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    So I know a lot of people didn’t like the new trailer for DayZ 1.0, so I made this trailer... Hope you enjoy
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    Hello community members, today I will do something never seen before in this roleplay community and actually post a ROLEPLAY compilation.
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    People who complain about hostile RP don't like to lose and have their effort spent on gearing/building/roleplaying destroyed or time being taken by something out of their control. People who do hostile RP love to win over others. This often leads to too much focus on PvP and disregard for quality of role play in order to keep winning. This in turn results in these groups taking it too far and their play style dominating other groups, bordering on harassment and griefing other players. People could care less about their gear and selfish needs and be open minded about hostile RP more considering the setting we are playing in, that would be great. People could do hostile RP in moderation and not initiate on everything that moves because "that's who we are", that would also be great. That's my opinion.
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    I think, for some people, that getting attacked every single time they encounter a hostile group is what gets old. When a passive group who doesn't fight back is around, hostile groups tend to flock to them as easy targets because they know they'll comply or swiftly die since they're not PVPers and that means free frags videos and free gear. After a while the constant attacks, constant initiations and constant " why are you guys always running to RP in debug" gets to the more passive neutral players and they end up either getting mad and posting about it or quitting the server. I have lost several good RP friends due to this because they choose to play passive characters in passive groups and get targeted. Now the ones left wander around in the far reaches of the map to avoid the more dense areas where hostile groups reside JUST so they can RP without constantly getting initiated on. If overly hostile groups didn't always focus on winning or pushing their weight around then perhaps there'd be less animosity toward them. There are more ways to have RP when you're hostile. I like to point to Cerna Liska because they show up and leave sometimes not even with a air of aggression and that sort of RP is a bunch needed breath of fresh air because not every thing that moves needs to be shot and killed. It means bonds, arcs, and stories can be written between players who interact with them. They value the RP they get and the RP they give. There are more ways to RP, there are more options beyond screaming a initiation and shooting. Sure, PVP is fun and gets your blood pumping and your heart going but I feel a lot of the time other more overly aggressive groups focus more on their own fun than the two way street RP is supposed to be and then instead of communicating with the party they just encountered they brag or big dick on the forums. I know there are some who banter and meme about in TS/Discord because "I just gassed that stupid fool lolkekelmao" and it builds this sort of comradery with their friends each time they get together in a group. You can be hostile without ever raising your weapon to scream "HANDS UP OR DIE!" Often times it feels as if, coming from a more passive RPer, that there's no way to appease a overly hostile group or player. It doesn't matter what you say or how you say it they'll find a reason to get upset and angry and end up pointing their guns at you so you have to either comply or die. That is not to say all hostileRP is bad and should be stopped and I advocate for HotsileRP because it IS needed for a RP server. I have had some amazing hostileRP encounters and I loved every moment of them even sending thanks to the players who I RP'd with on more than one occasion. Sadly, those moments often feel few and far between. I believe people who honor and respect the idea and method of RP will work to build a character who can be hostile with hostile motives and interactions but more often than not I see people putting on a slightly different accent and using caricatures of what they believe their characters reasons for aggression to be and jump at ANY chance to show off how aggressive and hostile they are. Almost as if their characters are 2D. Flat. Without any weight or depth to them. "I hate the color purple, you wear purple. HANDS UP OR DIE I'LL TEACH YOU NOT TO WEAR PURPLE." Sort of ideals. Just the way I see it.
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    Didn't get any nice screenshots, videos... but I have some beautiful memories of our minievent: (source: Radio chatter) House middle management be like:
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    I never dismissed HostileRP. As I stated before, I believe HostileRP is of high importance to a RP server and I advocate for it. But I advocate for quality HostileRP, not "dank memes 360 no scope pvp frag" type of RP or "fuk u hands up or die in 2 secs" RP. If when you make a feedback thread, or post it gets greeted with aggression, dismissal and memes and there's no change to the behavior presented then the point is moot. The situation isn't always as simple as "report them." either. I hate filing reports against people and will always try and talk it out because I don't want to see the other party punished. Far from it. I want to build a decent RP encounter. I had a situation recently I could of reported for, could of gotten the people involved in trouble but I didn't. Because I didn't wish to see them punished, I don't want that. If the person can admit what they did was poor form and work to resolve how they interact next time then I don't see a reason to report them for punishment but that isn't always the case. Sadly, feedbacks, reports, PMs or messages often fall on deaf ears to the point people just make light of it or call the person "salty" with "ooc hate" and go back to doing what they were doing before. There's no self reflection. There's no change and there's no "oh, gosh I suppose we did do a piss poor job at RP that day we should try to do better next time." At the end of the day, nothing is different and all that has happened is now the aggressors feel more compelled to be more aggressive to you next time you run into them. In the end, it's easier to scatter out to the less populated areas of the map and chance encounter a small group or solo player and RP with them instead. Because at least then you know the RP will be bearable and workable and you won't get killed for coughing when someone told you to Shut the fuck up and you were "non-compliant." by clearing your throat. I like hostileRP, I like RP and I want to build stories with people who are peaceful, hostile or in between. My thoughts aren't always echoed in this community I feel though.
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    someone make a highway patrol faction to counter these madmen
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    I don't think that's how it works mate. You create a group idea, everyone is allowed to post criticism and feedback on it. That's the whole point of the thread and the reason they are created, otherwise we wouldn't have group threads, just group pages. You as group leader and OP of the thread do not get to decide who can or cannot post here or that you will take feedback only through PMs. This goes for all groups, no discrimination happening here. Also, this passive aggressive attitude where you are always right and everyone else is always wrong and "after you" needs to stop. The whole idea about feedback is that you take it and accept it for what it is and take it into consideration, even if you do not agree, not fight against it like it's an attack on you. Those guys clearly are onto something here and have provided feedback about the groups lore along with external sources backing that feedback. There is no need to be so defensive and outright dismiss peoples opinions as invalid because they are nit-picky or their feedback is inconvenient to you.
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    Remember; This time of year is stressful for alot of people. Take care of yourselves, and remember to take care of those around you. But always make time for yourself. Today, after a passing comment I made in the RPBois teamspeak about an hour ago. I decided to do something Ive always wanted to try. Thats right guys... I'm having a bubble bath, bath bomb, bath salts concoction, with candles whilst eating a mutha fuckin sandwich. LIVE YOUR DREAMS PEOPLE! Show me some snaps of YOU having some YOU TIME!
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    When you're writing a dank lore for your character and you look at memes in another tab. You see a notification for a status update and you click it, it exits your character page and ruins all your progress on your backstory. F
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    @Onyx Also had fun time RPing with you and your gang. Don't worry, things got even more hectic later. @Challenger @OxeN(can't find the rest of your group) Thanks for one of the best hostileRPs i've ever experienced. @Collin1398 Thanks for saving me! I hope it wasn't too hard to hear me. This has got to be my best night on this server (i wanted to go to sleep 2 hours ago but got so hooked i couldn't).
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    Yes. In fact, it happened not that long time ago. The guy (who said "What's up roleplayers", not the shooter) was permabanned.
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    Just want RDR2 for PC so we can mod it and I can RP as a rootin, tootin, shootin cowboy.
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    So on the radio chatters, you need to have at least an hour played in the last week to create a thread or even reply to a radio chatter if I am correct. I think there should be something implemented to where if there is a discussion about the game itself. Such as a lore wipe, you should need to have played the game recently. Not really calling anyone out in general but why should these people who haven't logged into the server in 5-6 months have a say in if we have a lore wipe or not, or a say in any major changes to the game? let me know what you think.
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    What a great night. @yuthee @ScarletRose @Jackfish Had a lot of great RP tonight as usual with you guys! @Laurence Taylor Great RP from you dude! I genuinely never expected to come back, nevermind coming back with a shit ton of meds! @Challenger @OxeN @Jerry Didn't expect to run into you guys tonight! Was a great time in Kabanino, especially that fucking 6 man mexican standoff lmao. @Richard Fisby Dude, I know we didn't meet on the best of terms, but I'm so happy to see your RP has improved massively since we last met. I'm looking forward to running into you more in game! @lowca_ludek Not sure if you're the Igor we met in Kabanino, but if so, had fun RPing with you too dude, sorry we kept you in Kab so long though, things got a bit hectic!
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    Yes, I am sure you are well-versed on the current state of hostile roleplay.
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    Taking a peak in after a 2 month absence has yielded surprisingly good results (if only on the surface); good group variety, solid server population, and a seemingly much more enjoyable game. I must admit, I did not expect this server to make such a quick turnaround but I am happy to see it. With my 3 week winter break approaching I may even get back in game, if only for a little while. Props to DayZRP and Rolle for keeping this place going!
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    This is a question for @Roland Is there any hope for @evanm23 coming back with new Amnesty or naw? Thanks in advance.
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    My 2 cents: It's about respecting peoples time. I don't care about gear. I care about time. I have very finite time to play DayZRP. Note the RP part in the end, which is what I like to do with my time. Out of the exactly 2 hostile interactions I have been a part of - 1 was crap and got reported and got the offenders banned, and the other one was by The House which was "ok". I didn't feel my time was being wasted but I also did not feel it was being respected. It was ALMOST a good scene. So, with 100% of my hostile RP interactions since my return to this community being negative(ish), is it a surprise I see the current generation of PvPers in such a poor light? This is not helped by the evidence videos posted where I can clearly see that the people displayed are not playing here for any other reason but to kill people that aren't even interested in fighting or simply as a way to bully others into doing what they want. Now... before all the HostileRPers start stoning me for calling them bloodthirsty maniacs IRL... I used to be one. Before SA, back in 2013, i played EXCLUSIVELY in PvP Groups - Zagoria Zarmuteki, The iNjacted. But I would not have returned if I would not have left. And I left, originally, because of being disgusted with people reporting people with the clear intention of getting their IC opposition banned from the servers. It's when PvP gets this ugly, that I'd just rather not participate in it. And in reading reports today, I still see so much spiteful commentary and behavior that I am happy I came back to play a heroesque style and get my dish of PvP in other games. TLDR: I came here to RP. Respect my time, and I will respect your desire to PvP. Deal?
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    Here's some 80 Synthwave, melody is place-holder.