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    Happy new year! @DeeBlack @Karma @Blackfyre @Oisin @Crim @Commissar @Keira @Chewy @Anouk @RogueSolace @Fenrir @Faith @Lucky1911 @Dingoz @Stradic @ToeZ @Don @Corry @Jamie @Mr Anon @Shane @Oliv @Ender @Major Frohes neues Jahr! @PatZ @Grimnir @Terra @Galland @Ron @Shnitz @Revie @Sineda @Lyca @Kunkka @Sarilla Gelukkig nieuwjaar! @Spartan @Ramon @cheeks @Red @RedSky @Samti Šťastný nový rok! @Stormyvill @Majoo Честита Нова Година! @Ghoozov @Bulgarian Bombshell @puppet @SmartPlayerZ Gelukkige Nuwe Jaar! @Razareth Bonne année! @Dr Willsky Head uut aastat! @Lemons @Shanoby @DarkStyle Gott nytt år! @Vrik @Rolle And those i forgot i also wish a happy new year and that the new year will bring only the best for you !
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    Errrrr I'd say keep the feedback threads to actual forum staff work, not slack arguments <.< private slacks are kinda a private thing for a reason. Send a pm instead no need for it to be public if you weren't willing to make the entire convo public in the first place, just makes it seem like an unnecessary call out for the sake of making the other guy look like a shitbag.
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    Disappointed in this community. My character I had from the very start, whom I had so many plans for, so much plot development, so much more potential, was killed because of metagaming that nobody had the balls to tell me when they killed him. I thought they had just found Ken, and gave them permission to perma, and thought it was a fitting death. But no. They communicate telepathically to a snake in my group, and in turn gets my character perma'd, because I thought they finally found us through IC means. This might have been the last straw for this community, I am at a loss for words how pathetic this is, so desperate to kill Ken that they metagame to find him. Plus the Black Fangs go ahead and archive literally right after they kill Ken. No plot development, no plan other than to screw everything up. I am sorry, but this pisses me the fuck off. Not even making a report or taking it to an admin, because it won't end.
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    There was a lot of false accusations and lies thrown about. This is supposed to be a place we can all relax and play games. I wanted to contribute and continue to do LM work with @Major but sadly it was cut short. I won't really participate in the forums or anything OOC related here seeing as there are far too many snakes left in this place. I will sit back and watch, if something looks serious I may come around, but that is a rare occurrence. One day. One day this place will either crumble or grow again. Whichever it may be I hope everyone can learn to calm the hell down and look at things objectively. This place has a habit of making people pick sides like this is some kind of petty high school. There are so many people that came to bat for me and caused me and @JakeWalford to be unbanned sooner. Thank you, I appreciate it immensely but this experience and the events that took place following the ban have opened my eyes to many things here. You all know who you are, I might be here all day if I tagged all of them. One day... maybe after BETA...
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    These are all the people that I want to thank, I know there are a lot of people that are going to be here for some of my key memories of rp or just having a good time from groups or specific people. @Brady @Strawberry @2Eazy @Cocomii @hudsonb17 @Mystery @Boston @Coreena @Tristyn @Cody Husky @Sylvester Todd @SmartyyZ @lukzo2024 @evanm23 @TheProxJack @Lyca @Frisks For Radio @Kunkka @Sarilla @Saradomin @Keira @King @Majoo @C-J @Aiko @Ninja @Dusty @Erik @Phoenix @Ruan @Abu Muhammad @JoshuaKav @TheMatt924 @Shiro @Oliv @Jamie @Western @Idole @PCJames @Ryan Carter @Tony @Mr Anon @Samti @Sam Fields @Aristocrat @Roach @Chief @RogueSolace/ For groups thanks to: The Angels, Spectrum, Saviours, The Family, Vehm, Akrasia, 101, Cavaliers, Symptom, Novy Svet, Regulators, Masquerade and the hundreds of dynamics i've met that haven't gone to groups Even if you don't play anymore or we don't talk as much can still remember moments from all of these people, and I know there is like so so so many more people but these are who I can list of the top of my head and groups also. A Lot of memories since joining around 5 months ago :3 Thanks!
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    Well I'm gonna going off to my mandatory service today, so I won't be around for the first three months much and then I have extra 8 months more to do, to completly finish it. Going to miss a lot of people from this place. Especially: @Faith, @Dino @Razareth, @Annoying Rooster, @cheeks, @Spartan, @PatZ, @derNils, @Crim, @Malet, @Oisin, @Lyca, @Shanoby, @Demaabd, @Majoo, @Ramon And a lot more that I didn't mention
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    Just in case though Ima put this here. So this community it's been something I tell yah but overhaul the negative doesn't overtake the positive for me so anyhow. Just some advice for some of you that read this if you got an issue speak to them don't stick to talking shit in private TS channels or slack chats or discords be a man about it and approach the person about it. It's honestly sad the amount of energy a person would invest on hating someone it really is but anyhow just wanted to say I don't hate anyone tbh I just don't wanna invest energy with some useless bullshit. @Bazz Top tier bloke funny as fuck you are one of the realist lads out there it's been great fun playing with you. @Jxkey You are a sound lad you care too much that the only issue but its been good lad. @Zeonmoonbean Fellow Irish Lad we have had great banter you are a legend <3 @evanm23 You are top tier lad we have had the best laughs together but there's some shit you need to fix you know what it is @shookyaaa You are a nice kid you need to stop triggering us though but nothing but love lad <3 @Stiflex you are one of the finest gents here in this community you have helped me out a lot and I really appreciate it thank you. @Squillium You are a funny lad one of my favorite Americans I enjoyed all the firefight with you and New Moon enemies or allies it's been great lad <3 @SweetJoe You make me feel like I'm a plastic paddy you are a hilarious lad and you have stopped me multiple times in doing stupid shit thank you. <3 @tripzkill If I was gay I would be gay for you <3 but all jokes beside you are 10/10 lad. @Charlie none of the originals are really around anymore but its good to see the old arch enemy rolling about but anyhow you a chill lad hit me up for some h1z1 some time <3 @Lost You are a chill lad it's been great playing with you <3 @Venzzy You are one of the Originals and you are a top tier lad sorry for all the friendly fires <3 @Mr.Panda You said to me once that I'm like your big brother kinda cringed me out but you a chill lad sorry that I may not be around here anymore to help you out. But you will good it's only a videogame end of the day hit me up on steam if you got any issues or anything <3 @Cocomii you are the next victim to get juiced here it's hilarious but you a nice girl. @Puncture you are a sound lad keep racking up them kills <3 @ExoticRainbow PVP GOD. @Pepe Jones The RP we have had is comedy gold you a chill lad. @Eagle You are a solid GM get that admin spot as soon as you can and try and make real change <3. @Nihoolious Cheers for letting me roll dynamic with you and your boys past while it's been good fun same with I said to Eagle you lads can make great changes here in this community. @Vartax You are magneto man chill lad. I will never forget that time you saved me from the white names 10/10 respek @WildCurtos OG firefly LMAO was sick holding that castle with you chill lad. @iBUYCHOWDER another OG firefly anyhow you are one funny lad see ya about. @Western I told you to join this community from the other shite ones but yeah it was good to see you join this and kick about. We have had great times in RP. Never forget we got MR moon killed lmao. @Elmo We haven't been always on the best terms but you are the one that helped me with my very first group and I appreciate that. We both went our separate ways but it was cool playing with you on CS and shit and the best of luck. @Lyca you a chill admin cheers for all the help and yeah you are still my pistol master (Cringe) but yeah plz envoke more change ty. @H1ber My favorite Finnish man. Chin up over the shit we talked about don't wanna spew it here but if you ever need a chat hit me up here. Well, thats all the names I can think of on the spot right now If I forgot anyone sorry <3 But anyhow it's been real and to anyone who takes satisfaction in the demise of others grow the fuck up.
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    Character system changes for new website version so far: Character limit (3 alive characters at once) Sync with whitelist (you can only join server with active character) Tracking of in game time, damage and deaths for each character, visible on character page. The data is currently delayed by up to 24 hours, may be fixed later. Character name and alias cannot be changed once character is created Characters marked dead cannot be edited or deleted Deleted characters are not really deleted, just inactivated, for staff reference purposes Background colors replaced with background image (similar to what you have on profiles) Background story field is now required and has minimum length of 500 characters. Background story text field will become a editor field for eligible Premium ranks (same one as the one you use to post). This means you will be able to format text, drag and drop images etc into the character background story. Non Premium ranks will have the regular text editor. Fixed equipment and features line breaks Background music now usable with remote link only (no upload, you have to upload it somewhere else and paste in a link). I might be able to provide a simple file host at a later date. An upside to this is there is no limit on the music file size.
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    To all of those who have lately been posting status's regarding "banning ERP" - your opinions are of course noted and appreciated, however the likelihood of them holding any weight to actually make a ruling will never get anywhere. Exhibit A: DayZRP is labeled as a mature role playing community and there are of course acts within the game that take place which are considered adult content. Rape RP is of course not permitted; but let's also take for example the graphic nature of removing limbs and or the scalping of individuals. Hmm? If you believe either of those acts to be less "disgusting" than two individuals acting out consensual intimate content between themselves in a private location, then I'm afraid your priorities are slightly amiss. That's not to say that I don't believe there are certain individuals whom should not be erp'ing due to their lack of maturity; however.. if one is not mature enough to tolerate the act or being a part of it, I have a simple solution. Don't do it. For those who chose to and are giving it a bad name? You ban the individual, not he act itself. *drops mic*
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    I've been away and it will remain that way. I just needed to get something out here for anyone who may read this. If you have loved ones around you, please please please don't put speaking to them on hold. Make time to give them a call every other day to tell them they matter and to hear their voice. Make sure they're happy and if they're not, try to make them smile. Every day could be your last day as recent events in my life have shown. Don't part ways with someone you love on bad terms. Don't take what you have for granted and don't try to hide the incredibly real fact that any time on any day someone you love could go to heaven. If you know someone close to you that you haven't spoken to in a while, give them a call today. Don't push things further and further away. At the end of the day your real life matters more than anything. And the people around you that you call friends or family matter. The next few weeks are going to be incredibly difficult. Life can be over so fucking quickly.
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    Out with the old, in with the new. I used to be chief, but now the lord will guide us. All hail lord chanka! /
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    Well congratz to all who made it to the next stage of the LM recruitment progress, I know that @Lt._Grimstein made it so cheers to him. wish I made it. Lets see where this road goes from here... Jk I made it to the next stage can't knock me out of the fight that easy. I am here to finish this fight.
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    So some people know, some people don't. For those that don't I'm going to take up a few minutes of your time to fill you in. In October I lost my mother to a long battle with a brain tumor. She'd been fighting it on and off for a few years by that time, about 5 years. After multiple surgeries and treatments, remissions and all that, there wasn't much else they could do. So when I've said in the past that DayZRP and being staff here has helped me with distractions in my life, you now have a better understanding of with what. Now, on to the main point of this post. Throughout the month of April, I'm going to donate anything I get from streaming to a cancer charity for a hospital that my mom benefited from. Similar to Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip, my mother too sought treatment from the doctors at Toronto's Sunybrook Hospital for her brain tumor. All the donations I collect will go here, and donated to the Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research. Feel free to donate directly if you'd like as well. There are other reasons why I chose to do this in April. For one, my moms birthday is in April, and I thought that was fitting. Also, in Canada, April is daffodil month, where daffodils are sold by the Canadian Cancer Society and the proceeds of those sales are donated to help with life saving research. Honestly, I'm not expecting anyone to donate, and that is perfectly fine as well. I'm not doing this make anyone feel the HAVE to donate. I myself will be making a donation anyways, but it's just one way I felt maybe I could lend a hand and help draw a bit more attention to something important in my life and I'm sure many others. Anyways, I've taken up enough of your time for now, but stand by, I'll have more information up soon and throughout the month!
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    Annnd, Will is done! These are fun to do. If you're on my 'Trusted People' list on Lo's Character Page please let me know what flower(s) you'd like around your portraits!
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    Oh boy it's the 26th of July 2017 that means I spend 4 years of my damn life here and I wouldn't want to miss a single day! So I will give a "little" shout out to some people I am really happy to know or was able to RP with in I hope to RP with them again at one point So who pops straight into my mind ..... @Razareth @Spartan @Rose @Ender @Alex @RedSky @Revie @Oisín @Blackfyre @Ghoozovich @DeeBlack @Majoo @ToeZ @Stradic @Ramon @Mr Anon @Shane @Fenrir @Tewudin @Samti @Dr Willsky @Corry @Elmo @Jamie @Oliv and trust me MANY MORE but that list is already to long And PS. seems like I have way to much time to spend in DayZRP and im happy about it
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    A little modesty goes a long way; Stay humble my friends.
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    @Rolle Defender of all animals
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    Sorry I haven't been around. I love you all. I guess things just finally got to me from before with the chicken tendie wars. You know who you are but you wild, you loyal, I appreciate you. <3
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