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    An unknown group of individuals have been calling for help on the radio. Calling themselves the "Stranniki", they ask for help gathering supplies for the winter. Not much is known about the nature of these people.. so if you choose to help, keep a wary eye on them. In the radio broadcast, they mention of migrating through Russia, and into the South Zagorian region.. going from the north, to finally settle around what locals call "The Lonely House" near Stary Sobor. There is not much time before the winter cold sets in heavily, and they are desperate for food, and firewood. They want to use this house for warmth and shelter, and will move on once the spring comes.. not wanting to stay in one place for too long. They went on the radio asking for help.. assistance in cutting firewood, and trading ammunition for non-perishable food. Where: Stary Sobor: Lonely House. Details: The Stanniki have said, they have a fair amount of ammunition for trade in exchange for manual labor for chopping wood.. and also for trading for non-perishable food (canned food.) The hosts will provide the fire axes needed for the wood chopping.. the trade exchange details are below. 10 cans of food = 1 AK drum mag w/ 75 Rounds 8 cans of food = 1 coupled STANAG mag w/ 60 rounds 2 cans of food = 20 rounds of STANAG or AKM ammo. Manual Labor: The Stanniki will pay you 60 rounds of either M4 or AKM ammo for 30 minutes of collecting firewood. When: Thursday November 29th at 6:00pm CST.
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    The vanguard of a large CAT 2 horde is reaching the outskirts of South Zagoria. It is poised to sweep across the western frontier, through Lopatino and onto Vybor airbase. The CDF has planned to utilize the southern facilities of the base in order to bring in supplies and soldiers to support local survivors. If this part of the base is overrun by the vanguard of the horde then the province will be denied the ammunition it needs to stop the main part of the horde and destroy it. If the landing zone is flooded with infected then another less optimal location will have to be cleared to bring in provisions. The Miroslavl branch of the Chernarussian loyalist faction has been eyeing South Zagoria for sometime due to its relative wealth of large fuel stores, timber, and industrial centers. Fuel is badly needed for vehicles and to provide warmth during the winter for the tens of thousands that live within the protection of the loyalists. If South Zagoria is completely inundated with infected this prime real estate may be cut off from outside access, and those who live there will be displaced. Despite the sparse and exhausted nature of the CDF's forces it cannot allow South Zagoria to fall to the infected. A handful of infantry from the 34th Engineer Company and the 22nd Mechanized Battalion have been readied for immediate deployment from Utes Island to the front to head off the vanguard of the horde. They will be responsible for managing the shipment of weapons and ammunition into South Zagoria and assisting local survivors. This is only the start of the conflict to halt the horde, but if survivors can succeed here over the infected then the following battles will be much easier. A camp will be established at the southern end of the airfield amidst the hardened air shelters. Ammunition and supplies will be stockpiled there for survivors. The task force will have to hold out for an hour in order to defeat the vanguard of the horde. Survivors are welcome to fortify the area around the hangars ahead of time. This event cannot be initiated upon or attacked. It is a purely PvE event. Radio Thread here:
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    What: The streets of Grish are going to run red!!! TUESDAY TUESDAY TUESDAAYY!!!! This is your chance to show all of them normies that your shit dont stink, and throw your balled fists into the face of your opponent! Fight your way to the top of the bracket and win the jackpot, bragging rights, and feel like a fucking bad ass!!! This is one event, you are not going to want to miss, TUESDAY, TUESDAY TUESSDAYY!!! ARE YOU REAADYY TOOO RUMBBBLLLEEEE??!!!!! Rules: 1. Bare fists only 2. No headgear 3. Pay the entrance fee of 40 bullets. 4. If you have a coach, only 1 coach is allowed near the ring to shout tips. 5. IF you lose, don't be a sourpuss. 6. If you win, you gain all of the entry fees from the other contestants. Where: Grishino Town Square! //This will be a "peaceful event". Please do not initiate at this event, thank you.
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    This event will take place on the prison island in the event server
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    We're meeting up, we're getting drunk but most of all we are going to have fun! If you are stationed or hold up in sweden anywhere and you feel like you can afford paying for hotel aswell as possibly two night out, then just send me a PM and I will give you more details. We are currently estimated 6 people already who are planning to meet up, if you feel like you want to meet your fellow forum members then like I said shoot me a PM Please note as we are going out and being involved with alcohol and mature jokes, this event is for 18+ only. P.S Be sure to get back to me in due time since you have to buy tickets/Plan a trip there aswell as booking a hotel room.
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    A band of drug addicts have taken civilians and medical professionals hostage. It's up to you how their fate ends. There are 3 teams: The Hope (Hostages) The Saviours (Rescuers) The Burnouts (Drug Addicts) This is a roleplay before PvP event - do everything in your power to save them before doing PvP Anyone who has not signed up and put on the official page should not interupt the event - the page is found... here
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