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    Day: 3 It was a few days later now and food was low, and our water just didn't have any pressure anymore. We knew we had to leave but we didn't know exactly what the plan was. We crept downstairs, we checked whatever rooms we could get open for food and supplies but only found one can of beans on the way out so I threw it in our hiking bag for later. Eventually we hit the ground floor and we made it out alive. Where to next...? Well we had no idea. Day: 21 It had been 3 weeks now, we were shacked up in a little barn a little bit further south in a place called Polana. With some make shift walls and a tent we were able to gather supplies and last there for a little bit. A few days later our place got over run by some bandits while we were out hunting. We had to move on and find a new home as they would be back for more no doubt. Day: 79 Its been a few months now, we've met some people. A kid named Vance and another guy named Caleb. Vance Jr. was.. well a little slow, but man he did know how to use a gun. Caleb was cool but had a hot head sometimes so I had to help him not make stupid decisions and put his life at risk. Good people and after being alone for a while it was nice to meet people. We we're now set up in an open field with another barn behind us, this time we reinforced the walls and it seemed to keep us safe for a while. Day: 200 We have more people now, a good bunch of guys. Charles, this guy has your back no matter what. He will write off any mother fucker who does his people bad. He speaks his mind and I love him for that. James is a little quieter, but same thing goes for him. He has your back, and he's smart. James can help you get out of sticky situations left and right, but overall the kids a joke-stir and can always make ya' laugh. The camp has grown now but we've kept quiet. People don't know where we are and we plan to keep it that way. A bandit hasn't crossed our path in weeks. We have farm animals now and we have a luxurious supply of food. Day: 365 It has been a god damn year now; our numbers have grown so much. Unfortunately, my wife has passed away. A bear raided our camp one-night and... well she didn't make it. That will affect me for the rest of my life. The one person I couldn't protect... Levi is with us now, guy started off by bringing us weapons for food. With these newfound toys we felt safer from the inevitable. There we're about 12-15 of us now. We started to venture out further for better supplies... One day I had remembered the town Novomitrovsk and my mind started flooding with ideas... Day: 739 Year or so later now... we went to war with a group of thieves. They would come and attack us at night, they had these fucking night vision goggles and at first we couldn't do much but hide and let them take our things at first. One night I decided to post up in a hunting tower so I could warn my people ahead of time if I saw any of them. One started climbing up my tower, he hadn't seen me yet... Once he got to the top I quickly hung a rope around his neck and I pushed him off to the side. I had to hold him there watching him go pale and fade away... This is where things changed. Had a pair of night vision goggles on him. I had a Winchester and 3 water bottle suppressors ready to go. I took out the 9 bandits that night. The fight was over, and my people were safe at last. We then found a map in one of their pockets with a map to their stash. What we found there was beyond words. Weapons, vehicles, and so much storage. Day: 925 It has been around 3 years now since the start of this shit. We've fought of countless bandits, cannibals, and other freaks. We don't fear much now. It is now our time to bring in others, restart society, make a safe place for people to be, a place for people to thrive. Today my plan goes into action, today I will send out a radio broadcast to the people of South Zagoria, today I will give people a new hope, and today will be the beginning of New Haven. Stage 1 Create the New Haven Community (Day: 926) Get the Prat. Guard to move in and start their patrols of the city. (928) Try to start a weekly broadcast with Redwood Radio (Day 936) Finish the First "Blueprint" of the community base (Day 940) Grow the population of New Haven to 20+(Day:941) Get 3 stores open in the Community: Clothing (Day 945) Food (Day 945) Guns (Day 945) Start the Mechanic Shop Project (Day 948) Mayor @ImNovaaa - Ace Brooks Vice Mayor @ImS8tn - Tony Jagger Adviser @ImBlisna - James Smith New Haven @ImNathan - Nathan Law @ImChips - Mikolai Ivanov @ImTommy152 - Charles Hargrove @ImGrazey - Jimmy @ImMason - Kasey Walker @Ram - Levi King @Krullix - WIP @ImKez -WIP 1.) Provide true “Hero” Roleplay, and create storylines with hostile groups. 2.) Maintain very good OOC relations with OPs to keep things non toxic. 3.) Create a large community Discord where groups can interact with each other and solo survivors can look for groups more on an IC level. 4.) Create an RP hub that encourages less hiding off alone in bases, and bring other groups together. 5.) Update this group page with new goals and stories as often as we can. So this group is very "The Walking Dead" inspired. The gathering of other communities for the greater good. We want to be a "strong" hero group in the sense of power. To further explain that, our goal with this group is to make it an almost untouchable community. We want the people living here to have a genuinely feeling of safety once they are in our community. We will not be a picky community that keeps its doors locked, but more so invites everyone. In "The Walking Dead" there are many story lines with hostile groups, for example : The Saviors, The Governor, The Whisperers, etc. We hope to have genuine story lines with hostile groups/characters rather than just sitting behind walls and smack talking. I hope this community encourages stories to form with the entire server rather than just in their own base in the middle of no where. We will update this group page with more of our story as our story lines progress, as well as have an active media page for the communities entertainment. We understand this is a HUGE project, but we are ready for the challenge. Now the specific "Group" New Haven is most likely going to stay closed, we want this to be a community vibe.. Not super group vibe. My boys & I will be in this group, BUT with this community we hope to help solo survivors or smaller groups join some of the groups that will be working with & living in New Haven. This doesn't mean you can not live or be apart of the community if you are not in a group! We want store owners, hunters, etc. Although if you'd like to contact us with any questions please do on my discord (ImNova#3227) (Blisna#0251).
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    From the album: A Deaf Girl's World

    Driving a car, at night and in the snowstrom, is a tricky part. Its better than staying in one place all the time, which can be dangerous.
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    Because filthy rule breaks destroy my immersion! I can not be playing the game and enjoy the roleplay provided by other community members when there can be actual rule breakers among them. Imagine you roleplay with someone for 30 minutes and then you later find out he broke NLR! I could not lived with myself knowing that I had interacted with none other than a rule breaker. I stopped playing the game because of this, but now that the automatic ban machine has been activated, I was finally able to get back IG and enjoy a proper roleplay experience. And to be honest, I have never have had such fresh and revitalizing encounters and storylines ever, all thanks to this!
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    I think it's much better and simpler to have member / group instead of character / group system: Players are able to focus their efforts and RP on one group, instead of being split between two and putting half of the effort in each. This not only benefits RP but also things like group goals, dynamics or politics. Increased complexity of character system as well as rules like kill rights Abuse, for example by being able to assist or sabotage groups simply by switching to a character belonging to different group I'm gonna have to go with no.
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    Hello there dear staff team. Now that we have 2 entirely different maps with two entirely different environments I think it is time that we bring up allowing multiple groups. Now before it is shut down! I do have some basic criteria that'd have to be implemented to allow the staff team an easier time in regards to reports and what not. The premise would be that you're allowed to be in 1 group on each map, as long as it is on two entirely different characters. > One group for each map. > Must be two different characters. > Must be stated in the bio of the chars in the "affiliation" tab which group the two selected characters belong to. (To help the staff team in regards to reports and what not.) Benefits: 1) You don't have to choose between one or the other, but can get the best of both worlds. 2) It'll allow more creativity and freedom to enjoy the game and the RP, rather than being locked down in one place / map / group. 3) It'll encourage more RP with people outside of your friendship circle, as you can still stay within your friendship circle whilst also exploring other things and meeting new people. Bad stuff: 1) Both of your characters can end up on the same map due to IC reasons, that's just something you'll personally have to juggle if you've put yourself in that position. 2) People may complain about character cooldown. However that is again something you'll personally have to juggle with, as it isn't hard thinking what you wish to do for the day. Now I understand that this was brought up in the past, but to be fair, I can't remember where it is nor what was said in it. I hope it'll be considered as I am personally standing within that issue, wishing to still RP with my buds, but at the same time also try out new things on Livonia with new people I've never really hung around with before. Which seems to be promising! This ask is mainly directed towards @Voodoo @Hofer @Saunders @Randy @Roland but I'll appreciate any other staffs feedback as well! Gud bevare DayZRP. (God praise DayZRP.)
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    Alright whats all this streaming business about ? Shameless Plug (Kinda wanted to try it out cause why not)
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    You guys have your awesome community already! So we thought lets spread this out, also we believe an influx of people will play on S1 once winter goes away soon. Thank you! We might just have to hire y'all for the community
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    (First video made ever, be gentle.) Enjoy our roleplay moments!
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    Promising group idea with some nice graphics! Looking forward to rp with you guys. Good luck with this!
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    It will be from now on. All current banned members will not have a character wipe
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    I like the vast majority of these. ^ this being the only one i have a concern with too. Maybe it's all a bait though Also huge plus 1 to the combat logging change. Thought it was REALLY dumb to have hostages have to wait 30 minutes after being released. This change i like
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    Am I the only one concerned about a leaderboard that tracks player kills? Love everything else, by the way.
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    Nice update, looking forward to these other new changes
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    No. It's just states that you can't log out during the active roleplay. Once you aren't engaged in roleplaying activities one may close the game without getting a ban. The 30 minute timer only applies if people have kill rights on you.
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    Not going to post a gif for this but it should be implied by now. I might be misreading this but does this apply to recent non-hostile RP that you have partaken in? Are we required to wait now simply after RP'ing with another user? If so RIP to "Okay, I'm going to bed now." Otherwise I'm pretty happy with this update.
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    Zombie Kill tracker. VICIOUSLY SLAMS NUT BUTTON.
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    Looks like a great group! I also like the idea! When you become a public community, I’ll pop in and provide medical treatment to Mr Rick Grimes.
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    I Cow, agree to surrender KOS rights to members within the 5.0.3 & I agree to surrender PK rights to the 5.0.3 if I decide to betray the 5.0.3
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    As long as you boys can be bought out and keep your mouths shut the family should have no problems with you. On a more serious note Good Luck excited to see where this goes.
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    Very good, we might have to spread out business
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    I completely agree. You'll see IC that the blacklist is more about leverage and redemption than it is a straight up hit list. In fact several names have already been removed and no one has died yet. Now do some people on that list need to die? Sure. But that's not the end all be all. That being said, heard one of my boys was in contact with you gentleman and I look forward to working with you guys. I'll be over to your page to show some love soon! Thanks again, for the kind words and the good feedback!
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    Great group page/lore. Love these guys IC and OOC. Have had much great RP with them. I would love to see these guys approved, lord knows they deserve it.
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    "I swear that I WILL NOT allow the 5.0.3 to pk me"
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    If you really need to get your stuff back. It really isn't hard to ask a friend to do it so it's not like it's impossible to get your gear back
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    Welcome man, always nice to see a new member having fun in the community. Feel free to ask for whatever help is needed.
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    Bump, we have handed out 29 NLR bans since this announcement. Spread the word that people should never return to their bodies for their loot.
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    When things are out of your control but you don't know how to fix it and now it's just annoying
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    Yes it is on the server as we speak.
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    @Dingle @poopslayerHP Good meeting you lot today, say thanks to your knights and your cartel for me, the roleplay was excellent, me and the boys enjoyed the visit thoroughly. Hopefully more of that soon
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    I do like seeing mercs with morals, always makes me smile. Looks clean and hopefully the group lore gets more fleshed out. Looking forward to seeing you and your lads more.
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    "quick chaps jump him" All laugh. Very nice history you boys have
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    Hey, I think it looks cool guys. Hope to see ya'll around soon Good luck!
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    I have arisen and under Rolles order to stop being funny with gifs. It's good to be back, I was sick of Fiji.
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    Question for @Roland You removed me from staff with no warning other than this message: You said that "to go as far as to recommend people to go to other servers to play crosses the line for me..." You deleted my original post that I presumed got me removed: In the last paragraph I said "I'd suggest looking elsewhere for fresh new stuff outside of changing dates or server Lore". I'm not sure how that could be construed as me recommending people to go play elsewhere. You don't stay in a Loremaster position for the better part of 2 and a half years in the community to simply throw it away by telling people to leave. That is absurd. I told people to look elsewhere for solutions outside of changing Lore. My 2 posts in this thread were not inherently positive, but neither is a doctor when he walks into the room and tells you that you have a serious disease and that they are going to treat you for it. We were discussing a problem in the community, I didn't agree that the proposed solution would work and was advocating for my point of view. If you think that the view I put across or the way I got it out there was unbecoming of a staff member then that's understandable. If a larger enough portion of the community wants a certain course of action I will help them achieve it, even if I personally don't think that would be the best option. At the end of the day, I'd just like a little more explanation regarding my removal, maybe even to come back if we can talk and come to some sort of understanding as to how you expect things to be. This is extremely unfair to me to just simply be removed over something that I can distinguish as none other than an incorrect opinion held by myself, and wording that made you believe I was telling people to go to other communities.
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    I just wanted to be friends @SquirtleKitty @Conor @Hofer
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