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    *The wave of intense static and white noise begins to fade as a strange broadcast begins to clear through the noise, making itself heard over all of South Zagoria and beyond* (You may need to adjust volume through out the broadcast) *The static and white noise begins to overwhelm the air waves once again as the broadcast comes to an end*
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    Threads you shouldn't make when you're on thin ice: 1. this one (everyone can play who they want) /Closed.
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    Got positive news at doctors today, so you guys will have to stick with me for time being, I'm not going anywhere I was really worried I was on the same path as TotalBiscuit, but they found nothing of such. The search continues.
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    Thanks to ALL of the Staff Team for everything! You are a bunch of great people and I appreciate you all! But like they say ''All good things must come to an end".
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    Bump, archived a bunch of old applications from folks who haven't been productive on the website or have played the game for a long time. Now we only have a handful left. If you're active in the community and play on our servers regularly, send in your staff application today, we are recruiting for the upcoming 0.63 experimental player wave!
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    Ok ok, this one is good, I promise.
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    Found this in staff meme thread, old but gold. @Doc Holiday @ChewyRP
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    Excessive OOC has been added as a 2 day ban, 5-10 warning points standard punishment
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    My baby dressed as a unicorn in 90ºf heat. She is a strange kid. Filthy from playing outside but still stunning. She didn't believe her face was dirty. Had to show her.
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    What's going on!?
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    It is so awesome to actually get RP with both Bauer Bros. at the same time on the server. @Mr. Blue is now playing Sam Bauer and he's doing it perfectly well. I am now playing as Quinn Bauer again and I can only be excited to see what happens to the brothers from this point on. I wonder how many people were confused last night when they saw both together lmao. Great job Blue, great fuckin job
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    *A letter would be left in the house Fae and Sal had taken up in Vyshnoye. It would be written in her 12 year old handwriting in a green crayon. The writing you could clearly tell was written out of anger. The crayon almost able to smear from the overdone residue of wax from the pressure it was written.* Sal Fae Dan Whoever else supposedly cares... Enjoy whatever this was. I want to tell you, even though I couldn’t remember, I tried. And me trying, was a waste of time. I guess I make all the effort, and no one else does the same. That’s how it feels. Meika hide this secret for me, it won’t get you into trouble. Meika point your gun at this man. Ha, Meika has memory loss. Meika this is your ex boyfriend to show how much a failure you are, too bad you can’t remember him properly. Meika we’ll be back soon. Meika you’re an adult now, but we’ll treat you like a kid. Meika you’re a kid, but we’ll treat you like an adult. Meika why are you so angry at us? I think I’ll go and find some people who actually cares. Who won’t disappear for five hours and keep telling me they’ll be back soon. Did you know that I got into some stranger’s car hoping you’d come around the corner? Luckily they were nice guys. Spoke about Taco Bell, whatever that is. But, can’t say how much disappointment is left in me. You probably wonder which part. The leaving me for five hours, most of the time with strangers? The ‘we’ll be back soon’? Or the, ‘don’t tell anyone I’m alive but next day I’ll tell everyone’ part? I was told by Sal to not mention he was alive. And so I did. And you know what happened? I get people being angry at me for it. That’s not fair. I thought I was doing good. But I guess using a child makes things a whole lot easier for you psychos. Glad I can’t remember to be honest. Makes it easier not to ever talk to you guys again. Makes it easier for a fresh start. By the way. I heard you on the radio, I’m safe. Away from you guys. Bye P.S - Don’t have any kids, probably be dead in five hours. P. P. S - Talk to Robbie, he’s probably the last kid you have left.
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    Sometimes I am reminded of how unrealistic people play their characters on this site... Sure we're in a "Zombie" post apocalyptic game, but ... dude. Has anyone ever studied the real world? How people react to situations, how things take a LONG time to progress and what not? Everyone should do themselves a favor and research real world disasters, and survivor accounts. Seeing some people RP out their characters the way they have makes me shake my head. It's so over dramatic and unrealistic, I guess everyone wants to be special and unique. I'll say this;
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    So, the primary issue at the moment with the current rules, isn't that people can remember the events leading up to their death, they can react accordingly with vengeance. There is no problem with that. The issue, is when people choose to simply use their revenge rights to add another kill to their belt, with either minimal or borderline nonsensical RP, that can just lead to a never-ending cycle of revenge killing, until one party either gives in, or perma-deaths. The old rules however, aren't a fix. They left no room for RP, as you instantly forget all events leading up to your death, and therefore cannot develop or progress RP. But if we remember events, and react with a simple "you kill me, I kill you" mentality, in a community where nobody is forced to PK, then there is little to no development anyway. People need to start putting RP ahead of stroking their own egos. You were shot and killed in a gunfight and you find the person who did it? Torture them, humiliate them, show them that they fucked up. There are other methods of giving a persons actions consequences that don't involve an execution. Be creative, and leave them with something like "If you come at me again, next time I WILL kill you." And for the love of fuck...... If you happen upon the person who killed you, within a time-span where you should be wounded and unable to enact revenge..... RP out being wounded. You were just shot. You're not a T-1000 mate. So my vote, is to keep the rules the way they are, so that people may remember how they were "killed". But I ask that people start putting some actual thought into their "revenge" that is a little more inventive and interesting than, "But my character WOULD kill them if they found them." Stop being lazy.
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    A throwback to this. property of @UndeadRP
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    New Arma vid from the Antistasi server we got running with @Grimnir flaming @fletcho1, Fletch killing @Razareth, @Dino basejumping without a parachute, @derNils fucking around with his drone while I'm pinned..
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    The main reason people give up isn't because they lose too many times, it's because every time they fought back against a big PVP group like Anarchy and managed to actually win a fight or two, the people they killed in the fight would just come back and not roleplay any injuries AT ALL. When I was with Riptide at the summer camp near Kamensk, the reason we set up that camp was to provide medical aide to people, especially Anarchy since we struck a deal with them. In the entire time we were there not ONE SINGLE Anarchy member ever RP'd coming to our camp and seeking medical attention after we literally witnessed them get smoked in Severograd or Stary Yar. And it's not just Anarchy either, but I'm using Anarchy because they are best example of this. I have literally witnessed members of Anarchy get gunned down then come back a few hours later into our camp to hang out like nothing happened. We hardly ever treated anyone from any hostile group because they didn't want to actually ROLEPLAY getting shot or at least just stay out of action for a couple of days to recover from their injuries. Allow me to put this into perspective. If my group, The Riptide Collective, were to have just one day said, "Hey, I don't like being Anarchy's bitch anymore. Let's kill 'em!" And we fought back and actually managed to kill them all, they would just come back the next day while some of our members would most likely be RP recovering from wounds from the fight and roleplay burning down our camp, when none of them would roleplay being injured from yesterdays firefight. This reason alone was the reason Riptide became one of Anarchy's main bitches because we knew the futility of actually fighting back. Sure we could do what they do and just log on the next day and prepare for the next fight, and then the next fight, and then the next fight, and then the NEXT fight, but at that point it isn't even RP it's a clan war because the main focus would be switched to PVP. Do you see what I mean? People don't fight back as hard as you have because: 1. The perceived enemy cannot be killed or wounded. They cannot be stopped or slowed down. They will just keep coming back. 2. Most passive RPers don't have the time or energy to deal with intense PVP like that. 3. Getting involved in something like that would require the group to focus ONLY on PVP and nothing else and some people just don't like PVP.
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    Hey If I am rude or hostile to you in game I am not out of character if you got any issues, feel free to talk to me.
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    It saddens me when I see that we went from 400+ weekly players to only 200 in just a few months. But then I went on GameTracker and saw that our server rank which is based on server population has actually increased by 6 slots despite the decline in population. We're now the 8th most popular DayZ server. Which to me indicates that the loss of active playerbase is not because of my bias and shit decisions as many claim to be, but rather a general decline of DayZ playbase that has affected all servers, and our increase of rank would mean that we have actually done better than other servers and communities. It makes me feel better as a community leader, I don't have to cry to sleep anymore thinking that I have finally killed DayZRP. No, Bohemia did. BTW, while we wait for the 0.63 experimental I have come across a possibility to create a modded 0.62 server, it could be fun to experiment on. More details soon.
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    I don't get in game much but I keep up with what I can in radio chatters and am coming across people who are big dicking, causing IC issues over the radio on a character they're not even on. Could we perhaps put in place something so that you can only reply on your active character? Because it's already an issue that people just switch characters with the pan becomes too hot for them.
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    Always remember to treat your family and the ones you love with everything small and large. First ever pay check and the first thing I bought was these flowers for my mum ^_^
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    You were literally the same guy who yelled "Fuck this, this isn't rp" proceeded to burn a car and NVFL because you didn't want to get robbed.............I hope you can find a new place that isn't "Carebear"