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    Funny how some peoples' characters change completely when they meet PSI in-game. Guess some people can't resist the screen-time.
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    How desperate do you have to be to put on an orange armband to get a kill, I'm fucking weak
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    Not flame, just le epic maymay. Please don't give me points.
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    Do we really need 3 moderators?
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    My uni is planning an event on facebook to try and give out scholarships to migrants, I made an angery react and now the Student Union board members have made a group chat to interrogate me. Remember, you cant have opposing views at a uni in London.
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    Bitcoin Assassins got ya o7 lil peep love you
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    You made the thumbnail!
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    Just something that I've been working on... Still needs some tweaking.
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    * @Brayces would see what looked like a tame little kitty in a cage meowing to get out.. she takes pity.. coo's at it a little and unlocks the front of the cage. Instantly the kitten turns into a giant Cthulu and roars out of the rune prison, and flies away into the distance.. you lose sight of the beast.. but you know @Puncture is out there... somewhere..
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    This motherfucker VDM’d me
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    @Craig memes are growing. Credit to @Asriel .
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    RP just ain't what it use to be..
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    ya yeet, beat my meat, lets acquire bread to eat
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    I’m tagging a great pal of mine @KennethRP
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    Dude ran a red light and totaled my car ffs, stay safe boys.
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    I have never seen such volatile group relations on my entire time on the server until now. Its driving me fucking insane having people flip flop every 24 hours.
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    I guess we will just see where this goes........
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