussian on the server. And screw english btw. @Ender & @GreenySmiley - About damn time to see you two again. @ShepBlue, @Vinjonker "Hawk" and whoever "Smartass" Max is - You caught me completely off guard but provided some of the most pleasant and chill RP I had in some time. I sincerly hope our neighborhood continues (I hope I tagged the right people.)
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