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    Hey @Fae, I know this is kind of out of the blue but I just want to say that I noticed some of your posts in the Real Life Thread and I think you are really pretty. I've met you a few times in game and your voice is just as pretty. Maybe we could roleplay together sometime, when we met in game I was super shy and didn't talk to you and really regret it hahaha. I followed you on the forums so when you see this maybe we could dm if you'd like that. Byyee.
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    So as you can see, I am no longer a admin. I have resigned today as I simply do not have enough time anymore to do staff work, get in game and roleplay, and play other games too. With work and IRL things to do, I simply have no time anymore sadly. I have loved my time in the staff team and have hopefully done good work for the community. Big thanks to the big man @Roland for letting me in and making me admin too. Sorry your EU admin had to go . Huge thanks to @Aiko, @Oliv @Ark & @Spartan for training me through the ranks when you were there and yelling at me when you were not even in staff to do work or fix work. Would thank loads of others that were in staff with me and taught me stuff but I'd be tagging a lot. Thank you to the current staff team too, for being the backbone to the community. I'm still a PM away if you want any help or tips. But with that said, there is my staff goodbye. So now you can stop PMing me. tyty xoxo
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    I was on a camping trip this weekend in Swedish wilderness, made this photo of the night sky using just my phone camera with long exposure. I wish I had a night sky like this at home.
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    @G19RP @JimRP @NorwayRP @Helix @JamesRP @NozzyRP @OiramRP @ThrashRP @Real VegasRP @WombatLover69 @Kricketrp @JackZRP @SassyRP @YungBrandonRP @SeversonRP @LumenRP @RebelRP @Undeadrp @perqeRP @ScarRP @RedRP @OnionRP @Kairp @ZorullRP @Hexrp @General Ricketsrp @WongRP @RavenousRP @MrPandarp @CalRP @BandsRP. You know what this means.
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    There are seriously some amazing people in this community. Honest to God, just the right attitudes to everything, roleplay, OOC, everything. So much love right now. Basically; thank you.
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    Birthday!! and i have amazing people around me
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    Dear community members, A short verdict is fine, as per the admin team. So chill. GMs don't need to describe or rehash every little thing. Just say if someone broke a rule, and if so what rule and why. If you have issue with that, feel free to put in an application for staff. But please for the love of shark week stop backseat staffing. Signed, Zanaan
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    Some reports...are just utter goldmines. It makes me wish to be a admin/GM one for day to give a good old staggie verdict.
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    What a way to start a day. Just took in these two strays we found. Aren't they adorable Plus Mama Balalaika is so happy to have them.
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    @Roland Caught you avoiding RP and ghosting! Recorded Reported! no flamerino
  12. 8 likes
    I miss the old staff Team... The good old days...
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    Out of context snaking continues. Kamenici was fun, another hiatus for a while.
  17. 7 likes
    Just need a twatch shirt now
  18. 7 likes
    Flexing your income online to protect your low self-esteem ain't a good look
  19. 7 likes
    That sad moment when the server crashes and the rollback causes you to loose both M249s you have on your back... #NotAGearWhore
  20. 7 likes
    Happy Global Wombat Month Lads!
  21. 7 likes
    Why is it when ever someone is on the losing side of a situation, in almost every instance the other party has BaD RoLePlaY?
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    Maybe worth a return after a year, give this thing another go Everything seems different but also the same.. give Giovanni more sunlight after his vit D deficiency... any of my oldies still around?
  24. 7 likes
    Can't wait for the 2.3 accusations now @Ryan Shepherd thanks.
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    These white names really out here on some dumb shit. If this is what the RP boys deal with on the daily, I don’t know how the fuck they do it to be honest. You act like a hostile group for once instead of complying and sucking dick of hostiles that oppose you, and suddenly you become public enemy number 1 in everybody's eyes. Oh well, fuck it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Dear community member I Just like to say: - I care about all of us having fun together. - I don't care if you hate me, hurt me, bullied me, or in any way ever wronged me. I wish you the best and that you get happy, I just hope I won't have to die or leave for that to be possible. I won't treat you any different in RP hell I probably won't even know its you in RP because you are a character there to have fun and to rp with depending on those IC things. I look forward to RPing and meeting any of you. Lots of love, community member too On a side note, most people in my life that were at some point mean to me became good friends of mine later, so if you are hating me today who knows, we maybe best friends tomorrow. Some good vibes.
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    Been switched to full time remote employee because the office closed down my department where I'm located and the only options were relocate or nah. Since they like me, I guess I WFH now. Welp.
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    New group hype @Peril @Watchman @Fae @Derek Steel @Glidingz @ItsChocolateMan @CocoMii @BrianM @Iceinfly @Bran @Inferno453
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    @StagsviewRB Another one down. Im coming for you boy.
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    To those who were in the firefight at Chapter camp, best RP I had in months. The tension before the showdown was hardcore
  32. 6 likes
    So apparently it's an unwritten rule that if you aint active 5 players 7 days a week. you cant have a group. Fuck me but people have real lifes and have work during the week we aint all benefit bashers. Pissing my sides laughing.
  33. 6 likes
    Just updated my character page :3 Only a few details this time, but I just love to keep it up to date Now I'm tired... good night
  34. 6 likes
    At least the console servers are up.
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    "I miss the old me I miss the way I used to be I miss the old me And now these drugs controllin' me"
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    With the power of the moogles, this profile is now protected!
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    "Yeah, all these fake friends Wish this was the end All these fake friends Now I’m crying end my sorrow Every girl is just the same Got me crying on my knees Baby help me please"
  40. 6 likes
    Irish Suicide Bomber 2.0
  41. 6 likes
    I never would have guessed that day would come..But it has, GG.
  42. 5 likes
    Alright... gonna be gone till sunday, trying to find my way from Switzerland up to Köln in Germany. May I add, in whole Switzerland, we are not allowed to drive faster than 120 km/h on our highways... parts of Germany don't even have something like a limitation XD And I'm driving with a Mercedes A250 with 210 PS. I just say... weeeeeeeeeeeeeh! See ya all after Sunday I hope....
  43. 5 likes
    I'm Back !!! One more appt. then I should be good for awhile . Missed you guys!!!!!!!!!!
  44. 5 likes
    If I ever don't speak with you, its not because I think I am better then you. Its probably because I feel like you don't enjoy being around me and I don't wish to say anything that makes your day worse or the situation, instead give you the free choice to approach me, should you wish to interact with me at all.
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    I've been serving the Low BeanZ in Forum Games proudly for 5 damn years... but time comes for us all.
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    Had 1 Marlin Release yesterday, with a few others come through the spread all in all a good day. Might have some GoPro footage of it will have to check
  49. 5 likes
    Dropping initiations and shooting bitches, just kalo things
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    Since @Ryan Shepherdis spreading his hate for the Twatch T-shirt, I am gonna spread some more love. Thank you @Lemons for being the first host for the Twatch T-shirt fan club
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