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    Your group and your allies initiated on WP and Legion 9 times in a 6 day period, 3 of these instances you showed up with well over 20 people. The difference is, you guys know we won't throw up a 2.3 report because we disagree with the implementation of it, now when I spoke to Gallows and Mouse I told them exactly that. We don't report unless it's something major or outrageous would much rather speak to the people involved, which is exactly what we did when Black Roses invalidly initiated via megaphone, and your allies straight up didn't initiate before entering a firefight. The key thing that s being argued here isn't an inherit flaw in the rule, but the attitude of those who push it. There are 2 large seperations between these groups. 1: The valid claim The valid claimant is usually a medium sized group of veteran community members who have never been to keen on the combat aspect of the game. Fair enough not everyone enjoys combat, then a hostile group sets their sights on these indivduals and repeatedly harasses them for little to no reason other than the desire for gear. The defending complies in almost every case with maybe one or two people attempting to fight back. And often the attacking group uses those one or two people as a justification to come back and attack. Which isn't fair to the group in a whole. A group as an example of this is the Toymakers, but luckily for them everyone who was in that group were absolutely outstanding. Some of the nicest people in the community so often times they would message the attack groups and try to just be honest with them, and often due to their reputation it sorted things out. Had they thrown up a 2.3 on those attacking them it probably would've been valid. 2: The invalid claim (sometimes used as blackmail) And here we come to the invalid claimant, the invalid claimant comes from 3 places. The first comes from a genuine place and you can't fault them for it. Usually it's the people who simply mis-understand or whatever it may be, these people often just take on the rule into their reports after being attacked 3 or so times in like a week and a half by one group and are just throwing things at the wall in order to compound the rule breaks to just be certain that at least one ban is given out in the verdict. The second comes from groups that yes are being attacked often, but attack as well. And not only do these groups go on the counter-offensive but they also shit talk on radio threads and attempt to big dick in character as well. In my opinion the moment you decided to big dick OOC about the amount of kills you get during PvP or start to make coalitions against certain groups which number in the 40s-70s you lose the ability to make a genuine 2.3 claim because you vastly outnumber the aggressor and if you were given the opportunity these groups would un-undoubtedly take the members of the aggressing group hostage and would execute them. And often if the aggressing group had a base instead of being a roaming horde akin to the Beastmen from Warhammer they would be the first people to raid that base. Groups that fall into this category are groups like Wolfpack, where often @Huntercan be seen dishing out not only kills, but shit talking and aggression both in game and on the radio threads. (love u hunter stop smokin pls <3). The attitude that Hunter's character displays in game and on radio threads leads to his group getting in to a large amount of hostile encounters that in the end show that the Wolfpack is equally an instigator as they are a victim. And finally option 3, the blackmail. The blackmail option mixes with option 2 very well, the people that fall into option 3 are often the same people that instigate in character hostilities and refuse to accept the IC consequences whether that be a PK, being exiled from their group or location, or permanent scaring in some sort. As a result of this they often bring the mere mention of these consequences they begin to threaten the aggressing group OOC that if they didn't leave them alone they would throw up a 2.3 and get all of them perm'd. It is an easy contrast between the example of the former Toymakers mainly Jadeboat JKpfrog ScarlettRose Malthis and whoever else I forgot to mention. These members always were respectful and never attempted to blackmail members with perms instead they very politely came to the other group in order to legitimately sort things out in a way that was enjoyable to both groups, and it showed in the longevity of their group and the quality of their roleplay. Anyway with all that being said, I hope you enjoyed my look at the 2.3 fiasco and hopefully learned something from how a "hostile RPer" views things. Although to be fair recently my campfireRP roots are showing a bit more. Regardless Thanks for Coming to My TED TALK
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    Hey fellow roleplayers, back at it with a controversial topic. I decided to make this because I wanted to get some thoughts and overall different views on the 2.3 rule. First off I get it, eventually it would be mad annoying if the same people would be constantly under attack, but honestly, I just feel like the 2.3 rule is more used as a blackmail tool instead of it just being a rule in general. Perhaps the rule could be changed? I feel like the rule is being used more as a weapon nowadays. From what I have seen there have been numerous times where people have taken IC hostilities and made it into an OOC issue. In my eyes, the rule, in some instances are holding back roleplay. Since I am an overall beta-male and have been part of this community since 2013 I remember back when 2.3 was never talked about and the (sometimes) OOC salt was never an issue. I feel like most of the time when people attack settlements/groups there are often an IC reasoning behind this, yet when we attack (with a valid IC reason) 2.3 is always something that is in our minds. So I'm sitting here wondering, what changed? Have people just become too happy with their safe space? It's not like there has been an increase in PVP on the servers, there have always been PVP here and there always will be, yet as of right now it feels like when initiating a firefight I'm sitting back and shaking because I am overall afraid that the police will come after me. So to round this up, I get that it is necessary to make sure that this does not turn out to be a PVP server and that some people enjoy PVP more than others, but in my opinion it just feels like 2.3 is not working as intended and is overall just creating more OOC salt and issues. What do you guys think? Do you think the 2.3 rule is working as intended or is there room for improvements? Also, don't burn my house down for talking about this. Thx.
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    The Santiago Cartel originated in Tijuana, Mexico. It was founded in the year 1989 by a man name Diego Santiago. Diego loved 3 things, money, drugs and power. When he founded the cartel, he got some of his family members involved, his cousins, brothers and some other family friends. It started off at a slow pace but never really made a huge break. They mainly stuck to dealing weed and cocaine within there local area and only pushed the drugs to people they knew. Diego saw the potential in the cartel and knew some day it would be a power within Tijuana, Diego craved this power more then anything and overtime his family started to notice that the more power Diego gained the more corrupt and broken it made him. Diego decided to make the decision to start business outside of his local area, he would sell quantities of weed and cocaine to other people outside of Tijuana, he recruited more people to make the distribution of the narcotics easier going out of Mexico. He was making alot of money every week just from selling weed and cocaine. He wanted to move up and start selling more hardcore drugs such as meth and heroine, unfortunately he never got the chance. After 2 years of being the Jefe, Diego was responsible for the death of his aunt Marie. His cousin, Marie's son, Danny caught wind and decided to get his revenge on Diego. Danny always hated Diego and disagreed with all the decision he made within the cartel, Danny witnessed countless opportunity missed due to Diego's obsession and tunnel vision for power. Danny had setup a plan to capture Diego, He would get his cousin Joeha to tell Diego that someone had stolen money from his family home and that he needed to come back to see how much was missing. With Diego's obsession with money he rushed over there no questions asked and was captured by Danny in an ambush in the home. Diego was then executed on the spot in front of his sisters and brothers. Danny claimed the Cartel and role of Jefe, And by the year 1993 the Santiago's Cartel was the fasted growing and most powerful cartel in South America. The Santiago Cartel, also known as Santiago crime family are a well known Mexican cartel that slowly built their fearless and brutal reputation from acts such as violent gang attacks to becoming one of the leading narcotics dealers within the whole of mexico. The Cartel consisted of the Santiago family line and many close trusted friends. Together they would band together to take over and become lead narcotic dealers within mexico. However this would not stop them from expanding their goals and becoming global providers for narcotics. Recently approached by another cartel (who owned the drug wing in South Zagoria) with an offer they could not refuse. That cartel would join the Santiago’s and let them handle the drug trade within South Zagoria if the Santiago’s offered them a cut and protection from other attacks from gang crimes. With the eagerness to go global the Santiago Family accepted their offer and slowly sent people over to South Zagoria to set up new spots for drug labs to manufacture and distribute their drugs. With the apocalypse occurring the remaining members of the Santiago family would find themselves stuck within South Zagoria. This led to problems for them as the whole cartel were split with some of the members still residing in Mexico, The cartel knew if they wanted to survive they would have to stick to their roots and with what they knew this being gang violence, stealing and selling drugs. With a small lab set up within chernarus they knew they would have to protect it and get rid of all competition in order for them to survive. With drugs going to be hard to come by they knew they had to innovate and think of creative ways to get drugs, luckily they had been working on new addictive drugs back in Mexico and had a basic set of recipes and ideas to work with in order to keep their drug business thriving. Emilio had devised a plan to raid every hospital and clinic within drive-able distance for their drugs and medical supplies that could be used into creating addictive drugs and to even sell them back to the medical personnel. Emilio and the cartel had been working for many years on creating their own versions of common drugs around the world however they wanted to add their own personal twist to these drugs making them much more addictive on one time uses. Emilio was informed by one of his cartel that they caught wind of an unknown drug aka the emotionless drug within South Zagoria that also has similar effects and addictive to the ones the cartel were working on. Emilio set a hit with a big reward for anyone that could get their hands on such a drug or the producers of it so they could steal it for themselves and make their own version to sell. Emilio’s claim to Jefe Growing up in the slums was always a hard time for the Santiago brothers as their father had passed away at a young age leaving them to fend for themselves. Their single mother Teresa always worked hard to keep them fed and clothed and had constant support from their cousins and family. Emilio's cousins owned a big drug cartel called the Santiago Cartel, Growing up Emilio saw a lot of gang-related violence and murders take place, as well as seeing mass amounts of drugs being sold and harboured at his house. Growing up was hard for Emilio as he was always a target for other cartels so he could never be alone outside or have a good childhood, he and his brothers would spend most of their days sitting on their porch watching their cousins sell drugs. At 12 years old Emilio's cousins set him and his brothers into the gang and recruited them making them drug mules to deal drugs and drop them off at locations. At 15 Emilio obtained his first firearm, this was a huge turning point in his life as it gave him the opportunity to take a man's life. At 16 a drive-by occurred at his home and his mother was killed by a rival gang. This sent Emilio to rage, his cousins told him to leave it as they would handle it but he ignored every instruction given to him. Two days after the drive-by Emilio turns up to the rival gang's drug spot and killed 4 members while they slept. This sent Santiago's Jefe into a rage and set up a hit on Emilio. Emilio caught wind and him and his older brother Juan snuck into his house while he slept and killed him claiming the cartel for themselves and anyone that didn't obey to their reign would be executed. For the next few years, Santiago's thrived in Tijuana becoming the biggest cartel and well known around Mexico. Another cartel approached Santiago's and offered them a deal, they would fold their cartel and join the Santiago's if they wanted to expand globally. They agreed and his first approach was a small unknown place located southwest of Russia named Chernarus. This place was perfect for them as it was very coastal and easy to sneak drugs across the border and over the black sea. Emilio and his cousins set off for Chernarus to test how it would handle into Chernarus and left his brother Juan to lead the cartel in Mexico until he returned. Thanks to @JamesRP & @RavenousRP for the lore With the fall of society and the apocalypse occurring a few chosen members were made to find a new way to import drugs and better equipment to South Zagoria in order for them to get ahead of the whole drug game to ensure that their competition stood no chance against them. After losing half the cartel in mexico these were the only men left in South Zagoria Short Term Goals I) Establish clients and partners within Chernarus (Day 820) II) Find a place for a stash house and a place to keep the Santiago Family safe. (Day 810) III) Recruit like minded individuals as mules/hitmen 10/??? (Ongoing) IV) Find the rest of the cartel members that have been lost around Chernarus 2/??? (Ongoing) V) Find out if there is any other drug competition in Chernarus (Ongoing) VI) Raid all hospitals around Chernarus in order to collect ingredients Long Term Goals I) Keep weekly tabs on how much the mules have sold and stock checks (Ongoing) II) Have a working stash house setup with a lab working (Day 845) III) Have set up a strong connection with trusted clients (Day 860) IV) Start a new label of drugs to be printed and sold (Day 870) V) Get the mules to have there own set of people to push drugs for them (Ongoing) VI)Control the entirety of drug trade in South Zagoria (Ongoing) VII)Set up deals with other groups to supply us with drugs in exchange for protection (Ongoing) Completed/Abandoned Goals Set up Green mountain to become a hot spot to push drugs (Abandoned) Miguel Santiago - @NozzyRP James McCoy - @JamesRP Jack Jackson - @JackZRP Tyrone Freeman - @NozzyRP Juarez Santiago - @BandsRP Bobby Santiago - @Bobby Jonathan Shmeck - @YNW Pep Eddie Morrison - @Wendigo Micheal Lovington - @Shroud Joey Philips - @Joe Mikhail Drovka - @Princess Pado Ermak Aleksandrov - @UndeadRP Jabari Jackson - @Gatorr John Price - @Alpa-Chino Jack Morgan - @Morgan Rick Wolfe - @Jukelicous Emilio Santiago - @RavenousRP Everyone Not Mentioned Chernarussian Nationalists BE SURE TO DM @NozzyRP YOUR APPLICATION
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    A Discovery... As you went about your early morning in South Zagoria, you may have seen several helicopters come out of west along the coast, the second one firing into deep woods with its cannons before heading off. It struck you as odd, normally the CDF wouldn't fly like that and such an occurrence normally could be witnessed closer to Russia where border skirmishes happened. You wait for a while to be safe, cautiously getting closer to the town to avoid any surprise or ambush. You notice a bit of smoke rising from the woods west of Pavlovo and start walking that way, scanning the horizon to check for other survivors or others attracted by the commotion before starting your trek into the woods and down towards the area. A radio call gets picked up which you hear: "Ano Miroslavl Tower, 6-7 RUSFOR foot mobiles mrtví, Jestřáb-2 returning to patrol path, over..." Something had gone down. As you make your way down to the site in the woods, you notice 3-4 men in what appear to be traditional Chernarussian nationalist flecktarn garb and black masks walking away from the area in single file back towards the north-west. You duck instinctively taking care to not make any noise. After they depart you arrive at the campsite. 3 rather rudimentary tents are deployed in front of you but off to the right you are immediately taken aback by what lies in front of them and behind. A number of bodies, 7 that you can count are sprawled out around the site drenched in blood. 2 are folded back into a tent as if they were sitting beside each other, with a still lit cigarette off to the side. You begin to slowly sift through the camp, but you note that while the men who you saw clearly disturbed the area they appeared to have not taken much. The camp has been wrecked by 30 MM cannon fire as is evident by the shell casings and state of the bodies, which also indicate the gunship managed to fly directly over during its pass. One of the men is resting in large fern off to the side and you go to him first as he is closest to you. He is wearing civilian clothes but has a military build to him. You turn him over, revealing a fatal blast of shrapnel to the face and neck which appeared to have been the cause of his demise. You check his pullover for anything of use, finding a lighter with some inscriptions and carving on it in the front pocket, along with a small GPS watch that you turn on. It has the exact location along with other data, seems to be used for overland travel. Aside from that there is also two rounds of tracer 5.45x39 ammo. Checking his pockets on his jeans you discover a map, you open it, revealing a large map of Chernarus with nothing notable but a couple red marks on an area north of Miroslavl and an added inscription next to them that reads: "Террористы". There are also marks around Vybor, and several other towns in South Zagoria but blood from his leg has smeared on it. Another line can be seen over the ocean and reads: "Вертолеты". You chuckle to yourself. His combat rig is multicam, and contains several AK-74 magazines, along with a complete Russian IFAK with a wealth of medical field supplies. It appears this was his side of the camp as a small foldable silver sleeping pad is laid out off to the side next to his pack and rifle which is leaned on it. Before moving to the other side of the camp where all the other tents and bodies are you locate a much smaller map in his rig. It appears to show just South Zagoria, with yellow markings on a nearby radio station towards the coast, and blue lines with arrows down from Russia, along Vavilovo and down the western side of the oblast with an ending point at the camp location, seeming to indicate the course of travel. Several military and other frequencies used by Chernarussian pro-government forces and civilian loyalists are listed to the side for some reason. You move over to his sleeping area, noting the sheer diversity of the attachments on his weapon and the attention to detail on the paint. Its something you haven't seen much of if at all. Going through his pack you locate several things of note aside from generic camping supplies that give no note of his origins or squad's intentions. Firstly, a Russian satellite phone with the labels and other writing still on it. You can't get it to turn on but it seems intended for long-range comms. You pull out an autumn covered leafy suit with matching tops and bottoms, along with a spectre camoflage suit. This appears to be his uniform. You move away from this area and go check out the 3 tents. It appears that these were built around wooden boxes wrapped with string and tent tarp to create an A frame at the top. One of the men is laid back in his tent, slumped sideways parallel to you. He is dressed in a more uniform manner, with a Sumrak patterned suit and a rig similar to the other. On his head he wears a multicam boonie hat. As you inspect him you notice something rather odd sticking out of his mouth. It's a picture. You gently pull it out of his mouth, taking care to not tear it asunder or to come into contact with the area of his body where the 30 MM round annihilated his clavicle and popped his jugular. It's an old Polaroid of Stalin grinning having been folded once before placement. The writing on the back reads: "Hořet v pekle". You place it to the side and move to the next tent as the stench becomes too much to handle. One man is laid back staring up at the roof of the tent, but once again the smell is too overpowering to justify staying any longer. Before you stand up, you notice a piece of paper that you grab from the second tent and read, stepping over the 3 bodies lying in the center of the camp area. This time it is in poorly scrawled English: "Here lies 6 foreign invader dogs and 1 Chedaki bitch. The hyenas caught a vulture, and string him up. But the noble bears of the forest saw the pack of traitors and called the mighty eagles, and the eagles screamed their vengeance amongst the pack of thieves and traitors. Such is the fate of all Ruski blooded kurwa who disturb our land. We fight for the memory of our eternal guide lord Přízrak, and for the existence of Duke Kozlov and our Chernarussian blooded folk. May Chernarussian brotherhood and unity in body, State, people, and land remain unbroken. Let this be a reminder to the hyenas who test the lion..." Also at the bottom of the piece of bloody paper is another inscription in english, but with clearly different handwriting that reads: "Putin is a motherfucker!"... You then move on, noting the last 3 bodies on the ground. One is dressed in Rastr camoflage, and has his mouth gagged and hands tied. He doesn't look any older than perhaps 18. The lower half of his torso has basically imploded from the shell impact, and you try and loot some things from his body without venturing too near this. You find a black Chedaki beret with a red star, folded inside his pocket. Alongside that is a Makarov magazine. In his other pocket you manage to locate a picture of a beautiful blond haired girl. She is sitting on a lookout area at what appears to be a local summer camp. The picture is older, but you note the area looks like the Black Mountains. The young man has several lacerations on his back, arms, and neck, along with severe pre-mortem bruising on his face in the shape of a rifle butt. The rifle you suspect of causing the blow is next to one of the other men, and has a large scope on it. Moving on, you note the other two. One of the men is missing the top half of his body from the ribs up, and a glance up across the area at splatter of blood and flesh on an adjacent tree point to where the rest of him went. He and his comrade appear to have been holding the young man in what can only be described as an interrogation stance. The fire in the center of the camp contains a knife that has been placed on the edge, still burning. Some fuel in a bottle that spilled nearby appears to be the cause of the smoke that attracted you in the first place. All 3 bodies are crumpled tightly together, and the final and third one cannot be readily recognized as a body, but rather as a collection of twisted flesh and bone wrapped around the other two with some shredded blood-soaked clothing tossed in. You take a step back from the entanglement to get a good view of the whole scene. 4 large packs are arrayed to the side by a big tree, well clear of the tents and bloody mess. You open the first one, which is piled to the top with a load of C4 big enough to sink a ship, along with detonators. The next pack has several manuals, phones, radios, boxes of parts, and finally a odd metal device that looks important, and almost as if it fits into a slot. You flip it over, exposing a digital interface and a couple of buttons. You set it to the side for further inspection, picking up a manual that looks like it goes to that device. Moving on, the third pack has several mines stacked one on top of the other. To the right of those a couple flares and long range distance signals are piled. The fourth and final pack contains multiple notebooks, and as you open one what you see shocks you. Lists of names. Names of groups, survivors you know, Chernarussian, Russia, American, etc. Lines and lines of them. A kill-list perhaps? Or something else? Some groups and alliances that are now defunct are also listed. You flip through the pages, seeing the names of dead people you once knew, some with lines through them, others circled. You flip again, and the sight of what lies on the page sends a feeling of terror that washes over you like a flood. Your name. Suddenly, your inspection is rudely interrupted by the sound of crunching underbrush from the forest that you came from. A dozen feet at least. You silently drop to the ground, rolling into a thicket just beside the packs as the group comes over and slowly approaches the camp. They pause abruptly, and so do you. The same sound of people moving in from the opposite direction, rapidly getting closer. They begin to spread out, saying things like "Get ready..move it!...get over there!...should we attack?...Fuck!" Now you hear even more footsteps from the flanks, and as it becomes obvious you are being surrounded as yell pierces the air: "Everybody put your fucking hands up or die!" The shooting immediately starts, some from the first group falling just meters away from you to the ground as the attackers begin to circle and start moving. The deafening "thud" of a grenade can be heard as it goes off somewhere in the midst of the attackers. You stop thinking and react, grabbing the odd metallic object and shoving it into your pocket. Crawling back towards the path you took initially, you narrowly avoid 3 of the defenders as they begin to run around the site to the right, opening fire in the direction of the attack. The distinctive crack of an AK round bolts past you, slamming into a tree above you which showers you with greenery and splinters as you crouch run away. It wasn't aimed at you, a fact which becomes clear as more rounds strike the trees above you. You reach a bushy area that provides concealment and check the coast to see if you can escape without a run-in with somebody. It's clear, and you jolt off towards Zelenogorsk. As you run the distant din of shots and return fire continues, but that is at your back now. You come onto a clearing with a large field, and see a group of maybe 6-7 people running in the direction of the fight in an Autumn colored thicket of thin trees and orange. Who were all these people you think. District? Green Dragons? NATO? CDF? Cartel? Nationalists? The Mob? It doesn't matter you reason. They haven't seen you, and you head off towards the relative safety of somewhere that isn't exploding... Hours later... Farmhouse... You take stock of what you grabbed, your rifle resting on a stone wall. The surrounding fall countryside is in complete peace, unlike the scenario that unfolded down south. You have objects with stories. But you have no clue who to bring them to or what to do with them. Out beyond your campsite answers to the questions you have exist. Who were those men? Why were they here? What were the notebooks for? The explosives? The strange device in your hand? It isn't the first time you've been in the dark about what's going on. You radio flares to life with chatter of some survivors, and as you tune in you ponder what to do with what you have found...
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    People who complain about having stale and uninteresting RP but sit in their bases all day doing nothing
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    I was born on a cold winter day on January 1970 at the Berezino Hospital in Chernarus. My childhood has been mostly forgotten, but I still remember one special day at school. I think I might have been around 12 or 13 years old. I was excited, because we were suppose to have a day where we would bring one of our parents to school to talk about their jobs. I was always the one that was bullied at school, due to me using glasses. But I was proud of my dad, he worked for the Chernarussian Army and he had been travelling all over the world with his comrades. The day started out well. We listened to stories over and over again about parents that were teachers, shopkeepers, truck drivers etc. but when we came to my dad, I really felt proud. My dad went up to the teacher’s desk and started talking. All of the other kids in my class were amazed that my dad was in the Army, and the fact that I never told them about it. This would be the last time I saw my father this way. After the class finished my dad left for a mission with the Chernarussian Army. They were going to infiltrate Takistan and take down their leader. The Dictator of Takistan had recently declared war on Chernarussia, and the plan to take him down was to free the people of Takistan from the misery of this dictator. They never arrived at their destination, as the helicopter they were in crashed at the borders of Chernarus due to a technical error. Everyone died, except my dad. He had fractured literally every bone in his body, and his neck was severely damaged. The doctors at the Berezino hospital gave him little hope for survival, and said that if he would survive he would not be able to walk again. He was paralyzed for the rest of his life. When my dad woke up and got the bad news, he was crushed. His military career was over and he would never be able to walk, drink, eat or anything ever again without the help of others. That was the day I decided to become an Orthopaedic Surgeon. I wanted to be of assistance to the people that would suffer the same fate as my father, since I had seen what this did to him. My dad died one year later due to complications leading to a brain tumor. This is the only thing I remember from my childhood. Most of my life before Day Z is vague. I do remember that I studied for my Orthopaedic degree in the England for years. I made quite a few friends over there, and I even had some military weapons training done in the memory of my father while thinking that I would never get to use it. I was wrong. Day Z It was morning. This had to be summer. I tried to get my radio working, but I couldn't obtain any signal anywhere. I looked at my watch, and I saw that I was late for work already. I swiftly packed my bags and drove over to Berezino. At this point, I lived right outside the town in a little village called Khelm. There was no traffic, and I stumbled upon a few abandoned vehicles on the way but I didn’t give it much thought at the time seeing as I was already late. When I came to the borders of Berezino I was met by a massive military roadblock, which also was abandoned. This was out of my understandings and I left the car to go outside to check out the perimeter. There was blood everywhere. Bullet cartridges all over the place, I could not believe or understand what all this was about. I quickly stepped back into my car and tried to find something on the radio. I felt frightened but at the same time adrenaline was rushing through my veins. I decided to start up the car and go around the roadblock to get to the hospital and talk to some colleagues about this. When I arrived at the hospital I saw the same type of roadblock outside. All the windows of the hospital were shattered and there were tons of bodies in front of it. I quickly checked the ones closest to me if there were anyone with pulse around there. The bodies were ripped apart and bitten. I entered the hospital when I was met by the most frightening, disgusting thing I had ever seen. It was a man covered in blood, his eyes were all white and he screamed like a predator. He started chasing me causing me to run for my life, so I ran up to the woods north of Berezino and decided to head for the North East Airfield. I ran for my life, and after about 5 minutes of running the sounds of the creature had vanished. I turned around and I managed to see him about 200 meters away from me. He had stopped, perhaps I managed to vanish between all the trees. These creatures reminded me of the Zombies I had seen in many games and movies up over the years. I reached the North East Airfield when I saw a plane taking off. The airfield was covered by guards and military. I decided to wait up in the woods until I saw a new plane landing on the field. I made my way down to the first guard and started asking him what had happened. He stopped me immediately and asked for ID, profession, and country of origin. I explained that I was a doctor and he swiftly took me inside. I was told that I would not be permitted to leave Chernarus, as the needs for doctors were immense. They conscripted me into the army and in return I got shelter, supplies and a weapon to defend myself. The Chernarussian Army and it’s defeat I was roaming with the Army for a few weeks. We went on a mission to save some people that was stranded over in Devil’s Castle. When we reached Devil’s Castle it was quiet, we were a company of 5 men. I was told by my commanding officer to wait outside and only come in if someone was hurt, because they would need me for medical treatment. The adrenaline started pumping in me again, just like back on Day Z when I first arrived at the roadblock. I hadn't seen any familiar faces for a long time, and I hadn't been to my beloved Berezino for at least 3 weeks. I had begun to lose track of time. I was thinking to myself “How could all this have happened? Where is my family? Where is God in all of this?” when I heard screams. It was the zombies. I took a peek around the corner and all 4 of my comrades were already overrun by what seemed like hundreds of them, I knew I had to escape. I jumped in our car and drove back to North East Airfield as soon as I could. I did not know what I was about to see. The airfield was overrun by thousands of zombies. My immediate instinct to this was to turn around the car and head over to the Chernarussian Border to camp out. I set out a small camp of mine, with 2 tents and a small fireplace. I had abandoned the car since it was out of fuel. After camping out by the border for what must've been a few weeks I decided it was time to man up and return. I decided to set out on a mission. I wanted to help those who needed help all over Chernarus. I started to walk south.... I returned to the civilisation after being in exile for too long. My head was numb and I had lost touch with other human beings. I found myself around a camp belonging to a group of people called the Toymakers. I stayed there for a few days helping out a few people. I can't remember all their names. Alkis... something. I do remember Tallie though. Taleinara O'Rourke. A 15 year old girl who had been badly wounded and scarred. I helped her a few times treating the wounds before moving along. I got sent in the direction of a man called Dr. Dylan River and Jessica. They followed my goal. They were with a group of doctors trying to help people. I seeked the northern part of Chernarus to find them, and I was lucky enough to stumble across them near a castle. I met Dr. River and Marie White. Marie is a stubborn, but kind woman. She only wishes the best for her friends and injured people. After I introduced myself and ran along with them for a while I decided to join them. I met the rest of them. Ellie, Jaro, Nikolai, Dr. Ellis, Edgar. Jessica had been taken away by the islanders, a fierce group of people running a prison on the coast of Chernarus. This is where it all went south. Quickly. The islanders were after us. A man named Richard Harissa. He forced ut to look for a man. I didn't like this Richard, and as such I insulted him. His leader never grew fond of me because of this. Richard was our doom. We planned on getting rid of him somehow. This didn't work out the way we planned. Some of us made plans with a russian man named Vlad. He had a group of powerful people behind him, and he was to ambush the islanders and Richard when we set up a meeting. Oh how wrong we were... The ambush turned into an ambush on us. The Vlad and his group of people decided to take Ellie from us. Poor little Ellie. Forced to kill Richard. Even though I was glad he was dead, I was not happy that Ellie had to do it. She's just a kid. Nikolai, Jaro and Marie started searching for Ellie. This was the end of Jaro's story, as he was shot in the process, and Nikoai went dark on us. While this all was happening me and Dr. River travelled the country to continue our work on patients. But I wasn't going to stick around to do that while my friends were taken captive. I decided to act. I contacted Legion, a mercenary group that took on contracts, and asked them to take out Vlad. I regretted my decision immediately as this could end up badly for Ellie, so I cancelled the contract before it had even begun. I then got in touch with Tallie again. She had more injuries, and I helped her further. I promised to stay by her side for as long as I could. That was until Nikolai contacted me. He asked me to meet him. I obliged and travelled to Staroye. I didn't see Nikolai though. I was greeted by Radek and Anya, and someone else. I really can't remember. They took me to a house, where I met Ellie and Nikolai. I was happy and I was sad. After interrogating me they found out that I had put a contract on them. I told them I didn't, I cancelled it. They didn't care. Jack, who was with them at the time, took care of my punishment. The removal of my left pinky finger. He cared enough to let me have all the fingers I needed for surgery, but it still hurt. It was unbearable. Jack drugged me, and I really can't remember much until I woke up the day after. My wound was professionally cleaned and sowed up though. Jack is a talented man. I was wounded. Both mentally and physically. The Legion Corporation had a contract on my head. I was ready to end myself. I took to drinking and pills. It wasn't until I figured out that Ellie and Nikolai had joined Vlad and his men willingly, due to them also having a contract on their heads, that I decided I wanted to stay. I joined them after some hesitation, and I roamed with the group for a while. I offered my services to Vlad. He accepted it. Marie did not take this well. She believes that we made the wrong choice. We had no choice. Marie believed me for a long time. Me, Ellie, Nikolai and Jack (ironic, huh?) roamed the country together with Tallie. She was still with me after all this time. We were looking for the ones that hurt Tallie. We have still not succeeded in doing so. Tallie was lost. I haven't heard from her in weeks. I don't know where she is. I feel like I have failed her. Failed her badly. I will look for her. When I have the time. Marie still believed our good intentions. That was until I decided to go with Vlad, Anya, Ivan and the rest to a camp out west. This was the camp where Marie and her group lived. Some irish people came to the camp. They were with a group named District. Vlad didn't like them. He took to arms and captured everyone in the camp. This was when Marie lost her trust in me. I don't blame her though. I'd lose trust in myself as well. I am trying what I can to fix the situation. I haven't done any medical work in weeks now. Tallie is lost. I don't know what to do. Ellie and Nikolai are still glued to each other. I got a lead on Tallie. She was supposedly in Miroslavl. I am now there. Looking for that innocent 15 year old girl... I will not give up.
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    It was a great ride everyone, but the time had come to move on. I enjoyed everything that happened and we hope to bring it back one day lads, but after losing my right hand man Wong I dont have the will or want to continue this group. o7 lads as for everyone that wanted to see this happen, have this. //archived
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    I'll make a list. 1. People who chat shit on the radio then cry wolf and 2.3 report when they get their comeuppance. 2. People who sit inside their base all day long and put up endless threads about making offline raiding verboten. 3. Stupid Chernarussian nationalist characters that make no sense whatsoever and are literally inch deep "muh foreigners bad" and "slava charnarus" with no actual character underneath, that goes for cringe Chedaki and commies too. 4. Large capable groups that make mega alliances group after group and just roll around and smack people. We have all done that at some point. 5. These specifically that same set of pictures 6. People not using the search function. We have run out of spoons as a friend of mine would say.
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    Jelení Ostrov, or Deer Isle as it’s known to foreigners, is a darkly sublime almost idyllic collection of islands just to the east of South Zagoria. Formerly dominated by Soviet military forces and industrial development, recent decades have seen a revivification of the archipelago’s natural beauty as the new nationalist regime has cleaned up the area and promoted a policy of conservation. Welcome to Deer Isle! Our old S2 server will be running this map. We plan to create a brand new exciting storyline for this server full of mystery - something that we think you will enjoy and will create slightly different experience from good old Chernarus. The lore for the island can be read here and is also available from the main menu under DayZ. You will find most of the details surrounding the island as well as what exactly occurred on the island for the last 2 years and why you haven't been able to visit it until now. For those who are not interested in full details and history behind the island, this TL;DR should be enough to get you started playing without making your character look like a schizophrenic: TL;DR Facts: Deer Isle is an English translation, real island name is Jelení Ostrov which translates directly to Deer Island. You can use either of those names. Island is located about 30 minutes off the eastern coast of Chernarus. It is assumed your characters can travel between the two maps fairly quickly, if not instantly (considering in game time compression). Map is only about half finished, therefore we will be focusing gameplay mainly on the southern big island where Kamenogorsk is. This is also where you will spawn. The northern part of the island with a bare mountain that you see on the map is unfinished and therefore will not be used for regular gameplay for now. TL;DR lore: When the infection hit, thousands of refugees flooded the island using all kinds of boats seeking shelter. CDF tried to organize a quarantine, but ultimately failed as US garrison left after nuclear blast. The island was overrun and everyone killed. Due to sheer number of infected on the islands limited area because of all the refugees arriving there, very few people have attempted to go to the island to even gather supplies. Most of those who did have never been heard from again. The few who did survive and were able to return have reported strange sightings of shadowy figures, strange military activity as well as military vessels anchored off coast of the island The recent threat of radiation leaking from nearby Russian nuclear power plant, as well as rumors of Russian invasion on South Zagoria have forced survivors to for the very first time to consider trying to get to the island despite of risks involved. You are one of these survivors. Some server questions you will probably ask: Q: Do the servers share database? A: No. We had a system planned where you would share characters between the two different servers and maps, however due to some technical limitations we can't make it work as of yet. Perhaps in the future. Q: Will there be events following up the lore on the new island? A: We hope to do some spooky events and create some unique storytelling through mystery surrounding the strange sightings and activity on the island.
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    Root access to the machine is not possible for anyone but me for security reasons. However I'm working on installing omega manager on our dedicated server which will not only give access to the staff to restart game servers, but will also do a bunch of other things like auto update mods and the game. Soon.
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    Hey lads. I've returned, happy wombat year to all you denizens of DayZRP and to celebrate Wombat year and my return here are some cute wombat gifs/pictures.
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    "je to vaše právo na obranu své země a rasy" Nové Svítání is translated to “New Dawn” and it symbolizes a new beginning, the formation of a movement. Vania and Domek originate from different backgrounds, Vania, a Cerna Liska Gangmember, Domek, an ex-CDF soldier and guerilla fighter. Their mindset is not different at all however, they share a very similar worldview. Nationalistic, patriotic and free from degeneracy. Far from what is currently going on in their homeland. South Zagoria, eversince the infection started, is overrun and invaded by foreigners. As they are doing whatever they want, they are hurting the locals which became a minority by now. The infection brought with it lawlessness for the most part, and people soon started to exploit this. The majority of the foreigners currently in South Zagoria refuse to adapt to Chernarussian culture and push their western ideology onto the natives, trying to squash the proud past and history of this country. For far to long, there were only a handful of good men standing up against the foreign invaders, the Cerna Liska or the Kamenici to name a few of them. With both of them gone, or out of South Zagoria, someone needs to take up their role in defending the homeland. Vania and Domek both agreed, that to reclaim the region for the local people, violence would be the only option. Fear needs to spread, respect must be taught, foreigners must be deported, killed, or at least be put to good use. Male nationals refusing to fight must stand trial. Furthermore, the local population needs to be radicalized and called to arms to fight for their homeland. Way to many locals are to busy with simply just looking out for themselves, and are not realising what is really going on in their own homeland. They need to be shaken awake before it is to late for them. Notice has been made of russian troops mobilizing near the borders. A scouting mission made by Michael up north has proven that this is correct. He snapped pictures of the troops and their encampments. The fact, that South Zagoria is possibly facing another russian invasion just adds on top of current ongoing problems. Resources, especially weapons and ammunition, desperately need to be secured in order to be able to put up a fight against the russians, if they deceide to come. Domek and Vania started the idea of a movement and began to write a manifesto. The manifesto should act as a guideline for the people they would recruit. Domek suggested his friend Michael, who also used to roam with Kamenici, and Vania also came up with some people from Cerna Liska who were also still around. Eventually Branka Hnat, another Cerna Liska gang member and one of her friends called Marticka Vanek, short Marta, now were the very foundation of Domeks and Vanias plan for a better South Zagoria and eventually, a better Chernarus. Translation Manifesto English: @groovy patz - Domek Svoboda @RonPvP - Marticka Vanek @pijkaCZ - Michael Ondera @Terra - Branka Hnat @Grimm-chan - Havel Blazek @Solo - TBA Send a scouting party to start propaganding amongst fellow Chernarussians (ETA: Day 800) Collect at least 12 Assault rifles for the battles to come (ETA: Day 820 0/12) Deport less problematic foreigners to deer island (indefinite, 0/X) Get all Chernarussian nationalists on the same page , make them accept our manifesto and follow our path (indefinite) Sort out any and all tratiors to the homeland (indefinite 0/X) "Convince" able bodied chernarussians to pick up arms against the invaders (indefinte, 0/X) Recruit at least 5 more able bodied men to the closest circle of the movement (Day 830 2/5) Create a safe haven for Chernarussian children, elders and the wounded (ETA: Day 900) If you are interessted in joining, please shoot me, patz#0245 or ne.om#0586 a message on discord and we will take it from there. Credits to @ne_om for the graphics and the czechoslovakian boy @pijkaCZ for czech stuff and manifesto
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    Sat alone in a room, the man sat with his hands cupping his face. He was sat upright, his legs over the bed, his hands hiding the concerned frown on his lips. Beside him, resting against his feet as he looked down gazing intently into its contents like a roaring fire, a bag of green pills sat growing ever more tempting by the minute. His vision did not avert from its contents, it was all that was on his mind: "Maybe... it would be easier just going back to... how it used to be... feeling nothing at all. When I could finally just be peaceful.." Even now he could feel the gnawing of against the very vertebrae in his back, like nails scratching softly at his back sending that pleasing shiver one often gets. His eyes rolled back. His leg twitched violently up and down. Beside him was a small table, a small journal style book left swung open. Inside was the ramblings of a man, left anonymous, appearing to be his only form of truly venting. He had no idea what would become of it, but he had to rationalise his feelings somehow. "This whole... ordeal happened because I lost control... everything that year. Desperation ravaged every cell in my body, the need to survive no matter the cost. I spent so long trying to escape the blaze that once gripped me, consuming all those around me. Yet here I am, back to square one. I offered to go with, knowing the area. What I saw there was unlike anything I'd ever seen, and before long I was recognised, my face still being familiar to those I had left behind. ..." A section of the page was unintelligible, as if whilst being written his hand had succumbed to the violent shaking. " ... grin he gave me when he saw me... as if he knew i'd be back... " More of what followed would be virtually impossible to read, the ink on the paper blotted with what could only be a droplet, a large raindrop or tear. Smearing over it akin to his mind trying to suppress back the feeling. "She... her... the grin on her face the whole time, her veins the way they erupted from her arms...so in control yet so mindless at the same time. I've never seen that done to a man's face before... have I lost my edge? She saw straight through me, that glisten in her eyes. I thought I had left this all behind me." On another page the story continued ... explaining poorly how a woman so chaotic could try to appear to in control. Reference to a "chernobog" cropped up from time to time among the scrawled words on the page. Turn over and its as if his mind jumped, racing to the next thought similar to a heart missing a beat. One could easily think, whilst reading, they'd turned two pages at once. " ... the man i considered my flesh and blood... was it a test... or was he actually beginning to lose it too? Did he really think I was that incapable of handling it ... my brother ...? ... can still feel the cold metal of that barrel against my neck, still feeling the warmth of his arm in my hand. Like standing next to a fire on a freezing cold night, half of your body is heated in the light, the other in the shade experiencing only the cold chilling air against your back. ... " Across the whole of the book, the same question seemed to be raised, darted all across the ramblings of this man's entry: "Why wouldn't I leave with her...?" As if reading what he had entered into the journal, he could hear his own written words echoing inside his mind. Reverberating inside his head, like a shudder through the ocean surrounding his mind. "She wants to leave but I held her back in my own selfishness... when she asked me to leave with her I did what was "expected" and not what I actually want. After everything, why didn't I take her offer...? Why wouldn't I run?" "And now... they look to me to turn on my own, to bring down those who are not welcome in our home. Why now...? Why does this all happen now...? As the winds slowly build up, you can gradually start to feel your feet getting swept away beneath you ... try so hard to keep your footing, with everything around me that once helped keep me grounded now starting to crack or bubble away. A mussel in the mouth of a bird. Like a scar, once a lie begins to fade it can never truly be reformed. Is there a way out... is this... the way out...? " As the entry ends, one can almost envision that he is holding something. By the time he had written this, he was holding one of those green pills. What had once given him relief now started to twitch within his eye. All his history with it flooding back into mind yet simultaneously his mind went blank, remembering so little under its influence. Its effect numbing you to the world; Was this world worth feeling empty once again? He'd bring the sample up to his eye, looking over it, checking its new design once more. Was it going to repair him, or act as a fault-line for the ensuing earthquake on its way. Was this finally a fissure in his shell? "Go ahead... pull that trigger. But if you do, neither one of us leaves this room alive..." Credit to @Brayces for this amazing piece of art of Vlad ( @Kordruga) pulling a gun on Radek. Genuinely one of the most fun and intense moments I've ever had.
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    Think maybe its time to be nice so I'll start All the Liska lot @StagsviewRB-made me fall in love with RP again and with Liska gave me what I had wanted ever since joining back in 2013 @groovy patz-just a donny really and turned me into a racist and helped me with me HOSTILE RP @AndreyQ- the most laughs in liska came from him, from liska DB and vultures made me laugh and has the dopest music taste (apart from mine) @Ron @Terra - 2 german homies some strange times have come in disc (that one ASMR night) and some great RP seeing Juri blast his junkie girls brains out on my first day in Liska @Craig - just a lad, great storys, great banter and great all round friend and (lowkey traitor) @Roman - gave me a great story line and amazing rp'er @Jannik - always in the back ground but I knew if shit went south he was taking heads @Unknown Entity - french bastard, miss you man wish you'd come back one day @Emile - legend made me laugh so hard recording things over the car bluetooth for our RP There are so many more in liska, you know who you are, all amazing humans and made some of the best RP ive ever had @Kordruga - just a straight legend, some funny ass moments in game and out of game can always count on you for banter @SquirtleKitty - squirtle!!! @Aiko - killed off my character and your a weeab but one of my oldest friends here legend @Dew - don't think I can say I have laughed harder when I've been around you in game when we were in DB together @Ryan Shepherd, @Challenger - just some wasteman irish people right? top lads @NozzyRP - the best swed, I look forward to them swedish fish one day bro @JimRP - my G, tattoo homie @Ducky - top bloke @Franny - top girl @Azu - fucking weeab @RedSky - Helping Vania to make some of the best stories out there and always wanting to carry on the Liska story, thank you @FalkRP - Legend JBG boys, all the CRA boys, All the NRF boys, RAH homies and the homies that arent here anymore from the mod days (daniel, wunsley, terry, tom and so many more) @Biiddy - get your own part, for being in nearly every single group I have ever been a part of or made, JBG was a hell of a ride and has been there outside of the community for me, hope our paths cross again
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    When @NorwayRP first got (wrongfully) permd he got all of his beanz wiped because the system is automatic. Since his perm was revoked can he receive his beanz back? I think it's only fair since the beanz only get wiped if you come back on amnesty and Norway worked hard for those beanz (made 50 repiles to feedback)
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    In my unpopular opinion some people are pushing grey areas of the rules and then they are like this when they get hit for it, using the good old "but rules don't say it's not allowed". Vast majority of players has no problem following the rules - weekly player count vs report and ban numbers speak for themselves. I don't think the rules are the problem, it's some players failing to follow the spirit of fair play. Defining the rules more clearly and with specific conditions and requirements will only aid those trying to use grey areas not defined on the rule page as it will actually give them a valid argument such as "it's not on the rule page, you can't ban me". And then we will have to add that grey area to the rules to mitigate it. And then some people will come up with another thing not specifically defined on the rule page, and get away with it when its reported. So we will fix the rules once again to add that. Soon enough the rule page will be 7 pages long and complex af. We've done it once, I know how it works. Never again. I like the way it is now with wide coverage rules that can be easily applied to a lot of different situations or even combined together.
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    Hello DayZRP Community I am here to spark a discussion in regards to base building. Base building is great. A huge addition to DayZ that changed the game for good. However, on a roleplay community like our own, people don't die and get raided nearly as much as on public servers. This leads on to the heart of this discussion, the limiting of the amount of building that can be done per person. Now, before you base dwellers slap this with a big fat no on the poll, hear me out. Currently, anyone can build as much as they want. Within reason of course. This can lead to outlandishly huge structures for a small number of people. Take for example the 'library' that was built south of Severograd. It was built by/for 3 or 4 people but covered a huge area that was at least 50m in diameter, using only buildable walls. Not including all of the built up structure inside, that is a sizeable strain on the server that in my opinion isn't necessary saying as it was only for 3 or 4 people. Here's where the limitation comes in. Lets set the limit to 3 walls per person for this discussion. With 3 walls, a solo player can secure a house or a shack and safely store their roleplay items inside, lock it up and call it home. Solo players shouldn't need 50 walls to hide their stuff or use as a home. Lets bump that up from a solo player to a 15 member group. Each member can build 3 walls individually but as a group that number climbs to 45 walls. For those who have built a base on DayZ, you'll know that 45 walls is plenty for a 15 person group. It's enough to secure a compound, build a standalone compound or wall off a group of houses. (Wooden crates could also possibly fall under the limit). The reason for this idea is primarily to try and come up with ideas to minimise server strain through the base building mechanic. The secondary reason for this idea is to promote groups. If people want to build their dream base, they'll have to get together and produce something as a team, possibly creating more RP.
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    Also its my birthday and I'm drunk so I just wanna say I love the following people. And I'm glad to be back with y'all @ThrashRP @Vegas @ZorullRP @OiramRP @Nik @DallasRP @Apollo @SassyRP @G19RP @PhoenyxxRP @Randy @DexAgonRP @BandsRP @NozzyRP @General Rickets @Kordruga @bur @Aiko @Sleepyhead @Hex @AndreyQ @TurkRP @NozzyRP @WombatLover69 @JimRP @JackZRP @Kai @perqeRP @RavenousRP @Kenneth @FalkRP AND MY WIFE @SquirtleKitty who I love with all my heart.
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    Hello everyone. I would like to take this moment to thank each and every member past and present of DISTRICT for the immense effort they put into the group. I have definitely met some great friends along the way. I appreciate the time you took out of your lives to hop on the server as a member of DISTRICT and holding the standard to a high. Over the last couple weeks, I have met a busy time in my life resulting in myself finding it hard to properly manage the entire group as much as I used to, keeping up to date and keeping members occupied. I also would like to thank every community member that roleplayed with us and those of you who were good sports OOC after being a hostage of ours and of course firefights. It has been a good run. That being said, I would like to request the archive of DISTRICT for the foreseeable future. ("Purity of our hearts. Strength of our limbs. Action to match our speech.")
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    He realized it quick tho I got to say.
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    I think we need to add more mods and features to our servers, as there's no way we can compete with other servers with just in house created content. Even if it comes at server performance or stability cost, or even some downtime when we have to wait for mod authors to update their mods. I have browsed the workshop for an hour or two and found these mods that I think would be good to add. Please vote which mods you like and which ones you don't. Airdrop Airdrop mod adding dynamic supply drop events. Drops containers around the map every X minutes filled with food, medical or military items. Base fortifications Adds some extra items to help protect and defend your base. Fast Travel Adds ability to fast travel between different locations using hiking trail map stands. Would require "payment" in form of some kind of item that is consumed upon use. Flip Transport Allows cars that have launched into space and landed on the roof to be flipped on the wheels again. Gerphelius Zil-130 A nice truck that fits 10 people and large cargo GoreZ Adds blood splatter effects when shooting players or zombies. Mass Many Items overhaul Adds about 230 various RP items, clothing, backpacks and weapons OP Baseitems Adds new buildable structures for base building like lockers, gardening box and pots, dirt mounds, water storage, new tents, banners, work table, wood storage Place anything Allows items to be placed on tables or hang on walls, for decoration, trading, etc. PvZ mod Changes the default zombie spawning mechanic and adds dynamically spawning zombies and hordes. Also changes zombie loot. Repair my car Allows for engine and fuel tank to be repaired, so the cars with those parts damaged can be re-used. Street lighting Adds editor placeable lamp posts that work either permanently or by using a car battery. Toxic Zone Adds configurable toxic zones that show up as green haze above ground, which deal damage unless entered in full BNC suit and gas mask. Also features a dynamic toxic zone that randomly moves across the map, toxic gas grenade and spawning of valuable crates with gear inside the toxic zones. Windstrides Clothing Pack Adds a few clothing items like ponchos, leggings, sweater, full and half face shemagh and others Zeroys Fishing Adds fishing to the game, with fishing rods, lures, fish, cooking recipes as well as typical fishing clothing GAZ-3309 A large box truck for 2 passengers, with very large cargo VAZ-2107 Lada-like car, in 4 different colors
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    Ah yes, a true icon of the community. Slava Bernarus.
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    The 5.0.3 “True Evil will always hide behind a mask” The 5.0.3 is a code that all gangs of Northern London all recognise their self under. CJ, Erica, Warren and Mark were all raised within the streets of north London, hustling under the name of the “Dollars”. All four different in many ways, and all four with demons of their very own. After some time in south Zagoria, the members of the dollars became “twisted” and like many others before them, the group dissolved. Land of south Zagoria, the infected soils are soaked in the blood of traitors, thieves, rapists, madmen, and murderers. Truly a land of sin, where the very soil corrupts the souls of those who live atop of it. Twists and turns mankind's very essence of humanity, dragging our demons out by the ankles from the shadows where they once laid dormant. Within south Zagoria, it does not take much to break a man. To remove that small slither of humanity he's been holding on to, but when you do, when you decide to rip away the very thing that he's be clasping in his hands for years, he will then become nothing but the demon he's hidden away. That true evil behind the mask. So a group of like-minded individuals decided to remain banded together, seeking out a true family more people to call their own, so to symbolise this they named themselves after their place of origin. the place they called home. The 5.0.3 explores their hidden demons that are constantly watching beneath their “masks”. Satisfies their utmost desires and needs, as more tainted joined their ranks, each with their own evil, each with their own sins they indulge, giving back to the very soil that twisted their soul. The 5.0.3 remnants of the Dollars continue to still walk the soil of south Zagoria. With a more extreme attitude they wish to leave their mark, a mark that will never be forgotten. So by doing so they have been capturing people, Branding them, Selling them as slaves. Forging a new bond between them and the people that can not be forgotten. Hiding behind the masks they so easily wear. CJ's Story Erica's Story Warrens Story Mark's Story Leader: @C-J - Charlie James Bosses: @CocoMii - Erica Bailey @King - Warren Lowe Shot Caller: @Hebirura - Mark Durhill @MajooRB - Feliks Sykora Youngin: @Korha - Olivia Rose @Ozymandias - Francis Thursday @Husky. - Joe Collins Goon: @Gopnik22 - Dimitri Parkov @bob123 - John Leber @headfever - James Morris @radiosalt - Stella Williams @Coco - Cain Stephanov Current Goals: Find and recruit 10 new broken men/women [Day 830 4/10] Forge possible relations with groups of power in the area [Day 820] Brand and Enslave people of South Zagoria [Ongoing] Drive fear across the land of South Zagoria [Ongoing] Give in to our utmost desires [Ongoing] Get members bounties removed or lowered [Day 850] Avoid being captured by the Vultures and the Cartel[Day 820] Find the russo group and either negotiate with them or remove them. [Day 820] Brand all of the runners for their betrayal [Day 830] Build and fortify within our Current town/settlement with only using slave labour [Day 850] Completed Goals: Failed Goals: Provide Good and Structured RP Provide High end Antagonistic and Torture RP Gain a good reputation on the forums and in-game Teach and improve new members hostile and torture RP Contact @C-J or @King on the forums Or CJ#6035 / Kingu#0038 on discord. Or find us ingame!
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    The difference between 2013 and 2019 is that nowadays 90% of the world population is overly sensitive and gets super offended as soon as someone even remotely busts their bubble. It's been getting worse and worse throughout the years. I personally ignore those kinda people.
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    The whole purpose of group threads is to freely allow people post feedback, otherwise we wouldn't have them since we already have group pages with a roster and what not. Feedback does not have to be fact checked, so if someone feels one way or another they can post feedback directly without jumping through a bunch of hoops and then it is up to the group leader or members to explain their side here in the thread. There is absolutely no requirement to take things through PMs and it should never be implied that it needs to be done.
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    Why do you assume he was overlooked?
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    Threads that moan about the state of the game and community
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    Its been a great run so far guys. Love you all, and love everyone that has provided us roleplay over the last few months. Unfortunately, its time for some of us wolves to go into hibernation for a while. However, that doesn’t mean we are gone forever. For now, though… Admins. /Please Archive.
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    Oh man, where do i start? Thanks to @Willow & @kalyri for some awesome girl time, even though it was uneventful. Much needed time away from camp. Thanks to @Apollo, @Nik, @bur, @Hunter, @JamesRP, @hAwkzyy, @CptPeach, @Malthis for the amazing rp in Cherno as always ( sorry if i forgot anyone or those i missed [dont have everyones forum name] ! ) Had fun at that dinner party @JmVidz805 - your roleplay has been outstanding the last few days in Cherno! Pasta every day from our Cherno Italian. Keep it up!
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    One cannot blackmail you with a report for a rule break if you haven't broken that rule. That doesn't make any sense. So this thread must mean that OP knows his group has broken or is borderlining the rule, because that's the only situation where one would be worried about enemy threatening with a 2.3 report. Any other group which has not broken any rule would know it's a baseless claim and move on, not try to have the rule removed. 400 IQ
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    When news of the outbreak first made headlines, panic broke out across all parts of the world, people closed down stores, raided supermarkets and got ready to outlive the apocalypse. Yet others saw a business opportunity. A chance to make it big. We are some of those people, most decided that their wealth no longer mattered and that trading it all in for a fighting chance would be what keeps them alive during all of this. Offering a safe harbor guaranteed by the mafia was alluring to most, at least those with deep enough pockets. We contacted everyone with a name to themselves around the alps and the boot, informing them of a way out that would not see them having to use civilian mass shelters. High-end security, protective areas for personal belongings and most importantly in a nice place. A lot of them didn't bite but enough did for us to make more profit in a matter of two weeks than we ever had selling Class A. Roughly one week after the news spread and our business started, we boarded a boat named “Pucciarati” a family piece to one of our associates. We kicked off the boot of Italy and were well into the Mediterranean by the time anyone could have caught on that this project was not backed by all the bosses and that there was no facility for surviving the epidemic. The “Pucciarati” had just come back from Columbia, Venezuela, French Guiana, and Brazil. Loaded fully with some of the best material on the market, destined to arrive on the best tables of the richest men of Europe. The mountains of Marijuana and Cocaine would serve as our personal doomsday preparation bank. We would trade with other sailors with a similar idea of survival on the high sea, offering them to get high on the sea. Guns and ammunition were something the boat had but the material allowed us to increase our stock and manpower whenever needed. Food and water were the real concern, docking on old ports and trading with local scavengers for a quick fix became second nature to us. Convincing poor souls that we have the way out they so desperately needed. We had regular trade with repurposed fishing boats that sailed near the coasts of the Balkans. A fairly sizeable survivors fleet tended to hang around those parts. It had been years on the high sea and most of our supply was exhausted by now, we kept the Mediterranean happy and supplied. We enjoyed our weapons and ammunition now as our currency for food and water when needed. We were far from concerned just then. While sunbathing on top of our boat one late summer day, on waters of the Black Sea, our radio began speaking to us in more than just the usual static. We were almost anticipating someone coming over the radio to ask for material but it seemed like someone was tuned into our frequency on accident. A conversation could be heard between a young woman and an older sounding man. The man was explaining something about some Hispanic fellas named the 24th. That they had been close friends to a friend of his, that he knew them fairly well. The talk was about them having a massive stash in the area that was untapped, weapons and drugs in droves. They were even joking about maybe one of the brothels, that these men had, may still be running. We attempted communication, resulting in both sides only receiving half of what was said. We gathered they were in South Zagoria, we set course and were on our way to the closest port we could meet them in. We were nearly to South Zagoria and quickly came to realize the weather there was far from what our vessel was made to withstand after so many years. We had to dock on one of the ports in the area, we tried making radio contact with these people again so we could hear more about what stash they were mentioning. Nothing. Days we waited and only found static. We had company from occasional locals who were wondering about the boat, none brave enough to contest it. We kept an older man around us, a man full of local folklore. He made mention of a large treasure known as "Kapitan Skalisty's treasure", something that caught some of our eyes even more. He did not know much more aside from that it is an invaluable treasure pile supposedly on an island off the coast of South Zagoria. We grew tired of the stories eventually and wanted to begin our pursuit of wealth. We sent our two sailors back aboard and told them to set sail for the boot, find the survivor fleet that we had encountered and see if they can do anything to repair the vessel. It would not be able to bear the temperament of the green sea for much longer. So for the time being Chernarus is our new home. @McLeranth Emilia Lazaro "Rio" @DookieCS Blythe Nordahl "Oslo" @AlanM Alan Muir "Glass" @JmVidz805 Bruno Pucciarati "Vieste" @Expresso Arthur Ringer "Knight" @Jonaaaaaas Leif Bauer @Cartman Leo Hammer General Establish a safehouse [Day 795] Relocate safehouse if ever compromised [Indefinite] Maintain food and water supply for safehouse [On-going] Weekly group meetings [On-going] Recruit people to fulfill necessary skillsets [On-going] Positions Filled Muscle (2/2) Code Cracker (1/1) Medical (0/1) Driver (0/1) Cook (0/2) Phase 1 Learn more from locals about Kapitan Skalisty's treasure [Day 805] Learn more about the 24th's drug stash [Day 805] Attempt to strongarm a smaller group into working for us [Day 810] Phase 2 Begin the hunt for Kapitan Skality's treasure and the 24th's drug stash [Day 815] Locate Kapitan Skalisty's treasure and the 24th's drug stash [Day 825] IF FOUND relocate treasure to a more secure location[Day 830] IF FOUND begin plans to establish a front for our drug dealing business [Day 833] Phase 3 Execute plans to establish a local business as a front for our drug dealing business [Day 838] Open our front business to the public [Day 840] Begin our drug business out the back [Day 842] Maintain image of an innocent business [On-going] Establish a location to begin producing our own supply of drugs [Day 845] We plan to provide engaging hostile RP. We want to leave a large enough impact that we may become part of your story and you ours rather than just another hostile encounter. We hope our members will create an interesting dynamic IC. Where some are driven by drugs and money others are not but still find themselves part of Undaunted. Some have kept secrets from each other where one day they will face a dark revelation that may very well put everyone at risk. Each character stubborn in their ways of life. Some live recklessly and chaotically and some with more order. This roller coaster will be filled with emotional baggage and mood swings. Each individual oh so human and unique. Recruitment will primarily be done IC but we are not opposed to OOC recruitment and are looking for more members at the get go. Applications can be sent to @DookieCS @McLeranth and feel free to contact them for anything OOC. Graphics done by Glitch Majority of written lore by McLeranth Theme music by DookieCS
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    Welcome! For this week of Interview with a Community Member we have @Isaiah CortezPVE This interview is to get to know the members of our community, and hopefully bring the community together. Comment who you want to see being interviewed next week! Thanks to @Isaiah CortezPVE for participating! Tell Us About Yourself? How did you find out about DayZRP, and what made you want to join? If you could thank one person for helping you get started here who would it be? What could we do, as the staff team, to make this a better place?  What is your most memorable experience(IC/OOC) here?  Do you regret doing anything in your time here? If you had to live in a jail cell with four people from this community who would it be? What's your current favourite song/artist? What has been your favourite character you have played on the server and why? What do you feel is missing from the community? Do you have any hidden talents? What was the origin of your username?
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    People should start roaming the map more. Bases should be removed.
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    Things I am tired of; TLDR; everyone and everything. DayZ is suffering that we all constantly go back to for the brief high. Like drugs. DayZ is drugs.
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    1). 2.3 2) Hearing people scream 'GeT GaSsEd' or 'GeT SliMeD!!' after filling someone with led. 3). When @Jackfish goes full toxic mode the forums. 4) The inability to portray my Irish heritage and beliefs on the forums and in game under an official group. 5). People who complain about people complaining. 6). Calling someones roleplay poor or 'just PvP' when you lose your gear or the roleplay doesn't go the way you want it to. 6). Not getting to play enough with @Kordruga and @APositiveElmo. 7). Not being able to portray Gerry Adams as the president of Chernarus. 8). @GMAK not playing anymore. 9). Lack of british groups to... roleplay.. with.
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    I would like to ask why my status update "Up the Cragh " was removed. I am very confused and would be appreciative if you could enlighten me. Thanks
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    All I'd change about the current ruleset is the scope of 2.3. I'd widen it to include not just anti-dogbraining measures, but also anti-stonewalling measures too. Too often have decent hostile RPers been stonewalled by people shit talking behind their walls, radio warriors who refuse to die after being beaten in fights multiple times, people who snap themselves back into existence after an execution, causing a neverending storyline that just leads to resentment on both sides. Stamping out both cancerous behaviours is the only way to move forward imo. Also change 4.5 back so victims of hostile situations can log without a timer.
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    Honestly, I like the map. The massive hordes are a plus, makes you think twice, loot is scarce making it higher in demand (not everyone should have aks all the time you know. A shotgun is just fine) played about 10 hours. Got a shotgun, then upgraded to a saiga, killed some wolves, killed some dude who tried to rob me, killed more wolves, found a heli crash, fixed a car, stole it from under @PhoenyxxRP's nose, met some people, chatted shit. All around a good day. Just stop playing like fucking maverick and you'll do just fine.
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    He wanted water, I wanted water. I tell him where to find it and he keeps following me.
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