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    Game is rated mature. Community members are recommended to be 18+ before joining. IC is IC, it's all role play. People who get offended OOC because of IC role play have a problem seperating the two, this usually manifests as increased sodium levels. Sure, one can get angry when subjected to rule breaks or bad role play, but if one is getting good role play, but still get angry or offended because of what kind of character someone is playing or which derogatory words they use, that's not healthy. Third party ToS like Twitch or YouTube are irrelevant to us, that's a problem of the content creator to comply with. My personal opinion is that if one can stream Mafia 3 which is full of racism, one can stream DayZRP. With recent rule changes we have abandoned outright banning certain types of RP and instead focus on judging quality of RP in general. If you believe someone is overdoing their racist/homophobic role play or doing it in a trolly way, submit a report with a video and we'll take care of it.
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    The Useless Remarks quartet
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    T H E M E LEGEND The story of Stanislav Nespesnov begins with the legend of the Nespesnov clan. It is said that about 1000 years ago, the King had a conflict with a Bohemian nobleman. He was so angry with him, that he sent his troops into the nobleman's castle. The soldiers murdered the whole family except a baby boy, whose nurse had hidden him in a kettle in the kitchen. When the soldiers withdrew, people found the little child in the kettle and they praised God for this miracle. They called the boy Nespesnov, which means "The Black" in Czech, because he was black all over his face after having lain in the kettle. The king was so impressed by the people's loyalty that he pardoned the little Nespesnov. Whether or not this story is true is up for debate, but history holds that one of the oldest and most prominent noble families in Zagoria, Nespesnov hails from the town of Lopatino. The Nespesnov clan was responsible for the construction of Lopatino Castle in the fourteenth century. As a reward for loyal service to the Chernarussian dukedom, the Nespesnov heir was promoted to Baron of Lopatino, svobodný pán z Lopatino, and, later, Count of Lopatino, hrabě z Chudenic. Even after the days of the Dukedom, the Nespesnov name stayed prominent. Numerous officials were appointed across the army and government, culminating with Vaclav Nespesnov’s appointment as Master of Ships. Vaclav Nespenov is considered to be one of the family’s great patriarch. He made the first official Chernarussian Navy in the late 1700s to assist the Russian Tsardom in contesting control of the Black Sea from Turkey. Originally consisting of converted merchant ships, by the time of the Crimean War in 1853, the Chernarussians had a full three ships of the line. THE CRIMEAN WAR The family truly rose to annals of history during the Crimean War, particularly The Battle of Sinop. A Chernarussian squadron, assisting a Russian Navy flotilla, attacked and completely destroyed an Ottoman fleet of comparable size. Pavel Nespesnov, an admiral, had command of the operation.It was remarked that Andrej led his ships “like sharks on a hunt,” giving him the nickname “Akula.” The battle was heralded as a major victory for the Russian Empire, though it also was a major contributing factor in British and French involvement in the war. Later in that conflict, Pavel was in command of the defense of the Russian Navy base at Sevastopol during the siege of 1854-1855. As the commander of the port and the military governor of the city, Nespenov became in fact the head of the Sevastopol naval and land defense forces. On July 10 1855, while inspecting the forward-defense positions, he was fatally wounded by a sharpshooter and died two days later. Nevertheless, Pavel set in stone the Nespenov name in history. His sons proceeded to fight with the Imperial Russian Navy in World War One, and later, alongside Admiral Kolchak and the All-Russian Provisional Government during the Russian Civil War. THE GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR AND SOVIET CHERNARUS The family’s affiliation with the latter led to a decline in influence during the Soviet era, however in local South Zagoria the name remained prominent. So much so, in fact, that a Stepan Nespenov organized and led the 2nd Battalion, 1st Chernarussian Rifle Brigade during the Great Patriotic War, seeing action at Stalingrad, Kursk, Bagraton and, finally, Berlin. Another family member, Radek Nespenov, served as a squadron commander for a flight of naval bombers of Soviet Naval Aviation. Involvement in the Great Patriotic War greatly repaired the family’s name and reputation with Soviet authorities, and in Cold War Chernarus the Nespenov family served in various parts of government and the defense forces. However the dream of the family from the start was of a strong, independent Chernarus. Soviet vassalage was always met with a disgruntled complacency rather than optimism. Nevertheless, Petrov Nespenov served as a submarine commander for the Soviet Navy. Stanislav Nespenov was born in 1969, while his father was at sea. Though he never saw his father much, he was afforded a good education (by Soviet standards) and attended the Naval Academy in Novigrad as soon as he was able. Here, he fell in with a number of other ethnic Chernarussian cadets who believed in an independent Chernarus. A secret society began to form, and plans began to be made. And when the fires of revolution burned in 1992, Stanislav and his plotters were on the frontlines. CHERNARUSSIAN INDEPENDENCE The Soviet Green Sea Squadron, based in Novigrad, underwent a nationalist mutiny simultaneous to Chernarus declaring independence. Stanislav and his conspirators took control of a frigate and three patrol craft, and immediately rose the Chernarussian flags. A small sortie of Soviet vessels, as well as a contingent that had resisted Stanislav’s mutinies, engaged the newly proclaimed Chernarussian Fleet in a pitched battle shortly thereafter. Losses were minimal on both sides, and resulted in a stalemate, but Stanislav was proclaimed a hero by the newsreels. Days later, Moscow recognized Chernarussian indepence, and as a reward for his actions, Stanislav was promoted to Captain and given a vessel of his own to command. He continued to serve the Republic of Chernarus faithfully over the next decade, and though the navy downsized due to budget cuts, Stanislav retained his own command. He was up for promotion to admiral when, in 2008, the Chernarussian Civil War began. During the civil war, the main action was on land, however, Stanislav participated in the retaking of Svetlojarsk alongside the Naval Infantry. After the war, Stanislav was promoted to Rear Admiral. He attempted to try his hand in politics, but was shunned by the energetic and charismatic Radek Kozlov, who considered Stanislav Nespenov a personal rival. Stanislav was instead delegated to head the Chernarussian Navy, which Kozlov made a point on downsizing and restricting the budget of. This led to even greater enmity between the two. POST INFECTION In 2017, during the outbreak of the border skirmishes with Russia, Stanislav’s ship and the rest of the Chernarussian Navy was sortied into the Green Sea to prevent any maritime incursions of Russian forces into Chernarus. His flagship, the Chernogorsk, led the efforts to defend the nation’s territorial waters. When the outbreak broke out weeks later, Stanislav made the quick decision to requisition more than his allotted food, water, ammunition and fuel from logistical ports. Stanislav and Kozlov’s rivalry grew even more bitter as the infection drew on. Stanislav disagreed with Kozlov’s handling of the BPR rebellion, his domestic policies, and the cult of personality he had grown around him. In 2018, President Kozlov demanded that the Naval Infantry Regiment under the Navy’s command be transferred to Army organization and be used to defend the capital. This became the final straw. In a hastily-organized plan, Nespenov turned to his trusted Naval Infantry major and a Naval Aviation squadron commander and formulated a plan. A flight of Ka-52Ks would fly into the capital, each loaded with 40 high-explosive rockets and a DsHK machine gun. They would fire into the capital building, destroyting the structure and killing Kozlov, while the Naval Infantry stormed Parliament and General Staff Headquarters. Nespenov's ship, the Zurivost, would provide offshore fire support. The plan went into action 0900 the next morning, and immediately, things went awry. The helicopters veered off course too early, alerting local air controllers who in turn scrambled anti-aircraft and planes. One helo was shot down, while the other two managed to fire their rockets, but had to evac Winchester - leaving the Naval Infantry without air support. Nevertheless the marines fought hard, storming the General Staff and taking most of the Army's chief generals captive. But the radio and television station, critically, remained in Loyalist hands. In the chaos of the battle, it became almost impossible to distinguish between friend and foe - as such, CCR/CPG forces donned black armbands, donned from the name from which Chernarus derives: "The Black Rus." Henceforth, revolutionary troops were casually referred to as the "Blacks" and the CDF loyalist forces the "Greens" for their plain camouflage. The battle raged into the early afternoon, but as General Staff headquarters was retaken by Loyalist forces and Kozlov made a public announcement announcing his survival from the attempt at 1300, it was all but lost. Nespenov evacuated what troops he could, and made full speed for the ocean. Nespenov retreated, along with his most loyal followers, towards South Zagoria, outside of the reach of Kozlov’s Loyalist forces. Or so he thought. A flight of Mig-23 ML attack aircraft armed with AsHMs engaged the Zurivost off the coast of Skalisty Island, and sunk her. Nespenov himself barely survived, and as he made landfall, realized he had nothing but around four dozen men, and what gear they salvaged from the sunken ship. The coup had failed, and most of his followers were dead. As he watched the Zurivost sink into the depths, he pledged that it was not the end. He would return, and rid Chernarus of Kozlov and restore the rule of democratic republicanism to Chernarus. Armed with a will and almost nothing more, the coup plotters began the trek towards Chernogorsk... THE CHERNOGORSK BETRAYAL November 4, 2018. A day that will live in infamy. Coming from Novigrad, defeated in the coup, Admrial Nespenov directed the CPG to take up residence in Cherno and made contact with what he believed to be like minded groups - Kamenici and Cerna Liska. A meeting was set to be held, where the new government would include all those involved in equal representation. After a short speech, the group leaders coalesced to discuss the policies of the new government. Cerna Liska and Kamenici demanded that the CPG not recognize foreigners as "human beings," and stated that the One Chernarus policy of the Nespenov administration was an insult to the ethnically homogeneous state. But Nespenov refused to sacrifice the principles on which he believed in. Thus, at an impasse, the forces of Cerna Liska and Kamenici began the wholesale slaughter of the CPG remenants and the civilian population in town. Dozens lay dead by the time it was over, but a core group of CPG government troops managed to escape due to the timely arrival of the House, a mercenary group previously regarded as enemies. However, casualties were heavy - and included in the dead was Admiral Nespenov himself. The folded over corpse of the Admiral, presumably hit by a stray bullet - unknown of what side of the firefight, lay still in the 3rd floor of the Chernarussian Police Department. When searched, inside the Admirals bloodied coat the previously stated speech are found surprisingly stainless and intact. With no running heirs, it marked the end of the Nespenov family and dynasty. Without Nespenov to unite the movement, the government was on the verge of complete disintegration. Former Minister of State Saviley "Sava" Sedlacek attempted to rally the hardline Nespenovists and keep the dream of the three principles alive, but to no avail. Despite a moving speech made on the airwaves, and hasty alliances, Saviley and other key CPG figures were captured two days later, and summarily executed. Rather than complete disband the CPG, however, Kamenici instead appointed a former Svoboda Brigada soldier, Stepan Cernik, as the new Chairman, and stocked the government full of hardline nationalists. Though de-facto a puppet of Kamenici in all but name, the CPG survived. The Three Principles were revised and in some cases abandoned; and the government began operating under the auspices of an Ultranationalist agenda. Chernarus would be united, in a government made by, and ran by, true-blooded Chernarussians only. The Ministry of State represents the largest of the ministries, and its leader as the Chairman's right hand man. The Ministry of State, as its namesake suggests, conducts the daily operations of the CPG's territory, regulating immigration, economics, and civil affairs as well as managing embassies, dispatching diplomatic missions, and maintaining relations with allied factions. The Minister of State, xxx, is assisted in his work by two Undersecretaries. Work in the ministry is delegated on a per-need basis rather than a full time specialist. Undersecretaries act as an extension of the Minister himself, and carry a wide amount of autonomy to conduct affairs as they see fit. The Ministry of the Interior serves as the judicial arm of the CPG. Law and order are central tenets of the Three Principles, and nothing quite displays them as well as the Interior Ministry. Grounded in philosophical Stoic thought, the Ministry of the Interior prides itself on being free of corruption and outside influences. It operates in a manner that reflects the ultimate goals of the CPG. In addition, the Interior Ministry operates the CPG's intelligence agency, recruiting spies and informants to collect information deemed relevant to national security and internal harmony. In this regard they also operate with a free hand, doing whatever it takes to keep the Provisional Government safe and secure. The Civilian Government is a direct extension of the Congressional Ideal - that people are naturally drawn into society and that government represents a natural social progression of the nature of man. The Mayor serves as the executive of the branch, and has lateral authority to raise militias, collect taxes, and regulate commerce. Though it has direct oversight from the Ministry of State in many regards, the two branches work hand in hand to keep the settlement alive, safe, and productive. Constituent Factions have voluntarily placed themselves under the auspices of the CPG, and in return been granted a permanent seat on the Porada. Though they cannot manage their own foreign affairs, and follow the central government's direction with regards to other groups, the Constituents retain almost all of their autonomy. No taxes are collected and no levies raised; constituents are free to arm their own troops, and rule themselves as they see fit. The Ministry of Defense is responsible for the territorial integrity of the CPG and the protection of the settlement and government from those who would do it harm. The defense ministry is directed by the General Staff, with each seat held by a ranking officer. The Ministry is also responsible for the collection and maintenance of arms and ammunition, and the general strategic direction of the armed forces. In times of war, it also takes control of the Auxilary Reserve, volunteer forces derived from Constituent states. NATIONALISM The Principle of Nationalism is commonly rendered as "nationalism", though more literally "Populism" or "the People's rule/government", clearly describing a nation rather than a group of persons united by a purpose, hence the commonly used and rather accurate translation "nationalism". By this, meant independence from foreign domination. To achieve this he believed that Chernarus must develop a "One Chernarus Policy," so as to unite all of the Chernarussians. To achieve this he believed that Chernarus must develop a "national consciousness" so as to unite everyone in the face of aggression. CONGRESSIONALISM Congressionalism, also referred to as the Congressional Ideal, is a political ideology originating in Chernarus, although it has philosophical antecedents from many other countries in Eastern Europe. It is a radical and revolutionary collectivist ideology. While Congressionalism is a broadly left-wing ideology, it incorporates aspects of other political beliefs, and has been described as a oligarchy. Congressionalism is a term coined by Admiral Nespenov himself, as a way to describe a unique form of parliamentary democracy. Rather than use the Western model of "One man, one vote" Nespenov engineered an idea of "one group, one vote." This would give more power to the federal structure on which the CPG was founded, and simplify the voting process, resting power not in the hands of individuals but the societies that men naturally coalescence into. Congressionalism takes the idea of community a natural function of man and expands it into a larger scale. In this sense, the central "Porada" represents the communities themselves, not the indiviuals that make them up. Philosophically, Congressionalism rejects the concept of individual self-ownership. The basis of Congressionalism is that society is a political organism. One can cite Memetics as a basis of for the ideology. The founding philosophical basis of the ideology is Kantian and Rousseauian; Congressionalism claims to describe an existing condition, not a proposition and so considers its form of political organisation to be a reflection of natural human behavior, and other, more individualistic-capitalistic ideas, perversions. The Kantian belief that it is ethically wrong to use another person as a means to an end greatly influenced Congressionalism, as well as his Categorical Imperative. WELFARE The Principle of Welfare, is sometimes translated as "the People's livelihood," or "Government for the People". The concept may be understood as social welfare and as a direct criticism of the inadequacies of both socialism and capitalism. Here he was influenced by the American thinker Henry George. Nespenov intended to introduce a Georgist tax reform. He divided livelihood into four areas: clothing, food, housing, and healthcare; and planned out how an ideal government can take care of these for its people. Allies ??? Neutrals ??? At War ??? ____________________________________________________ @Sylva - Saviley "Sava" Sedlacek @Galland - Gerhard Weissenberger @CaliforniaRP - Benedikt Opat @Combine - Radec Sokov @Wolfaye - Oscar Sokov @Finn - Kazimir Dvorak @Albert Bazek - Albert Bazek @Wyoming - Artoym Aristov @Ducky - Radovan Janousek @SilverWolf347 - Alexei Sokolov @MrChode - Steven Vorenus @Mike-Styles - Dima Petrovski @TIMELAPSE - Milenko Ostrovsky ____________________________________________________ Find a suitable location for our headquarters, and fortify it. (Day 515) Enlist the manpower of local forces to rebuild the strength of the Black Army. (Day 530) Annex at least three other groups into the Chernarussian Provisional Government. (Day 545) Return law and order to South Zagoria, becoming the dominating governing body within it. (Day 600) Gain international recognition from any NATO/UN/RU authorities left in the area, and perhaps, their assistance. (Day 600) Mobilize the army and march on Novigrad, removing Radek Kozlov from power and ushering in a new age of peace and prosperity for Chernarus. (Day 700) Return to South Zagoria, with Chernarus united, and proclaim the Chernarussian Congressional Republic. (Never gonna happen, lets be real) XXX Convince Chernarussian Defense Force loyalists to join the CCR/CPG and overthrow Kozlov. Disrupt any Loyalist activities in South Zagoria. (Ongoing) Sway the populace into seeing Stanislav Nespenov as the leading figure of South Zagoria and the Savior of Chernarus that the Three Principles are the only way forward for the country, and that to stand against them means to stand against progress itself. (Ongoing) Project governmental legitimacy both to the population and the international community. (Ongoing) From an out of character perspective, some of you may remember myself, Stannis, and Xavier from the days of Svoboda Brigada. We aim to provide the same quality of, if not better, roleplay for everyone we interact with. We understand first and foremost that RP is a two-way-street - if it's not fun for you it's probably not fun for us. This group draws heavy historical influence from Admiral Alexander Kolchak of the All-Russian Provisional Government, who was leader of the White Army during the Russian Civil War for two years before his capture and subsequent execution by Bolshevik forces. In making this group, we also scoured the depths of hidden subforums and long-lost youtube videos about ZBOR. While we can never quite replicate what they had, we can very well try - and we’re hoping, with Amnesty in full swing, that some former ZBOR members can join us, and bring back the glory days. If any of you are interested in helping us guide this group (or even just giving suggestions!) we would be more than happy to hear them. Everyone in this group will permakill if executed. We don't believe that your head magically deflected that .45 ACP round and you woke up on the coast. If we die, we're dead. We only ask that other groups use this to further roleplay, instead of taking it as a weak spot or something of the sort. If you enjoy “civilized” roleplay - that is, running a settlement, going out on diplomatic overtures, and setting the standard through our own internal RP, this is the group for you. Also if you like killing people, because, let's be honest, people are probably going to hate us ICly. So send a PM to @Sylva with the following template:
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    Fuck you dude, so you're saying that I and my fellow Cerna Liska lads OOC enjoy calling people niggers and faggots. Some of the people in our group are bi-sexual dude so don't go around labelling us and certainly me racist and homophobic IRL My best fucking friend is a black guy, I have friends who are gay and I won't sit here and allow you to say that I do it in game because I enjoy it OOC. Don't go about calling us racist/homophobic because you're to thick to separate IC from OOC. Take your salt else where.
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    Here is some nice RDM and salt for your media thread fam
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    “Drž piču, Russian scum!” yelled Jitka, swinging his bat towards the man's skull once again. A clear indentation had now formed in the man’s skull as he lay lifeless on the ground. “You think that you can come here and try to force us back to your regime, huh? When will you fucks learn that you’re not welcome here?” There was no response. Blood crawled slowly along the pavement as Jikta cried out yet again, the bat slamming into the man’s spine. “Jitka, come. Let him bleed out like a pinko he is” said Xaver, Makarov still in his hand. “We don’t want to risk getting caught because of him. We’ve been here too long.” With a final kick delivered into the man’s ribs, Jitka looked back at Xaver. “I need another drink.” The two retraced their steps down the tight alleyway as Jitka discharded his now chipped bat into an overflowing metal bin. As they re-entered the pub, the barman glanced towards the pair before giving a single nod, sliding two small glasses of Chernarussian vodka towards them before they would once again head out into the Blocks. “More Chedaki cunts, eh?” The barman smiled to himself. The Blocks - Dubky, Novoselky, Chapaevsk. When Chernarus joined the Soviet Union back in 1922, mass industrialisation hit Chernarus hard, especially throughout the previously Russian region of South Zagoria. Concentrating their efforts on Chernogorsk, massive factories were built in order to provide jobs and bolster the economy of Chernarus as a whole… coupled with these factories, the Blocks were built as cheap housing for those working in Chernogorsk and neighboring Elektrozavodsk. To Černá Liška, however, the Blocks were considered their home; a closely knit community where they were raised and taught that eventually became a stomping ground for various gangs and groups; a boiling pot of ideology, culture, and thought. However, where culture and people mix, there is often conflict. These blocks became a regular zone of a conflict between Russian and Takistani immigrants fleeing to Chernarus in search of a higher quality of life. Block upon block was built and segregation became the norm. One block for immigrants, another for Chernarussians… when the Soviet Union began to collapse, the blocks became a place where the poor were simply condemned and forgotten. It was complicated place to raise a child. New generations still lived in the shadow of WW2 and the Soviet regime; much of Chernarus’ populace had served in the war under Soviet control and upon returning to their homeland, those that still lived found a nearly unrecognisable place. Crime and immigration was rife. War heroes found themselves simply absorbed back into the working class, buried in the Blocks. Struggling with life, abandoned by their own country, haunted by memories of the war… these are the feelings the members of Černá Liška grew up with. Their fathers’ took great pride in being Chernarussian. It was something to take great pride in, something that despite the war, the grief, the life they now lived… pride could never be taken from them. Upon approaching the concrete monstrosity they called home, Jitka and Xaver immediately noticed that something felt… off. Most nights Černá Liška could be found in a group of ten or more drinking vodka in the common room, plotting attacks, dealing drugs, passing out in the stairwell… tonight, however, none of their friends could be seen. With the night getting darker and darker (and the pair getting drunker and drunker), the two chose not to question the oddity of the situation too much and instead slumped themselves at the bottom of the stairs. As if rehearsed, Xaver pulled out a couple of cigarettes for the two as Jitka produced a flask of vodka from his pocket, taking a sip before resting it banister and turning to Xaver. “How’s the otec? Did he get that job in the factory?” Xaver sighed, replying between toxic inhales from his crumpled cigarette. “Ne, bratr. I spoke with him earlier, he didn’t get the job. Besides, he said the whole fucking place was filled to the brim with dirty Takis. Not sure why we expected any different. Job-stealing fucks.” Flicking the cigarette to the floor, Xaver crushed it under his heel. “I swear Jitka, it’s impossible for natives to get jobs now. Our own fucking people can’t get jobs… this country is backwards. How is my father, your father, or anyone supposed to get a job when a Taki will work for half the wage?” Jitka smirked, “Russians run the factories. They’re trying to suffocate us. It’s working.” The members of Černá Liška were predominantly born and raised within the Blocks, eventually growing into what could be considered a street gang. Much like everyone else, Černá Liška needed money… the 2009 civil war had left the country bleeding, its economy barely able to sustain itself. Jobs were uncommon but crime was a reality of life within the Blocks. Drug dealing became the group’s main source of income: weed, cocaine, heroin… they dealt in whatever could make them a lot of money, money which was used to support their families and future ventures of theirs. As the group grew older, they allowed themselves to become filled with hatred. Pride turned to nationalism, nationalism turned to extremism which bred intolerance and ignorance; the civil war and subsequent US invasion of Takistan simply provided these men with more and more valuable ammunition. They blamed Russia, they blamed Takistan, some of them blamed the West. Černá Liška took matters into their own hands. If nobody else was going to fix the problems in Chernarus, they would do it themselves. Their behaviour did not go unnoticed, however. Police within Chernogorsk were stretched thin in the Blocks yet multiple cases of Russians or Takistani immigrants being robbed, beaten, shot, tortured to death or thrown from the tops of the high-rise apartments. Reports of violence were an everyday issue for the police but bodies were a problem. An investigation was launched into the activities of Černá Liška as evidence was slowly and painstakingly gathered by an already overworked force. Not long after Jitka and Xaver had been speaking, the Chernarussian authorities quickly surrounded the building they were in. Unknowingly to the two leaders of the group, they had not hidden their crimes as well as previously thought… Xaver stood over a decrepit pool table beside a broken window as Jitka sat on a chest of drawers in the corner of the room squinting at his phone. The room was unusually quiet. Xaver shot the cue towards the single ball on the table as it hurtled towards the pocket before bouncing from the cushions. He sighed. “Maybe you should try calling them, Jitka. It creeps me out that it’s so fucking quie-” Suddenly, the armed forces emerged from around the building, simultaneously kicking down the locked door as another team flanked around the windows at the back. “Get down on the fucking ground, now!” yelled the leading officer, MP5 in hand. Without looking up, Xaver’s first reflex was to reach into his pants and begin to slowly pull out his Makarov. He clicked the safety off. The officer repeated his line, louder this time… “get down on the FUCKING ground, RIGHT NOW!” “Don’t, Xaver. There’s no point.” Jitka raised his arms above his head as he knelt, defeated. Xaver sighed, pulling his hands from his pants as he did the same… though not before a ball of spit was fired from his lips towards the officer in protest. “Fucking pigs. Zrádce.” Černá Liška were no strangers to run-ins with the law. Many of the members were well-equipped with extensive criminal records, some had already served short spells in jail for petty crimes or robbery whereas others simply managed to avoid the police within the Blocks. They grew up wiser, raised by the streets. Various members had become adept at fleeing from the police; others simply knew the right things to say to avoid lengthier spells in jail. When on the streets dealing, they’d often only carry a very small quantity of drugs to avoid being charged with intent to deal (that is, if they couldn’t find somewhere quiet to stash the drugs first). If they went out looking for violence, others simply testified that they were at home together giving those who broke the law solid alibis. Tonight however was a different story. The evidence mounted against them was too tall to hide or deny and with many of their comrades already apprehended, Jitka and Xaver were left to fend for themselves against the full force of the law. A knee dug deep into Jitka’s lower back as his hands were pulled tightly behind him, a pair of handcuffs slowly tightening around his wrists before he was finally allowed to stand once more... and yet, his mind was elsewhere entirely; a thousand thoughts raced through his mind distracting him from noticing the pain in his back. It all added up now. He understood why the rest of his brothers weren’t around to help. As the police loaded Xaver and him into the police car, he muttered quietly to himself. “Fucking sympathisers.” Upon arrival at the station, the two found themselves separated. Two dark interrogation rooms, a single lightbulb flickering in each as the two were alone for the first time in a long time. Jitka’s questioning came first. “You two fucked up. After all those lies you told I half-expected you to be a little smarter with who you choose to kill in the street. No bratr to save you this time, hmm?” The officer muttered something in Russian before leaving the room, smiling to himself. Jitka and Xaver were questioned about that fateful night at the bar as police tried to catch any discrepancies between their stories. Their mountain of lies grew and grew as their stories changed time and time again as they attempted to find a way out of the situation. Little did they know that one of their own brothers had already given them up. The two had been caught dead to rights, red-handed and caught in a web of lies without their brothers to protect them. After two days at Chernogorsk police station, the two were finally reunited together... at court. At the time, the Chernarussian government was doing all it could to calm the tensions between the vastly different cultures within Chernarus whilst still dealing with the fallout from the Chedaki civil war and the Takistan invasion. In an attempt to make examples of Jitka and Xaver, various 'lower members' of their group were let off the hook in exchange for anonymously testifying against the two former leaders of the group. Fearing long prison sentences, many caved and flipped… others, however, stayed true to their beliefs and served their jail-time. During the trial, the reason for their arrest and odd focus on the alley beating that cost a man his life was revealed: the man the pair had killed was an officer in the Russian army visiting South Zagoria. It turns out, however, that drinking in a Chernarussian pub would be the last thing the man would do before being mercilessly beaten with a bat. Many people - including the pair’s own group members - positively identified the two as the perpetrators of the crime. The pair were convicted, pleading innocent. Both were given 20 years on Prison Island with little chance for parole; the court ruled that tensions were high enough in Chernarus without needing a gang terrorising and killing foreigners on a weekly basis. The split between ethnic Russians and Chernarussians in South Zagoria had already been divided by the Chedaki and another civil war was something that Chernarus desperately wanted to avoid. Prison Island was not a place where prisoners often escaped from. The freezing cold strait between the island and the mainland dissuaded even the most determined of prisoners from leaving; the snipers in the watchtower being yet more encouragement to remain or be found dead in the water. Jitka and Xaver quickly realised the severity of their crimes… yet, they did not have remorse for their actions. Their anger at the immigrants invading their country turned also to the government which had abandoned their noble cause; the government which had condemned their own people to a life inside the walls of an inescapable prison. For a while, the pair stuck to themselves. Prison schedule was extremely rigid. They remained discrete, preferring to observe life inside the prison walls. They adjusted quickly. Life inside prison was like a microcosm of the outside world - Takistani immigrants, ex-Chedaki terrorists and native Chernarussians were forced to integrate. Jitka and Xaver didn’t like integration. “We need to do something, Jitka. Our own people are mixing in with these scumbags and nobody is willing to stand up and stop them,” Xaver would protest to Jitka. “We need to do something. We need to take control.” Jitka quickly developed an idea. “They’re just confused, Xaver.” Jitka paused for a second before taking a deep breath. “What we need… what we need to do is remind them of who the Russians are. Let us never forget what they did to us, to our people.” He clenched his fist, slamming it into the metal frame of his bunk. “They’re scared. Look at this place - it’s got more fucking pinkos than Chernarussians in here. Even the guards speak Russian! They’re all scared, the minority in their own fucking country, their own fucking prison. We need to show them that fear… fear cuts deeper than swords, hits harder than a bullet. If they do not fear, they will fight with us. We will reclaim our homeland. We will take back what is ours.” Jitka paused, standing proudly against the door of the cell as he peered through the bars and across the waters towards the rest of Chernarus. “We begin by taking back this prison. Our prison.” The Chedaki - originally the Communist Party of Chernarus - began life as a democratic party pushing for communism in Chernarus. After the elections in 2008, “Akula” Lopotev took power of the party, transforming it into the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star; the Chedaki. The group militarised and took action, starting a civil war which would affect the lives of almost everyone in South Zagoria. For months, the Northern cities and towns within South Zagoria were subject to guerilla skirmishes and near-constant warfare between Chedaki and CDF troops. A ceasefire was eventually called and although peace lasted for a while, a coup d'état launched against the Chernarussian government in late 2009 gave the Chedaki the opportunity they needed to wage war on the rest of the province. A desperate CDF retreated into Zelenogorsk in an attempt to stand firm against the onslaught, yet the Russian-backed Chedaki still slaughtered everyone they found. A final bastion still stood: the island of Útes, a CDF training base. A bloody fight ensued and the Chedaki eventually came out on top, the CDF once more retreating into the small town of Strelka for a final stand against the Chedaki. Though they fought to the last man, the island was inevitably taken. Observing the intensifying conflict in South Zagoria, US forces stationed in the Black Sea launched an invasion of Útes to liberate it from the Chedaki. They succeeded. Soon thereafter, Operation Harvest Red was launched to aid the national forces of Chernarus and take back their land. War engulfed Chernarus as the Chedaki fought tooth-and-nail to hold their captured lands. Slowly but surely, they were pushed back North a town at a time. The Chedaki were eventually beaten, though not without causing permanent damage to Chernarus as a whole. Ethnic Russian and Chernarussian populace were now constantly at odds; families had been ripped apart by war; the landscape - previously one of great natural beauty - was now filled with death and bullets... The two set out on their new goal: to get close to the ethnic Chernarussians locked in the prison with them and to push their own brand of ultranationalistic pride upon those who would listen. Taking back the prison would not be a quick task - at first, the gang took back parts of the courtyard and claimed it as their own. Non-ethnic Chernarussians who pushed their luck were threatened or attacked with anything that could be used as a weapon; fists were the default but shivs, hammers, broken glass or rocks worked wonders against the flesh and bone of their enemies. The pair showed their newfound brothers that there was no need to be afraid and that there was no point in empathising with those they hurt. Those who had fallen during the war or died from the slum-like conditions within the Blocks had a right to be avenged. Suffering was a fact of life… the least they could do was to repay the favour. Jitka and Xaver’s radical ideas and ruthless approach attracted various lost individuals and the gang quickly gained in numbers. The gang provided ethnic Chernarussians with direction and focus fuelled by a mix of hatred and pride; each became another soldier in the fight against oppression. Soon enough, hate crimes became a daily fact of life at the prison. Other gangs formed: the ethnic Russian or pro-Russian Chernarussians fell into Chedaki ranks, other Chernarussians against their radical views formed their own gangs. The prison became a warzone. Recruitment was strict. Words alone prove inept at ensuring loyalty; new members were forced into a narrow ideology as the pair moulded minds and weapons alike… the group always came first. Before friends, before family, money, drugs, life… was Černá Liška. Black Fox. It was said that the fox represented Chernarus and the black their ethnic heritage within Chernarus (Black Rus in English). The prison was a good start to changing the way the world worked but 20 years was a long time to kill. Jitka and Xaver decided to branch out to the outside world - influence within the walls was solid but their name was non-existent on the mainland. Chernarus still bled. They decided to use some of their members who would soon be released alongside contacts from their old life in order to smuggle Heroin into the prison. Although the prison was a fortress to those inside, small bags of drugs could be thrown with ease over the low walls of the courtyard without the guards noticing. Contacts would slowly row over the strait at night before silently depositing their cargo within prison walls. The plan was not to use the drugs themselves but instead to sell to their enemies, heroin being a notoriously addictive drug. Younger members of the gang acted as dealers whereas the older and more trusted members handed the money and dealt with recruitment. The business quickly became lucrative as luxuries flooded the prison. With no competitors, Černá Liška controlled all supply into the prison effectively giving them power over those who fell into addiction. Soon enough, the money collected from inside the prison began allowing those outside to build and expand onto the mainland once more, re-enabling the influence they craved. With the prison under control, gang members on the streets executed orders without question - even if they ended up on the inside they would only bolster the group’s power. Daily beatings on Russians, executions of Takistanis in their weekly markets, small-scale pogroms through the Blocks reinforced the group’s aims: cleanse Chernarus and restore its culture and power. Their limited media coverage spread the group’s name and Černá Liška’s influence grew as intended; they would save Chernarus from itself one body at a time. To others, the gang reeked of ultranationalist arrogance and ignorance… though words never did have the same effect as a bat. When the infection hit, the prison was quickly abandoned. Without ferried supplies from Chernogorsk, the prison would soon run out of food… many prisoners were left to die as guards returned home to their families. By the time the infection had hit Chernogorsk and the Blocks, many of Černá Liška’s ground troops were scattered or dead, fleeing East in an attempt to escape. As for Jitka and Xaver, themselves and their brothers rowed an old wooden boat on the shores of the island to nearby Kamenka. Upon arrival, the gang breathed easy in the cool breeze and ocean air. Jitka turned to Xaver, uttering a single line. “Welcome home, bratr.” uSx: Xaver Kurnov Stagsview: Jitka Masenik Asriel : Jarek Kinsky Darkstyle: Karel Pesek Emile : Emile Lukas Nickson : Alexei Rodov AndreyQ : Benedikt Farkas Jm Von Cat : Cpt Alex Bardov Pebbles : Krystof Sudek Harry : Johan Jaroslava Patz : Arno Vojacek Craig : Kuba Kovac Jannik : Jesper Hansen Ron : Jiri Lanik Roman : Roman Konstantine Brothers: Loyal, ethnic Chernarussians Skeptical: Westerners Fucked: Takistani immigrants Ethnic Russians Pinkos - Now that most of Chernogorsk has been raided by Liska, we are to start expanding from Dubky, learning more about different activities up north [on-going currently in 4th day, planned 2 week project] -Find Emile's father that was lost before the outbreak began (A time period of 3 weeks to find him). - Identify and understand various groups of people who live in Chernarus [on-going] - Locate all Takistans, Russians, and Russian sympathizers. Exile or kill [constant] - Find all proud Chernarussian natives and help those in need [constant] - Spread awareness of Chernarussian culture to Westeners. Exile or kill those who do not show support for Chernarussians [constant] - Rebuild a society for Chernarussians to feel safe at back in Dubky [potential long-term] When we formed Černá Liška we all had a vision to create something that nobody had yet tried to pull off IG. The concept of Černá Liška is a very nationalistic group; far from something militaristic like the CDF or NAPA, instead taking nationalism to the streets and away from the discipline of the army. The members of Černá Liška are real people - people with weaknesses, people who are ignorant, people blinded by hatred. Every member of this group will have some sort of pride in their native culture and we want to try to bring the lore into the game alongside bringing something original and realistic to RP. We are a hardcore RP group; internal RP and character progression/expression will be a focus of the group itself. We aim to be actively socialising with others as well as evolving our characters (and theirs) through our interactions. We, of course, aim to bring something entertaining to those that encounter us. We will take the base model of nationalism (something that people are well-acquainted with in RP as portrayed by groups such as CLF, etc) and twist it into something new and refreshing. At its core, our focus will always be to give those who encounter us an experience to enjoy. We have plenty of plans IC regarding what we want to do... but at the same time, we do not wish to reveal these plans OOCly. They should be discovered IC! Stagsview & uSx - Clan Concept & Lore Jm Von Cat - Lore Help Neszy - Lore +Thread Design AndreyQ and Asriel: Thread Design
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    *Izaak would cringe at the thought of making a radio broadcast after so long. Regardless, he would proceed with the transmission.* A House built on lies, manipulation and bloodthirst will crumble. Today, men who have been seen with orange armbands and have been coined the name The House by some have shown their true colors. They attacked a peaceful, neutral settlement run by independent doctors and other survivors unprovoked and for no other reason than boredom. These people and their leader Harrison have proved time and time again they cannot be trusted. They have tried to either manipulate people to side with them or force them to do so with gunfire. They have organized coalitions to take on dangers to the land we live in only to fall back on the agreements. They have lied to numerous people, spreading slander about other groups and deceiving others in order to get their way. But all of this is finally catching up to them. Today, high on past victories tried to attack a peaceful settlement by Myshkino in order to flex and in the process killed one of my men after they lied publicly stating to the camp we were their allies. They were met with fierce resistance and suffered an embarrassing defeat. They have made their intentions clear. They are not your friends or your salvation. They are a menace to this land and must be eradicated. Show no mercy. *The transmission ends*
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    Ah, Final Warning. A great weight that looms on peoples' shoulders, and more often than not deserved. One thing that's bothered me about it, is that one of the requirements to get off of a final is 3 months of clean, active and steady behavior on BOTH the forums and in game, when a majority of the offenses committed being from the forums. However I'll press this argument at a later date. I'm basically getting at for the Amnesty group returning to the server to have a sort of one-strike system atop their final warning that prevents them from making an honest mistake and just getting yoinked from the community. As long as the offense isn't major, they should have a little halo to give them a change to get re-accustomed to the community again. Many people returning haven't been on RP servers in over a year since post-Tendy, so they could probably use some time to re-acclimate back, IMO. I feel it would work in a simple-ish way like so, eg. Someone has 29 points from a tendie, they come back and roll around in game for around two to three weeks. They BadRP or Mis-ID someone by accident, without malicious intent, and instead of going to the chopping block by a salt or witch-hunt report that'll get them banned again, they'd get a normal ban timer that is accompanied by no points. So, they are still technically punished like the rest, but not vanquished as soon as they show up again. I'm tired writing this out but I hope it makes some sense. This way everyone isn't so tense because being in firefight coms or generally logging into the server from a lot of people on final I know is very stressful for them, causing them to act completely irrational or differently. It kind of gives an OOC advantage to other players because they have a safety-net to fall back onto instead of worrying about permanent removal from the community. Anyhow, thoughts? Could this system, if reformed or anything potentially work? Or am I just coming form an emotional standpoint because I have and associate with people on final warning? Edit: Would basically act like a more broad or wide spectrum Caution, to better word it.
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    Someone Said? Featuring @Cipher @Sassy @Se7en @Quill @Dew @Lewis @Zipcouda @jakem10001
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    Man... Green Mountain looks so different since I last played.
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    I see where you're coming from, I really do. However there are several things that point against your suggested change: Amnesty is an offer that you chose to accept along with all its restrictions. We have made a deal, that deal is done. Coming back days later after the deal is done and saying that the conditions and restrictions of the deal are too harsh is... ehhhh. Same rules apply to everyone. We don't want to make exceptions when it comes to what rules apply to whom, or if certain people get punishments for rule breaks while others do not. Same rules and same punishments should apply to everyone. Final warning is designed to be difficult. That's the whole point behind it - to show restraint and control over your behavior on the forums as well as in game. The game is not about winning over other players, it's about role play. So even if you lose firefights because you weren't able to "risk it" because of your final warning, no harm done, you haven't lost anything important. There are many, MANY people who have played hostile characters for months, even years and have not had a problem with bans. They play fair, don't focus on kills or firefights and if unsure they don't pull the trigger. In case of mistakes or accidents they are fair and honest and usually can talk things out with the victims. I don't really see the need to give people on the final warning a free "get out of jail card" because they messed up. Not messing up is a part of the deal.
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    We are Chernarussian, We are foreign, We are everyone, We are the Unity Nation While walking through Stary Sobor one day a few weeks ago, Anna Kovar accidentally bumped into a courteous foreign Doctor near the Stary Medical Clinic. The two stopped and chatted for a bit about the usual things like the weather and the current state of affairs in South Zagoria. When they realized they were both headed to the same place, the Vybor clinic, they decided to continue the journey together. As they walked past the Stary Church, they heard a man call out. Not wanting to seem rude, the two paused, turned to face the church and watched as the man slowly walked up to them. The man met Anna's greeting with one gruffly uttered question: Are you Chernarussian? Anna, recognizing the man as a Chernarussian Nationalist, replied she was. The Doctor, however, could not do the same because his accent would have immediately given him away as a foreigner. So, the Doctor responded that while he was not Chernarussian, he was a Doctor who helped Chernarussians. The Nationalist took the Doctor at his word and warned him against providing help to anyone who was not Chernarussian. He told the Doctor that as long as he treated only Chernarussians, he was welcome in South Zagoria. And then he lowered his voice as he warned the Doctor, "If we catch you treating foreigners, we will kill you." When the Nationalist finished with the Doctor, he turned his attention back to Anna and cautioned her against socializing with foreigners. He then let Anna and the Doctor resume their journey. Later that evening, after the Doctor and Anna parted ways, Anna reflected on what happened in Stary earlier in the day. And the more Anna thought about the encounter, the more she realized didn’t agree with the Chernarussian Nationalist Movement. Anna decided she had two choices: She could do nothing or she could do something. She chose something. And that’s when the idea that would become the Unity Nation, a nation where everyone is welcome and accepted, was born. When she woke the next morning, Anna contacted her cousin-in-law Melina Kovar over the radio to arrange a meeting. As Anna spoke, Melina, who was usually very energetic and chatty, quietly listened to all that Anna had to say. When Anna finished, Melina soberly shared she had already had a run-in with the Nationalists in which they robbed her, held her hostage, and beat her. So, when Anna asked Melina if she wanted to help create this new nation, without hesitation Melina responded emphatically, “Hell, yes, sister.” The morning after the radio conversation, Melina and Anna met to discuss and establish the Unity Nation’s guiding principles: All people have the right to life, freedom, justice, and an equal chance to survive and prosper. When the meeting ended, Melina and Anna agreed to meet again in two weeks’ time to discuss next steps. The cousins hugged and kissed each other’s cheeks before parting and going separate ways. During the walk home, Anna encountered five foreign men who blocked her passage, harassed her, and repeatedly called her a bitch and a dirty Chernarussian woman. Anna feared for her life, but, the men soon grew bored and let her go shaken, but, physically unharmed. As Anna continued her journey home, the fire that had smoldered in Anna's soul ever since her daughter Olive was murdered shortly after the outbreak, started to burn. And instead of wanting revenge, Anna became more determined than ever that something had to change. And it had to change now. The next day, Anna contacted Melina over the radio and told her what happened after she left the meeting. And then Anna said, “The time of the Unity Nation is upon us. It’s on, sister. Hell, yes, it’s on.” Anna Kovar was born in Kamensk to Chernarussian parents – a military father and a homemaker mother. Anna, her husband, and her husband’s family ran a successful market in Kabanino until the infection forced them to eventually close the business. Anna is Chernarussian born and bred. She is proud of her country but doesn't let it get in the way of the bigger picture. Melina Kovar was born in the United States to a Chernarussian father and an American mother. Even though Melina saw herself as Chernarussian, to the Nationalists, she was nothing more than a half-breed foreign dog who didn’t belong in South Zagoria. Despite her treatment by the Nationalists, Melina is proud of her Chernarussian heritage. Most people don't experience much of life outside their own families and community. Because of this, we often see the differences and not the similarities we all share. While it's true no human is genetically identical, all humans share over 99.4% of our genes. We are genetically similar. It's also true that most human cultures around the world share fundamental values and beliefs that help dictate behavior and determine the difference between right and wrong. When we take a step back and look at each other as human beings and not as Chernarussians, Americans, Brits, Russians, etc., our differences are very small compared to our similarities. The Unity Nation is built on our similarities and not our differences. We set apart no skin color, no gender, no religion, and no national origin. We welcome all survivors as equal members and citizens when it comes to status, rights, and opportunities. WHITE represents the color of human bones and our commitment to embrace all who would join our nation. RED represents the color of human blood and our commitment to defend our nation against aggressors. The white Celtic knot reminds us of the inter-connectivity of all humans. The red ribbon reminds us of our commitment to freedom and equality. We do not seek conflict, however, we will defend and protect our people, resources, and territory. Our purpose is to ensure the survival of the Unity Nation and, ultimately, the human race. We are a society governed by elected council members who preside over: Trade (Commerce) War (Defense Forces) Justice (Internal Group Affairs) Ceremonies (Events) Anna Kovar @Mia Melina Kovar @Alexis Kaya LaCroix @Bounty Aurelien du Beauvoir @Ozymandias Karina Khachatryan @Aisling Maximilian Kaspar @Vulfgang Jeremy Petras @DatTurtle Madison Magalhaes @XieAngel IG: Any member of the Unity Nation caught betraying the nation will be put on trial and may be publicly executed if found guilty of treason by the council and a jury of peers. OOC: If you join the Unity Nation, you agree to PERMA-KILL your character if your character is executed for treason. In development 1. Spread the Unity Nation philosophy across South Zagoria (day 505) 2. Recruit people with shared beliefs and aspirations (day 505) 3. Elect council members (day 525) 4. Establish laws and rules of conduct (day 525) 5. Secure a capital for our nation (day 525) 1. Create a strong sense of loyalty to the Unity Nation (ongoing) Help new citizens integrate into the Unity Nation Provide assistance when needed (food, supplies, etc.) Provide moral support 2. Strive to maintain a positive reputation with non-member peoples and groups (ongoing) 3. Forge alliances with other groups (ongoing) 4. Establish trade routes and trade posts (ongoing) 5. Hold Unity Nation sponsored events (ongoing) 6. Defend the Unity Nation and its people when there is no other option (ongoing) IG Maintain your character at all times; use OOC chat only when something cannot be role-played in-game. Emergencies are always exempt. Avoid role-play that could be considered asinine or extreme. Do not rob other players. (The only exception is if you are starving and someone with food refuses to help). Be smart when met with hostilities. Defend yourself when appropriate, but, always value your character’s life. Do not tarnish the reputation of the Unity Nation. Spread the Unity Nation philosophy of equality and freedom when appropriate and in keeping with your character’s story. Uniform - Unity Nation members are expected to wear white armbands at all official gatherings or during emergencies (i.e., the nation is under attack). At all other times, the white armband is optional. OOC First and foremost, have fun. The Unity Nation is RP oriented; any character is welcome that can push the in-game limits of good. Respect each other. Friendly banter is welcome, but, don't let it cross the line. Do not personally insult or ridicule any DayZRP member. If you have a problem with anyone, contact @Mia or a member of the DayZRP staff for assistance. Leave all salt in-game where it belongs. Before posting a report on the forums, try to work it out via PMs, TS, or Discord. Group Ownership If at any time I’m unable to lead the group, the group as a whole will chose a new leader/owner. Recruitment If you are interested in joining or learning more about the Unity Nation, please contact either @Mia or @Alexis to join our TS or arrange an IG meeting. A mention goes out to the Stary Militia, the Kamenici, and the long forgotten man who poisoned Olive last year in Chernogorsk. Without all of you and our in-game interactions, there would be no Unity Nation. Graphics by @XieAngel
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    Not gonna lie, I was kind of half expecting to hear Nihoo's laugh in the clip
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    Interesting meeting you today, little friendly chat. Manners and all that fancy stuff. And thanks for the invite and all but being in one gang is more than enough for me. Should be fun if you fellas figure that one out IC
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    Idk what was wrong with the old launcher this new launcher sucks bring the old one back. This consumes too much memory, I mean who the fuck would actually make a launcher based on Chrome? CHROME? Doesn't DayZ have enough memory management issues as it is?? Like is this your launcher developer some BETA javascript coder? Fucking javascript? Why does nobody realize that the only language for making working apps is c++ and for that matter, assembly or machine language. Tell him to go back to making websites or some shit like that. And regardless this is just one more software filling up my hard desk and I'm still gonna connect to other servers via DayZSALauncher so why do I need this? Also good job on the new mod update Kerkkoh. You really bring us all joy by removing all of our weapons.
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    Funny how some peoples' characters change completely when they meet PSI in-game. Guess some people can't resist the screen-time.
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    The confusion stems from the fact that in Russian and other Slavic languages, many things that are written with an O are pronounced with an A. The user is expected to remember the cases where it is so. It's like a never ending list of exceptions to remember, making Russian depend on memorizing quite a bit of stuff. The most simple example is the word "Dog". If we are to romanize the Russian word we'd get "Sobaka". But the pronunciation would be "Sabaka". The Word Cherno means Black. A play on words and the "opposite" of Belorussia, which is Belarus - "White Russia". The root of "Cherno-anything" is CHERN, not CHERNO, however, and the O is a connecting letter meant to create the ability to add another word to it. The native variant of the word Black cannot even be spelled using Latin alphabet. To summarize, because this word is not meant to be spelled in English to start with, I find both forms acceptable, with the O spelling being more authentic to slav languages spelling rules. 2 cents of a russian speaker. *edit* Thinking on it further, it makes sense for Russians to spell it with an O and Locals to spell it with an A. Pronunciation would depend on variant of accent, at that point, but both forms would be accepted and sound ok. Similar to the difference in accent between Russians and Ukranians, I suppose.
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    Listen fam, your stream has been doing pretty well playing DayZRP and you have brought new people here. I got no beef with you and most don't but when you do shit like this and then sperg out on stream over a post it does not look great for you either. Banned from your chat so Ill post it here LMAO
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    *A loud and angry man can be heard speaking in Chernarussian over the radio frequency* Alright Kamenici, listen up. We are Cerna Liska. We are not fucking impressed with what we've seen and you need to clarify some of your shit. Yesterday I had to kill one within your ranks. Your *chuckles* "man" attacked me with a machete. A FUCKING MACHETE. Needless to say, he was shot about 20 times seconds after his first swing. He claimed to be Chernarussian and part of your group. Want to know the funny part? He was a fucking nigger! What "nationalists" would have people of that kind in their ranks? This is not the first time we've met some of your people who have been disrespectful. I will not fucking tolerate this coming from fellow Chernarussians. We need to talk. You have some explaining to do and we're giving you a chance. We would like to meet your leaders. If you hear this, make sure to get the fucking message to them. I have left a radio tuned into a private frequency in a building next to where we shot your "man". Go find it and contact me there. I better hear from you soon. *Xaver releases the PTT, grabs a cigarette from his pack and lights it with a match, waiting for a reply*
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    No reason to be hostile or immature about the situation. I'm asking if I'm wrong that you can correct me. This is a very immature example of how to take criticism and people have been down this road which just causes unnecessary events. I'm being respectful to you, so all I can ask is that you respect me back. We are both adults here, yes?
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    Fucking love cyanide and happiness XD. Praise Budha