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    Zvir [Звир] is an isolated farmers village found in the western South Zagorian Mountain range. The town is sprawling with open fields of fertile ground, it is a hotpot for local farmers and field hands to find work. The town itself is historically self-sufficient, only relying on imports for items such as bottled water or other unconventional items. The name derives from "Gravel" in Russian. The town of Zvir is a rural town within South Zagoria that was not connected to the newly made Highway system across South Zagoria, the town often relied on self-sufficiency. A farming town, Zvir often fed its own inhabitants with local produce. During the 2009 Civil War, the town's safety was often guaranteed by both Chedaki and NAPA forces. The communists saw the town as a perfect image of socalism, working-class farmers looking after their own in a very socialistic manner. Whilst the nationalists saw the town as a perfect image of the traditional Chernarussian village without western or communist influence. During and after the Civil War, several Chedaki Movement members and sympathizers fled to Zvir to escape persecution from the Chernarussian Defense Force (CDF), or worse, NAPA. The movement was re-created within the village up until the outbreak of the infection. It is rumored that a splinter movement of the Chedaki, known as Free Territory was originally established within the town, based off the Anarchist movement in Ukraine. The town is mostly barren since the outbreak, only small groups of infected roam the previously fertile fields.
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