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    obviously this is a joke, but I spent about $75 on it because I have no life. Its for your enjoyment so enjoy ? *Cough* possible dayZRP welcome video? *Cough*
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    I recorded the Kamenici recapping the events of Cherno, what I found was shocking..
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    Some people rob for food, others for guns and some for... shoes. But it makes no difference to John Smith. They are all bandits in his eyes. Here is a clip of the notorious man himself facing against a gang of wrong doers.
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    Dear Community I will have to leave Staff at this point as my priorities have changed in RL. I thought the three weeks break would give me the time to get everything done, but sadly that is not enough and I have to change my focus. It was a blast all those years and I dont regret anything. I had much fun and I got to know so many lovely people. This Community is still my home and I wont leave, since I enjoy hanging around and of course I enjoy playing and roleplaying. There are so many people I would love to thank personaly but I cannot name them all. In general, I would love to thank you all for your support, your feedback, may it be a pat on the back or criticism, for your nice words, for discussions and suggestions. Without you, you active players and members, I would have not been able to do this and without you DayZRP would be long gone. Thanks to the people I was able to work with during my time in Staff. I know your good intentions and you all work(ed) hard to keep DayZRP going. I will absolutely miss the time. Again, thank you all for your support in every way. With much love, Terra
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    if ur character has a penis pick the male option if ur character has a vagina pick the female option
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    You know what. No. Just reread your last post to make sure im not crazy. You are researching members of the community's personal history without permission. You may think you are doing them a favor, and hell in a couple cases you might have, but in the process you've violated the trust of the community. @J1988Dizzle will be permanently removed from the community and the group archived. I apologize to anyone affected by this.
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    Members of the community, I have been sitting here for about 15 minutes staring at a blank topic creation form, debating with myself the best way to ease people into what is going to be a long and critical post, but the more and more I thought on it I came to a realization that I cannot beat around the bush on this issue, so I'll just out and say it. The community is dying, and it's all YOUR fault. Yes you, the person sitting behind the computer reading this post. You are the reason the community is dying, and you are the only one that can stop it. I know it sounds pretty finger pointy, but the fact is that I too am part of the problem, and unless we ALL take steps to fix the community, then frankly it will not last much longer. The evidence is, quite frankly, depressing (See a post on statistics here). When I joined the community back in early 2015 there were 2 servers., A few months later there were 4, and all of them had queues to get into during prime time. During that time there was never not someone to roleplay with. You could throw a stone and hit 3 groups of five just randomly about the triangle (which back then consisted of green mountain to the south, the airfield to the north, and Novy to the east). Sense then however the numbers have dwindled due in part to several reasons such as the lack of content updates, a larger number of the community having been banned either voluntarily or otherwise, and a complete stagnation of RP. Now the first two examples I have given, there is not much YOU can do about it (except if you are Rolle/staff in which case I'll get to that later). What you can do however is attempt to fix the latter part of the three issues I have presented. Attempt to fix the stagnation of RP. Now some of the things I am about to suggest may sound easy in essence, but in practice are going to prove rather difficult. Others, however are going to irritate a lot of people and might even cause people to get at one another on finger pointing, but I'll be frank. Everyone is at fault. No finger pointing necessary. So here we go. The stagnation of roleplay is, by far, one of the largest issues that plague the community. It has been there from the start, even when 4 servers were present, however it wasn't as noticeable at the time due mostly in part to the fact that there was such a massive amount of people to interact with that even when stagnation was present it wasn't likely you had seen it all. However now that the numbers dwindle, dipping below 40 more often than not, and often enough dipping below 20 players active, it is quite obvious that it is present. The first thing that has led to stagnation is simple, everyone has continued to play the same character in either essence or in name since they started on the server. Now theoretically that is good as you can roleplay out how your character evolves over time, or you can remain in your niche even on a new character due to the fact that your new character still feels familiar. However when everyone is doing this it frankly leads to one of the most boring things you can fathom. Predictability. The more you play the same character, run with the same or similar groups, behave in the same way, the more that people will immediately know what to expect coming from your roleplay. The bandits will always be quick to anger, finding any slight against them as a means to initiate. The campfire roleplayers will always be friendly, welcoming you and aiding you however they can, the medical RPers will always do just that, provide medical RP. People talk about showing there characters evolution over time but, breaking it down, has anyone's characters' really changed? Or have you just become so caught up in what is routine that you are content. If you want to fix this, try something new. Bandits, try backing off for once, interacting with the people, sitting down at the campfires. Maybe even attempt to make a campfire RP character every now and then. Campfire RPers, try making a hostile character (shout out to @Mademoiselle here for doing just this), be aggressive, hold someone up. Everyone try playing something new, something different, and keep changing. Make it so that every time someone meets you again for the first time on a new character they don't actually know what they will get. Make them approach you apprehensively until they know just what role you are playing. Maybe one day you are running a pub, then you retire that character for a bit, and the next time people meet you, you are playing a Takistani Terrorist, then a week later you are a survivalist. I think you will find that it becomes not just more enjoyable for those that interact with you, but for yourself as well, as you get to explore things outside your comfort range. Now then, onto the next thing that leads to stagnation. Hiding or isolating yourselves over long distances. Remember how I mentioned before that when there were four full servers there was always someone to interact with? We don't have that luxury anymore. And yet we have become, over time, increasingly more separated as a community. I think it started around .55 or whatever the patch is that created the complete lack of supplies, which (in my opinion) was among the best patches, but more on that later. Now however it is hard to find people to actually interact with aside from the small groups of people that you already interact with on a daily basis. I myself tend to hang around the 'hotspots' as much as possible, but honestly that still usually only accounts for maybe a quarter of the server. The others or setting up in venues away from the hotspots which, while good roleplay of wanting to be off by yourself, is terrible for the community. Take a new player for example. They join and look for someone to interact with. They are excited to meet people and get into roleplay. So they head to the airfield and there's... nothing. They may find one random person who will then spot them, then immediately run off for fear of being robbed. Alright so then they head south to VMC and... same thing. It's just a walkind dead graveyard. Oh, but hey there's that hotspot they heard about. Let's head there. They meet people, talk to them for awhile, and then what? They either have to stay interacting with the same 5 people, or attempt to find others to no avail. Don't think this is a problem? When I was looking around for the UPS group back when I was running with the Black Fangs, I was astounded with where I found them. A group of eight or nine (comprising about a third of the server at the time) had isolated themselves to a single house near debug. Debug, let that sink in. A third of the server that people could interact with had isolated themselves so much that, frankly, no random would ever get to interact with them. Now I get it, you isolate yourselves out there for fear of bandits, or whatever, but in attempting to avoid one type of RP, you instead isolate everyone else off from yourself. Meaning that the interactions that those people are going to get are going to be increasingly boring or repetitive. They might run in to only the one bandit group on the server and assume that that is all there is to roleplay, a bunch of people going around and robbing or strong arming people. Now what do you think that person's perception of the server is going to be? Do you think that they will continue to play after X amount of time? No. They will leave, and the numbers will continue to dwindle. Now I know that this will lead people to go 'Aha, so the bandits are the problem', to which I will say... yes and no. The issue, when it comes to banditry, isn't that it exists or that there are players who enjoy robbing people and getting into firefights, it's that it is becoming predictable and rushed. And again, it's all YOUR fault. Yes, the issue of how bad hostile RP has gotten is even the fault of those that have nothing to do with bandit RP... because they will have nothing to do with bandit RP. Now I have played both sides, and I can tell you that the best bandit RP happens slowly. The escalation is slow, perhaps they are insulted by a couple things you said, but let it slide. Perhaps you are a foreigner so they are already aggravated by your presence. However usually it starts with just veiled threats. However that buildup has disappeared, and the reason it has it simple. The hostile RPers are bored. They run around the map, sometimes for hours looking for someone to present their hostile RP to, only to either have people immediately flee at there presence, suddenly find a need to log, or are simply hiding and yelling on the radio all the time. What this creates however is boredom. The longer they are running around without interaction, the more they want to get to what they consider the 'juicy' stuff, so that when they do finally find someone to interact with, the RP becomes hastened. They start to seem like all they want is the firefight, that they are looking for any reason to initiate, and it's simply because, after 2 hours of running around, that is exactly what they want. Look at the VDV, when we came down to Cherno we were able to interact with people quite often, and even though many of these players are the so called pvp scum of the server, things went surprisingly well. Do you know why? Because they were able to constantly provide their hostile RP without running about for hours on end looking for someone to interact with. The buildup to the fight with the CDF took time, the buildup to the fight with the UN also took time. And the payoff for the players was all the greater for it. They got to enjoy that buildup of growing hostilities, and then when it boiled over they got to enjoy the long overdue fight all the more. Interactions like that however cannot exist without someone to have a buildup with. Now onto the next part of stagnation, and I promise, we are almost there. This one is probably the most vitriolic for growing the RP base, and that is elitism. Many of you have been in the community for years, and have had a chance to develop your RP to where it is. Some of you are pariahs of RP, or come from other communities where you were able to grow it. You know who doesn't always have that luxury? New players. Whitenames as they are so often referred to. These are, often enough, players that are wanting to try something new. Perhaps they come off too super soldiery, perhaps there character choice is somewhat trolly, heck perhaps they are even someone more experienced trying something new. What are they met with? Shunning and reports. If people do not like the RP of a person, rather than working with that person to improve it, they are instead either ignored, or thrown into a report. Then you have the staff look at it and go 'yeah, no, not good enough. 3 day ban'. Now I want you to think on that for a moment. how many people do you think that waited 2 or 3 days to get into a community only to be banned a few days later for again a few days are going to return to your community at all. Sure you can argue that there are tools in place to help them, that there are precious guides or mentors and staff to talk them through things, but let's be honest with ourselves. The only way that people will improve is through first hand experience, and that will only happen if you let them. So don't be so quick to report them and get them banned just because there RP doesn't meet your expectations. Sure you can start the report as a means of contacting them, but try and talk it out with them, try and coach them on what they did and where they can improve. DO NOT BE AN ELITIST PRICK. So yes, stop saying that THEY are the problem, and instead focus on why YOU are. And this is especially true for staff (told you I'd get back to this later), if what I have heard is true. For those of you that haven't heard yet, there is a rumor going about that members of staff (I will not name names, but if it's true you know who you are) had fallen so far into the 'THEY' blame game at one point that they attempted to get @Rolle to ban an entire demographic of RP and all of those who prescribe to it. Thankfully, as the rumor goes, @Rolle and @JimRP denied there request. But that just goes to show that, if we continue to focus on how everyone else is the problem, that all we will do is reduce the community further. Or you know, you can also keep talking about how Beta will fix everything... just like you did with the lorewipe... and like you did with .61... and like you did with... well you get my point.
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    Thread closed permanently, just like the OP for shit attitude.
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    While I was modifying loot table for performance increase, I have changed the spawning system we use for weapons. Because change is nice Up until now, weapons spawned in a limited number, depending on total number of type on the server, including how many were stashed in tents and players had in their inventories. For example, we had max amount of AK74 set to 50, and if 30 players had this AK on them and another 20 AKs were stashed inside various tents or storage around the map, no more new AKs would spawn at any barracks. So if you wanted an AK at this point, the only way to get one was to rob/trade with a player who had it, or raid a base. This system, while enforced strict scarcity and made weapons rare as it limited the number of weapons server wide to a static number has a large drawback of hoarding, where if too many weapons are stored away inside bases they will no longer be accessible to other players. So I have decided to change back to the default spawning system that all other items use, which will only take into consideration the amount of weapons presently available in loot spawning locations. With this system the number of weapons spawned is technically infinite, as new weapon will spawn as soon as they are picked up by players. This is fixed by appropriately decreasing the spawn numbers. So now, at most 10 AK74 will spawn around the map. Once a few of those are picked up or stored by players, a few more will spawn, repeat. Basically, system will aim so that there are always between 3 and 10 AKs available at all times in looting locations on the map, no matter how many are already stored or used by players. Obviously, some high end or rare weapons like M110 have min:0 max:1 values, which means there will at most be only one weapon of this type on the entire map, and sometimes none at all. Hopefully this should keep weapons relatively hard to find, while not making it impossible to find a certain type of weapon because it is stored in a 4 story superbase. After all, weapons are here to be enjoyed and used, not stored in tents Let me know how this change affects you and if you prefer this way over the old system.
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    Since our active player numbers have dropped recently and we can't fill two servers anymore I was thinking about locking S2 once again like we used to before, where you couldn't join S2 until S1 was above 60 players or so. This would increase population density on S1 where majority of RP would happen, with S2 being an overflow server. This however degrades S2 to a temporary server of sorts and not many people want to play there, since they can't access their bases when S1 is not full. So I got a different idea - instead of locking S2 and reducing it to a shadow of former self, we can run S2 on a different map. Then the two servers don't have to "compete" with each other for population, since they are completely separated from each other. And we might even get more players interested in playing again. The map chosen is Deer Isle - this is the only good quality map which is being actively worked on and updated on regular basis for DayZ right now. Only the southern part of the island is finished as of now, but that should be plenty for the population expected to play there. Check the map of the island here (switch to satellite view) We have to still decide on the lore aspect of it, where the island should be located - I am thinking this map should replace Utes - it's part of Chernarus and close enough to south zagoria shore to make it realistically possible for your characters to travel between the two maps. We would have to rename the villages and towns to Czech though, since the original map is based on a location in US and town names are English. Once we decide on the outcome, a lore update will follow together with official launch of the server on the new map.
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    Your group and your allies initiated on WP and Legion 9 times in a 6 day period, 3 of these instances you showed up with well over 20 people. The difference is, you guys know we won't throw up a 2.3 report because we disagree with the implementation of it, now when I spoke to Gallows and Mouse I told them exactly that. We don't report unless it's something major or outrageous would much rather speak to the people involved, which is exactly what we did when Black Roses invalidly initiated via megaphone, and your allies straight up didn't initiate before entering a firefight. The key thing that s being argued here isn't an inherit flaw in the rule, but the attitude of those who push it. There are 2 large seperations between these groups. 1: The valid claim The valid claimant is usually a medium sized group of veteran community members who have never been to keen on the combat aspect of the game. Fair enough not everyone enjoys combat, then a hostile group sets their sights on these indivduals and repeatedly harasses them for little to no reason other than the desire for gear. The defending complies in almost every case with maybe one or two people attempting to fight back. And often the attacking group uses those one or two people as a justification to come back and attack. Which isn't fair to the group in a whole. A group as an example of this is the Toymakers, but luckily for them everyone who was in that group were absolutely outstanding. Some of the nicest people in the community so often times they would message the attack groups and try to just be honest with them, and often due to their reputation it sorted things out. Had they thrown up a 2.3 on those attacking them it probably would've been valid. 2: The invalid claim (sometimes used as blackmail) And here we come to the invalid claimant, the invalid claimant comes from 3 places. The first comes from a genuine place and you can't fault them for it. Usually it's the people who simply mis-understand or whatever it may be, these people often just take on the rule into their reports after being attacked 3 or so times in like a week and a half by one group and are just throwing things at the wall in order to compound the rule breaks to just be certain that at least one ban is given out in the verdict. The second comes from groups that yes are being attacked often, but attack as well. And not only do these groups go on the counter-offensive but they also shit talk on radio threads and attempt to big dick in character as well. In my opinion the moment you decided to big dick OOC about the amount of kills you get during PvP or start to make coalitions against certain groups which number in the 40s-70s you lose the ability to make a genuine 2.3 claim because you vastly outnumber the aggressor and if you were given the opportunity these groups would un-undoubtedly take the members of the aggressing group hostage and would execute them. And often if the aggressing group had a base instead of being a roaming horde akin to the Beastmen from Warhammer they would be the first people to raid that base. Groups that fall into this category are groups like Wolfpack, where often @Huntercan be seen dishing out not only kills, but shit talking and aggression both in game and on the radio threads. (love u hunter stop smokin pls <3). The attitude that Hunter's character displays in game and on radio threads leads to his group getting in to a large amount of hostile encounters that in the end show that the Wolfpack is equally an instigator as they are a victim. And finally option 3, the blackmail. The blackmail option mixes with option 2 very well, the people that fall into option 3 are often the same people that instigate in character hostilities and refuse to accept the IC consequences whether that be a PK, being exiled from their group or location, or permanent scaring in some sort. As a result of this they often bring the mere mention of these consequences they begin to threaten the aggressing group OOC that if they didn't leave them alone they would throw up a 2.3 and get all of them perm'd. It is an easy contrast between the example of the former Toymakers mainly Jadeboat JKpfrog ScarlettRose Malthis and whoever else I forgot to mention. These members always were respectful and never attempted to blackmail members with perms instead they very politely came to the other group in order to legitimately sort things out in a way that was enjoyable to both groups, and it showed in the longevity of their group and the quality of their roleplay. Anyway with all that being said, I hope you enjoyed my look at the 2.3 fiasco and hopefully learned something from how a "hostile RPer" views things. Although to be fair recently my campfireRP roots are showing a bit more. Regardless Thanks for Coming to My TED TALK
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    OREL Unit - "Kanec" OREL (Eagle) officers are called up for robberies, riots, and some limited anti-terrorist operations. They wear black high capacity vests, green Chernarussian berets, black Gorka helmets, OREL blue kamysh (tiger stripe) uniforms, and black military or combat boots. Occasionally some units will don military camouflage like Rastr, Reed, and green kamysh. OREL officers can be found at the bigger stations within cities in Chernarus. They are exceptionally well trained in hand-to-hand combat and close quarters combat. OREL officers are armed with the same armament that CPD officers are, but can carry AK-74s, SVDs, and other weapons that are more powerful. Many OREL officers are ex-CDF soldiers who sought careers outside of the military. (A member of the Kanec unit from Severograd during a losing firefight with Chedaki at the start of the Chernarussian civil war, 2009) Each unit adopts an animal or emblem as their mascot, often reflecting local wildlife or for historical reasons. OREL, like their OMON and Berkut brethren in Russia and Ukraine are typically depicted as brutal riot police by journalists and human rights organizations, but the reality of the situation is far more nuanced. They are trained for deployment into a variety of environments including mountains, artic tundra, and even NBC situations. These OREL units form the backbone of the Chernarussian Interior Ministry’s (MVD) spetsnaz units that work in close concert with the less numerous but nonetheless deadly COBR Spetsgruppas. Many OREL officers go on to join COBR and the level of cooperation between the two organizations is renowned. (they often target low-level street crime and more serious criminal activity) OREL units vary in size based on their home city and will frequently train alongside other units and even be called on to deploy to cities like Novigrad or Belozersk to contain riots or demonstrations that strain the capacity of local forces. 29th of July 2019, North-west wall, Silná Stránka-8, Miroslavl, Chernarus https://puu.sh/E2Bhl/a3eb4a1889.mp3 “Oheň své zbraně!” yelled Sergeant Dvorak as masked figures appeared along the perimeter fence in the distance. As the officers exposed themselves and began to open fire the radio that they had been using to listen to the enemy’s movements blared with frenzied Russian chatter. Sergeant Dvorak, whose arms were as big around as tree limbs and could bench press a log clenched his cigar in between his teeth, rapidly lifted his PKM into the firing port in the concrete wall and let loose a hail of lead into the enemy that illuminated the shadows cast by the setting sun. The enemy fighters began to fan out and rush to defensive positions, but not before the men had cut down 4 of them in open, and 2 more with the machine gun as they frantically ran back around the ruins of several burnt-out cars. (Colonel Martinek during a training exercise, 2018) Colonel Havel Martinek, the commander of the detachment stepped down from his perch and rested his binoculars back around his neck. “Good work Sergeant keep killing these Chedaki sons-of-bitches and I’ll have drinks sent up for you lads,” Colonel Martinek said. The sergeant nodded and took his PKM out of the stoop and set it aside on a table, removing the box magazine from the weapon and replacing it with a fresh one from a nearby crate. The Colonel disappeared around the concrete revetment and down a flight of stairs back to the command post below. Silná Stránka-8 was the last position on the massive almost palatial wall that separated Miroslavl from the rest of the wasteland. Colossal concrete pylons had been set up along the edge of a former Soviet concrete factory to provide a fantastic deterrent to anyone looking to attack the city. (one of the many outlying industrial areas around Miroslavl that has been fortified) Despite all the industrial implements and military fortifications civilians lived and worked less than half a kilometer from the area. It was not that dissimilar from the forts that had guarded Hadrian’s wall in England so many hundreds of years ago. Each Stránka had previously been occupied by armored CDF forces who had leveled broken concrete scraps into heaps some 50 feet high into gaps in the walls. Once that was complete they deposited more crushed rocks and concrete into a ramp so that T-72s and other vehicles could pull up to fire out at attacking forces, infected, or whatever posed a threat. (OREL officers desperately attempt to stop a riot during July 2017) The system had been completed in late 2017 when it became apparent that the city’s hastily thrown together barricades would not be enough. Since then there had been many conflicts and other calamities that had befallen the coast, and the system of concrete and steel had held through it all. But more important was the brave men that guarded the ramparts night and day, ensuring that the thousands of citizens within the city could sleep peacefully. (peaceful streets of Miroslavl, August 2019) As spring turned to summer, more and more CDF units were pulled back and deployed to the west to face the hordes of Islamists that threatened the country. This meant that positions formerly occupied by the CDF were handed over to local OREL units. OREL was a spetsnaz unit that specialized in dealing with riots and handling heavily armed criminals that proved too difficult for regular beat cops. They had a fearsome reputation and were known for the brutality that they often inflicted upon protesters and political dissidents. But that was before the world went to hell. (Members of the Kanec unit during the first months of conflict with the Belozersk People's Republic, 2017) Following the initial chaos of the riots and infected they were re-structured and militarized even beyond pre-outbreak levels. They were given BTRs, RPGs, and grenade launchers, even access to Mi-17 helicopters in some cases. Each major city in Chernarus typically has an OREL unit, and eventually the units from South Zagoria, northern Miroslavl, and Kirovograd trickled into the coastal areas. This maximized the number of officers clustered together along a thin expanse of ground, but also meant that they could make up for gaps left by the CDF when the military deployed or went on the offensive. (OREL officers line up during the sectarian unrest during May of 2017 just prior to the outbreak) OREL enjoyed a greater share of power as even those within its ranks were called upon to sally forth outside of the safezones and destroy wandering hordes or groups of bandits. They also began to take over positions in Miroslavl that were historically CDF points. Tanks, BMPs, and all manner of trucks and other equipment were often left behind by the CDF and were re-fitted and used by OREL to keep fire control over the distant wastes when the air force could not be called on. This left the remaining CDF forces in the city as a fire brigade, running from point to point when the OREL could not contain a situation. However, this was soon to change. No longer would OREL serve as mere watchers on the wall for civilization, they would in fact be deployed farther than they had ever gone to fulfill a mission from the highest authorities. Colonel @Dew - Havel Martinek Major @Apollo - Miloslav Cernik Captain @Blake - Jannik Bruzek Lieutenant @Nik - Nikolai Dvorak @Dusty - Max Tolstoy Sergeant @Diamond - Ilya Kovac @BobbySullivan - Ivan Petrov @YNW Viking - Ivan Kraus Corporal @Shroud - Yegor Krasnov @Gatorr - Sasha Bozik Private @Hollows - Andrej Novak @ShanePVP - Komarov Stalinisky @Dustup - Andrej Dusek @Jason b - Dubinin Dmitrievich @YNW Pep - Evgeni Malekhov @Lost - Lazlo Strogolev @Squillium - Artem Makarov @Major - Borivoj Kopriva @SassyRP - Sassy Pavlov @Wendigo - Alexei Ivanov @YungBrandonRP - Branski Yungski ALLIES CDF. Any other Chernarussian Government organization. FRIENDLY Chernarussians. Those who comply. NEUTRAL Everyone else Hostile Those who don't comply. Rude westerners. Communists/Russian infiltrators. Those who are Anti-Kozlov. Probably you. WAR N/A Locate and repair a police station to be used as a BOA. [COMPLETED] Gain intel on the settlements/groups of South Zagoria. [COMPLETED] Establish what those groups aim/goals/relations are. [Day 786] Issue contacted groups once intel has been gained with letters from the Interior Ministry regarding settlement status and local politics. [Indefinite] Establish Undercover Operations. [Day 790] Make contact with any remaining CDF in South Zagoria. [Indefinite] Begin making and distributing ID Cards. [Day 799] Bring some form of Law back into South Zagoria. [Indefinite] If you feel as though you would be a good fit in this group feel free to send a PM to @Dew and @Apollo. Please be sure to include your timezone and previous groups you have been apart of. Shout out to @Major for making this group possible! Also big shout out to @MajooRB for the headers!
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    Our active playerbase continues to grow for some unexplainable reason, and we are reaching new records in queue length to the server during peak times. I opened server 2 yesterday to temporarily help this issue, however as we all know it comes with a long list of problems on its own, including using the second server for looting, loot storage and ghosting into bases. At the same time we cannot expect to grow as a community and server if we cannot add additional servers and have enough slots for everyone. I have coded a little addition to the server player check today. What it does is it locks the second server until server 1 is 80% full. This happens automatically and without requiring staff to start/stop servers or do anything in particular. This way both S1 and S2 can stay permanently online, but S2 will only be usable once S1 fills up. Once S1 dips below the player threshold, an announcement will be sent to players on S2 and they will be kicked some time after in order to move to S1. The locked/unlocked status of the servers is displayed on the front page using a lock icon. This status is updated every 5 minutes.
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    Chapter one: voice over video in the spoiler Chapter two: voice over video in the spoiler RECRUITMENT Looking to start a new career of profit and glory? Look no further, Raven Shield Mercenaries Corporation is currently hiring more capable soldiers. Send us a message and we will set up an in game meeting or discord meeting for an interview! MEDIA MOD CONTENT AND ORIGINAL THREADS
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    Hello, I have a question for the OP, Why are you challenging us ICly to attack your settlement but then when we do it you put up a report about an invalid settlement attack? We also had rights from previous hostile encounters that your group has started. These were taken from this radio chatter link Now with that being showed in the report It shows the OP goading us into attacking the settlement my previous video also shows them trying to get us to attack them. Now I would also like to address Bad RP on their behalf. Their group has been attacked multiple times and they show no sense of defeat, in fact, they claim victory after each fight we have bested them But they will not accept it as defeat and it will result in a cycle that will not end. I personally will state this If we were to lose our attacks heavily more than once then we will accept the defeat and move on. I have made deals with groups in the past end of the day it's not my roleplay its everyone's. Now onto the NVFL. So the OP knows he is heavily outnumbered, We take one of their traders to Stary Yar. They offer the OP a deal stating this You leave the town we release your friend and you move on. He declines a simple request he then gets initiated on he does not comply during that moment most of us were like the fuck? and then he runs into his settlement he gets popped at obviously for not complying. He manages to get a cheeky kill and is then gunned down. Now he had no chance at all to survive the situation so that is how it is indeed NVFL. Now onto the ghosting claims one of them was not there beforehand if the connection logs indeed show him just joining after the server restart I want clarification on why he connected. Stating I just didn't know what is going on I don't buy that shit. Each time my group gets into any sorts of disagreement or conflict I get pokes or steam messages. Nobody can be that oblivious to connect to an ongoing firefight in their settlement. If I was the OP and I have seen the numbers we had I would be spamming and be poking everyone in my group to get here to help me. Now onto the initial settlement itself, they glitched tents into a location to where you cannot physically get into. this video shows the AOGM. Now onto our IC reasons to attack the settlement. We are at a state of war they ambushed and killed multiple of my people over the past weeks and we decided enough is an enough we took the fight to their home. I also have video of the hostage situation (My instant reply on shadowplay only saves up to 5mins so I tend to switch in between record and instant reply) Now the gentleman that I executed was talking shit to me in the past I have also had numerous encounters with him in the past as shown above he was killed for lying to us.
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    Elddis propose to you, Camp Joyce. Designed by @Banshee, built by @Banshee, photographed by @Banshee, up @Banshee. Intention: Location: Backstory: Overhead View: Entrance: Improvised Shooting Range: Compound Views: Donovan's 'Let's go out back till I batter the head of ya' Camper: PS:
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    As a token of our friendship i hereby bring forth this meme to improve the relations between both our people ft. @Ryan Shepherd @OxeN
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    Wait, you demanded the armed forces of united nations to remove one of the member countries from the UN and you used that as a reason to initiate?
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    Well I have just been informed that the Loremaster position has been abolished. It has been an interesting run, not really ended how I wanted it to but it is what it is. I was planning on coming back to staff this next weekend to start to write events for .63 but it looks like that is out the window. Thanks for having us guys, we never got the guidance from where we needed it most, but I made some great friends in my time here who I will go on to do more stuff with. It was pretty shit how things ended, and to even have to reach out for an answer as to whether I was even still gonna be LM after James got booted. I was offered a position as a moderator for my 1+ year of service as LM but I turned it down as I don't much care for being around on that side of things. I know how the system operates and figured I would eventually get rolled over too. This community is a shell of what it used to be and I don't recognize it as what it was not that long ago. I honestly don't foresee me playing or doing anything with this place anytime soon. Please don't hesitate to contact me. Major, signing out for the last time. ?
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    Hello, I am NorwayRP I slide on the soap and make RP montage's every once and a while. I will post some here from now on thanks.
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    I know what you're thinking... Thank God. *Sigh of relief* Truth is: i have been trying for weeks to resolve issues i've had with fellow staff members, to do everything i could to do the job right, and be friends with everyone all the time. While some fellow staff members were able to talk things out with me and get things fixed, like @Harvey and @Brady, others haven't and It clearly didn't work out, and it's made evident in the way i am treated by them while they face no recourse. Instead of coming to me with concerns or listening to me when I express mine, I am sometimes ignored for days, or weeks with no answer. So he's my answer. I Quit. Not that it really matters, since i'll be replaced in days. I'm tired of being inconsequential, or just a number as i was made to feel. Sorry. @DrMax - You're truly a sweetheart. Keep on the right track and don't change a thing. @Harvey - I'll likely miss you most. I'm sad we won't get to work together. @Stagsview - I tried. I'm sorry. @GenjiRP @Zanaan @Dakotaen @Flapjack @Svenne - Good luck and remember you're a TEAM. It's not all about you doing all the work.
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    It is the end of my time in staff, it has been a long and winding road some ups and downs but my time has come to an end, I did my best while I was in staff to be as fair as I could be but the past few days I have questioned my self if I should remain in staff or not and if I am having to question that then I shouldn't be in staff. Many thanks to everyone who has supported me and thank you @Rolandfor the opportunity.
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    @Mr Anon Jimmy Humperdinck @Chuckdeuce Charles Wright @inar038JD Kincade @BaronVonGrumble Fergus Finlay @iBstoneyDave Dave Stone @TheScouseViking Samuel Kun Choi @ToeZies Jack Edwards @SidChaos Sid Sandman @Breadman Ryan Choi @Blom Dan Andersson @timjelly Timothy Tyler @dnSLmo Daniel Selmo @bigbluedave Jonathan Fredricks @V3rtical Gavin Cave @TwistedVenom Brodie Wright All recruitment must be completed in character, if you are interested in joining then please find us in game. Please reply any constructive feedback. Thread Graphics: @Breadman Thanks to all OG members of the 101.
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    ok, I died. But my friend woke up and gatted the last one. Do I keep the PVE tag?
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    Considering the majority of the DayZ dev team are now working on the Beta update I thought it would be a good idea to start the "0.63/BETA Discussion Thread" to keep everyone up to date with all things 0.63. Now, the main thing with 0.63 is the pushing of the last of the new engine technology. This being the New Player Controller and the New Animation System. These two modules are what have been holding up a large amount of content from being put into the game. I'm talking vehicles, weapons, soft skills, base building, etc etc. Now I'm not saying everything will come in 0.63 but you can expect a large change to gameplay. So what are the devs currently working on? Well, luckily the devs gave us a nice list in the latest status report that tells us exactly that: Programmers • UI Inputs • Communication systems (megaphone, static radio, public address system) • Weapon handling and aiming • Vehicle physics refactor • Vehicle controller refactor • 3rd person camera collision changes • FNX basic state machine and script class • IZH18 basic state machine and script class • Animation events for player • Performance optimizations for item spawning • Physics collision system refactor and optimization • Tons of crash fixing • Tons of bug fixes Animators • Weapon mechanics animations polishing (unjamming, reloads) • Inverse Kinematics poses • Hit reactions on player • Ranged combat prototype • Player turns tweaking Designers • User actions in multiplayer • Player representation • New player and item spawn definition • Player action targeting and floating cursor • Communication systems • Tree collisions fixes • Advanced placing system • Construction watchtower • Diseases refactor for new player representation • Animation events for player • New zombie models • New player models • Animation events for player Audio • Positional environment audio tweaks • Infected audio recording preparation • Player and weapon animation events setup QA • Playtesting the 0.62 update • 0.62 feature testing • Internal client stabilization • User actions for 0.63 testing Art • Old assets rework • Buildings optimization • Doors unification Picture time: Alrighty, first we have some new animations for Unjamming, chambering and general reloading: (this video has some other animations that have not be confirmed to be in 0.63, so take them with a pinch of salt) Okay, up next is a video almost everyone has seen. New Player controller/camera/animations. Also some short gifs of the same sort of stuff. We also have a video showing of the new soft skills. Now keep in mind that this video is old so things might have changed and also that the effect of the soft skill has been increase in order to quickly demonstrate it. **Nothing past this point is confirmed to be in 0.63** Now as I mentioned before. A lot of content is stuck behind the last two bits of the new Enfusion engine that DayZ will be solely running on from 0.63 onward. And when I say a lot I mean it. So here are some pictures of things that 'might be in 0.63 but don't hold your breath': Weapons: Bizon SMG (yes that is a kobra sight) Saiga 12 CR 550 Mini UZI PK Machine Gun M249 Scout Rifle Non-Lethal Weapons M12 Shotgun Vehicles: Bumblebee Four Door Hatchback (WIP) Sarka 120 Multicar LittleBird Bicycle Dirtbike Items/clothing: Leather Shit (Crafted) Hunting Vest Tactical Helmet Military Grade Night Vision (WIP) NBC Suit Basebuilding: Watchtower Generator Construction Lights Extension Cord Concept image And that's about it. **Remember** None of this past section is confirmed to be in 0.63 it is just things that have be held back because of the new Engine. It is possible we might see none, some or maybe all of this in 0.63. Well that's all I've got for now. I'll keep the thread update if any new information is released or I find some more information. If you have any questions about this update I will do my best to answer them. Peace.
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    Errrrr I'd say keep the feedback threads to actual forum staff work, not slack arguments <.< private slacks are kinda a private thing for a reason. Send a pm instead no need for it to be public if you weren't willing to make the entire convo public in the first place, just makes it seem like an unnecessary call out for the sake of making the other guy look like a shitbag.
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    All right guys, listen up. I didn't want to do this, but with the current state of how the lore is going there is some very genuine concerns regarding the entire community. I am going to state out flatly that there is a general distrust regarding the direction of the lore wipe. A lot was explained at the Teamspeak meeting. A lot about the infection starting in Chernarus and then moving out of Chernarus, then we go back to Chernarus... something about planes and who knows what else... regardless, it took half an hour to explain and it made absolutely no sense to -anyone-. Here is my concern. A very viable solution to every players problem was presented. Doesn't matter that it came from me, the fact is it was presented and had the entire teamspeak following it. The community had spoken... and all we want is for it to be taken in, because it's not just a factor of your lore, your writing, your work... it's everyone's future characters, future environment, future lore. The current lore is problematic, do not make the new lore problematic. Here is the solution regarding 90% of people being in Chernarus without actually being Chernu Russian. The virus doesn't originate in Chernarus, Chernarus is the last place to be -HIT- When something this catastrophic occurs, where peoples lives are directly at threat, they are going to want to move away from it. The human beings number one instinct is to survive, to live. If the virus starts here, no one... NO ONE... not even the Chernu Russian's are going to want to BE HERE... And yes this would require the rest of the world to be hit first, but someone needs to be hit last, so it might as well be the made up country that we're playing in. Word would get out from cell phones, internet, television, word of mouth... anywhere all saying the same thing. -This place is safe-. It doesn't have to be safe or even safe for more than a day, but as long as people think it is, they will come here. Every type of character imaginable, fleeing here as refugees, in mass... HERE, problem solved for everyone. The Chernu Russian Government cannot stop the entire world from flooding in at the last minute, they can't. They can try, by shooting at the boarders, by having active war... putting that danger in front of people, but the thing is with the danger being the infection behind them, they have NO CHOICE but to flee in the direction of Chernarus. Many will die, adding to peoples backstories of being lost along the way, giving genuine reason for hate between natives and non natives, adding to peoples characters... anything and everything.... SOLVED. So, I have added a pole. This is my idea that is pitched. It isn't complicated. If anything it is remarkably simple, but simplicity is a form of genius. I am sorry if this offends the people writing the next lore, but it's not just about you. I know you're doing a great job and working hard... but this belongs to everyone, not just you. This is everyone's server. Write for the community by consulting the community... otherwise we're going to be right back where we started, with our community hating the lore. Once you have that foundation, you can add in whatever you want along the way. Hell most people will even have the freedom to make their own shit up, but the thing is it will make complete sense. Please listen to me guys, I wouldn't be doing this if I wasn't concerned about the community. I am not even doing this to attack you... I just want a good result in the end.
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    No. Mouse decided to ingame tendie and broke multiple server rules in the process, as well as PMing a staff member about him wanting to leave the community. When he broke the rules in such an extreme manner he essentially gave everyone else on the server KOS rights on him. The people that did in fact kill him did the community a great service. You should be thanking them, not wishing for punishment...
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    After seeing Dusty's recent amnesty appeal being denied I have to wonder, what's someone's incentive to go through the final process? What's the point if they can just not accept it because...they don't like you I guess? It just seems a little odd to string someone along for three months, never telling them where and if they're slipping up at all, and not even using their one caution just to deny them after three months? He didn't get any posts removed or warned, he was active in game and on the forums, and didn't use a caution and yet he was still denied without being provided any evidence as to what his "bad attitude" on the forums was at all. Is the plan just to string him along for another three months? Is he going to wait six months and not do anything wrong, be active on forums and in game just to be denied again? That's half a year. I don't know. Maybe this verdict would feel less slimy if it had literally any evidence or examples or reasoning behind the denial beyond "Lol we don't like u" to it. But it didn't. Just feels like certain people that aren't liked by staff are just taken for their 50 euros, strung along for three months, and they just kind of hope you slip up and even if you don't, they'll just deny you regardless. To be honest even to this day I'm kind of nervous on the forums because, even if you manage to make it through all that, sometimes you'll just get permed anyways even after being off final. The whole amnesty process seems very flawed and run in a dishonest way to me. I'd love to hear the communities and staffs opinions and reasoning behind this decision though because from where i'm standing, it just seems like you said no because you didn't want to say yes, and not much else.
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    From the album: Images

    Gentleman with a shotgun
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    Right...this is made with love, don't hate xxx
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    This is starting to feel like a GTA Hot Cofee discussion. In GTA you can mass murder people on the streets, drive over pedestrians, kill police officers, play out terrorist attacks with C4. But sex? Fuck no, that's dirty and inhumane and completely wrong, remove that shit. Same thing is happening here it seems. We've had people being ambushed, taken hostage, beheaded with machetes, shot to the head for saying a bad word, executed by a execution squad, tortured in horrible ways, cut with knives to make scars, even had live removal of limbs and eyes. It's all been done right here and nobody batted an eye. But forcing yourself upon a different person with your genitals, no no no, that's too much! Am I being too insensitive here? Why can't we just let people who WANT AND AGREE to RP something RP it out without restricting them with community wide rules because YOU would happen to be offended in such situation? Why are you getting offended for others? If someone is trying to do that to you and you don't want and agree to it, simply state so in OOC. Problem solved. People who want to role play these things can do it, people who don't want to do it don't have to and cannot be forced to do it either. And if someone is doing it in immature or trolly way that disturbs other peoples RP, report and they will be hit with Bad RP, with or without the rule being on the rule page. For those who haven't noticed - that was the whole point of shedding the old rules - stick to the core rules that we need that we always enforce (you need to RP, no KoS, etc) and then everything else we are open minded about and judge situations based on quality of RP. Especially since racist or homophobic characters or even rape are very much a reality in the part of the world that we are role playing in. DayZRP is no longer trying to make Chernarus an safe zone amusement park with zombies. "No longer protects"? If you donated so that we can protect your safe zone, I have bad news for you, I can't provide a refund for that. DayZRP has never aimed to in any way protect people from what happened to them IRL. We don't amend our community wide rules to you personally. This is a role play community on the Internet, we mostly don't care who you are IRL and what has happened to you in the past. I'm sorry that you've had bad experiences IRL, but forcing people around you to not talk or even joke about these things is very self-centered and not how a community works. I know what I'm talking about, I made that mistake myself not that long ago with overly restrictive rules that -I- thought were good and forced them upon the entire community. Didn't work that well. It's in the registration agreement, RECOMMENDED age is now 18 due to player created content. It was changed when we changed the rules, new whitelist system stopped asking for age and we no longer ask people to do age verification.
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    The Battle of Novy Sobor On the afternoon of April 7th, 2018 a massive confrontation took place between the forces of the Coalition with the support of the Chernarussian Air Force's Mig-23s and reconnaissance drones and the forces of Anarchy. The battle began with the amassing of Coalition forces to the south around Zub and to the north near the Prud Castle. Coalition units converged on the town following an airstrike of chlorine gas from the CAF. The shooting started as Coalition units clung to fences north of the city, aswell as using the dry riverbed near the barns as cover for a dozen-man assault. Several Coalition teams were ambushed in the confusion as friendly sniper teams took up positions in the north treeline and also in the south-west. Several members of Anarchy were killed in the pitched battle as the shooting raged back and forth over the city. As the Coalition's forward forces were eliminated or retreated, Anarchy launched several mobile death squads to hunt down Coalition forces, all under the constant fire of snipers. Pushing out from the church and town, Anarchy advanced to the west of the farm, killing several and linking up with other units. At this point, Anarchy forces in the west pivoted to the north and took withering fire from the western treeline at a hunting stand. As a Commander of the Belozersk People's Republic who was supporting Anarchy laid down cover fire the squad advanced, taking out one sniper and pushed several more back, eventually killing another north-west of Stary Sobor, but not without first losing one of it's own members in the chase. Anarchy forces swung back towards Novy Sobor as the fighting continued to rage to the north. Eventually, another Anarchy squad was dispatched to clear the northern treeline after rescuing Luke Krey south of town. This squad took heavy fire as it went north but it was ultimately able to hunt down and kill 3 of the Coalition's members in that area. After this the squad went back to the east, securing the radio tower before returning to the Guglovo area where fighting continued right up to the area south of Novy Sobor. A confrontation occurred at the medical facility, and during this time Coalition forces killed two more Anarchy members in Novy Sobor and held the church. The battle ended after some two hours of all-out war, with many people participating in the fighting who had unclear motivations or allegiances. Several dozen members of the Coalition were killed, and with significantly lower numbers of Anarchy being lost. In the end each side spent large amounts of time in skirmishes after the initial massive engagement, but overall the battle took place in the entire area of Stary Sobor, Novy Sobor, Guglovo, Altar Radio Station, Gorka outskirts, and the countryside around Novy Sobor to the south. Even with the heavy support of 2 CAF Mig-23s and several drones the gas attack wasn't enough to dislodge Anarchy from the town, with the first airstrike hitting the police station and the second area striking the barn complex, an area that was largely deserted at that point. Chernarussian attempts to provide up-to-date intel on Anarchy movements were disrupted by jamming of drone to command communications by BPR scouts. Spetsnaz that were friendly to and supported the Coalition made little visible impact upon the battle, however the effect of their logistical support and training is yet to be fully realized. Prior to the battle Anarchy's David Anderson met with forward ambassadors of the Belozersk People's Republic, taking delivery of several Sa-7 MANPADs (man-portable air-defense systems) and 10 missiles, which are sure to critically impede any future air force sorties in the area. This support from the BPR may give Anarchy the edge to defeat the advance forces of the government and also to hold off and destroy the Coalition. The heavy losses of the Coalition only resulted in the death of a fraction of Anarchy's force, but it must be mentioned that this force has been worn down by the fighting, airstrikes, and battle wounds and will need time to recover. The Coalition's manpower is also much larger than Anarchy's, and as such it can take fewer losses than the former. The quality and skill of Anarchy's forces are also far beyond that of the Coalition, demonstrating tactical proficiency and communication not seen with Coalition's massive force. Anarchy still holds Novy Sobor and its gun embargo remains in place in the aftermath of the attack. The future of the conflict is unsure and due to the confusion and chaos of the battle both sides are certain to seek further bloodshed... //This post is not perfect as I only witnessed the event from one perspective, but following the battle I reached out to as many people involved and got several perspectives on what went down in several places. Had a great time and I am looking forward to the fallout from the battle and future events!
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    say bye and leave it, I don't think we need to make comments about someone's English skills in an international gaming community, amirite? @Kuki wait for the verdict of your ban appeal before you already say bye. If not anyways o7
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    Evening gamers! we all know now that approved groups can have a base implemented. Sounds good right? Who doesn't love some new area in the map, especially if its for yourself, you don't have to build shit. Back in the mod, the bases implemented would be a fortified broken down castle with some barriers or a little compound with 2 or 3 houses and a couple small walls. You had to have an entire thread detailing what it is, how it got there and the rules associated with it. It was a very difficult thing to accomplish. In the current times, we have a magically appeared 10+ semi detached buildings on the sea at the coast with only ONE entrance, a 50m approach to the buildings by a funnel bridge with minimal cover and not to mention a large clock tower for sniping those lovely raiders. The base was never really used, can live with that. The one that currently bothers me: a pop up CITY just a short jog south of the largest military base in Chernarus, Tisy. 3 metre tall walls, MULTIPLE city type shops and buildings, the building that is on prison island that makes prison island special. TWO entrances, wait that's okay isn't it? Not when they are in line with eachother in a very tunnel like aspect where any and all raiders will make a last stand raid like the that movie the last samurai. Why are such overpowered bases allowed to be implemented. What is the lore reason for a MASSIVE CITY popping up in an open field. Group implemented bases should only be what is actually realistic to construct, some wooden houses, couple small walls, few barriers maybe even a well. I personally think this is ridiculous, especially allowing this fortress/city of a base to be right next to the biggest military spawn in the map? What is everyone else's views on this? Also calling in @StagsviewRB for his lore opinion on our latest flat pack city pop ups.
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    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: It is not flaming, nor hate speech. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: First I will link the definition of "Hate Speech" and explain why that is not true. Simply put, stating a fact is not hate speech. While liberals might like to make you think it is because they do not like facts, it is not. Now, One might ask, "Well then Dr. Professor, Ex- Administrator Hebee, how does this tie into your post?" Well sit down kiddo and strap in for this fun ride and I will explain to you how. I simply put that it was not funny to make fun of the mentally Ill. Now looked at with no context this is a harmless statement, not meant towards anyone and is most definitely not an attack. And I am very sure that most of us WOULD AGREE that this is not okay to do. This was a response to those engaging in playful banter about transgender people, or as the DSM- 5 now refers to as Individuals with Gender Dysphoria. Now this is where I believe the points come in that are "flaming / hate speech" when in actuality it is just a fact that people do not like. My guess is that the SJW members of the staff team took this as a quick dig at the transgender community. Well this is not true. I would not promote anyone making fun of mental disabilities such as this, schizophrenia, clinical depression, bipolar disorder, or any other list of serious mental illnesses that plague this world that we all share together today. This is why I simply stated that it is not funny to joke about those individuals, or take the piss out of them as some dirty foreigner slang goes, because I mean it is pretty obvious that Macbrine is not a transgender, I mean would you look at him he is the perfect masculine specimen. How this is seen as flaming or hate speech is beyond me, never did i flame and never did I spew hate speech. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Point Removal, as this is not hate speech and I was not flaming. What could you have done better?: Nothing.
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    Starting a little off topic. I hate the terms being used in this discussion, it triggers me. If we are talking seriously, in my book there is no such thing as campfire RPers or RPPVPers, these are just used for memes. We are all supposed to be roleplayers. Depending on our characters we can do either peaceful RP or hostile RP and switch in between these depending on the situation. I don't have any problem with either of these, because people who do these properly are really role players - they are focusing on roleplay and keep things fair and that's what's most important. PvPing on the other hand is not roleplaying. PvPing is playing on our servers and using our rules and restrictions as an advantage over other players (being able to get close to the target without having to worry about being killed in open terrain for example) to kill or otherwise dominate them (hostage taking for no reason) and feel like winners. These people can't easily pull this off on public servers because there they would get rekt by other players shooting on sight, so a no-KoS server makes it easy to "win" over others. PvPing is cancer of this community, DayZRP was specifically created to create an alternative to PvP focus of vanilla DayZ so that we don't have to deal with players like that. It's insanely difficult to get rid of it, because it's always masked by the "but we do care about RP" and in the past it was only resolved after massive rulebreaks, usually by me rule 4'ing entire groups of PvPers. Bottom line being - bullets do not deliver RP. If they did, the best RP servers would be the publics. No, roleplay is interaction with other players through text or voice and that's the primary focus of this community. We allow for conflict in the rules (revenge rights, kill right sharing) to keep things fair between the players and groups and allow for fear and conflict which is a huge part of DayZ nature, not to allow your character to express themselves by emptying a magazine into other players. So how do you distinguish between a hostile roleplayers and PvPer? It's pretty simple. Hostile RPers will actually have a IC reason to do things they do and when they have a reason and are hostile they keep their actions proportionate to that reason. They will not make up reasons in order to be hostile, initiate or use their ambiguous group goals as a cookie-cutter reason, they will not actively go out and roam the map in search of conflict just to get into a firefight. They will focus on the roleplay aspect of all interactions and will not get hostile just to humiliate other players, get kills, gear or brag rights. I've been taken hostage recently by two random people whom I've never met before and it was one of the greatest moments in Standalone for me. I tried to reflect genuine emotions of being scared and on edge and they in turn kept it interesting and reasonable, didn't take anything that they didn't have to, didn't humiliate me or torture me for some shitty made up reason and I was let go shortly after because quite frankly - I haven't done anything wrong to them. I think that if all hostile RP looked like that then the peaceful RPers wouldn't have to avoid hubs in fear of a text initiation from behind a wall, hide on the map or focus on internal RP only. They wouldn't be afraid of losing the jacket that they searched for several hours that fits their character perfectly, because if they didn't do anything wrong or be a member of a group in conflict - nobody would take it from them. If they did something wrong, fair enough - do whatever needs to be done which is reasonable. If not, why should they have their experience and RP destroyed because a PvPer wants to humiliate and make other players miserable thanks to some made up shitty reason? So no, I'm not against hostile RP when it makes sense and is kept within reason, in fact I love it. It makes things interesting, it adds fear, consequences for your actions and adds to the atmosphere of the apocalypse. I am against PvPing, mass initiations on player hubs for no reason, killing other players when its not absolutely necessary, actively searching out and baiting/provoking conflict. Now that's not saying that peaceful RPers are holy cows and never can be wrong. If the reactions on screenshots that Dusty posted were sent after hostile RP that was entirely justified and fair then they are just salty people who are either gear whores, do not prioritize RP over everything else, can't take responsibility for their actions or do not recognize the difference between IC and OOC. Either way, they are just as much unsuited to be players in this community like the PvPers I described above. That's how I see it and that's how my priorities lie when deciding things in the community and if you disagree, well - there's always DayZ Underground where the organic and unrestricted RP is encouraged Now going back on topic, I don't think there is a huge problem with elitism in the community. I am an elitist because I try to make my community work the way I want it to and not the way a minority of PvPers wants it to be. Yes, I'm an self-centric egoist like that unfortunately, but that's just who I am - I like to be in control of "my house". Yes, there is currently division between players in our community, some salt going on, but that is largely limited to actions of PvPers and salty "peaceful RPers" and honestly there's not that many of them to cause major trouble on a larger scale. It's kind of like headlines in news, it all looks bad and terrifying, but all they do is report bad news. In our community behind that few rule break reports, hate messages and salty that we see that give us a picture of a community full of Bad RPers, PvPers, salty kids and OOC hate there are countless number of good members and genuine good role play interactions that didn't end in any rule break and everyone was satisfied by them. We never see or hear of those. Just look at the number of players / 24h on the front page and how many reports are created daily. Either way, like others before me I don't think this issue can be solved. Every community have some kind of quirks or divide, people with one mentality will group up and oppose others who do not share their beliefs. I've never seen a community without conflict where everyone coexisted in perfect harmony. It doesn't happen in real life and neither does it on the Internet. We try to make the best of it, we have rules about how are you supposed to behave towards others and those who do not follow them will be removed. So I don't have any other ideas other than removing those people who spread the toxicity and create this divide to begin with.
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    ''Hidden far in the western woods, the sound of music can be heard on the breeze'' Mr. Redwood There is a dusty old farmhouse in the little town of Bor, where once lived an old man. He lost himself in crackling vinyl. Records were everywhere in the house. Every single record was placed in alphabetical order in big oaken cupboards. He almost never came outside and didn’t talk to most of his neighbours, but one couldn’t pass his house without hearing music coming from some open window. At first the man didn’t even notice when the outbreak raged over the lands. He wasn’t connected the power grid anyway, so his records just kept on playing when the power went off. One day someone knocked aggressively on his door. It sounded like the person was trying to break down the door. The man stopped his turntable for once and walked up to his front door. Looking through the eyepiece he saw a man in torn down clothes with blood all over him. The old man yelled that he should leave. The only response he got was a loud beastly scream. He put some extra locks on the door. Just in case. He went back to his living room and started the turntable again. He put the volume up a little louder to be able to ignore the weird man at the front of his house. The next day everything got even worse. It sounded like multiple people were around his house now. He went looking again, only to find a whole group of these weird looking people. This time not only at his door but around his entire house. They were standing at every window and door. The old man started to panic and searched for everything he could find to barricade his house up. It worked. He managed to keep them outside. But for how long would it hold? Suddenly a loud gunshot could be heard in the town. All the knocking sounds stopped at once. The beastly screaming seemed to slowly fade away. The man peaked through the eyepiece again and saw all the people walking away in the direction of the gunshot. This was the chance he had been waiting for. He opened the door and ran towards his neighbour’s house. Only to find the house abandoned. Not only his neighbours house, but the entire town appeared to be empty. Not a single soul was around anymore. The beastly screams started to come closer again and the man ran back to his house as fast as he could. Locked everything up and hoped for the best. Alex Alex took out his binoculars and looked at the town in the distance. It looked like there were no infected in the town. A perfect chance to fill up his supplies. The town still looked very decent. Most houses were almost untouched. Alex wasn’t just looking for food and water. He hoped to find things that would remind him of the old world. While checking the houses, he suddenly heard infected screaming in the distance. He decided to quickly look on the streets. A group of infected were surrounding what seemed to be an old farmhouse. He didn't keep track of his surroundings while looking at the house. Suddenly one infected stood dangerously close to him. In a split second he had to decide if he would shoot it or not. The infected didn't leave him much choice because it started running in his direction. Alex shot, but what he didn't realise is that all the infected that were surrounding the house, were now coming after him. In his attempt to escape, he ran towards the radio tower on the hill. They couldn't catch him if he was up there. He had never climbed up a ladder as fast as he did that day. Out of breath he reached the top of the ladder. Alex had been in situations like this before, so he came prepared this time. He carried a road flare with him. In attempt to lure the infected away, he threw the flare into the field. It worked. Most infected walked away, but there was still a couple of infected left at the tower. Right at that moment he spotted someone crouching through the bushes. The person was wearing a suit and a cowboy hat. While Alex was observing the figure, suppressed shots killed the remaining infected. A male voice yelled at Alex to come down. Alex did just what he was told. Downstairs he followed the man back toone of the towns barns. Depressed cowboy Two groups of survivors showed up at the Zelenogorsk bar that evening. Jan was, as usual, doing a live performance in the bar. It was a great atmosphere. Everyone was enjoying themselves with a beer and some live music. Almost forgetting the shit hole, they are living in. Jan decided to do a little night walk when everyone left. He was too busy in his head to sleep anyway. He walked up the hill towards Bor. Jan figured it would be a nice trip if he went from that hill to Drozhino and then back to Zelenogorsk. From the top of the hill, he could see the town of Bor. It looked rather peaceful, but suddenly a loud gunshot came from the town. It wasn’t as peaceful as it looked. Jan walked towards the radio tower. He could probably get a better view of the situation from up there. Lots of infected were screaming from the town. Probably responding to the loud gunshot. But these sounds only became louder when Jan neared the radio tower. He took out his pistol and slowly moved through the bushes towards the tower. A bright flash flew went through the air and a group of infected rans in front of him. Still he heard more infected at the radio tower. He checked if the pistol was loaded properly before he moved towards the radio tower. Yet again there was a group of infected at the bottom of the tower. They were all looking up at the tower. Up in the tower was the person that was probably responsible for the loud gunshot. Jan helped the man out. Shot the infected with some supressed shots and yelled at him to come downstairs. They walked towards the nearest barn they could find and started to talk things over. Alex explained what happened to him and that he found this house surrounded by infected. Jan suggested to go checking on that house as soon as the sun would rise. They went back to Zelenogorsk to get some rest for the night. Investigation The next day that left Zelenogorsk early. They walked back up the hill towards Bor. On the hill they both checked the town with their binoculars. Again, it looked rather peaceful and quiet. slowly they moved a bit south, through the treeline over the hill, to get a better view on the house Alex described. They were almost back at the point where they met last night. Alex suggested to get on the radio. He remembered he had a clear view on the house from up there. And he was right. As soon as they were up there, they could see a big group of infected surrounding the house again. They had to plan first if they wanted to check on the house. Otherwise they would only end up as infected breakfast. The flare didn't quite work last time, so they had to try something different. After many thoughts, Jan came up with a genius idea. He had this cassette player with him that he used back in the day to make simple demos. In the shed next to the tower, was a box filled with variety of electronic devices. Among them they also found a megaphone. The plan was to let the cassette play in front of the megaphone. All the infected will be lured towards the megaphone, which gives them the opportunity to check on the house. They did exactly that. Jan pressed the play button and ran towards Alex that was waiting for him on the dirt road. They slowly moved around the town towards the farmhouse. The sound of the infected seemed to move in the right direction. There wasn't a single infected left outside when they arrived at the house. The front door was locked, but one of the windows was wide open. Very quietly they tried to climb in the window. Once inside they found the house in a mess. Things were scattered all over the floor. It looked like something had raged through the room. They slowly walked through the house ending up at a stair. Footsteps could be heard upstairs. Jan took out his pistol and Alex his shotgun. Ready for if something went wrong. What they found was terrifying. An old man was on the ground with one of those infected right on him. Jan shot as fast as he could, trying to save the man. But it was too late. They dragged the infected away and checked if they could hear a heartbeat. CPR didn’t work anymore. The man was already turning cold. He passed away long before they entered the house. The collection The only right thing to do, was to bury the man. They dug his grave right next to the house. Alex made a wooden cross to give the grave some meaning. Normal funerals take place with friends and relatives, but both Alex and Jan didn’t know anything to say, as they didn’t even know the man. They filled up the grave, after a few minutes of silence. They went back inside the house, after the quite unusual funeral. Sitting down in the living room for a while, Jan started to notice the enormous oaken cupboards. He walked to one of the cupboards and opened it. It was filled with vinyl records. He checked the next cupboard and found even more records. He was astonished by what he had found. There even was a pristine turntable with both an amplifier and active speakers. The puzzle was completed by this found. The infected most have been attracted by the music coming from the house. Jan had never seen such a big collection. Everything from Nashville country hits to rock and roll and even some UK rock. Jan yelled at Alex who was looking around upstairs. Alex came down and was just as astonished as Jan was. They concluded that they couldn’t leave this collection behind. It was too valuable for some scavengers to it as a frisbee. Planning and execution are two completely different things. Jan and Alex planned to move the records to a place where they could safely store them, was easier said than done. First of they had to find a good location. Secondly, they needed to get the records from A to B. Thirdly they needed to be able to secure the collection. Jan knew a guy form Zelenogorsk that could probably help them out. They didn’t want to let people know about their treasure, but Jan knew they could trust this guy. The man from Zelenogorsk had an old Lada car with a trunk big enough to safely get all records in. Jan and Alex were waiting at the farmhouse for the car to arrive. It was a cold misty morning. The sun was about to rise but got blocked off by the thick layer of mist. They could hear the car coming in the distance. They picked up all the crates from the house and placed them in front of the door. The headlights hit their faces and the car stopped right in front of the house. The man stepped out and opened the trunk. Jan and Alex lifted as much crates as they could carry and put them in the car trunk. At this point, every single record was in that car. They hoped for the best and drove of in the morning sun. Radio time Arrived at their destination they unpacked the car and thanked the man from Zelenogorsk. They placed the crates in the corner of their new house. It was the perfect place. Far from the big trouble cities. Jan set up the turntable, so they could listen to some of the records. They had a great time with the music. Although Jan played music on his guitar from time to time, he never got to listen himself. This got him thinking. There is probably so many people out there that haven’t heard music since the outbreak. Out of experience, Jan knew people’s reaction to his live act in Zelenogorsk. Maybe there is a way to expand this idea of brining music to more people. Jan discussed this idea with Alex. Alex told him that he was handy with about everything mechanical. Combined with Jan’s knowledge of audio equipment, they came up with the idea of setting up a radio channel. A lot had to be done to realise this idea. Everything from finding a suitable working radio tower, connecting the right equipment and even getting the power going to get everything running. Supplies, supplies and supplies Setting up a radio station is far from easy. The first test run was done with an old military transceiver hooked up to a small handmade antenna. Alex had to hold it as high as possible and Jan put on a record and tested the signal. After four tries their maximum reach was one kilometer. They both were a bit let down by the results. They expected to achieve something better. The only thing they could do for now was go out and search for more and better supplies. Radio supplies are not common at all, so they pinned down multiple locations in the area where they thought they could be successful. First location being Pavlovo military base. They didn't know a lot about the place, but knew that it wasn't a regular military camp. Second location was Green Mountain. Jan told Alex it was a controversial location, because a lot of bad things happened around there. Still Alex wanted to see for himself. Third location was the TES recreational camping site near Myshkino. A relatively isolated camp, which to be able to communicate with the outside world should have some radio equipment around. Fourth location was Myshkino military camp. They would already be out in the area for the third location so why not check this camp. The findings weren't good nor bad. They found a lot of things that they were looking for, but most were not working or needed repairing. Alex knows some things about electronics, but this was too complicated even for him. They took the best looking supplies with them back to the house. They couldn't take everything they wanted to take from the fourth location, so they went back the next day. From a distance they could see that there were a lot of infected in the camp. There was nothing they could do to avoid them, so they had to find a strategic position and shoot them down. So they did. All the noise they made, had been heard around the area and some people came down to have a look. One of the guys was named Erik. At first Alex and Jan thought he was a local but apparently came from Finland. They had a little conversation going and talked about the radio experiment. Erik seemed rather interested in the idea and began to speak about his background as an engineer. He said he would probably be able to help them out. They took Erik back to their place and showed him what they had going on. Erik was quite impressed by the broadcast and music equipment, but made it clear that there was a lot to be done on the radio side of things. It took Eric about two weeks to fix the nearest radio tower. They all worked together from sunrise to sunset. Alex and Erik did the hard thinking and planning, while Jan did whatever he could do to assist them. The end result was impressive. In simple terms, they converted the radio tower from a repeater into a transceiver that had an impressive reach. After multiple tests the result was a radio reach with a diameter of fifteen kilometres. This really was the beginning of Redwood Radio. The first couple of broadcasts were made like this. Along the way they improved the broadcast wherever they could. At a certain moment they decided it would be better if they would reinforce the radio tower and live there. A lot of work had to be done to build an entire station around the tower. With a lot of supplies and multiple weeks of work they made it work. Redwood Radiostation was a thing. Multiple people showed up around the station. Some left after a while and some decided to stick around and help the cause. Almost every evening they did a music broadcast. The only thing that bothered Jan a bit was that they never knew how many people were listening. If there were any at all. They decided to continue regardless. The goal of the broadcast was to show people that there is still a civilisation out there. Even in the darkest evenings. Break-ins happened occasionally at the radio station. They mostly took a gun or two and left again. Never touching the equipment they valued the most. Though at the end of spring a certain burglar decided to take seven out of the eight generators out of the tower and damaged a lot of equipment. After that the music broadcasts became impossible. Too much power was needed and the signal was not coming through strong enough. They decided to travel to the west of South-Zagoria for a while to look for new radio equipment. In the end they came back with new supplies, but what they found when they came back was terrifying. Almost all of the walls were bashed open or completely missing. Inside the compound they found two bodies that only had one bullet hole per head. More gun shots came from the town. They packed what they could and moved out as fast as they could. Wandering through South-Zagoria to find a new home and continue the radio show. ''Way back home'' Find, set up and maintain a suitable location for the radio station. (day 700, completed) Reinforce the place where they store the vinyl collection and the audio equipment. (day 720, completed) Reinforce the new radiostation or take the necessary supplies from it to fix the old station (day 785, completed) Test the signal strength of the new radio station in a 20km radius to ensure a decent audience (day 790, completed) Go out and find interesting stories from survivors to broadcast on the radio show or print in the newspaper (Weekly, 2/5, Completed: 3 times) Build a new base with enough housing for current group members that keeps the group safe during radio operations (day 920, completed) Get the music broadcasts back on track by doing test broadcasts and signal strength tests (day 940, completed) Set up a medical post within the radio station to be able to provide survivors that ask for help on the airwaves with getting the right medicine (day 970) Find out what caused the current lack of people in the region and find out where these people currently reside to make sure the radio show reaches the audience (day 980) Reach and find people on the radio that are in need of help and offer them a housing option to establish a more social and helpful living environment (day 1000) Provide a radioshow with music and news to both entertain and inform survivors (ongoing) Recruit suitable people that have some experience with audio or radio equipment. (ongoing) Keep a constant supply run going to collect necessary items to keep the radio broadcast going. (ongoing) Establish positive contact with different factions around the area to ensure group safety and receive necessary information for the news segment. (ongoing) Provide a good (audio) quality radio broadcasts by using professional grade equipment and real vinyl records Provide a qualtiy pre-recorded weekly news/story podcast Provide a proffesional looking newspaper with stories of current events, lore or propaganda Make the IG world feel more alive, by using the radio aspects in the game Provide RP that is different from normal bandit or survivor groups Radio Personal Jan de Vries - Host / Leader (@Basko) Technical Personal Alexander Smidt - Handyman / Leader (@JobScholten) Armo Halvarges - Radio Tech (@Gandidoor) Grigoriy Kolobanov - Engineer (@Comrade Politruk) Station's Personal Alice Kuhn - Quartermaster (@Daisy) Maggie Tramell - Quartermaster (@Tewudin) Alexandr Broz - Jester (@Mr Smoking Dog) Pete Westbrook - Medic ( @Bastage) Security Jack Morgan - Guard (@DrCrazyGamer) Alex Yeras - Guard (@DookieCS) A full log of members joining and leaving Broadcasts Latest broadcast: Previous Broadcasts: Newspaper Recruitment: Open We are still looking for people that enjoy bringing music and news to the public. If you’re interested you could send me a PM in the format that is displayed below.
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    Hi Hollows, We've reviewed the two images to ones you have posted previously, and came to the conclusion that you look nothing alike. We take lying seriously, so we'd like to go through a proper process to prove this is actually you. Similar to the underage blacklist, we would like you to E-Mail us a picture of yourself, along with the piece of paper with your Forum name and the date. That way, we will be able to assess on whether you are being discriminated or lying to the staff team. If this is a fault on our side, we apologize. If you are lying, then we will act appropriately. Thanking you ever so kindly.
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    Clan Skins/Arm bands should be compulsory and free for approved groups. They should be made in order to prevent reports such as Miss-ID or impersonating other groups. I understand Devs work hard but aren't they already volunteering? Some gamemasters work their arse off with very complex reports spending their free time doing so, most of my friends that became Gamemasters never even go in game anymore because of the work they do on the forums after an already busy in real life day, should they not be paid for report verdicts if thats the case? The fact that once the group disbands which is inevitable every groups lasts 3 - 4 months tops, its just the way it is and then the clothing/band they purchased is no more? Group clothing should be an incentive to keep a clean slate as an approved group promoting roleplay and setting a good image for the rest of the community, servers gotta pay for itself and not from @Roland's pocket of course, but isn't it doing that already? Bit iffy to me boyo's.
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    @Pepper when you shit talk people and talk about baiting them into a rulebreak, try not to do it on a stream!
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    D7 Mercenaries are Mercenary group ran by Paddy Devlin former British Army. D7 was founded after Paddy realised that army life was no longer for him, he wanted to maximize profits, however doing this changed his mentality. D7 has no allegiance and will work for anyone pays the right price regardless of their Nationality, Religion or Ideology. They have worked in multiple different countries, Iraq, Afghanistan, Takistan, West Africa, and Chernarus. They offer a wide range of services: Assassination, Abduction, Enhanced Interrogation, Sponsored Attacks, and more. The group's objectives and mentality can change varying on the contract they have, and what is happening in-game. Failing to pay the price agreed before signing the contract can have a major impact on the persons who made the contract. We want to get paid, and if you do not pay, you will be hunted. Jiri Svobodov Zaahid el Noor @OxeN Frankie Begum @Biiddy Richard Thurman @General Rickets Ilya Zelenkov @Rutkiy Jackson van Berg @Jackfish Awimba Muncho Dimitri Konashenkov @OxeN Jerry Joyce @Jerry Patrick McAllister @SquidProQuo Dr Rajeet Chakravarthy @SquidProQuo Aleksandr Myshkov @Rutkiy Gerald Matthews @xthegermx Ling Wong @LifeLight Pasha Novak @Zman44 Rory O'Dowd @Redfox700 Jacob Makarov @Mak - Maximize Profits | [indefinite] - - Ensure the survival of the company | [indefinite] - - Contracts signed: [11] | [indefinite] - - Establish a base of operations | [Day 580] - failed - Find out information of the goals of the local groups | [Day 720] - - Find out information of the killers of Paddy and Sokol | [Day 730] - - Recruitment of an Intelligence Network [6/10] - Have a group that focuses on different types of RP and gives out a variety of RP - - Come up with unique and different RP to keep the group interesting - - (Try to) raise the bar on our RP by having actual reasoning behind the actions we are doing - - Having fun together - Media Thread Recruitment is currently OPEN Send a PM to @OxeN using the format below; Credits: @OxeN- The backstory @Banshee - Graphics and formatting @Ryan Shepherd and @GMAK - Being good people
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    Isn't that just a huge "FUCK YOU" to the LoreMasters who spent countless hours putting together a Lore for your community?
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    So would anyone be opposed to me being a cereal killer? In the aspect where I will kill people I dislike, and leave a box of cereal on their bodies. Thanks for your input! RedJive001 AKA Ballistic
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    It has come to our attention over the past several months while dealing with various incidents, reports, appeals, and evidence brought forward to us that hasn't always been actionable that many people are having a difficult time grasping the concept of abuse of game mechanics. This post is meant to serve as a reminder of what abuse of game mechanics is as per the rules, some examples of abuse of game mechanics, and possible consequences that may result because of your actions that might break these rules. As a reminder the abuse of game mechanics is covered under the Cheating and Exploiting section of the rules. Lately we've been seeing a lot of things that could be classified as an abuse of in game mechanics. I'll give some examples. We saw a reemergence of forcing hostages to carry backpacks in hand. Although not always an abuse of game mechanics, when used to give the hostage takers more time to react or to see more animation progress to help protect themselves, it most definitely is. This has only recently come up in one report again, but figured I'd mention it as a recent example. Text initiations. When used properly, text initiations can be a way for text RPers to initiate (obviously) or help give a timestamp in a log when coupled with a VOIP initiation. But, when you've been playing using VOIP all day and then you third person over a wall and drop text initiation to help hide your position/cause confusion/etc that is indeed an abuse of game mechanics. It is one thing to use text as your sole means of communication because you are playing some one of the opposite sex, or to assist in your VOIP initiation, but it is something else entirely when it is abused in an example like I just gave. Building a base or placing a stash in an otherwise normally unreachable area. Like, oh I don't know, 6 tents and 2 barrels inside a rock formation. Pretty specific example, huh? Yeah, we've seen it. We don't want to see shit like this ever again. If you are caught doing this, be prepared to face the consequences. My suggestion if you come across something like this is to bring it to staffs attention so we can investigate and dismantle it. If you have something like this, I highly suggest you do something about it ASAP. Those above examples are just a few and do not encompass everything when it comes to abuse of game mechanics, but regardless, it is clear that some people need a very firm reminder. Some of the above examples could result in punishment up to permanent removal from the community. You've been reminded.
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