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    You’re running through a field bleeding No rags in your inventory Clothes all ruined Not gonna make it to the next town tab out spawn a tee
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    Funny how some peoples' characters change completely when they meet PSI in-game. Guess some people can't resist the screen-time.
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    In a world like this, who do you trust? Do you trust the man next to you simply because he's been there for you? Do you trust the man peddling food for guns? Why does he need guns? The people in this world are not the same people who you once saw at the supermarket. The girl you took on a date to the movies is now holding a .44 magnum to someone's head. The friend you played basketball with at the local YMCA is now looking down a scope watching as his friends make a deal with sketchy Russians. This is the world, or at least how we know it. The point is, people, adapt to survive. If that girl wasn't holding the magnum to someone else's head, it would be against her temple. We are all surviving, one way or another. I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it - Mark Twain We will do anything to avoid death, as human beings of course. Anything. But once you come to terms with what will happen to everyone eventually, you can start to live. You can start to accomplish the goals you have set in front of you. This is what The Company does. They have realized that in order to survive they know what they must do. Trading to anyone and everyone, for anything. If someone needs it, they will find it. It does not matter what it is. They will find ways to commandeer these products for their clients. They will create friendships with other groups in order to live in peace. They will lie, they will steal, but most of all, they will survive. Jack Warren had the vision. He knew what had to be done. But it didn't occur to him right away. He was a trader, a peddler, and a smuggler. He worked for money, food, anything. Everyone once in a while he would get robbed. A deal has gone bad. No big deal. He wasn't a fighter. If they raised a gun, he opened his pack. Although one day that changed. A man, skittish, probably on something, tried to rob him with a knife. Jack decided to pull his pistol and defend himself. He didn't kill him. He couldn't get himself to do it. So he kept him tied up, in a shed, in the woods. He almost forgot about him, until someone came around asking for something specific. He needed help carrying a load of goods to the southern coast but only had two hands. Jack knew where he could find two more. He sold the man to the peddler, for a fully automatic rifle and some ammunition. That was it. There was no going back from such a sin. He knew this was something he would encounter in the future. He needed more people around him. Not only for protection but to grow his business. He knew how it worked. People would start to hear rumors. He would be dead within the week if he didn't do anything about it. So he found some friends, some more guns, and more people to help him. He started The Company. Those who do business with The Company signed a contract, a receipt of some sorts. There are rules to this. Rules that can not be broken without consequence. Breaking these rules will result in a black ball. No business. No Contact. Ever again. Like most thing between people, this business is built on trust. If trust is broken, there will be no more business. Broker Jack Warren Vlad Bezrukov Overseer Karina Khachatryan Vrach Sikorski Handler Sibatian Novilk Cyrus Sinclair Ragnar Voss Garrett White Dougal Finnegan Jacob Wells Richard Harissa Phillip Dezan The goals of our group are always being reviewed and tuned. We want to provide excellent roleplay experiences. Whether that be through hostile RP or personal story development within our own group. Below are the current goals we have and their status/progress. 1. We must acquire a band of trustworthy handlers, as they are the front lines of our operation [DAY 475] 2. Safe houses in the surrounding area must be procured as soon as possible [DAY 480] 3. . A procedure must be set in place to provide the utmost quality control of products [DAY 485] 4. A procedure must be put in place to asses each situation for hostility and risk management [DAY 490] 5. A ledge must be procured and utilized in the sale of goods and services. Accounts Receivable and Payable must be up to date [DAY 470] Our philosophy is open door. If you wish to roleplay with us, you can, but there are a few things we would like to know first. Remember, none of this information can keep you from playing with us. I would like to thank @Aisling for the graphics, she did an amazing job. I personally can't wait to continue the role play of this group.
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    My uni is planning an event on facebook to try and give out scholarships to migrants, I made an angery react and now the Student Union board members have made a group chat to interrogate me. Remember, you cant have opposing views at a uni in London.
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    Enjoyed getting yeeted by New Moon and Saviors. I made a monster back up at that tower and now that monster is coming after us. This should be fun.
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    Blast to the past Have you ever wanted to experience the American Civil War in all of its glory? Well here is your chance. Just imagine it. You, your friends, and people you don't know facing off in this epic battle of Red vs. Blue. With muskets(izh-18 rifles) in hand you'll fight, and to the victor go the spoils. Details Goal: To eliminate the opposing team Weapon: Izh-18 rifles Clothing: Red and blue tracksuits for each individual team Location: The hay-bale field North-East of Stary Sobor Time: 20:00 Server Time on 10/26/2018 Winning team: Will receive some sort of reward. Losing team: Will receive a complimentary pat on the back Random details: You will be teleported to the location at the starting time. You will put your current gear in a storage container(bring minimal gear if possible.) and grab your new gear out of another storage container. There will be 3 teams. Red Team. Blue Team. and White Team. Red and Blue are there to fight to the death. White team are there as spectators to see which team wins. People on the white team will be wearing white and are not to be fired upon. Upon death you will wait to be teleported back to retrieve your gear(and collect new gear if your team won) after the event is over. There will also be a 5 player limit per approved group per game allowed to join the event(First come, First serve) Each team will have up to 8 members (16 total split between 2 teams) starting at each end of the field. A gunshot will ring and the fight will begin. There may be more than one game hosted depending on the amount of players that decide to play in the first game. The game 2 players will be teleported with game 1 players and be spectators until game 2 commences. If you wish to join this event. State your character name and which team you would like to be a part of. GAME 1 Blue Team: 8/8 Farmer-BorisRP- Alvgot Runsten Puncture - D'Squarius Green, Jr. Sleepyhead- Davina Mack Jamie- ExoticRP- Leo Lynch OskuRP- Sir Edward Straponton Dew- Hassan- Ian Payne Red Team: 8/8 JoffreyRP- John Danger KennethRP- Reginald Teapot Cipher- EndeavorRP- Descendants- Jimmy Craft MoodyOG- John Moody ASqueakyCleanPado- MurasakibaraRP- Sergei Bourak GAME 2 Blue Team: 5/8 Lewis Scott- David Drummond RebelRP- Vladimir Gagarin The Traveler- Nelson- Kai Chang Felix Corten- Ling Long Red Team: 4/8 JackZRP- Nate Cale Jarvis- Lincoln Continental Pool- Matt Valentine kulaid- Shaq Simmons White Team/Spectators 0/60 This event will rely heavily on staff due to spawning in the gear and teleporting players in.
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    It was another great day! Thanks to @ScarletRose and @yuthee for the great storyline we are having! Thanks to @Sophie (Dont know if its the right profile tbh) for the amazing RP! Never expected it and I love ur jokes Great thanks to @Osaka @Dr Brandon and their crew for carrying me all the way to your camp and taking good care of me. Oh ofcours I almost forgot my boys @Symmetrical and @XenoGovernor - Jack
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    Prices are intentionally high, as I still want people to find stuff and loot in game. Item shop is an optional luxury. Keep in mind that you pay for unlimited number of spawns for an item, meaning I won't make any more money after that initial purchase, hence the slightly higher price. Prices will change over time depending on demand. If I see dozens of people buying balaclavas then the price will rise. I have a script to analyze usage statistics for this purpose.
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    If DayZ Gods allow it Clothing Shop will be released tomorrow.
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    *Matej speaks into his radio.* Why did you take your fellow Chernarussians hostage then just a couple of days ago? At least the Nazis asked the German people before they declared total war... *Matej let's go off the PTT button.*
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    The thread looks really good, love the graphics. Goals & lore are fine itself too. Approved
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    *Zednik holds the PTT* "Hello, my name is Zednik and my friends and I would love to help your town! We can provide all sorts of services, like protection, balaclava sales and ethnic cleansing. Just let us know when and where and well be there man!" *Zednik releases the PTT*
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    Loved the RP from tonight from the following: @Solo @Grimnir @cheeks @DrMax @Dino and @Kordruga. Been a very good day every single day. Proud of you lot. @Aisling, @STAN and @Vulfgang. Loved the RP from you lot, glad our business has been arranged. Looking forward to it lads and lasses.
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    A testament to progress against our current threat.. @Nihoolious @MoodyOG
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    Been a pleasure tonight boys. You know what I'm talking about, decent bit of RP... Wasn't boring, actually enjoyed it. Thanks to @ScarletRose and @yuthee for the interesting encounter, look forward to more.
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    Had a amazing first day with my new character! Thanks to @Lonnonzzombies and his boys for working together. And big thanks to @ScarletRose and @yuthee for the amazing roleplay (as always). Cant wait to see where this is going! - Jack
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    I thought I just created a thread about this Both methods of spawning in clothing have upsides and downsides: Loadout method (receive clothes when you spawn): Downsides: Open for abuse - can repeatedly kill yourself to spawn more clothing. Countermeasure: spawn with your clothing loadout only once every X hours. If you die more often than that, you won't spawn with your custom clothing. Does not allow you to change your look or spawn purchased clothing "on the fly", only when you die, which is a bummer for people who purchase clothing and stay alive for a long time. If you forget to change the spawning loadout before you die, you have to wait even more. Upsides: Clothing doesn't have to be activated from the website, it's always "active". One only has to go to the website to change the loadout. On demand method (spawn each clothing item separately on demand): Downsides: Open for abuse - can spam spawn clothing for other players. Countermeasure: cooldown for clothes that share slot. If you spawn a hat, you cannot spawn any hats for X hours. A lot of clicking after dying when you need to spawn a full set of clothing for yourself. Future improvement: add ability for users to create clothing "sets" that can be spawned with one click. Upsides: More flexible, can spawn clothing and change look of character on the fly, even without dying. Currently I am programming everything for the "On demand method", but should it work badly or mess up the economy, I will look into the other model.
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