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    It is the end of my time in staff, it has been a long and winding road some ups and downs but my time has come to an end, I did my best while I was in staff to be as fair as I could be but the past few days I have questioned my self if I should remain in staff or not and if I am having to question that then I shouldn't be in staff. Many thanks to everyone who has supported me and thank you @Rolandfor the opportunity.
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    Alright @Wolfpack I figured it out. Im confused, but I figured it out.
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    @RiZ-kun so the new two small groups ones called wolf - ones called pack bet?
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    Clipped some things out that may seem necessary to anyone making a native Livonia character: The official language of Livonia is Polish. (Ancient population once spoke a derivative of an ancient Balto-Slavic) The Livonian Defense Force serves as the primary land and air defence force. It does not possess a naval branch due to the nation's landlocked status. Forest rangers maintain law and order throughout the more remote regions of the country. Livonia is a full member of the NATO alliance. It has poor relations with its CSAT-aligned Belarusian neighbour and the Russian Federation.
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    thank you for buying me bronze @Water Scooter the status updates will not be vain
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    @DrMax @Razareth @derNils @Mademoiselle @Lyca Throwback to when we decided to chill on a hay-bale after taunting the Valentine family (If I recall)...
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    My friends are my friends and you know who you are. Happy thanks giving jerks.
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    Damn kos'ing someone then trying to do em in. Fucking rough!
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    feel like giving this another spin. Might play tomorrow, see you!
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    -10 points. I've been extra good prepping for Christmas coming up.
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    A warm and social night sheltered from the rain. Some days are easier when I think back to moments like these.
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    Finally got the time to return to the community.
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    Aiight, Rami Malek is playing the coolest looking Bond villain to date and Christoph Waltz is back, sign me up for a ticket to the hype train god damnit
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    Couldn’t give a nice note on your group thread before archive but you did a great job on what you made and I hope to see it back soon!
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    Told you you’d get it! Congratulations!
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    That purple looks a lot better on you then a nasty green
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    Ohhh Thank you for the ho ho hat and beard face warmer!!! Everyone make sure you get your FREE gifts from the store! Thank you & Thank you!! Have amazing holidays everyone. https://www.dayzrp.com/shop/
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    Chilling at work. Trying to stay awake.
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    o7 they grow up so fast. font is hella ugly tho no cap
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    The Irishman was a solid movie, well worth the 3 and a half hours.
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    Happy 'Really Good Excuse To Get Fucking Fat as Fuck' Day to everyone who celebrates!
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    The return of the John @JorrdanVC @AidanVC
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    I don't even know where to begin. My name is Blake and I am here to tell ya'll about me and my friend dew. Well we were friends but that shit ended today. It all started in 2016, I met this guy ingame when he was doing nothing but firefighting and being mad annoying. After a while i realized that i kinda liked this guy. We continued to develop our characters together but after a couple of years his ego became way too big. I have now come to realize that this man used me, he was never my friend. As early as today he bullied me for being danish, called me a socialist and made fun of my accent. Dew, take this as you will but this is not a goodbye this is a farewell. I have enjoyed our time in the JACKALS! Pau, VDV and so on. But times change. Thx Dew.
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    Purple is more your color.
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    Welcome to the Staff Team!
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