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    Hello folks! in the past few months I have rolled around with a ton of bandits, and seen great rp and bad rp. I know a few of my bandit friends are upset that non-bandit rp'ers are upset at getting robbed, and my bandit friends respond "There needs to be robbery and bad guys or the server will be stale!!!!" And.. they are correct. However; This^^^^ situation is what is presented to the non-bandit rp'ers at LEAST 40% of the time. Literal minutes of silence, while being told to stand in a circle and wait. And the only reason or build-up to the way of "Why was I robbed" is met with the most, boring.. stale... and awful basic beech Arr' P. After moments of silence.. the hostages self RP as nothing is being said by the folks who are running the show.. only then are they interrupted by the hostage taker ..to tell them " you are all going to die.. unless this stranger commits suicide in front of you". What the actual fuck? Now.. I will admit this story line of suicide jargon could be a really cool scenario with the proper build-up and hostage interactions.. but to just straight up, out of the blue say " Kill urself or all these pplz diez" .. I dunno man... This is why folks hate getting robbed. It isn't fun for the hostages, its just a weird... gathering of silent people. I don't mean to particular pick on the chaps listed here in the video... because I have seen this type of "Hostile roleplay" alot this year, and it's pissing folks off. Bandits, step up your game, because this is boring... and it's stupid. Get at me on TS if you'd like a full debate on the subject.
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    Come on man. Enough with this toxic attitude. We get it, you hate DayZ. We get it, you don't like this community. But, if you hate the game and hate this community, then why do you keep coming back here? Why keep spouting your shitty opinion and toxic attitude? Are you not getting satisfaction in your life, so you have to try to get it here by attempting to piss people off? I've seen better attempts at trolling in an elementary school. -User was warned for this part of the post- Anyways, to be on topic, we'll let the community know if Gaming Deluxe says anything to Rolle. It seems that it happens at the same times, usually in the afternoons-evenings in US timezones. I'm unsure if it happens at other times as well, but those are the times I play, and the times that I've seen it the most.
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    Verdict: @Boston [BadRP]: Guilty. @Cody Husky [BadRP]: Guilty. @Coreena [BadRP + Invalid Demands]: Guilty. @Taryn [Metagaming + Invalid kill - Roleplayed]: Guilty. @Puncture [BadRP]: Not Guilty. @LadyInBlue [Unnecessary OOC]: Guilty. @InnKinn [Unnecessary OOC]: Guilty. Explanation: In this situation, @Boston and his dynamic choose to initiate on a large amount of hostages in Severograd for a previous incident involving people being thrown out of Severograd. Over a lengthy period of time, the numerous hostages are rounded up into a circle, whereupon Boston's party proceed to remove all of the hostages of their belongings (primarily backpacks, weapons and vests). All of this loot is then dumped onto a pile in the middle. Once this has taken place, Boston takes over as the ringleader and begins to identify person's of interest amongst the crowd, singling 3 of them out. One of them being @LadyInBlue, who is labelled as the Queen of Severograd. LadyInBlue is taken away from the crowd, and is tortured for a little while before she is returned to the town square. Shortly after her return, @Coreena takes over and proceed to tell the crowd either LadyinBlue kills herself, or the whole crowd will die. This demand is reiterated, to which the crowd of hostages heavily protest the reasoning to kill her. After this protesting, Coreena proceeds to ask LadyInBlue OOCly whether or not she may execute her, roughly at the same time as LadyInBlue requesting to go afk. Shortly after this, an initiation is dropped by a group of 'Bounty Hunters' lead by @Taryn. A firefight ensues, resulting in many death between the hostages and the hostage takers. The hostages were released and told to run in the direction of Devil's Castle. @Boston your role in this situation appeared to be arguably the biggest ringleader for the first half of this whole ordeal. You state in your PoV "We initiated on the entire town, with myself dropping a VOIP initiation." Eventually, once you've had your fun you state "I line up the hostages as requested and break off allowing for Andy to take my place as the lead roleplayer for the situation." thus highlighting that you were infact the ringleader. Due to you having one of the most significant roles on this situation, naturally it should all on you to lead the situation throughout. Even if you allow @Coreena to take over, you should still be involved in the hostage situation simply due to the number of hostages your party took (for further clarity, please see the paragraph below explaining why we see this as BadRP). @Coreena, in this situation you had more of a laid back role until the latter half. Your involvement with the hostages remains very little for the initial parts of the situation. You mostly appear to roam around, attempting to round up people that were around the time. The part where you take LadyInBlue off to rough her up is perfectly legitimate RP. As one of the lead roles in this situation, you are found to be in a similar boat to Boston. You state "My character knew Dalton Lowe since before the apocalypse and they had kept in contact for a long time," and had the lead role in the events leading up to your death. In addition to this, your demands to LadyInBlue are also invalid. As per rule 6.3: 6.3 Demands during hostile situations must be reasonable and made clear and unambiguous to all players. For example, you cannot demand that somebody puts their own life at risk or else other characters will die. The following chat-logs highlight why you made this situation much more confusing OOCly than it needed to be, and why your demands were invalid: In this situation, she openly protests being permanently killed in the first instance whereby later you bring her over to the crowd and give her an ultimatum: She kills herself or everybody else dies. Even after this is protested and you explain that "it is just rp", you also ask for permission to execute. These demands are invalid because you force her into a situation where she has to put her own life at risk, directly violating rule 6.3. These demands are also incredibly confusing to follow for both the IC and OOC reasoning. @Cody Husky, your involvement in this situation was minimal. Despite being around the hostages, your appearance in this situation is slight. Your RP entirely constitutes of responses to hostages engaging in roleplay with you, thus you personally showed very little initiative to actually provide an engaging situation of roleplay. As stated in your PoV "I hardly took part in the hostage situation" and "I stayed to myself for the most part unless spoken to". Now, @Boston, @Coreena and @Cody Husky, we will now further address why you have all been found guilty of BadRP. This situation was an unorganised mess. For such a small party, you chose to take an incredible amount of people hostage . The effect of you doing this is that the hostages are left to their own devices on several occasions throughout the videos, often with little RP. There are moments where you do address the majority of the group, however the majority of the hostages in this situation showed little to no involvement with what you held them up for (in regards to being thrown out of town). You singled out 3 individuals who had wronged you, to which the majority of the hostages were left in the town square to do their own thing whilst you took Lady In Blue away to torture her. To further highlight this problem, as shown at 4:52 of the linked video, you have even singled out 2 other hostages that you wanted yet they remain silent and receive very little RP for the duration of that video. There were many, many ways to go about this situation without resorting to leaving several hostages standing around pointlessly. For example you could have extracted the ones you wanted and and organised moving the rest of the hostages away to release them. Instead they were forced to stay around. Even if you feel it is "unfair to initiate on a large group of people and let them go immediately after", it is still equally unfair to make people stay around a situation they have no involvement in. When you take this many people hostage with so few people, you put yourselves in a position where the majority of you should be handling the hostages at all times as to provide engaging and fun roleplay. Rule 6.2.1 is a rule that was broken heavily here: 6.2.1 As an attacker you may NOT: Attack other players just for the sake of gear by doing a quick robbery that involves little to no role play. Ignore your victims. You must provide an engaging role play to keep things interesting for the victims at all times. It is this that the majority of your BadRP rule-break comes from. TL;DR: this should not be happening: 02:19:37 | Chat("Ian Keith"): *Has a bored expression on his face.* @Puncture despite being in the accused's party and being involved with the hostilities, the staff team looking over this has decided not to push for a punishment against you. Although your party did initiate on far too many hostages than you appeared capable of handling, that does not automatically mean we will punish everybody in the group. Our reasoning for finding you not guilty comes from your motive to actually attempt to RP with several of the hostages on your own accord, as shown here, here and here. Shown both in the logs and in multiple videos, you took the initiative to engage with the hostages on numerous occasions . When taking so many hostages with so few people, more of the captors need to be actively engaged with RPing with the individual hostages, especially being as they were left to their own devices so often. Because you attempted to keep the flow of the RP going with the uninvolved hostages, you will not be found guilty of BadRP. @evanm23 we have looked over your circumstances in this report and will not be punishing you for anything. Your involvement in this situation was more of a security role. You appear for the initiation, shown in the text logs, and help to disarm the hostages before spending the rest of the situation on overwatch. Nothing you did in this situation warrants a punishment. Now we come to @Taryn's rulebreaks in this report. Firstly we shall address the kill you made on @Coreena. Taking into account this previous report here, your kill on Coreena is of a very similar fashion to the kill on Dusty in that recent report. People in Coreena's group are initiated on elsewhere but you decided you had kill rights on her due to them not complying. Coreena had no visible knowledge her people had been initiated on in game and seconds after the gunfight commences you shoot her. This is shown at 5:04 of the linked video. She shows no visible reaction to the fight and before she is given a chance to react you proceed to kill her. Being as she did not receive the original initiation, and is not initiated on, you gain no kill rights on her when her friends do not comply to that initiation. Therefore you have been found guilty of Invalid kill - Roleplayed. Now we come to the issue of metagaming. In this video you are heard talking about 3 hostiles you've identified around you. On top of that, at 5:15 of the same video you are heard telling your group members to initiate on those at the hospital and that it will "give you kill rights" presumably on Coreena as she is the one you shot. There are various other callouts in this situation that you said in teamspeak but were silent in game for. As per rule 11.5: 11.5 When speaking with another player, you may not communicate over the radio (TeamSpeak) with your allies unless you speak over the radio and in game at the same time. Telepathic communication is not acceptable. You repeatedly make callouts in teamspeak, ones that are vital to your in game situation yet they are not stated in game. Due to the extent at which you broke this rule you have also been found guilty of metagaming. However, because the extent at which you metagamed was so significant, as well as you invalidly killing somebody, we have chosen to aggravate your punishment. Instead you will be receiving 5 days, not 3 (the standard punishment for both metagaming and invalid kill roleplayed). Now we come to @Lady In Blue and @InnKinn. We understand that during this situation a lot of server lag was present. That being said, you both made several comments across the situation that were simply not needed at all. LadyInBlue, whilst we understand that rulebreaks occuring in game can be quite off putting, you are still required to stay IC as much as possible. InnKinn there were also a few chat logs from yourself that have no place in game and simply serve to disrupt immersion. For example, chat logs such as: 02:38:44 | Chat("Quinn Gray"): //dude blackmail? 02:27:36 | Chat("John Baker"): // stuff might despawn at this rate Being present a few times are invalid. I refer you to rules 5.1 and 5.4: 5.1 You are required to role play your character at all times while in game. No OOC events or communication may take priority over your role play. You are not allowed to ignore other players attempts to role play with you. 5.4 OOC communication can be done only through text chat and only when absolutely necessary. You may not use OOC chat to casually chat with other players in game. You may not speak OOC using ingame voice. Use the "//" prefix to indicate OOC text communication. We understand that this situation was a clusterfuck with a significant factor of this being the server lag however these types of chat logs are not permitted. You will both be receiving a verbal warning for this rulebreak. We advise that in future you do not repeat this offence to the same degree. To everybody involved in this situation, a lot of the lag in game could easily have been caused due to the insane amount of entities on the ground. Once the entirety of the hostages were stripped of weapons, they were kept around their loot pile. DayZ is not a stable game, thus when you create a pile of entities this dense it will likely only contribute to the lag significantly. This likely could have been avoided by moving the hostages away from the giant pile of loot. Outcome: @Boston [BadRP]: Punishment (5 ban days & 10 warning points). @Coreena [BadRP + Invalid demands]: Punishment (5 ban days & 10 warning points). @Cody Husky [BadRP]: Punishment (5 ban days & 10 warning points). @Puncture [BadRP]: No Punishment. @Taryn [Metagaming + Invalid Kill - Roleplayed]: Aggravated Punishment (5 ban days & 10 warning points). @InnKinn [Unnecessary OOC]: Verbal Warning. @Lady In Blue [Unnecessary OOC]: Verbal Warning. Verdict by @Para & @Jade & @Red & @Oliv.
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    I would also like to point out in @TommyGun_ video @Taryn is heard meta gaming the entire time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=180&v=v4UOCByQiDo She can clearly be heard giving away our positions in team speak to her friends without saying anything in game while she was standing next to @Boston and @Coreena and all of the hostages. And if you go to @MatthewFC video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ye7LnV60mU you can see @Taryn standing next to all of us. And just in case you can't see her in @MatthewFC video. I would like to also state that @Taryn showed up around 15-20 minutes prior to the beginning of @TommyGun_ video and she said very little during her time standing there which gives me the idea that she was metagaming even more. Time Stamps of @Taryn meta-gaming 0:28 - 0:48 1:54 2:26 3:01 - 3:50 4:07 4:17 - 4:45 5:12 5:24
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    Its crazy looking back on what I have done in the past year, one of the things I have accomplished is losing a fuck ton of weight. Nearly a year ago I started a journey on weight loss, and since then I have lost 80 pounds. 280 pounds: 200 pounds: Recently I had a conversation with my brother who wants to lose weight, but really cant find the motivation. I told him pretty much everything I am typing here: Losing weight is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can honestly say it has turned my life around. Before I lost weight, my life was pretty much video games for nearly 13 hours a day and eating wendys(Fast Food) twice a day. Switching to eating salad and going to the gym everyday was the hardest thing I have ever done, but it was something that had to be done. I made so many more friends, I started actually going to events and being social, I started working harder in school, and overall I just felt like a more fulfilled person. I have a lot more to go but I can honestly say I am satisfied at where I am currently at. Now I am not making this thread to show off, but I know I have spoken to a lot of people on DayZRP that have asked me about weight loss and help. Since I love you all more than you know I am willing to help all of you out. If you need help getting started, diet plans, workout plans, literally anything send me a PM. If you have lost any weight recently and wanna show it off lets see it!
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    Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: I think you handled this situation pretty well to be fair both the feedback and the response to the edgy weeb. To often in this community staff is used as a punching bag because the community knows that you can't just tell those members to go fuck themselves even though that is what needs to be said. Also to often people complain about the stupidest shit for no reason other than nostalgia or I don't know maybe they just had a bad day because their life is over until they find a new loli to jerk themselves to and need to take out their frustration on the forums. I think you handled both of these situations with the appropriate amount of professionalism while also getting the point that needed to made across. Suggestions for improvement: none at this time keep being you.
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    I think some people may need to be reminded that these things are at their disposal. There's always room to improve MENTOR PROGRAM +
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    Server and location: S1 Severograd Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 01:00 Your in game name: Matt Farenheit Names of allies involved: @LadyInBlue, @Levi Ackerman, many other hostages with a tenuous relation to my character at best. Name of suspect/s: @Boston @Cody Husky @evanm23 @Puncture @Coreena Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None AFAIK Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): The (edited) video I used for consult whether this could constitute BadRP I will be posting as much of the unedited footage of this situation as I have as soon as I can compress and upload it, but it this will probably take over a day. Also keep in mind I don't have 100% of the situation recorded. The video where this is from, for example, ends there with no direct connection to the next recording. Detailed description of the events: I was going around Severograd, intent to begin some RP but worried because the server was heavily lagging (that evening's DDoS attacks...) when I see in the distance people raising their hands and getting on a circle. I honestly believed at the time it was some kind of weird dance RP they were making, until I was stopped by @Coreena and sent to join the group, realizing that they were initiated (and being initiated on myself). As we are gathering in the circle, these people proceed to take us one by one, making us drop backpacks, vests and guns, and forming a line, with little RP. Now that the hostage takers felt safe, they proceed to tell us that they are doing this because they felt slighted when one of their comrades was kicked out of town after stepping over someone's drawing the day before. Of course, all of this just sounds like a horrible excuse for doing what they're doing, or a heavily exaggerated escalation of hostilities no matter how you look at it, but they proceed to do it anyways, setting up the idea that some of us will be punished for the rest, specifically those that wronged these hostage takers and then some more like Quinn Gray, because she's the most recognizable figure and she has to take responsibility, somehow, for all of us. So she's taken away to be tortured. Now, they force two persons to fist fight each other for their entertainment, one of them being @TiviylScratch, who repeatedly tries to emote that he's on a poor health status and will probably die (which he promptly does). Surrounded by people aiming at him, other than going OOC he doesn't seem to have any exit to the fight and bites the bullet as best as he could. Done this, they let the victor go and, after very awkward RP and a mass disconnection (the server was unstable as I already said) they start asking for different people connected to Quinn (Levi and Tivian, whom they didn't realize they had already caused the death of), they bring back Quinn and tell us that either she or everyone else will have to be sacrificed. There's a bunch of commotion and some awkward silences, and sadly some OOC arguing going over text, though I'm afraid that,should no one have brought it up, the hostage takers might have just enforced their unlawful demands. As Quinn is about to be executed, shots are heard around us, @Coreena betrays the other captors and, as bounty hunters swarm the place, everyone is told to drop to the floor, then scram. I'm told afterwards that many ran with the bountyhunters to one of their outposts, but I kinda ran wherever for my own safety and ended up missing that. I've been told that this kind of reason to initiate is invalid, because mass initiating on an entirely different set of people that the ones that caused you trouble a day after the fact, and having them hostage for over an hour with the risk of death, seems excessive. I think that risking your life for such a childish reason (and, let me be clear about this, they eventually died because of their choice, so they risked their life and lost) would be against any realistic parameter of character self-preservation. At least it goes far below my standards for reasons I might put my character's life at ANY risk. But I can clearly get that my standards don't have to be everyone else's, and that's why I asked. So, they made a huge issue out of a simple silly event that me and most of the hostages weren't part of, and roleplayed wanting to execute everyone for that, or as an alternative have Quinn Gray, that is more generally recognized as "Queen of Severograd", to commit suicide in front of everyone and, thus, permadeath. Any of both these options as repayment for our "transgression", that we were guilty of by "association". For me, it just seems extremely exaggerated. I see it as a blatant attempt to gain fame or importance through an high risk gamble like this just because there's no real consequence for losing other than having to regear (and even failure feeds them some fame anyways). PS: I'm writing this POV from memory and not watching the videos. Once I have the whole thing compressed the order of things may shift a little, but overall I tried to be as faithful as possible without rewatching around 1 hour of footage that is already in disorder thanks to Shadowplay.
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    Andro sits at the bar table with his fellow Bounty Hunter brothers, switching on their HF HAM transceiver to voice activation. The sounds of shot glasses clinking and joyful cheering can be heard in the background as Andro picks up the hand-held radio attached to the transceiver, placing it close to his mouth. "To Severograd and her people... The Mujahideen have entered your grounds and threatened your people, today's events were inevitable with the ominous threat of the Mujahadeen.Though, you should not be afraid. For those who witnessed the horror today and to those who do not know, we as Bounty Hunters gladly and bravely led a counterattack against these terrorist scum! We want to let you know that we are here to stay and we will not back down!" Andro can be heard shifting about as he jumps onto the bar table with his fist in the air and his voice proudly raised as he looks upon his brothers. "We swarmed these evil people like crows on a rotting body! We shielded the people of Severograd! We forced them to retreat and led the injured to safety outside of Severograd where they were treated!” "To the Mujahideen... This is a threat and a promise... The Bounty Hunters will say this only once, so open your ears; We are coming for you. We will behead your people and hang your lifeless corpses by their entrails from the apartment rooftops. You will be on display for whoever else wishes to threaten the innocent people of this city!" Andro raises both his fists in the air and loud cheering, whistling, and celebratory gunshots can be heard. Andro yelling at the top of his lungs "BOUNTY HUNTERS!!!" which then more prolonged cheering can be heard.
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    1st thing - "everybody's going to die unless you kill yourself" - i'm sorry, what in the actual fuck is that about? 2nd thing - there is absolutely ZERO IMMERSION in this video. Where is the rp in any of this? I mean, I know that we're not being shown the full scenario here, but all I see here is a fuck load of hostages role playing AT a few bandit shufflers and getting the absolute bare minimum of "rp" in return. To take someone hostage is to take away their freedom to do damn near anything. So you had damn well better make it worthwhile for them in return with some quality hostage role play. Here? There was NONE. 3rd thing - To whoever all of you people are taking this cluster of people hostage. EITHER MUTE YOUR SOUND OR JUST GET THE HELL OFF TEAMSPEAK. Jesus, if you're in the presence of people in a role playing server and they are not in your channel, THEN THEY ARE YOUR PRIORITY BECAUSE YOU ARE HERE TO ROLE PLAY AND INTERACT WITH OTHER PEOPLE DYNAMICALLY!! It is so blatantly obvious that you all are more focused and interested in talking to each other in some ts channel than you are in talking to the people you're actually supposed to be role playing with. Which in this case appears to be literally half of the server population. This is incredibly disappointing on so any levels. 4th thing - @Vytis I don't believe @Joffrey did anything wrong here either, nor was he the one being referred to when @Rolle mentioned rule 4. Lastly - Y'all need mentors. My god. The facial expression in my avatar is basically how i look right now while watching this video. Just sayin
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    Ah just close it. I believe Ronan and Amerdan are genuinely sorry about the situation and hopefully won't act this way again. But im not convinced by Ronin47's apology and what ive been told by Amerdan on TS that he is genuine but does not fully understand he is in the wrong. But I do not want to punish 2 genuinely sorry people for the actions of 1 other.
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    August 3rd, 1994 Xander Motley met Evelyn Pelletier outside of a small candy shop in Duluth, Minnesota. The two who were in their mid-twenties got on like a wildfire. They came from similar backgrounds and shared the same interests, allowing them to grow incredibly close to one another in such a small amount of time. Wherever Xander went, Evelyn would follow. The support and kindness that they had given to each other was outstanding.They would die for each other.. Or, even kill. For all of the years they were together, Evelyn’s parents never approved of Xander. They had wished she would marry a rich man with a good family. This drove Evelyn further away from her own family and even closer to Xander, who would soon after propose to her. The lovers had a courthouse wedding in 1996 with a few close friends, including Xander’s brother, and lived out a quiet, ordinary life at the end of a cul de sac in Minnesota. Evelyn soon found out she was pregnant with what would be their first child, a handsome boy they would name Desmond Motley. Three years later in 1999, Xander & Evelyn would have another beautiful baby girl named Elyse after Evelyn herself. Still, their life was quiet and habitual. By the time Desmond was eight years old and Elyse five, their father earned himself a promotion and was set to leave for a business trip to Texas for a week. Thinking Evelyn would finally be able to catch a break from the children, they were sent to their uncle’s home while their mother stayed behind. The following week was slow. As the final day came and Xander was set to catch his flight back home, the phone calls made to Evelyn went silent. It was unusual, considering they never left each other’s sides and if they did, they made sure to stay in touch. Getting off of the plane in Minnesota, he rang again. No answer. He could feel himself letting the anxiety and tension take over as he got in his truck and drove home. The doors were locked. He rang the doorbell, knocked, slammed on the door only to receive nothingness in return. He smashed a window open with an old, rusty crowbar to get inside of their pleasant home. Xander searched through a few of the hushed rooms of the house to find lamps knocked over, vases shattered with flowers scattered among the floor and other signs of damage up until he rushed into the kitchen where he found his beautiful wife lying in a pool of blood. Some of her limbs had been severed and her body was scattered with cuts, deep gashes, bites and bruises. What had once been such a safe, quiet place now reeked of a pervasive stench with a hint of unexpected sweetness in the air. Protect each other, like every other fucking group does. Establish a safe home. Establish a gathering place for the people of Chernarus to come to. Subtly impose our beliefs upon the people of Chernarus. Whilst enforcing our deals, do it slowly & subtly as to not compromise the darker reasoning behind them. Don't tell people we fucking eat humans. Develop a somewhat good relationship with most major groups in order to feast on the lone and weak. NO EDGY BULLSHIT. Provide a new outlook on cannibal RP. Not archive after less than a week. Provide interesting and realistic roleplay that's enjoyable for everyone. Don't be edgy & wear clown masks or call the group "family". Prioritize in-game over OOC third-party communication software by using in-game radios. Take on newer members of the Community & pass on tips and tricks into improving their roleplay. You could be here if you weren't so edgy. Unknown Unknown Unknown By joining, you recognize that if you are to betray/leave the group, we have full permadeath rights on your character. On top of this, if you break the in character beliefs of the group, you will be punished in character as it's part of the roleplay. Your age OOC: Tell us a little about you: Character page: Roleplay experience: Previous groups: Why us?: What was your most memorable roleplay situation like?: What's your favourite animal?: The lore & graphics were written and made by myself. Thanks to @Jamie for the moral support & the abundance of sweetness that he never fails to give.
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    Just a quick update, for those who care. I've been completely sober since the day I made the original post. Yay, me! I'm to the point where I no longer feel the urge to stop at the liquor store and buy the beer anymore. It doesn't even enter my thought process. I'm thinking of the type of tea that I'm going to get from the grocery store. I'm going to stick with it. I see no reason to even attempt to resume under controlled circumstances. I feel a lot better, I've lost weight, and have a lot more energy and feel a million times better. I feel great! Thanks, all!
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    Hey everyone, So for those of you that don't know, I'm a 11B (infantryman) in the Texas National Guard - Blackjack Company, 2nd Battalion, 142nd Brigade, 36th Infantry Division. I've been a Specialist (E4) in the army for about a month now, and a serviceman since last summer. Anyways my company is being deployed to Nigeria to liaison with the Nigerian Army and provide rear-area security for what I assume is humanitarian aid missions. For a while, it was looking like I would not, in fact, be deployed, as I was in a car accident not to long ago, and injured my leg. But the pieces are falling into place, and it is a definitive yes that I will leave in six days. Boko Haram (an offshot of Al Qaeda) has been more or less pacified in the recent months, but some parts of Nigeria remain an active warzone. As such I ask for any prayers/thoughts/blood rituals that you can do on my behalf. Hopefully, I'll return in one piece, with a combat patch and some cool stories to tell. Anyways. I just want to say that these past three months on DayZRP have been the most fun I've ever had in this game. I love this server, this community, and the people within it; and you can be damn sure that at the end of my deployment I will return with a vengeance. So, without further ado: @Major Wish I had more time, mate. Really do. Enjoyed the Skype call, hopefully there's still room for a quasi-whitename to be a Loremaster when I get back. @Taryn Best firearms instructor in the world. My will states that you will receive the half-empty can of beer in my left hand should I die. @Loscham Wish we could have played more together. Your a pretty cool dude. @Lady In Blue Just the tip. @Lyca 10/10 support your claim to the throne. @Dusty Pass the OOC salt, please. (Just kidding - you seem like a good guy, and an even better Gamemaster) @Bubblegum Someday, I will hit something with that damn Winchester. @Zero Put that group on hold for me, bruv. I'm gonna be SO pissed if I miss out on all that fun. @Jonal Honestly one of the coolest guys on this server. If I get the chance, I'll send you that Xmas present. Still got that bottle of wine? @Dovin In the event of my untimely death, my 4th grade spelling bee participation trophy is yours. Treasure it always. @Stoobs Good luck with the voice acting. You've definitely got the talent for it. @Levi Ackerman RANGERS FOREVER! Also in my will you inherit the box of poptarts sitting atop my fridge. @Galaxy 10/10 would take down the back car tent again @TiviylScratch Hey Tivian, you ever thought about joining the Rangers? @Kriss Blade I promise that I will never burn off your nipples with a flaming sword ever again. Or throw you off a building. Or take a sledgehammer to your kneecaps. Pinky swear. @SandDancer97 (AKA the REAL PsiSyndicate) Are you initiating on me? @Boston Sorry, I was kinda pissed off @Cody Husky For whats its worth I really hope you stay on the server. Also you don't fuck with a man's sand-castle. There's just some lines you don't cross. @Jamie @Sleepyhead to the cutest couple in DayZRP. Thanks for all the RP tips back in the day. You guys taking the time to talk to a whitename meant a lot. Best of luck with the new group! Also sorry to everyone that I poked. Oh, and just to reiterate - thanks, everyone, so much, for these past three months. Some of the best times I've ever had playing video games in my life, and believe me, the first thing I do when I get back is hop back on. Okay that's not true. Probably gonna get blackout drunk and laid first. Cheers, everyone.
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    I recommend just not watching anime.
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    *Sits by his radio after walking about the streets looking at where the dead Terrorists once laid. He scoots his chair in and notices a small tick crawling on the desk infront of him and he burns it with a match before hitting his PTT* *Releases his PTT and walks over to de window looking out at the town with a worried look on his face*
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    Greetings DayzRP community! I have published an interview with Rolle over on Angry-Mob which you guys might find interesting. during the interview, we talked about topics such as the community, DayzRP's history, the forums, the staff team, in-game events, the DayZ beta, fond memories and more! Check out the interview here If you guys have any feedback or suggestions please let me/us know, much appreciated! Kind regards
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    Been having a blast with the RP and awesome character around me. Even with the server troubles, we manage to keep it real! Thanks to all. You know who you are and you're probably reading this.
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    I just wanted to offer my sincerest gratitude to this server. I am mute, so most role play servers outside of the MMO scene instantly blacklist me for not being able to use a microphone. When this server accepted people who can only use text I was excited, but ultimately did not have high hopes for role-playing. But I've not had any issues whatsoever, people have been patient and understanding. I've had both short and long term rp, I've traded with people on the road, I've shared a camp fire, by god I've even been robbed! And I cannot state how much that means to me. So thank you to everyone I have role-played with, and everyone I will role-play with. It has truly been and I imagine will continue to be, a pleasure without equal.
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    Walter stand in the middle of Zelenogorsk, hand covering his mouth at first, with his radio in hand. His voice is shaky as he pushed down his key to speak, clearly but sounding rather disturbed and confused. He is not native to Chernarus, that much is clear. “Uh, hello? I don’t know if anyone can hear me… but i found something in Zelenogorsk. There’s-” He pauses, audibly gagging as he fights to regain composure. “There’s a body here. It’s mutilated- Jesus Christ.” A shuffling is heard as he takes a few steps backward. “This person has been dismembered… Like, their limbs are separated from their torso, but the cuts are so fucking clean... There’s no head. I think it’s a dude but i can’t tell. He has no skin. It’s, like, cut clean from his body.” He gags again and then continues, fighting to push out the words. “There’s no blood though. This is so fucked up. It’s like he was washed or something. Is anyone missing a friend?” He lets go of the button and waits a moment before he presses it down again and continues. “Fuck. I found the skin… It’s on the side of this house… someone tacked it up like a fucking deer hide.” His voice trembles. “They carved something in his back. It looks like some satanic shit, man… Can anyone even hear--” The transmission is interrupted by a random person replying. The voice is a man’s, speaking in Chernarussian/Czech. “Dnes je konec. Jeden způsob, jak to zastavit. Krev se musí rozlit. Zbývá šest. Zbývá šest. Zbývá šest. Zbývá šest. Zbývá šest. Zbývá šest. Zbýv-- ” There is suddenly a loud, shrill, high pitched sound like intense feedback and the transmission ends.
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    Had a blast tonight with @Jman14102, @SnipZ, @Dvlinhb, @SgtSmithy, @Madkilla67, @Roach, @jangoskull, @trent_rouls, @TateRinefield, @SoalXtractor, @Sophie, and whoever I may have left out for the quality RP today. Too bad the ddos ruined it, RIP server.
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    Small Rant: One thing i hate about the staff team. . . Lack of transparency due to ToS There are a lot of times where we have been ridiculed \ judged for the things we have done because in the eyes of the community there was no reason to do these things. Of course we don't just point because "fuck it were bored" or because we need "dat dank activity". But why the fuck would the community think other wise? all they see are point hungry war mongers that will smile and laugh with you one minute and perma-ban you off the forums at the next. The shitty part is, we cant really speak up about it, we cant give the full story, we cant let people know at most times why we do what we do, simply because of ToS. because we are the staff team. often than not when this topic is brought up in staff the usual response is "we know what we did was right, if they cant see it well to bad" But that's not how it should be, that's the very mindset that divides the community from staff. Makes them feel like they cant trust us and that they should be scared around us because they don't want to say the wrong thing, or when they see us join their channel or even join TeamSpeak all together. I've heard it time and time again. The very reason being is because we are not here to publicly out someone for something they have done. Were not here to air out everyone's dirty laundry to the entire community when they fuck up, and thats completely understandable as well. however, so many times would a simple discussion or a thread about what actually happened fix so many problems. I only wish I could speak up a bit more than I can. and I know what your thinking 'You're an admin arn't you the ones that are able to change that?" You're totally right on some points, yet this is set in stone in the ToS the only one that would really be able to change it without the entire admin team going pure anarchy and doing it anyway would be Rolle. I only hope that at some point the ToS will loosen up and we will be able to be more transparent. I know i'll be fighting for that. To end this rant on: I full heatedly believe that if we were more transparent with the community if we were able to speak up and defend ourselves for our actions, March 1st, 2017 would have never happened. anyway there's my late night 4:00AM rant for yall. Gnight everyone <3
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    Apologies for the stuff this has caused OOC on the forums, @OnionRingOfDoom. That was never my intent when reporting and I'm sorry that people are taking this beyond the report. I think it's okay to try and be creative and I've discussed what you, myself, and PatZ have talked about, in PMs, in TeamSepeak as well. Hopefully we can get a chance to talk tomorrow if not later tonight. I'll probably be up for another few hours or so. I appreciate the apology you've expressed and I feel it's more than sincere and no real harm was meant by trolling around. I really do appreciate it. It's a nice change of pace from the typical salt and denial of actions you see in the report section on a regular basis followed by back and forth with clutter. I'd rather you take it as a learning experience than suffer any consequences. I should also say that I only felt the need to report because I didn't have an actual name or any real method of contacting you on TeamSpeak first. That being said, the accused has apologized to myself twice now as well as to PatZ and his realization of what was done wrong and what could've done better will be thoroughly looked at and reflected on, from what I can see. @Dusty, I'd like to withdraw the report and have it closed, if possible. I don't see any need to continue.
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    taken a few years ago. Me as a commander Shepard.
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    @Henning Thanks for the feedback. The message behind my post was valid and warranted, however the wording I used was not right, and I am receiving warning points for it. Anyways, perhaps you should relax before leaving feedback if you want your feedback to be taken seriously. My post was against aggression and toxic posts, your post only proves my point that posting aggressive and toxic posts won't bring about change. I accept the feedback, but like I said, if you want what you say to be taken seriously and actually have meaning, don't go about it in an aggressive and toxic way, such as your post above. If you would like to continue this discussion send me a PM and we can do it there. Of course, room 4 in TS AKA "the roast zone" is always open too. Maybe we could meet there and hash this out.
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    The recent thread pointed out to me how a hostage rule wasn't written quite the way we wanted it to be, so I went through all our rules and made several adjustments. These are no big changes, mostly just rewording to reflect our current stance on how these rules should be enforced. Rule 1.4: Added that it's both off topic forums and status updates that are exempt from this rule. Rule 1.9: Clarified that you may not imitate official Premium perks through graphics on your profile, avatars etc. Rule 1.10: Now that we have video background perk, changed the phrasing so that it is clear that you're not allowed to have gifs as background, videos are fine if you have access to them, duh. Rule 1.11: Removed the part that you can't mention banned players, since we don't really enforce it anyway and usernames get recycled which could cause a problem in the future. Rule 1.12: Removed the part where "character page must comply with all rules", that's kind of self-explanatory. Reworded the requirement for the characters background to be compatible with our lore. Rule 2.3: Reworded, since VAC blacklists are now set to automatically expire. Rule 3 explanation: Fixed broken newcomer guide link, thanks @Loscham Rule 5.2: Reworded the requirement for characters to be compatible with our lore. Added part where you should keep in mind the state of the world and context of post-apocalyptic world when choosing a backstory. Rule 5.3: Specifically added improper use of kill rights as an example of rule play, since this is the most common occurrence. Rule 5.5: Reworded and simplified the impersonation rule Rule 5.6: Added additional NVFL example, specifically one of most common "knowingly running into an area of active hostile engagement" Rules 5.7 (abusive RP) and 5.8 (dying for spawn point - NVFL) switches places, so that now 5.6 (NVFL) and 5.7 (dying for spawn point - NVFL) are next to each other since they're both about NVFL. Rule 6.6 has been replaced with rule 6.2 which goes more in depth into what is expected of hostile role play on both sides <--- THIS IS COMPLETELY NEW, FEEDBACK? Rule 7.5: Added reference to rule 5.3 Rule 8.2: Reworded slightly, executions should only be done if the guy to be executed has killed your allies in the past, aka eye for an eye. Preventing executions for "not singing while jumping on one foot". Rule 8.3 (requirement for reasonable hostage demands) removed and merged with rule 6.3 (demands during hostile situations) Rule 8.4.1: Added "repeated requests" to requirement for killing for not complying. Also added that attempting to escape is a valid reason to kill the hostage. Rule 8.4.2: Added example that picking up a weapon as a hostage when not allowed to is something that puts the hostage takers at risk and thus should allow the hostage takers to kill the hostage Rule 8.4.3: Simplified
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    If you dislike anime, why even post in this thread trying to be edgy? OP asked for recommendations, if you don't have any and just want to bash on something you don't like, gtfo. I recommend: Another GATE Anything from Makoto Shinkai
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    So out of curiosity... any plans on dealing with the BS the server has been giving us for the past few weeks and especially days? I understand it's the server side and not anyone here's fault. Also if Rolle is paying for it, then the people being paid need to do something about it.
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    Saving Holman @DinoCasino @Spartan @HarveyJ has two hands and is better at this part right now, also teaching @Spartan. @DinoCasino Warm welcome in Zeleno? @Spartan @Pontito @Irish Teaching Ella how to shoot @Spartan When everything tries to kill you and fails... let's just...not mention this to @HarveyJ or @Iso.... or anyone.... (I lost track of the infected and two packs of wolves) Covering while people explore @DinoCasino @Lemons @Razareth Baz and taking out stitches Getting food for everyone @Lyca @Brayces @Iso the only way @Spartan was putting on pink with @Lyca and @Brayces was if @Faith put on this Mission time @Lemons @Faith @dimitri (I think right person) @HarveyJ Radio tower Just... what? scavenging through wreckage Loves! @Lyca @Brayces @HarveyJ @Lyca approved! @HarveyJ @Brayces someone cant drive Bonding time with Kristian @DinoCasino <3 Not good @Lemons. @Faith @DinoCasino Car ride
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    *David would cooly pick up his radio and press transmit* I don't mean to alarm no one or anything but, uhm I've found that people who go on the radio and say they smack downed someone or someones probably means they are on some kind of damage control or some shit. So I will keep this short. To the "Bounty Hunters" no ones gives a shit stop trying to act like something you ain't, fucking pussy boys to be honest, who the hell calls themselves the bounty hunters y'all watch way to much day time TV sitting here on the radio monologuing like you just blew up the god damn death star fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. To the jihadis to be honest you do you 'ight heard you bring order and chaos at the same time I can get down with that shit. *David would preform a three point shot with his radio into a trash can*
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    *He would speak into the radio* Don't be so sure of yourselves. 10 of you fought 5 of us and we shot more of your men than you did ours. *He pauses for a moment, wincing from the pain in his arm* I am one of the men that was shot, but Allah has protected me from your Kafir bullets. Your god will not protect you from ours. Allahu Akbar. *He sets down his radio and begins his Fajr prayer*
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    We can mention permed players now? Pray4Cuda
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    *Clarke presses down the PTT. Next to him sits Natalya Wilkova.* "Attention, people of South Zagoria. This is an open broadcast to anyone within listening range. We are sorry to disturb you at so late an hour, but recent developments in Severograd have determined it crucial that certain information be disclosed to the citizens of this great country.” “Earlier today, Quinn Gray and her entourage, as well as members of the AEGIS Corporation, and numerous other innocent bystanders were held hostage by a diabolical group of bloodthirsty terrorists. These sorts of heinous acts have gone unpunished, and I dare say, unnoticed in these recent troubled times. However, the forces of Alex Menendez’s freelancers and the Bratva aim to change this, and all the senseless violence that has defined the once proud city of Severograd. The two groups, united in purpose and joined in arms, successfully saved 15 hostages from the bloodcrazed criminals who had the entire town at gunpoint. Though numerous heros were injured, including one civilian, all but one of the hostages were rescued unharmed. Those responsible for these actions, we can assure everyone, will be brought to justice. We will do unto you what you believed you had the right to do to all the innocent people in Severograd, and we will not stop until all those involved in this despicable acts are shot like the dogs that they are.” *Natalya takes the Radio from Clarke and holds down the PTT as she speaks in a thick Russian accent.* “My name is Natalya. I am one of a dozen responsible for the liberation of the hostages today in the center of Severograd. Today, we had to shoot down few to save the many. Two men were asked to fight to the death to please the men and women who held the guns to their heads. One man was beaten unconscious while another stood over his bloodied comrade. One woman, Andy, demanded that a certain Quinn Gray kill herself in front of dozens to save them all from their fate which she failed to describe aside from them all being shot. This was not long after Miss Quinn was taken from the group, a bag on her head, and she was returned crying. We could not allow this to happen. We want to let the people know that so long as we are in the area, Severograd will be protected to the best of our ability. We are going to do what we can to provide everything you need, people of South Zagoria. If that means violence against those who threaten to harm you, we will do what we must.” *Natalya would pause, the sound of her shifting her weight to pass the Radio back to Clarke is heard.* "And to those who represent the twisted, false form of Islam and misreadings of the Quran that justifies their senseless violence, know that you are not welcome here. Not in this city, not in this country, and not on this Earth - and we, the common people that inhabit this land, will defend ourselves, our property, and our sacred rights to the last breath of air we draw." Credit to @Taryn for Natalya's bit
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    I felt as thought I should elaborate a little more on the "excuse", so thank you to Pep for pointing this out for me
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    Dear goodness watching this makes me sad ... Forcing Perma or threatening to kill everyone around is so dirty.. Talk about Unreasonable demands...and the RP is lack luster...makes me ashamed of being a bandit
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    Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: Above text Feedback: You are a staff member, fucking act like one. I'm sorry but your response to prince was some of the most immature staff activity I've seen in my 4 years in this community. Calling someones opinion toxic or shitty, saying a person is depressed or has anger issues? -User has been warned for this part of the post- It doesn't matter if someones speaking their mind or throwing around racial slurs, your a staff member and you should act professional. Suggestions for improvement: If your going to be a staff member at least act like an adult, because this bullshit is unacceptable.
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    GD replied that it was indeed a DDoS, some mad kid is burning through moms credit card buying booters GD are working on improving the network filters to mitigate future attacks like this.
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    Ok my bad do those unconscious logs mean the player has 100% died or could they have gotten back up? (Not necessarily relevant I would just like to know for the future). So after his death at Solnichniy he would have re-spawned close to 22:37:07 and I will gladly admit what I said in my last posts comments re-logs is incorrect based on the corrections from Jade. I was wrong to accuse @Puncture of lying in this regard and I apologise, but in my defense I did not have all the facts. Had the initial report been handled with the attention to detail and thoroughness it should have been that (as this appeal has been handled by all sides) then all of this information would have been outlined/discovered in the initial report and saved us all a lot of time. But instead a guilty verdict was (in my opinion) rush out based on two solitary sentences and logs that did not show the full picture. However, this new re-spawn timeline put him very close to the NEAF at the time of the firefight and it should have been clear there was an ongoing firefight. The hit and kill logs from the firefight should back this up as would my witnesses had anyone bothered to call them into the initial report. Ultimately nobody should be able to run into such a situation wearing a rule shield. But I don't see any point in pursuing this line of the appeal any further as it would benefit no one. All I will say in closing is that the initial report was (again in my opinion) not handled properly and hopefully there is a lesson to be learned there. Thank you to everyone for your time spent on this and again my apologies to @Puncture
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    The ship is sailing away from oblivion so yes, it's still a group.
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    The server started crashing tonight and hilarious things started happening. @Dirty Dan https://clips.twitch.tv/TenuousHomelyWolfUnSane
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    In my eyes, Rolle is the official owner of DayZRP. JimRP is just someone who donated a lot of money and became co-owner that way.
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    Natalya hits her PTT and scoffs. "I will say this in English because you deserve to completely understand what I say next... United states of Chernarus?! Of course you people would come and try to take this country for yourselves, just like every other country you touch. Fucking Americans. You disgust me, Haas. Go back to your hovel."
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    *As you flick through your radio listening to the various frequencies, hearing nothing but silence emanating from the radio until out of nowhere on a particular frequency, a transmission plays* *The transmission ends, only to be repeated on the hour every hour*