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    For those whom might happen to be curious about the profile image, here it is in full. A commissioned piece that my DM had done for an ongoing campaign that we stream. This would be my Wood Elf Druid ~ Circle of the Land.
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    The development blog is a new idea that me and the rest of the development team have been working on, to let you, the community know what the development has been working on as well as see your feedback about what we're working on, what in your opinion we should work on as well as answer questions that you might have for us. Throughout the past few weeks, the development team has been focusing on adjusting most of the basic DayZ functions to fit well with the theme of our server, which obviously is hardcore roleplay. Adjustments are being made to base building, other basic functions, the loot table as well as adding new objects, reskins etc to the game. On-top of that as I am pretty sure you're already aware, a mod collection (the campfire collection) is being worked on in the background aside of everything else that we're making. However, one crucial part of DayZ development is that with every update that Bohemia rolls out, a lot of things can break and things can get a little hectic. What that means is that the bigger that our code gets, there's more things that can go wrong. Obviously that means that we need to take things a little slowly and we need to try and be sure that changes we make are things that can easily be fixed and things that we are 100% sure the DayZ developers are not going to at some point in the future add themselves into the game. With that being said, here's a few words from the developers. Kerkkoh Last week I was working quite intensively on fixing everything after the patches and that has continued to this week as well. Even with a relatively small mod and a small codebase, the updates still manage to break a lot of things. On top of this, trying to figure workarounds for issues that the new patches introduce, has taken up a lot of time. This included fixing some of the server sided code that the item shop utilizes to spawn in its items and some server sided logging of player actions. I was able to finish some new textures for clothing as well and you should start seeing those items in loot soon enough. These new textures include some variations of the Gorka uniform (https://imgur.com/a/JflUozc), blacker raincoat and a black sweater (https://imgur.com/a/jOAAe48). I also made a variant of the stab vests that are a lot more like civilian bullet-resistant vests (https://i.imgur.com/DBwt8nj.png). These are obviously somewhat of a test run and something that I made on the side of scripting, so there’s definitely more to come. A lot of my recent work has also focused on making the loot better so that it reflects the community’s wishes. Updating the loot to at least somewhat represent the changes done in the recent updates has also been one of the things that have taken a lot of time. Right now there are a lot of things on my todo-list that I will work on in the future. Just to list a few things: Texture the new medication models Make destroying player built structures harder (done) Quality of life improvements in the admin tools Quality of life improvements in the game UI Make vehicles spawn in working condition (Due to them being unreliable with persistence) After finishing the things on my todo-list, I will consult with the community leads to take on new tasks just as I have before. Something interesting that I’m also looking into is how to bring a more authentic wintertime experience into DayZ for the holiday/winter season. This is something that might or might not happen in its full capacity but it would be really interesting to see the rain turned into snowfall, the visibility changes due to snow and a colder climate. Aeryes It has been a busy week for us all on the Developer Team. We have encountered many issues with the new move to Beta. Most of these issues are unfortunately out of our control as they are core DayZ issues and only Bohemia can fix them. However, we do have some great news about our new collections! The Campfire Collection won the vote! I have been working hard on compiling a list of items with the help of the community’s suggestions. I have also decided to add some teasers below to some items that are in development. Note that these are not fully finished items and are subject to change. We have added both the guitar and harmonica to the list of items to be added in the Campfire Collection. I hope that you guys enjoy the previews and know that we are hard at work developing new content and improving current content to enhance your roleplay experience. ShaneKOS Currently working on fixing the item shop stuff one of my plans for the future is to work on a MP3 player for dayz something similar to GTAV's user radio and for the future I plan on doing some stuff with guns if we're gonna be putting that kind of stuff on to the server. JimRP I have mainly been working on 3D modelling new things for the campfire collection as well as other things which the server might need in general. My bigger goal is to start working on new type of clothing/armor/holsters for the server as well as new weapons. However in order to get new guns into the server it is quite a tricky scenario and most of the new weapon mods which you might see usually imitate other weapons's reload animations and firing modes/recoil and damage (however these things can be customized through the gun's .cfg file). My other big project which will be way too deep into the background is a furniture system. What I want it to work like is a menu which will have different categories of objects which when clicked on will show a list of objects. Once an object is clicked, it will show a preview picture of the object to the right and when you decide to place it, it will work like normal base building with the hologram placing if you have the materials necessary to place the objects. This will surely enrich people's roleplay experiences as well as give people the opportunity to really make their own homes inside the game. Below I'll show you three of the models I've been working on, a hiking stick, a candle holder and a cooking rig. These are only three of the models that I've been working on alongside many other models for which I am hoping to soon be in the game. With all of the things above being said, we, the development can't wait to hear your feedback and any questions you might have. Until next time, we hope you have a fun time on our server and I hope you enjoyed our first entry.
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    This man slaps your girl’s ass, what you gonna do? @HenningRP @groovy tonyRP
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    *Katie presses down her PTT* This is Katie Storm bringing you a story about a man named Benedict Falk, unravelling the mystery behind this so called “Twisted Robin Hood.” Labelled the “Wolf of Slaves” by the media in the early 90’s, Benedict talked of his dealings with forced labour in Africa. He claimed to have worked to liberate the slaves despite reports that he was in fact selling them back to their masters. When pressed, he was strangely reluctant to confirm or deny these allegations. He spoke of morals and laws, hoping to create a legacy by building the foundations for a new society, a place for men, woman and children to have somewhere to feel safe. However, questions were raised over the length this man would go to achieve his goals. Talking about doing what is necessary to survive, he appeared fiercely defensive of the safety of his men. He boasted about his nickname of the “Twisted Robin Hood”, stealing from whoever stands in his way to help those in need. A word of warning to the people: behind this guise of noble intent, Benedict Falk has proved himself to be a liar, willing to hand over innocent people to those who mean them harm to satiate his own greed. He is no more than a thief and a gun for hire, creating false tales to justify his actions. He is not to be trusted. *Katie releases the PTT, slamming the radio down in frustration.*
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    Alright, well it's been a week, I think I have "cooled down", so I am gonna give this shop another try despite the numerous bugs and lack of proper loot spawns.
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    Always liked the gunplay from the mod, none of that swaying shit and all the other needless unnecessary shit like in S.A.
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    I enjoyed the roleplay with the @CernaLiska. You guys are cool.
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    Where are my 783 new assault rifles? Jokes aside, I love the work. Hope its all going good and everything is alright, man. I'll say now, University studying is a priority. We appreciate the help here of course but keep yourself stable. 7 hours sleep, eat regularly etc. Regulate sleep, study first, projects whatever, Then do your work here.
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    I wish you all a good luck working with this broken game, it must be hard af. Really great to finally see DayZRP starting to have their own mod again, hype level is pretty high.
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    *Doc gets on his radio to respond* “That guy sounds like a real psychopath! What kind of man threatens a lady? And what does he mean by digest? What are you digesting? Sounds like he’s eating people or something to me.. maybe the meat has triggered some sort of mad brain disease..” *He releases the PTT and looks out over the forld*
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    *John picks up his knife and begins sharpening it while listening to the broadcast, in an abrupt motion John throws the knife down, picking up the radio to hit the PTT* "Ya know Katie, I thought you were a smart lass. But I must of mistaken you for someone else, someone who had their friends crucified to the walls of a shed just the other day." "But I digest, we've got so much to catch up on now since you broke our agreement....I mean quite honestly I was hoping you wouldn't stay true to your word especially now that a certain someone has a soft spot for you." "Anyways we will being seeing you soon Katie, and as for your lover, he can play scavenger hunt when we are done with you." "Viva La Saviors." *John releases the PTT*
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    New Moon had a meet up in October, this is @Nihoolious @Shroud @youngbrandonbl and I in the trenches getting the dirty in bois
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    Fishing Pole soonTM?
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    I, Hex hereby agree to follow the DayZRP Staff Agreement Version 4 in its current form.
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    *Rourke takes a camcorder and sets it on the table pressing down the PTT of the radio next to the camcorder* This is Ryan Rourke, reporting in with an exclusive interview of Cerna Liska by reporter Katie Storm. *He presses play on the camcorder, the audio being played into the radio. The sound of Katie Storm's voice can be heard initially* So we are here today at Prud castle with Minister of Foreign Affairs Benedict Farkas and The Cerna Liska… *Stifled chuckles can be heard in the background as they burst into all out laughter* ...bringing you an exclusive interview. *The laughter of multiple Chernarussians can be heard increasing in volume then they chime in one by one* Minister of Foreign Affairs… Haha Where’s your fancy hat Mr Politic Man huh? And a suit! Where is suit huh? We need to find you one Benedikt. You can walk around in it. I don’t wear suit. I am a politician different than all others heh? Alright so the first question, would be. Just to know a little bit more about the Cerna Liska and what your group stands for. One thing very clear ah? If we did not like all foreigners, we shot you in the head right now. Problem. Boom. Dead. On Floor. We dont mind much foreigners here. It is disrespectful foreigners we do not like. And we go up to people and we talk to them. What you think? We going to give them hug? We give them little pat on back say ohhhh very good speak english ne ne ne ne ne ne ne no. You come here you speak Chernarusk you learn Chernarusk and you don’t go around thinking like you big shot man. That brings us to the next question. Which is for Arno. Where does your hatred of Russians come from? Ruski in the north pressed our country for since its ever in history eh Since forever in history Ruski try to bully Chernarus . Tries to bully taking into Soviet Union tries to bully supporting chedaki in civil war tries to bully whenever they can ehh? But we in Chernarus we say NO we do not want this anymore. Go on Emile. Tell them your story. Eh? Fine. Well besides from you know the obvious fact of being Chernarussian, Cherna-Rus. Eh well they kill my wife. You know? Just walking home one night then they shoot her dead. I’m so sorry. Well I don’t need you to be. I just want the Russians gone. A drink to Emiles wife everyone eh? *In Unison the Chernarussians chime* Ano, to Emile’s wife. *The sound of vodka bottles being popped open and swigs being taken* What about the foreigners? The British and the Americans? What do you ask of them? The people here that come here... so many of them Chernarus packed for Chernarus huh? No respect for Chernarussian people. They come here and survive and take their supplies but they show no respect. They do not help Chernarussian people. So of the foreigners living here, how would they show respect? We like you because you talk with respect you ask question eh? You show interest. For us that is respect. *In chorus* Ano. But if you go here with big balls on floor and expect everyone to kiss. Then I give you kick but I kick you in the back you fucking asshole. So if you wanted to send a message. Through this interview to foreigners living in Chernarus what would you like them to hear. Stop being cunts. *The Chernarussian men laugh* If you are looking for a more uh you know diplomatic answer, my answer would be… If you are here to fucking help and if you’re here with showing fucking respect too then we are not going to fucking beat you up or something. We have no problems with foreigners that are here to respect. We are here to help, we are here to be good people. We have problems with foreigners that come in our country fucking use our resources and disrespect Chernarus and just dont give a fuck when we fucking tell them not to do that shit again. Remember where and what lands and what peoples land they are in. This is the Chernarussian peoples’ eh? You have to remember about the blood as well eh? Chernarussian blood is pure, you need to keep it that way. Thank you. We done with this interview now. Unless there's anything you would like to add any of you? As the Minister of Foreign Affairs, I, Benedict Farkas, in the date of December the second I believe, I proclaim that all foreigners in the land of Chernarus should treat Chernaruski men with respect. And try to help them to overcome the shit we are in. Ano. Ano. Ano. Well said thank you. *The recording cuts off* Thanks for listening and thank you to the Cerna Liska. Until next time. *Rourke would release the PTT and gathers the camcorder from the table*
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    Hello, If you could send a picture of the error if possible. That would help us out. Also, could you try to verify your game files. Right Click DayZ -> Properties -> Local Files -> Verify Integrity of Game Files. Let me know if that helps. I will keep looking into this as well. Thank you, RandyRP
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    i make knives as a hobby
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    Nobody likes being bored.
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    The sexiest, most mesmerizing group thread to ever grace this part of DayZRP. The amount of effort that must have went into this is just baffling. I would bid you good luck with the approval but hey; it would be pointless not to approve this group.
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    Enjoyed the roleplay boys @MoodyOG @Brandonyoung @Nightwing @Scar @N-ToxRP and the rest of the people there
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    It’s been 27 years since the collapse of Communism in Chernarus, but it is no cause to celebrate. A shadow has been casted over what sparse cities and villages existed in Chernarus after the Soviet Union - Nationalism. It had always been an issue in Chernarus. With the launch of Operation Alpenröschen during World War 2 into the Black Mountains and unto the proud city of Novigrad, the Nazi menace established a local pro-Nazi regime, made up of die-hard nationalists with a bone to pick with the Soviet government. The Chernarussian State, as some referred to it, was a spectre of things to come. Thankfully, the proletariats and those proud of their Motherland’s accomplishments rallied together to defeat the traitors. The situation in 1943 was not too different to the situation in 2009. The sons and daughters of those very proletariats, workers, and patriots rallied together once more against the fascist menace. This time, the workers were alone. There was no Soviet Army to swoop in from the North, over the South Zagorian cities and factories, over the rolling hills and through the dense pine forests. They were alone, but it made no difference. They fought long and hard. But, in the end, it didn’t matter. The fascists were backed up by the Imperialist West and they brought their drones, helicopters and planes. The fascists viciously hunted down the leaders of 2009. Many were executed, under guises of genocide, insurrection and murder - all lies of course. It is not murder to defend oneself. Now, despite everything that is going on. Despite the Apocalypse arriving in Chernarus - the fascists and reactionaries do not stop. They do not think to work together with one another. The foreigners trapped within our borders are prosecuted. Killed en masse and hunted, just as we were during those fateful days in 2009. I ask of you, my fellow workers - rise up against this menace. Bear your arms proudly, under the Red Banner. Fight back the reactionaries and liberate yourselves. "Workers of the world, unite!" 1943-1955 Partisanship had always been a part of life in the Black Mountains. The mountain town of Tuapse was in fact famous for it and thus, the concept of partisanship was nothing new come 1943. During Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812, small bands of civilians harassed the French and their allies before and after the retreat from Moscow. When the Kaiser’s army snuck in during World War 1, the Germans were forced to pull units from the front line to deal with the partisan activity and ultimately, the men and women from Tuapse participated in the Russian Civil War, founding small Red detachments, which were particularly successful in South Zagoria. When German Gebirgsjäger units, accompanied by traitorous Cossack SS-divisions attacked key Russian fortifications in the Black Mountains, partisan groups from towns like Tuapse proved invaluable in providing guidance through the treacherous mountain ranges and in attacking key supply routes, effectively trapping several detachments and platoons in the freezing cold mountain peaks. For their efforts, a small monument was erected in Tuapse, which only ever attracted four or five would be historians yearly. More importantly, Natasha Dmitrievna, a leader in Tuapse, posthumously received the Order of the Red Banner for her efforts. A woman, from such an obscure town, receiving such a prestigious award -- it shocked people. Ultimately, however, it solidified the town’s loyalty. Dmitrievna moved into the Chernarussian SSR after the war to live a quieter, more secluded life. She moved there with her two sons, Vladim and Alexander and husband - Abram. There, they founded a small rural town specializing in peaches and apples, named Stalinisi. People came and went, usually with the picking seasons. Only a few families remained, participating in local community activities and other then a few state interactions, a completely autonomous life. 1991 The town lived independently throughout the existence of the Soviet Union, only ever receiving a few calls for conscription and police visits for rowdy Chernarussians with a bone to pick. This changed, of course, with the Chernarussian Declaration of Independence in 1991. During the riots, Stalinisi was raided by small nationalist militias, with tools and supplies being stolen and hunting stalls and sheds being burned. The biggest shock came a few months later, when the newly established Chernarussian government came to the village with an ultimatum: remove the villages name and identity or be evicted. The choice was obvious, the men were too old to put up a fight and the boys too young to take their place. The village became * ████ and according to de-Communisation policies and the small monument dedicated to paristan Natasha Dmitrievna was demolished. This was a wakeup call for the denizens of ████, things were changing whether they liked it or not. They would have to fend for themselves in this new era of Chernarussian nationalism. The men buried their hunting rifles in fear of them being taken off them and the disgruntled ex-soldiers hid their old AK rifles under beds and in toy lockers. The truck drivers that used to transport apples and peaches from the orchards to the factories to be processed were laid off, replaced with Chernarussians in dire need of a job. Hell, even the police-men were replaced and reorganised. This major change sowed the seed of dissent and would enable the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star to gain control over the area. 2007 The scars from the 1991 raids and de-Communisation were still very real, and the foundation of the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star gave the village’s anger a productive release. For the most part, the ChDKZ was a legal movement, but they were planning something big. Anton Grigorievich , father of two young boys, was a devout Chedaki and planned to use the town as a training ground for Russian paramilitaries and weapon storage. From there on out, ████ became a hotbed for extremist organisations. Anton’s two sons, Roma and Kirov merely watched as his father met shady men in suits and turtlenecks. They were old enough to consider politics, but not old enough to comprehend them. They’d talk about equality and the liberation of the working man, whilst beating down on rival Chernarussian gangs of boys in the woods. Anton could see that his two sons needed a productive outlet and an education. Hence, he gave them a run-down course on socialism and the implementation of the ideology just before giving the eldest a rifle and the younger a pair of binoculars. They’d train together for the remainder of the year. Late in the year, just before the snow fell a small brawl between a group of Russians and Chernarussians erupted. Kirov was stabbed during the fist-fight. Outraged, Kirov went home to ████ and snuck out later in the night with his father’s pistol, whilst Anton and Roma were at the hospital. He rallied some of the other boys, who were keen for retaliation. The intention was to just scare him off and give him a warning. Maybe rough him up a little bit. But things turned sour. It turns out that this one particular Chernarussian boy was a drug dealer and had his stock to protect. A small gunfight erupted and Kirov shot the boy dead. It didn’t change him, it didn’t make him feel any better either. He simply knew that he had the ability to kill someone. This marked a turning point for the duo. They trained more rigorously, and even ordered some old military surplus online; smersh, camo netting – that kind of thing. Soon enough, their little gang of boys turned into a serious paramilitary, full of anarchists, Marxists and misfits. This undeniably made Anton proud and soon enough, their newfound paramilitary was also rocking the ribbon of St. George and the Chernarussian Red Star. They learnt that funds were desperate, so they took up robbing. Police-stations with armouries and lazy guards, desolate ATMs and local banks. In enough time, they’d earned enough dirty tanks to arm the entire local area and extra. In December, just before Christmas day, Roma would be arrested for possession of an illegal firearm – an AK-74U to be exact. For every bullet, a year would be added. The bias judge that presided over him gave him a life sentence without parole and in Chernarus, a life sentence really is for life. It was an outrage, but no strike or protest would change it. His younger brother plotted, but their father assured him that there was nothing they could do – yet. 2009 The twenty-first of November was cold, but otherwise clear. The Civil War had been raging for a few months now, with Anton’s militia seeing constant combat. The absence of Roma had greatly dampened morale in the militia, knowing that they walk free whilst one of their comrades are stuck in a tiny prison cell. Thus, they hatched a plan to break him out before he was transferred to Miroslavl. The men involved slipped through checkpoints as refugees seeking a new home, posing as Chernarussians to avoid suspicion. These men then gathered in a warehouse in Kamyshovo, where a fisherman had lent them a boat and where their weapons were waiting. A stolen blueprint revealed that there was a pipe that connected to the sea and into the maintenance room and ran underneath the prison. The plan was to rig this pipe with explosions and blow a large section of the prison from underneath it. Then, whilst the guards were distracted, they would climb up to the outer wall, rig it with explosives and create a hole in which they could allow prisoners to escape from during yard time. The plan failed for the most part. The explosion shook the ground, but nothing of real consequence happened above ground and the guards were still present upon the insertion to the wall. However, luckily, the guards were easy pickings for the battle-hardened warriors of the ████ militia and they were still able to rig the wall. After retreating to a safe distance, they blew the wall. Confused and disgruntled guards watched as about fifty-five men in striped pyjamas ran out. On their boat, they took about five men with them – one of them Roma. Only a few escapees actually escaped par from that five, the rest being captured or shot. The brothers transferred out of the ████ militia soon after the prison break, finding a home in a reconnaissance battalion, known for guerrilla tactics and assassination missions. Usually, they’d target people like local priests known for sheltering NAPA militiamen, local nationalist leaders and checkpoint officers. Rarely, anyone of importance was killed. Upon a raid further south, they came into an abundance of military grade uniforms and kit, effectively transforming the reconnaissance battalion into an actual fighting force. Gorka uniforms, mess kits hell, even belts. The battalion was present for war-crimes, but was never brought to light for any involvement or knowledge of such actions and after the Civil War, most members avoided persecution by splitting up and re-integrating into Chernarussian society. Those who spoke Chernarussian found this easy, but those who only spoke Russian were found and persecuted easily. The two brothers moved to a quiet town and lived out their lives named Zvir. Small amounts of contact was maintained between those who formed friendships during the war. 2017 The two brothers, Roma and Kriov, were for the most part unaware of the Apocalypse. The town of Zvir was too isolated and self-sufficient to realise what was going on. Suspicion was only created when a shipment of bottled water failed to arrive. At a town meeting, the two brothers volunteered to go to Zelenogorsk to either go pick it up or figure out why it’s so late. They arrived at a checkpoint. It didn’t feel out of the ordinary, the Chernarussian Defence Force always liked to bother the civil populace. But, no one came out of the checkpoint. Confused, they drove up to find it abandoned. Casings were scattered on the ground. Further up, there was a pile of bodies. The blood splattered on their clothing wasn’t a regular, crimson red. Instead, it was blackened and unnatural looking. Their faces were twisted and their irises were non-existent, just white and blood shocked. They quickly drove over to a payphone - but the line had been cut. Confused and frightened, they drove into Zelenogorsk to be met with hordes of standing corpses. They drove slowly at first, trying not to hit anyone, but then the undead began to bang on their windows. They picked up speed and hit as many as they could, speeding out of the most clear exit. Town after town, they saw the same thing. Figuring that travelling any further was pointless, they tried to send a radio message back to Zvir. No response. Again, nothing. Fearing the worse, they camped out for weeks, living off the land. Eventually, they figured that they should send a message over the radio, hoping to contact any of their old comrades from the Civil War. After the third message, they got a reply. They met where it all started, █████ and reformed the movement. They planned to take advantage of the Apocalypse to create a new society. IC Goals Day 495: Establish a free territory within South Zagoria. Day 500: Establish an understanding of the politics of South Zagoria and establish who is sympathetic to our cause and who is against it. Furthermore isolate and speak with as many survivors as possible to convert them to our cause. Establish contact with Viktor Padella. Day 535: Create a radio station to play nostalgic Communist music and inform survivors of current news. Continuous: Recruit those sympathetic to our cause. Continuous: Provide aid to those oppressed by reactionaries. Continuous: Abolish and denounce private property. (Not to be confused with personal property.) OOC Goals Actively contribute to the lore of the server, the overarching narrative and the narrative of each individual character within the group. Provide a realistic and immersive experience. Create an opposition to current standing nationalist groups. Provide a sense of “consequences”. When a character is executed, they will be permanently killed. Roster Leadership: Kirov Grigorievich - - @Stannis Roma Grigorievich - [email protected] Petir Jelinek - - @birduarent Militia: Bodrov Vassili - - @Tander Yuliy Konstantin - - @Clarence Davis Bauhm - - @Charles Maxwell Dahmer - - @Specky Anton Kushnir - - @Oakerly Blazek Brada - - @DidgeridooKangaroo Shibalov Georgiy - - @Ming Vladimir Volkov - - @King Lionheart Pavlo Zima - - @Saintguy Dewey Carson - - @PilotBland Mikhail Makrov - - @BetterLegion Svetlana Nikolaevna - - @PurpleSockz
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