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    @gElmo @Gaylaxitive @Drbeans @gMethiasRP
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    NAPALM TO THE BONE! IT'S A BOMBER! IT'S A BOMBER HA HA! Goddamn we sure to have a lack of honest-to-Lemmy musicians these days... I would say rest in peace but saints never die.
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    ew now youre gonna make purple babies
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    Congratulations Miss Sleepyhead!
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    YES DINO!!!! Congrats my man!
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    Congrats Dino... but remember... WE ARE ALWAYS WATCHING...
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    Did they actually kick @DrMax?
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    Welcome to the big boi club!
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    It's about time! Welcome to staff!
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    Listening to this guys life story is quite something. I know its a long video but if you have the time i wholeheartedly recommend watching/listening to the whole thing. I dont think ive ever heard of anyone who has had this much suffering, misfortune and hardship in their life starting from such a young age and still managed to come up on top. The integrity this guy has to have to even be a functioning human after being through such devastating experiences in his life let alone such a humble and kind man is absolutely unimaginable. The pain you can hear in his voice is truly harrowing and heartbreaking.
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    Couldn't help myself, I just love roleplay too much. Looking forward to meeting some of the new people (and some of the old, too.) Let's really make some noise in here
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    Few of you might remember me, I have been allowed back into the community! I can’t wait to rp with everyone once again!
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    *These markings would appear almost as if out of thin air in the north west of the country. People sometimes finding them laying beside their heads after waking or nailed to the chests of infected. The symbol always accompanied by the same message.* "We are the hand that has guided you. We have never stopped watching."
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    one of the best
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