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    “Afanasy Nikitin was a Russian merchant from Tver and the first European who traveled to India between 1466 and 1475 and left a journal of his notes known as The Journey beyond the Three Seas. His notes were found by N.M. Karamzin, an outstanding Russian historian of the beginning of the 19th century.” Portrait of Merchant Afanasy Nikitin “Afanasy Nikitin lived in the 15th century; however, the precise dates of his birth and death are unknown. On the grounds of the data containing in the journal and a short note which was usually placed in chronicles before Afanasy Nikitin`s writings experts concluded that in 1466 Afanasy started his trip to Shemakha with the Russian ambassador Vasily Papin and a trade expedition. They took the direction down the Volga River and reached the city of Astrakhan, where one of their ships was captured by robbers, and the other one wrecked in a storm near the Caspian Sea. Notwithstanding the loss of the ships and goods, Afanasy Nikitin continued the journey. He travelled by land to Derbent, got to Persia, and later reached India by sea. In India the traveler spent three years and in 1472 went back to Russia through the Turkish lands and the Black Sea, and died on his way to Smolensk. Some merchants delivered his notes to Moscow and later the writings were included to chronicles.” Derbent, Persia “The Persian lands were described rather briefly, which might mean that Russian merchants were well-aware of that country and it was of no interest to the traveller. The first impressions about India Afanasy Nikitin got in Chaul: half-naked people, women with their heads uncovered, odd hairstyles – many seemed unusual to the Russian traveller. He was incredibly shocked at the local tradition to commit dead people’s bodies to fire instead of committing them to earth. Nikitin had travelled across the whole India, including the sacred city of Parvat, and documented the local religious customs and traditions, peculiarities of the Indian market and trade. Although his narrations are simple and cannot boast the literary style that was appreciated in ancient Russia, the simplicity of his writings makes them enchanting.” The adventurous spirit of Merchant Nikitin has been an inspiration to many throughout the world and gave way for many others to travel, trade, and explore with little regard for a final destination in the same way he did. Such a pioneering spirit has always existed among humans, going back as far as recorded history. Names such as Vasco de Gama, Christopher Columbus, and Leif Eriksson fill books and detail their trials, tribulations, and exploits. Despite so many calamities throughout mankind’s rise from the Renaissance and onto the technological marvels of the 20th Century not once has the flame of exploration or curiosity ever been snuffed out, and as such it was no surprise that this flame would continue to flicker even long after such a catastrophe as the events that took place in the summer of 2017. Humans who had survived the first year away from large government safe zones or cities found themselves solidifying their positions. A granary inside a village on the outskirts of Primorsk, Chernarus 2019 Some even formed city-states with nearby towns and other groups from their own nations and began to trade and explore other areas to gain more information and seek out others who they could exchange goods with and improve their situation at home. Such expansion is bound to lead to conflict, but it is also a means for humanity to begin to pick up the pieces and access what the future holds. South Zagoria had always represented a little out of the way backwater to many of the other settlements and enclaves of Chernarus, even before the crisis struck. It was a rough province regarded as a haven for all manner of people, foreign, local and otherwise. A wild frontier full of prospects and opportunities for those able-bodied enough and willing to undertake the journey, but on the flip-side it represented somewhat of a place to avoid for those just trying to get by. Situation in Chernarus, Spring 2019 However, South Zagoria did lack the constant hordes, large scale warfare, and rampant military police actions experienced by others areas, which meant that many had grown used to the place and made a decent living for themselves as traders and hunters, keeping in mind the local players and power brokers and being sure to appease them or stay out of the way. The overall lack of hordes higher than category 2 made South Zagoria a good place for steady trade, and in the past 6 months there has been a steady uptick in outside parties moving in to trade with the locals. Within South Zagoria lay numerous untapped natural resources, alongside those which had been left by mankind. Lumber is easily procurable, and while many existing stocks have long since rotted away there are many mills at hand ready to return the production rate of pre-outbreak South Zagoria. Infected overrun a Georgian aid helicopter shortly after it crashed on mission in Chernarus, Winter 2019 Along with the natural resources exist previously abandoned resources that were left behind during the early days of the outbreak. Chernarus’ overall oil and fuel production occurs off the coast on the oil drilling platforms. However, South Zagoria’s early evacuations left vast stores of oil and other fuel products relatively untouched. With military rationing occurring, most fuel and oil resources are unavailable to the public. Thus, citizens and off-duty military personnel alike search for these resources in order to do everyday things such as fueling vehicles, powering generators, and cooking food. Aside from the large coastal safezones, many nomadic factions and other settlements outside of government control also have specific trade needs. While sources of freshwater in Chernarus are generally abundant throughout, food is a major concern for factions located in the area of Kirovograd and the central plains. Freshwater stream in the Black Mountains Extensive bombing over the course of the outbreak has reduced much of the arable farmland in that area to a sodden muddy mess, and much of the associated farm equipment and seed stores have been scattered or stolen. This makes growing food difficult, but the situation there is also not ideal for hunting as most animals have migrated to less turbulent areas out west or in the Black Mountains. South Zagoria on the other hand has a plethora of land suitable for farming and thriving animal populations, some leftover livestock from before the outbreak that have simply become free-range. The province is also ripe for trade due to the fact that a single entity or group does not have a large degree of sway over the populace, or the ability to regulate trade between the various parties that come and go. An underground prodejna in Russia Also important is the fact that due to the lack of government control in South Zagoria many parties such as civilian enterprises and military units that are loyal to the State and live within its protection are attracted to the promise of a regulation free environment, even being willing to trade outside of safe areas to do so. All of the above factors have made South Zagoria ripe for future business by outsiders, and are sure to affect the balance of trade in the upcoming months. Travelers cross a roadway entangled with overgrown vehicles, Central Chernarus One experimental formula has been used by a handful of factions with decent success. Factions who wish to trade will travel to cities or other zones, and establish a temporary compound. Inside of these compound walls, these factions will trade and give requests to locals. However, the factions don’t have all the time in the world, and after a few hours they have to begin their trek back. Thus, the local populace must make haste so that they don’t miss out on these occurrences to gather new information, trade for rare items, and aid other survivors of this worn-down world. However, these faction shops are easily recognizable. Consisting of gates and wood or sheet metal walls boxing an area in, they are also accompanied by a short-burst radio message provided by the factions of the shops to indicate that they are open for business. The Nikitin Prodejna is a weekly trade post event series that is planned to take place on Sundays, which allows other major events to take place on Saturdays. The "Prodejna" or Shop in Chernarussian, is simply a roaming trade post that contains various traders and characters from multiple factions. Each Sunday a new faction will set up a hub at a pre-announced fortified location and for 3-4 hours will trade, give quests, and talk to survivors from around South Zagoria. Over time you will be able to develop relations with these factions along an RPG-like reputation scale, which will be discussed in detail below. The area within the Prodejna will be rule protected, meaning no hostilities will be allowed there. Despite this, visitors are not permitted to loiter or gather there to abuse the rules. You go in, do your business, talk to the faction, receive/complete quests and leave. An area outside of the Prodejna will be provided for folks to gather, trade among themselves, fight, and generally do anything they won't. This area is not rule protected and normal rules apply. Reputation Progression System - 60 Point Scale -30 | -20 | -10 | 0 | 10 | 20 | 30 -30 (Abysmal) -20 (Unfriendly) -10 (Poor) 0 (Indifferent) 10 (Known) 20 (Friendly) 30 (Very Reliable) As you or your group complete quests on behalf of the various factions that travel through the area you will gain reputation with that group. Keep in mind your actions outside of the Prodejna affect this score too. For example if you hold a bunch of CDF soldiers hostage in one situation and a group of people within the same faction come to trade you may find yourself locked out. Each faction will have unique quests that you can complete over the course of each afternoon, and as you complete them you can improve your standing with the various factions. This can lead to improved exchange rates, preferential deals, and priority for specials. Every week this thread will be updated with details regarding each faction, including Lore, trade details, and their general background. Details to come...... First event is the 17th of March.
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    The long awaited DayZRP mod "February update" is here. We didn't quite make the release in February because of refactoring a lot of the code and organizing assets, so that features and items created by different developers follow the same format and standard. Now that it is done, hopefully all future work done by the devs will follow this format and we won't have to repeat this process again. Another important change is that we also modified versioning of the DayZRP mod, since version numbers like V9, V10 and V11 didn't really tell people much. We will therefore switch to an easy to understand "Year.month.version" format with this update, for example this first release in March will be "19.3.1" and if we release a bugfix update later this month, it will be "19.3.2" and so on. In this new version we have added the first external content mod - MoreGuns. It adds quite a few high quality and popular weapons to the game, which we hope you will enjoy responsibly We were able to add this mod to our server thanks to @Misho who is a co-author of the MoreGuns mod. Thank you Misho! In order to play on DayZRP server you will have to subscribe to the MoreGuns mod and enable it alongside the DayZRP mod! This new update has added a lot of new versions and colors for existing items, which have been added and are now available in the Item Shop. Please report directly to me through PM or Discord if any variants in the Item Shop are not spawning correctly. Because of the new content added and new item classnames we are forced to fully wipe the server. This means all characters, storage, bases and vehicles will be deleted. Sorry! Full change log for the new update can be found below: Known issues that are being worked on and will have fixes released Soon™: Although we have tested this update for close to two weeks now on a public server, it's highly possible that there are still some other bugs left. Please report those in the DayZRP mod forum.
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    Just as the title say, is it doable? Think it would be a really good option to have if you want to roleplay injured. @dev team
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    Something I just put together out of boredom, hope everyone enjoys it.
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    Getting kicked out of staff for going against the popular opinion, yikes!
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    Referring to this thread. Bear in mind, I've never talked to Impostor nor do I know him, but I don't feel safe playing on the server knowing that this was basically just swept under the rug, with a caution? I don't understand the huge discrepancy between the expected punishment and the one actually given. EDIT: @SeversonRP "I think what that rule entails is more on the lines of proper aimboting, or ESP" People have literally got permabanned for duping items, which doesn't even involve third-party software. I have no ill will towards Impostor as I don't even know him or have even interacted with him if ever, but going from a permaban to a simple caution when third-party software is involved? It's been proven that he used it, how do you know he's not using it now?
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    Several groups found their way to the beginnings of The Revenants. Through pure coincidence or through seeking them out, they all gradually made their way to become friends. These ties were often made through friends, or even friends of friends. They pulled together through necessity, in a world where there is little trust and little to no hope, they were forced to find to take the opportunity when it made itself obvious to them. The people that were close could see the obvious that was occurring, these people that had come together were slowly forming friendships and a form of brotherhood which was beginning to overtake other things. People were starting to prioritise the people around them, sometimes more than themselves. They could see that if these people were willing to risk their lives for others for the right reasons, then they were the people that could be counted on and Honorable enough to make the overall right decision when it came down to difficult decisions. They saw loyalty and honor in the people around them, all attractive traits and qualities when surrounded by death, deceit and danger. Moody was the Savior to his followers, his guidance and leadership forged a bond and relationship between many lost souls, bringing people back together to communities and pushing towards a united goal. His plan was always to rebuild society under his direction, and that he did in Novaya. He brought in survivors who had been cast out by others and warped their mindset into something productive. His band of outcasts soon gathered traders, farmers, mercenaries and more, all working together to rebuild what had been stripped away from them; society. This goal could only be achieved under Moody’s leadership, he changed the very foundation of people's beliefs and morals. Working together, the Saviors created a survivor sanctuary in Novaya Petrovka. This became a stronghold for those that held the right morals, the will and passion to survive and build a home, a community worth living for. The sanctuary became a place worth spilling blood and fighting for as it upheld the so many different virtues and values that the modern person respected and should deem righteous. Battles and downfalls plagued the path as the Saviors built themselves up from near nothing. People came and went, the best and the most respected stayed, it was only ever the low-lives and the traitors that left, all making up stories to cover themselves as to why they had left. These rumours brought pain and sorrow to the Saviors as they were left largely unchecked, not purposefully, but due to inaction, incorrect prioritisation. In the Aftermath of Moody’s death, his followers and fighters were left lost. Where once there was leadership, guidance and an understanding now only stood confusion, loss and very little hope. The people that followed him, followed him because they were lost, he brought salvation and guidance to their wandering souls. These people had learned from Moody, they had begun to understand his perspective and come to the realisation that there was always a goal for the further future, not just for the here and now. It was with this realisation that a group of the higher-ups of the Saviors came together one miserable grey evening, and began to formulate their plans for the future. They sat and spoke for several hours, working their way through everything. They remembered the good times and the bad. They laughed and they cried, reminded each other of the scars and wounds they’d picked up as they followed Moody countless times into near suicidal assaults. They came to an agreement; Moody had led people together to build a sanctuary for those that understand that there is no giving up and no surrender. Moody had taken it upon himself to declare for the people and to defend them until the end, providing them shelter, law and order and brotherhood. These people had only come together through these learned traits, qualities and benefits that Moody had once provided and wanted to continue to provide. They shook hands. They had been left in a situation hopeless, and the people had already begun to wander away looking for new opportunity or employment elsewhere, looking to make something of their lives which now seemed to be without purpose or goal. Those that remained found their ambition relying in the people that remained and stuck by their side through the thick and thin, those that had tried to stay together even after Moody’s death, whether because they had nowhere else to go, they were lost and sought protection from the fighters that remained or because they had the ready and the willing to support those that stood up to the plate to lead them into the future. When the remnants of the Saviors held the funeral of John Moody, in an undisclosed location to ensure the safety of their friends body, they began to pick up traction from civilians that had been friends with Moody in one way or another. All those that came to pay their respects were treated with respect and honesty. The once Saviors now had the chance to build a new life for themselves, though they weren’t looking to brand themselves as an active group, they knew that people would either be looking for them or hunting them and currently, they weren’t looking for any additional attention, if anything they were looking to get rid of the attention they already had. They took those that wanted to stay with them under their wing, allowing them to camp with them and to lay the foundations of the bond that they had all already built amongst one another. The people that were left, they came from all walks of life; soldiers, lawyers, doctors, farmers and office workers. They weren’t a force nor a company or platoon of remaining warriors ready to take on the world; they were regular people who had formed a community within the bounds of their relations. These people came together, night after night knowing that all they were doing was surviving, they knew that they had near nothing, and were living only day to day, going through daily struggles just to get themselves back to camp as the sun fell. They had no direction or lead. Hope and ambition was beginning to fade and those that remained had begun to once again feel somewhat lost. This was the night when everything was discussed, a large scale meeting for all that could attend that were currently surviving out in the woods,the mixture of old Saviors, old robbers, washed up bandits and the regular people who had learnt how to get by. The meeting was held in a central spot, still hidden away from any prying eyes or ears, and they discussed everything that they thought they were going to need to do and the way they felt they would need to do it in order to both keep themselves going and give them something to work towards. The meeting lasted hours, several of the more confident survivors taking a stand by the campfire to announce their points of view, trying to get a debate and decision made through the discussion of all of their peers. No one wanted to sit still, they knew that hiding in whatever they could produce would never really be a ‘secure’ compound and they would become a target once again, they would be painting the target on their backs and that was the main thing they were trying to get away from. They also knew that they had an affliction towards the innocent people of the land, they knew that they had keen warriors who had been left with a lot of fight and angst left within them, some who sat around the campfire were ready to fight. The meeting ended with the forming of a five man council, this way every major decision that came across the group could be discussed by those that understood the points of view of the majority of the group, the ones that had the confidence to make a hard decision when the survival of both friends and innocents relied upon it. These five people discussed any important issue that would arise, always concluding in a solid outcome as to what they would do about said issues, what action would they take as a people and as a community. These decisions are what formed and structured the community that they slowly grew to love and dedicate themselves to, they were the basis of their actions, the understanding that the camp was pushing for a certain outlook and opinion on something. This quickly lead to a lot of the members of the community of the camps raising the issue that they wanted to help defend some of the innocent people around the land if they could. They had to do something with the warriors that currently sat about cutting wood, preparing camp on a daily basis, these people needed to apply themselves and put their skills to work; the council made the call, they would discuss current conflicts regularly, whether they could help in any way, if they needed to or not, whether it would be worth even going to war to try and defend people that why may not yet be at war? Where leading that way. It was members of the community who had never run with such a large gathering before that questioned whether or not they could have a name or affiliation to relate themselves to. The people of the community had begun to feel an attachment to one another, they proudly announced themselves as friends and comrades and wanted to have a title and easy reference to refer to their camp, something they could all unite behind and build moral from. When this was brought to the council, many of them understood that a lot of what they did now-a-days where actions come around from the lessons they were taught by John Moody, the everyday actions they partook in, their attitudes and understandings of situations, seen through a new set of eyes provided by their past friend. They saw themselves as if a lot of them were trying to recreate some of his personality and views of the world, those that they could resonate the most with. They felt as if they were the Revenants of John Moody. They pushed the vote to the council and it was decided on a unanimous vote; they would declare themselves The Revenants. Long Term IC Goals: -Give survivors the confidence to roam freely around Chernarus without the fear of being captured by a bandit group (Day 660) - Establish ourselves as the “Peacekeepers of Chernarus” (Day 670) - Continue to roam Chernarus and set up outposts for us to lay low at (Day 680) Short Term IC Goals: - Recruit an additional 10 survivors with the same goals as ours (3/10) (Day 620) - Continue to build the Council up and make it a formidable use of Leadership (Day 615) - Disrupt the hostilities in the “Triangle” and cause conflicts to occur away from the civilian populace (Day 630) - Ensure that everyone is having a good time IG and out of game - Create group synergy that will help each one of us perform at our best - Upset the balance of good and evil when needed in order for there to be a need for our services - Be civil when talking about issues regarding other groups Council: Liam O'Casey Eddy Bateman Jimmy 'Pogo' White Winjab Akunda Artur Grau Militia: Hunter Moroz Ryan Sawyer Ash Petrov Michael Cross Clayton Biggsbe Windex Akunda Ming Tau Community: Jake Lemon Gerald Matthews Fransico Reyes Alan Dawson Scott Dawson Godryc Maniu Cormac O'Ree Karl Ornberg Bosco Bakala Rick Lague Skip Deacon Ted Kaylo Jade Rose Marcus Moreno Hugh Rock Credits to @Wesley Snow for the logo.
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    So you're looking to create a Chernarussian Defence Force character but don't know what unit or background to write. Well you came to the right place. This guide is centered purely around the background to the CDF including the numerous units that have appeared as lore factions or player group factions in game, equipment/uniform of the CDF and some genes pointers your character could take such as political views etc. I credit this to the lore creators and group leaders that have helped made this guide possible. @Major @PCJames @[email protected] @Stannis, @Storm, @Rifleman and several others). Over time I will aim to update the thread with new timeline events and when new CDF groups appear or units have been mentioned in lore. Of course it is always useful to contact the previous group leaders if you have any further lore questions or want permission to have a character originating from their group. Important Notes: Chernarus gained independence in 1991, a lot of high ranking officers now serving in the CDF were previously Soviet military officers. The Chernarussian Armed Forces is heavily derived in terms of organization from the Soviet Military, and virtually all CDF equipment can all be traced to Russia. Active military was approx. 40,000 active military personnel, along with around 20,000 reservists. The current number of CDF troops in the Outbreak is around 12,000. Most of the current military is stationed out West in the large cities that remain. Novigrad, Primorsk, and Miroslavl being major military hubs. The CDF are maintaining these safe zones to ensure day to day life continues. Chernarussian Ground Forces: Overview: The Chernarussian Ground Forces along with the other branches of the Chernarussian Defense Force was formed shortly after Chernarus gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 before its collapse. It gained all its equipment from Soviet stockpiles that were scattered all across the county. Currently the Ground Forces has the largest remaining active personnel that being approx. 12,000. However, a large chuck of the Ground Forces that are categorized at reservists are political militia. An example of such unit would be the Svoboda one of many nationalist groups armed due to the actions of President Kozlov. Most of the Ground Forces are occupied in the cities to the West or were focused on combating BPR forces to the north west of Chernarus, yet due to the recent ceasefire this has died done and units are withdrawing back to the major cities. Few units remain within South Zagoria, the oblast being termed lost and barbaric by several high ranking CDF officers hence the lack of military presence within South Zagoria. Equipment: Most of the Ground Forces' equipment originate from the Soviet Union and is generally classed as being outdated by many NATO countries. Most soldiers wear TTsKO (three colour camouflage) developed by the USSR in the 1980s. Mountain troops tend to wear Gorka due to the climates they operate in. Gorka is also used by the CDF during winter times. In terms of weapons, the CDF mainly employs AK-74s and AKMs. Uniform: SSh-68 Combat Helmet TTsKO Combat Shirt TTsKO Combat Trousers Assault or Combat Boots Gorka Patrol Jacket Gorka Patrol Trousers Assault or Combat Boots Units: It is advised that you take a look at existing units before making up a unit for your character, as there are plenty to choose from. Most soldiers that are deployed to South Zagoria are typically from the 93rd Brigade. Credit goes to the group owners and Loremasters for their valuable information. Below is an image detailing the layout of the 93rd Brigade South Zagoria and the units listed after with some background. 93rd Brigade (South Zagoria): 45th “Kladivo” Tank Battalion - Apart of the 93rd Brigade (South Zagoria), its a tank regiment based at Vybor Airfield that saw action during the civil war. During the outbreak, its assets withdrew to outside of Miroslavl to save them. The Battalion used various armoured vehicles just as the T-72, T-72AV and T-72B MBTs, with BMP-1s and BMP-2s as support. 22nd “Svarog” Mechanized Battalion - Apart of the 93rd Brigade (South Zagoria) it was based at Tisy Military Base prior the outbreak. During the outbreak it aided in the evacuation of civilians. However, post outbreak the battalion is only at company strength and now resides at Miroslavl after an operation of regrouping CDF forces in early 2018 within South Zagoria failed. 66th “Chernobog” Mechanized Battalion - Apart of the 93rd Bridge (South Zagoria) was based in Zelenogorsk pre-outbreak and was able to hold the city before some time as civilians and officials were evacuated by train or ship to the other parts of the country. Represents the strongest formation within the 93rd Brigade. 76th “Jarilo” Mechanized Battalion - Apart of the 93rd Bridge (South Zagoria) was based at Balota Airfield prior to the outbreak and established checkpoints on the southern highway as civilians fled in terror from the infected. 90th “Hrom” Artillery Battalion - Apart of the 93rd Brigade (South Zagoria) it was based at Tisy Military Base and was the main firepower of the 93rd Brigade. It uses a combination of 122mm howitzers (D-30s) and BM-21 Grads. 201st Chernorusskiy Shturmovoy-Polk (CASh) - Translated to the 201st Air Assault Regiment, the 201st CASh based in Miroslavl are one of the most elite units within the CDF. The regiment along with the 245th got its renown during the Chernarussian civil war where it fought valiantly. Post outbreak this regiment conducts peacekeeping operations in the western and central oblasts and have recently been deployed to South Zagoria. Both units were based at Vybor Airbase. 245th Chernorusskiy Aviatsionnyy Shturmovoy-Polk (CASh) - A sister regiment to the 201st, it fought alongside them in the civil war. It has seen numerous deployments in Takistan pre-outbreak and are currently deployed in Miroslavl. 34th “Rýč” Engineer Company - Apart of the 93rd Brigade (Zagoria),was stationed Severograd Military Base. The company was vital to the Brigade often repairing vehicles and making sure the various railways throughout Chernarus were maintained to allow easy transport of military equipment via trains. 313th “Elektrický” Signals and Electronic Warfare Company - Apart of the 93rd Bridge (South Zagoria) was based at Tisy military base whose objective it was to secure radio communications with Miroslavl during the outbreak and post outbreak to intercept Russian radio broadcasts. It has seen combat deployments in Takistan aswell. 23rd “Léčitel” Medical Company - Apart of the 93rd Brigade (South Zagoria) is a medical regiment based previously at Pavlovo military base in South Zagoria. They were one of the few regiments at the scene first to combat the outbreak. They took many infected soldier back to Pavlovo in an attempt to treat the sick but only ended up condemning the base. 176th “Gorka” Mountain Battalion - Apart of the 93rd Brigade (South Zagoria) was based at the Severograd Military Base, ground zero of the infection. Few survived the ordeal and characters from this Battalion may know some facts about the Outbreak but not many. The battalion set up checkpoints in the north of the country and held Berezino for as long as possible. Commanded by Major Kuba Zavodny. This unit is currently stationed on Utes Island and has only around 75 original members left serving, with some 150 more soldiers being added to the battalion since the Outbreak to combat attrition. 88th ‘Duch’ CBRN Company - Apart of the 93rd Bridage South Zagoria was stationed at Tisy military base prior to the outbreak and unconfirmed sources suggest they were also present at Kamensk military base prior to the outbreak. More recently they have been involved in the collection of nuclear fuel rods that appeared in South Zagoria near Novaya Petrovka. They specialize in handling NBC materials and deploy into contaminated areas. 415th “Skála” Supply Battalion - Apart of the 93rd Brigade (South Zagoria) it was based at Pavlovo Military Base. The battalion was the working horse of the whole brigade, delivering supplies and vital ammunition during the civil war and the outbreak. Made use of a number of Ural and V3S trucks in prior service. The unit is stationed in Miroslavl. Other Units: 502nd Rozviduvalʹna Rota - The 502nd Reconnaissance Company was originally stationed within South Zagoria but soon after withdraw to the outskirt of Miroslavl like most Chernarussian forces. Late 2018 the 502nd were deployed within Chernarus to secure radio stations and to observe the group known as Anarchy. Svoboda Brigade - A hardline nationalist militia of the political party Strna Vzkriseni formed shortly after when Radek Kozlov was voted in as the Chernarussian president. The Svoboda Brigade assisted on the Russian border in 2015. As the outbreak erupted the brigade was used to keep the peace but as the brigade moved to South Zagoria it suffered with internal problems and began a journey on their own course away from the command of Miroslavl. Any militia members that were still loyal to the state moved units or joined the regulars. Chernarussian Air Force: Overview: Second to the army in terms of budget the Chernarussian Air Force (CAF) makes up a large proportion of the Chernarussian Defence Force. It's workforce consists of skilled personnel those trained in engineering, IT, communications etc. It's pilots are often graduates from universities or the several military academies scattered throughout Chernarus. During the initial outbreak the CAF played a major role in stopping hordes of infected reaching major cities across Chernarus as the ground forces set up defenses and evacuated civilians away from the conflict zone. Today recruits are rare and far often just volunteers as the CDF can't afford to be picky. CAF operations today involve transportation of governmental officials, transportation of supplies, combat missions against BPR/Infected and show of force exercises on the Chernarussian border. Units: 54th ‘Vzkrizini’ Fighter Squadron - Based at Miroslavl airbase, the squadron frequently flies combat missions and reconnaissance all throughout Chernarus. However more recently 2 aircraft of the squadron have crashed within South Zagoria. The squadron currently operates around 15 aircraft. Chernarussian Naval Forces: Overview: A relative small navy compared to most countries in the world mainly made up of small patrol vessels. The Chernarussian Navy (CNF) is made up of old soviet ships that defected during the Chernarussian war of Independence in 1991. The CNF is made up of several frigates and patrol vessels. The CNF also have a company of Naval Infantry one of the most trained infantry units within the CDF. Recently however several rogue elements defected from the navy and with it brought destruction to one of the few frigates the Chernarussian Navy possessed. Units: Chernarussian Interior Ministry Troops: Overview: The Chernarussian Interior ministry troops are made up of several Spetsnaz units, an umbrella term for military police controlled by the state inself. The units range from intelligence, CBRN, mountain troops and anti terrorism. They compose of some of the best soldiers that Chernarus has to offer. !!!!To note playing as special forces is often frown upon in the community due to power gameness. If you would like to play one it be best to approach Major as he practically runs the CDF from the shadows!!!! Units: COBR State Security Directorate - A branch of the Chernarussian Interior Ministry its main task is maintaining state security by infiltrating groups and relaying key information back to the Miroslavl command. COBR has operators all across Chernarus, each oblast having its own commander. Typically COBR operatives are hand picked from various units of the CDF. It is rumored that COBR forces are operating within South Zagoria currently. OREL - Anti terrorism and riot troops typically deployed in times of civil unrest. They were especially useful during the initial outbreak when they controlled the crowds of civilians trying to evacuate South Zagoria. Political views/Standpoints: Your character does not have to stick to these points but these are common standpoints that the common CDF character has. 65% of the CDF are members of the Strana Vzkriseni party the hardline Chernarussian establishment nationalist party. So CDF soldiers tend to have a more pro-nationalist viewpoint. Most soldiers revere President Radek Kozlov very highly due to his military reforms after the civil war and the budget expansions provided to the CDF. The general lack of funding and apathy previously shown towards the government had turned many soldiers toward NAPA, but following the rise of President Kozlov the military became his greatest power base. Most Chernarussians tend to not like Russians due to their involvement within the civil and what the Soviet Union did to Chernarus pre-independance. However, there are a lot of ethnic russians that serve in the CDF as well as high ranking officers that were previously soviet soldiers in their youth. On top of this 24% of ethnic russians voted for Kozlov during the elections. Your character can take a stance to russians either way. Soldiers that have seen deployment in Takistan stand tend to not like Takistanis or their culture due to this. Many have PTSD from the insurgency they combated over there. The Takistani people also attempted to make their way into Chernarus post outbreak which lead to many people getting killed. Post outbreak, a whole group of ethnic Russians called the BPR broke away from Chernarus claiming independence. Many CDF soldiers have been on combat deployments to fight the BPR and have seen friends die. There is a great dislike to them due to their soldiers containing ex-Chedaki members. However recently conflict has boiled down between the BPR and CDF so hostile tension and regard to them isn't as high as it was. Those that served during the civil war and almost everyone who was born and remembers the civil war hates the absolute shit out of any Chedaki or any of the members of the movement of the red star. This is due to the purges that were conducted by the Chedaki and the war they brought to Chernarus. Because of the Soviet past and this, many CDF soldiers take a dislike to Communism too, often joking that from the idea evil stems. However, a lot of current serving fresh recruits were teenagers during the civil war so their hatred may not be as much as previous generations. Deployments: Below is a list of possible operational tours your CDF character may have participated in. Chernarussian Civil War ~ 2009 Operation Arrowhead, apart of UNFORT, Takistan ~ 2012 UN Peacekeeping operations in Takistan ~ 2013 > 2017 Initial outbreak South Zagoria ~ 2017 BPR deployment ~ 2017 > 2018 CDF Timeline: 1991 - Formation of the Chernarussian Defence Force after Chernarus gained Independence. 2009 - CDF took part in the Chernarussian Civil War against communist separatists known as the Movement of the Red Star or commonly referred to as the Chedaki. 2012, June - Chernarussian Forces apart of UNFORT(UN Forces Takistan) deployed in rebel controlled regions of Takistan to neutralize the threat of ballistic missile attacks and chemical attacks from the Pro Aziz Takistani Army. 2013 to 2017 - Apart of UNFORT Chernarussian Defence Forces conducted peacekeeping operations within Takistan. 2017, July - Initial outbreak, 93rd Brigade (South Zagoria) and CAF attempted to quell the outbreak and evacuate as many people as possible. Eventually most CDF forces retreated from the region to bolster the western cities. 2017, Late July - CDF withdraw from Belozersk due to Russian annexation. 2017, November - CDF engaged Takistani forces that has crossed into Chernarus. 2018, February - Escalation with BPR forces, resulting in hundreds of KIA. 2018, April - Squadron Commander Major Nikola Mladek's Mig-23UB jet crashes within South Zagoria on a training mission. Small skirmish between Pro-CDF militants and BPR Forces results in both pilots being captured. 2018, May - On the 31st an IED containing a nerve chemical agent was released on the outer wall of the military compound at Miroslavl killing around 200 military personnel, UN, and civilians. 2018 - Continue deployment of minor CDF into South Zagoria to scout the region and repair vital communication towers. 2019, January - Conflict with BPR forces grounded to a halt due to an attempted coup be Chedaki forces with the republic. Both sides agreed to a ceasefire. 2019, February - A small squad of the 88th ‘Duch’ CBRN Company was deployed to South Zagoria to collect barrels containing nuclear fuel rods. 2019, February - 66th Mechanized and other CDF units deployed to the border of South Zagoria, in preparation of possible conflict with Russian forces. That's about it for the guide. If you have any questions and feedback about the thread I would love to hear them. Thanks
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    "Open your eyes and stop shaking. We're not gonna hurt you yet, kid" chuckled the man in the skull mask as he pokes the barrel of his gun against the chest of the boy sitting against the wall of the barn. It was a strange old place. Isolated in the woods. No sounds, nothing. But when you closed your eyes and listened closely, you could sometimes pick up the sound of leaves rattling, wind chiming and the ever so slight crumbling of the barn walls. "Good. I finally got your attention. Now man up and tell me. Who are you?" The man slowly crouches down to be on the same eye level as the tied up boy. He lays his gun down in front of him and reaches his hand forward to lift up the boy's chin. "Look at me when I talk to you, kid." The boy eyes the man for a brief second before cowardly looking back down. He eyes the gun for a split second. "You... You aren't bad people.. I can see it. You just...." The boy whimpered. "You don't get to decide what kind of people we are. You have no fucking idea what we've been through. Now tell me who you are." The man yells at him as he stands back up, kicking the gun to the side with his steel toed leather boots. "You wanna know what kind of people we are?" The man reaches into the backpocket of his distorted blue jeans. He holds a skull mask out towards the boy. "Nobody was born evil, kid." And the man was right. Sometimes it's fate, other times it's personal choice. But most of the time people do bad things because they're adjusting to the world around them. They're changing with them. Some people out there are trying so hard to create new governments, new law & order, a new routine path of life. They don't realize that there is no such thing as starting over. Everythinng has changed. Everything. No matter how fucking hard you try to make things go back to normal. They won't. It's not even worth the effort, but humans are dumb. They always have been. If they wanna ruin their lives trying to fight for a new world order to come back, then we will be in the shadows watching as they fail and crumble. The right path to chose is to be in complete agreement with how the world will be for the rest of our lives. And it is our choice how we want it to look like. It's true. Nobody was born evil. I grew up in Portland Oregon with a perfect future lined up ahead of me. My dad was a pretty good doctor. I mean, he probably was way up on his horse thinking he was the shit and he was definitely up his own ass, but I watched him work sometimes and it fascinated me. Don't get me wrong, I ended up absolutely hating his guts. I remember when I came home from middle school. He pushed me to do my homework better than any of the other kids in school. You'd think afterwards I'd get to do whatever I wanted and go out to play or something but nope! Not when you're the fucking daughter of a PCP. He wanted me to be just like him when I grew up, so he made me study his notes from medical school and shoved a bunch of medical crap down my throat every single day. Rinse and repeat. Literally. I didn't have freetime at all. No friends, nothing. I didn't go to homecoming or prom or any of those cool kid things. I had absolutely no social life. Until I met Caleb at school. We sorta just clicked. We had a lot in common and quickly became obvious that we couldn't move on without eachother. My parents didn't know about Caleb until way late. Probably a year or so, but he came from a rich as fuck family so my dad sorta instantly loved him. I mean, I should've known, right? Fast forward a little and my mom passed away after she returned from a business trip to russia, which is another story for another day. The details surrounding her death forced us to russia to investigate a little. We ended up finding out more than we ever needed to know about her after the investigations lead us down to south zagoria. We went to talk to some business friends of her but that was kinda cut short because, you know, people started fucking mutating and eating eachother. So our main focus was trying to not become zombies. My dad obviously didn't make it. It's not hard to figure that one out. Caleb and I were left on our own and found a place north in the woods that was isolated enough to not attract attention from those creepy walking snotbags or, for that matter, other survivors that wanted to raid all our food supplies. We adjusted. The weak are like poison. They rot everything they walk past and bring death and disease. Just like the fuckin' snotbag zombies out there. And fucking with the weak sorta just made everything else more fun again. It made the world acceptable again. We knew we did our deed to making the lands surrounding us stronger and more alive. The key to living is strength. "Put that on kid." The man throws the skull mask to the boy and leans down to untie his hands. The boy quickly grabs the mask with no hesitation, still shaking from what had happened. He rolls the mask over his head and adjusts it, looking back up to the man "Good. Now close your eyes and see the world from our eyes." The boy shuts his eyes and takes a deep, shakey breath. His legs still nervously shaking ever so slightly. "What do you see?" Says the man as he crouches back down to the boy. "I see.. pain.. death.. I see burned down buildings. People are.. crying with their hands covering their faces" The man leans forward and bites down on his lip. "What do you feel, kid." He adjusts his baseball cap. "I feel... stronger than them." "Who?" "The.. crying people.. They're weak." The man inhales deeply. "Why are they weak, kid?" The boy opens his eyes and takes off the skull mask. "Because they're... trying to hold on to a normal life. They're crying over something so beautiful." He looks the man deeply in the eyes. The boy had stopped shaking completely. "What's beautiful? Tell me." "This new world we're building. It's beautiful." "It's only beautiful if we make it what we want it to be, kid." He moves out of the way of the boy, revealing a dead body on the opposite side of the barn, blood had stopped pouring out. His eyes are glassy and staring into the blank. The boy looks at the body and then back at the man. "Do you understand, kid?" The boy eyes him. "The weak are poison to our new world. We either teach them to man up, or we deal with them. So that we can strive. You understand?" The boy nods slowly as he holds on to the mask. "Get up. I'll show you something." The kid seems mesmerized by the dead body on the other side of the barn. The man snaps his fingers. "Up. Now." The boy gets up onto his feet and follows the man out of the barn. He hadn't seen any of the outside of the place he was held up in yet. As he steps out of the barn, he could see a fire crackle. Trees are surrounding the barn that seems to clearly be falling apart. Some people are sitting around the fire, cooking up some steak. A woman stands against the side of a tent, cross armed. She's wearing distressed blue jeans, a red baseball cap & a slightly oversized metallica t-shirt. She stares at the boy and the boy quickly notices her and stares back. The man slaps the boy over the back of his head. "Don't even think about it kid, she's mine." The woman smirks as the boy lets out a nervous cough and breaks the eye contact. "Focus." The kid takes in everything around him. Some people are sharpening knives on rocks infront of some dirty run down green tents layed out all around the fireplace in the middle. "Everything I do is for the greater good of this family, kid." The boy watches the flames of the fire for a few seconds. "Do you understand? This is why we're strong. We have something to live for." The boy nods. "Banditry is part of living now. We're not evil. We're surviving and striving." The man places a hand on the boys shoulder. "Go clean up that dead body inside the barn and make yourself useful if you wanna stick around. It's starting to smell fuckin' bad." The boy nods and walks back inside. The woman smiles at the man from the other side of the camp and nods. The man wipes his arm through his face and adjusts his baseball cap. IC Use the outbreak to have as much fun as possible (Infinite) Find a place to call home and create our own territory (By day 615 - Achieved) Fuck around with the loners that don't belong and "teach" them our views on life (Infinite) People that are part of a group aren't loners. duh. do not fuck with them. Establish a regular supply of ammo & guns through negotiations or essentially force (By day 625) Recruit at least 5 informants for the group potentially also through force (By day 630 - Achieved) Grow stronger as a family. family always takes priority. (Infinite) Find at least 10 Remnants of the Saviors and "question" them (By Day 640 - 3/10) Regarding of people's relation with us, we'll deal with them accordingly Regularly meet up with our friends and allies and have a shit ton of fun (Infinite) The Midnight Club Lay down a foundation for midnight club and find a suitable place for it (By day 615 - Achieved) Keep the club's actions & interests completely classified to outsiders (Infinite) Refurbish the old run down barn and make it suitable for the club (By day 635 - 50% Done) Name a president & chain of command of the club (By day 615) Forcefully recruit more bitchboys that will "work" for us (By day 625) Stock the club's location with the necessary supplies we are going to need (By day 630) OOC No edgy or trolly shit. we're not a birthday party at chuck-e-cheese Promote a decent hostile rp experience over pvp at all times. firefights might happen sometimes, but aren't our end goal or priority. Bring a new twist on hostile rp whilst maintaining strong friendships & bonds between our characters through internal rp No cutting off limbs or carving random crap into people. it's lame and boring. let's be more creative. there's other ways to get the point across Take new players under our wings and show them the ropes of hostile / internal & group rp The survival of the crew always comes first no matter what. be loyal. When you get injured ingame, it is mandatory to RP out any injuries. no exceptions. Cut out the bullshit. we want to provide quality rp. Always do your best to promote a high standard for roleplay that we want to see on the server. People in the group get 2 strikes. on the 3rd they're out. no 2nd chances. Nobody mutes their headset in ic comms unless absolutely necessary. we need to be able to communicate quickly in situations. if you chat exessive ooc shit, you get moved out. If you betray the group or leave for no good reason, you'll be hunted down. also no exceptions. Group Overview With this group we are trying to bring a new flavor to hostile rp. The goal is to see the zombie outbreak from a different perspective where we believe that we can chose what we want to do with this new world whilst everyone around us tries to dominate other groups, build new governments or live in hopes that everything will go back to normal. Our group is designed to take lone wolves and teach them our views on life and essentially provoke their style of living and take their supplies to help our family's future. We do not want to provide stereotypical hostile rp. We want to show more creative ways when taking and keeping hostages that will hopefully bring great story arc's and further our RP as well as the hostage's RP. Firefight's may happen, it's inevitable. But they are not what we're here for and they are definitely not something we actively look for. Story and character development is our number one priority. Our group is essentially a big family of survivors that have adapted to their new surroundings and have established very unique and different ways to look at outsiders & strangers. That being said, they do not strive to create any new law and order systems and they're definitely not here to try and big dick other groups. They very much mind their own business. I hope everyone enjoys this group as much as we are. Please bring any concerns about the group or specific members to mine or Phoenix's PM's. At the end of the day we want to make sure others enjoy our RP and if that is not the case, the source of the problem will be dealt with accordingly. Recruitment is currently: Open / Strict Recruitment Our group plays mainly between 5pm GMT to 12am GMT, longer on weekends. Keep this in mind when applying. Applicants must be Showing interest in internal character storylines & friendships with other group members Good at keeping comms clear of ooc chatter Somewhat familiar with hostile RP Able to get ingame with us at least twice a week. Preferably more. Understanding the concept of our group & what we do differently to usual hostile groups We are also looking for newcomers & medical RP'ers to join our ranks Still interested? Fill out the application form below and send it to @Phoenix & @Watchman in a PM __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Graphics by @JimRP Lore & thread by @Phoenix _______________________________________________________
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    D7 Mercenaries are Mercenary group ran by Paddy Devlin former British Army. D7 was founded after Paddy realised that army life was no longer for him, he wanted to maximize profits, however doing this changed his mentality. D7 has no allegiance and will work for anyone pays the right price regardless of their Nationality, Religion or Ideology. They have worked in multiple different countries, Iraq, Afghanistan, Takistan, West Africa, and Chernarus. They offer a wide range of services: Assassination, Abduction, Enhanced Interrogation, Sponsored Attacks, and more. The group's objectives and mentality can change varying on the contract they have, and what is happening in-game. Failing to pay the price agreed before signing the contract can have a major impact on the persons who made the contract. We want to get paid, and if you do not pay, you will be hunted. Paddy Devlin @Challenger Ryan Shepherd @Ryan Shepherd Awimba Muncho @OxeN Jerry Joyce @Jerry Calum Burke @brk Brian Sweeney @Cuchulainn Ling Wong @LifeLight Oscar Belinski @Theoriginalkiwi Vrach Sikorski @Zipcouda Lucas Jones @Lucas Finan Kane @Finan the Celt Pasha Novak @Zman44 Rory O'Dowd @Redfox700 Patrick McAllister @SquidProQuo Peter West @Jackfish Jacko Murphy @GMAK Richard Thurman @General Rickets Bogdan Kirillov @JamieBoy George Bronson @George Law Ilya Zelenkov @Rutkiy Alexei Barsukov @Director Keller Jacob Makarov @Mak Jamie Moris @ItzTyler - Maximize Profits | [indefinite] - - Ensure the survival of the company | [indefinite] - - Contracts signed: [7] | [indefinite] - - Establish a base of operations | [Day 575] - - Find out information of Zihaad and Sergey | [Day 630] - - Find out information of the killers of Paddy and Sokol | [Day 670] - - Recruitment of an Intelligence Network [3/10] - Have a group that focuses on different types of RP and gives out a variety of RP - - Come up with unique and different RP to keep the group interesting - - (Try to) raise the bar on our RP by having actual reasoning behind the actions we are doing - - Having fun together - Media Thread Recruitment is currently OPEN Send a PM to @OxeN , @Ryan Shepherd or @Challenger using the format below; Credits: @OxeN- The backstory @Banshee - Graphics and formatting @Ryan Shepherd and @GMAK - Being good people
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    I was wondering about Amnesty recently as the idea came into my vacuous head. I know of a few people that have been denied amnesty, and that’s fine, but why are some people allowed to come back if they pay a bigger fee than normal amnesty and all is forgiven and all the caveats to amnesty are thrown out the window? The only things that still apply to amnesty is  Amnesty is only available to those who have not been banned for illegal activity, harassment or cheating. So how come it is that certain people who publicly harassed players post perma ban and during their perma ban very recently have been unbanned regardless just for paying more than the normal fee for amnesty? Does this apply to all? Can some of my friends pay 200 euro’s to be unbanned regardless of the amount of time spent banned, severity of the ban, what they did on their way out or anything like that? If so, you should add this to the amnesty page as it’s a little disconcerting to see some people who were only banned a few months ago and doing something far more severe than others who were banned YEARS ago in some cases and being outright denied regardless of the amount they offer.
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    I'm so fucking disappointed by this ending. Saviors were one of the only groups giving off some serious great RP and actually providing for the server. and to have it ended OOCly by a non issue that no one had any problem with just shows the fucking state of things. Fuck I'd be more understanding if he died but he didnt. what the fuck? @MoodyOG Hopefully you find peace and continue to give off some great RP. You were done incredibly dirty and it fucking sucks. Thanks for all the fun RP moments you gave to us and everyone in the saviors town. o7
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    Not gonna lie, I probably should've just kept this in the old lore and stayed away from the community. There were a some fun times, especially in the first few weeks when everything was fresh, and we had a lot of the old crew together again. But that quickly faded and all kinds of bullshit began pilling up to the point where this isn't fun anymore. I've always been willing to play DayZRP even if the game is shit because of the experience and the people. But when the RP is boring and mundane like it always ends up being and some of the people here are among the worst I've ever encountered in this community (DDOSed for breaking wood btw), and the game is still dogshit, what's the point in staying? I tried to keep things interesting. We had a settlement, we had extensive diplomacy with all the groups, another settlement, different types of RP choices for our characters, being among the first to try and broker peace among the groups. I brought in a variety of people over time even brought in some whitenames and we had some good laughs. Despite this we still had snakes and shitheads within the ranks, people actively trying to get us fucked over by staff from other groups and staff members trying to do the same thing. So it was all for nothing. To everyone that left on good terms, I thank you for your time and genuinely wish you the best in life. To the OGs who came back, you're the realest ones, honestly. Requesting this to be archived by someone other than JimRP.
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    Some of y'all need to be grateful for what you have in life. Just made a bowl of cereal and opened my fridge and I'm out of fucking milk dude.
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    This Ladies and Gentlemen, is what happens when a driver of a vehicle is shot dead whilst driving in 0.63.
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    As fucking hilarious as it would be to RP out that after all this time fighting him Moody died from falling off a roof, I find it very peculiar that he was hit for NVFL and his char PK'd when he didn't even die ingame. It has been standard procedure for as long as I remember that if you don't die it can't be NVFL. People who have been initiated on by 10 people and killed all of them have not been punished for NVFL because they survived. BadRP, sure but even then when you are just among your own group all in the same OOC comms just waiting for something etc. this sort of "badrp" fucking about happens all the time.
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    Had a pretty decent time with the GenZ Fellas @Phoenix, @Watchman, @Osku, @Xero, @JimRP, @Wong, @Franny, @Kai, @MrSaltyFish, @BrianM, @AlanM, @Harvard, @HoboRP and @Aisling. I think most of yous was in the goon squad today but I dunno who was so you're all tagged it. Also freakin @firelordjaredjust comming in going hard. Had one hell of a wild ride with @YungBrandonRP at VMC. Always fun to have you hostage, @ScarletRose. Real wild trial today too at the Saviors' town, and was good leading from @FireDude, @OhThatGuy27, @JSaul and @MoodyOG, pretty sure the minds were set front the start too. Good lawyering from @Xehara and @SexyPutin, both pulling in different directions. Of course the boys were lit today, as always, @Lego, @Batok, @Kaizer and @Nightngale. Of course how can I forget Doorman @William89
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    So, I was in another Discord and noticed that a mod pack was recently completed by @Misho and a friend Link - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1665663702 Due to this clearly being completed among other things, of course.. Could this be pushed into the server so we have something to nibble at before the full meal is delivered at some point soontm? Would be nice to get our hands on what's listed within the pack IF this one is for us/ anyone else. If not, why? Thanks!
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    I will post both my roleplay and real roleplay here. To start
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    13 strong raptor packing today @Eagle @Thrash @Ryan Shepherd @Wong @Oiram @Lego @Kai @Challenger @Real Vegas @DK_Major @Batok @Hex @G19RP
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    I am a newer player to the server so the history established is an unknown for me. All I can do is base my opinion off of the interactions I have personally had with this group. That being said, the encounters I have had thus far have been productive, engaging and believable. The monsters in the woods, the effectiveness of your movements, the skilled means of tracking, it's all impressive and adds to the fear the group is meant to inspire. The woods have eyes and are always watching.
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    If you intentionally get yourself banned, especially maliciously and publicly to the community, then 2 months later have someone pay big bucks to get them back in, how is there any integrity to the amnesty system. The criteria isn’t followed, hardly ever, and it’s just a matter of who knows who, and who’s wallets fatter (unless obviously the person trying to get amnesty was either banned by Jim, or not his friend, then money doesn’t mean shit). IDK, the selection of who dies and doesn’t get amnesty is dodgy. how a group of dudes who left personally attacking status updates with graphic imagery and malicious intent, as well as attacking people on social media, with a long record of dayzrp ban and point history can come back, but someone who made a joke about Jim’s dev work has 0% chance of coming back is asinine. You want these people back in your community, sure. But at the very least extend this not only to personal friends, but everyone trying to get unbanned.
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    Wedding Vibes Front row @Thrash @Real Vegas Middle @YungBrandonRP @Jean @Eagle Bridesmaids @-CML-NorWayy @Bounty @Lego @Jared (?) Brodem and Bride walking out to erp After party of whatever the hell it was. @DK_MajorI got you in one. Underestimated the horde at the event. @Aisling @-CML-NorWayy @Thrash We don't RP, remember that guys!
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    when you see another gun embargo on the server
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    My PoV if anyone cares for it: the reasoning is IMO valid, I certainly wouldn't want people on this server to attempt RKOs from building roofs at the largest server hotspot 4 the lulz. Realism or not, that's just silly. Sure, we're here to have fun, but not the kind of fun where you're exploiting broken game mechanics like driving trucks underwater or jumping on people's heads from 10 meters above.
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    Hey guys how's it going Wong here want to leave some.. feedback or something not expecting this to go very far and im expecting the whole group to clap back but it's gotta be said. So coming down to Noveya yesterday was something... I run around forever trying to find RP with no hope I have this amazing idea that I'll head up to Savior territory as it's where all the "RP" is as of late. I run into Bobby from GM people and decide together I end up having to log for 20 or so minutes due to IRL I come back now with 2 of my boys Lego and Jared we head down to the town and run into ONE single Irish boy he joins us and we make the run from the train tracks to YOUR compound walls. As I approach the walls I'm instantly met with hostilities and was told like "If I come in the walls I'll catch a bullet" WOW OKAY? kinda came at me like Anthony Joshua's left hook now we're all on the defensive as we never once was hostile or showed any kind of ill-intent but was instantly threatened. Now Jared is throwing insults back and so is the Mexican guy, we walk along the walls and say we want to come in Now bare in mind we're still on the outer wall of the industrial as you have built it all up recently. Walk round the otherside and the mexican again start chatting smack saying I'll catch a bullet. (Twice now) then you all come over and just bandit shuffle or hide behind the walls, Pogo comes over (Sorry bad with forum names) and tries to calm the situation down which doesn't work as the Mexican dude starts throwing insults again provoking Myself and my 2 friends. @MoodyOG you come out of nowhere and shout "Don't all come over to this corner they're trying to BAIT you while their friends set up" WOW okay... We came to trade and was instantly threatened in no way was we trying or even started to try and bait you if anything it felt like we was being baited. I really don't get this sort of RP that came outta nowhere as I've been in town talking and trading and not done a single thing to the Saviors after Windex and Jamal had that conversation last week. Back to the point I walk over to the hole in the wall where the Mexican is standing and I punch him due to AGAIN him talking shit behind the wall he backs up and says something like "Punch me again and you'll catch some bullets" and "I'll take you all down by myself" also "suck my cock" Which makes me think it's ya boi one and only @RyanPr now 3 times this person has threatened to shoot me for just walking up to the industrial area, we wasn't trying to break into your HQ building we wasn't threatening or shit talk we JUST came from bash and was met with this. Now while this is going down I see a dark skinned guy behind the Mexican wearing a yellow armband I assume it's Windex as he's been the only one out of your group to actually RP with me no matter the situations around us also Pogo to some extent. Anyway, the yellow armband says "Why would I want to talk to them they're just 3 random guys" Cool I guess? After getting nowhere with the RP that was being provided we decide to head into town and see if we can actually have a civil conversation. Every time I come into Noveya doesn't matter what the circumstances are you guys hide behind your walls and your friends hide behind the walls of your main building and shit talk. I've been coming to town every day causing no problems what so ever and I was met with threats? It's pretty weird seen as it's your own town and that's how you treat visitors. You then come to the forums or discord or even private discord and complain about people raiding you every day and attacking your town. What do you guys really expect honestly when you treat everyone as the enemy and with no respect. It boils down to the simple saying of "Treat people how you want to be treated" YOU GUYS CAN ROLEPLAY I've seen it and witnessed how good it can be sometimes but when it's bad it's really bad guys and leaves a bad taste in my mouth honestly. Whenever I've come to give a little feedback in private I'm met with "They aren't my group" or when I ask why you guys are constantly hostile the reply EVERYTIME is "We're expecting a attack by Russians/Nationalists" or some other random group the first few times I get but when you've told me these the last 3 times I've stayed in town and nothing has kicked off at all. It kinda seems like your guys go to response when it comes to feedback. Moody instead of assuming stuff actually get involved with the RP next time instead of coming out of nowhere claiming we're trying to bait when it is your group members threatening to shoot as and telling us to suck his cock after every sentence. Ryan if it was you that played the Mexican, well I know you can do better man we've RP'd before you're a chill guy but last night was something else and I hope it doesn't repeat itself. Rest of the Saviors who were present stop bandit shuffling and actually talk to us you'll also find if you aren't dicks to everyone who comes in town then you might stop getting raided every night and attacked but how you ALL talk to people from any group is the reason you get fucked with so much. Your attitude ingame is as if you're untouchable and that you're gods gift. You guys are trying to build something and if you actually took a step back and focused on that more than big dicking and threatening Noveya will become an amazing place full of dope roleplay. Thanks for reading guys, needed to get that off my chest and I'll probably run into some of you today during my travels later. Hope y'all have a good one P.S this isn't meant to come across as flaming so please PLEASE don't take it that way. P.S.S love you @Biggsbe xoxo
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    It saddens me to see, extreme nationalists, extreme racism, rapists, masks stitched from human skin and homophobic slurs are the norm and proud Irishmen are simply nothing but IRA terrorists.
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    FINN IS GONE Thanks for all the good times guys, this has to be probably the best group I've been a part of. You guys offered a welcoming atmosphere and allowed me as a new member to actually RP with hostages instead of always being the background character that never gets to talk like what happened in other groups I've been a part of. The memes were great and we shared a lot of laughs and inside jokes. But it's time for me to take my RP elsewhere, but someday I hope I'll be back as Dominik again... I hope when I meet your on my other character you'll show me how it feels to be on the other side of the gun this time. As for Dominik, Dominik decides to take a vacation and settles down in the city of Miroslavl. Where he meets a woman he soon calls his wife months after. He packs away his uniform but keeps it close in case he needs to take up arms with the Kamenici again to fight against a possible Russian invasion of South Zagoria. He goes back to working as an Arms dealer/Gunsmith but he remains in contact with Kamenici during the months he remains in Miroslavl. Thank you guys so much. and don't worry, the memes don't end here. You forgot about this huh?
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    A RP video as requested.
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    Thanks for this opportunity to bring great role-play to the server!
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    Need to bump thread so enjoy one of @Stannisclassics from yesterday
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    The crisp morning of Chernarus is greeted with the chirps of birds, nature's alarm clock for the man who lead's the group known as Kamenici. His morning routine was quick to set foot. Grabbing his rifle and re-lacing his boots before stepping out of the tent he slept in, the morning sun yet to illuminate the land. Long shadows accompany the chilly breeze as Mikhail Barta starts the morning fire, his men still asleep before finding himself to his normal location of the mornings. Finding himself a hundred or so meters from camp, ontop of a hill side overlooking the lands below, he grabs his little red bible, opens it, and gets to his knee's, lighting a candle, and making three prostrations and then sits quietly for a moment to collect himself. A prayer in Chernarussian following suit. He would gather his bible and candle, packing it up before grabbing his satellite phone. A request to the Kozlov regime that they happily provided. He rang the familiar number to his wife, Anastasia. It took a few moments to receive, and after a few rings, she answered. Family photo from before the outbreak. From left to right: Mikhail, Emílie(4 years old), Anastasia, Marie(1.5 years old). 2014. Mikhail took a few moments to just collect himself. Looking at a photo consisting of him, his wife, and their two daughters. Then one of his deceased daughter, Marie, who died in the gas attacks of June 2018. A photo of his daughter, Marie. Age 3, 2016. He made a brief phone call to his contact in the government, speaking about getting a truck for his family, and a driver to get them to Primorsk, as well as any updates about current events going on in the rest of Chernarus. After that, he gathered his things, going down back the camp, the fire he started prior to now a full on fire, he putting some water and instant coffee in a fireproof coffee cup, setting it near the fire on the embers. He yelled out with a stern voice, not nearly as loving and caring as when he was speaking with his wife and daughter. Get up! Five minutes! That's all that was needed to be said, the sound of tents rustling and men yawning was heard. They gathering their equipment and meeting at the fire. Mikhail stirred his coffee, picking it up from the fire and cautiously sipping the black robust coffee as he waited for his men to gather, staring at his watch as they fumbled about. Mikhail's coffee getting warm near the fire. Not five minutes later, 15 some men were around the fire, Dominik starting the breakfast for the morning, Mikhail began to update them about how their families will more than likely be moving to Primorsk over the next week or so, and filling them in on the events in the West. He made a plan, having them gather around a map as they set up routes and plans for the day. The briefing took maybe 30 minutes, then they ate breakfast, praying in unison before they began their duties for the day.
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    Welcome! For this week of Interview with a Community Member we have @Watchman This interview is to get to know the members of our community, and hopefully bring the community together. Comment who you want to see being interviewed next week! Thanks to Watchman for participating! Tell Us About Yourself? How did you find out about DayZRP, and what made you want to join? If you could thank one person for helping you get started here who would it be? What could we do, as the staff team, to make this a better place?  What is your most memorable experience(IC/OOC) here?  Do you regret doing anything in your time here? If you had to live in a jail cell with four people from this community who would it be? What's your current favourite song/artist? What has been your favourite character you have played on the server and why? What do you feel is missing from the community? Do you have any hidden talents? What was the origin of your username?
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    ~The James Brother Gang~ "My name is John Henry James Jr and I am the oldest of the 6 James boys" "Originally we are from Seven Springs, North Carolina but these days that type of stuff doesn't matter" ~The Birth, The forgotten, The wronged~ The story of the James brothers starts back in North Carolina. Where Jenny Louise Smith met a charming young man by the name of John Henry James Snr. The two became close friends spending every waking minute they could together. They would sit in the fields over looking the Neuse river talking about there hopes and dreams and the life they could build together. Jenny had thought she had turned this mans life around from the town bad boy to a normal everyday man. Sadly things were not as Jenny had hoped. The night she went into labour with there first child. John Snr had found himself on the hood of a state troopers car. Rather then at his wife's side for there first child was born. John Snr had taken it upon himself to settle a score with the farm next door to there's by setting fire to one of there barn's over a dispute to do with land. After the birth of John Jr, Jenny made it clear John was to stay on the straight and narrow or there marriage would be over she couldn't go through another night like the night of the birth. She would never forgive John Snr for missing the birth of there first child and John would never forgive himself for it either. Ten years had past and John stayed true to his word. He had stayed out of trouble and managed to get there farm up and running with the help of his family. He had a steady job working for the Tennessee mining company in. John Snr would leave his family for months on end to work the mines and send whatever money he could back to his beloved wife and family. But sadly this wasn't enough, with bills piling up and more mouths to feed the money was being more stretched then ever before. The only thing that was going through John Snr's mind was how to make a quick buck to keep his family in there family home. John Snr had heard of a mining company that was offering high end money for people willing to move abroad and work on the mines in Europe and Asia. With the news broken to his wife and family and the tears wiped away and his bags packed. It was time for him to leave his family and move over sea's. He didn't know where he would end up but all that mattered was the money was going to be enough to keep him and the family a float. The moment the plane had touched down he was given a uniform and loaded on to the back of a truck and driven to North Gvozdno mine. Where he would be working. Years went past and the money was still going back to the states, but John Snr had gone back to his old ways. Drinking and getting himself into trouble with the locals. The same was happening back home. Jenny was losing control of her boys. They were more then a handful and always getting themselves in trouble with the law for petty crimes. At first it was only minor crime, stealing sweets from the local shop's, knocking over mail boxes. But gradually John Jr was to follow in his fathers footsteps. His passion was cars. He would go out late and night and steal any car he could with his brothers and joy ride and at the end of the night the car ended up in the river or on fire! ~Evil is lurking~ John Snr hadn't been heard from for some time now and the money had stopped coming back all together. The family had no money, the farm was a bottomless cash pit and the land wouldn't hold any crops they tried to grew. It wasn't for not trying the brothers saw the pain and anguish on there mothers face and knew of her struggles. She had turned to the bottle and had become a mess. John Jr remembered what his father had said to him about the farm next to there's and how he was sure that they had salted there land to stop anything growing after he had set fire to the barn. It was with this thought in his mind John Jr set out with his brothers to seek revenge, even tho there father hadn't been around for years his word was still gospel to them. Under the cover of darkness they walked across the pastures, dressed in there best suits and hat's with a bandana over there face's. They stood there looking at the farm house, the lights were off. John Jr looked at his brothers and pointed and nodded they knew what they had to do and rushed the house. Hank the second oldest of the brothers and closest to John Jr was the first in to house, kicking the door down and rushing up stairs and saw the man they thought responsible coming out of the bathroom. Quickly he knocked the man down with the back of his rifle and jumped on top of him while the rest of the gang searched the house and rounded up rest of the family. Two girls and his wife were bound and gagged and dragged into the living room. John Jr stood outside smoking listening to the muffled screams and shouting. He opened the door and walked in. The man sat there bound with his hands behind his back and hank had a his rifle round his neck choking him while his family watched. "Enough let the man breathe Hank" "I wanna know why ya'll think it was a good idea to salt my pap's land" "Ya'll think we are stupid don't you?" "Nothing grows but I look over the fields at yours and see nothing but the garden of Eden" "So I know you did something sir" "I......I.....did no such thing......I......" John looked at Hank and nodded, Hank knew what the nod meant and raised his rifle at the mans wife and fired his rifle hitting her in the chest. She slumped back in the chair she was tied too. John grabbed the man's head with both his hands and forced him to watch his wife's life drain away. "You did this to her not us, you're to blame for your wife dying, not us not fucking us!" "Your children go free, you and your wife don't" Hank looked over at his brothers guarding the doors and windows and then pointed at the girls and snapped his fingers. Two of them ran over to the girls and grabbed them and placed sacks over there heads and dragged them off to the cars. They were to not harm them but drive them to the next state over and leave them there. John stood over the man pouring petrol on him and around him. "You shouldn't of crossed my father, you shouldn't of crossed my path, you shouldn't of crossed the James brothers" The brothers left the house and stood on the porch looking at each other. John Jr nodded at his younger 4 brothers and pointed at the cars it was time to drive the girls away so they didn't have to see there fathers death, they had already seen there mothers. Hank looked to John Jr and pulled down his bandana "Are we really doing this John, he's learnt his lesson" "We started this, there is no going back now little brother, you think this man is really going to pack up and not call the police, don't go soft on me now little brother" John Jr turned to his brother and handed him his lighter after lighting up a cigarette. Hank was in two minds of what to do. He had thought the man had been through enough but he didn't want to let his brother down but he could hear the man crying and sobbing inside. "Together" John placed the lighter in Hanks hand and griped his hand, the flame still lit from John Jr's cigarette. He looked at Hank and tossed the lighter into the house. The pair walked off watching the flames engulf the house. They were both to blame now. John was in the mindset that if his family were wronged he was to search the earth until he found the people responsible and show no mercy. He just needed to get his brothers on the same page. ~Running from the righteous~ Some time had passed since the night they ruined the two girls lives. To the brothers they had done what they thought was right and put things to right in the eyes of their father and family. They were using the land they had taken and were growing crops and selling them to the local shops. But this was all just a front. After that night John Jr and Hank had seen what they were capable of. They had turned there hands to being guns for hire for the highest bidder and people smuggling. Their farm was the perfect front for it and the labour was free. They just wanted into America and they had the means of getting them there. During there boom and success there mother couldn't stop drinking and her health was become worse and worse every day. As she lay there on her death bed holding Hanks hand she cursed there father blaming him for everything that her boys had turned into. She saw them as monsters and saw John Jr as a spit of there father and cursed him for all he was doing. That night she passed they moved her body to her favourite part of there farm and buried her under her favourite tree. The brothers were at a loss now. No mother, no father. They only had each other. They had vowed to do there mother proud and to put the wrongs to right. The first thing was to find there father and to put him to right. ~ Days had passed and Hank had not shown up to the farm. The last time he was seen was leaving the farm in his car to do a drop off of the "crops" he was growing. The brothers were worried, it wasn't like Hank to not turn up or not phone to check in with them. John Jr sat on the porch smoking when the phone finally rang but it wasn't what he wanted to hear. It was Hank. John Jr knew the net was closing around him and the gang, the two girls must of told there story to the police and Hank was the first to be found. Hank had been out dropping off this crops to the dealers that worked for him when they had grabbed him at the back of Mae's restaurant. "Brother....Them two girls done told the feds.....They caught me bang to right's....They want to see me fry John....They are pushing for the hot seat....Them two girls done pointed me out John.....you need to sort this brother....Ya'll need to come get me....There moving me to Central tonight....Have my suit waiting" John Jr stood up and whistled at his brothers to come over "Boys Hank's in a spot of bother, you remember them 2 girls from the farm...well they've gone to the police and pointed Hank out, there moving Hank to central tonight, there going to send him to the hot seat, ya'll need to get the suits out, get the car ready, get Hank's suit and meet me back here in 1 hour boy's, times a wasting" The brother met back an hour later and listened to John Jr's plan and were ready. Under the cover of darkness they drove to the location they had set up. They had Jacob's girlfriend pretend she had crashed her car into a falling tree blocking the road. So as the transport truck drove down the road it would have to stop. Under the cover of darkness they put there plan in motion. The transport truck's head lights could be seen coming down and the brothers sat in the tree's and waited. Once the truck had come to a stop the brother's jumped to action, rushing the truck and pointing there guns at the windows and screaming to open the back where Hank would be. The men inside the transport throw open the door's and jumped out with there hands up, they knew what the brothers wanted and opened the back down to let Hank out. John Jr looked at the men and signalled for the keys and for them to get into the back of the transport car. As they did Hank stepped out and jumped into the car waiting for him. The gang slammed the doors on the transport truck and locked the door throwing the key's away. It was time for the brothers to flea, there plan hadn't finished yet, they needed to get to Mann's harbour where there was a charter ship transporting aid to Chernarus. It was time to escape, it was time to find there father in Chernarus. Find John Henry James Snr (Ongoing) Find out all information on all passive and neutral groups (Ongoing) Find a place to set up the farm (day 675) Make contact with nationalist group (done) Find a pub to turn into the family saloon (day 700) OOC GOALS Provide memorable RP moments from internal to external Create a memorable group to last within dayzrp lore and history Seek recruitment from IC events John Henry James Jr ~ @neom Hank James ~ @Biiddy Colt James ~ @WarMachine Jacob James ~ @jakem10001 Robert James ~ @Clammy Benedict Falk ~ @Falk Alexander Dukov ~ @Jewell Samuel Hale ~ @Hale Tom Watson ~ @Chappers William J Harvey ~ @Fozzy Duncan Kesla ~ @Duncan Visla All interest in joining The James Brother Gang is to be sent to myself @neomand @Biiddy ~Why do you wish to be apart of JBG?~ ~How will your character fit into JBG~ ~Your Character's back story~ ~IRL age~
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    @SheepyMcSheepface I never expected you to do this, I fucking loved the RP, one of the first times I did not expect to get backstabbed. @derNils and @Oisin Thank you two for the fun RP, thanks for fixing me @Mademoiselle, @KILO_Phoenix and @FireDude amazing RP today, from medical RP to Noah saving me and some Green Dragons from getting shot by a dude with a pistol. Cant wait to see where this storyline goes. @ScarletRose, @Roman, @ComradeBandit and the other guy who was with you, amazing characters, cant wait to see where this will go! I will get that picture back.. honorable mention: @OxeN, sorry babe..
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    This. I was there for this situation and it was honestly just terrible RP all around. We're strolling and randomly get surrounded by close to twenty people randomly, most of which acted like stormtroopers, and are told about a "new law" in effect. No Civilians can carry automatics, only Military and Ex-Military. That's whatever. Not bad or good. My character is exmilitary so I hand over identification that proves such and you just go "Oh no that's fake lol" and then proceed to confiscate the rifle. Don't care much for the rifle just the RP around it was awful. Then as we're walking away you ask for my vest. I relent at first and then you say "Well there's twenty of us here, do you really want to turn this into a situation?" and I give the vest up. Then again, as we're walking away you ask for a mag that's in my hand. Again, I relent at first and then unload it and had it to you. I really don't see why this group is called "Green Dragons" anymore nor do I see the point in masquerading as a "trader group" this is literally just Anarachy again under another name. The roster, play style, goals, in game activities, it's literally just the same exact thing. Minimal RP given to people and you just run around the triangle in a giant zerg giving anyone who isn't rolling in a big group zero chance to do anything. The absolute best thing you could give anyone in the situations you're forcing people into is good HostileRP but you're just not giving that at all. I was going to maybe give the benefit of the doubt but I've heard the same or worse things from a bunch of other people. @YungBrandonRP You specifically are the worst with this sort of behavior, which as group leader, should not be the case. You literally walk down roads with a gank squad and call everyone you pass a "Fucking Pussy" or "Faggot" with the hopes of starting issues. It's just the same old boring wishy washy nonsense with you guys every time anything aside from a firefight is involved. It's boring. It's uninventive, and it's repetitive as fuck. To me this is just Anarchy under another name, the only difference is this one didn't have a stigma against it, so it got approved. Literally the only difference. I've left feedback before, tried talking to group leaders, always to no avail. I don't think you've got any intentions of changing this at all, so who knows, maybe this'll get through to at least one of you. This hasn't got anything to do with the firefight earlier. That was actually pretty good fun, but again, that's mainly because there was no direct roleplay involved. This isn't a personal attack on anyone, just overall very harsh criticism of your RP, play styles, and the detriment I think it is to the overall state of RP and the server and community as a whole.
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    So I honestly have no idea how to write this. Yesterday I was apart of a situation that came across as just gear orientated roleplay. I gave up my gear cause quite frankly, I don't care but the rp I received as well as the others I was with was very plain and boring. You guys demand that no civilians have automatic guns (which is fine) whilst surrounding us and strongarming us. You ask one of the people I am with for his gun. So he eventually gives it up. Then he is about to leave, you now want his vest. He gives that up. As he walks away, you then want the magazine he is holding. It created nothing for my character, just give up my shit and be on my way. It was bland. I would recommend that you would talk to us whilst this situation goes on or something. Because I was stood there with @Cow watching you all just talk about what you want from us aka gear. I don't know, I just don't know how I can word it but to actually roleplay something out apart from "Hey we want your gear, ok leave now." This isn't the first complaint. This is my feedback but I have seen in other parts of the forum about the strong arming and gear orientated RP. At the end of the day, people would rather have a roleplay situation that just constantly having people asking what they have or demanding what they have cause they know they're in a lose lose situation. Since they know that they have one option which is to give up their stuff and just be left alone (by you or anyone who is doing this) or two be initiated on which would grant them kill rights for this situation which seems like you guys may try to be avoiding (don't get me wrong by this). I hope you understand.
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    Green Mountain Radio is a neutral news source that plans to continue bringing information to the people of Chernarus through news, entertainment, and community, as well as the repair and maintenance of radio towers across the region. We operate from the closest radio tower to our location at any given time but, when possible, default to using the Green Mountain radio tower where we also receive our correspondence. We are a primarily non-hostile and neutral group, and vow to always strive for accuracy and objectivity in our information. Formation It started as a simple seed of an idea at a little relay tower in Novodmitrovsk. Sam had seen the way things were- misinformation and rumours being the fuel to the fire of a war between groups. She had been a war correspondent for the NY TImes and had seen her fair share of war zones, knew all the signs of a powder keg ready to blow and take all the civilians with it. It was in this climate that she decided she wanted to do something to change the tide by cutting through the noise to deliver the truth through unbiased, objective news. To do that she would need a tower, a powerful one. She would need to broker safety with the groups in the area for those who would eventually follow after. And most importantly she would need people interested in doing something good for the world, not merely their own survival. It was this idea that would become Green Mountain Radio. Green Mountain A neutral hub, a place for trade and community where violence was left at the gate and harmony was encouraged between every type of person. That was the hope when Sam broke ground on the first farm plot inside Green Mountain. Back then they were called a “farming and broadcasting collective” and they hoped to be a sanctuary. It was this idea that drew people in from all over to join up with their ranks. Sam and Roland quickly became Sam, Roland, Karmen, Caelo, and an ever growing roster. They were a family, and the more that family grew the more important it became to keep the peace inside- the simmering aggression ever looming outside the Green Mountain Gates. A New Home How many kidnappings does it take to move a group? Three. After the head medic and technician were kidnapped from Green Mountain over mistaken identity, Karmen was really questioning their safety on the mountain. The final straw was when a pre-arranged supply drop from the U.N. ended in the representative also being taken hostage. When word got back to Karmen about the abduction, and with Sam away in Miroslavl, she made the executive decision to immediately round up all of their people and leave. They weren’t told where they were going, just where to meet if they got lost. Eventually they found a quiet place they could settle down and make a home, or so they thought. Fighting Back The location of Home was only given to one outsider by Karmen, someone she knew she could trust and was neutral. That person and his men were hosted for a private party following the peace negotiations. Only a few days later, one of the newer members of the group had lead representatives of a mercenary group and the U.N. to the quiet town so they could hold negotiations, something that ended in Pamyati surrounding the little town and evacuating all of Green Mountain Radio until the situation was over. Peace was never going to be a reality as long as they relied on the good will of others and the blind trust that new members would keep their word in not disclosing the location. Another move had to be made, and this time new members would need to earn their right to know where it was. There was no more relying on others to fight their battles out of the goodness of their heart, Green Mountain Radio would need to learn to defend and protect, and hope those skills never needed to be used. Establish Contacts Reach out to all group leaders to establish a professional relationship. An understanding needs to be established that we are neutral and will be in touch with them for the sake of fact checking reports, obtaining interviews, following leads, coordinating outreach events, and providing entertainment to boost morale as needed. We will not be engaging in the following: firefights, revenge plots, hostage negotiations, robberies, internal politics associated with the groups, and conflicts between groups. Side Goal: Establish a correspondent within each group when visiting. Status: Ongoing Establish Medical Training for Medics and GM Civilians Medics should be certified as competent to perform one or more medical roles including but not limited to: Trauma surgery, Combat medicine, Poison and radiation treatment, Psychology, etc. Civilians should be certified in CPR, and basic first aid to assist our medics in the field. Status: In progress Completed By: Day 608 Establish Defensive Training for Protectors and GM Civilians Protectors should be certified as competent with all approved firearms, knives, and hand to hand combat. They should be able to keep a level head and perform their job under stressful and hostile situations. They should put their charge and the group above outsiders despite personal relations with those outsiders, and should perform in the best interest of Green Mountain Radio as a whole. All Protectors and Civilians with Green Mountain Radio are required to complete basic combat and defense training and hostage training. Protectors need to complete torture training. Side Goal: Set up monthly training drills for Protectors Status: In progress Completed By: Day 608 Recruit More Protectors Recruit more Protectors with a minimum of a 2:1 ratio of Protectors to Reporters, and certify these Protectors to be a full fledged member. They should be trusted not to divulge our location, to know how to navigate around towns and dangerous locations, and should be willing to shield those they are escorting from danger. Protectors are the first and last line of defense and are tasked with scouting ahead to clear out threats and ensure we are not walking into hostile situations. Status: In progress Completed By: Day 613 Establish Movement Training for all GMR members Train all GMR members on how to travel light, pack up and move efficiently to facilitate the regular movement of the group. Status: In Progress Completed By: Day 613 Scout the Region Send out scouts to canvas the region for various spots that meet GMR criteria for useful sites, as well as researching areas to add to the regular camp rotation of the group. Utilise this information to help others if possible. Status: Ongoing Radio Tower Repair and Maintenance Carry out radio tower repair and maintenance with the following information gathered: Distance in time from base to tower, recommended route used to measure distance, check points on the way to get water or food, potential dangers, and recommended date for follow-up inspection. Status: Ongoing Coordinate Community Cooperation Coordinate with secondary group to establish a sense of community between areas. The group should also identify as neutral and be focused on the improvement of the country and community. The cooperation must be something both parties can contribute to on a regular basis through parties, trade, traveling together, and offering assistance to one another in order to better serve the people of Chernarus. Status: In Progress Completed By: Day 700 Provide a one stop source for information so those who are not able to be in game when things go down can still be informed. (Ongoing) Provide entertainment outside of firefights to help bolster community relations and IC morale. (Ongoing) Be a communal resource to help bolster community storylines (Ongoing) Provide a realistically immersive, and regularly updated, form of radio media through the upkeep of a broadcasting thread. (Ongoing) Provide a Gypsy Travel environment where characters can come and go freely, as well as moving camps as storylines demand. (Ongoing) Command @Highlander | Sam “Red” Caufield Leadership @MassamottoSan | Belov Pavlovich @caelo_vorago | Caelo Vorago @Nic Sterba | Casey Rogers Supervisors @Leo Wong | Solomon Lucky Medics @Lori | Rada Protectors and Scouts @RG | Roland Gen Civilians @AFluffyBrick | To Be Determined @Pontiff | Benoit " Preacher" Moreau @SexyPutin | Bobby Chikens Broadcasting and Repair @oxys | Frank North @Deznam | Levi Waymire @OK_Sierra | Wolf Eschenbach @KobraKidd | Tony Kyeton Supply @EviaYB | Adam Franco @TheRocker500 | Matthew Hughes @DieselTheSnowMan | Jeremy Delaroux Probies @TheShiningShard | John Daniels @Sparklez | Vernon McClain @Zillah | William Foster @Kase | Kase Mcilwrath Green Mountain Radio is a neutral group. We do not create hostile rp ourselves, if it can be avoided. All collection of news material must remain unbiased and objective. Be mindful of these things when applying. To apply you can reach out to us in-game, over forum radio frequencies, or by submitting an application to the inbox of @Highlander , @caelo_vorago ,or @Nic Sterbausing the format below. We are actively recruiting the following positions: Protector Medic Reporter Scout In-Game Name: Timezone (Yours and GMT equivalent): Previous Groups (Overall and previous groups for your character): Character’s Skills: Why do you want to join?: Have you ever been banned? If so, why?: Additional Notes: One-Way Broadcast Thread please do not post on this thread unless a GRM reporter- thanks! Green Mountain Radio [one-way broadcast freq] Character Journals Sam "Red" Caulfield Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum: The Journal of Sam Caulfield Solomon Lucky A Star Is Born: The Solomon Lucky Chronicles
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    Tuning up the banjer for some recording
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    I honestly think it should be treated as a case by case scenario before a price is set. Like, I mean if you got hit for an IG rulebreak that wasn't to severe (Like miss ID) it shouldn't be as much as it is. Similar to the Prison System I guess, you get more time if your crime is more severe than others. However, if you got hit for hacking someones account, finding out their nans place of residence and booting her in the fucking dentures with a pair of Air Max 97'S WITH Ankle Supports on... You'd have to pay a tad more imo.. Just saying.
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    Server down? Time to continue working on this! @Watchman @Voodoo @Phoenix
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    Take this feedback as you want to, but know I am not flaming and this is general curiosity. What is the point of this group still being up. What goals are you guys still trying to accomplish? It seems like literally all you guys are are meat shields that follow around Green Dragons. Why would an SVR unit roll around with a bunch of local bandits, and basically be their dogs? I haven't seen you guys do anything on your own. Literally your men walk around with green armbands on. Ever since this group came out it has literally just been jumping from alliances to alliances. Not sure what joy you get from having huge alliances. Y'all can't do anything on your own? I really wanted to give this group a chance, I was really expecting some server changing things. With things Sylva PM'd me before making this Russian group I was really hoping we could get some exciting things rolling, but I guess not.
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    Hello after some confusion on another thread I feel a thread like this is in order. Now we all know there are multiple cool looking items that have been added over the lifetime of the mod and as such most are items people would love to see in the shop. Such as the Jason mask gas mask and the theater mask and many many more what do you guys think? If the items are hard to add seeing as some have already been added but more masks would be nice to see up for sale.
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    Hell yea, hope yall enjoy, lots of love have been put into this by the entire Dev Team!
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    Thanks for the great day to all these great people who made it happen @Watchman @Eddie @Voodoo @Franny @DaRsnn @Xero @Oiram @Roman @ScarletRose @Drake @sh4wzy @Mexi & co @Dew @Shroud @Puncture @Zombru
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    Holy. Fucking. Shit...
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    Does it really matter ? In a few days Jack Moody, John’s long lost twin brother will emerge from the wilderness to lead the saviors into battle. He won’t have to climb through the ranks obviously because it’s his birth right to rule.
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