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    Merry christmas guys, this is my gift to you.
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    I figured it would be a great idea to start tracking the changes coming this January to the mod. Here we go !!!! Fixed: - Textures from the last update. - Sickness version 2. - Issue with not been able to repair modded clothing. Added: - Barricading - Craftable Wooden Storage Crate - Venetian Mask - Human Flesh Mask with recipe - Recipe to cut jeans into short jeans - Black camo hunting bag - Digital Gorka camo pants and jacket (Mike styles) - Tan and brown Gorka pants and jacket (Mike styles) - Hiking jacket textures - TTSKO medic texture - Bomberjacket medic texture - Balaclava black camo texture - Press vest black texture - Press vest brown texture - Press vest green camo texture - Press vest grey camo texture - Barbed bat recipe (no longer spawns naturally) - Scrap metal and scrap metal recipes (Future base building item) - Cassete player - Guitar - Scissors (Used to craft short jeans) - 2 new backpacks - Harmonica - Camera - Surgical tools - Ecstasy tablets Added the following items back to the loot tables: - Frying pan - Cannabis - Cannabis seeds - Reflex vests - Hunting vests - Ammo Box - Black Pen Removed: - Neon colored textures replaced with duller ones Hope you all are looking forward to this update !!! It will arrive around Mid-Jan, this list may be changed or updated before then but these are the goals for this months release. Happy New Year !!!
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    Didn't want to make a post like this at first but Major threatened me, send help pls. I left the admin position due to me not being able to juggle admin duties and Uni duties anymore. If i were going to tag everyone I enjoyed working with I'd still be tagging people tonight so don't be sad if you didn't get tagged. @Ender @Lyca, thanks for giving me a chance and helping me get settled in the red chair. @Aiko what are dual IPs? What is a whitelist? @Oliv you were always there for a second opinion or when I had a question, even after staff. Definitely one of the kindest people in this community. @Jadeboat lil jiddle ;-; spend hours with you in TS looking at a single report and I didn't event want to kill you in the end. Siege soon? @Brayces I enjoyed training and helping you get settled. You're a great admin, don't be afraid to show it. Also, accept the butts! @Ark jog on Sparklez. @Jamie you and Elmo convinced me to come back, thanks for that. I'm glad you decided to come back too in the end. @DrMax if you let the interview & screenshot of the month die, I'll kill you. @Dino don't burn out. Take it easy from time to time to relax and I'm sure you'll be an admin in the future. @Major sweetcheeks. I'm glad you're back and got your tools o7
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    *Benedikt hears the foreigner speak and grabs his radio from the desk* If you have to ask if that was Cerna Liska or not then you have your fucking answer. When we step foot in a town, everyone knows who we are. When we open our mouths, everyone knows who we are. When we beat up all those people that disrespect us, everyone knows who we are. So whoever attacked you, it was not Cerna Liska. Because if it was Cerna Liska, you would beg on radio for forgiveness for all the stupid shit you and your man have done. *laughter can be heard in the background* Mister Moody wants civilization, eh? Mister Moody wants to protect the chernarussian culture, eh? I think that is going to be quite hard, Moody man, because... see, we don't fuck kids. So, I say you go and protect the russian culture instead, they might not even have problem with that there knowing those russians fucks. And you fucking try and build civilization in the most dangerous part of the region and then you ask yourself why people attack... Is like you shoot yourself in leg and then bitch and cry because it hurts. Look, mister saviour. Do your name proud and save yourself by getting the fuck out of this country. We dealt with groups bigger and better than yours. *the transmission stops and Benedikt goes back to his minister duties*
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    when you execute someone and they post on the radio thread:
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    Report bad RP. Do not wear plate carriers or large black backpacks as that puts you at risk. Sponsored content
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    The day has come. Another ROLEPLAY compilation, this time with some PVP as well.
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    All these avatars are completely free to use! More to Come. feel free to use any of these Avatars, if any one asks where ya got it refer em here 99% of Avatars are 1 MB or lower! for your convenience! Also i do take Suggestions and sometimes even Requests!
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    *John turns on his Walkman Mp3 device and finds the American National Anthem, he lowers the volume, having the anthem in the background, he picks up the radio and hits the PTT* "To the black armband wearing scumbags: We are demanding your absolute surrender to the Lone Star Free State and The City of Tortuga formally known as Novaya Potravka." "Today you tried to attack and ultimately failed, you failed against five Saviors. You are a fucking joke, you outnumbered us, out gunned us, and still you failed." "I advise you and those you care about to leave the North to the Saviors and its allies. If you do not agree to leave us in peace, then I will have no choice but to have six Saviors there to defend next time." "If these black armband wearing cunts are the people that I think they are, Liska as they are known to us as, we have a lot of information about your group. You are fond of Chernarus and its heritage, we are keeping your culture alive and well, we honestly don't know why you want death upon us. But then again why would anyone want death upon the people that brought civilization back to the region?" "I know this broadcast is bipolar in a way, but we are not going to come after you. The only way we will fight is if you attack us, we are trying to achieve something no one else has. We dismiss all past grudges so we can move forward into a better future." "If you agree to surrendering to us, I promise you somewhere down the line we can work something out to were you can visit the town without hostilities." "As always to those listening, have faith in the Saviors, because we have faith in you. Continue to build and trade, we will protect you till our dying breath." "John Moody, Leader of the Saviors, Out." *John releases the PTT*
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    Suggestion, give people in the high ranks access to the item shop free of charge. Kinda like in the old days when you got skins with the tiers.
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    "During a New Moon/Communist firefight, tensions rose to an extreme height between Andy and his "mercenaries" against the communists. After an exchange of gunfire, Andy took matters into his own hands. He fought valiantly for the lives of his mercenary friends before extracting with the help of the New Moon. This footage was found on his helmet cam."
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    "Logo by @Wumbyyy" “You can get much further with a kind word and a gun than you can with just a kind word.” -Al Capone Everyone’s good at something. The problem for most people is that they never truly find that something. In this new world it’s almost a necessity to find it. What are you good for? What can you provide? Brandon was always the sure shot. The guy holding the gun to make sure the guy in charge didn’t get his brains blown out. Strategic planning, knowledge of the area, even down to the knowledge of the gun he was holding, it didn’t matter. He knew what he was doing. Of course having this reputation comes with other things. Many of the areas group leaders wouldn’t hesitate to have him covering their back. Because of this Brandon was apart of a few different organizations. Watching the back of different figure heads. He had done for a long time and the experience he had gained was insurmountable. He had been in the room of peace agreements. He had been in the room when two leaders would decide to declare war on one another. When business was done between large entities, he was there listening. Not only was skill in protection rising with the constant experience, but so were his skills in speaking, diplomacy, and leading. It is as if he was being groomed the entire team for this position. Brandon Young would leave his days of being the hired gun behind, and pick up a new role. One that would require him to use his newly acquired knowledge of how this new world worked. He would put together a new organization of men. The Green Dragons. Brandon had work to do. If he was going to build this organization into something great then he needed men. Throughout his time contracting he had made many friends. But in these times he made more than that. You see what comes along with his profession is a level of trust. He didn’t just make friends, he made brothers. He made brothers that would help and trust each other till they laid six feet deep. This is who he needed. He spent days, even weeks sending radio messages as well as searching the area. He would go to old safe houses, run down bases of operations from old organizations. It wasn’t difficult to find men to stand beside him. Lets just say when it came to band together as brothers again, these men had no hesitation. Brandon explained the proposal to each of the men. What they would be doing and how the organization would be run. They were all like him. Ex mercs who wanted more. It was time to use their experience for themselves instead of working for others. So The Green Dragons would be created. An organization that would take the gun trade to new levels in South Zagoria. They would mainstream a new world form of organized crime. A new way of doing business. In a world like this, business is business. You shouldn’t take everything so personal. Everything out there has a price, no matter what. The Green Dragons are here to mainline weapons into the region and give no mercy to those who wish to deny them the business they claim. They don't care who you are. They don’t care who you work for. Business is business, so stay out of the way. "Lore made by the one and only @Wumbyyy" - Establish ranks through the organization [Indefinite] - Stop anyone who gets in the way of the organization [Indefinite] - Set up armory in disclosed location [Day 200] - Acquire traders as a front for the business [Day 580] - Gun Traders must have license to deal and pay taxes [Day 700] -Setup trade route "Silk Road" [Day 800] District @YungBrandonRP | Brandon Young | Boss man @Xero | Vyacheslav Jaska | Kenin @Eagle | Magnus Helgarson | Kenin @Sassy | Sassy Sullivan | Soldier @KermitSmith | Kermit Smith | Soldier @Severson | Bud Thompson | Soldier @Oiram | Peter McConnor | Soldier @Hex | Foster OConnor | Soldier @mathsw | Artyom Pavlov | Soldier @Pep | Jonathan Schmeck | Soldier @DK_Major | Hector Gomez | Soldier
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    *An angry face expression on, Arno grabs his radio and configures it to the frequency he was given by Pyotr Kozlov. Angrily, he can be heard speaking rather loud IN CHERNARUSSIAN * Kozlov! 2 days ago one of your boys decided to shoot us in the back as we were attacked by foreigners down in Dubky… *Arno raises his voice in anger* My brother Vania wasn’t only shot once, but twice! Twice!!... by this man named Mikhail... My brothers status is crictical right now, luckily he survived... After that, our spotter saw him running away with the people who attacked us… obviously beeing their ally... *Another quick pause occurs* Kozlov, we demand that you hand the traitor over, or we will take it as a treason against your fellow countrymen! The only reason we are talking right now is the good cooperation we had before… Choose your words and actions wisely, we do not tolerate backstabbing and do not wish for a brother war. But traitors to the Chernarussian people will be dealt with…. Blood for Blood. *The transmission abruptly ends and Arno puts the radio down. He heads over to the table where Jitka, Xaver, Emile and Benedikt are sitting, nodding at them and joining the discussion*
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    If that's too much effort, then I fear how much effort would be put into their RP. Took me like 10 seconds to change my model lmao
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    Won't be around for actual New Year to post this, so I'll be posting this now. 2018 has been a weird year for me. I (kinda had to) quit school to go and work full-time, which is the worst decision I've ever made and some other stuff happened that wasn't all to pleasant. None the less I still had a lot of fun in 2018 and a big part of it is because of DayZRP and the friends I have made on it. I've had loads of fun playing with the friends I've made on this community and I am also really glad that I've been given the opportunity of being in staff, where I have made even more friends. So thank you all for the amazing time that I've had in 2019! Some special mentions; @brk, @OxeN, @GMAK, @Ryan Shepherd | You bunch are the OGs that got me in to DayZRP. Although I didn't know any of you before I signed up, if it wasn't for you finding me on the ATC that day I doubt I'd even be playing still. I can't even begin to mention the numerous amounts of things we've done together (on DayZRP and off of it.) and DayZRP really wouldn't be the same for me would I not have been playing with you all! Hopefully we'll continue to play and have fun together till the end of times! @Everyone else in the DISTRICT (too many to @) | Some of you I know better than others, but I've still had a blast with all of you! When @Jerry joined the group and suggested we opened up recruitment I didn't expect to get as many applications and members as we did, but every single one of you have been an amazing addition to the group and I hope to stay in contact with all of you even if the group meets it's inevitably demise. @Descendants | I met you through staff and you're one chill dude. It's always fun playing games with you, doing staff stuff or just talking. Still can't believe that we played Divinity 2 for 13 hours straight, but it has been the most fun I've had playing a game in quite a while. Thanks for all the fun times and hopefully we'll continue to have fun in 2019 and beyond! @DayZRP Staff Team (Again, too many to @) | I've been given the opportunity by @Roland, @JimRP and the other Administrators and staff members to join the staff team and I'm really great-full for it. I've always wanted to help DayZRP and the community and I will continue to do so until I am one day un-able to. All of you in staff are amazing and have been really helpful, but I'll have to give a special mention to @Sleepyhead, who has probably helped me the most when I started off in staff. Hopefully all of us will continue to will be able to continue and keep DayZRP as great as it currently is, maybe even better? With all of that being said I wish all of you a Happy New Year and may 2019 treat you with lots of luck, love and happiness! I'll see you all next year
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    When someone steals your grandfathers M4
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    Recently, over the past week or so, I have been noticing a major issue and have been dealing with multiple complaints from multiple people are regarding this issue that I feel many have also experienced. Lets have a little discussion here about this issue. Now, I'm not gonna name any names or point out any groups, because honestly, there are a few people in this group that ACTUALLY do HostileRP well, and make it an enjoyable experience and their intentions are to make it interesting for everybody. Unfortunately though, within this group are a few bad eggs which don't really provide that quality experience and it really becomes obvious what their actual intentions are. It is starting to become really fucking annoying. Their intentions OBVIOUSLY being GearRP but they try and hide it under some sort of HostileRP reasoning that doesn't exist at all. And if they don't initiate on you first from a megaphone a mile away in the woods, than you can be damn sure they are going to run around, insulting you and trying to BAIT you into throwing the first punch. That way they can claim that all they did was react. I'm just going to list a few examples of multiple situations and I'm sure that some of you reading this may be able to relate because you more than likely have had the same or a semi-similar experience because it happens almost every damn day you may also feel the same as I do about it. Sitting in Kabanino, I can be enjoying the RP going around. The multiple people there having interesting conversations, a fight club, a trading outpost. Everything is fine and people are enjoying themselves. Then in comes the bad egg with his little band of morons. At first, they may seem to be fine, but then they may notice a specific piece of gear you and a friend are wearing. In almost everyone of my cases, for me personally, it has been a plate carrier. For others, maybe its a black backpack of some sort. They begin to ask you about it over and over again, asking if they can have it. They begin to for no reason, start calling you "nigga, bitch, or pussy" (which by the way makes it very difficult for me to want to stream DayZRP right now because racial terms are bannable on Twitch, but that's for another time) trying to anger you to the point of initiating on them. They want you to make the first punch. Now, not being the type of character I am, I refuse to throw this punch and politely turn down their little "offer." So, at this point, usually they will initiate I guess once their little ego has been hurt at the fact you refuse to follow through with their little scheme. At this point, we were held up and told to drop our vests. Now comes the fun part!!!! Our vests now obviously become removed as they take it and any other things you have that interest them. Then, they explain to us some little things about their group explaining that they are paid to look for info and such or some other bullshit. They then let you be on your merry way. So what is the issue here? Well quite simple, the obvious intentions for the WHOLE interaction occurring in the first place screams GearRP. So that makes the overall experience just not fun at all for the receiving end here. On top of that, constantly baiting for some sort of initiation adds up to this whole experience just being dreadful. BUT HOLD ON HUNTER! YOU SAID THEY TALKED TO YOU AFTER THEY HELD YOU UP! Yep, that is correct. They talked to us after holding us up and taking some of our things. However, telling us about you or your group really does not outweigh the overall reason that the interaction occurred for in the first place and it still is quite obvious that even though you make some MINUSCULE attempt at being DECENT at RP, JUST SO YOU CAN AVOID breaking a section in the rule that says you have to provide some sort of rp. Congratulations, but you still are in a roleplay community, so why don't you at least try to do something along those lines and actually role play rather than obvious baiting and GearRP. I am sure that if that person reads this, they will recognize who they are. Good. Hopefully this will help you understand that you are in an RP community and that gear isn't everything and that initiating on people every single day is not necessary. I SHOULD STATE: I have no problems with good HostileRP. Hostile people are going to exist in an apocalypse. I am WELL aware of that. However, this is a post addressing the issue of people that are trying to disguise GearRP under HostileRP and trying to bait you when it is QUITE OBVIOUS why they are doing what they are doing.
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    I've played some good old GTA's during Christmas, enjoyed some '70 and '80 music. One led to another. Messed around with simple project while video editing. Decided to use DayZ footage as base... and here we are... with this... I'm sorry?
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    So I bought a 200€ rank, got downgraded to 100€ and now there is another 200€ rank? Cool...
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    Happy new year! This is my first year here and what a ride. I always have a hard time getting into communitys since i prefer playing alone alot of the time or in small groups. But here it like a big happy family. Gonna be like other people and thank a few special people. New year same ol Hobo! RP Boys: Since the first day joining here i was told to avoid you people in and out off game. But that's what made me wanna hang with you people. You are chill and even when i never fight and campfire RP a filthy hobo you guys respected me. Thanks to the people still left. @JimRP @Eagle @groovy tonyRP @RandyRP @OskuRP @N-ToxRP @Cipher @YungBrandonRP and @MrPanda Staff: I sort off never thought I be accepted since im sort off a fuck up but you guys are hella sweet and good people. I can't name everyone here but i give a special few that helped me alot a shout out. @Sleepyhead @Jamie @Banshee and @Semiazas AND EVERYONE ELSE!! Roleplayers: People i have had a great amount off fun with ingame and out off game. @Bounty @miss_natcula @OxeN @Max @Eddie @Jean @RomcakeRP @BoneMan666 @Camokid95 @Morphin and many more. And last but never the least to the best guy there is in this community!! My best pal @DallasRP Love you bro. Keep on trucking and hit that bong!
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    Hello lads. It has recently come to my attention that on the night of the 8th of January an impromptu mini-event was held by a few game-masters ingame. The great thing about mini-events is that they are simple RCON broadcasts that lead to fun little games or perhaps an interesting scenario. Last nights event from what I recall was about The Chedaki. Here is where my issues start. As some of you might know from the little tag to the left, I'm part of Free Territory, by now it should be clear to most OOCly that we are huge communist nerds who stem from various different backgrounds. If I remember correctly, the lore states that Chedaki was mostly wiped out if not completely annihilated, so those that are left are either in hiding or have joined some form of group, or maybe put their past behind them. What I'd want to really touch on here, is how these impromptu events can damage reputations. Let's assume the staff randomly decide to do an event as the UN, or as the CDF, impromptu, without consulting the Event Master @Major. (Seriously, we have an event master, why is he not consulted about events before they happen?) What they could end up doing is negatively influence groups that have a standing with the idea or the general faction. As an example, the impromptu event on the 8th was an out of nowhere hostage situation where The Chedaki wanted to trade 2 hostages for rations. Showing up to this event and ending it badly will result in negative reputation with communists, and will inevitably cause Free Territory to be blamed since we identify and ally with Chedaki. "But Ducky, that's how the world works, sometimes people you affiliate with fuck up and you get shit for it." I agree, and if an Ally of ours, being one of the player made groups decided to fuck up it would be 100% okay for it to influence us. So why do I then disagree with the mini-event and it's influence? Because staff are not supposed to influence the reputation of Player Factions, and if they do, it should be through a very carefully planned event, not an impromptu out of nowhere idea. I'm not calling for the banning of impromptu events, no, on the contrary I love to have them here. What I would however like to see is that when an impromptu event is created, it is done by an independent unaffiliated group, such as a simple rag-tag group of bandits, or perhaps a band of traders who recently crossed the border. That way staff avoids unnecessary influence over player-driven groups and ultimately allow them to shape themselves. I've put a poll above, it's quite simple in nature, feel free to DM me if you have extra things to add to the poll. Ontop of that, here are a few questions to ask yourself in regards to Mini-Events before leaving your final answer. Should events be well thought out or completely work on impulse? Should we have a mix of both? Should planned staff events have the ability to influence a specific or multiple groups reputation? Should impromptu staff events have the ability to influence a specific or multiple groups reputation? Should impromptu events be allowed to use Lore Factions, regardless of influence or planning? Again, as a closing note I'd like to re-iterate my stance on influence. If a player, or groups of players decide to dress up and act like someone else, I think that is perfectly fine if done within reason to further the roleplay. However, if staff decide to do an impromptu event, not caring about who they might influence on an IC level then I take issue, staff are meant to remain neutral, and influencal events should be planned properly, they should not be impromptu. Discuss.
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