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    From the album: bunny's edits

    the original for those who prefer that
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    From the album: Random screenshots

    “How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.” William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice
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    From the album: A Deaf Girl's World

    Someone discovered that we were being followed by a pack of hungry wolves.
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    From the album: A Deaf Girl's World

    It was really an exhausting trip, all of us were tired, our legs were hurting and we wanted nothing more than to fall on our own beds and let Morpheus embrace take us. All we had to do was to defeat the difficult terrain of South Zagoria's wilderness.
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    From the album: A Deaf Girl's World

    Some people are starting to show the signs of spiritual awakening.
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    From the album: A Deaf Girl's World

    Before we left, we had to pay tribute to the mythical Trash Fairy so she could ensure our safe travel.
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    From the album: The Radacz collection

    "Who wouldn't trust a crazy Russian with a big gun?"
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    From the album: The Radacz collection

    " Do I hear wedding bells?"
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    From the album: Depressed Cowboy's Polaroid shots

    ''I'll grab the whisky, you get the blankets''
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    From the album: A Deaf Girl's World

    Did he seriously brought a stick into a sword fight? Really?
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    From the album: The Irish Trader

    " Met many faces and friends in this exact house. Always try and set up a camp inside, it's homely. "
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    From the album: Marshalls journey

    Did she really just......kiss me?
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    From the album: The Adventures

    "I have killed for Denmark. I will kill for Denmark, I will bleed for Denmark. Long live Denmark."
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    From the album: The Life of Jacob Antone

    "Boy, was I glad to see him alive. Not well, but alive. He was talking to our dead brothers-in-arms on a radio, with obviously no answer and static being the only reply. I think the Vybor Massacre overloaded him or something... Breaks my fuckin' heart to see him like this. I gotta get him help. Fast." -Jacob
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    From the album: Yumi's - Captured Moments

    " He got one, after that he chased me trying to fish tag me. Then to kiss the fish for good luck." Eww x3 "Thank you for showing me how to fish. I really enjoy the adventure." @Wee_L_LR
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    From the album: Frank's Wild Years

    Just an amazing view. Perfect.
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    From the album: Honza Egorov - an attempt at a simple life

    Omlouvám se, matko. So sorry. I made you a promise, to keep this farm safe, and I am failing. I was so sure of myself when I started, that this would be a simple life. A few planks and nails to make the place secure, then live out my days tending to the animals and crops in peace. These thieving kurvas are determined to not let that be. I found someone. Some people. Not these damn militia opportunists looking for the next place to put a bullet, but people like me. Just trying to exist. I spoke on the radio with a man who still had some warmth in his voice, took a risk and met him. So far this risk has payed off. I've spent a long time alone, and now I find myself struggling to say a few words. It is amazing how even such a natural skill becomes rusty when it has not been used in so long. They are mainly foreigners, but nice people. They are humble. There is a girl with a book of poems, sometimes she reads one aloud. I have not felt comfort like it since you read to me as a child, mama. There is one Chernarussian, a man named Boris. He reminds me of my friends when I was a boy, and I am still deciding on if that is good or bad. In times like these, I am just glad he is on our side. Today, I am packing up what little I have and making the journey to their camp. The distance is not too far, I will still be able to keep an eye on the farm and give my respects to you and táta. I promise that one day I will return.
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    From the album: Marshalls journey

    The Irish really do bring the party to your party
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    From the album: Arthurs Album.

    Long time no see, im here again writing some notes and trying to find Scandinavian Peter. My trip has been a very dangerous and same time funny. I found a nice guy which name was Dave or something like that and we travel long way. We rest and next morning he was gone. I dont know where but he was gone and im trying to find him too. 10 Minutes ago i was in bad situation. I was surrounded by a walker horde. It was my first time killing that much walkers and well... it was too much for me. I hope i find you Dave and Peter so we can make something big. See ya...
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    From the album: Yumi's - Captured Moments

    "Keep going, I know we will find hope. It seems a word forgotten in the world. But, just because the world is going to a fire blaze. Doesn't mean we don't have the means to stop it from it falling. Its your determination that defines you. "
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    From the album: Custom Images

    Same Name...New Face...
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    From the album: Georgia's adventures...

    Devil and evil are not one. (“Hello, Lucifer... The fun has just begun.”) From evil one is to hide and run. A good conscience says, “Put down the gun.” The devil does not cause death; Every choice has an effect.
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