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    o7 Moretti Famiglia! Was a damn good run but this group was not heading in the direction it was supposed to and all goals and ambitions were in the wrong places. We had become The Anarchy Famiglia hahah loved the RP with Anarchy but since there was no real way to proceed to have a true mafia with our own business, there was no point in continuing on. That being said, it is NOT because of Kam and Anarchy at all but the general direction RP is being lead to nowadays and how stale and boring it got for most of the people in this group. It was not for us and thus the group will archive until further notice. Cannot run a business in this world and its current state (lack of players, groups, diversity etc.) It was fun, our interactions with all other groups and people were fun but it's time we step down and look forward to 63 coming. Maybe we'll be back, maybe we will never. But as long as we got people connected together in RP, we did our job. Create RP for all those around us and create new connections between players and groups. We are not closing merely because of this big move Anarchy was doing lmao. YES, it made no sense for us to go to a small ass compound like green mountain and not even have our events and business anymore. Stuck in a small place 50+ people with no chance of ever really getting a nice city going cause YES we will get attacked over and over and shit, we are not about PVP every day and I think that is clear, nothing is gonna change no matter what city we go to either way. That being said, as much as we disapproved of this move, we simply used it as an opportunity to see a clear truth that we were not a Mafia doing Mafia things. We were Mafia bending over to any hostile actions or threats towards us and thus, no point in having a business like this if we have to answer to others and cannot find the courage to stand up for ourselves. We are not good at PVP, we strive in RP, we can fight but not every day. We will not fight every day, spawn in rinse and repeat. If permadeath was a thing here, we would have taken a chance to kill big bad wolf groups, but since people can spawn back in and attack every day just cause of this, no point in this kind of story arc. There will be no end to the senseless PVP. Again not the only reason, but a big reason and I ain't fuckin hiding it. People need to remember that there is much more to RP than being hostile all the time. But shit on me all you want if you don't agree, it's just pixels and I do NOT give a sweet sorry fuck about pixels. So let's move on, be yourself, do what you want out there and most important have fun and don't let salt control your pixel lives it's just a game folks. Who cares, we failed, bigger wolves won, bla bla bla life goes on. Love you all and loved my RP with EVERYONE and EVERY GROUP since we came back for this third and perhaps final time... we'll see See you out there from time to time with my other characters. Let's hope 63 (beta) comes out soon eh?
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    *Louie picks up the radio and speaks" "Not even a year in and we are dealing with Hannibal Lector and Joey Thompson the Mothman" "What is fucking next Aliens" "Shit dude I feel like I entered the twilight zone" *Louie releases the PTT*
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    As someone who's gotten sick of reading boiled down summaries of "you think we should be okay with drop weps 10 secs" and "no you want no surprises and peaceful 4ever" -- where apparently the server can only be one or the other -- I'm honestly hoping the Normal, Hostile and Hardcore choices give people some of the tension/paranoia they want back, but also gives people the satisfaction that if they want more active story up front then that's okay too.
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    *The radio crackles to life at 11PM down the Moretti family open comms* *The transmission is cut. Louis' radio would remain silent*
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    Rossiyskoye Natsional'noye Yedinstvo [Russian National Unity (RNU)] is Russian born nationalist organization that advocates for the preservation and advancement of the Russian ethnicity at all costs. Founded during the collapse of the Soviet Union, RNU is heavily against all forms of communism and sees it as the main force that destroyed the once great Russian Empire. In the eyes of the RNU all countries that were once apart of the Russian Empire and subsequently the USSR are inherently Russian even to this day do not recognize their sovereignty. The RNU sees the modern Russian administration as weak and having strayed too far from the ideals that were the foundation of the Russian Empire; the most important of these being the Russian Orthodox Church. Up until the outbreak the RNU sought to reintegrate all rogue nations back into Russia and attempt to radically change the government back to the powerful and respected country that it used to be. The Manifesto of the RNU Witnessing the devastation of the Russian economy and the ensuing chaos fostered by decades of communism, Alexander Barkashov founded Rossiyskoye Natsional'noye Yedinstvo in October of 1990 in an effort to restore his homeland back to its former glory. The new group was very attractive to those who also saw the failure of communism and the recent the decline of Russia and wanted to see major change in their country. By 1993, RNU was already the most populous Russian nationalist group in Russia. The group started to publish a newspaper called the 'Russian Order' which spread their message of Islamophobia, anti-semticism, nationalism, anti-communism, and support for the Russian Orthodox Church. Thousands supported their radical message and entering the new millennium RNU claimed to have over 100,000 members. After repeated attempts at becoming a large political presence and consequently being banned as an official political party, RNU started to provide military training to many of its members in an effort to still hold influence, if not politically, then by intimidation. These paramilitary forces fiercely loyal to RNU were known as the ‘Russian Vityazi’. (Not to be confused with the Russian Vityazi of the Russian air force) PHE Members training in Hand to Hand Combat Over the next decade RNU supplied their members with military training, military grade arms, and sense of belonging to something that would make Russia great again. By the 2010's, while their membership dipped, they were a very sizable paramilitary force. 2014 brought multitudes of action for RNU and Russia as a whole. The Russian military was pouring into the Crimean Region of the Ukraine and RNU along with many other pro-Russian groups were with them every step of the way eager to reclaim the land that they had lost in 1991. There they were greeted with mostly pro-Russian Ukrainians and RNU's own Ukranian satellite group Partiya slov'yansʹkoyi yednosti Ukrayiny (Party of Slavic Unity of Ukraine) who were happy to be back in the motherland. However, not everyone was so happy to see them and many street brawls and even shootouts broke out in the course of the next several weeks. Quickly the 'country' of the Novorossiya confederation, comprised of both the Donetsk People's Republic and the Luhansk People's Republic, was established with the initial president of DRP being a member of RNU. After the taking of the Crimea, the RNU realized the power of having satellite groups such as the one in Ukraine and sent Senior RNU member Vadik Noskov was sent to Chernarus with a contingent of men to establish a RNU satellite group there as well. RNU troops parade a stolen BTR through a Ukrainian town Over the course of the next two and a half years, Vadik worked on locating all ethnic Russian populations within Chernarus and attempted to rally them for his party. He was met with considerable amounts of success and started to work on the next item on his agenda. He needed to get Chernarussian people to support his cause as well in order to have any hope of getting anything major done, so he moved his party's operations to South Zagoria. He figured that people living in Chernarus's poorest region would be more willing to support a much more stable and profitable country such as Russia. Just as in Russia, new members were given routine military training and Noskov started the long process of registering a political party. New members of RNU receiving military training in the Spring of 2017 The coming of the outbreak changed the goals of Vadik's detachment immensely. His men's hearts and minds soared when the VDV landed almost immediately as they hoped this was finally the Russian annexation that they all had been waiting for and this was further seemingly proven when the VDV broke their treaty with CDF and started patrolling south of their designated quarantine zone. However, after the VDV left, and no other known Russian military force entered, it became clear that Russia would for the most part leave Chernarus alone. With new vigor the RNU started to go about the creation of what was once a pipe dream, Novoya Rossiya: a perfect Russian state ruled by a strong, church abiding, government with equal class representation. All would be deterrents to Novaya Rossiya will be eliminated and the sovereignty of Novaya Rossiya would last for generations to come. RNU Members in the first winter after the outbreak SHORT TERM GOALS Determine a suitable location for Novaya Rossiya [Day 370] Locate and use a radio tower in an effort to spread propaganda [Day 365] LONG TERM GOALS Create Novaya Rossiya (New Russia); a place where Russians can live in relative peace until the outbreak ends and they can help rebuild the next Russian Empire [Day 430] Create the local council; a group of people meant to regulate religion and culture in Novaya Rossiya [Day 440] ONGOING GOALS Locate and log all Russians in South Zagoria and offer them protection and supplies Spread and enforce the word of the Russian Orthodoxy Run frequent patrols on the Russian border in an attempt to control who's getting in and who's getting out Deport or expunge all those who we do not as see as fit for living in Russia INNER PARTY 'Kapitan' Vadik Noskov - @PCJames Proclus Azarov - @Jack Rees-Mountbatten Artyom Landa - @Wyoming OUTER PARTY Vitalik Rykov - @RussianPotato Nikolai Dimitrov - @Shazzzam COLLABORATORS Recruitment is done through both IC and OOC means. If you are interested in joining the group or have questions please PM @PCJames this application. If you are a new or struggling rp'er who wants to play with a Russian or Chernarussian accent but just can't, I would love to help you as it opens up so much more doors for rp. Huge thanks to @Taryn for the graphics!
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    *The winds shift, almost unsteadily, as something that departed long ago looms in the background, waiting. Maybe debating....*
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    If anyone has something to say to me, I will happily believe it if it comes in person. Not going by whisper post one to the next, then pass to me. I don't believe in second hand information that just leads to rumors.
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    Perfect ending to my first character. Thank you so much to @G19RP @groovy tonyRP and @CaliforniaRP for the amazing rp. Thank you to my RIptide crew. It was amazing while it lasted. Tatiana has a story to grow, and meanwhile, i'm going to do Guerilla shit. I love you all.
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    Just to be clear, I give EVERYONE permission to initiated on me and do whatever they want.
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    *An ominous monotone voice overtakes the frequency.* “Hello, Moretti Famiglia. My name is Asher, and I’ve been watching all of you closely for the last month or two. You might not know me, but I’ve come to know almost all of you fairly well. You see, I’ve been searching for just the right person in this group, and it seems I have found that person. And by find, I mean killed in a very gruesome manner. You may have known a man who goes by “Louis” in your group. Great guy, really. Had a little chat with him right up until I slit his delicate little throat. Always so insecure of those scars behind his mask.” *He’d chuckle for a bit.* “Let’s just say I went to the next level and ate his whole damn face. That’s mine now. Gave what was left of his head to a good friend of mine, he’s all into collecting skulls and such. If you want to find him, just head west of the western evacuation point and look for the tree with a bloody, leaky body bag hanging from it on a rope. You could probably just follow your nose, it has quite the stench eroding from it. Gave a nice little note on it: “Here hangs a Garlic Fuck”. And just so you know, Louis was only the start. I’m still among you. I’m still watching. Maybe you Mafia people should start using your detective skills, because I already know who I’m taking next. Sleep tight.” *He’d pause, and remember to add something.* “And to a Mr. Terrano, a good friend of mine says to keep on smiling.” *The radio fades into static.* *Upon arriving to the tree described in the frequency, you would see a body bag hanging from the main branch. It is very leaky, and all sorts of blood and fluids dripping off the tip. It is a very horrible sight just in itself, as you can make out the outline of a person’s body inside, hanging by the feet. It smells absolutely horrid. You would see a note on the tree trunk, inscribed “Here hangs a Garlic Fuck”. If you choose to cut down the body bag to inspect it, you would find inside a naked body with all the parts almost intact, if it weren’t for most of the flesh on the arms and legs gone, evident on the bones that a knife was scraping against it. The head is completely missing, and upon further examination you’d see poor Louis’s flat cap among the mess inside the bag. The body would appear to have an impeccable appearance to what you have seen of Louis. After, you would hear the snap of a twig behind you. It is not a delusional crazed cannibal but only a little rabbit scurrying away into the woods.*
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    I... cannot actually believe this crap. It's finally happened. Initiating on people is now by this communities standards considered a form of power gaming. Are you kidding me right now? I thought it had gotten bad before, but now it's literally a joke. Okay... you wanna know why the server is in such a state? I'mma break it down so it's super easy to understand. The rules are broken. You're catering to a slim minority of players who just want happy fun hug time in a survival horror simulator, immediately segregating the vast majority of people who want to play it for what its supposed to be. In doing so you eliminate all the believable RP, realism and integrity that a high standard Roleplay environment should be founded on, to the point it's considered a literal embarrassment to play on, because any situation they get into is going to turn into pure CHEESE because there's that many rule walls to get over before you even get to what's interesting, seeing as folk are terrified to offend anyone now who cannot separate IC from OOC because a badge is gonna drop out of the sky and ban their ass the minute someone goes "AWAH ;_;!". Ever wonder why separating IC from OOC is the first god damned rule of any GOOD roleplay environment? Because if it wasn't it becomes a BAD roleplay environment. You are literally catering to these special snowflakes and the vast majority of people are suffering for it. It's not hard not to KOS, but now there are limitations on the most basic of crap. Nothing is sacred any more and when people are shackled that much you might as well kiss away all possibility of good story, all possibility of fear element, all possibility of immersion because on the drop of a hat all it takes is one guy to take it OOC to ruin it over SALT. Don't believe me? Just look at this place in it's prime. You couldn't get moving for people and now those people are gone or banned. There's nothing left. I am not saying this because I hate this place, I don't. I've met great people here and had great RP's... I am saying it because what made it fun is -GONE-. I cannot roleplay to my full potential because it's hard to even sneeze in a general direction without breaking a rule, or risk cheese in my roleplay. I've had to let go of known cannibal serial killers IC'ly because they wouldn't accept karma after devouring 14 frickin babies. I've had to go back on my characters word over consent. I've seen people who waged war on entire groups, set up for execution in front of 30 frickin people only to non consent and ruin RP for MASSES of people. The way it's set up now supports every form of BAD FORM you could think of and no I am not exaggerating. It's a joke. You have groups of PVP'ers right now jumping between different characters watching different things and forcing people to do different things opposing their other characters just to get hostile RP because they're that damn starved for it. It's went beyond cheese now, it's exploits. It's interacting with yourself by proxy... wtf is that! And I can't even blame them because if they do things the legit way they're gonna get slapped with final warning I can't... even... and the thing is I know it's pointless even saying this. I am not trying to reason with you, I stopped doing that. When a majority pole is IGNORED for personal opinion, it tells me and everyone else all we need to know about how far speaking logic and reasoning gets you any more. But it is what it is right? We should just... roll with it. Hell no. I won't play under these conditions, I refuse to. And I am not saying this because I want to attack you. I respect what you've built, but I hate what you're doing with it. I say it because I care, like everyone else disagreeing with you. As it stands this place is BROKE. We don't want it to be broke.
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    Sometimes I am surprised when @Roland makes "bad" calls, but then I look at how many hours he's played and it all seems to make sense...
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    Rolle.. come on man. This is an apocalyptic survival game why would that even be necessary? Playing this game people should expect to get into hostile situations it shouldn't be something that's frowned upon. You're just protecting the people who whine because they lose there stuff but it's stopping all of the people who want to make things exciting and create interesting story lines in the setting you chose to create a roleplay community in. Also asking OOCly completely takes away the element of surprise which means there's no on the edge moments where you're not sure what's gonna happen because they already would know it's gonna happen.
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    @groovy tonyRP @CaliforniaRP @Taryn
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    Well folks, thanks to RL being crazy I think it's time for me to to take a step away from the community for a while. This isn't a leaving thread because I will be back. In about a month or two things should settle down for me a bit, but until I get to that point I've got a bit of an uphill struggle to slog through. I want to give a big thanks to all the awesome people here I've played with. I'll name a few here, but if you're not named here please do know I'm still thinking about ya. @Taryn thanks for taking me in when I was just a noob who had no idea what the hell I was doing and thanks for being a good friend, even when I'm being a shitty one. @Cosmo You're the reason I'll be coming back in a few months because we both know I can't quit you ;P. @Petrovsky Love you, ya evil bastard. @Cal stay gold Pony Boy. @RogueSolace thanks for all the help with the infection lore and all the good times I've had playing Grieves in y'alls camp. I'll be back in a while like I said, but until then... Stay classy DayzRP.
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    *Checks DayzRP website after a few months of chilling and playing other games, relaxin' " What the. . . What. . . WHAT THE FUCK!? What fucking shitbrain got the bright idea that everyone should go look at profiles to check "Oh, is this gentleman able to be engaged in one on one combat?" NO! That's so fucking stupid that just copying and posting the screenshots killed off 15% of my fucking brain cell count! Did nobody bother to get any of the admins or even ROLLE to read this? I don't NEED to ask someone if they're okay with me robbing them, it's open for EVERYONE to interpret their OWN fun. I . . . I don't think even Beta can save this community anymore. Two thumbs WAY up to the dickholes and cancer-bumms that did this shit. Jesus H Christ, people. . .
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    I think it's a case of case by case. I'm not too sure about the definitive answer as to whether you can rob for gear, but let's say for the context that you can. The staff team want people to have valid reasons to initiate, and not every single interaction with everyone on the server ending up in hostages or gat gat. They want to see progressive roleplay, something that builds up to people having specific reasoning to take Bob the fish monger hostage. The reason I say case by case is of the following: Example 1: I'm travelling alone and just spawned on the coast. Picked up a magnum, and that's about it. I'm low af on food and drink and I'm on the verge of dying. Bob pops along with a giant mountain bag and it's evident that he has stuff in there. I ask him politely to light the fire to keep us warm, them I shove my magnum in his face and rob him for his food and ammunition for my survival. I'd say that's a valid reason to initiate. Example 2: Me and the boys got into a firefight the other day and Lionel needs to regear, and someone needs a suppressor. We come across a big group of people with fuck tonnes of shit, and we decide to take the cunts hostage. Lionel takes everything he needs, backpack, gun, vest, you name it. I take my suppressor, ammo, etc. Even Lenard helped himself to some shit too. I'd say it's an invalid reason to initiate, as you didn't need to take people hostage just to gear one person up and get a few attachments or whatever. Alike the NVFL rule which has a million different aspects to it such as amount of cover, angles, types of weaponry e.t.c, that's how I would judge the rule myself. Just an opinion.
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    Ken Mendenhall and the UPS Animated
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    "Tears pouring out my eyes need a raincoat I know it takes a lot of rain see the rainbow And with pain and pleasure I guess the same goes Now I'm counting the days until my pain goes I know its never goin' 'way I feel way too much inside me Probably doesn't help I feel like no one is beside me I feel I'm holding back and now the inner me is hidin' The more I'm gettin' older feel I'm runnin' out of options I've been ignored I've been counted out Left me hurtin' without a doubt Shit was bad I was down and out I've emerged an I found my route Honestly in a rough spot Making friends is a tough job Intentions are never clear"
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    "You fuckin' punks, I hate you snitches Went against the grain and the game to be fake ass bitches I can't stand fake ass bitches Lyin' ass n****s and you punk ass snitches Time to show these bustas who's boss Run up on a real motherfucker and get tossed"
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    @Solo, @fletcho1 and @Grimnir your mile-high club chat had me laughing so hard, made my night Also, loved the lil trip to the castle with Lady Ella Cert @Spartan and Princess Lo @Brayces!
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    *Jerry picks up his radio and responds.* "And you went on a mad tangent about the dirty foreigners, who came to your country in order to aide it by the way. They sent United Nations peacekeepers and scientists in an attempt to cure this infection that originated in your country. Foreigners have also been helping keep the Russians from invading your oh so glorious homeland. Your words make us out like animals that need to be purged." *He releases the PTT button.*