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    Summary of the forums
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    A wise community member told me sometime back after a very large gunfight “GG boys but the real battle is on the forums later” A funny joke at the time that’s turned out to be way to true. Another quote from the same person ”If you can’t beat them in game then the only way to beat them is on the forums” still, something that was a funny joke that seems to have come true. I preferred my time in game than I have on the forums but sadly I’m spending just as much time on both.
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    Peeking in and seeing an Admin flame-baiting on a thread, big yikes gamers
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    https://imgur.com/a/D1OsU0r Here a lil album of the Hospital i put together today!
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    sims 4 is free on origin
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    So sick of not having a job. Sent in probably over 700-800 applications in the last 3 months, been to interviews and they've all told me that they thought it went really well, and now i'm just flat broke and tired of it.
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    2 midterms done today... one more to go then its 'reading week'.
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    @Voodoo @Randy @Saunders Hey guys are you alive?
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    gunga fucking ginga
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    Been a while since I could game without having to look at reports. Keep it up community!
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    That moment u learn your best friend is leaving the country... Fuck. .
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    Me after a few runs on Tarkov with the new PC
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    Happy 21st to me I guess.
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    A letter to 'Rabbit'. My dear friend rabbit, it's been so long since we last met. I know you would love to learn all of my experiences and my adventures, but if i start writing them down, i will probably run out of paper. You were one of the very first persons i ever met in this horrific land. You were the first to tell me to stick with you and also the first ever to question if im trusty enough to be around. We had so many different things in our minds, each one with their goals but both we had the same visions about the world and how the future should be. We traveled we went through some shit and without even knowing me for a long time, i could surely say that you would stand in front of me and take a bullet for me, you were a soldier , a brave one and a good friend. Well we lost each other, time passed who knows were you ended up, i went through all kinds of pain and desperation but through happiness and joy aswell. I met a lot of people , people i would like you to meet too. I made friends, i made enemies, but mostly friends and i am very happy about it. You know how i love helping people and i helped a lot of people, friends and strangers, however i could. I did my best. My dear friend, i got a little tired. actually very tired, everyone seems to be keeping with their lifes after i push them to and then i just stand there, behind, watching them go. well it's a good thing, but now it's time for me to make a move. I lived my life to the fullest, i opened my eyes, i stood up to my feet, i experienced the chaos , now it's time to end it. I did my best, i promise, but it's time for me to go now ex nihilo, nihil fit.
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    http://data.bistudio.com/mailing/html/dayz-free-weekend.html Oh dear god no...
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    Perception without comprehension… …is a dangerous combination.
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    I have the flu and strep, just lovely....
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    Thanks RP squad who played on my stream/server today, lots of lulz
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    I'm going to take a break from streaming tonight I hope you all will have a good time and stay safe out there
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    Married to some bird called jasmine Cheers for being the priest: @Buckly Cheers for being the best men: @speirs @Truzzy123 Cheers for everyone else that came.
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    I love my job sometimes.
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    Hey cuties, i hope you missed me. I'm gonna be back on Monday.
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    Yhea no you are crazy
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    What a spicy lookin page ya got here.
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    can’t remember the last time I even went three hours sober
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    Are ye ready, kids?
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    One of my many great investments. Well done man.
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    RIP Kobe Bryant and those who were with him.
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