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    Didn't want to make a post like this at first but Major threatened me, send help pls. I left the admin position due to me not being able to juggle admin duties and Uni duties anymore. If i were going to tag everyone I enjoyed working with I'd still be tagging people tonight so don't be sad if you didn't get tagged. @Ender @Lyca, thanks for giving me a chance and helping me get settled in the red chair. @Aiko what are dual IPs? What is a whitelist? @Oliv you were always there for a second opinion or when I had a question, even after staff. Definitely one of the kindest people in this community. @Jadeboat lil jiddle ;-; spend hours with you in TS looking at a single report and I didn't event want to kill you in the end. Siege soon? @Brayces I enjoyed training and helping you get settled. You're a great admin, don't be afraid to show it. Also, accept the butts! @Ark jog on Sparklez. @Jamie you and Elmo convinced me to come back, thanks for that. I'm glad you decided to come back too in the end. @DrMax if you let the interview & screenshot of the month die, I'll kill you. @Dino don't burn out. Take it easy from time to time to relax and I'm sure you'll be an admin in the future. @Major sweetcheeks. I'm glad you're back and got your tools o7
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    Won't be around for actual New Year to post this, so I'll be posting this now. 2018 has been a weird year for me. I (kinda had to) quit school to go and work full-time, which is the worst decision I've ever made and some other stuff happened that wasn't all to pleasant. None the less I still had a lot of fun in 2018 and a big part of it is because of DayZRP and the friends I have made on it. I've had loads of fun playing with the friends I've made on this community and I am also really glad that I've been given the opportunity of being in staff, where I have made even more friends. So thank you all for the amazing time that I've had in 2019! Some special mentions; @brk, @OxeN, @GMAK, @Ryan Shepherd | You bunch are the OGs that got me in to DayZRP. Although I didn't know any of you before I signed up, if it wasn't for you finding me on the ATC that day I doubt I'd even be playing still. I can't even begin to mention the numerous amounts of things we've done together (on DayZRP and off of it.) and DayZRP really wouldn't be the same for me would I not have been playing with you all! Hopefully we'll continue to play and have fun together till the end of times! @Everyone else in the DISTRICT (too many to @) | Some of you I know better than others, but I've still had a blast with all of you! When @Jerry joined the group and suggested we opened up recruitment I didn't expect to get as many applications and members as we did, but every single one of you have been an amazing addition to the group and I hope to stay in contact with all of you even if the group meets it's inevitably demise. @Descendants | I met you through staff and you're one chill dude. It's always fun playing games with you, doing staff stuff or just talking. Still can't believe that we played Divinity 2 for 13 hours straight, but it has been the most fun I've had playing a game in quite a while. Thanks for all the fun times and hopefully we'll continue to have fun in 2019 and beyond! @DayZRP Staff Team (Again, too many to @) | I've been given the opportunity by @Roland, @JimRP and the other Administrators and staff members to join the staff team and I'm really great-full for it. I've always wanted to help DayZRP and the community and I will continue to do so until I am one day un-able to. All of you in staff are amazing and have been really helpful, but I'll have to give a special mention to @Sleepyhead, who has probably helped me the most when I started off in staff. Hopefully all of us will continue to will be able to continue and keep DayZRP as great as it currently is, maybe even better? With all of that being said I wish all of you a Happy New Year and may 2019 treat you with lots of luck, love and happiness! I'll see you all next year
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    Happy new year! This is my first year here and what a ride. I always have a hard time getting into communitys since i prefer playing alone alot of the time or in small groups. But here it like a big happy family. Gonna be like other people and thank a few special people. New year same ol Hobo! RP Boys: Since the first day joining here i was told to avoid you people in and out off game. But that's what made me wanna hang with you people. You are chill and even when i never fight and campfire RP a filthy hobo you guys respected me. Thanks to the people still left. @JimRP @Eagle @groovy tonyRP @RandyRP @OskuRP @N-ToxRP @Cipher @YungBrandonRP and @MrPanda Staff: I sort off never thought I be accepted since im sort off a fuck up but you guys are hella sweet and good people. I can't name everyone here but i give a special few that helped me alot a shout out. @Sleepyhead @Jamie @Banshee and @Semiazas AND EVERYONE ELSE!! Roleplayers: People i have had a great amount off fun with ingame and out off game. @Bounty @miss_natcula @OxeN @Max @Eddie @Jean @RomcakeRP @BoneMan666 @Camokid95 @Morphin and many more. And last but never the least to the best guy there is in this community!! My best pal @DallasRP Love you bro. Keep on trucking and hit that bong!
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    Found a picture of the DayZ Test Team.
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    It's been like 4 months or so since I've had time for editing but since I've left staff (and couldn't go snowboarding due to an accident..) I worked with some older clips to make the following vid. I'll see how much time I'll have when Uni starts again. Anyways, here you go, a vid including: me saving @Grimnir's ass like always, motivational Maverick with @DrMax, teamwork with @Dino as Clash, @Solo had to be in it ofc, @Beni being gassed and @fletcho1 getting upsetti because he lost his spaghetti.
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    imagine banning someone for something said in room 4 big yikes
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    I have an idea... let's get a lore wipe yeah?? But bring all of the old characters back and do the exact same stuff you did prior to the wipe, but with a new storyline... Brilliant!!
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    Many of you probably won't care what I have to say at this point, But after a really shitty year I realised one thing. A lot of that negativity is self inflicted. I'm an analytical person, I spend a lot of time trying to find logic and reason, often where there is none. I try to find reason, often where there is none and often isn't any needed. This place has done a lot for me, and ultimately I had my own view, much like everyone else, about what would make this place better / the best it can be. In the haze, I lost track this year and made a lot more enemies than I intended to. And coming to the end of 2018 I have spent a lot of time thinking, and needless to say I've had a huge stick up my ass. I've come to realise that no one person's view is correct, and yeah that took me a while but I'm sorry. To all those who've seen me be snarky and seemingly harsh on a whim, I'm sorry. There ain't really any other real explanation or excuse other than that I'm just human, and sometimes that haze clouds judgement, more so than we all realise. This place has given me a lot, many cherished hours of gameplay and amazing RP from all sides of the community. Sometimes I forget that, especially when my last few moments here haven't been the greatest. Hate clouds your view, really makes you lose perspective on what you actually had, turns you blind to what people are actually trying: to just have fun. So to everybody in this community, those who i've wronged over my time, and to those out of the community that I couldn't let go of my hate for, I'm sorry. If you take anything from this, I hope it is that Para actually admitted he was wrong, and that some things on his end have gotta change. Will I come back? Who knows. There's a lot on my mind, a lot I have to really think about with IRL. largely the biggest reason I haven't returned yet is that my PC is very fragile and a game that causes me to blue screen is uh... yeah. To all of you, and I mean all of you, I wish you the best. o7
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    It seems weird that over a year and a half ago I actually got deeply involved with this community, and so far it’s been a blast! To all the amazing role players and friends I have made, I can’t wait to go into 2019 with you all! @Scarlett, @Dino, @Mademoiselle, @Grimnir, @Solo, @Aristocrat, @Harvey & @cheeks Love you all ! Been part of the staff team since June 2018, and it has been quite fun so far. Being in staff gives me something to do and I know what I’m doing actually means something. I hope. So thank you to @Roland & @JimRP along side the admin team at the time who let me into staff. Especially @Ark. I look forward to work with the staff team into the new year and years to come. Id also like to thank @Spartan & @Brayces for being there when i needed them and for teaching me how to do the staff ting Sad you guys left cus you were the fuckin gods! Luv you x Finally, @Beni and the gang. Even though you all hate me because I think Theresa May is a goddess, I thank you for not killing me. It’s a blast to play with you guys and hopefully we will continue to play and cause terror throughout 2019! You’re all great people. Apart From Fletch of course! So! To all I’ve mentioned and to the rest of the community, GameMaster Max says have a Happy New Years and stay safe! Pls excuse spelling, Im DrMax, what do you expect..
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    Happy New Year Ya'll Hope everyone had a great year and get an even better one next year! _____________________________________________________ Shoutouts : @Phoenix Thanks for always chatting and being a great friend. Even when we don't talk for extended periods of time it never feels strange when we spark up conversation again, thanks for including me in all your great projects, groups and so forth, hope to spend more time with ya in the new year! @Kaiju47 You aren't on here mostly but ill take any chance i can to praise your dumb ass, thanks for letting me stay at your house for a fuckin month it was a blast and i hope to see you very soon again! @Aisling Thanks for being a fantastic friend too, again you are one of those people i can not talk to for a long ass time and then we just immediately click once we talk again, i love it.. thank you. @Soofa Thanks for being a lot of fun in-game, i enjoy being in a group with you hope to see ya more in 2019. @Harvard Thanks for being great in-game too, appreciate ya and get well soon. @Sivarg Thanks for always supporting my content, it doesn't go unnoticed < 3 @DrMax Thanks for being supportive too and i enjoyed or time In-game be it short. @Spartan Thanks for your support too and for being you. Honorable Mentions : @Voodoo @N-ToxRP @yung flare @BrianM @Scarlett @JimRP @Mademoiselle @Banshee For making Dope Music ]. @Justin (These Firework pics i made back in fuckin 2015 or some shit) PS. Sorry for spelling , ya mom gay
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    wont be around tomorrow so merry Christmas from myself and the rest of the zbois plz unban allow us to roam once more
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    Thinking about coming back to DayZRP, these past couple months I have been going through some things with my mom being really sick and her husband passing unexpectedly. I do like the idea of returning but I am still on the fence about it . Glad to see a lot of you guys and hope all is well! Hope you guys have a great Christmas .
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    made a cheeky meme about today's event, man it was laggy but ah well good times. You can tell in which points I lost interest in motion tracking frame by frame
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    All of our current work after looking at the forums. @Herico @Connvexus @Alex
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    Free M4's & AK's No Bans Points for fun Unban one player of choosing just to re-ban them yourself Nudity allowed in profile/profile picture/profile video (i.e. Pornhub integration) God mode (aka Sickomode) Allowed to clap-back at staff and not risk getting banned for no reason whatsoever. That is all.
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    Happy new year a bit late just wanted to say thank you to this beautiful i've been here since 2013-2014 and i can't belive what a ride it's been. i still to this day never regret joining it. Every last one of you fuckers on here are great and it woulden't be same without any of you! It's us the players that make the community not to mention our hard working staff! special mentions to give ya'll some damn love @Cipher @GMAK @Banshee @Ryan Shepherd @brk @Cuchulainn @Challenger @Mademoiselle @some american people i don't know the names of OOC @Max @Niccolicious @Zorull and so many more
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    Look what I found. DayZRP Chernarus Rally when.
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    So i made one of my Screenshots into a Wallpaper Engine Wallpaper.. If thats ya thing check it out, preview gif below B https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1602143100
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    Liska, you guys are the best. Thanks for coming back and playing.
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    When you're writing a dank lore for your character and you look at memes in another tab. You see a notification for a status update and you click it, it exits your character page and ruins all your progress on your backstory. F
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    The Cantina Teamspeak is back online.