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    *Presses PTT* I do not know if you have heard but she was executed at the UN camp that was in Kabinino a few weeks ago, she is dead. *Releases PTT*
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    *You would hear a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem quickly followed by a Chernarussian man starting to speak* Greetings citizens of Chernaurus. It is my misfortune that I must inform you all that after a series of dastardly attacks on our civilians, the state of Chernaurus has officially declared war on the rogue VDV. All members of the VDV are to be considered hostile and dangerous as can be seen from their actions this very day. Regardless of what they tell you, they do not care about your well being and simply want your precious land and belongings. They came with an honorable mission of creating a quarantine on the northern border. They accomplished that, but that was not enough for them. Now they come for you, they come for us. They want our things, they want our land, they want to take our lives. I ask you, brothers...sisters, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, stand with us against these Barbarians from the north Put your differences aside to fight the common enemy. Every time we bicker among ourselves the enemy gains a foothold Every time we steal from one another the enemy wins a battle And every time we fight among ourselves the enemy reigns victorious But together we are strong, and together we will win Slava Radek! Slava Chernaurus! *The transmission ends with another rendition of the National Anthem*
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    *The following Poster can be taken IC as you would see it displayed on a few walls around Chernogorsk, underneath is scribbled in handwriting* "Directions: Proceed to the Church in the centre of Chernogorsk and make your way to the backside of it, on the side of the street you will find a Corner Pub with a seating area outside" Timezone converter Currency The currency we use for any of our drinks are single bullets of any kind The prices vary between 1 Bullet to 5 Bullets - Please keep in mind that opening & closing times may vary due to OOC stuff that could come up The main goal is to create another hotspot for people to hang out at and have a chat, relax and enjoy themselves. Donations of canned Soda & Beer are always super appreciated! Any fights should be taken outside of the Pub and exclude anyone who isn't involved
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    "One man with a gun can control hundred without one" Long term: • Establish an Independent South Zagorian State • Liberate the Chernarussian people from the plague • Wipe out the remnants of any opposition • Win the hearts and minds of the people Short term: • Unite the remnants of the former ChDKZ • Utilize guerrilla warfare against opposing forces • To compensate for low manpower, use hit and run strikes • Recruit and train like minded individuals • Establish a Sotnya camp for ChDKZ personnel to operate from • Attain weaponry and munitions for our personnel Major (Mayór) @derNils - Grigory Drugov Captain (Kapitán) @Blackfyre - Branimir Čermak Senior Lieutenant (Stárshiy Leytenánt) @Majoo - Mikhail Sokolov Senior Warrant Officer (Starshiy praporshchik) @DarkStyle - Kirill Lisitsyn Sergeant (Serzhánt) @APTerminator - Michael Howard Private First Class (Yefréytor) - - If you are interested in joining our group please fill in the “Recruitment template” and send it by private message to @Majoo , @derNils & @Major Requirement for a character to join us: We are looking to not have 90% of the people the way of being just another “Standby meatshields with weapons”. If you are creating character for our group make sure it is somewhat “special”, make him/her have strengths and flaws as any real person and as well backstory for your character and so on... we hope you understand we don’t want to have this group filled with emotionless robots with guns. Age: Timezone/Location: Character page (has to contain story, no WIP): Previous groups (new/old lore): DayZ & RP experience: Why do you want to join us?: Uraaaaa yes or no?: Credits: Lore writing: @derNils & @Major / Grammar check: @Blackfyre / Graphics: @Majoo / External knowledge help: @Spartan
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    *Major Novak sighs as his radio crackles to life, and it's the very group he fought to quell in Belozersk many years earlier, during the 2009 Civil War. He shook his head before responding.* "1.) There was no such thing as private property. If you owned land, a farm or farm animals, those became the property of "the people"...or rather the state. To add insult to injury, they forced you to work those fields and feed the animals they took away from you. Also, practicing religion was forbidden although many older people did it anyway in their homes. 2.) It robbed people of ambition and therefore the drive to work harder. Everyone was required to work. You either worked or went to jail. Sounds fair...even nice until you realize your job is never going to earn you any great luxuries, and it's not like you can become anything you want to be. The lazy bums at your job earned the same amount as you and no matter how badly they slacked off, they knew they weren't going to be fired. You begin to wonder why you're killing yourself when there's nothing special to achieve....unless you kiss the ass of Communist party members and become one of them. They got rich by stealing, through bribes, etc. Many, many people worked for the Government and their job was to create a bureaucratic nightmare. If you came in to get anything done, it took months and they treated you as if they were doing you a favor you didn't deserve. Pretty soon even store clerks adopted this attitude because the store was owned by the state so there was no private business owner to answer to. 3.) Corruption was so high that you couldn't even achieve some of the most simple things without a bribe. Many parents bribed teachers for their children's passing grades all the time. If you wanted to get into a good College, grades made little difference. It was all about who you knew and who you could bribe. People wouldn't show up at a doctor's office without gifts....at least a bottle of vodka. 4.) Borders were closed and you were no longer allowed to travel to the west. If you absolutely had to go, you were forced to leave one of your children behind to motivate you to come back. If you decided to leave your family behind and escape, they would cease your property and interrogate your family. If you decided to return, you would go to jail for however long they wanted you there. No due process. 5.) When they closed the borders to the West, a lot of intellectuals and professional people immigrated out of the country while they could. This left a miserable selection of professional doctors for example. Since socialized medicine took effect, anyone could go to the doctor for any little thing. Unfortunately there were not enough doctors or specialists left behind, so hospitals were short-staffed and overcrowded. Money was running out fast and often there was not enough medicine and supplies to go around. A visit to the dentist many times meant no pain killers. 6.) Watching western movies, music or reading western books was not allowed. People smuggled videotapes of western movies, but technically this was against the law. 7.) Schools brainwashed kids into believing that Russia was the best country on earth. They would say that people to the west were starving and dying, but of course that was not true in the same way they tried to make it out to be. 8.) Groceries were very hard to come by. People had to stand in line for hours to get a loaf of bread, oranges, bannannas, toilet paper, etc. Oranges were a special treat around Christmas. Jeans were hard to come by and most people were careful to wear them on more special occasions. 9.) Students were often required to work the fields when they didn't have to be at school. 10.) Big housing complexes arose around the country and they literally all looked the same. They were ugly as sin.....plain cement rectangles. People joked that they often walked into the wrong building thinking that's where they lived. These buildings started falling apart and there was no money to fix anything. The lifts inside them were breaking all the time. 11.) Most people had to raise animals and plant their own gardens to supplement their food to survive. Many couldn't afford to buy coal or wood to heat their houses in the winter so they would go steal it by either bribing a wood worker or go chop it at night. Owning dogs was a luxury. Few could afford to feed them not to mention pay taxes for owning them. 12.) Historic monuments were destroyed, gutted, valuables stolen and sold to foreign collectors. Castles and mansions were a symbol of capitalist evil, so when they kicked the owners out of them, they then used them to house livestock. 13.) People were being spied on openly. If you spoke up against the government, you were as good as gone. If your neighbor didn't like you, all he had to do is accuse you of expressing your anti-government beliefs. The secret police could show up at your door at any time. If they wanted to audit you, they would do it at their own convenience for whatever reason they wanted. 14.) Athletes were forced to be the best to represent the greatness and superiority of Communism. When they screwed up they were punished. 15.) The entire system collapsed when the government went bankrupt. People began to revolt, but at that point the Communist party had nothing to steal anymore. They essentially handed over the keys after they destroyed everything they could possibly destroy. I'm sure I could keep going, but I think I've given enough reasons already. Stop trying to use a national tragedy like Russia invading our country, or the current war we are fighting for the survival of our species as an excuse to push your Liberal-Left agenda. You are not recognized as an enemy counterpart, but a guerrilla combatant and are not protected by the Geneva convention. Surrender to the Chernarussian Defense Forces, more specifically the Police and OREL attached to them and you will be spared for your treason to your country. Failure to do so will result in you being punished to the fullest extend of the Law when captured. Communism. Doesn't. Work." *The Major ends his transmission.*
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    In a society that only sees what flourishes and falls, Roots with always remain. Maybe you are searching in the branches for what only appears in the roots. No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell. Roots are an information hungry society of people that wish to know as much as they can in hope of profiting from their knowledge. The group aims to form links within as many groups as possible with the potential to have information fed to them constantly. The group aims to keep its identity as anonymous as possible. Prologue: The thing that sets humanity and other animals apart is our capability to understand the information the world has to offer. Where an animal may be able to continue existing due to a random chance mutation that gives it an advantage, humans have learned how to survive without that. We expanded our capacity to understand the world and recognise patterns the world can show. We learned to build our own methods of survival, meaning we were not reliant on our thick coat of fur or our ability to store water. It was our ability to move around a problem instead of going straight through it that allowed the human race to take over the world. Here we are again, in a situation where the world is in peril. Humans have been put onto their back foot and once again we must learn new ways of manipulating our situations to suit us. The infection has arrived and people are learning that in a world ruled by an infection, there are very few rules. The key to survival is knowing who to trust, what to trust, Where to go and what to do. Those who are blind will be quickly snuffed out of existence, left to roam as an empty husk until somebody sets them free. Hannas Shunning Despite originally joining a family, cracks had begun to develop in their foundations. Hanna would find herself pulling away from many of their moments together simply due to the issues that had risen up. She saw friends turning on friends, family members arguing with one another. Some seemed unable to put aside their pride, others too stubborn to listen to the other’s point of view. It began to dissolve the stone that held them all together. Even Oliver, an outsider, was to bear witness to this from time to time. Eventually, cracks became chasms and many of the family members began dispersing from the crowd. Hanna found herself wandering alone many days and nights. She would often be asked “Where’s the rest of your group?” and she’d simply be unable to answer. People always seemed to be looking for answers to questions and for any juicy information they could pass on. The thought crossed her mind from time to time: “Why are people always looking for answers?” In her time wandering alone, Hanna began to stretch out to the wider world finding out more and more of the other inhabitants of Chernarus. The more she learned, the more she was able to connect with others. This gain in knowledge was exponential: The more she learned and could share, the more others were willing to share with her. These problems stacked for a little while, only pressuring her more to take action and try to fix things. Hanna confronted one of the members, warning him to quit mocking her. He refused and she hit him across the jaw. That only seemed to anger him as he followed up by shooting her in the upper arm. The group stood there, watching her as she lay on the ground bleeding. If it wasn’t for Stephen she’d had fared much worse. Hanna felt lost; She felt abandoned by her comrades. Nobody seemed to give a shit that she was shot by one of their own. It was a betrayal that burned into her mind. Even after this, she only heard problems worsen for them. She spoke to Oliver about his troubles with the group and why he hadn’t joined them. He explained that when he was taken many of them were informed about somebody being taken, yet when he was missing none of them budged an inch. He too was left abandoned. Families don’t abandon their own, they protect them at all cost. When it came to a family, this was something her and Oliver had agreed on entirely. Roots and Trees Hanna summoned the people who stood by her. Together, Stephen, Oliver, Ramsay and Joshua all came to her call and arrived at Lopatino. The four of them arrived together where she then directed them to another location nearby.They congregated under an enormous tree, one that Hanna hadn’t stopped looking at all the way there. There her 4 accomplices sat, listening intently as she spoke. Their previous problems had not ceased to exist and would probably only worsen if they stayed in their current group. There they all agreed to leave their current family and form a new one, one more centralized about its connections to each other and forming connections to the outside world. For you see without information, the human race is truly blinded. Information is what has allowed humans to survive. As we learn we can adapt; As we learn we evolve into something more. She described these connections as something like a web or roots. As she said the latter, she looked down at the tree they were sat beside. The roots were the exact image she was looking for. A bunch of interconnected channels that all fed to a core, feeding it life. You see families are like a tree. they require a strong foundation of roots, of support in order to blossom strongly and produce many great fruits. Without this support, without the support of your fellow family members, you cannot blossom. The world is too harsh. And so like the first shoot of a plant, the group’s motives began to form. Whilst not identifying as a group, they decided to try and expand their vision as much as possible. The few members of the group began expanding their communication range within South Zagoria. Oliver and Hanna tried to come into contact with as many people as they could, branching out to establish more contacts. There is still much work to be done; many gaps in their knowledge remain unfilled. Establish a network of contacts to relay information between people, internally and externally. Divert conflicts and avoid becoming publicly relevant in case it limits information flow Keep the true identity of members kept hidden from the outside eyes Maintain stability within the family. Provide a high quality of roleplay. Maintain a good image OOCly within the community. Focus on roleplay over anything else. Cocomii - Hanna Dahl Galaxy - Stephen Brackett Para - Oliver Fraser Scar - Shawn Scar Equiinox - Joshua Tucker Gowbe - Caden Wallner Colman - Laden Rufer RECRUITMENT OPEN To join the group you must meet us in game and have proper IC relations to become part of this group. If you wish to join, you will need to fill out the application below. If accepted, you will be given the opportunity to interact with us. Ultimately, recruitment is based on IC interaction. Please send applications to Cocomii, Para and Galaxy. Application Template: Credit to Stiflex for the graphics!
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    World Lore Entry No. 3 - Primorsk - August 18th, 2017 (hit play, adjust PC volume and read) "The basis of optimism is sheer terror." - Oscar Wilde *John Langmore wipes the sleep out of his eyes as he turns on the light at his desk and sets his steaming coffee down beside the radio. He gets up and shuts the door to the little office and sits back down at his desk crowded by cardboard boxes and stacks of Chernarussian audit and legal forms for some restaurant in town that served food that killed somebody. The legal office was one of the few buildings that was quiet and unoccupied within the city after the evacuation of the capital. Langmore pushes down on the PTT broadcasting on an old police frequency that should reach survivors across the countryside and into South Zagoria.* "This is John Langmore of the Columbia Herald, broadcasting from downtown Primorsk to survivors and anybody who will listen. I was sent here to report on the martial law and military escalations and have been stuck here since then. I need somebody to talk to and to vent or inform, perhaps I can do some good. The situation on the coast between Primorsk and Miroslavl has been tense of late, but things have gotten a bit better since Novigrad was evacuated. I say evacuated, more like most of the civilians were moved to camps and housing on the eastern side of the city, and the government and military blocked off a portion of the area downtown, an entire section of part of a delta by all accounts. Who knows what they are doing, but nobody really cares at this point because the locals have been taken care of. They flew a lot of the tourists trapped in Kozlov International Airport to Stockholm and then across the Atlantic to Dulles near Washington DC. The government set up a big screening area and has based a lot of its quarantine efforts out of there since DC got locked down. The Chernarussians have really started to get organized here, they have set up a system of zones with all the refugee camps being guarded and have accepted people from the countryside so long as they work. There are frequent power outages but its not all bad." "After the Russians took over Belozersk they were driven out by a very well-armed group of armed men and locals, purported to be ex-Chedaki and their sympathizers. There are two men, a local ethnic Russian fellow and a Chedaki warlord who have formed the "Belozersk Federative Republic", but they don't seem to like the Russian Army as they kicked them out. According to CDF intel and broadcasts they have identified a handful of camps in the Black Mountains and across the north of the country. There don't seem to be that many actual vets of the Movement left but they have been recruiting. Estimates say somewhere around 350-400 militants, half of them new recruits from the past few years. The real power is in the ethnic Russian guy who is a big local figure in Belozersk. We don't know is name yet which is odd, but he is carrying the civilians there as part of this new enterprise. A couple people said they saw a whole gaggle of Chernarussian Su-25s in the Primorsk airbase being armed with guided missiles, which is odd because normally they only carry unguided missiles and FAB's. They also only fly individually, they don't normally focus their aircraft so this looks like they are going to hit targets there. The Chernarussian airbase near the Takistani border is close to Belozersk, and so it is likely this new Republic of sorts will attack it or try something. Unless they bring tanks and aircraft I wouldn't expect much out of it as that base is a fortress, even though it is cut off from everything. A whole slew of Takistanis have come across the border and all the US Army units along the border have been killed or pulled back to an FOB that is inside Takistan quite a bit. The NTA remnants that got deployed early got cold feet and withdrew back to Nasdara as the border situation got worse. These insurgents have set up a couple of camps out on the plains with a couple dozen trucks and technicals and a handful of tanks. On a separate note, the US Navy has dispatched a taskforce lead by the newly commissioned CVN-78 USS Gerald R. Ford has arrived off the coast and is recovering and repairing ships from the NATO fleet, the end goal appears to be to try and get to ground zero, but Chernarus is certainly still of importance to NATO and the US government." "The Russians have done something similar to what they did in South Zagoria in Luhansk and north-eastern Ukraine. They have sent troops in to secure the Ukrainian side of the border in the rebel-held areas. Apparently they have neglected to hold those areas and Russian wants to prevent crossover Outbreaks. They have also deployed a great deal of troops into Belarus at the request of the government to secure the Belarusian frontier with Ukraine. Aside from that, downtown New York was cordoned off and bombed but there were a great deal of riots and fighting in the streets. The army is stilling holding there but many regional hospitals across the US have been overrun so they got smart and started to move into schools and community buildings with screening centers. Lots of people in big east coast cities have been evacuated to the countryside as the army continues efforts to secure urban areas. Most airports have been shut down and only a few are opened for temporary flights in and out, many people in the Atlanta have fled to the coast in the Florida panhandle or to Tennessee and South Carolina. Most schools across the US have been suspended. The midwest has fared the best out of everywhere, the west coast got fucked and LA is a wreck. Vancouver and Seattle are in turmoil at the moment, a large civilian airliner went down in downtown Seattle and killed a great deal of people and demolished an entire block. Power to most major urban centers on the east and west coast have fallen or been shut down but many areas in the country apparently still have power which is the only reason I have been able to make this broadcast. Without Twitter I would still be in the dark like many." "Europe is a bit of a mixed bag of confusion and different scenarios playing out. Spain has sent police and troops to the border with France and secured Gibraltar with the help of the Brits. Paris is an all-out war zone, with citizens and the police battling the infection in different neighborhoods of the city. Eastern Europe has done fairly well, with Slovakia, Poland, and the Czech Republic working to keep their corner of Europe as safe as possible, but things are getting worse in Slovakia which threatens the Czechs. However, a common pattern has been large areas of land falling to the infected and then safezones and quarantine zone being set up and keeping people separate from this strain. Plenty of people are researching this virus but only the Russians and the WHO in Chernarus actually seem to have made any progress. The UN has sent in even more peacekeepers and scientists to Miroslavl, and it seems as if there might be a major deployment of US troops to Miroslavl. These UN folks that have recently arrived have been dispatched to areas all around government held areas and even in the countryside. The US seems to have pulled back from many global bases to protect the homeland but has chosen several strategic bases to hold onto and to actually increase the size of troops and material stationed there. Ramstein Airbase in Germany has been secured as a staging point for flight from Charleston AFB in the US to Chernarus. Oh and before I forget, Amsterdam has become something of a haven since Brussels went to shit on account of the airport. Ireland was mostly spared from the large scale outbreaks seen in London and Manchester, and Scotland was teetering on the edge until people fled up from outbreaks further South creating a mess up there." "As far as the middle east is concerned the Russians sent 10,000 troops to Syria in late July indicating that they want to hang around as long as they can. Fighting in Syria has ground to a halt and many rebel groups in northern Syria have crossed back into Turkey. Israel quarantined early and has ruthlessly stopped any attempts by outsiders on the borders to enter. They have probably done the best job but who knows how long they will be able to keep it up. Iran and Saudi Arabia have had very intense clashes in the Gulf and in the air above Yemen, a country which has been forgotten in all this mess. I haven't been able to get any info from Africa, seems there are issues but it has been very quiet. In Asia, Beijing turned into a war zone rapidly as things got worse there with the spread of the first contacts of the virus who flew from Chernarus to Dubai and then to China or Bangkok. The Chinese have blitzed areas that were infested, but it is only a drop in the bucket as far as containment efforts are concerned. Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam got introduced early to people who caught the virus on a plane, or fled Bangkok. So far only North Korea and Japan have done well, and for reasons that all of you can easily guess. The same story has played out across the globe in many cases. Some nations saw it coming or were alerted ahead of time by allies who had a stake in events in Chernarus. Others were too lax in screening methods and didn't keep outbreaks localized to airports. So wherever you are, keep your chin up and don't stop fighting, because God knows the whole world is bombing the hell out of itself to try and stop this."
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    *Izaak rests against the storage boxes on the top floor of a warehouse. He begins a broadcast* It has been over a month since this infection first broke out. In that time, our country has been reduced to a wasteland with survivors attempting to fend off both the hordes of infected, and any scum human being that would look to take advantage of them. In the past few weeks alone, we have been invaded by a rogue battalion of Russian paratroopers known as the VDV. The UN Peacekeepers have been hunted down and expelled from South Zagoria with the help of the VDV, CDF and even NATO, their closest allies. And the average survivors have been forcibly moved from the north to the south into Chernogorsk, a town that was occupied by hordes of infected. This is the opposite of what should be happening. We should be rebuilding civilization, not fucking over those who are just trying to survive. But unfortunately, the invading VDV have forced both the CDF and NATO to comply to their demands through fear and force. Although they have withdrawn their "Quarantine Zone" back to the north, their influence can still be seen through the CDF. The Chernarus Defense Force, a shell of its former self has resorted to the barbaric tactics of the Russians that made them their bitch and are now no better. They claim to be helping the people in Cherno, but their methods have only resulted in more civilian deaths than before. And NATO are too complacent to speak out against either military and are content with taking a backseat. This is unacceptable. My name is Izaak Sirkov, and I represent a people called the Reclaimers. We are former soldiers and survivors alike and our goal is to restore Chernarus back to a functioning civilization. Our methods can be brutal, but we do this for the average survivor. We won't take your weapons, your supplies, your freedom. We will fight for it. In the time we have been operating we have bested the CDF numerous times and stood toe-to-toe with the VDV's finest. We fight not because we want personal gain, we fight so that others don't have to. Our allies and us have our objectives of removing the CDF and VDV for their war crimes, but we need your help. We are not asking you to fight for us, nor are we demanding your supplies to do so. We are asking for your support through peaceful methods. Resist the CDF and VDV not by shooting them, but ignoring and refusing to cooperate with their demands. Let us help you rebuild this country. Help us remove the hordes of infected so we can turn these cities into liveable areas again. To anyone who does wish to fight, you can seek us out directly in Chernogorsk. To every other survivor, don't give in to the military and their demands. They only want to take advantage of you and involve you in their schemes. They will lie to your face saying they are doing it for the people. Don't believe it. That is all for now. Stay strong survivors, don't give in. *The broadcast ends*
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    We are done filming the Newcomer Video. On to the editing stage. I have to take a minute to thank these amazing people who took time out of the past 2 days, to help create this project and make it what it is. 2 pretty big recording sessions successfully done and it was a ton of fun and hilarious at times. Thanks guys, hope you'll like the project. AWESOME PEOPLE ❤: @leviathanapsu @The Marshal @Killerwelden @Buddy @Tony @Chaostica @BunDem @Simatho @Bun @Redbond9 @Joshie And Marshal... It's too bad this didn't go any further lol
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    Staff whenever @Joffrey attempts to do anything to either have fun or create a story arc
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    Cool Media thread, Also no one gives a shit about your opinion on facists.
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    Provoz Eagle - Lore Mini-Event As Chernarussians and stranded foreigners alike attempt to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of the first month of the chaos in South Zagoria, events continue to unfold outside of the province. The Chernarussian government's attempts to preserve elements of the CDF have succeeded in part, but have resulted in massive safe-zones and a lengthy perimeter that must be manned by armed men. This string of fortified towns, airbases, safe-zones, and even cities stretch all the way from the Takistani border plains, to Primorsk's docks and the remote reaches of villages deep within the Black Mountains that rely on government shipments of supplies and hunting to survive. Outside of these areas the infected rule most of the countryside, with many locals trapped outside safe areas forced to scavenge and to try and find shelter. Often survivors find themselves dodging the bombs and rockets of government warplanes and helicopters that continue a relentless bombing campaign far from government territory in an attempt to draw the infected away and to clear out the countryside. Such an effort has killed many civilians, as standing orders for the air force are to bomb and strafe anything that moves outside of civilization. In a rather rare stroke of brilliance given the poor strategic command of the CDF during the Outbreak, the government quickly recalled flyable aircraft from airbases in danger of falling to ones safely within government territory, preserving the ability to launch combat sorties and more importantly, to drop supplies and aid to cut-off areas. As the crisis evolves outside of Chernarus, the logistical nightmare being resolved in part, the preservation of the CDF and the air force can be counted as pyrrhic victories for the Chernarussian State and those who still cling to it either for service or protection. Despite these limited advances, many around Chernarus view the inaction on the part of the Chernarussian State and the CDF to Russian occupations in Belozersk and South Zagoria as weakness or cowardice. However, the State cares little for such sentiments and is currently opting to preserve its resources and strip of territory along the coast and elsewhere, as opposed to martyring its remaining strategic assets against the might of the Russian Federation for PR. As the bombing and fighting against the infected continues, the Chernarussian Air Force continues to train inexperienced and rookie pilots to man combat jets in the bombing campaign. The air force's supply of aircrews in the Outbreak has dwindled significantly due to defections and therefore training of new pilots is essential to continued operations. Fueling this effort are the Primorsk and Miroslavl Air Force bases, the latter launching dozens of daily sorties of Mi-17, Mi-24, Su-25, and Mig-23ML aircraft on supply and attack runs. Within the base several two-seater Mig-23UB jets allow the squadron to continue training pilots to meet their personnel needs. Such training missions are undertaken almost daily and fly over the Green Sea, Black Mountains, and even to the edge of South Zagoria as they skirt the Russian's no-fly zone. But unfortunately, such jets are aging rapidly under the stress of daily operations and the often low quality of repair work done to keep them in the air. High ranking air force personnel often fly in the Mig-23UBs to instruct their front seat pilots, putting officers with years of experience at risk if a technical failure occurs and they fall into enemy hands or are killed. While the Russian no-fly zone currently prevents Chernarussian aircraft from flying over the mainland of South Zagoria, training flights such as these often fly over the coast between Utes and the province. Our story begins with a late morning training flight from Miroslavl AFB, the CDF's military aerodrome on the edge of South Zagoria. [Across the sprawling airbase dotted by concrete hardened air shelters, taxi-ways, and jets ground crews and pilots disembark from their aircraft as they return from their sorties, others just beginning their missions as aircraft are armed for attack. In the north-east corner of the base, a couple two-seater Mig-23UBs sit inside their hardened air shelters as the ground crew fuels one of them for a flight around the coast of South Zagoria and along the Russian coast to the east of Chernarus. Colonel Nikola Mladek and his front seat trainee Lieutenant Karel Novak walk out of their barracks towards their aircraft as a T-72 tank off to their right fires a canister round at a crowd of infected about a kilometer away outside the perimeter. The two men glance over at the noise and quickly return their eyes back to the tarmac as they keep treading towards the shelter. A Mig-23ML of the local 54th Squadron begins the slow return approach to the base in the distance as it gets closer and closer to the edge of the runway.] "Nice morning huh?" Lieutenant Novak says as they walk up to the air force intel officer standing beside the jet. "I suppose, nice mornings like this can be deceiving though..." Colonel Mladek utters as he signs off on a sheet on the clipboard held by the officer. Both men salute and start a pre-flight inspection of the aircraft before climbing up the ladder and sitting in the cockpit. One of the ground crew in a blue jumpsuit climbs up the ladder after the pilots to hand them their AKS-74Us, maps, and IPads used for guidance. As Lieutenant Novak begins his pre-flight checklist the base commander and a COBR officer begin to walk into the shelter and Colonel Mladek waves from the backseat. The base commander climbs up the ladder to see the flight off as the COBR officer stands at the bottom, glaring up at the cockpit with gold-plated aviators and cigar in hand. The base commander whispers something in Mladek's ear that Novak can't hear from the front seat, and as the two shake hands Novak notes what just occurred, the thing which had happened so many times before. The one at the bottom of the ladder keep an eye on the one at the top of the ladder, the one at the top of the ladder lets the one in the back seat keep an eye on him. A lovely system of political loyalty and people so scared to misstep for fear their grandmother would tell someone in the party or God forbid an intel officer. Any discussion of defecting or flying a plane out of Chernarus to say, Turkey or Ukraine was promptly stamped out and those involved wouldn't be seen again for weeks. These jets and pilots were the State's last line of defense to keep it in power and to keep the quarantine secure and standing. Either this or be one of those poor wretches in South Zagoria where it had all started, fending for themselves or killing to stay alive. Within civilization, these problems felt distant, except when the lieutenant would depart his fortress of a base to go skyward. He observed hundreds of civilians lining the coast on hot summer days fishing for hours to catch enough food for ration cans that were made and distributed, he saw the distant glisten of Russian and NATO ships out in the Green Sea, waiting for something to happen or to do something. Civilization was only a mirage even before. It is only what we tell ourselves and what invisible boundaries we think hold up civilization that matter. People going about their day, working, shopping, only a kilometer or less in some cases away from a mostly dead and desolate landscape. Politics aside, it became clear for Novak what he personally was fighting for. In the past his comrades had been deployed on peacekeeping missions to Takistan, fighting an enemy that was driving what they viewed as a foreign power out of their homes. Here it was much clearer. They were literally fighting for their right to live within civilization, a place where law and order reigned and armed men made it all possible. A hardened air shelter like the ones at Miroslavl AB. [The ground crew salutes the jet as the Mig-23 pulls out of the hardened air shelter and onto the taxiway, the worn and weathered portrait of Radek mounted atop the shelter with the slogan Smrt Nepratel Statu! (death to enemies of the State) gazes down on all that moved. The jet taxis out of the north-west block of the base and to the west by the transport section where 5 Mi-8/17s sit near an An-24 that unsuccessfully attempted to drop coffee and supplies to the UN a week or so ago. To the left on the strip of concrete between the taxi routes and the runway sit two Mi-24 Hinds, one painted in the standard CAF camo but with a slick wolf paint scheme around the cockpit, the other with an alligator mouth around the cockpit.] [As the jet continues down the taxiway to the west a soldier on the ground points to the sky and yells something neither men can hear, but they could guess what it was. The radio of the jet suddenly comes to life: "This is tower to Fawn-1, how copy over?". "Solid copy Tower, permission to take-off over?" "Permission granted Fawn-1, proceed to the end of the runway and fulfill your pre-planned flight path over." "Fawn-1 to tower, wilco."] The jet barrels down the runway and up into the sky towards the east, the base below growing smaller and smaller behind the aircraft. Towards the north, a hundred tiny fires burn, to the east lies the glimmering Green Sea. The pilots keep quiet and fly a couple miles off the coast of South Zagoria, high and away from the Russian no-fly zone. As they turn around the "Skalisty bend" as they call it Novak looks and sees two Russian Su-27s, "two contacts 12 o'clock high!". Mladek glances up at the pair as they head towards the Russian fleet, watching them as they get smaller and smaller on the horizon. "Disregard and continue, nothing to worry about they are just reminding us they are here." says Mladek with a grin. As the jet continues its flight Berezino is visible down and to the left in the far distance, a mere cluster of buildings surrounded by green and fronted by the deep blue of the ocean. Novak looks over a map on the IPad as he adjusts course when a sharp thud is felt from the rear of the jet, the airframe shuddering violently. "Are we hit?", Novak yells as Mladek strains his head to see as far back on the jet as he can. "No, but the controls are not responding", Mladek utters as he returns to a normal seating position. Novak tries to point the nose towards land as the pitch more or less gives out, making his only real option to roll left and try and get closer to shore. "If we go down out here we are fucked Lieutenant", Mladek says. The Mig shoots downward towards a fishing village in the far north east of the province as the radio buzzes with the warning of a Russian jet to stay away from the no-fly zone. As Mladek takes over the what is left of the controls he goes back over the cockpit radio: "Lieutenant prepare to eject, I am going to get us in as close as possible, Mayday Mayday Mayday Tower this is Fawn-1, we have experienced a technical failure and are going down, I repeat we are going down!" Lieutenant Novak grips the ejection handle along the sides of his seat and waits for the Colonel's call to eject. "Annndddd EJECT!" the Colonel yells as a massive rush of air and sound fill the cockpit as both men rocket out of the stricken jet and into the air. As the pair float towards the ocean they wonder what will become of them, bound for a place rescue helicopters can't reach. God knows who or what will get to them first... Colonel Nikola Mladek and Lieutenant Karel Novotny //Hope you guys enjoyed the story and the bit of background on the state of things in Miroslavl. This event is meant to minimize the plethora of issues that SA events normally have, and to make it absolutely as open-ended as possible. Aside from KoS the event should go according to plan regardless of what happens to the pilots. The basic gist is these two pilots (one rped by me the other TBD) are going to attempt to get to whatever friendly forces they can find, and will try and either go to the quasi government held zone to the south or anywhere to avoid people wanting to capture them. They are will be carrying maps and plenty of intel of the state of things in the rest of Chernarus and beyond, and are far more valuable alive than dead for their bargaining power and their knowledge outside of what they carry on them. Any faction or group that captures them can interrogate them for this info, and those who try and help them could not only get info but can gain favor with not just the local government loyalist remnant but also the higher-ups to the west as the "folks who saved our brave pilots". Should be a fun manhunt or rescue for those involved, and survivors will receive radio messages with reports from people who spot the pilots as they trek south from the north-east. The event is meant as a bit of an appetizer for what is to come from the LM team, and also to get the enemies and current/future friends of the CDF involved. A date has not been set for this yet, but except a date within a week. Most likely will be on a Saturday around GMT-5 3:00-6:00 PM but that may change. The goal is to have as many folks around as possible when we do it. If you are active and easy to reach and are versed in Chernarussian rp and would like to play as Lieutenant Karel Novotny please send me and Chief a pm entitled "Event App" with some background on the rp you have done in the past and whatever else you think we need to know. Hope you guys enjoy it, the thread will be updated with more details as we get closer.
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    - user has been warned for this post -
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    God save those families and the fallen in this horrific attack....disgusting...vile....terrible creatures..
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    Due to the loss of a number of players due to loss of interest, permadeaths, etc. I am opening recruitment back up. I'm looking to add new UN Peacekeepers who can understand going into this that we're going to be held to a certain standard IC and OOC. I know it's human nature to want to verbally lash out when you're provoked and to want to go to war and kill the "bad guys" but just remember that we're a peacekeeping force, not an army, and we're non-biased. Make sure you read and agree with our group goals before applying. If you're interested please send me a PM and tell me about yourself, what role you expect to play in the UN, tell me about any milsim experience you might have or your RP experience in general. I've already received a bunch of group applications that are pending my approval, but if I don't recieve a PM along with it and all I see is the name of someone I've never heard of in my life then it's just going to get rejected. I want to talk to every applicant on TeamSpeak to make sure we're on the same page about my vision of the UN before adding anyone to the roster.
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    Black pride makes you a progressive person but white pride makes you a racist. Now I can understand why these people think there are more than one genders or how they think that having a penis doesn't necessarily make you a man. Fucking idiots smdh.
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    I have no idea who so many people in this terrible screenshot were, but holy moly did we have an amazing time down at CDF camp!!! @Bun @Lyca @Loscham @Hassan @warmr @Anouk @Walnuts @Nathan Osbourne Anyone else there I'm sorry I didn't catch a name or tag, but thank you for putting up with my piss drunk RP on Jeremy
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    At the end of the day. . . Staff are corrupt and always to blame No matter how much effort or work we put into our ranks. If you remember that you'll do just fine in this community. <3 you all I need a fucking drink.
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    me: shes a thot @Boston: a thought? like an after thought? me: ... no like a thot.. T.H.O.T - that hoe over there
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    We're going on a Field Trip (@DinoCasino, @Lankin, @Mercy, @Lemons & @Skinner) Getting a surprised visit from an usual group of people. (@derNils, @Blackfyre & @Majoo) Meeting up with an old friend. (@Ramon) Fooling around the camp and naming our new truck. (@GodOfInternetLag)
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    Remind me to stay away from Cherno. It is now the new place to go to get either KOSed, Robbed for nothing, trolling and so on (too bad as it started with good shit down there). I am trying to avoid Tony from dying from cancer this time guys, come on lol
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    Getting ready for my weekend on DayZRP. New profile cause why not.
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    Cleaning up the Siege folder. Some clips from the last few days I didn't want to delete
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    Would like to thank everyone who came to the Pub today especially @Otter @Undead & @Hassan for hanging around. @Kvjavs - Was fun hanging out with you for a couple hours today when noone was around, had a good chat and really got to know eachother. Thanks for the cool RP! @Spanners & @LewellynMoss (Calvin!!!!) - y'all are awesome @Keira - Had a blast today with the whole attractive guy situation @Buddy - Love your new character so much! Please don't stop playing him Good to hang out again! Sorry if I forgot people, there are so many different people running past all the time and stopping by, It's hard to remember everyone
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    @Terra @Dr Willsky @jason hunter @Dan Backslide @[email protected] @Saradomin It was a lot of fun with you guys today. @[email protected] @DarkStyle @Majoo nice execution. @UN - not sure what that was. Edit: @Elmo sneaky fucker.
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    *She would roll her eyes at the broadcast before pushing the PTT button.* These countless lies being spread about the VDV are endless and tiring.. threatening you're going to hunt an entire group of one of the best military forces in the world and feed them to the local wildlife.. for taking your gun? I am glad they took it away from someone as psychotic as you, unable to handle the responsibility of such a powerful fire arm. You are causing nothing but trouble... take those chains of oppression that you claim have such hold on you and hang yourself with them, Brandon Donati, so our ears may be spared another pathetic radio transmission of someone whining about their gun being taken. *She releases the PTT button with a heavy sigh.*
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    Important notes: The first Open Air Market Day will start at 2 p.m. EST (S2 US, server time 18:00) on August 19 and will be held at the current home of Kovar's Market, the old industrial building on the west side of Chernogorsk. The hope is to keep the open air market running for a couple hours or longer if there is enough attendance. We also ask that all weapons, both civilian and military, remain holstered inside the market walls. A special shout-out and thank you to @The Traveler; this is his baby.
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    Sorry for the cheesiness, but I just quickly wanted to say that I simply have not had this much fun in DayZ Standalone ever. I have been around for some time but have really just started getting into and becoming apart of the community. I have been playing DayZ (Mod and Standalone) for years now and have never had a better experience anywhere else. To me, DayZ is about surviving an apocalypse in a realistic way, and I don't just mean having to eat and drink. I mean that the experiences had with other players should consist of more than just a gunshot and a "You Have Died" screen. In this community, and on these servers, I really get a sense of all types of characters from friendly traders at the Kovar Market, to the military personnel establishing camps, to the crazy characters and kids running around a once flourishing city. You really feel the characters and listening to their stories just makes you feel like you are actually living in this new world. I can honestly say that I do not ever plan on moving to any other DayZ server or community. This is where I plan to stay and I want to thank everyone that I have encountered so far. Thanks to everyone and I hope to see you in Chernarus!
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    Sorry it took so long to respond Jof, I have yet to follow my feedback thread again since the site update and didn't see this until another admin pointed it out to me. I'll correct that right after this reply. I'll go through your three points (plus some bonus points, everyone loves a bonus). Not responding on a radio chatter but posting to let them know it's been received. This has been going on for a while, and it's never just happened to you. Think about it. It's a radio. If you send me a message, I reply back, and then you nod in agreement to my reply, do I know that you nodded? I would if it was FaceTime, but it's not. Staff did the correct thing and message you, which would have given you the opportunity to add something to the reply. If something is said on a frequency you have, especially one you were communicating on earlier, it can be assumed you now what was said. Is it nit picky? Did it kill a great, well written, roleplay forwarding reply? Probably, but without transmitting no one knows what happened. Quarantine zone with the pic. Although I agree, it would make things much easier to understand, people can't see a pic over the radio. Now, in this case perhaps it's a little different. It's not as if you were trying to fax a pic to them over a walkie talkie, you were trying to give a visual so people could see the words in action. People are visual learners, it would probably have been of some help to see it. I still don't know if I would have seen this any different than Ender did tbh, but I do appreciate what you were trying to get at. I don't know, I might have actually not had any issue with this as it's not traditional OOC. @-ing someone so they know about the response or OP of a radio broadcast. I actually don't have a big problem with this, especially if the person hasn't responded to the radio broadcast before and you can't quote them so they get a notification. This is a valid point we could actually discuss and maybe implement allowing. B-B-B-B-B-B-BONUS POINTS!!!!! Staff's not picking on you. No one is purposefully trying to shit on your radio threads. The cell phone reception is terrible while doing so and have you tried taking a shit where you have terrible cell reception? It's boring. Yes, perhaps I went a little gif happy with the edgy gifs. I honestly went looking for one, then I found a whole series that went together. I got a little giddy and overzealous. Here is another gif of some fantastic magic tricks from the same show I genuinely appreciate the feedback, you've brought up some things we could actually discuss as well.
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    I think it's a great idea, and I agree that in a time of crisis many people would undoubtedly flock towards religion to save them. As long as the religion is RP'd realistically and not like "Okay it's been 3 weeks, time to start sacrificing heathens to the immortal spaghetti monster and eating all the non-believers!" I'm cool with it.
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    @Lemons @Mercy Here I finished signing the contract to save you effort. So now can I have hat?
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    Some people are massive cunts fam
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    Had my ex fiance message me on my phone yesterday... He was bragging about walking with the Alt-Right and Richard Spencer in Charlottesville... After a long time, reading how 'great' everything went and how it was nice for him to be around like minded people? I felt like there was a heavy stone ripping through my guts... How can something that ended up killing someone and injuring a lot of other people be a 'Great' and memorable experience at all... ? I had to sit down for a while and think about it. Despite people differing in opinion, having their own political views or stance and opinion in the world, the fact that some aren't shaken at all by the tragic outcome of that rally? Really makes me question what happened to the /decent Human being/.....I imagine all of these people, left or right that participated in that garbage aren't Human at all..... Glad he's my ex.... Feel like I'm going to vomit.
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    Remove the rating thing and just leave comments there. It's not there because people actually like your character, it's there for mostly a OOC jab. Fuckarating.
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    @Terra @Conor @Dr Willsky @jason hunter @Saradomin @Chewy good shit.
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    I did a halloweenish themed makeup I suppose but I feel like you guys wouldn't understand (it was supposed to be a tarot card inspired - I had a massive gem on my forehead ) but I stuck a filter on. Here you go.
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    Thanks to @Simatho for a hell of a night RPing, you officially made my character go Colonel Kurtz. And thank you to @zoyo, @HarveyJ, @TiviylScratch, @MatthewFC, and all the other civ's at Hotel Bravo today. And of course three cheers for all UN members on today, it was a great sesh. P.S. sorry for walking in on your love session @Mercy & @Lemons And of course thanks @Pickle, @Shanoby, @Blackfyre, @derNils, and the other Chedaki man who I cannot find or the dank rescue RP!