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    So this is a prayer for the community. I have been here for like 1 and a half year, and I have seen and heard a lot of drama, and of course experienced it myself. Now I think that things has been taking to the next level, in a very bad way. About a week ago I got told by the doctors that I have uterine cancer. I am gonna have a surgery where they remove my uterus, and there is a big chance that, the surgery will remove the cancer completely, unless the test of it, will show it was deeper then they thought, then I have to go through chemotherapy, and so on. But this should not be something that I will die off. This post is not about my cancer, but about how people are cruel against each other here in the community. Just to be clear, and to spare you some time, I am not gonna mention any names here. I just hope that the people reading this, have a really bad taste in their mouth, and regret what they said. I told some people here from the community about my cancer, and then 2 of the people, was in a discord with some other people from the community, and my situation was mentioned in the convocation. I myself have heard this convocation, since it got recorded by one of my friends, and holy shit, it was disgusting. One of the people in the convocation said "well at least she can not have babies, so we don't have to worry about there being more people like her around" another thing that was said was "I wish she had brain cancer instead, it would make sense, since she is so retarded" and the last one I am gonna mention is "Is it rape if she don't have a uterus" I get that some people in here has problem with each other, but to hate people so much over the internet, and wish them bad things is so horrible. We can not all get along here, and that is fine, but just ignore the people then. I understand that some things, can not be forgiven or forget, but most drama and fights in this community is over stupid stuff. I will ask and hope that some of you, will make a mends with the people that you have problems with, and remember that it's not worth it to be that angry or hateful towards a person you have never meet. We all have problems and things going on in our lives, and just think about that there is probably a reason that the person you "hate" is acting like they are maybe because they are going through some stuff themselves. I hope that people here will reach out to each other more and talk things out. Also remember that just because you are in a group or hanging out with a group of people you don't have to dislike the same people as them. Make you own judgment about people. And just to clarify this, I am not going after specific people, I just hope that people in this community will think about this.
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    if ur character has a penis pick the male option if ur character has a vagina pick the female option
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    There are only two biological genders, fact. That's what you choose when creating a character, not what gender the character identifies as - you can add that in background section if you feel it is relevant.
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    Chapter one: voice over video in the spoiler Chapter two: voice over video in the spoiler RECRUITMENT Looking to start a new career of profit and glory? Look no further, Raven Shield Mercenaries Corporation is currently hiring more capable soldiers. Send us a message and we will set up an in game meeting or discord meeting for an interview! MOD CONTENT AND ORIGINAL THREADS
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    There have been a few changed made to the rules. Most of these are just rewording or clarifications of the existing rules based on recent issues we noticed in reports. One thing is new and has been frequently requested - execution rules. Changelog: Added 2.5 (ghosting) Modified 4.1 - no remote/radio initiations, clear demands, attackers must be identifiable to the defenders Merged 4.2 and 4.3 and changed names on the kill rights, as well as wording to make it more easy to understand Modified 4.6 - added back hostage execution rules Modified 4.8 - added IC reasoning needed that is proportionate to damage done Characters breaking NVFL rule will be permakilled We will also be re-introducing character reset - if you are found of an ingame rule break that is worth a banstrike (10 warning points) your character in game will be killed. Are there any other rules you would like to see changed? Create a thread with a poll and suggested rule change (include a rule definition - how your rule would look on the rule page) in the Suggestion forum
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    So, recently I've been bumping into people that are known as Russians IC with rather thick accents. However, myself and group members have also heard them using clear American and English accents as if their characters accent has disappeared in an attempt to hide from people IC. From what I remember, this WAS considered BadRP because it makes no damn sense for someone with a heavy Russian accent to suddenly be saying shit like 'hello there old chap' in a British accent. Chernarussian - Russian and vice versa makes sense, the rest doesn't. Is this still considered BadRP? Edit: If 'No.' why is this not considered bad RP? Doesn't seem fair at all that people who have heavy accents are allowed to switch whenever they want, certainly doesn't make sense for RP either. It'd be nice to get a more in-depth response from yourself and other staff members because clearly from the interest brought to my post from a few other community members, they agree that it's silly to be allowed. @Roland Input from yourself, would be great. Another Edit: Wouldn't say it's petty, if anything it prevents people from using means in which make no sense to their advantage. People should stick to their characters as realistically as possible, while I get it's a game, it's also an RP server. Thanks for the replies nonetheless.
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    RP inspires me. Gonna draw all those people I meet ingame. Well, at least try. Here ya go @Watchman, @Phoenix Luca and Caleb are SO ADORABLE Used this for reference since I still got problems with poses n stuff: https://www.deviantart.com/senshistock/art/Kyle-Please-761296593 Edit: Just scaled it down a bit so it's easier to look at
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    Disclaimer: I claim no ownership of the material used in the articles nor is this project monetized in any way. // This is a work in progress, some features currently missing (like the search engine) will be implemented later should this project garner the interest of the community. Greetings fellow roleplayers ! I come to you today with a project I have started working on in my spare time; and I would like to hear your opinion and advice on this small undertaking. I am one of the folks that like to have as much practical information as I can on pretty much everything, and wikis really are just that, small nuggets of pure information about things. Sounds good right ? Sadly, our good developers, for all the good work they are doing, are pulling a Bohemia Interactive on us and release no documentation on the fantastic new stuff they add months after months, hence my proposal. Let's create a wiki for the DayZRP Mod ! I have already made a few pages just to show you folks what it might look like ! Tactical Knife Courier Bag Cetirizine Tablets The layout should pretty much stay the same but am I open to suggestions ! (especially on the colour scheme) I know some of you out there are actual web developers and graphic artists so I look forward to hearing from you ! I have yet to bring this project to the attention of the owners, who might end up wanting to host the wiki on DayZRP instead of my old website; I am of course more than willing to become a curator, and, if other people are interested in participating, I have most of the templates already available. (although not user-friendly quite yet.) With a just a handful of people, and a bit of help from the staff/development team, we can catch up pretty quickly on all the items and mechanics ! Most mod items also have pretty bare-bone definitions, I believe this is a good opportunity to also add a few lore titbits here and there for an added subtle layer of worldbuilding ! (with the approval from the folks in charge of the lore.) Anyway, just let me know what you think ! Cheers !
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    Crank up the volume.. Turn on that fullscreen.. Cause we're taking a little detour! Special Thanks to.. @RoCKiE @Shanoby @Carved_ @Krisw37 @Vadim Danshov
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    Here's my updated Changelog for the Feb Update! Added : - Added around 50+ new Flavor Items Varying from T-Shirts to Military Gear. Short Recap : - Timbalands Boots (Beige and Black). - FUMA Shoes (Black). - Full Black NBC Variant. - Urban Assault TTsKO Pants. - 3 Ushanka Types. - Black Tortilla Bag Variant. - 15 Baseball Cap Variants. - Bone Gloves, Shoes and Tracksuit Jacket. - White Plain Shirt. - Raincoat Variant. - Russian Military Gorka Jacket & Black South Face Gorka Jacket. - Ballistic Vest and T-Shirt with SECURITY print. - 2 Balaclava Variants (Faded Skull & Monster). - 3 New Rider Jacket Variants. - 2 New Bomber Jacket Variants. - 1 Taloon Variant. - 4 New T-shirt prints. - 5 New Hoodies. - Added reworked Smersh Vest (Assault Vest) and added Black Variant. - Added Plate Carrier and Pouches Variants (Green & Black added). - Added Smokable Cigarette (Matches + Cigarette Pack) and Rollable Joint (Paper + Cannabis) - Added the M4 Bayonet & SKS Bayonet back in - Added 2 Special Knife Variants (Hunting Knife & Machete) Fixed : - Fixed Bayonets not having proper Knife Animations Replaced : - Replaced 3 Cigarette Pack Variants with 1 for Recipe and Loot Table Control. _______________________________________ Disclaimer : This is only the items i have contributed to be added/fixed. The other amazing developers have tons of other amazing stuff.
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    UPDATE Thank you all for you kind words and thoughts, i got the cancer removed yesterday, and thankfully, they did not need to open me up to remove it. they went through the hole i already got (i know its gross, but better then getting a scar) everything went fine, and i am back home, with painkillers, and the hospital on speed dial if anything happens. now i just have to wait for them to do tests on the cancer they removed, to know if it has spread more then they could see.
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    On February 8th the peaceful northern countryside of Novaya Petrovka was disturbed by the movement of foreign men and machinery. Unbeknownst to them, the settlement further south was roaring with activity. Survivors trading, scavenging about, killing infected, some even boxing within the town's boxing ring. And as such the noise grew louder, to the point where an assembly had been called to investigate the source of the commotion. By that time those strange men had been notified of the existence of the town and its inhabitants, having not been previously informed by their superiors. The sound of several helicopters could be heard before everything grew quiet once more. The crowd of townspeople numbering around 20 cautiously worked their way north, apprehensive of the prospect of Russian soldiers just a stone's throw away from their homes. While they did not locate the soldiers, they were able to seize the compound that had been left mere minutes before. Sprawled around the yard were stacks of military equipment, uniforms, magazines, ammunition, generators, gasoline containers, tents, backpacks, and everything else that was needed to support an army in the field. Upon closer inspection the adjacent house was full of various supplies that had been dropped off. Gas masks were strewn around a corner next to a shelf, which contained various weapon attachments. Somebody had begun to stock the kitchen with supplies, and as such several potatoes sat in the sink waiting to be washed. A personal radio was also found, along with a conspicuous dossier that held several maps and a white sheet of paper that most closely resembled a set of plans or military orders, which was mostly ineligible due to being in code. Aside from this sheet several maps could be produced from the right sleeve of the folder, containing detailed and labeled markings and descriptions of an unidentified airbase. A map of South Zagoria was also found inside the folder, with several major hotspots and other places of frequent association marked with a blue pen, and the Russian term "ликвидировать" or liquidate alongside. Most alarming was a number of radioactive barrels with depleted nuclear fuel rods inside that were discovered locked inside the barn. Given the rather hurried nature of the Russian departure it was clear that they had not intended to leave them behind. As the survivors sifted through the wealth of items present at the yard a Russian Su-25 appeared in the air above, flying just short of it's intended point releasing a fuel-air bomb which sailed through the air, landing and exploding just short of the distance needed to harm the group of people. The attack jet disappeared and the survivors re-grouped, contacting the CDF's 88th CBRN Company for assistance on dealing with the radioactive barrels and the depleted nuclear fuel rods they contained. The Russian jet repeatedly circled over Novaya Petrovka, buzzing the various gatherings of survivors to make it clear that they were being watched. The waste barrels were brought to Vybor Airbase and stored inside an underground bunker complex, later being properly picked up and disposed of. Ultimately the spread of radiation was prevented and those in the north were mostly saved from crippling radiation sickness. The threat had abated for the time being, but the strangeness did not end with the fuel rods. On the 13th of February a badly beaten CDF soldier ran into Novaya Petrovka, rambling about being abducted by the Russians elite FSB security service before dropping off an encrypted radio that he had stolen from them in his flight. Later that afternoon, this CDF private was awoken by a group of people in a barn near Zelenogorsk. He had been chased south, stalked by those who sought the return of their stolen property. After the civilians calmed him down and helped him change, he was gunned down at range from the treeline, the perpetrators disappearing before they could be unmasked. A small incursion of Russian border troops moved beyond their lines into Tisy Military Base. Shortly following this an intense firefight erupted between the detachment and a group of Saviors. The detachment was mostly eliminated, but more importantly a Russian soldier's cell phone was recovered revealing selfies and various other details of troop movements. Another man known by the locals in the north was abducted off the airfield the day prior, beaten badly, and returned telling tales of little green men questioning him about various groups, numbers, and important locations. Finally, the secretive Chernarussian government's Chernarussiy Otryad Bystrogo Reagirovaniya Spetsnaz units managed to launch a surveillance operation on an early meeting of local Pamyati forces and their presumed FSB handlers. This was proof that a foreign and undercover intelligence operation had been taking place, which brought alarm to those initially shown the pictures. This eventually led to the rather rare issuing of a declassified intelligence report to better educate and inform citizens nearby of the nefarious Russian activities taking place. Reports sightings of troops moving along the border had reached an all time peak, and it seemed that something large was about to transpire. Even now, a secret network of individuals is working to bring the truth by disseminating the above documents to the people of South Zagoria, and make them aware of the approaching storm before it is too late....
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    I didn't even know about this conflict up until now. After reading this thread I think I'm going to send the leaders of the involved groups a PM with an offer they can't refuse ?
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    So I was reading a group thread where I saw that two groups were both pretty much saying that there were no more roleplay to be had and all that was left was PvP with each others. That got me thinking about how this war that has been going on don't seem to have an end to it. No one surrenders and no one really lose any people in firefights since they all come back. I don't know if it's just me but it feels really weird that the server has become almost more PvP oriented than roleplay oriented and I was wondering if we maybe need to have some rules for when a war has to end since it probably would had by now. Don't get me wrong, groups should be able to fight each others but after a while it just becomes a bit silly when there's just a stale mate and no real progression. So should we have some official rules when groups go to war with each others and some goals that need to be met for one party to win? Opinions overall is also welcomed.
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    Recently I’ve seen a lot of people talking about how players need a helping hand, especially those new to the community or those who have been trying to take RP more seriously than they have before. I’ve seen people discussing wanting the return of the Mentor Program, however, no one has yet to do anything. As the mentor program has always been a member run program, I decided, fuck it. I’m an active member of this community with nothing better to do. I don’t have a ban or warning history that could worry staff with me heading this project, so here we are. I’ve written this post up to begin the process of recruiting interested students and mentors who are looking to learn and or help the community. As this is a fledgling project, I can only hope it will one day reach the levels that @Buddy's wonderful program did at it’s peak. I’m hoping I can act as an organizer to help put people willing to teach and those wanting to learn together, or even teach others myself. Let’s hope this works! The Mentor Program is a program founded by members of the DayzRP community to help teach those who are new to Roleplay the ropes. It also assists those who have been doing light RP and now wish to broaden their scope and understanding of roleplay. Furthermore, they can help those struggling with character ideas or plot lines. For example, if you have an established character and are having difficulty deciding where to take them storyline, a mentor can assist with this by talking with you and discussing various elements in your narrative. The Mentor Program has two main groups, Mentors and Students. You can read more about them in their respective sections below. We hope to pair Mentors with Students so they may assist those who need help adjusting to RP on DayzRP the most. Mentors are members of DayzRP who are known to be exemplary roleplayers and have little to no severe warning or ban history under their belt. Mentors are volunteers who submit an application, and they are not picked by DayzRP Staff but rather by myself, Lori, and by recommendation of the other Mentors. They can assist students by roleplaying with them actively in the game and helping them develop their characters through these interactions. They may also choose to simply interact with their student through PMs on the forum, through discord or other means to answer questions or discuss character progression. Both are optional, and mentors may mix or match their methods, or even add new ones, to help however they feel best. Mentors will never attempt to control your character or you. They only seek to guide you. Furthermore, if a mentor ever becomes abusive, please report them promptly to myself or a DayzRP staff member. Students can be new or old members of the DayzRP community. New members with no experience or those who lack confidence may come ask for mentorship to learn the ropes of how the unique roleplay experience on DayzRP works. Furthermore, established members who wish to expand their roleplay or have grown unsure of how to proceed may also become students. Students may also be those who simply wish to have someone they can rely on for the occasional question or two that they know will provide an answer. Students, like mentors, can choose how heavily they want to interact with their mentors. Furthermore, students are expected to put work into learning. A mentor is not to write character backstories for them or other such things. We will follow all DayzRP guidelines and community rules. If a mentor requests that students only message them around certain times or a certain number of times per day or week, please respect that. If a DayzRP staff member feels our mentor program is breaking a rule, we will work with them to resolve it. More will be added as issues or concerns arise. If you wish to become a mentor, PM me the application below: Preferred Nickname: Discord Name: Age: Country: Roleplay Experience: Noticeable Bans or Warnings: What is the Line Between OOC and IC?: If you wish to become a student, reply to the thread or if you wish to remain anonymous, PM me with the application below: Preferred Nickname: Age: Country: Roleplay Experience: Noticeable Bans or Warnings: What is it that you wish to learn:
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    We have recently moved to a new webserver, which should be slightly faster. We have also upgraded our website platform to a new version, which added a few new features. You can now add gifs directly from the editor, by clicking on the gif button and searching. The service is provided by giphy. Please use it wisely, just spamming gifs around on the forums is not allowed as per community rule 1.5 There are a few cosmetic issues with the avatars, editor and some other areas of the website, those will be fixed over the next few days. Premium wise, there have been some changes to the perks: Sapphire perk for an icon beside username has been removed, it is no longer compatible with our platform. I'm looking into finding a replacement perk for Sapphires and up. All Gold and higher members have had their avatar and cover photo limits raised. You can now upload animated avatars up to 1MB big (doubled from 0.5MB) and cover photos up to 4MB (doubled from 2MB). Diamond has received new perks which is a fully customizable title below their name, as well as ability to send global radio messages to the server through what you know as RCON. This one is still work in progress, but you can see the draft here. Item shop has received an update. Remember that Item Shop items are cosmetic, nerfed versions of the original ones that can be found normally in game. Item shop spawned items may have reduced armor, inventory capacity, protection from elements or functionality. We have added MANY new item variants for existing items, those won't be active until new DayZRP content update is released later this month though. You can recognize the new variants in the dropdowns by the broken image when selected Here's a full list: New items have been added consisting of military outfits. Finally, the upcoming DayZRP mod content update. New update is on the last stretch and it should be released by the end of this week if nothing unexpected happens This update is taking a long time because we are trying to synchronize, organize and structure the work done by multiple devs and create procedures on how the content should be created and submitted. This also meant that we had to go through thousands of lines of code that were already submitted in previous updates to make the code meet these new standards. Future updates should hopefully follow this new standard we have set and should be released much faster. We are working on a hotfix for the fog issue, this will be released ASAP
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    For what it's worth, the hostile RP encounters we've had with you guys have been good fun. I would focus on RPing with your mouths instead of blasting an anthem down the mic, not only is that incredibly annoying to listen to down a megaphone, it's also just a big 'I'm gonna just leave this situation.' kinda thing. You went to their town, not the other way around. What more could you expect? They've stood their ground in plenty of fights against us, not sure what you're getting at? Difference being we didn't go straight to their front door, where they have easy protection. I'd have done the same thing if my enemies came to my base. If you can RP with your enemies in a safe location, why not? His reply was just fine with the way the situation was presented by yourself. Think about what you're saying and come back with some genuine feedback for these guys to reply to instead of swearing and going off on them, because unfortunately your attitude in this situation is the one that is off. Calm down.
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    so if someone ig says he "fucked my wife and has been fucking her for some time" does this grant me kos? example : "Hey i'm Eddie Malone, the Reporter who Fucked your wife."
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    Found something on the internet today.
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    *John finishes putting the last wall up, with a sigh of relief, he begins to look around at what has been accomplished in such a short time period. He takes to the platform high up on top of the town hall, takes his radio out of his vest and hits the PTT* "To all who it may concern: Rejoice! For the true city of freedom has risen once more! We at the Saviors are proud to announce that Tortuga is now reopened in its original place previously owned by Falk our second in command." "The Lone Star Free State is exactly what it sounds like: Democracy and Capitalism have been reborn once more from the ashes of the old. Many of you may ask: "But Mister Moody I thought Novaya was burnt to the ground and the Saviors are in hiding," but many of you who knew us personally know that we do not give up that easily." "We invite all the good citizens back to the shining capital of the wasteland now located in Novodmitrovsk." "That being said, Green Lizards, District and other known enemies of the Saviors are not welcome here, if seen you will be persecuted." *John releases the PTT*
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    Rebuilding: A funny short video I made today.... enjoy! Everyone in the video: @MrP4nda @JSaul @OhThatGuy27 @MrP4nda
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    Was up people Upon returning to DayzRP I wanted to remake a group that I hold close to me so I got in contact with a couple of OG's and we decided we'd give it a shot and if it doesn't work out we wouldn't ruin the reputation that the group has OOC. We came ingame and I feel in our month run made a impact on the server. We made New Paris which has been great and it's fun and great to see even OOC people calling it New Paris We held a summit which has progressed alot of groups causing unlikely alliances that probably wouldn't of been seen a few weeks ago and most important one for me is we were always thanked for our Roleplay and I'm really glad that people had fun with us and I thank EVERYONE for that The interest of the group has died down and people aren't having that much fun anymore @Nightngale and I wont let the reputation of the group go downhill because people are loosing interest so instead of that going to request /archive on this group. Thanks everyone shout out @Phoenix @TIMELAPSE @Watchman @-CML-NorWayy @YungBrandonRP Plus many many more for the good times and such shame it has come to an end so suddenly and after a short amount of time.
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    Well, let us see. I think I am gonna start with some old shit and then post new stuff over time who knows. Sadly I don't have any old screenshots of the mod days Let's start with some ZBOR classics mostly possing for propaganda and Patroling with @Corry, @DeeBlack, @Giraffel, @Harlow, @Grazo, @Grozo, @puppet, @Bulgarian Bombshell, @Mak, @Phatal, @Galland and many more... ...Oh and delivering Justice to the enemies of the state with @Mak and the other or @Stagsview and the Liska but yeah past is past and as we like to say "Don't cry because it's over smile because it happened!" because not all we did was bad tbh Then there was the time of the Northern Alliance and my group The Haven And then the war. NA vs the Plantation, New Moon and the others from the south Well and that's it that is my blast of the past. I will probably start posting more old shit and new stuff too so yeah stay tuned next will be stuff from Nasinec and other stuff Oh and as a little bonus to finally solve who R.I.P'ed Camp Zucchini it was @Thoss and @derNils (Me) but don't worry we used the gear to arm the ZBOR troops
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    The current plan is that approved groups will receive unique armbands - developer team will create new armband variants with big bright white icons on them (skull, gun, rifle, star, cross, campfire, etc) and different colors. A group will then be able to select one variant (for example red armband with cross, or black armband with skull) and that combination will be reserved for the group. Group members will be then be able to spawn that variant from item shop with reduced cooldown (6 hours probably). If a group archives, the variant will be freed up again. This will allow us to have armbands that identify group members without having to add and remove group logos to the game as groups are approved or archived. As for regular armbands without icons, those remain as a cosmetic thing only for random players and will have the same cooldown as the rest of clothing.
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    It would make sense to verdict it based on how the rules were at the time of the incident. Wouldnt be very fair otherwise.
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    so if someone ig says he "fucked my wife and has been fucking her for some time" does this grant me execution rights? example : "Hey i'm Eddie Malone, the Reporter who Fucked your wife." take me back baby gaaal
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    Okay. Y’all wanna know the real issue. This stupid ass coalition mentality of A vs. B. literally every time I initiate on a group, they have 2 other groups running to their rescue regardless of our size. The huge alliances are just wack. I’ve learned this first hand back in the Anarchy lopatino days. Yeah it’s cool to hold all the power sure but it’s pretty lame when it takes 3 groups to do it. After every fight it’s nothing but a ‘who’s nuts are fatter’ on the radio thread but in reality it’s just a numbers game with this ‘war’. There’s no quality to quantity control. It seems that some of these groups are just bolstering numbers with whoever will wear their armbands. Idk. Maybe I’m just a a whiny nerd but honestly the only thing different between the groups right now is what color armband they have on. They all fight the same way, roleplay the same way, and have the stigma from an outsiders perspective. Yet they all wanna prove something. Group sound familiar? >Lots of ‘survivor’ westerners, few eastern lads >3-4 ‘big names’ with grey men filling the rest of the ranks. > Owns a town, wears color coordinated armbands >Can never tell if they will or won’t rob you(but most likely will) >Excessivly hostile, power-chubs. >Only known and progressed goal they have is to kill group [insert group name]
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    Today marks my last day in The Saviors. I would be lying if I didn't have problems within the group but I have enjoyed being the right hand to Moody. What me and Moody and made together and done in my opinion has influenced alot people on the server. Good Luck in the next step of The Saviors Story.
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    Are you kidding me right now? You come into the city, blasting russian music or whatever over your megaphone. Then you talk about how dog brain foreigners have taken over your country and more specifically your city. How in the hell are we not supposed to take that as hostile? We were preparing for some kind of conflict, especially with your past history. We cannot have a civil discussion in public when all your men call us dog brain foreigners and how we are invaders. I’m sorry but it’s not realistic. You know we are in open conflict with Cherno-Russian Nationalist, and to hear you scream what you were saying over the radio is clearly hostile to us. You can come to Novaya to RP, but don’t except us to friendly when all you do is insult everyone in town. There’s a reason why all the civilians ran away when they heard your group on the megaphone. How in the hell can you say that was bad RP? Shame.
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    February 10th: The long road home I wasn't ready to leave this place had become somewhat of a home to me.. to us. We had our orders and each and every one of us would follow it till the end, we knew what we was trying to accomplish was never going to work but The Legion gave us a home and a family that most of us never had. We came to Chernarus as a last ditch effort to make sure the Legion survived, we recruited in country conscripts and it worked for the most part. We stopped a war that was tearing what was left of the country apart and we managed to set up the Region De Napoleon (Why command chose that name I'll never know.) We thought once the conflict was over we'd be able to stay neutral but with little to no support from France or the rest of the regiment we was outgunned and out supplied. We found ourselves struggling to survive not that we'd ever admit it, the locals didn't want us nor did anyone else really. We all made friends here people that looked to us when things got heard and I'd like to say we made a difference here in the time we was here, command kept giving us impossible tasks and the men, my brothers were starting to have many doubts they knew what we was trying to accomplish would end in our deaths and sadly most of them was right. The fighting started taking a toll on morale and I needed to do something fast I asked command if we could fall back and gather our strength in the mountains, command told us if we couldn't hold Chernarus then the Legion would fall. Turned out they was under constant attacks from a unknown force of unknown strength. I gathered the loyal men of 2e CIE we set out the day to reinforce the rest of our brothers in arms in the mountains, we would do whatever it took to guarantee the survival of the Legion. We passed through fields, abandoned towns, crossed bridges all a familiar sight of which they passed through a month prior. Everything looks so grey and quiet we all started to miss Chernarus for one reason or another but as long as we was together our family would always overcome anything that was thrown at us. The men grew tired and honestly so did I, the trek was unforgiving but we knew time was against us and we pushed till we reached the familiar sights of the areas we would patrol a year back now nothing just the occasional infected but even those were a rare sight. February 13th: Rest in peace (https://my.mixtape.moe/izldbv.mp3 turn down but listen) I don't know how to start this entry.. I don't know why I even write anymore what is this all for? Guess I'll start with the most important thing, names. Sergent Nikolai Rykov, 26, Russia. Caporal Chef Tom Ivory, 27, South Africa. Caporal Jack Barns, 27, USA. Legionnaire de 1re classe Sten Ilves, 25, Estonia. Legionnaire de 2e classe Oussama Mbokani, 28, France. Legionnaire de 2e classe Kane Shawn Lewis, 29, USA. These men fought bravely till their last breath, if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be here Paul,Mike, Jayden and Rust wouldn't be here either. They fought till they couldn't anymore, I don't know what happened even till now. We was just hiking back to base and all of a sudden things went crazy we was ambushed, all we had was rocks and little ditches to take cover in. We didn't have the firepower to withstand what was thrown at us but we would never give up Marche ou crève as we was told. Jack Barns was the first to die, the bastards threw a grenade or something it landed right at his feet. Nothing anyone of us could do to save him he wasn't the smartest man but a fine good soldier and will always remember the good times we had, no matter the situations he was always on the front line ready to fight and if necessary die for us. Oussama Mbokani was next, when we was ambushed he was leading the march back home when the first RPG had hit he dove down a little defilade and was covering the left flank. Not sure how long into the fighting it was but Rust noticed he had been hit, a round had caught him in the face luckily he never suffered. Oussama was a good man a little slow but loyal and always followed orders. Tom Ivory, this one got to me the most, Ivory was my left hand, loyal and always followed orders. There wasn't really a time you'd see me with him behind or close by, it was funny people always thought he was the second highest rank. He was my best friend and I am proud to have called him my brother. He was falling back and got hit in chest twice knocking him down. I'm sorry I was by your side when you went down brother. Tom died shortly after he died a soldiers death. Sten Ilves, Loyal as anything he came looking to fight and that's what he did. Sten was quiet but when he spoke everybody listened and me sometimes, he was wise, smart and knew tactics. Sten was providing cover fire as with began falling back him and Kane were the last two to fall back, Sten caught a round to the leg then from what I could see a few to the back he died instantly if it wasn't for him and Kane we wouldn't have been able to fall back. Kane Shawn Lewis, good man and even greater Legionnaire. He was in the Army before joining the French Foreign Legion, he never spoke about it much nor spoke much in general but he was someone you'd want on your side. combining the army training in America and the FFL training there wasn't much he couldn't do. Kane and Sten covered the rear so we could fall back, sadly he had gotten stuck and was unable to move as he was under constant fire. We was going to push back to get him but he refused help he didn't want anyone else dying so he laid down fire and continued for moments more before it all went silent. Rykov, Tough son of a bitch was last to die by the time he finally went down we had all been hit one place or another but he had caught a round to each of his legs and was unable to walk. Rykov gave the order to leave him behind and that he would take as many as he could with him. I left a few of my magazines behind if there was two things Rykov was good at that was shooting and shit talking, he held out for some time not sure how long to be completely honest but it was enough for us to hear the voices of multiple attackers pushing him. Rykov being himself he threw insults in English, French and Russian before dying. These men were my family and everything they did during that battle saved the lives of everyone else. I will miss them all for different reasons but most of all they were the best men anyone could ask to serve along side they are the heros of 2e CIE. We called for backup from command but got not response so either they are gone or they left us for dead either way when we needed help nobody was there to answer the call and my brothers died because of it. Number 7 French Foreign Legion code of honour is "you never abandon your dead, your wounded, or your arms." I failed two of those. I don't deserve to be in command of these men I lead them to that mountain all because I was a Legionnaire till my death. One of the last things I remember before we left New Paris was someone asking what my biggest fear was and my biggest fear came true a few days after "For my men to die and me to survive" I'm hurt and honestly not sure what will happen so I write this so if this is found you can read it. 2E CIE Just before being deployed in the picture Rykov, Jayden , Sten, Jamal, Mike, Tom, Jack, Paul, Stephan and Oussamma along with other 2REP Legionnaires. (I've never really done writing before and never really been good at it but I was bored. Probably do some more entries when I get like this in the future I hope yall enjoy.)
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    No lorewipe has ever changed a thing ingame. Fresh start for characters, maybe even new ones, same old shit within days. I voted no.
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    Felt cute might delete later
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    unless anyone else wants to take over, /archive. It's been a good run lads. ?
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    @Cuteboi39 @OskuRP Purest of Love there is
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    After my last (not so good) feedback I want to leave feedback again. I have finally seen a massive change in behaviour and attitude of roleplay performed from this group. Instead of hoping not to bump into you, I would rather stick around. I enjoy the hotspot you guys have created and enjoy talking to you all. As I stated, Pogo, Moody and ToeZ (including others) have made this enjoyable for me and provided outstanding roleplay sessions. Please, keep up the good work. I can tell you guys have improved from my last feedback and done a complete 180°. Kudos to you.
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    *Shepherd swiftly moving through the woods alone, fleeing since the Green Mountain double crossing execution not knowing who he can trust anymore, He stumbles upon a lonely house and decides to take some rest. Shepherd has been very quiet lately, not himself. He takes a breath and begins to talk to himself, strangely.* "We have not spoke much of what's actually happened lately.. have we lads? The day we lost Paddy was the day everything hit home, we're not invisible, things do come to bite us in the ass. Paddy had a real impact on me when he was alive, he knew what was best for us when I wasn't around and when I was, we cracked some damn good plans together. He was a great 2nd in command and an even better friend, we owed our lives to that man. I still.. can't believe he's actually dead, It hasn't felt real until now.. We've fought all our lives.. we pushed our enemies away from their hometowns.. we made a massive name for ourselves, everybody knows us, most fear us and few challenged us. Of all the battles we fought, in the trenches of the north, the cities of the west and in the end it was the damn nationalists with one small pull of his finger changed everything for me. We never got to host a funeral for our dear friend and it haunts me because of it.. it really haunts me. I blame myself for what happened the other night.. Sokol my dear friend, you sacrificed your life to protect me and you would not take no for an answer.. " *His voice raises and he punches the table in rage* "FOOKIN' ZAAAAAAAHID! "Why did I trust a fucking merc, I let him so close to us, its exactly what he wanted. Sokol fookin' knew something was fishy when he heard Zaahid had found an informant who was present during the day of Paddy's execution. He wanted to swap clothing with me and wear a balaclava, to the meetings, pretending to be me. You wouldn't take no for an answer and now your.. dead. Executed in Green Mountain, infront of everybody... it should of been me. What makes the wound ever more raw.. some district members have gone silent since the attack.. are they dead?... or had they a part to play in Sokol's death.." *He looks up and see's Peter West sitting infront of him with his strange human stitched mask, staring at him. Shepherd jumps up and kicks the table over and pulls out his Knife.* P..Peter?! What the fuck! I thought you were dead! *He rubs his eyes hoping to snap out of it but.. he cant* Peter Speaks: "Shepherd, you must go to Berezino.. the s...sss..Spirits ask you to. " *Peter mumble laughs* Shepherd: "Peter, you know I don't believe in those fookin' damn spirits." *For a moment he truly believes Peter is sitting in front of him* Peter: "Shepherd.. *Mumble laughs* "You must go or if you stay on the same path it will be the.. e..ee..end of you." *Shepherd lets out a confused laugh and reaches to shake Peters hand* "Ive missed you, ya crazy fu...." *His hand passes through Peter, he gasps and suddenly Shepherd wakes up.. feels blood dripping from his forehead where he had bashed his head off a large tree fleeing from Green Mountain, he must of knocked himself out on the impact, confused but suddenly strangely focused.* *He zips down his tactical shirt bearing a stitched in Irish flag on the right shoulder, pulls out his cross around his neck given to him by Pope Mickey Mcgee.* "I swear to you Paddy O' Connor, I will avenge your death, I will make the communists swallow their own foreign hating tongues." "I swear to you Sokol Zakharov, I will avenge your death, I will hang Zaahid by his balls from Green Mountains radio tower." *He steps out of the lonely house and begins to travel east, to Berezino... on his way he begins to get flashbacks in his head of the past..*
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    Just an update for everyone, Alan's funeral happened last week. This is the result of his funeral. May he rest in peace.
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    Visiting "Paris". Photo taken by @Watchman
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    Title says it all. I don't wanna go from looking like I've spent 5 years cutting down trees to someone who doesn't know how a fucking razor works. I'm pretty certain fixing it shouldn't be too hard. Plus, maybe increase the time it takes for someone to get a beard. Now I feel like I can go AFK for 2 mins and return to my guy looking like Arthur Morgan after about 3 doses of hair tonic. Beard at stage 3: Beard at stage 4 for some weird reason:
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    Fucking hell this again. Why tho Bubblegum. Let's do what Rolle said and not touch this until the game is expanded. Rolle isn't gonna add back LMs or me to write a new one so you'll just get a wipe that reverts what we have or he will write a lore that'll consist of "and then there were zombies". Never changes anything and is a horrific idea. Lore factions would get bungholed and be understaffed and boring, and the game is still broken af. We can't keep a fucking base on the server without getting deleted. If you want to improve the ingame landscape then apply for Eventmaster and help me out. I can't get the activity I want with 2 jobs and taking Calculus. Just because we have tools won't change dick, you people seem to think everybody is just gonna act differently than they always have. Most people are lazy and won't volunteer for things they purport to care so much about. We have an entire group of people on the Lore faction Discord that are volunteers. Dozens. I @here everybody the other day and got one person. If you want big nice things I need manpower. Lore doesn't matter in either case. Go on the eventmaster thread and post if you want an invite. Hell to the fucking no. -1
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    Sick Night. Vox: @yung flare @Phoenix @Watchman @BrianM @Pontiff @Lori @ItsMaverick @DatBlueWolf Other G's: @Jean @OskuRP @yuthee @Roman @ScarletRose Funny Kids: @OxeN @Jackfish @Challenger
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    Alright ladies the gentlemen get your popcorn here's how the war started for all that are misinformed. Sorry for the wall but there's no other way. The Mexicans were a common enemy of District, Saviors and New moon. We all signed a Non aggression pact and to merge against the Mexicans. District took ownership of a building in novaya including the sidewalk. We harassed anyone stepping on our sidewalk or entering our building, Saviors also enforced this harshly too. Cipher and his merry bunch turned up and argued about the sidewalk with a bunch of his mercs. It got heated and we decided to regroup at the Savior factory. All of us inside and Cipher rolls up, Moody initates on him and we hold him hostage, interrogating him etc. His mates show up and there's a huge firefight, after about an hour there are 4 district and 2 Saviors left alive and the rest of the mercs outside, we were trapped with no way to escape. Myself and Cipher strike a deal that if District escort him out, we will be given safe passage, catch was, saviors were not included. I valued my men's live and my own so I took the deal. I went to escort Cipher out and the saviors disputed it, I distracted them and cipher made a dart for it. He returned with his men killing the saviors and accidently TK'd 2 of mine. Myself and @Jackfish were set free. There's actually quite a good video of this Cipher posted somewhere. It was PEAK roleplay. Now all of the Saviors should of forgotten the deal, as they all died. So myself and the rest of District wanted to return to novaya and explain what happened in the factory, as of course, all of them died. I brought all of my men in plain sight and guns on the back to explain, Saviors had no interest in speaking, suddenly they knew all about the deal (sadly metagamed), and initiated on us, a firefight broke out. Since then the war was waged, Green dragons became a thing and @YungBrandonRP approached me and spoke about common group against the saviors, we agreed to have a non aggression pact and the relationship between our groups blossomed organicly, then the coalition was formed with other groups against saviors. New moon had at that stage stabbed District in the back too. We pushed them out of Novaya to novo and now to somewhere else. Hense the war ladies and gentlemen. It is in no way OOC fueled, at least I can speak for District. It is also not because of radio chatter, accusions of John Moody being a paedophile, canabal etc. That's lame and I never took part in that. It grew organicly. The end.
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    When I initiate.. I do it right... Shout out to @cheeksfor the POV.
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    This is something I've noticed for quite some time, particularly in DayZRP over other servers that I spend my time on and other genres of games (And styles of gameplay that the RP takes place in). In the time I've spent in chat games or even servers for things like NWN1 and 2 I've not really seen so much tribalism and "us vs. them" mentality against people who role-play for different reasons, and I think a thorough and respectful look at it might help to educate some people and what I personally have seen seems to come from people toward the "Campfire RP" aspect of the community which I feel I would clearly label myself as part of, I think I might be able to help humanize some concepts for people that might see this as something stale or boring or simply not as "valid" a type of role-play to be done on the server as whatever it is that they identify themselves with. Now I will note here that this is not a condemnation on the role-play style of others, though I might add what I believe to be genuine critique on people for particular things but I will do my best to do this in the focus on helping people to understand the perspective of the sort of "other" that seems to be vilified by some people. This post was inspired by @Jerry's comment on the thread Force PK's in public executions.. Now I already addressed what I believed to be the issue in that topic and I'd like for it not to spill over here, but I mention this person and his post specifically because I think it touches upon that very sense of community tribalism that this post is meant to address. To be perfectly clear, I looked at Jerry's profile and his character, and I think, while a bit odd, it is an interesting one and one that does actually have some merit in bringing about good role-play if done well. I don't think I've actually met the person in game and I cannot say anything about them beyond that besides giving them what I believe are well-deserved kudos for a character concept that at least I have no seen in this form so far on DayZRP. What I'd like to address is what comes across to me as the mocking way in which "Campfire text RPers" is used almost as an epithet, as if this is something deserving of ridicule, and Jerry is far from the first person I've seen who feels this way, and I want to reiterate that this is not calling him out or saying that I am upset by his particular use of it, only to give a concrete example I do not have to dig through logs to show of the way it has been used in the past and continues to be used as recently as a few minutes ago to sort of disparage people who have this particular view on what role-play should be and what they get out of the game itself. The first point I'd like to make is that, at the end of the day, this is a game. That can be hard to remember sometimes, and I've certainly gotten more upset over it than was healthy, my first punishment was a warning for a post about a bandit group I believed to be abusing the rules to assault a compound as soon as the (then present) cooldown timer had expired simply to get into firefights. There were obviously better ways to go about this and to try to open a line of communication where a better understanding between parties could be reached, and I think that sort of thing needs to happen here. For years I've seen "Campfire RP" used almost like a slur as I said before, as something that people are accused of as if they should be ashamed of it, so let's address a few things from the perspective of someone who is, I think most people would agree, a Campfire Text Rper. What is Campfire RP? Now this might be slightly contentious because I've seen people refer to it as separate things. Some people believe that any sort of slow-paced, relaxed setting in which characters share stories or experiences is Campfire RP. Some people believe that it is when people go off and role-play by themselves somewhere away from populated areas. It seems the common thread in the various implied definitions is that it is what happens between moments of conflict, that it is the social, the relaxed, the sort of casual conversation between a group of people in a way where there is no immediate threat or danger being posed. Now this is not to say it is the same as what has been come to be labeled as "internal RP" in a group, though obviously this could be Campfire RP as well, but it tends to swing more toward the role-play done with a group during times of travel with some Campfire RP thrown in during moments of characterization during the aforementioned times of quiet and calm. Now, it is important to point out that you may not agree with this, and if you do not I'd like for you to post what you believe these definitions to be. These are what I've come to know them as, but because they are the constructs of people who have different opinions and views on the meaning of the terms they can man quite a few different things to different people, and that is part of the reason I think that it creates this "us vs. them" mentality. The idea of the "Other" that is often used in rhetoric against those who do not share similar interests or goals. Now the purpose of this post and this call to discussion is not the defending of Campfire RP, but I will add a section later about my own interest and what I get out of the game that I urge you to read if you are someone who uses this term as an epithet because I'd like for everyone to come out of this with a bit of understanding about others who come to this game and see it as something different or who get different things from it. A Goalless Game What is the "Goal" of DayZRP? Well, I think the most commonly accepted answer would be "To Role-Play." That is what we're here for at the end of the day, but there are people who even see this as something different. There are (And again I am not targeting other members of the community and I will not name specific ones) characters that could be considered milquetoast if we are being generous, and there are those who have obviously more time and effort put into the characterization on their character page. Now this does not mean that the character will be as shallow or as deep as they appear from this reference in game, and sometimes the opposite can be true as there are simply some people who are better or worse at the outlining of a character than they are at the playing of said character to this outline. However I'd like to point out that there are some characters that, for lack of experience or lack of care, do come across as little more than a faceless avatar with which someone can play out a power fantasy. Is that wrong? Well, that's not necessarily a black-and-white topic. Everyone gets something different out of the game. Everyone plays their character for a different reason and toward a different end. There are people who want to see the character deepen and they want to push things to see what will happen, how they will react, and how the character will change because they value the malleability of a character to a situation above the more structured ideas that some have about playing a character from point A to point B to point C. Neither of these are inherently superior, though I think in a setting like DayZRP the malleability of a character, and the malleability of a player willing to work with these hiccups in the development of a character, can be seen as a boon because this game opens doors to more improvisational role-play in situations than other games might. Now there are some people who are here to be bandits. There are some people who obviously want to play only for the gunfights, the robbing, the torturing. Is that wrong? Again, it's not quite a black-and-white answer, but wanting to play an evil character is also not a valid reason to try to besmirch someone or think that their reason, their goal in this game is lesser. As people who are more often malicious in their characters often point out, and it is a point I wholeheartedly agree with, conflict is required in a story to grow. The world needs villains, though my personal belief is that there are certain responsibilities than villains should understand they take on in situations that I do not think many would agree with here, and that comes from my own time as a villain in other settings where I have been, essentially the "Big Bad" of a server and often was the one doing the robbing, pillaging, and much worse myself, but I will address that in a small tangent later. Us and Them Some of us are here to survive. Some of us are here to thrive. Some of us are here to prey. Some of us are even here to be preyed upon. None of these, I would say, is a more valid breakdown of a character synopsis or a player's intent than any other. This is a game. The ultimate goal behind the curtain is to enjoy yourself, but when a game requires conflict in less structured and more "freeform" (To use an archaic term I apologize for) ways there are going to be people both on the giving and receiving ends who feel affronted if things don't go their way. They are going to see either a lack of cooperation, a lack of effort, or a lack of overall quality for whatever reason as a personal issue, and part of that is just human nature when it comes to games. If I am abducted and, for whatever reason, my RP is subpar and the people who abducted me are not enjoying it, they may very well feel as if I'm wasting their time, as if they are doing something to try to progress their own story and I am impeding that, preventing them from getting what they enjoy out of this game. By the same token I have had instances in the past, years ago, where I was kidnapped and held hostage, or simply robbed, with little or no effort put into it. No characterization came from it beyond being upset ICly at the people who robbed me or kidnapped me, and ultimately OOCly it can feel like a speedbump and a waste of time when you are trying to find something that actually works toward what you enjoy. Now, this comes back to the "Campfire RP" aspect of the tribalism I see. If I am robbed or kidnapped and I think the people who are in the aggressor position are doing a bad job, if they're being silly or immature in a way that isn't for the sake of a character, but (From memory) putting someone in a dress and laughing at them because it's a man in a dress and bordering on doing things solely for OOC amusement, well, that sucks, but that isn't a strike against "Hostile RP" it's an issue with those particular players. Just like I would hope that people understand that if they come across people role-playing by a campfire, sharing stories and enjoying themselves, if they don't enjoy it or find it appealing that it isn't necessarily an issue with "Campfire RP" but it could be for any number of reasons. I've seen plenty of people in relaxed settings who are just as silly and willing to do things for OOC amusement over attempting to keep things IC and try to make it something enjoyable for everyone. I don't think less of the style of RP most people would say I fit into on here, and I would like to ask that other people don't as well. Stale RP This is something that baffles me, and it is something that comes from my own upbringing. People complain on here quite a bit about RP being "stale" or about things not mattering. This comes back, I think, to the reasons that people play the game, and I've not really felt much in the way of staleness in the many years I've played here because I understand why I play here and what I'm doing. I play a survivalist character. A scavenger. I play the game because to me a part of the character is overcoming the world, the survival game canvas that the RP is imposed on. In this iteration my character tells people to bundle up because it's cold, he carries a camp stove and is ready to cook food for people or give them socks because he's trying to help them understand that there is more to survival than a plate carrier or an assault rifle with a drum/coupled mag, and that isn't meant only as a reference to people who RP hostile characters. I've met just as many "heroes" or fellow survivalists who think they can only survive in the cold if they look like they're ready to go to war instead of valuing warmth and aspects that aren't mechanical in nature (More on that below). RP is never stale for me because the goal I have in RP is never achieved. I'd like to go on just a bit of a tangent and talk about apocalyptic fiction and why I think it might help people understand the game and not see role-play as getting stale just because there's not some new huge conglomeration of people trying to take over the world: I'll keep this to movies like say, Mad Max. We are very much still in the first Mad Max movie, and one of the issues I do have with the RP is that the server tends to lore wipe and keep us in that "Near Apocalyptic" setting where humanity has only just fallen and there are still aspects of it everywhere. There is still hope in this setting, there are still people who believe other countries are thriving and safe (Whether that is true or not) and that escape, salvation, and the restoration of the world and order is possible. We still have buildings that haven't fallen to the ravages of time yet. One of the things you might remember in, say, Beyond Thunderdome, is that there are children who have cave paintings and who regard things Max still remembers as legend. Great metal flying machines, buildings that jutted up higher than you could climb. There is still civilization in places like Barter Town, but there is no hope of return anymore, and eyes have turned toward the future. In DayZRP we often see a sort of dissonance between those who want to rebuild or to revert things and those who are trying to build anew, to create something out of what has happened and to see civilization spring up in whatever new form it might take. Now that can be a very interesting angle, the old world vs. the new world, but it seems that, from my own personal experience, the depth of this is often limited to people not wanting to be yoked by rules or laws of the old world so they want to create the rules and laws, and other people disagreeing and it coming to violence. Now, I'm not saying things like this did not happen in the Mad Max series, not by a long shot. Raiders are a common thing, and commodities are scarce and fiercely guarded either physically or through subterfuge and secret. Sadly some of the unintentional persistence wipes have shown us that the game we have our RP based on is not quite ready for that level of depth, and that can be frustrating but concessions have to be made for the medium in which you play. So what do you get out of this? Why is the RP stale for you? Again I want to ask and you are welcome to answer: If you think things are stale...Why? I often see fingers pointed everywhere else, but I see very little in the way of personal responsibility taken. There is a lot of blame and, like the post is titled, tribalism, but there is very little beyond the rules stopping you from trying to do something to further your own RP, or even branching out into something different. I've always suggested that people who have played pacifist characters play villains and vice versa, which segues nicely into the next point. Character Concepts and Shifting Sand I pointed this out in another post, but there are some other things I think drive this divide between people, and one of them is that when you look at "Bandit/Hero/Mercenary/Campfire" as the sort of Tetralogy of archetypes you really do yourself a disservice and you create these labels that can be applied to people who may not do what you like or who may have given you bad RP in the past, but the labels are then applied to that entire group and not the offending players. You now have an entire group seeing this damning of what they do and the reason they're here which only leads to back and forth and the widening of the gaps between people when I will say I believe objectively the closer people are as a community the better the stories you get out of everyone. Now I'm not a big fan of trying to follow archetypes or tropes but you still see them and there are some I even fall into though I might try not to. We are all mere space monkeys hurtling through the universe on a rock and staring at a lit up screen for entertainment. One thing I do try to avoid, and what I try to implore other people to avoid, however, is the idea of the "Foundation Archetype." So what is a "Foundation Archetype"? It is an idea you are completely set on and refuse to waver from for whatever reason. It is the solid stone upon which the character is built and there is nothing that can ever stop you from playing this archetype in your character. I often prefer the idea of a "Shifting Sands" concept, where you have something that you could set something on, but that foundation shifts and changes. It moves in ways that you may not be able to make up for and ultimately it may make whatever you've built upon it unrecognizable from what it began as, but that is (I believe) part of the reason we have communities like DayZRP. Instead of being lumped or lumping others into this idea that they belong to one of however many groups you may want to believe, if you see them all as concepts on this shifting sand you realize you only see them as they are now. You don't know what brought them to this point, you don't know if they started that way, you don't know if they will end that way. You see a snapshot of a character every time you interact, and if you look carefully you can see the changes and differences in those snapshots when you see them again in a few days or a week or a month. They may not be the same person you remember, but hopefully they have changed enough. Verisimilitude vs. Realism Now, I used that word a lot in my last post in the previous topic I linked above. Verisimilitude is, to put it simply, realism as it stands in the work you are regarding. Now that stands apart from "realism" and it's why I don't things to be compared "realistically" in forum posts that often degrade into "Well if it's realistic I could just snipe you and take your stuff." That might be realistic, but it's not verisimilitudinous. We have rules that the story has to go by, just like it isn't realistic for a mage to throw a fireball, but it can be verisimilitudinous. There are external parameters that affect how the story and the RP has to go, there are limits in place to make things fair and to make sure that as many people as possible out of the whole are enjoying themselves. In game you have to initiate, you can't just strip someone naked and run off after two seconds and no interaction, etc. These are the guidelines through which the RP is filtered and those are what we have to take into consideration when we consider verisimilitude of a situation, and it's one of the things that can affect whether or not a player should permakill their character, because the verisimilitude of the situation trumps the realism of it in a game or any work of fiction.There are always going to be author or gamemaster fiats. So what is verisimilitudinous in an apocalyptic situation given the rules that we know are in place? Even that can be up for debate and I'm sure it will be as there are people who think that certain behaviors strain that suspension of disbelief that we all should be trying to maintain for our own sake and the enjoyment of the people we play with. You know, that's a good point, so let's have a quick tangent. Your Responsibility Toward Enjoyment This is something that I, as both a game master in many things and as a villain player in multiple situations believe wholeheartedly. When you are role-playing with someone, you should believe that you are responsible for that person's enjoyment. For every person's enjoyment around you. When you take someone hostage you are, for all intents and purposes, become a game master in that situation, and this touches on why I think there are some people who dislike the idea of "hostile RP" though I dislike that term as much as I dislike "campfire RP" to be completely honest. When you have someone with you that has no control over the situation, you are indebted to them. What is going on right now goes at the pace you dictate, it contains information, actions, and a path that only you have control over. I think that some people who look unfavorably upon the idea of bandits and kidnappings and all that stuff do so because they've had the displeasure of coming into contact with people who don't understand that they should take this responsibility for what is going on. Now I'm not saying I believe this lack of personal responsibility is rampant, but I do think that it exists, and I am not addressing it as an accusing finger to everyone in a hostile group. As I mentioned in a post not too long ago one of the last times I was actually in a hostile situation there was nothing in the way of actual mechanical hostility going on. I will do a quick recap here because I do think it is an interesting thing to mention and it goes to show how understanding that responsibility and control over events can be used to create something that will leave a player with a positive attitude despite having been put in a situation that they would not have wanted to be in. When the Morettis were in Lopatino and Anarchy was protecting them there was an issue with Kamenici attacking the town. I had gone on a scavenging run to Novaya Petrovka, but as I stopped in the barns near Sinistok I was approached by a man...Two men...Six men? They began to talk to me in a calm manner, asking me if they could "have a moment of my time" because they had things they wanted to discuss with me. We went into the bar and they began to tell me about who they were. Now throughout all this there wasn't any sneering or spitting or calling me a "Dog pig" or whatever. They treated me with respect, whether or not they actually respected the character or not, they understood they had the upper hand in the situation and played it well. We talked about the country, and they told me about their intent and that they wanted me to do them a "favor" because I was someone who seemed to have respect for the country. They wanted me to tell people in Lopatino about them. They wanted me to keep them fearful and to let them know that all of the rumors they'd heard about Kamenici were true. It was about this time someone mentioned they had noticed someone and the group left, but throughout the entire thing there was a sense of understanding in it that I'd like to compliment the person on even though I don't know his forum name. If you're around and see this, do let me know. There was pacing, there was an understanding of how to press an advantage in a situation without it either starting or devolving into open hostility. I went through the entire situation anxious because I knew at any point these hostilities could happen, and the showing of respect in order to foster an idea that it would be the "smart thing to do" to help them was a good touch and showed a kind of finesse I personally haven't seen very often in the way of people playing bandit characters/groups/what have you. They understood, or at the very least the one who spoke with me understood, that he was the one in control of this from an OOC perspective. That it was his responsibility and obligation to push this alone at a particular pace and he did so in a way worthy of praise. In the same vein everyone who takes control of a situation, even if it isn't in a hostile setting, should understand that they are taking on this burden whether they realize it or not, and hopefully this helps them to. To put it another way, let's say someone comes to a camp I have set up and they're hungry. If I am going to take care of this person and see to them, I am the one taking control of the situation and it becomes my responsibility to try to make sure that everything is done well. I have the materials that are needed. I am the one supplying things, and especially if they are injured and I am offering them medical care I am the one who is in the position of "power" to drive the scene along. I wanted to point this out just to try to reinforce the fact that I am attempting to bring this around to everyone and not to further the sort of "us vs them" mentality on the server. Everyone who "runs" the scene is equally responsible, and that can be difficult, especially if you are new to RP and you don't have the experience in dealing with multiple people that being a GM can help give you in other games. DayZRP is particularly difficult in this department because you have disparate identities and personalities all sort of pulling things in different directions, so I understand the need for people to practice this, but just being aware of it can help. Text RP? I see you are a fellow degenerate This section is a bit more of a personal explanation of things from the perspective of someone who text RPs because that seems to be something of a subset of people that I have noticed seem to receive a bit of undue criticism. Now, I can understand why people dislike text RP in a setting like this. It is a slower style and it forces the scene to slow down appropriately, though I might argue later how that is far from a bad thing. It does allow people to play things they are not equipped to do with voice (Playing a different gender, for example), and there are those who play mute characters or simply characters who do not talk because of trauma and require the detail of text to come through. I tend to prefer this method as I have a very busy OOC life and I am rarely available to actually speak for long periods of time without OOC interruptions or disturbing family members who are sick and require bed rest with paper thin walls. Now that is my own situation, but I wouldn't particularly be interested in voice RP if that weren't the case simply because I am more comfortable with text RP and it is what I am most experienced with and what I believe I create the best scenes with for the enjoyment of other people. Now you may not agree, and that's perfectly fine, this is more an issue of taste than other things, but it is still an issue I've seen where there is very much an "us vs. them" mentality to text or speech RP. To this I would simply say that as long as no one is truly upset or disturbed and the RP is enjoyable then that is what matters. What Campfire RP is to me Now this is something odd because I dislike the whole idea of these labels as I think they only add to the sense of tribalism as I hope I've pointed out here and why everyone should work to try to better themselves and the RP they give instead of only wanting others to improve. So what is Campfire RP to someone I think everyone would call a Campfire RPer? It's characterization. Some people often think that the only thing that ever gets talked about is the past, where you come from, how you got here, and that can be a topic that comes up quite a bit because there are a lot of people who aren't native to the area around and they all have their own story about why they're here. Some people are victims of circumstance. Some people chose to come here. Even this sharing of origins I think has a deeper meaning to it though, and it's something I'd like to point out: Motivation. It's not exactly easy to go "So...Are you a bandit?" or "Do you rob people?" when you're talking to someone. You don't want to turn a situation where things are calm into something tense, but people are going to wonder about those they're with, and asking about their past is a good way to do this. So why ask about their reason for being in South Zagoria? Because you can tell a lot about someone by the way they react. Not just what they say, but how they say it, what they add to it. Mace used to go into detail about everything beyond killing his fiancee, it was something he tried to hold onto because at the beginning he refused to accept any sort of responsibility and he separated himself from killing the woman he loved, but he still had these fond memories of why he had been there to meet her grandparents. Now he speaks very little about it unless pushed. He came here to meet her grandparents. She died early on in the infection. He's come to understand through this retelling of it to people that he was at fault for it, whether that might be seen as true or not. Every time he tells it, every time he dwells on it, he begins to see himself more and more as nothing but the person who killed the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. His depression hinges on that fact and it's not something you can easily just wave away. Now let's say you're, pulling something out of my backside, an Italian who came to South Zagoria as part of military relief to try to help and you were left behind, left for dead, by the military during their extraction when they realized all was lost. That story doesn't by itself lets you know a few things about the character, but the way it's said can tell you more. Can you hear the contempt in his voice for being left here? Does he still sound fond of the idea of helping people, or has that abandonment made him realize that people only care about themselves and he should too? Those things are subtle, but they can give you an idea about someone without outright asking probing questions about their morals, and in a situation where people may not ever really show their true face, little hints of characterization, the people they really are, can help you judge who is safe to be around, who you can trust, and who might just be trying to get close to you so they can abuse you or rob from you or yours. Beyond that though, Campfire RP encompasses, as I said before, the moments of quiet, and in my own opinion those are necessary things to cover in an apocalyptic setting. Things like washing your face, cooking, resting. Joking with your friends or making new ones. Humans are social creatures, that's just how we are. We desire to be in groups, and there are people who take advantage of that, both in game and in real life. When people come together and huddle around a fire for warmth we're fulfilling that bestial desire to be in a pack, to try to feel some sort of primordial safety in numbers when we're unsure about the world. It hits a psychological button that makes you feel better when the world is falling down around you, and in general for me it lets people bring to bear what they really have to give. You see a different kind of RP from people when defenses are down and you're all just resting and regaining strength. You see what they want from their character. You see what that person is putting out because it's the story they're trying to build upon, and you get a better look at what they've built on those shifting sands and how the sands are affecting it, and most importantly you're being shown an opportunity to affect it as well. It's a vulnerability that all people have, and it's an opportunity to really affect characterization and to create something that carries over in a more meaningful way in my opinion. My sordid, bandit-y past Now, again, this is something of an explanation about my own experience with these things from the other side because I've not really ever played an "evil" character on DayZRP and there have been people in the past who believe I have no room to speak about these issues because I "haven't played a bandit" before. As I've mentioned in a couple of places, a good bit of my characters in other servers, particularly back on StarChat and Sorcery.net in IRC were evil characters, with one of the longest running being on an old MUD that has unfortunately closed down, but he was an Orcish religious zealot and cult leader who preached the return of Gruumsh, the head of the Orcish pantheon, and spent a little over three years amassing a small territory in the game that was a haven for evil races that he had gotten under his banner and was known for slavery, kidnapping, and let's just say a lot of things that people probably wouldn't be excited to be playing out on other servers. Back in TalkCity and ChatFIRST, even some in EyeChat.org I was known for going through the different available rooms and offering to play villainous foils for storyline purposes in the more "freeform" games while in non-freeform games that had established dice systems I've played and enjoy everything from freelance slavers to the more militaristic foot soldier under larger evil "big bads." That's not to say I don't enjoy playing good guys, or neutral characters, and some of my favorites have often been the sort of characters that, much like Mace, kind of allow other people to blossom because I've had my moments and I enjoy letting people have theirs. I just wanted to let people know this is a long way from coming from someone who has only ever played "good guy" characters, and I like to pride myself on trying to create things that make sense within a universe and, even if they end up being oddballs within it, share that (say it with me) verisimilitude. The Takeaways So what is the point of this post? What do I hope to bring about from it? Do I think it'll even work? I want people to understand that RP comes in a lot of forms, and that there is a need for people to think beyond themselves and to the other people they're playing with and to feel that responsibility to be adding to something, whether it be as the makeshift GM of a hostile situation, as the caregiver in a benevolent one, or just as part of a group when everyone is chatting. I spoke a lot about the responsibility of those running the scenes, but there's also the responsibility of those who are a part of it all as well, to give your all and to try to make sure that you contribute. This isn't an attack or condemnation of any style of RP because we need it all, but a call for everyone to try to come together instead of dividing yourselves and others into labels because of what or how you RP and creating schisms that prevent stories from progressing. I'll leave this open for discussion of course and if anyone has any specific questions or comments for me, just @ me and I'll try to get back to them as soon as possible given health issues and time constraints.
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    All good things come to an end. This group has been one of my favorites to have the privilege of leading, we accomplished a lot with this group, on the scenes and off the scenes. I have met a solid bunch of lads that I am sure I will forever be discord bud's with. Districts time is over, we feel we have accomplished everything we can with this group and we want to move on to bigger, better things and change up our roleplay. Every single member made a huge impact on the group, there were no slackers, top fookin' lads. I really do hope you follow where we end up. Thank you for your time and effort over the last few months! I would like to thank @Jerry especially, when Jerry came about we were on the lazy side of progressing the group, he suggested we have a leader and make up ranks and organise the group. The very next day the group skyrocketed, we had at least 2 applications everyday since that day, our roleplay massively improved and we really made a District foot print on the server, may it be a good one or a bad one, is up for debate haha. Special thank you to @Challenger and @OxeN and who really pushed districts roleplay to the limits, great guys to adapt to different situations and make it fun for all involved. I would like to also thank PAMYATI, Green Dragons, The Saviors and whoever has been a hostage of the district, for all the interactions we had together, it has been a fun ride. However, this may be the end of District but it is not the end of our characters stories, stay tuned ladies. o7
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    Yes, hello fellow Cherno Russians. As decided by Big-Red-Boi himself I'm the new zombie god. I expect the Developers to make it so that zombies obey my orders in order for them to be of assistance in my holy quest. This means I can KoS anyone I want because I'm RP-ing as a zombie and I want your brains ?. If you want your life to be spared I accept payment in the form of guns. Hippity hoppity your SVDs are now my property ?.
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