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    This has become a major hindrance as of late, all of the non dangerous animals currently are overpowered in how much health they have and are completely fucked in how much meat they provide. There have been numerous occasions within the past 2 weeks or so where we have killed every single non dangerous animal and more often then not they provide next to no meat (Usually 2-3 steaks is what we see per animal besides chickens). I can think of two separate instances in the last week where animals we have harvested have given ZERO meat (Chicken and Goat), and there's been times that Cows we have killed have provided 1 or 2 steaks. Given that I help run the Soup Kitchen in Livonia it is a pain in the ass to have to go half way across the map just to get enough meat to feed the people that come through our camp. To touch on the amount of health some of these animals have, I've seen Cows survive a .357 shot to the head, three 7.92x57 rounds in their chests. Elk survive MULTIPLE rounds from a mosin, Boars survive two plus 5.56 rounds. These animals shouldn't be able to survive multiple rounds from large caliber weapons. While the domesticated animals don't run far it still bothers me that most of them aren't one and done from the larger rounds. This request is basically just the opposite of the buffs that were given to Bears and Wolves. TL;DR: Lower the amount of health non dangerous animals have and put a minimum limit on the amount of steaks they will drop depending on the animal.
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    From the album: bunny's edits

    the original for those who prefer that
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    Peeking in and seeing an Admin flame-baiting on a thread, big yikes gamers
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    From the album: Random screenshots

    “How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.” William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice
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    Add this mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1748044748 In this mod, It makes suppressors quieter and more durable. I think that having a suppressor on a weapon doesn't do much but add a pleasing sound effect, which this changes since shooting a weapon with a suppressor still attracts zombies from 2 miles away.
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    https://imgur.com/a/D1OsU0r Here a lil album of the Hospital i put together today!
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    So sick of not having a job. Sent in probably over 700-800 applications in the last 3 months, been to interviews and they've all told me that they thought it went really well, and now i'm just flat broke and tired of it.
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    It was a great night of roleplay, really felt like I got to know some people there. @Vandire It was cooling finally really meeting your character. It was nice to meet you guys on non-hostile grounds. I enjoyed everyone roleplay I cant remember everyone that was there but it was a blast. Having a few laughs I feel eased some tension. @Foley @Wynne @twig @HDragon @YourLeftHand @Zanaan @wastingdoor @[email protected] @YAKMOUTH and whoever else I forgot or didn't know.
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    Hope yall like the hospital, put a lot of love into it!
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    @Voodoo @Randy @Saunders Hey guys are you alive?
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    Great start, Beni. Why not give some insight on that - a lot of people liked your rp. "Offensive" or "Extreme"- is overrated in this community, i doubt there is something that hasn't been around. People calling themselves white struggle, hunting "faggots & black people < rolle's forum thing will change that word", pedos, rapists, psychos. Don't mean to ruin the fun - but instead of telling that you dont really care - maybe show what you care bringing into the server :^) Not sure if "discussions" are the right pick on this. Anyways I'll give you some things you need to check if you haven't been around for a while. Edit: here the mod list - it will you show guns& cars being used atm. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1599372051
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    From the album: The Radacz collection

    " Do I hear wedding bells?"
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    Its a nuisance that zombies don't die with one shot to the head from smaller calibers, as it pretty much forces you to either carry a military rifle, or resign yourself to becoming a druggy on dex or just carrying mass amounts of little bullets to shower them with until they die. However its not so bad that it can't be played. Does make looting a nuisance, and the respawn rates make it ridiculous especially if its a settlement area/town, cause they come back far too fast.
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    Who knew there were so many gay people in Livonia.
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    I think the notes are being used in a very creative way @Roland I fail to see what’s not serious about the notes above. fix the notes as it cuts of half way for some reason
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    I'm not even scarred of people at this point. Change zombies to Demigods ✔ Change wolfs to Fenrir ✔ Change bears to T-34's ☭
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    “You didn’t expect this, did you?” says a man covered in dirt with a long grin on his face. “You prey upon the weak, belittle those that you deem beneath you, laugh in their faces as you point your precious gun at them and taking their stuff like it’s a charity.”, the man smirks as he nods towards his two colleagues. “You tell yourself you are invincible, you play god with people’s fate and lives and you keep lying to yourself that it’s the right thing. Which one was I supposed to be? The second? The fifth? The fifteenth?” “God! Please no!” yells the man laying on the ground as the two others approach him. “Oh, but don’t you worry… We see you now.” _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Global warming, wars, discrimination, poverty… all the problems that we once faced are now all gone. Those people that protested, people who fought for what’s right, who took time out of the little they had to try and make their quiet voices heard; their dreams came true. Funnily, it wasn’t them that changed it, no, it wasn’t some inspiring young genius that found the solution to all of this, no… What wiped the slate clean was in fact far worse than anything we had yet faced. All these issues disappeared and were forgotten about in mere moments as the world we lived in morphed into something new. People said it was Ebola, others blamed it on people eating meat, some believed it was some new virus coming out of China trying to eradicate us all. Theories and conspiracies were thrown like shit at brick walls, anything to keep them occupied from facing what was happening. It didn’t take long for the dead to begin roaming the streets. Some countries fell in the blink of an eye, some managed to hold out hope and some might still be fighting, but the landscape of our world has fundamentally shifted to a place of no return. In the midst of all this, there was but one thing that has changed and that is us. In fact this whole situation we find ourselves in has even brought us closer to who we really are. With no government to police people’s behaviour, we have all become free in a way. No longer are there boundaries we are told not to cross, social norms we must comply to nor people we have to greet with smiles and kisses when we know they are as much of an asshole as you can get. So while the world around us burns to ashes the question we should be asking ourselves is not what will become of it but what will become of us. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Well, what a day this was. I thought I’d lost you too. It was around 10 AM when I decided to head to this baby store I picked out on one of our maps. It was a quiet morning so I thought that might be my only chance, so I got my bag, grabbed Sofia and got on the boat. As per usual, Venice’s canals were full of both dead and alive bodies, but still safer than taking the main streets. I was half-way there when I heard some shots fired pretty close, just a couple of streets away. Shots crack off inside the city almost hourly, that’s the norm, but this time I was out in the open and exposed. I’d write more about the interim but I don’t remember much leading up to the main event. All I know is that at some point I looked to my right and this figure jumped from the streets on top of my boat. The air filled with my startled yells and I tried to punch whoever this was out of my boat, but it was just a matter of seconds before he hit me in the head with what I think was a pistol. He grabbed me by the hair and pointed it at me. That is when I saw him. Blood covered his face, angry eyes staring at me, heavily breathing, clearly trying to catch his breath. Words came from his mouth but they were foreign to me, I think he was Slovenian. He pointed towards the other shore, so before he decided to pull some more of my hair out I pushed the boat that way. He began climbing onto the street when he noticed my backpack. Just like in the films we looked at each other and tried grabbing the backpack. The damn thing was empty anyway but he either didn’t care or couldn’t understand what I was saying to him. I tried to fight it but to no avail. He grabbed it and started climbing again. As I began to crumple in defeat, a loud noise cracked sharply from behind me, echoing down the narrow canal. My ears were ringing as the body of the man thumped back onto the boat, almost capsizing it with heavy shaking. I grabbed the backpack first, then looked at where the man jumped on my boat from. A group of people stood there, silent, four or five... maybe... rifles in hand, one of them aimed at where my attacker had taken his last breath. Running never even occurred to me, having been overwhelmed by the shock. For a moment I thought they would shoot me too, but just as one of them was about to speak more shots came from behind them. They looked at each other, nodded, one of them waved at me and just like that they were gone. Sofia’s cries snapped me back to reality, welcoming me back with the realisation that my face was covered in his blood. I pushed the body into the canal and carried on towards the store, got the baby food and now I am somehow back in one piece. One question keeps rattling through my mind: who were they? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Day 419. Things were looking good. People seemed happy, the walls looked strong, we had plenty of food. Tereza had done an amazing job here. She had that fierce, determined look even the day we married. It was midday I think, I was talking with this kid, Jan, when everyone heard the lookout scream that someone is coming. I ran to the watchman’s tower and climbed in what felt like 2 seconds, grabbed my binoculars and looked for myself. It was a man, pretty tall, ragged clothes, so gaunt and disheveled had he not been holding a bag in his right hand you could have definitely mistaken him for one of the sinners. I looked back, trying to find Tereza but she wasn’t there. Must have been in the infirmary. I guess I had to think for myself for once. I signaled the watchers to be prepared as the man was approaching our gates. When he arrived within speaking distance, I asked him who he was and what he wanted. He simply looked at me. I could almost feel the sadness in his eyes. It didn’t last long, as he just keeled over right in front of our doors. If this was a trap then it’s a damn good one. I climbed down and before long I felt myself pacing back and forth, I could tell the rest were looking at me waiting on my call. “God, what should I do?” I remember asking myself. My conscience got the better of me and, the next thing you know, we were carrying him to the infirmary. He seemed to regain consciousness and started muttering something so we sat him down on a chair. I rehydrated him and we gave him some space to relax before questioning him. Words didn’t come easily, it seemed like he’d gone a while without proper food and water, topped off by the fact that he’d sustained a bullet wound some time ago. Before we could get to any more talking, the door behind me crashed open, sending a loud shudder through the room. Tereza was standing there with a face that said more than I’ll ever write in this thing. I got out of the room and closed the door behind me. What followed were screams and berates that I have never seen, not even when I called her fat by accident that one time. I wanted to argue my side but it was clear it wasn’t a discussion. Two guards came in, grabbed Tomas and carried him away. Apparently, we can spare neither food nor meds for “outsiders” she called them. This wasn’t like her to be so territorial but I guess with everything changing around us, so must we. Day 421. Don’t even know where to start this one. It was a… weird day. Me, Teresa, Jan and 2 others were in the back of this garage, we were looking for something electrical. I still don’t know what we picked up, I was just there to show Jan how the supply runs usually work and to keep him from messing anything up. Anyway, Teresa put some bit of kit in her bag and we stepped through the front door. As we moved outside, the sound of a safety switch flicking snapped off to my right, paired with voices and men to match those voices, all with rifles aimed at us. They had us dead to rights, easily 7 of them ready to fight and us loaded down with equipment. We are good at farming and repairing things, it lent itself well to creating our home. Fighting, however, has never been our forte. We put down the guns and raised our hands right above our heads. One of them quickly moved towards us but instead of grabbing our things, he grabbed Teresa by the shirt and pulled her forward right in front of all of us. No point in lying, I was a pussy and didn’t say a damn thing. I closed my eyes and waited for the bang but when I opened them all I saw was the same Tomas she kicked out 2 days ago, sitting crouched right next to her, telling her something none of us heard. When he finished, I felt my heart nearly stop as he turned his gaze towards me. To our surprise, they didn’t take our stuff; no, they just let us go but with one condition and a warning. We grabbed our stuff and headed home, warily looking over our shoulders the whole time in case it was some sort of sick game. I tried to comfort Teresa, as she was crying, probably thought that would be the end of her just like I did, but she still hasn’t fully snapped out of the shock. Judging from the mutterings around me, people think she isn’t fit to lead. Tomorrow, if she isn’t better, I’ll be assuming a much more… generous command, as instructed by Tomas. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ That fucking snake. I shouldn’t have trusted him. For three fucking days we ran together. Stupid piece of shit. We stumbled upon each other in the middle of town. I was getting ready to go to sleep in this shitty McDonalds when he came out of the back. “Friendly! Friendly!” he yelled. Should have shot him right there, but no… I tried to act like the good guy for once. I mean we bonded pretty fast, Artyom and I. Probably a fake name now that I think about it. He said he saw me come in and he had a plan to get out of town. Place was full of fucking drunk heads and I didn’t have any better ideas, so I listened. Apparently, there were a few working cars at the OOO Car Factory close to the exit of the town up near Myru Ave. He said he needed help finding some fuel and carrying it there. You can’t really hold a fuel can and shoot at the same time or so my dumb ass believed him. Next morning we set off to make our escape. We looked around town but didn’t really find anything, so we decided to push closer to the factory. The fucking things were everywhere but this Artyom fuck seemed not to give a shit. Again my dumbass didn’t question it and before we knew it, we were standing in the pitch black with nothing but dog shit and tomatoes to our name. Fuck me. We broke into some school and slept there for the night. He told me he really needed that car, his wife was sick in Velyki or some small town fuck knows where north of here. Apparently, he came here to get some meds and he showed me some antibiotics and shit. I mean, it’s the end of the fucking world who am I to question him. We woke up and tried again. I remembered an Okko Gas Station close to the hospital, which was in our direction anyway so we went there to check it out. I went inside while Artyom was checking the pumps. The store room was easy to get into, after searching it I opened a door to the next room and wouldn’t you know this fucking drunk head flew out on top of me, looking to give me one last goodnight kiss. Snake or not, Artyom knew what was going on and shot it deader than it already was. Problem was it alerted all these fuckers around, which, if you hadn’t already fucking guessed, was more than a lot. We made a run for the hospital with them hot on our tail, then barricaded ourselves inside. Another day, another fucking failure. At that moment I thought of him as a brother. Saved me from death and all that. Told him a bit about myself. How I was once sober but now I can’t be asked to keep it that way. He laughed with me. What a fucking actor. Next day we kept moving up the road. There was an ANP gas station and opposite of it a car part store quite close to the factory, so it sounded like the perfect spot, almost too good to be true. Our golden spot wasn’t just ours, there was another man there when we arrived, covered in muck and carrying… a fuel can. I heard people see shit in the desert, well I at that moment I thought I was in fucking Sahara. “I need that fuel. Should we rob him?” I couldn’t believe that this houseman Artyom was asking me to rob someone. Well, I’ve done it before so fuck if I cared. Ran up to the guy, didn’t say a word and just took him down. If I were born in America I’d be a fucking megastar football player. I told Artyom to come tie this shit head on the ground. He comes up and instead of fucking taking out the rope, he pulled his gun and smacked me in the face with it. Mother fucking snake. And then guess what, more fucking idiots showed up. Fucking picked me up from the ground and started laying in punches like fucking savages. Made me spit 2 of my teeth out just for agreeing to rob this dirty fuck. And if this shit couldn’t get any worse, snake Artyom picked up by last bottle of vodka and smashed in on my head, fucking waster of resources. And when I thought it was over that dirty fuck gets right over my body with a the stupidest grin I have ever seen and starts going on a monologue as to how I am the scum of the Earth or some shit. They fucking took my guns too. What am I going to rob people with now, my fucking tuna? Artyom… Stupid bitches. No clue who they are but fuck them. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So you wonder who we are… where we’ve been… what we’ve done. Crisis has brought out the animal within our fellow man. Fear, desperation, greed and selfishness push them to openly defy what is right, turning away the weak and hungry, taking from those who have done them no wrong, hoarding what little provisions remain in this world, all justified by the world around them collapsing into primitive tribalism. So, you are undoubtedly asking yourself in a world where there used to be limits, but are no more, who will step in and stop those that have gone too far? The answer is us. We have no name, many of us are right-minded men and women that just grabbed a gun and a vest, some of us are trained, some of us did harm like the people we aim to correct, we all come from different places but are united by one common desire: to right as many wrongs as we can, for as long as we’re able. @AndreyQ - John Smith @APositiveElmo - Jora Ilyich @APositivePara - Riley Pearce @Realize - George Banks @SquirtleKitty - Tessa Graham @Mugin - Tomas Linhart @Conor - Grzegorz Kowalski @Wolfen - Aleksei Danilov @Ron - Olek Kowalski @Terra - Iva Lasek @Hofer - Filip Bila @thicdickdaddy27 - Chuck Baldwin @MajooRB - Viktor Novak @Dr Brandon - John Wesson @RoCKiE - Alexander Rudnik - Actively test people's morals and beliefs (Ongoing) - Confront those that defy what we believe is right (Ongoing) - Assist those that align with our views (Ongoing) - Gather information about the current groups and people of interest around the Nadbor region (day 980) - Make a deal with local medical personnel for their services (day 1000) - Locate a good spot and gather supplies for a potential HQ/safezone (day 1050) - Turn the 503 into the 0. (Ongoing | Currently: 492) - Identify and stop the Nadbor Region Serial Killer [COMPLETED] If you are interested in joining the group you can send an application following the format below to @AndreyQ and/or @APositiveElmo. Age: Country(Timezone): DayZRP Experience: Previous Clans: What was the best RP scenario you participated in: Briefly explain what the group is about: Why would you like to join us?: Your activity in a week (the times you are usually on): Are you willing to start a new character for the group?: Brief backstory: Character skills:
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    Been a while since I could game without having to look at reports. Keep it up community!
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    Thanks for the roleplay gals @Brayces & @Franny + @Stagsview! Sorry I fucked your plan up! Enjoyed the assistance on the way from the 503 and @Poster & @DieselTheSnowMan! Thanks for being my hero's @The Joyce's & @Cuchulainn! Have you thought about becoming a surgeon Tommylee?
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    With great things like hospitals, comes a break to The Joyce's armband...
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    Sorry Grimnir, " my horse is to damn high ", however at least my horse require a heavy goods licence. I will say this now. Close this thread. Getting a little heated I see... Oof. If any of you have an issue with me or want to even say something, please feel free to DM me on Discord. -USER WAS WARNED FOR PART OF THIS POST- /closed
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    Can we not do this again, Just click page 2 and then 3 and so on, every week there is another offline raiding thread. Im really sorry your stuff got stolen when you were not on but in the words of @Banshee”a robber doesn’t turn up to your house knock on the door, introduce himself and the start to take your wares in front of you” No the nasty man or woman (2020 now) waits for the perfect moment when NO ONE IS HOME. To come in and get out. I have no sympathy for anyone who has a base and gets raided when your not about, build better defensives. BUT here is a question I put to you, you say offline raiding what if your camp is in cherno for example and you and your guys go to tisy and I break in, how is that any dif to being raided when your not online
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    Some people rob for food, others for guns and some for... shoes. But it makes no difference to John Smith. They are all bandits in his eyes. Here is a clip of the notorious man himself facing against a gang of wrong doers.
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    You are soooo selfish... everybody is complaining about the dangers in the environment, like wolves, and bears... and the impossibility to kill a person that is already sick... But, ah, the Cavaliers have cool safari helmets, so "everything is working now" for YOUUUUUU!!!!!!! (meanwhile everybody else dies... and dies...).
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    That's just sheer luck because you're not meant or even should be able to run one on each. Both your GPU and on board graphics can't work simultaneously, so the way you have it set up, your computer doesn't know which graphic acceleration to use, so it might run off your GPU and sink your performance because your second monitor is sucking your PCIe bandwidth (the connector of your video card) or it just defaults using all on board graphics, which also sinks your performance because now it's not even using your plugged in graphics card. TLDR: It's not meant to work and it's bad for your computer and performance. Definitely plug both into your GPU.
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    Heya folks and r(u)oleplayers. After some bored moments, I decided to open up a thread from moments we had with my boys in Section:20 fooling around or maybe catch some good sweet caps and generally a good time! I'll start with today's best moment captured on recording when returning to base. Presumed it was the 503 BMW and @Zamerock being tacticool
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    Back in legacy, if you had a suppressor no zombie would case you. Bring this back
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    Shout out to @YAKMOUTH and his guys for being hilarious hostages last night.
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    Its not powergaming. It does provide roleplay; you get to roleplay that you were robbed, they roleplay stealing from you. You have raised no points the countless other discussions have brought up. Ignoring that, you need to consider the obstacles. How in the world do you hope for players to enforce an offline raiding rule without staff help? How is the playerbase going to know they are allowed to raid? How are they going to know players are offline, and not just out on the road? I sincerely hope you don't think staff are going to get involved in this process of helping people know, because it raises a ridiculous amount of abuse of power options that we could be accused of.
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    We're the ones that do the tyre swiping, swipe our tyres and you'll end up as one! All jokes aside, good crack meeting y'all and be cautious bringing cars to camp Joyce, 'cause the cars that come in leave with nothing but a chassis and steering wheel.
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    Thanks! Cem isn't around anymore, but you can still come around and scream for him. Glad to hear you liked to see us, though we as a group haven't been away
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    WATCHY-DOODLE-DOO ! You've been hiding this talent from me! Looks ABSOLUTELY Glorious!
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    I try to keep this in mind as well, but all too often i've seen someone's name get crossed out only to see them back a couple days later. And this seems to be a common occurrence. Since when did the definition of "permanent" change?
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    How am I derailing the thread? Your discussing the topic of offline raiding, as am I? If you can't handle the pain of waking up to a raided base, don't make one. This isn't a friendly chat room server, its a zombie Apocalypse theme'd survival game. Besides the fact you are a member of An Pobal right? Who partakes in hostile activities themselves? Surely you understand being apart of a group that has a fairly public base will get raided at some point as you would have enemies no? Some people make bases, some people raid bases, //deal with it.
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    Updated again @Rolandhave a look
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    To celebrate the end of Chapter 1's lore. The Group has developed alot since it was first created. Chapter 2 lore and new goals will be released soon. Hope you guys enjoy. I would name who sung the song... but she doesnt wish to be named.
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