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    Top 10 anime plot twists tbh
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    Gaming communities on the Internet 101
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    "Saying ZBOR was evil is like saying Hitler did nothing wrong" 2k19 @Lycaformer Administrator
  5. 11 likes
    When you don't like being attacked, but you're always the one initiating.
  6. 11 likes
    So...Asked @MRS Bradticato marry me today. As you can tell by our name changez, she said YES! A love story that literally started in DayZ pub servers (yes. PUB servers) and has seen many miles traveled now has a brand new chapter. Love you! @MRS Bradtica
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    got accepted into paramedic school today. >get EMT license >do 4x classes this summer >do paramedic from august -> next august (3 semesters) >get AS in public health and safety >also be a licensed paramedic nationally shits looking up boys
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    @OxeN right now
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    *Me reading that report* Y'all need Jesus.
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    I have seen a lot of things in my time here and seen a lot of people take their group ideas way way too seriously, but I have never seen a group leader doxing people that wanted to join the group and hiring a team of IT guys to do IP checks on them. This was definitely a first.
  12. 8 likes
    I spend only a couple hours with the RP boys, and I find myself doing things I have never done before... Had sex with a prostitute known as "Around-The-Town Natasha". Praying I don't contract something. Did a few lines of coke and smoked the biggest blunt I have ever done. The details are hazy. Pursued another car in a "Hot Pursuit" in order to rob'em. Didn't work out, the next thing happend. Watched a man get ran over with my own car. Just glad I wasn't the one driving. Acted as a get-away driver for a kidnapping of a religious fanatic for a drug called "Pixie Dust". Witnessed a Mexican gun down four armed men in a stand-off, and live to tell the tale, despite the odds. Nearly had my head blown off by a sniper. I am glad they missed. Actually shot at someone for the first time in months. So that's why people prefer fully-automatic weapons! Jumped out of a moving car and hit the ground without a scratch. DayZ devs accomplished something that works. About time. And finally...found myself eating catfood (can of tuna). Who the hell eats this shit? Yuck! Oh boy...
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    Well that was... a thing. I'm still honestly just mind fucked right now.
  14. 8 likes
    Lmao wtf you wild
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    After the update when everyone was teleported to the airfield I was the wrong model and asked someone to beat me to death, and they were all "hell yeah I love beating women". I want to find that person.
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    It must be allergy season all these dudes be tearing up
  18. 7 likes
    Picked up some more ammo for my AR15
  19. 7 likes
    Just a quick update on Dev stuff I am working on for those who read my profile posts. Right now I am focusing on to things, drug effects and base building. The goal I hope to achieve for drug effects is a visual and possibly physical effect when a player consumes drugs such as Cannabis, Codeine and Morphine. The visual effects will vary depending on the drug been consumed. Right now the only issue with this is the same issue that is facing the new admin tools. Issues with RPC framework not working as expected. Hopefully we will find a solution to that shortly. As for base building, it is my main focus. I have a few goals when it comes to implementing new things for base building: - Solidify settlements and make them more permanent. - Add modular building units to allow players to build the most customized varied bases possible. - Add utility buildings such as build-able water pumps and farms to enhance a bases survival rate while been attacked. - Add unique defense structures to add some interesting twists to besieging a large base. Overall my goal for base building is to increase longevity. I want to encourage people to group up and survive, this will also provide less hostile groups with a purpose as well as helping hostile groups find new RP opportunities through attacking large settlements. Base building will also benefit from a large variety of items such as new storage containers, new tent variants for smaller camps, more types of stashes (sleeping beds) and road blocks to block areas of from cars. Let me know what you all think of this
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    Do you like hotdogs?
  22. 7 likes
    John Johnson in his war outfit
  23. 7 likes
    Thanks to everyone who came and hung out on the stream I had a great time and I hope it wasn't too boring I'll try my best to stream as often as I possibly can with work and everything
  24. 7 likes
    found this gem looking through old mod screenshots
  25. 7 likes
    "Being mayor isn't the cushy office job that I'd been led to believe."
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  27. 7 likes
    I finally finished this thing T.T !
  28. 6 likes
    When you push Piano with an SKS and it actually works.
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    Time to Role Play IRL, how do I look ? being a zombie at a event in the shopping mall in my local city. Wish me luck
  31. 6 likes
    --- I saw the part of you That only when you're older you will see too You will see too I held the better cards But every stroke of luck has got a bleed through It's got a bleed through You held the balance of the time That only blindly I could read you But I could read you It's like you told me Go forward slowly It's not a race to the end ---
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    Its an interesting conundrum that I, as a hostage, may be punished for not complying to demands hostage takers shouldn't be making in the first place. Seems a tad shitty.
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    The healthy human mind doesn't wake up in the morning thinking this is its last day on earth . . . but I think thats a luxury, not a curse. To know your close to the end is a kind of freedom. Good time to take, inventory. Out gunned, out numbered, out of our minds on a suicide mission, but the sand and rocks here stained with thousands of years of warfare. They will remember us... for this... Because out of all of our vast array of nighmares this is the one WE choose for ourselves, WE go forward like a breath exhaled from the earth. With vigor in our hearts and one goal in sight. We . . . Will . . . Kill Him. - Price
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    I dont know but ive been told A big legged woman aint got no soul
  35. 6 likes
    Today I will be stepping down from Staff. It's been fun while it lasted but there's a pretty shitty reason for it. Essentially someone leaked the following screenshot. It's been good while It lasted guys. o7
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    Time to just to do dynamic RP break from all the group stuff.
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    I suppose the phrase “fuck me” is currently inappropriate. Damn though.
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    Whoever this is, I'm sorry.
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    This window gave me some TLOU vibes.
  40. 6 likes
    Today was a shit show
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    "Let me bleed, watch me die I got golden teeth, she got bright green eyes She's my fantasy, she only comes at night She don't know 'bout me, what goes on inside I'll let you feel my pain if you would get me high"
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    Some clips from the stream last night
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    Don't ever ask me to stream or shit like this happens
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    Just hangin out~
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    o7 my son @N-Tox
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    Group ass server shits
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