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    if ur character has a penis pick the male option if ur character has a vagina pick the female option
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    There are only two biological genders, fact. That's what you choose when creating a character, not what gender the character identifies as - you can add that in background section if you feel it is relevant.
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    In Character GOALS Raven Shield Mercenaries Corporation seeks to establish a base of operation, Ravens Nest, within 90 days. The Ravens Nest will become a source for information gathering and business. Raven Shield Mercenaries Corporation permanent goal is to profit from the various people and organisations operating within the borders of South Zagoria by offering them the services we provide. Out of Character GOALS Take the role-playing opportunities that are presented to us to offer an interesting story for people we meet around Chernarus. We wish to be able to work with anyone or everyone at some point due to are neutrality policy. We have never been bandits on our own accord, we strictly work out of contracts. RECRUITMENT Looking to start a new career of profit and glory? Look no further, Raven Shield Mercenaries Corporation is currently hiring more capable soldiers. Send us a message and we will set up an in game meeting or discord meeting for an interview! MOD CONTENT AND ORIGINAL THREADS
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    RP inspires me. Gonna draw all those people I meet ingame. Well, at least try. Here ya go @Watchman, @Phoenix Luca and Caleb are SO ADORABLE Used this for reference since I still got problems with poses n stuff: https://www.deviantart.com/senshistock/art/Kyle-Please-761296593 Edit: Just scaled it down a bit so it's easier to look at
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    Here's my updated Changelog for the Feb Update! Added : - Added around 50+ new Flavor Items Varying from T-Shirts to Military Gear. Short Recap : - Timbalands Boots (Beige and Black). - FUMA Shoes (Black). - Full Black NBC Variant. - Urban Assault TTsKO Pants. - 3 Ushanka Types. - Black Tortilla Bag Variant. - 15 Baseball Cap Variants. - Bone Gloves, Shoes and Tracksuit Jacket. - White Plain Shirt. - Raincoat Variant. - Russian Military Gorka Jacket & Black South Face Gorka Jacket. - Ballistic Vest and T-Shirt with SECURITY print. - 2 Balaclava Variants (Faded Skull & Monster). - 3 New Rider Jacket Variants. - 2 New Bomber Jacket Variants. - 1 Taloon Variant. - 4 New T-shirt prints. - 5 New Hoodies. - Added reworked Smersh Vest (Assault Vest) and added Black Variant. - Added Plate Carrier and Pouches Variants (Green & Black added). - Added Smokable Cigarette (Matches + Cigarette Pack) and Rollable Joint (Paper + Cannabis) - Added the M4 Bayonet & SKS Bayonet back in - Added 2 Special Knife Variants (Hunting Knife & Machete) Fixed : - Fixed Bayonets not having proper Knife Animations Replaced : - Replaced 3 Cigarette Pack Variants with 1 for Recipe and Loot Table Control. _______________________________________ Disclaimer : This is only the items i have contributed to be added/fixed. The other amazing developers have tons of other amazing stuff.
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    On February 8th the peaceful northern countryside of Novaya Petrovka was disturbed by the movement of foreign men and machinery. Unbeknownst to them, the settlement further south was roaring with activity. Survivors trading, scavenging about, killing infected, some even boxing within the town's boxing ring. And as such the noise grew louder, to the point where an assembly had been called to investigate the source of the commotion. By that time those strange men had been notified of the existence of the town and its inhabitants, having not been previously informed by their superiors. The sound of several helicopters could be heard before everything grew quiet once more. The crowd of townspeople numbering around 20 cautiously worked their way north, apprehensive of the prospect of Russian soldiers just a stone's throw away from their homes. While they did not locate the soldiers, they were able to seize the compound that had been left mere minutes before. Sprawled around the yard were stacks of military equipment, uniforms, magazines, ammunition, generators, gasoline containers, tents, backpacks, and everything else that was needed to support an army in the field. Upon closer inspection the adjacent house was full of various supplies that had been dropped off. Gas masks were strewn around a corner next to a shelf, which contained various weapon attachments. Somebody had begun to stock the kitchen with supplies, and as such several potatoes sat in the sink waiting to be washed. A personal radio was also found, along with a conspicuous dossier that held several maps and a white sheet of paper that most closely resembled a set of plans or military orders, which was mostly ineligible due to being in code. Aside from this sheet several maps could be produced from the right sleeve of the folder, containing detailed and labeled markings and descriptions of an unidentified airbase. A map of South Zagoria was also found inside the folder, with several major hotspots and other places of frequent association marked with a blue pen, and the Russian term "ликвидировать" or liquidate alongside. Most alarming was a number of radioactive barrels with depleted nuclear fuel rods inside that were discovered locked inside the barn. Given the rather hurried nature of the Russian departure it was clear that they had not intended to leave them behind. As the survivors sifted through the wealth of items present at the yard a Russian Su-25 appeared in the air above, flying just short of it's intended point releasing a fuel-air bomb which sailed through the air, landing and exploding just short of the distance needed to harm the group of people. The attack jet disappeared and the survivors re-grouped, contacting the CDF's 88th CBRN Company for assistance on dealing with the radioactive barrels and the depleted nuclear fuel rods they contained. The Russian jet repeatedly circled over Novaya Petrovka, buzzing the various gatherings of survivors to make it clear that they were being watched. The waste barrels were brought to Vybor Airbase and stored inside an underground bunker complex, later being properly picked up and disposed of. Ultimately the spread of radiation was prevented and those in the north were mostly saved from crippling radiation sickness. The threat had abated for the time being, but the strangeness did not end with the fuel rods. On the 13th of February a badly beaten CDF soldier ran into Novaya Petrovka, rambling about being abducted by the Russians elite FSB security service before dropping off an encrypted radio that he had stolen from them in his flight. Later that afternoon, this CDF private was awoken by a group of people in a barn near Zelenogorsk. He had been chased south, stalked by those who sought the return of their stolen property. After the civilians calmed him down and helped him change, he was gunned down at range from the treeline, the perpetrators disappearing before they could be unmasked. A small incursion of Russian border troops moved beyond their lines into Tisy Military Base. Shortly following this an intense firefight erupted between the detachment and a group of Saviors. The detachment was mostly eliminated, but more importantly a Russian soldier's cell phone was recovered revealing selfies and various other details of troop movements. Another man known by the locals in the north was abducted off the airfield the day prior, beaten badly, and returned telling tales of little green men questioning him about various groups, numbers, and important locations. Finally, the secretive Chernarussian government's Chernarussiy Otryad Bystrogo Reagirovaniya Spetsnaz units managed to launch a surveillance operation on an early meeting of local Pamyati forces and their presumed FSB handlers. This was proof that a foreign and undercover intelligence operation had been taking place, which brought alarm to those initially shown the pictures. This eventually led to the rather rare issuing of a declassified intelligence report to better educate and inform citizens nearby of the nefarious Russian activities taking place. Reports sightings of troops moving along the border had reached an all time peak, and it seemed that something large was about to transpire. Even now, a secret network of individuals is working to bring the truth by disseminating the above documents to the people of South Zagoria, and make them aware of the approaching storm before it is too late....
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    For what it's worth, the hostile RP encounters we've had with you guys have been good fun. I would focus on RPing with your mouths instead of blasting an anthem down the mic, not only is that incredibly annoying to listen to down a megaphone, it's also just a big 'I'm gonna just leave this situation.' kinda thing. You went to their town, not the other way around. What more could you expect? They've stood their ground in plenty of fights against us, not sure what you're getting at? Difference being we didn't go straight to their front door, where they have easy protection. I'd have done the same thing if my enemies came to my base. If you can RP with your enemies in a safe location, why not? His reply was just fine with the way the situation was presented by yourself. Think about what you're saying and come back with some genuine feedback for these guys to reply to instead of swearing and going off on them, because unfortunately your attitude in this situation is the one that is off. Calm down.
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    Was up people Upon returning to DayzRP I wanted to remake a group that I hold close to me so I got in contact with a couple of OG's and we decided we'd give it a shot and if it doesn't work out we wouldn't ruin the reputation that the group has OOC. We came ingame and I feel in our month run made a impact on the server. We made New Paris which has been great and it's fun and great to see even OOC people calling it New Paris We held a summit which has progressed alot of groups causing unlikely alliances that probably wouldn't of been seen a few weeks ago and most important one for me is we were always thanked for our Roleplay and I'm really glad that people had fun with us and I thank EVERYONE for that The interest of the group has died down and people aren't having that much fun anymore @Nightngale and I wont let the reputation of the group go downhill because people are loosing interest so instead of that going to request /archive on this group. Thanks everyone shout out @Phoenix @TIMELAPSE @Watchman @-CML-NorWayy @YungBrandonRP Plus many many more for the good times and such shame it has come to an end so suddenly and after a short amount of time.
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    Are you kidding me right now? You come into the city, blasting russian music or whatever over your megaphone. Then you talk about how dog brain foreigners have taken over your country and more specifically your city. How in the hell are we not supposed to take that as hostile? We were preparing for some kind of conflict, especially with your past history. We cannot have a civil discussion in public when all your men call us dog brain foreigners and how we are invaders. I’m sorry but it’s not realistic. You know we are in open conflict with Cherno-Russian Nationalist, and to hear you scream what you were saying over the radio is clearly hostile to us. You can come to Novaya to RP, but don’t except us to friendly when all you do is insult everyone in town. There’s a reason why all the civilians ran away when they heard your group on the megaphone. How in the hell can you say that was bad RP? Shame.
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    February 10th: The long road home I wasn't ready to leave this place had become somewhat of a home to me.. to us. We had our orders and each and every one of us would follow it till the end, we knew what we was trying to accomplish was never going to work but The Legion gave us a home and a family that most of us never had. We came to Chernarus as a last ditch effort to make sure the Legion survived, we recruited in country conscripts and it worked for the most part. We stopped a war that was tearing what was left of the country apart and we managed to set up the Region De Napoleon (Why command chose that name I'll never know.) We thought once the conflict was over we'd be able to stay neutral but with little to no support from France or the rest of the regiment we was outgunned and out supplied. We found ourselves struggling to survive not that we'd ever admit it, the locals didn't want us nor did anyone else really. We all made friends here people that looked to us when things got heard and I'd like to say we made a difference here in the time we was here, command kept giving us impossible tasks and the men, my brothers were starting to have many doubts they knew what we was trying to accomplish would end in our deaths and sadly most of them was right. The fighting started taking a toll on morale and I needed to do something fast I asked command if we could fall back and gather our strength in the mountains, command told us if we couldn't hold Chernarus then the Legion would fall. Turned out they was under constant attacks from a unknown force of unknown strength. I gathered the loyal men of 2e CIE we set out the day to reinforce the rest of our brothers in arms in the mountains, we would do whatever it took to guarantee the survival of the Legion. We passed through fields, abandoned towns, crossed bridges all a familiar sight of which they passed through a month prior. Everything looks so grey and quiet we all started to miss Chernarus for one reason or another but as long as we was together our family would always overcome anything that was thrown at us. The men grew tired and honestly so did I, the trek was unforgiving but we knew time was against us and we pushed till we reached the familiar sights of the areas we would patrol a year back now nothing just the occasional infected but even those were a rare sight. February 13th: Rest in peace (https://my.mixtape.moe/izldbv.mp3 turn down but listen) I don't know how to start this entry.. I don't know why I even write anymore what is this all for? Guess I'll start with the most important thing, names. Sergent Nikolai Rykov, 26, Russia. Caporal Chef Tom Ivory, 27, South Africa. Caporal Jack Barns, 27, USA. Legionnaire de 1re classe Sten Ilves, 25, Estonia. Legionnaire de 2e classe Oussama Mbokani, 28, France. Legionnaire de 2e classe Kane Shawn Lewis, 29, USA. These men fought bravely till their last breath, if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be here Paul,Mike, Jayden and Rust wouldn't be here either. They fought till they couldn't anymore, I don't know what happened even till now. We was just hiking back to base and all of a sudden things went crazy we was ambushed, all we had was rocks and little ditches to take cover in. We didn't have the firepower to withstand what was thrown at us but we would never give up Marche ou crève as we was told. Jack Barns was the first to die, the bastards threw a grenade or something it landed right at his feet. Nothing anyone of us could do to save him he wasn't the smartest man but a fine good soldier and will always remember the good times we had, no matter the situations he was always on the front line ready to fight and if necessary die for us. Oussama Mbokani was next, when we was ambushed he was leading the march back home when the first RPG had hit he dove down a little defilade and was covering the left flank. Not sure how long into the fighting it was but Rust noticed he had been hit, a round had caught him in the face luckily he never suffered. Oussama was a good man a little slow but loyal and always followed orders. Tom Ivory, this one got to me the most, Ivory was my left hand, loyal and always followed orders. There wasn't really a time you'd see me with him behind or close by, it was funny people always thought he was the second highest rank. He was my best friend and I am proud to have called him my brother. He was falling back and got hit in chest twice knocking him down. I'm sorry I was by your side when you went down brother. Tom died shortly after he died a soldiers death. Sten Ilves, Loyal as anything he came looking to fight and that's what he did. Sten was quiet but when he spoke everybody listened and me sometimes, he was wise, smart and knew tactics. Sten was providing cover fire as with began falling back him and Kane were the last two to fall back, Sten caught a round to the leg then from what I could see a few to the back he died instantly if it wasn't for him and Kane we wouldn't have been able to fall back. Kane Shawn Lewis, good man and even greater Legionnaire. He was in the Army before joining the French Foreign Legion, he never spoke about it much nor spoke much in general but he was someone you'd want on your side. combining the army training in America and the FFL training there wasn't much he couldn't do. Kane and Sten covered the rear so we could fall back, sadly he had gotten stuck and was unable to move as he was under constant fire. We was going to push back to get him but he refused help he didn't want anyone else dying so he laid down fire and continued for moments more before it all went silent. Rykov, Tough son of a bitch was last to die by the time he finally went down we had all been hit one place or another but he had caught a round to each of his legs and was unable to walk. Rykov gave the order to leave him behind and that he would take as many as he could with him. I left a few of my magazines behind if there was two things Rykov was good at that was shooting and shit talking, he held out for some time not sure how long to be completely honest but it was enough for us to hear the voices of multiple attackers pushing him. Rykov being himself he threw insults in English, French and Russian before dying. These men were my family and everything they did during that battle saved the lives of everyone else. I will miss them all for different reasons but most of all they were the best men anyone could ask to serve along side they are the heros of 2e CIE. We called for backup from command but got not response so either they are gone or they left us for dead either way when we needed help nobody was there to answer the call and my brothers died because of it. Number 7 French Foreign Legion code of honour is "you never abandon your dead, your wounded, or your arms." I failed two of those. I don't deserve to be in command of these men I lead them to that mountain all because I was a Legionnaire till my death. One of the last things I remember before we left New Paris was someone asking what my biggest fear was and my biggest fear came true a few days after "For my men to die and me to survive" I'm hurt and honestly not sure what will happen so I write this so if this is found you can read it. 2E CIE Just before being deployed in the picture Rykov, Jayden , Sten, Jamal, Mike, Tom, Jack, Paul, Stephan and Oussamma along with other 2REP Legionnaires. (I've never really done writing before and never really been good at it but I was bored. Probably do some more entries when I get like this in the future I hope yall enjoy.)
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    After my last (not so good) feedback I want to leave feedback again. I have finally seen a massive change in behaviour and attitude of roleplay performed from this group. Instead of hoping not to bump into you, I would rather stick around. I enjoy the hotspot you guys have created and enjoy talking to you all. As I stated, Pogo, Moody and ToeZ (including others) have made this enjoyable for me and provided outstanding roleplay sessions. Please, keep up the good work. I can tell you guys have improved from my last feedback and done a complete 180°. Kudos to you.
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    *Shepherd swiftly moving through the woods alone, fleeing since the Green Mountain double crossing execution not knowing who he can trust anymore, He stumbles upon a lonely house and decides to take some rest. Shepherd has been very quiet lately, not himself. He takes a breath and begins to talk to himself, strangely.* "We have not spoke much of what's actually happened lately.. have we lads? The day we lost Paddy was the day everything hit home, we're not invisible, things do come to bite us in the ass. Paddy had a real impact on me when he was alive, he knew what was best for us when I wasn't around and when I was, we cracked some damn good plans together. He was a great 2nd in command and an even better friend, we owed our lives to that man. I still.. can't believe he's actually dead, It hasn't felt real until now.. We've fought all our lives.. we pushed our enemies away from their hometowns.. we made a massive name for ourselves, everybody knows us, most fear us and few challenged us. Of all the battles we fought, in the trenches of the north, the cities of the west and in the end it was the damn nationalists with one small pull of his finger changed everything for me. We never got to host a funeral for our dear friend and it haunts me because of it.. it really haunts me. I blame myself for what happened the other night.. Sokol my dear friend, you sacrificed your life to protect me and you would not take no for an answer.. " *His voice raises and he punches the table in rage* "FOOKIN' ZAAAAAAAHID! "Why did I trust a fucking merc, I let him so close to us, its exactly what he wanted. Sokol fookin' knew something was fishy when he heard Zaahid had found an informant who was present during the day of Paddy's execution. He wanted to swap clothing with me and wear a balaclava, to the meetings, pretending to be me. You wouldn't take no for an answer and now your.. dead. Executed in Green Mountain, infront of everybody... it should of been me. What makes the wound ever more raw.. some district members have gone silent since the attack.. are they dead?... or had they a part to play in Sokol's death.." *He looks up and see's Peter West sitting infront of him with his strange human stitched mask, staring at him. Shepherd jumps up and kicks the table over and pulls out his Knife.* P..Peter?! What the fuck! I thought you were dead! *He rubs his eyes hoping to snap out of it but.. he cant* Peter Speaks: "Shepherd, you must go to Berezino.. the s...sss..Spirits ask you to. " *Peter mumble laughs* Shepherd: "Peter, you know I don't believe in those fookin' damn spirits." *For a moment he truly believes Peter is sitting in front of him* Peter: "Shepherd.. *Mumble laughs* "You must go or if you stay on the same path it will be the.. e..ee..end of you." *Shepherd lets out a confused laugh and reaches to shake Peters hand* "Ive missed you, ya crazy fu...." *His hand passes through Peter, he gasps and suddenly Shepherd wakes up.. feels blood dripping from his forehead where he had bashed his head off a large tree fleeing from Green Mountain, he must of knocked himself out on the impact, confused but suddenly strangely focused.* *He zips down his tactical shirt bearing a stitched in Irish flag on the right shoulder, pulls out his cross around his neck given to him by Pope Mickey Mcgee.* "I swear to you Paddy O' Connor, I will avenge your death, I will make the communists swallow their own foreign hating tongues." "I swear to you Sokol Zakharov, I will avenge your death, I will hang Zaahid by his balls from Green Mountains radio tower." *He steps out of the lonely house and begins to travel east, to Berezino... on his way he begins to get flashbacks in his head of the past..*
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    All good things come to an end. This group has been one of my favorites to have the privilege of leading, we accomplished a lot with this group, on the scenes and off the scenes. I have met a solid bunch of lads that I am sure I will forever be discord bud's with. Districts time is over, we feel we have accomplished everything we can with this group and we want to move on to bigger, better things and change up our roleplay. Every single member made a huge impact on the group, there were no slackers, top fookin' lads. I really do hope you follow where we end up. Thank you for your time and effort over the last few months! I would like to thank @Jerry especially, when Jerry came about we were on the lazy side of progressing the group, he suggested we have a leader and make up ranks and organise the group. The very next day the group skyrocketed, we had at least 2 applications everyday since that day, our roleplay massively improved and we really made a District foot print on the server, may it be a good one or a bad one, is up for debate haha. Special thank you to @Challenger and @OxeN and who really pushed districts roleplay to the limits, great guys to adapt to different situations and make it fun for all involved. I would like to also thank PAMYATI, Green Dragons, The Saviors and whoever has been a hostage of the district, for all the interactions we had together, it has been a fun ride. However, this may be the end of District but it is not the end of our characters stories, stay tuned ladies. o7
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    Yes, hello fellow Cherno Russians. As decided by Big-Red-Boi himself I'm the new zombie god. I expect the Developers to make it so that zombies obey my orders in order for them to be of assistance in my holy quest. This means I can KoS anyone I want because I'm RP-ing as a zombie and I want your brains ?. If you want your life to be spared I accept payment in the form of guns. Hippity hoppity your SVDs are now my property ?.
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    You can't just come into someone's thread, leave feedback with an immature bad attitude yourself, and expect them not to call you out on your own faults. If you want to leave feedback on someone's thread, and have them actually take what you have to say serious, then you need to come across in a more polite and chill manner. Saying things like "Are you fucking serious?" and expecting anything but the same in return, is just ignorant and narcissistic. Your feedback couldn't be further from constructive. Novaya was being attacked for weeks by 5 different groups that allied against them. The attacks have stopped due to the peace summit that was held, but when you go into the Savior's town and act hostile while blasting shit over the megaphone, you can expect them to set up and prepare for an initiation. They know the signs of an oncoming conflict. Then you go up to their gates and get upset when they are hostile to you after you've already been hostile to them. That's just ridiculous man.
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    @[email protected]@[email protected] @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@YungBrandonRP Well Tommy and Jonah went out doing what they swore to do, at least that what you all think. I can't thank you all enough for making that what it was. Oh and play bag pipes at the funeral.
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    Today marks my last day in The Saviors. I would be lying if I didn't have problems within the group but I have enjoyed being the right hand to Moody. What me and Moody and made together and done in my opinion has influenced alot people on the server. Good Luck in the next step of The Saviors Story.
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    ahhhhhh @Franny drew this of Luca & Caleb. I'm amazed! Thanks for this! @Watchman
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    What makes someone strong, their morals or doing anything they have too just to survive? Nik a young kid with pursuant determined qualities chased work and the escape from his life at home in California for Chernarus. Originally born in Newark, NJ but needing to move with his grandmother in California due to his parents battling addiction unfit to raise Nik at the time. The move was a drastic change but adapting seemed to be in his nature something he got from moving houses all the time and watching parents constantly hustling for money. Moving once again from California with little money and school help he was able to have a small selection of cheaper schools with decent design and general art classes, something he enjoyed due to the artist in him. Nik was drawn to art through his tendency to experiment with drugs that would expand his creativity and uniqueness of course with a cost, being addiction. Being an experimenter of such mind expanding things causes a person to question everything so philosophy and understanding the laws of the universe was important to Nik. Egypt and the pyramids were always a great question to him as threw these heavy LSD induced trips he would experience symbols, pyramids out his house window, and an all around different reality. Making sanity an interesting thing, Nik not really knowing if it was worth holding onto it. Isn't real power letting go? The move to Chernarus May have been drastic but necessary, even having a place to stay. Nik befriended a exchange student who helped persuade in coming back to her homeland which happened to be one of the school choices. While in Chernarus the infection hits and chaos almost immediately erupts, nobody expects such a things even with warnings. Nik was located at his part time auto shop job when he first had an interaction with the infection, after immediately rushing back to the house he had be staying in Severograd to find the house ransacked of know evidence of where his friend and her family went. Unsure of the land and what to do he ran into the woods south. Resting in small abandoned houses for the first few weeks, food was scarce. Not running into anyone made hope hard to find until he met the wrong people In the night ambushed and beaten Nik was dragged into the woods and up to a stone castle broken down from years of history. Broken down and robbed of everything barely holding to the only thing he had which was life. Laying on cold stone Nik crawled out of the castle and down the hill, rolling most the way until hitting a dirt road. A day passed and Nik woke to rustling of leaves until he saw a face pop out of the bushes next to him. Eager the man approached and said his name was joe and that he was cool, urging that Nik had nothing to worry about. Seeming to already know the situation before Nik had the chance to tell him he said we’ll get em don’t worry. Back on his feet thanks to Joe the two traveled and did what they had to until they thrived, there were twists and turns different people to be met and a whole new world to re learn. After finding hubs of traffic which consisted of like minded individuals and the mentally unstable mostly.Time passed, living got somewhat easier, not easy but definitely easier. People responded to strength, confidence, and whoever the most supplies it seemed. The two learned overtime that in the back of your head you always have to have the thought of whatever that person has is actually mine unless he himself is strong enough to stop me from taking it from him. A mentality Nik and Joe learned as different scuffles broke out between people. Often people would leave towns to never be seen again, the two decided they wouldn't end up like that. Whoever tests someone's strength first is the teacher and the teachers usually in charge right? Groups started forming, war started erupting, it was die or pick a side and things got complicated as they seem to always do. New people came into the mix but when war erupted between groups of people who you would think instead fight the infection rather than each other, people started scattering including Nik and Joe. The two finding new groups of people to try and work with. Not really knowing a direction the two decided to follow the already present leaders of this new world, for now. Things started settling numbers were dwindled and even more people died as the infection raged on. People selfish and lost fought each other seemingly guided by the wrong people. Why did people of this new world consider these people strong? Because they were military, cops, people of power in the old world? Everyone is capable of being just as strong and people need to believe it themselves. People need the right guidance, in philosophy the jackal is the one who guides the deceased in the afterlife, spirit guides. The time we live in now is no life it's after the fact. Nik and Joe both had the same mentality not wanting to abide by people who think they could protect them because death was always around. Why not find inner strength rather then look for it in this new world, this afterlife. Having mutual friends Joe and Nik found each other once again in the fray but this time decided they'd lead themselves with the like minded people they had met. Strength isn't in the numbers or your leaders, it's in your thoughts and your mentality and we’ll teach it to you. Short Term Teach our philosophy Rid the weak Disrupt groups of military so one can learn how to be an individual Acquire information on neighboring groups Long Term Establish a home for those who fit Establish an income of resources to thrive and conquer Nik Khaos Joe Dewski Derek Green Bobby Sullivan Matty Mayfire Sassy Sullivan Yuan Ling Recruitment: PM NIk and explain why your interested in joining Thanks Watchman for the graphics
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    Noah walks, slowly through the marshlands of northern Chernarus. The white SPG Gas mask fit tightly over his head. He looks to his left and sees Artyom in his newly all black gear walking behind him. Noah smiles at his ‘guide’ who is apparently falling behind. As he does Mouse appears behind Artyom, her black leather jacket shines over the crisp Chernarussian sunlight. Her curves outlined by the layer of haze, defining her shape that Noah knows too well. His eyes grow soft behind the cracked Gas Mask glass. Noah continues forward, his feet struggling to walk straight in the marsh. The muffled sounds of the water splashing around him are suddenly flushed out and taken over with the sounds of a large horde of Infected below him. Noah suddenly is hit with this overwhelming smell of death and blood. Noah looks down at his feet and he is standing on the edge of the North West Airfield Factory complex. His combat boots are now replaced with Dress shoes and his White pants are clear in the noon time sunlight. His face is less constricted now and the gas mask is suddenly gone from his face. A enormous wave of guilt suddenly hits Noah, he struggles to remain upright on top of the 6 story roof. His hands begin to shake as he can hear Toes screaming for him behind. Noah begins to subconsciously mutter “Im sorry, Its my fault” As he begins to step forward as if robotically controlled to do so. His leg dangles over the edge as pebbles fall down the 6 story drop onto the infected below. Noah feels a immediate grab on his shoulders as he is pulled back onto the ground. His body shuts down, his mind going completely awake and aware of his current form yet his body contorts and shifts into unnatural body shapes. The unidentifiable man above him screams in some African voice “Da man is having a Seizure!!” Noah shakes and mutters words he cannot understand as he begins to slowly fall into the metal roof he has fallen on. His mind completely unaware. When Noah opens his eyes it is to the sight of a Pamyati gunman in full battle gear. Noah is sitting inside a courtroom, a place he knows too well. However he is not in the defense chair, rather the witness stand. Noah blinks slowly as he watches the Pamyati put on a formal dress jacket over his Gorka uniform and begin to ask him closed questions in a sharp angry tone. “Is it true that you caused your wife to consume massive amounts of painkillers?!” Noah sinks at the question and neglects to answer. The Pamyati restates the question in a faster more aggressive tone. “Is it true that you caused your wife to consume massive amounts of painkillers?!” Noah again neglects to answer, his voice escaping him. This time the ‘Lawyer’ is screaming at him and as he does Noah hears a familiar voice call Objection in the Defense side of the court. Noah peaks over to see Skip, the Novaya Lawyer trying to save his ass. Noah remains his feeling of extreme guilt, his face looking worried as he continues to look around the courtroom. Noah sees a Kamanici in the way back of the court, the Chernorussian holds a gun in his hand, aiming it at his darlin’ wife. Noah's guilt is suddenly flushed out with rage and he reaches for his handgun. He feels the 9 Mil in his pocket and grabs the Pamyati in front of him, throwing him as a human shield. Noah suddenly cannot see well as he holds onto the frightened man, a thick level of fog has suddenly replaced the illuminated court house. Noah begins to panic again, throwing the hostage he has taken around him keeping the shield. Suddenly gunfire erupts from above him, a large tower used to control Aircraft has erected itself 100 yards from him. The bullets ring past his head as Noah cowards behind the hostage he has taken firing his handgun back at the attackers. His hands shake as he begins to feel light headed and faint, He hears a loud deafening scream of a Irish woman and blood splatters over Noah's face. He looks down slowly, not minding the gunshots now ringing all around his head. Noah holds onto the hostage he has taken, bloody and limp, the man he took is no more, replaced by his own wife in his arms, dead. Noah is shaking even more, his hands cannot hold onto the handgun and his legs begin to lose strength. Noah drops the gun, then body, then his own weight. He falls to the ground for what seems like a hour before feeling the impact of the concrete on the side of his jaw. His eyes quickly close as a result of the pain. Noah's eyes open, his breath is lost as if he was just running and his body is shaped in a uncomfortable manor. The bed he lies in has the covers kicked off him, something he undoubtedly did in his sleep. He feels his cheek, knowing something should hurt for some reason, a fall maybe? Nonetheless, he is wide awake and slowly gets himself up. His legs are sore as he places on his jacket and pants. He looks at his wife in deep sleep on the bed where he once lie, she has become used to the night terrors he experiences and can even sleep soundly during them. Noah, after grabbing his jacket and radio, lights a cigarette with his match box. His face illuminated by the soft glow of the cancer stick as he allows the smoke to cloud around his face. Noah's expression shows only restlessness and regret for whatever he dreamed about. He would then open the door and slide quietly out of the room. Noah's shoes begin to walk him down the stormy streets, his face pale and smokey. Noah turns on the radio he strapped to his belt and listens to the 'Nightly News'...
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    Alright so since my last not at all appriciated feedback for the Pamyati, @Pontiff wanted me to go on here and do one for you lot. Without further ado, let's take it from the top and get started. Song's alright. Not my style personally but I can get behind it. I don't know if it goes well with the style of the group tho. Then again, who the hecc am I to critisize someone's bloody music selection. Pretty nitpicky tbh. All the graphics look really neat, loving the style personally and it goes well with the group I think. Now let's dive into the story. All in all I think you did a good job. It's nothing exactly extraordinary if I do say so but it's solid nevertheless. Just some peeps who want to do good but in the face of danger rather don't wanna risk loosing their head over. Standard survivor group to be fair. Not saying it's bad stuff though. I understand that making a survivor group unique is a very challenging task. The writing overall though I found to be nice to read. However, it does get a little long in the end of sections to be fair so I found myself just automatically skipping some of it. With the lore behind us, let's check out the goals. Now it's always good to have changing and constantly updated goals. As well as that, not being focused on one style of RP can be good but it boils down to how well your members can handle rolling with the flow. But it usually creates an interesting dynamic. Now just like with the last thing, I'll be going over every goal and commenting on it. However, I won't be commenting on "Mini goals" so to speak which are more focused on helping individual character out as there I think are in most cases pretty nice to have. Maybe in a seperated section from the main goals but definetely good to have. "Protect our family from harm and secure a future for ourselves." - Pretty obvious that. Fair enough. "Take care of traitors, nuisances and people who wrong us in any creative way we seem fit." - It's good to see for once that a group doesn't just go on this "Kill everyone that opposes us" freakshow run. Torture them, warn them, scorn them. Whatever. Again though, down to the individual handling of the situation if this is a good or a bad thing. Because you can say that all you like but if you actually just kill everyone regardless, doesn't make it fun for anyone really. "Maintain decent relationships with allied or befriended groups." - Also again, a no brainer to be fair. Keep your friends close, all that stuff. Again, fair enough. "Collect vital information and whereabouts on all current associations and groups in the region." - Information seems to be the interest of every group nowadays. Can't scorn you for it but I can't say it's great either. "Research anything possible about the new type of flu epidemic and find definitive treatment." - Nice to see a group take a lowkey ingame meme and turn it into a goal. Good banter lads. +1 "Befriend other survivors that we can benefit from." - Include the whitenames. Nah, jokes aside, including the bois and gorls without a group into this, like myself, is neato. Good one. "Gather Intel on the Chernarussian Nationlists that captured us and tortured Hayden." - Smh just check the logs and see who stabbed the knife into her leg like wtf. Nah, but good example of a dynamic goal. Nice one. Now onto the OOC goals. "Bring an immersive style of RP to the servers that will create many lasting memories." - Fairsies. Always improtant to try your best. "Focus on different varieties of rp (friendly or hostile depending on your relationship with us)." - Already touched on this. Can end good or badly really. "Take new roleplayers under our wings and guide them along their way." - Nice to shift the focus teaching new guys how to RP properly. Even if you are a weird bunch ICly and maybe a little offputting and overwhelming for a newbie perhaps, I'm sure that a survivor group who wants to get new people into RP properly is the best kinda group to be doing it. Neutral introduction is an important thing. "Create and maintain lasting friendships with eachother ICly as well as OOCly." - Njaw, big cute. Fair enough, nice goal. Wholesome. And yeah, that about sums it up. Overall, nice group. I already had the pleasure of running into you lot here and there and I gotta say you're all making stuff fairly interesting most times I come around. Regardless though, I only got one thing left to say. Kenneth, you're an absolute melt but also and absolute legend. Love you. Peace!
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    It's a public thread and as such, I can reply if I see fit. I look forward to a group thread coming from these 'nationalist' characters you seem to be playing, because I'm sure others have some feedback for yourselves. Lay off with the attitude in future feedbacks and I'm sure it won't attract such attention.
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    @ScarletRose @Roman @Sophie @Smixxa @Jackfish What an interesting little group we had today. @Wong @Nightngale How you did not end up shooting us was amazing. Thanks for the RP from you and the rest of the guys there too. @Onyx Don't hate me. Pls. The three guys in GM. Wrong place wrong time. Was fun nonetheless.
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    "Our mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." The Foraye into South Zagoria The Legionnaires of the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment were sent into the heart of the outbreak as a last ditch effort to stabilize and ease the conflicts within the war-torn wasteland. As well as to secure a land and territory suitable for the regiment in the Black Mountains to establish themselves with the threat from unknown forces in the north growing by the days. This was unsuccessful. The men were faced with constant attacks and brutality to seemingly no end. Sous-Lieutenant Jamal Moore and the other men of the small force were seen as foreign trash and invaders. Regardless, they persevered and followed the missions given to them. The establishment of New Paris and the Région de Napoléon was completed, but to little success. It quickly became apparent to the men that there was little-to-no chance of reasoning with the volatile forces within South Zagoria and they began losing hope. On top of that, the few men available began doubting the competence of their commander’s orders and drew closer and closer to deserting by the day. Realizing this, Moore sent a plea to the regiment in the north, requesting to return. This was reluctantly granted. February 9th 2019 The small band of Legionnaires departing New Paris for the final time The Legionnaires of 2e CIE were left worn and beaten, but they would follow orders one last time if it meant returning to their fellow Legionnaires and face the constant attacks in the Black Mountains. On the 10th, the men packed what few supplies remained and began the all too familiar march back to the Russian border. This trek was deceivingly peaceful till they reached the mountains. The areas and trails that were once populated by FFL patrols seemed baron and quiet. No matter, the men continued on and found themselves silently pushing through a tight and rocky valley trail. With the absence of the aforementioned patrols, this familiar area put the men on high alert. Before any of them could question this position, they found themselves under heavy fire from an unknown group of assailants. The Bloodshed https://my.mixtape.moe/izldbv.mp3 The few remaining 2e CIE bravely returning fire This barrage of gunfire marked nothing but the realization of every Legionnaires’ fear. They were heavily outnumbered, out gunned, and out positioned. The men had fallen into a textbook ambush with nowhere to advance or effectively return fire. The small squad ducked behind rocks, dove into crevices, and others couldn’t even make it that far. Many of the men were immediately struck with enemy fire, but continued fighting to the best of their abilities. A select few of brave Legionnaires were immediately killed. They hailed to command for reinforcements, but were just short of ignored and abandoned. With no option but to retreat, Moore made the call to flee back south. However, they would never leave the wounded brothers to fall alone and continued fighting for moments more. Sergent Rykov, along with a handful others, were among the wounded and incapable of retreating. In a moment of selflessness, they demanded the capable Legionnaires fall back and not die for this vain mission. Legionnaire Jones hailing for support, to no avail The Return to the Wasteland As the remaining men quickly fell back, they could hear nothing but the sound of their wounded brothers buying them time. These short and sporadic exchanges would only be heard for another few moments, but long enough for the men to escape. This ambush and loss of brothers was the ultimate breaking point for the Legionaries of 2e CIE. They were left abandoned, alone, and defenceless. The regiment in the mountains were either dead or gone. Either way, they felt betrayed. With no other option, the men returned to South Zagoria, crossing the Russian border one last time. Upon re-entering Chernarus, they quickly stripped anything that could identify them as FFL. They no longer had the supplies or manpower to face the conflicts that would accompany their return. So, unanimously, they voted to continue their lives without the shade of the French. They were broken, forgotten, and betrayed… The Fallen Legionnaires: Sergent Nikolai Rykov Caporal Chef Tom Ivory Caporal Jack Barns Legionnaire de 1re classe Sten Ilves Legionnaire de 1re classe Paul Froyer (M.I.A.) Legionnaire de 2e classe Oussama Mbokani Legionnaire de 2e classe Kane Shawn Lewis Moving Forward With no direction or mission, the brothers felt almost lost in this land that they had been calling home. They no longer identified with the Legion, France, or any military structure. For the first time since joining the FFL, they were free to do whatever they wished. Naturally with the diverse, and sometimes troubled, backgrounds of the men; they had mixed opinions and aspirations. However, even with this complexity, they knew they had to preserve the brotherhood they had built with blood and survive in the name of the fallen comrades. Although, this could no longer be easily achieved with the heavy loss they had sustained. They had to grow their numbers with more like minded individuals. Those individuals came in the form of Vadim Salko and his small band of radicals and misfits. Unlike the former Legionnaires, these men had been shapen and proven by infection from the start. They were no military group, nor did they have any structure to them. They were the definition of troubled. However, they also found themselves losing more and more of their tight knit group and desperately needed the same as the former FFL. Supplies, numbers, and means. Some of Salko’s men obtaining supplies These needs, along with their similar desire to live to their own wishes, brought the two worn groups together. They were naturally hesitant and anxious about each other at first. Salko’s group knew the danger of foreign militaries and had heard of the actions of the FFL. And the former Legionnaires knew better than to trust groups like Vadim’s. But, since neither wanted to perish in the wasteland, they mostly settled their differences and molded their brotherhoods into one. Who Are We? Simply put, this a band of broken, but tested individuals from all walks of life. There are the men of the Legion with their experiences in military practices, but also troubled backgrounds. Then there are civilians, Chernarussian and not, who have survived by all means necessary since the infection first spread and the chaos that followed. However, these men are no longer bound by any forced moral code other than their own. They plan to and will persevere by all means necessary and protect their brothers, new and old. Every man in this group would willingly die for the brother standing next to him and trusts him with his life. They have been pushed and beaten by this new world and won’t stand for it any longer. They live by no code or structure. Every man has his own goals, missions, and desires. They are truly remnants of the lost world. Immediate Source enough firearms to keep our brothers protected and ready for any conflict Recruit like-minded individuals that can be freely accepted into the brotherhood and provide valuable skills Find a secret location to call home Make a name for ourselves Gather valuable intelligence that we can act on or sell to other groups resulting in us being very informed on current affairs Strengthen the bonds between brothers and certain groups through a devised system Long Term / Never Ending Broaden the skills of each individual group member whether it be combat, medical or communication based Investigate the group in the north Discover the fate of the rest of the regiment Aid those oppressed by hostile gangs Maintain the name we make for ourselves (More will be added with future interactions) Remnants of 2e CIE Jamal Moore Jayden Simon Stephan Cree Mike Wyatt Rustin Jones Peeve Hippie Vadim's Street Rats Vadim Salko Salavdi Musaev Krystof Sudek Jack Dalton Abel Kain Anzor Azhiev Vyacheslav Jaska Recruitment If you are interested in joining, send a PM to Nightngale with the information below. Age: Location/Timezone: At what times are you most active: In game name: Character backstory: Previous groups/clans: Why would you like to join?: Feedback Met our group in-game? Want to give feedback? Then feel free to PM Nightngale with this format: Server, Date, Time: Where: Names: Small description of the event: On a scale 1-10, how much did you enjoy the encounter? What was the best thing about the encounter? Anything we should improve on?
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    Oh my! Thank you so much everyone! Honestly didn't expect that much feedback! o.o
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    Congrats on the sex change. It's really empowering to the LGBTQ community to see you go public with this.
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    So how 'bout them zombies huh? One of the kind-of-immediate changes with the last update to DayZ was the zombie buff. Once I was able to kill 13 zombies with a 12 round makarov mag, yea I'm that good, but now it takes upwards of 4-5 shots with that to kill them. M4's also take 2 shots now. At first I was kinda upset about this, because, you know, zombies pretty much seem like an after-thought in this game, even in public servers. In some ways I like that the zombies are tougher. They are now more of a threat, teaches ammo conservation, risk vs reward, teaches you to better prepare yourself when going into a town, etc. My only gripe though is that yes the zombies are tougher, but they are still the same speed and can see you from a kilometer away it seems. Slower zombies, even a tad bit slower like enough to outrun at least, would be a nice element to help balance this out. Or maybe even different speeds of zombies with different health pools each. I'm also a fan of a zombie boss at Kamensk, but we can all dream right?
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    Here's the stuff i'm contributing to the Feb Update... Soon TM
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    Kinda feeling like mad shit lately. Back around late July-August of 2018 I overdosed. Don't talk much about it because I was pretty embarrassed and ashamed up until recently when I became more open about it. Came pretty close to dying. Obviously, didn't and spent a couple of months in rehab on and off and after some tests and post examination and follow ups with doctors, I was initially told I was very lucky and that there wasn't any readily apparent long term effects to it outside of the obvious. I was incredibly lucky as I had friends around me at the time that almost immediately knew what was going on. I was relieved at the time but that original prognosis might have been inaccurate. My short term and to an extent my long term memory are going to absolute shit and it's incredibly noticeable to myself and people around me. Reading things over and over again and find myself reading the same lines for minutes at a time, trying to recall something from not too long ago or something I said just minutes before, losing track of where I am in a conversation constantly, it's just so fucking frustrating. Going to check back in with the Doctor sometime this month to see if there's anything to be done but I fucking doubt it. There's been a couple of occasions where I have literally been mid conversation with someone and my mind wanders and blanks so hard mid sentence I forget what I was saying, what we were talking about, and what was even said in the first place. And I have a very noticeably harder time focusing on multiple things at once. Multitasking feels borderline impossible. If i'm typing something and someone's trying to talk to me in Teamspeak for instance, I legit just don't hear them half the time and the other half of the time I tunnel vision hard until i'm done typing and literally can't respond. Frustrating and scary at the same time. I've suffered from mental illness most of my life, as it runs in my family on my mothers side, but this is still very new, possibly permanent, and therefore fucking terrifying. It's very worrying to occasionally scroll through my phone and see texts I sent to people or calls I made that I don't remember that happened on the same fucking day. Don't do drugs kids. No, not even the really cool ones.
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    How many were they? Chernarussains you say? Are there more people who were attacked by them? If so how can I reach potential other victims? Maybe make a radio call? Should I go around that area next time? Maybe I check around a trading spot and ask people if they made the same experience? Maybe I can gather people to grow and be able to defend myself? I could be more careful next time I meet natives? Why are they so angry? Is there a reason behind all that? Maybe I find someone who can explain that to me? Are they only operation in that area or elsewhere? Do they have Enemies? Did I manage to see what they looked like? Am I able to identify them next time? Did they use any names? Are they part of something bigger? What can I say next time I meet them? Should I prepare? Do I need to warn people about them? It is role play. Don't be close minded.
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    "Eirinn go Brach" The Irish Republican Brotherhood routes trace back to the 19th and 20th Century and played a pivotal role in the Easter Rising in 1916, however, dissolved shortly after in 1924. The creation of the new IRB in Chernarus, was founded by Shepherd and Michael, after the assassinations on multiple District Leaders. They founded the IRB for the protection of the Irish population in Chernarus, creating their own Irish Catholic Church, setting up a sanctuary for the Irish. The group's objectives and mentality can be changed depending on what is happening in-game, e.g. if a new British Organisation arrives in town, the IRB will gather intelligence on them, or if there's a massive increase in drug output, we will put an end to that. The survival of the Irish Population is key to this group, anything that could harm Irish Civilians, or the IRB themselves will be met by force, we will not bow down. Ryan Shepherd (Ryan Shepherd) Michael O'Connell (Challenger) Kieran O'Hara (Banshee) Jerry Joyce (Jerry) TBD (brk) Awimba Muncho (Oxen) TBD TBD TBD Patrick McAllister (SquidProQuo) Frankie Begum (Biiddy) TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD Father Micky McGee (Cuchulainn) - Ensure the survival of the Irish Population | [indefinite] - - Recruitment of local Irish Civilians into the IRB | [indefinite] - - The enforcement of Irish Catholicism on Chernarus | [indefinite] - - Create Hibernia, the Irish Sanctuary | [Day 575] - - Find out information of Zihaad and Sergey | [Day 630] - - Find out information of the killers of Paddy and Sokol | [Day 670] - - Recruit a Fenian Spy Network [0/10] - Have a group that focuses on different types of RP and gives out a variety of RP - - Come up with unique and different RP to keep the group interesting - - (Try to) raise the bar on our RP by having actual reasoning behind the actions we are doing - - Having fun together - SOONTM Recruitment is currently OPEN We are only looking for Irish Characters (Other recruitment will be done IG) Send a PM to @Banshee , @Ryan Shepherd or @Challenger using the format below; Credits: @OxeN - The backstory @Banshee - Graphics and formatting @Ryan Shepherd- Being good people
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    I logged in right in the middle of a gunfight, put my hands on my head, and hit the ground. Waited until I was given the all clear and then got the heck out of Dodge only to be trapped by two zombies in the next town. Yes, I died. I think I would rather have been shot, lol. It is kind of funny.
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    Hello there community I have something to confess. I have kept a secret from you cos I am selfish, but no longer. Turing the infection BOOM I managed by accident figure out that softskills have been implemented into DayZ and here is how it works, kinda: On the left side of your screen, when you open your inventory with TAB, you can see needle and hammer... - When you only hatchet the trees and make lot of fires, your bar on the left side of the screen will lean slowly towards hammer - If you repair clothes, it will lean towards needle Now I do not know what the skill will be once it gets really close to needle. When it gets close to hammer, you will produce double the amount of resources when chopping down a tree, illustrated below. CAUTION: once you choose which one you want to increase, you cannot do the other one. Cause as soon as you mix it up it will reset the bar in the middle. I presume it was done so players would work together and to get all skills in one group, there would be need for cooperation. Otherwise one person would max out all these skills. Thank you, hope it helps you out and I hope someone figures out what happens when it gets close to needle ?
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    Hiya @Roland! I reported a post from a staff member. At the time, the post in question was up for around 15 minutes or so I believe, which means that the edit was not a "last minute" fix but rather the member acting upon the reported post. The comment was a clear unnecessary post. With unnecessary posts, it's known that members receive one caution had they not used a caution in the past. If they had, punishment would be 3 points as usual. Whenever I looked at the thread again later, I noticed that the staff member had edited their post to make it not an UP. They were never cautioned or warned for the post but instead got the chance to edit it & alleviate their post. Why are staff members given the chance to edit their post as opposed to receiving normal punishment but community members are not? That seems pretty unfair. I would only like to receive an answer from Rolle himself. Thanks! Update; To say that you can't act on it since there is "no concrete evidence" is silly. You can see clearly that the post was edited most likely after the post was discussed in #staffgeneral. To back up this claim, you yourself can read the chat and see what the outcome was decided for the post. It was obviously marked, but the point is that the staff member was allowed to edit it and have no punishment. On top of this, you can see the staff member viewing my profile around the time that the post was reported. This, again, backs up my claim that a. the staff member was allowed to alleviate their post + b. it was not a "genuine" edit as they viewed my profile after it had been reported and had the time to edit their post to circumvent any repercussions.
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    The Ambush 2e CIE was walking down the trails everyone was relaxed talking amongst each other. Everyone was tired but they all kept pushing, Mbokani and Barns were up front taking point they were laughing and joking around as they normally did. Out of nowhere an RPG flew over their heads, everyone took cover Mbokani, Lewis, Rykov,Simon and Wyatt all dove to the left while Rust,Ivory, Sten, Stephan, Moore and Froyer took cover behind boulders and in ditches. Moore was towards the back but pushed to the front where Rust was and told him to jump on the radio to contact command for support. Rust quickly acknowledged the order and requested back-up, no answer, he tried again. Moore told him to send a SOS broadcast in case there was any allied units in the area. Moore looked up to see Barns pushing forward as he moved towards the next piece of cover a explosion erupted where he once stood, everyone all looked on screaming his name to see what his condition was. After the dust settled down just enough to see that his body was in multiple places and he was no longer with them. Mbokani covering the left flank was firing his rifle non-stop screaming words in every language he knew, he had been hit in the left leg and was bleeding heavily but Mbokani kept fighting. Mbokani was down to his last magazine when he peeked out of cover and two shots hit him one to the chest and one to the heart, He slumped over eyes still open blood staining his uniform. Everyone knew that they was surrounded but they kept fighting 2e CIE never surrendered, Rust shouted at Sgt.Rykov telling him they needed to move. Rykov looked over to 2LT.Moore awaiting orders, Moore tells them they need to fallback if they didn’t they’d all be dead. Ivory threw smokes to give them some sort of cover everyone moving back Ivory took a couple of stray rounds to the chest he fell down to the ground his breath being knocked out of him. He coughs up blood and pushes himself up using his gun as a makeshift crutch, he falls down next to Rust knowing his time was up he gave him whatever magazines he still had. Rust and Ivory exchanged words before Ivory’s body went limp. Rust screaming and peeked out of cover which lead to him getting hit in the shoulder. He took cover packed his wounds and kept fighting. Moore kept fighting alongside Rykov both watching as slowly one by one their men, their brothers fell all fighting. The enemies fire was coming to a stop the hill and road ahead of them full of bodies from their attackers, they all take a breather counting their ammo. Moore took the chance to get everyone to fall back, Rykov, Rust and Stephan were the first to move reaching a stone wall Moore and Wyatt moved next all was quiet they thought they either won or the enemies retreated. Next to move was Simon and Froyer as they was moving to the wall Froyer got hit in his side knocking him down a hail of bullets was followed by the enemy force and the Legionnaires who was trying to give Simon cover while he dragged Froyer to safety. Sten was on the other side of the trail he opened fire on the enemy taking a couple down before getting hit in the head, that was the last time anyone saw him. Lewis being the remaining Legionnaire was pinned down Moore tried contacting him over the radio shouting at him to fall back however every time he tried to move he was met with heavy fire. Lewis knew that if the Legionnaires tried to come back more would die so he told Lt Moore that he was going to hold the line giving them more time to retreat back to a town that was in the distance that could give them more cover and a better fighting chance against the enemy force. Moore reluctant knew there was no other way without loosing more brothers, thanked Lewis for his sacrifice told him to give them hell. Lewis held the position while the Legionnaires fell back with their wounded, his radio was stuck down and firing could be heard over the radio and in the distance they heard Lewis run out of ammo and as he prayed the enemies voice could be heard before several gunshots went off and Lewis went silent. They reached a small village Rust still trying to get help over the radio, Simon giving first aid to Froyer their enemies was pushing up to them from the hills and road Moore looked at his men trying to think of a way to get out of the situation they was in. every time he would close his eyes all he would see was his men dying and him still being there alive. The fighting had been going on for ages but for them in that moment it felt like it had only just started, the sun was going down and the men were exhausted. Froyer was hurt and couldn’t move, Moore had been shot in the arm, Rust had also been hit the shoulder while Mike and Rykov had been lucky. Rykov went to move when a round hit him in his side then another in his hip, he screamed in pain and Moore rushed over to try and aid him. The other Legionnaires once more opened fire this time at a slowly rate as ammo was running low, Moore pulled Rykov behind a building “Look at this Rykov why’d you have to go and get hit for” he tried saying jokingly but both knew that time was running out and Rykov wasn’t about to let the Legion fall. “There was nothing you could have done here, Lieutenant.” He coughs up some more blood before wiping it “You did the best you could I’m glad to have served with you and the rest of the men”. Moore keeps a straight face and replies bullets flying over their heads and some landing just short of where they was at “Rykov I need you brother come on don’t you dare give up on me now you tough son of a bitch” Simon ran over and explained that Froyer was unable to move and if they did move him it would cause more damage. Rykov looked at Moore “Leave Froyer and me here we’ll hold these fuckers back. Don’t let us die in vain Lieutenant” Moore nodded and gave the order most of the Legionnaires were out of ammo they said their goodbyes to Froyer and Rykov all thanking them. Moore, Wyatt,Stephan,Rustin and Simon all took off with what little gear they had and returned they way they came. Gunshots was heard for a while before it all came to a sudden stop after one last burst from a automatic gun. Moore tried getting hold of Rykov over the radio but nothing came back. The remaining members of 2e CIE had ran a few miles and took cover an abandoned farm house the sun was fully down and it was pitch black outside. They all sat around gathering their thoughts they all said a little something about those that fell that day. Tears were shed and anger fuelled them, they would make plans to recover the dead in the morning for now they all needed rest.
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    As far as I'm concerned, we're talking about your genitals when saying your male or female.
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    I just suffered a heaping eruption in my nether regions. The role-play we had today was great, and this thread is fucking gorgeous. Funny that such an old group can get me so excited.
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    I know and understand how you feel when you say you feel like an easy target. I really empathize with that and therefore, I'm all ears if you ever need a chat. Sorry you got robbed, but we'd rather have you lose thirty quid than your life. You'll make more and if your date doesn't understand and has no sympathy, then maybe it wasn't meant to be to begin with you know? If you feel like you have no mates, make some! I know it's way easier said than done, but get yourself out there more. Don't hesitate to outright ask people if you can hang out with them or join them in playing a game, etc. Ask to join instead of waiting for an invitation that you might never get. I'm really bad at inviting others along because it doesn't always happen to cross my mind but that doesn't mean I wouldn't love to have people join. You're a good lad, you've done a few genuinely kindhearted things for others and that makes you a desirable friend. If people don't want to be your friend, forget them. You don't need em. Tomorrow will be kinder.
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    You guys ever thought about the fact that every time you rob someone you have to put on this big show so people don't bitch and whine and if you do it badly you can get banned but yet you can do the same repetitive trader RP, with the same bs dialogue and not get banned?
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    this reminds me of a meme I made when me and @Major were wondering what Rolle would type up for the lore...
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    Thanks for taking the time to leave this feedback. As you said, being a standard survivor group can be tough to make unique, but I feel that every rp'er we have in the group gives the whole generic survivor aspect a whole unique twists, all added up shapes the group into what we are and strive to be. I would've liked to see you touch onto our group rules as well. The most important one in my eyes is to "Promote the RP we want to see on our servers instead of looking for it in others" You can take that any way you want to, to me it just means that the general quality of rp hasn't been the same it was a couple years back, so we want to hope that with us trying our very best to provide realistic and good rp, other people may get inspired to do the same and hopefully we can all band together and give the server what it needs. This of course doesn't mean that all RP out there is bad. There are some INCREDIBLY talented people out there and I know our group definitely isn't perfect and we probably fuck around sometimes too, but at the end of the day we do try and I hope we can teach some newcomers the hangs of RP as well. Again thank you for taking the time to leave this feedback.
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    massive hype! So happy u boys are back with a new group. I'm excited to see where this goes. Don't archive so quickly please, you guys are super fun to be around!
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    So, since you guys didn't like my last bit of feedback (which let's be fair, can't exactly be definted as "feedback" 100%), I'll give my best to be constructive here and give some valid feedback. Now I know that having a quite lore-influencial group like yours is demanding and certainly not easy to pull off perfectly but I think some suggestions could maybe help in the longrun. So here goes, taking it from the top and starting with the introduction video: Perhaps having a PVP and hostage taking montage might turn people away at first glance and give a bad first impression to some others who just want to see what the group is about (myself included). It makes it seem like the group is hardly about anything but that. Now I'm not saying that you should remove the video as whole or spend more time making a new one. After all, what you do is up to you. Having scenes in where you can hear one of your men say things along the lines of, and I quote in order of appearance: "There's only one of you or none of you walking out of here alive today, do you understand me?" "I'm pretty sure that both of you are nationalists and frankly I don't care if I'm wrong." "There is two ways that this ends, right? The first way... is with the Chernaruski scum in there dead. The second way is with the Chernaruski scum and the UN scum dead." Now I'm well aware of the fact that this was all IC scare tactics and wouldn't actually be acted on since it would conflict with the rules as we all know. After all, the first two quotes were from a hostage situation where the two hostages in question complied (at least from what was shown in the part in question) and the last one was taken from more or less peaceful negotiations with a UN squad. Regardless, even if you'd never do something as said, it still gives people a very bad first impression and idea on what the group is about. The focus is on preparing a Russian takeover of the country, not killing and torturing nationalists, locals and UN staff, even if that may be inevitable in the process of doing so. However, you're in the video you're turning the spotlight on exactly those things which can lead to some basic misunderstandings of what the group does from day to day. And a last little nitpicky thing I'd like to mention is the inclusion of the clip after the logo appears in the end. It shows that you guys are laid back OOCly and that's a good thing but maybe let people see that for themselves once they join the group. Sure, it might be a big plus to have that as a promotional thing but it does seem a little unprofessional amidts this video with a rather serious undertone. If it was made to break up that monotony though, all power to you. As for the lore I can only congratulate you folks. Thouroughly structured, neat graphics, quite in depth but not unnecesarilly long and boring. One thing you could improve might be the formating itself which, for such a long wall of text, might be not ideal to be using centered text. The eye can have a bad time going back to find the right part in the text where it should continue. But obviously I get that it looks prettier so whichever you think is the better option. When we come to the goals section, I find it interesting that you split things up into 3 sections. Not something you see every day but certainly not bad. It gives a bigger structure to things. Thumbs up from me. As for the goals themselves though, and we both know this is what I "critisised" last time, it really does make it seem like what you showed in the video is actually what one will be doing most of the time should they decide to join. So let's go through of them step by step. "Successfully infiltrate South Zagoria and make contact with local SVR cells." - There is nothing to say about this, this seems to just be your kickoff goal and give a start to it all. "Stash a stockpile of firearms/rations/ammunition/supplies for the battles to come." - This is one of the points I have most problems with. Sure, I understand that realistically as a paramilitary group working for the Russian Federation, you need weapons and supplies. However, to have that as a fixed goal might lead people to believe you're all about loot and not the RP (again, myself included). Furthermore, the ending with "[...] for the battles to come." strongly suggests that there will be a lot of PVP if that goal was only part of phase 1 of 3, spanning over 100 days. Now since this goal had already been marked as completed, I suppose it was supposed to be taken more as an event where the entire group went out to look for supplies that one day. However, even if, it still gives people a bad impression. "Gather preliminary intelligence on local groups and persons of interest." - Having locals and anyone living in the area you'll be operating in for the next third of a year is crutial. Good goal. If it were me, I'd leave it as an indefinite goal almost. "Form the PAMYATI Remembrance Brigade as a front for SVR operations in South Zagoria." - Working in secrecy behind a different organisation. Good goal, very clever. "Recruit at least a dozen local Russians and foreign mercenaries to serve in the Brigade." - Recruiting more men through already existing local militia. Smart move and a good way of ICly explaining the further recuritment. Also good goal. "Successfully align PAMYATI to an existing faction and use it to further our own goals." - I suppose this one is about making allies I assume? If so, standard goal. Nothing to say here, much like the kickoff goal. "Assist the French Foreign Legion in establishing peace in the North." - Allied operations and a cross-group long term RP goal seems very interesting. Would have loved to see how that went. It does leave a lot of room for interesting encounters along the way, that's for sure. "Rally citizens to the cause by pushing an agenda of Peace and Prosperity for all." - So now this expands the recruitment process which also lets in people who originally weren't already Russian supporting militia and locals. Again, clever way of expanding the ranks. "Destroy any major holdout states not aligned to our goals, and assassinate HVTs opposing our plans." - Again, we come to a point which I have a problem with. Since this is in the last phase of the group goals, it seems that for the rest of this group being alive, this is what the agenda seems to be. Seek out people who are agains the cause and kill them. At least that's what I'm gathering from this, especially first time looking at this. "Declare South Zagorian independence, and assist the subsequent Russian takeover of the new republic." - The ending lore goal, essentially. Very nice. If followed through with, I'm sure things would be very different ICly. Or maybe even the end of the current lore... Regardless, very interesting. I'd love to see how it'll end up. "Further the Russian Federation's interests in South Zagoria through covert and even direct action." - And a conclusive goal to end it on to continue working for the Russian government to make the group stay up when all goals are essentially finished. I'd suggest, if it comes to it, making a new section on the page with some actively updated short term goals to let people know what's up. And yeah, that concludes basically everything. I'm sure no one actually sat through everything I wrote because that would be pretty wild but on the offchance you did, thank you first off all and I hope this might help at all. I'm well aware that not everything can just be done from one day to the other but if at least it serves as a kind of inital improvement thoughts kickoff, then I'm glad regardless. Peace!
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    The commander trying to get a better view over the forest, monkey style. @CaliforniaRP The bois chillin @Mexi @Veryniceperson In nature, we feel at home
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