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    In case anyone was confused. Or out of the loop and ‘Cause I still get a few questions about it. I have relocated to a new place recently and there’s still a lot I need to get done. I don’t have my PC. I don’t have a headset. I can’t get into voice really as easily as before. My replies to people and DMs and stuff are on the back burner while I work on Deer Isle with the team. Once I’m settled I’ll hopefully be quicker to respond. Sorry for any delays at this time. IRL > RP. I believe this won’t be a super long period of adjustment. Be safe. Wear a mask. Wash ya hands. And uh drink water? Sleep 8 hours a night? Take regular stretch breaks when sitting at the pc for long periods of time? Take breathers from stressors? Remember that time always moves forward and bad shit won’t last forever.
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    Thanks for all the RP today boys and girls, first time in a while I've had a session in-game last over 6 hours straight. @Cas @Dan @Will @Taidhg @Dongle @Phoenyxx @CaptainChips @ImAtrix @FknSnow @PowerofWill @LumenRP @RUFUS @lunathecat @menagerie boys & @William89
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    No. Jack you're going off on one at the moment man. Your end goal shouldn't be to get people to Pk. Having that determination makes you worse than the people who don't want to pk.
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    great rp today with the boys @sung @Will @Dan @Taidhg @Dongle @Phoenyxx @CaptainChips @ImAtrix @FknSnow @PowerofWill @LumenRP @RUFUS @Worldclass and anyone else i forgot was nice meeting the menagerie boys finally and great twitter rp with @God and @Drbeans
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    :pepecringe: also gg bot, jng, top diff
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    sometimes i wonder what it takes to get big muscles, but then i remember i already have big muscles so it doesnt matter what i think
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    This should of been a loregroup ngl.. You guys are creating so many new storylines it's unreal. Keep up the good work lads.
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    No.. Just No Out of all the suggestions I’ve seen this is probably by the far worst. Now this is my opinion and don’t get me wrong @Jackfish you’re a great guy with amazing ideas. But this? Wouldn’t you want to see more in Character development and all that? I’ve seen so many quicker and rush character pages and reuse the same idea, but in the end it’s their character they made with their story they want to drive forward on their own accord. Yes people want to make these because they love their characters of course people are iffy on pk’ing because they enjoy the “lives” they have made! To remove character pages would be like us going to a non whitelisted rp server with all that said and me getting my opinion out of the way It’s a big no from me chief
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    Character pages are just an avenue for others who like to put extra effort into their characters in regards to graphics/relations/ etc etc. No need to take away that from people who want to use it or have character pages clutter the lore and stories instead. If people don't want to put effort into their pages then they're free to do the bare minimum and keep it like that.
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    I take on board not enough has happened with the lore, before i even start saying things about what I think is wrong I already know what is wrong on my end. In my (controversial) opinion, and this began before I left CLF and focused on lore work, the big killer of RP, lately, is persistent hubs. For the first month of RP and continuing a little after that into july, the only RP that could readily be found was in Berezino or Olsha due to the heavy emphasis on the hubs that were there. Hubs provide great internal RP for a short time before things get really stale. They make life very awkward for hostile groups (due to the natural fear of kill rights, accidentally killing someone not involved). Internal RP as the only source becomes stale as fuck, and having been in freecam the majority of the time people weren't at these hubs they were building bases or looting. Dynamic RP was borderline non-existent so there wasn't much change. I honestly think this was the biggest factor that killed drive as it limited options for a lot of groups the most heavily. Granted, DayZ is a very meh game in terms of fun so we focus on the RP aspect to actually keep our interest. But when the majority of the RP you can naturally get is just sitting around a town it becomes boring. You have huge issues such as: Settlements that end up with enemies feel like they get attacked constantly. If you make enemies with 2 groups who want to attack you, well what're they supposed to do? If one group attacks each day you still end up with the problem of being attacked every day, only now one hostile group has to sit on their thumbs and do nothing on alternate days which is a big buzz kill. As a result, people get bored very quickly on the hostile end. When the hostile end gets bored we see a dramatic shift in the actual quality of these hostilities when they do occur, so you end up with lower quality RP being one of the complaints made by these settlements too. These settlements, no offence, don't really drive much in the way of external RP after a few days. Once things become rinse and repeat, it's people sitting around a campfire all day or having a drink all day. People rarely go out during peak times, these passive groups weren't driving much in the way of goals and the passive groups didn't really have an agenda so it was hard to get natural conflict. One complaint i see all the time is "Well they're doing it for no reason" but what is a hostile group supposed to do when the only RP they can find is passive RP that instigates nothing and pushes no boundaries. On an unrelated note: I personally think it's time one of the big lore factions died soon. This conflict has gone on for a long time with no side really conceding any ground. Combine the above with the lack of lore updates for a month and we have a server that feels like nothing happens. Not trying to single any particular person out, rather I just think everybody has had a part in why the server has felt like it's dying. The lorewipe didn't go as planned, sadly, but one thing I will definitely be pushing for in the upcoming weeks is a great collapse in society to allow for more growth on Chernarus, as well as to allow new groups to form in the remnants of the old with new agendas. More group variety means it's likely 2 or more groups will occupy the same niches and find more natural conflict to resolve, be it through fighting or negotiation (ergo RP all around). Hope the above makes sense, but this is my perspective and maybe some feedback for people to reflect on from all sides. My only big concern, outside of pushing the lore, is the quality of roleplay. If it's sub-par I get involved otherwise I leave people to their devices and to push their own agendas.
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    voted no, other players are not just there for you to kill they have their own rp
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    Voted no. Character pages bring my creativity out. (Sometimes.)
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    From the album: Crisp Screenshots

    Power To The People
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    Who would be down for a gang?
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    Республика Армия Чернорусская RAC Propaganda Posters Foreword: This is the first series of the RAC Propaganda posters, which means there will be more so stay tuned. Feel free to criticize, every critique is a mistake less in the future. Other than that, i hope you enjoy them as much as i enjoyed making them. Also I will be posting the original drawings and the images i got inspiration from, feel free to use them for your own projects. If you need .PSD files, send me a message on my profile @N1RU, and I'll provide them to you. Process of making the posters: Searching for inspiration → Drawing by hand → Outlining → Scanning/Photographing the drawing → Editing in Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator → Voilà. First Series: "Бей насмерть!" - "Beat to the death!" : Drawing: Inspiration: "Мать-героиня! Выполняй свой долг." - "Mother-Heroine! Do your duty." : Drawing: Inspiration: "Terrorists are among us, Be quiet." : Drawing: Inspiration: "Слава солдатам Р.А.Ч" - "Glory to the soldiers of the R.A.C" : Drawing: Inspiration: "Вперед! Победа близка." - "Forward! Victory is close." : Drawing: Inspiration: "We will save Chernarus" : Drawing: Inspiration: "Будущее за нами." - "Future is Ours." : Drawing: Inspiration: "Exterminate the nationalist pest" : Drawing: Inspiration: Astronomic Thanks to the RAC and @HarveyLR for letting me work on this. Check out their Media Thread: Respublika Armiya Chernorusskaya - Media Thread
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    History The Tsepov Family began at the ends of the Second World War. Our story begins with a man called Josef Tsepov, a troubled young man attempting to provide for his family, constantly finding himself skating around law, only finally ending up in a harsh USSR Gulag. The Gulag, especially for Josef were rougher than the war as each person found themselves constantly struggling on a fine thread. Life inside the Gulags was nothing more than a struggle, food was extremely limited, living conditions were abysmal and the never ending cold, chilled you to the bare bone. Luckily for Josef, he was not there alone, there were three other Tsepov men that he could depend on that were present with him at all times within these gulags. There was Josefs brother, Yuri, cousin, Andrei, and uncle, Vladimir. This is where Josef Tsepov and co, worked their way through the Vorovskoy Mir and became established crime elites. Each of their bodies covered with tattoos symbolizing what they had, their ranks, where they had spent time incarcerated, and what their specialties were. They each lived by the thieves code and were widely respected Upon the death of Stalin, and the fall of gulag camps The Tsepovs returned back to their home, but they were not the same men they once were. They were crime nobles, respected, widely regarded. As they came back to their families, they simply could not fall back into their lines of work, whether it be farming, hunting, or mechanics. The Tsepovs used the connections they had made in prisons and gulag camps to fall back into the criminal world of the Vorovskoy Mir. Recruiting local village folk they could trust, they had become a respected crime family within their region of the USSR (Chernarus). Fall of the USSR In 1991 the USSR had fallen, leaving disarray within the government as individuals strive forward for political power. At this point the new boss of the Tsepov family was Igor Tsepov, son of Josef Tsepov. The family operated in South Zagoria, Chernarus. Chernarus had not gained its sovereignty, but this had made things difficult for the Tsepov family, considering now they had to work on smuggling routes through the Chernarussian/Russian border. Many of the Tsepov business associates were also families within the Vorovskoy Mir, which were predominantly within Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Most of Igor’s reign was establishing trade routes that were safe from the eye of the law. During these years, a young Adrik Tsepov was up and coming making a name for himself. Rather than just being the son of the boss, he was beginning to become a respected vory v zakone. Completing harsh and daring tasks, and making a crew of his own under his father. Adrik, his two brothers, and three of his cousins formed a crew completing hits, meeting with potential business associates, and scouting )smuggling routes. These young men were soon to become the future of the Tsepov Family. Present As Adrik became older, and his father’s later years began taking a toll on his work, leading to a fatal sickness. Igor knew his time was limited and he needed to appoint a successor before his time came to avoid an internal conflict within the family. A young Adrik was initiated by his father as the new boss of the Tsepov family. Adrik Tsepov had finally received his final tattoos signifying his prestige and took control of the family he was destined to lead. As Adrik began taking up his role chaos erupted within Chernarus. A civil war had broken out and the country was split in two. The communist party of Chernarus wanted to establish communism through the land, backed by the Russians, and the CDF fighting to remain as is. Under Adrik, the Tsepovs were more interested in making money than aligning with political parties. Adrik wanted the family to become one of the wealthiest organizations within the Vorovskoy Mir. Once the civil war had ended, the Chedaki came out victorious turning Chernarus into the Chernarussian Socialist Republic. The CSR now led Gregori Lopotev maintained excellent relations with Russia, making a lot of the smuggling routes between Chernarus and Russia timid. 6 years later, the president was assassinated by CLF savages and a new president, Ivan Bernarus, was placed in his stead. Bernarus actively seeked a referendum with Russia to make Chernarus officially a part of the Russian Federation. In October of 2018 a referendum was signed by Ivan Bernarus and Vladamir Putin, merging Chernarus into the Russian Federation. Many local Chernarussians were against the referendum, but Adrik could only focus on how much easier it was going to be doing business with fellow associates within the Vorovskoy Mir. More business would result in more capital. Adrik, went on to create more business ventures that would earn the family a vast amount of wealth and notoriety. The Tsepovs expanded into, drug smuggling, arms dealings, hired guns, extorting, and blackmailing. Blackmailing became one of the most advantageous work the family could do. They had blackmail on wealthy oligarchs, military officers, and politicians. With this information Adrik and the family could skate around the law, and get away with a decent amount of crimes that would have resulted in long periods of incarceration. The syndicate also went on to create a list of informants that would spread rumors and gain intel on potential competitors or law enforcement operations. The Frenzy In January of 2020 the frenzied flu had made a return with a vengeance. The Flu rapidly began increasing and took the lives of many Tsepov elders, including Adrik’s elderly mother. Soon the armed Military began setting up roadblocks all throughout Chernarus. This led to the syndicate’s cash flow slowing down drastically. Adrik used his political and military connections to figure out if the government really had this pandemic under control. The messages he received back were shocking, many of the officials did not truly know what was going on, and the upper interior of the government was keeping things highly confidential. This led to Adrik making the decision to hold off on many plans that were set in motion to ensure the safety of the syndicate, If too many men were caught or began getting the flu, it could lead to potential competitors to make plays against the family and attempt to take over. Although money slowed down, Adrik wanted locals to know that the Tsepovs hadn’t gone anywhere, so he began setting up free kitchens throughout the region in an attempt to keep public relations well. He also had enforcers make sure that business owners under the syndicate were not trying to take advantage of the flu and hold out on paying their dues and not switching sides. Once May hit the public became restless and people began leaving the relocation zones in an attempt to find other avenues of survival, the Family took this as an opportunity to provide protection and guidance to brave groups of wanderers in return for money, assets, and intel on quarantine camp layouts. Adrik advised his men to use old smuggling and trade routes to guide people back to their homes or to someplace safe. He also aided the occasional military personnel who were deserting their posts to be with their families. With the end not being in sight, and the military growing more aggressive with civilians, The Tsepovs decided to take advantage and restart business ventures, and get in contact with old associates. Adrik decided to think outside the box and find the silver-lining within the pandemic. Adrik actively began looking to recruit associates with biological and medical experience, in an attempt to gain a foothold on potential research of the flu, and possible vaccine creation. @Dew - Adrik "Boss" Tsepov @Apollo - Stefan "Steffi" Tsepov @Nik - Nikolai "Drunk" Tsepov @Shroud - Ivan "Big Fucker" Tsepov @Blake - Maksym "Fucker" Tsepov @Bobby - Alek "whole lotta stick play" Tsepov @Diamond - Vladislav "Lil Fucker" Tsepov @Dustemane - Dustiski "Hot Head" Tsepov @TurkRP - Yuri "Bastard" Tsepov @Lost - Lipin "Lippy" Tsepov @Hollows - Damien Tsepov @JimRP - Dimitri "White Smoke" Tsepov @Eagle - Grigorij Tsepov @Craig - George Adebowale @Dustup - Andrei Tsepov @Sassy - Sassy Sassov @Dodge - Aslan Osuyum Friendly The Pedlars Neutral Everyone Hostile CLF Fishermen Competition Establish Communications with any active remaining families of the Vorovskoy Mir (FAILED) Establish a meeting ground for the family to hear out locals and foreigners for potential business (COMPLETE) Fortify meeting grounds (DAY 30) (COMPLETE) Fix relationship between Uncle Roman's and Uncle Jora's kids (COMPLETE) Recruit at least 10 medical or biological working personnel (KINDA FAILED) [5/10] Maintain a web of informants (COMPLETE) Make Contact with high ranking Military Personnel for potential business or blackmail (COMPLETE) Sponsor at least 3 groups to work under us (Day 60) [2/3] ESTABLISH A TERRITORY (Day 70) [High Priority] MAKE MONEY (Indefinite) Deal with any competitors or threats to the family (Indefinite) If you are interested in joining the group please send a DM to @Dew on the forums or Discord. The DM must include, Why you want to join, RP experience, past group that you were involved in, and timezone.
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    -1 I think character pages are amazing, shows the creative side to everyone. Some don't like to work on a long story and graphics that's fine. But for others they enjoy it. There no competition. It's an RP server. Creativity is needed. I enjoy reading where each character comes from, no matter how long the story is or its graphics.
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    Shows off people’s creative side, and if they decide they don’t want to be super creative they only need provide a 500 character explanation of how they came into the country. Removing it benefits nobody as if they wanted to PK whenever they can just write in low/no effort 500char pages and hop back on
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    What? No. I do character pages to show off my writing and my character's story as well as to spice it up with my graphics. lmao -1
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    Yeah I'm going to have to say no to that one. - It won't make people PK more, character pages are the issue its people refusing to let go when a storyline should be let go. - Casual Characters? No. This just allows people to hop on without giving thought into a backstory and a never ending cycle of "Well my character was a military man or my character believed in this and that" without staff being able to verify if that was what the characters true intention and creation is. - More people will hop on? X to Doubt sorry. But there are plenty of other reasons why people aren't roleplaying currently on the server and its definitely not the character pages. - Being creative and having character pages is something I've admired about DayZRP since not a lot of communities do that. I don't think getting rid of character pages is a good idea for a variety of reasons but most of the people above have replied with that.
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    Well, that's like just like...your opinion man! I'd rather vote to have all guns removed from the game before ever voting in favor of constricting expressive mediums of roleplay
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    Voted no. If you don't want to add custom graphics and write thousands of words for your lore, you don't have too. It's a choice. Only thing I don't agree with is being told to make character pages private for them having W.I.P. on them. All that should matter is your character should have a basic story-line that meets the 500 word requirement. I often put W.I.P. on my character pages as I plan on adding a lot more detail, because you know, it's still being worked on. Another thing that bothers me is that character pages have to be public. If I don't want people knowing my backstory, then I should be able to keep it private and still play that character. I also think it's a good idea for people to write their ideas down in a public format.
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    The Character Pages, being a part of the Whitelisting process now, forces new players to know the depths at which they have to go to make their characters. We have to message so many people (to this day) because they claim Chernarus is either an Island, or that they are super soldiers coming to save the world. Except for the resistance to PK, what are some other benefits?
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    "Seems like a bad excuse" Summer times are often lower playtime for a lot of people. You have a lot of game releases, many people's work schedules actually get worse during the summer as it's peak time. Could argue people have more time free but for a lot this simply isn't the case. Also not excusing what's happening on the server, some of it is our fault but as my boy @Kordruga said, some people need to look in the mirror and realise what's going on is as much their fault as it is ours. I am optimistic about the changes coming, but I have my own opinions on what actually kills RP heavily on the server.
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    In our darkest hour, we quiver before the great evil that lies beneath. The scourge that plagues all with a "healthy" life style. The bane of the busy. The unholy vermin. .. "The Offline Raiders" Also thank you for the great feedback!
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    From the album: NiceLime's Wild Ride

    Here the Cult of Clive will meet

    © @NiceLime

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    Thanks my boi Fintan The victory of the RAC is imminent! Thanks man
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    Well, a couple of factors. We can talk it over in detail on discord a bit later ^^
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    Thanks Doc, more are coming
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