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    If we close Livonia, we screw over people who paid for DLC and they will go play on other RP server that offers Livonia. If we close Chernarus, we screw over people who didn't pay for DLC and put a paywall on the server, which again, will make people go play elsewhere. No go chief. We're too deep now, no going back.
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    I'd much rather have 2 half full servers with people in them that want to play there then forcing the community to choose between a map they either don't want to play on or a map they are forced to pay for so they can continue playing with their friends. Livonia itself has been hitting between 60-70 players the past couple of nights. The roles have essentially been reversed. Chernarus is the less played map while Livonia is the main server. Eventually it will switch back when people get bored of Livonia or just want a change of scenery due to developing RP.
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    Callahan. There are many forms of descriptions that could describe a man like himself. But to put it politely, Callahan has a broad sense of statement. A fashion that could either be found appealing or non appealing. He was the person who reassured others who he was and what he was about. His belief of his motherland, Ireland, intimidated many. And those who he had worked with in the past, many had heard of before. His reputation was a main benefactor in his works however he wasn’t shy of making it clear he supported the I.R.A in freedom for Ireland to become its own country. Though he was not apart of this group, it was safe to say any Englishman who served under the Queen’s name should take precautions around what they said around Callahan as he would deem a dangerous individual towards their life and survival. On the other hand, Callahan could also show a care that others may believe could not be shown by someone who supported the I.R.A. His broad sense of humour and singing skills were one of the things he had that charmed most of the people in Livonia. And that’s what makes us human. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Callahan expressed in a small interval that his life was not as privileged as others. He served his life in a gang. Though the gang is unnamed he related it to being ‘the actual police of Dublin’. This meant himself and his gang members used to deal with anyone ‘poisoning the neighbourhood’ with harmful drugs given to the youth. The police, according to Callahan, in Dublin would ignore the crimes of drugs as they knew the drug dealers would carry an arms weapon. Such as many biker gangs in America for example, they had true pure intentions of helping others instead of causing crime that made a ruckus in Dublin. His strong suit is mainly his personality and skills with a firearm. Due to this, Callahan is able to keep people he cares about and deems friends, safe. As the saying goes, his heart rests in the right place. Especially in this day and age of a zombie apocalypse and people willing to murder each other whilst getting away with it Scott-free. A small series of events that took place recently was when Callahan and co. stumbled across what seemed like an abandoned camp. However upon speculation, the camp has been trashed from may of been hooligans. Within Callahan’s nature along with his friend, Podgy, they took the initiative to clean the mess up and store it back in it containers and units where they belonged. Unnoticed however was a man that awoke in a startle and ended up pointing his gun at a large number of people. As they attempted to negotiate and talk, the man was more danger to us than we were to him. Callahan acted quick on his feet and attempted to scare the man into lowering his weapon by him and his friend raising theirs. This unfortunately did not work and our lives were more in danger than anything. The man was clipped and fortunately knocked unconscious. Attempting to make sure the man was not in a critical state before we left, Callahan and co. felt accomplished of their Samaritans deeds. Before gunshots snapped and crackled behind us. Podgy stumbled as Callahan, again, took the brave procedure of killing these bandits who did not even speak to us once, in order to keep everyone safe. Podgy was dragged into safety whilst Callahan used his viable skills of self defence - these murderers were put to rest. Though many people judge a person by their cover before reading what is inside, this article shows the true intentions of a working man just trying to survive. And politics should not be something that defines them. The sense of decency of protecting the innocent surely makes Callahan McDuffin the antihero of Livonia.
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    I am considering holding an RP event, bi-weekly, in Gieraltów for people and groups to sell/trade/buy/barter items they've collected, grown, or hunted in town. It will hopefully allow characters to meet other characters they haven't yet met, create new engaging storylines and further grow our community dynamic. For instance Mr. Wulf and Mr. Sandman could possibly find someone to make their liquor for the Garrison, The Local Mob could recruit more members, Ms. Iris could find more people that need her help and to be a part of the community, the Soup Kitchen could set up a free soup table, a local butcher could sell the meat they've obtained (as long as it isn't human), someone could find the mercenaries they need to hire, and so on...
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    Stuart Island is out now! Go cop while it's hot. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1936423383
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    Personally I hate that there's a massive migration to this one specific country from Chernarus. There really isn't any reason behind it. I think Livonia should be separate characters, separate groups and completely cut off from everything happening in Chernarus. I'm literally hearing yesterdays happenings in Chernarus, a country that's over a days drive away. There's literally the same stories and conflicts happening in a country 2000+ km away, people moved and so did their enemies and nothing has changed it's literally the same thing as Chernarus no new faces, just coincidentally these groups have been able to find themselves in the same exact foreign country. Also I don't think simple radios can reach 2000+ km, why are people making these radio transmissions.
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    STUART ISLAND WASHINGTON, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Welcome to Stuart Island, a 5 x 5 km island off the coast of Washington US covered in thick forests and torn apart by a brief conflict between unidentified Russian-aligned forces, island natives and the US during the disease outbreak. In the 1950s and 60s, during the height of the red scare in America, immigration was also hitting its peaks. This included citizens - refugees - from post-war Europe, including many that flew the Soviet flag. Much like Angel Island, and its counterpart Ellis Island on the East Coast, Stuart Island WA became one of a few islands used for the inspection, disinfection, and detainment of these immigrants, mostly of Soviet and Asian descent. Due to the wave of paranoia regarding communism that spread like wildfire, some of these citizens found themselves in limbo; marked as agents of the very state that views them as traitors. Left to their own devices, they began to use the tools at their disposal to build more permanent residences. The island became a sort of cultural anomaly; a hub of Eastern European culture on the shores of the Western world. The island's detainment project fell out of favor as tensions eased between the West and the Soviets, and was completely shuttered in 1986. It was left mostly dormant until '94, when it was suggested for it to be turned into a national park - a time capsule, of sorts. This was only 6 years before the area was targeted by companies doing oil and mineral excavation inquiries. To everyone’s surprise, the inquiries yielded results and in the early 2000s, oil corporations, with heavy ties to Russia, bought the rights to a few oil sites near the coast of Stuart Island. The same companies also bought the rights to a quarry on the island itself. Stuart Island was also chosen to be the storage for the oil before it was transported elsewhere. The companies built up a sizable industrial area and harbor on the island to use for storage and shipment of their goods. Quickly, there was a surge of new inhabitants to the island, who came to work on the quarry and the industrial area. The island’s population grew quickly and thus the city of Stuart (or as the new and old Russian population called it, Стюарт) became about to house the new workers. The vast majority of the population was of Russian descent and the most common language after English was Russian. Lore credit goes out to a dear friend of mine, who has been vacant from this community for a while, and hence I shall not mention him by name in the fear that I'll get yeeted as well. - - - - - - I've been working on this map for about a year now, I started back in December 2018. I think it is finished enough to be released before next year and I'll be starting the play testing today to ensure that everything is balanced enough for a good experience. It is based loosely on the original map from Arma 3 that I made in 2015. As I mentioned, the entire terrain is 5 x 5 km in size. This was a conscious effort to 1) minimize development time and to 2) maximize player interaction. I thought I should give you guys a small sneak peak into the world of Stuart Island before it releases later this month since all of y'all have been very supportive of me . Well, here it is: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1936423383
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    I admit I enjoyed the RP between @HDragon & @Mademoiselle Specially the car parking, lol. You guys are amazing. Great chemistry. To @Wee_L_LR Thank you for the amazing hunting trip. Thank you for the laughter. And amazing RP by @BackInNam & @marauder1838 @Malthis Licking hunter and his reaction priceless!!! @TheLamp1 And a shout out to @Georgia Banks & @Maverick Cobalt for being too adorable in the base while building. Specially the backpack. ♥ Keep being amazing, I hope we make more stories.
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    To be honest, I completely disagree with this. If you view this from Roland’s perspective he has a business to run. If you close Livonia, people are gonna be upset and bored cause they’re playing on the same map (Chernarus) for 5 years+. Plus they spent £15 on a DLC they can’t play and will want to find an RP server that has Livonia cause they enjoy the map. If you close Chernarus. The people whom cannot afford Livonia will leave and Roland won’t have trafficking there. It will kill off any new comers coming as it’ll turn the community a pay to play ordeal. (I may write this a little more detailed when home as I’m currently on a bus)
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    A Cold Homeland The ground was cold, Imrich stood patiently as his father checked his map during the cold autumn night. Imrich, looking down at his boots and the new jacket his father got him about a week ago. The coat was just a little too big for his frame yet the straps, pulled tightly, made a warm and water protective jacket perfect for the forests of his homeland. As he was inspecting his jacket his father swore, “Kурва! This damn celebration always changes location, it pisses me off…” The man stood looking slightly puzzled at his map, his face showing slight wrinkles and grit in the man's past. Despite being no younger than forty he wore the wisdom of a man far surpassing his own age. He smiles as he points to his map, gesturing to his son as if to share the small victory with him. “See kluk (Son), they have moved it here” He taps the map, his gloved hands creasing the paper slightly, “Ah Opa! Here it is, I'm glad you're coming along finally kluk, everyone has been asking where my young man has been.” Imrich nods, gesturing for his father to continue the journey. His father gladly beginning to walk towards the ‘gathering’ he always complains about. Imrich never understood why he always figured his father loved the military meetings just as his grandfather did. Maybe it was all the walking, or the need to pack some equipment for the group, or maybe it was the fact he always needed to wear his uniform. Imrich always liked the uniform his father wore, the Rastr Summer jacket with an accompanying Rastr Winter pants along with a tight fitting leather holster always made his father seem a little foolish to not wear matching colors. When he asked about it his father simply replied, “Such colors are useful in war, the chance to break up body and not stand out perfectly in any location made it perfect for us.” Thus is why Imrich enjoyed the look, the utility of the equipment made the outfit appealing if not distinguishable. However, his father's most important part of his uniform would be his beret he cherished this item the most, kept it clean and the metal shiny for whenever he needed to wear it. The beret was simple however, as Imrich learned they should be, a sleek black base made of cotton along with a pin at the center. The pin was a simple raised Red Star outlined by a golden line, a beautiful pin made for this beret. Imrich walked further into the woods, his bag seeming heavy, he never liked carrying them but his father stressed the importance of it, said it was an important package for his bratrs. Imrich while being focused on his bag lost sight of his father, unlike most western nations, losing track of your guide in the local forest could spell death for most unworthy travelers. Imrich enjoyed the woods, found comfort in its peace and balance, however in late Autumn he would surely starve or freeze without a weapon or matches. As soon as Imrich passed through a patch of pine trees however, he saw his father, he had stopped. His head looking down at his hands, inspecting something, Imrich could see his scratched leather holster was empty and open. As Imrich approached his father turns to him, his face with slight sorrow and a little of something else, as if he was proud of this moment. He began to come to his son, his Tokarev TT held gently in his hand, his father would look at his son with a warm face, one of clear relief. “Můj kluk, I believe it is time for you to have this…” His father would hand him the handgun, Imrich would hold the pistol in his hands, almost taken aback by its weight. “I know you are ready for this, you should have it for a time when a rifle is not enough kluk.” Imrich would inspect the handgun as his father was talking. It was a clear polished metal, with it being a simple Tokarev TT early soviet handgun. The gun was beautifully maintained, however simple and classical. The only refined detail the gun would be the Bright Red Star in the center of the grip. “It is my father's TT, issued to him during the soviet era of this land. He kept it well despite its old age and great use. Its design is classic and simple, a true peoples pistol. Just like our old soviet state your handgun is sleek and clean, with clear function and directive, Serve the user without fault. The star keeps the independence of the people close to the users shooting hand, keeping his head clear and his heart true.” His father spoke as if reading off a script, “My father passed this handgun on to me on my Eighteenth winter, and now I pass it down to you on your Seventeenth Autumn. He gave me the same speech…” Imrich and his father would finally make it to the meeting spot, a clearing in the middle of the western South Zagoria mountains. Imrich was amazed by the amount of people who had arrived, and how well armed they truly were. He noticed plenty of different uniforms, however they all treated and welcomed each other like family. The smell of cooked food was traveling in the air and men shared handshakes and even traded soviet rifles. This group was nearly 100 strong and they all seemed to be family. Despite the clearly different regional accents every man seemed to understand and know the next. Imrich spotted only a few men wearing such well kept uniforms as his father, and even fewer with as similar beret as his. His father directed his kluk to go and enjoy the people, stating the hearing was about to begin as he walked off to meet his bratrs. Imrich began to mingle, the people seemingly welcoming him with such open arms he was taken aback on the hospitality. He guessed they all knew his father. Imrich walked down the sea of people to what looks like an elevated platform made of logs and planks, fresh planks by the looks. Stands atop is a man in similar uniform to his father, however this one with more folds and a sleek black jacket. His black beret adjusted perfectly on top of the man's head. He stands tall, his arms behind his back with Imrichs father to his side along with what looks like other officers. The man silences everyone and speaks, his voice a deep and commanding tone, “Bratrs! Today is the day we have all been waiting for, this meeting is not one of few, but one of hundreds scattered across our lands! Our forces have grown stronger in these past years as people begin to understand the hardship and oppression our faulty government has left us for!” The man speaks to all of the people below who watch and listen in deep understanding. “Today, one of our glorious leaders will make a public announcement! After the rigged elections it is clear our government cannot be reasoned with, the corruption in our homeland burrows itself to the core like a mole in the earth! This speech will prove to not old the region, or the country, but the world that we will not tolerate such atrocities! We will have our voices heard! Freedom and independence is what our homeland will provide for our children, but we must give our people to power to raise such children!” With this he presents a large radio one of the officers had been holding as they place it on the ground. The speakers on the device are large, enough to broadcast the speech to the entire crowd. With one swift motion he flicks the switch on the device and it springs to life giving static at first, but then silence. The crowd waits in anticipation as the silence is cut through by a voice. A voice of a man who speaks on all channels, all televisions, and for the people's heart! As the music and voices blast though the radio some men seem slightly confused at the sounds, unaware that the transmission was designed for television rather than radio. However, the men all seem to rally to the transmission, their voices murmur then turn to unified chimes. All screaming for the bringing to power of the Red Star to South Zagoria! The men all chant and agree in the message being broadcasted to them. Imrichs father stands tall over the men as he looks towards his son, warmth in his eyes as he sees the looks of brotherhood around him. His face warm in the sunlight. A large crack rings out, perching the chants of the men. Imrichs father looking into the crowd with worried eyes as his face is sprayed with blood covering his jacket and glasses. He quickly drops down looking to his right as he watches one of his Comrades fall hard on the fresh lumber, his blood dripping of his body in between the cracks of the cracks of the boards. Gunfire erupts the forest, with screams of both the crowd and the woods and the men around Imrich begin to fire back. Cries of death and hatred are exchanged as a man close to Imrich screams “НАПА!!”
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    I vote to wipe Winter. Wipe server. Wipe lore. Wipe everything. Wipe wipe wipe! ;^)
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    From the album: Marshalls journey

    One cannot always get what one wants
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    Me doing this reporting shiz... Write from notes Use theasarus Edit Edit Edit Edit Edit Makes graphics Edits Writes more Completely re-edits Edits again... Gives up Edits Send help... Or send love...
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    News just in, another landmass has been sighted off the coast of Chernarus, officials have already given it an un-pronounceable Czech name. Anybody referring to it as Stuart Island will be frowned upon. Then shot. Jokes aside the screenshots are looking good, real nice attention to detail.
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    Can't +1 this If it were 2 servers on the same map, sure. But we have 2 servers with 2 different maps that seem both equally popular at the moment. Actively screwing half the community over from where they want to play / where their stories are currently developing. When this is also a paid DLC, hell nah.
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    Even if you have a full server, I guarantee that you won't find many people while travelling around. Just wait it out, people are still away for parties or with family or are busy with other games.
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    If Livonia closes, I truly dont feel like playing Chernarus so I wont play it at all. And I am not the only one with that specific mindset. However, if you close Chernarus most people wont jump over to Livonia because it issues a paywall. Keep both up, closing either one will not give you the results you are hoping for. This is not a deerisle vs Chernarus situation.
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    This... drug... will Dr. Red ever be the same?
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    I like these ideas! It'd be cool and a good way to get some roleplay going. Unfortunately I can't offer anything from my dynamic at this current time but we definitely will be around if the events do occur
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    Things such as that tend to go out the window as long as the Lore gets released. After that as long as people play who cares? And so far they have been, in greater numbers then Chernarus i might add. To be expected somewhat given the winter map. Livonia is new and fresh. And the snow is kinda boring after an hour or two of looking at it. But as far as somebody taking the initiative to separate the two and actually do it well... The people who care enough don't have the power and the people who do have better things to do or can't be asked I guess. Although I can only comment on what occurred while I was still in there. I don't pay much attention here anymore so I might be talking out my arse. Craig is the newest LM and I wanted Livonia to be his flagship project so he could establish himself, at least before I got ushered out. Best thing to do for separation is to wipe the Lore and set it in a time that is drastically different.
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    A man named Buck is setting up a farmers market in Topolin too, so the idea is definitely welcome, I think everyone would appreciate and benefit from it too, you go Iris! Let me know if you need supplies, Dutch is always in the area.
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    Yes, because those are obviously trolling... Someone "travelling" between two locations is the tiniest little thing to nitpick. More rules =/= better RP or more enjoyable RP. We don't need to look back that far in DayZRP's history to see how dead the server can be made with excessive rules. The server was basically empty in 2018 because of the terrible ruleset that was overly complicated and overly limiting. The server only made a comeback because of rolle accepting permed players on paid amnesty, the rules were simplified and made less restricting, and because Bohemia was making some progress with the development of the game. It's crazy to me how this community continuously wants to put more and more needless restrictions on itself. If someone mentions how they got to Livonia from Chernarus in 5 minutes or whatever, then fine, be upset. But if they're not stupid with explaining how they got there, then the travel affects absolutely nothing, and it shouldn't even be a focus at all. This is just another tool to be used for reports and getting people banned. It's just a tiny little thing that is being focused on for some reason, instead of the RP actually provided and the enjoyment of the game.
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    I’m glad this is an instance where gamers get to game, rather than a tragic instance of where gamers don’t get to game
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    This community has rules and Lore to direct character and members. Lore is there for a reason, and I DO NOT agree, wholeheartedly, that characters should be allowed to jump servers Willy nilly, this is an RP community/server and we are playing our characters realistically (per say) and magic "time jumps" with no travel time or storyline around the travel and with no reason or storyline as to why they are coming over, is unfair to the characters who are already on Livonia, or even Chernarus. My storyline is in Livonia, If I decided to go to Chernarus I would have to work it out in my characters storyline and have a reason to travel there (which I don't) and be able to explain IC and OOC my characters travels to the new country. Also in my personal opinion (and not to start crap): The people who have worked there butts off creating a storyline on Livonia, building groups and realtionships, are now having their storylines and hard work, all for naught, with the Chernarus groups magic "time jumping". I've read the group pages for these groups coming over and there is nothing indicating that they updated their groups page to accommodate the Lore or storyline behind their move.
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    Personally I don't understand why this all wasn't addressed prior to the release of the server. There was talk about organizing Livonia to be a separate storyline/lore/characters and then everything went silent on that end and now we are having where people are travelling back and forth between their characters. There was talk about separate places for Livonia Characters, Groups, Radio and now everything is intertwined. I believe that anyone travelling from Chernarus to Livonia has the choice but then must remain in Livonia (giving people the chance to take their favourite characters over). Then if you are using a new character, it must remain in Livonia if that's where you wish to keep said character. Groups: I also believe this should be entirely separate. You should be able to be in an official group in both maps if they are kept separate and you do not get to run back and forth between the countries. This opens up tons of new roleplay possibilities and is easily able to be monitored by staff with no issue as CP's are meant to be kept up to date etc. Its just extremely ridiculous to be running around Livonia and people speaking of Chernarus and how they arrived in the area yesterday from Chernarus and intend to go back and forth when as the map shown by HDragon it wouldn't be an easy trek.. at all.
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    If you look like the human NWAF then you bout to get robbed.
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    I think we should have gun racks added back to the server. However as Roland said before with month wipes to improve the servers performance as well as being able to find them instead of being able to craft. Would like to see people’s views on this as well as any more information from Roland.
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    The death of Jackson van Berg (remastered)
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    this map looks nice hopefully it could be used on DayZRP someday
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    I agree with you but why have people said too me, "im gonna go on livonia as I'm bored of just seeing a white landscape now" if that isn't the reason for them wanting it off early
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    "how do you separate the men from the boys in Texas? A restraining order" don't come near me motherfucker. I'll make sure that the only thing you see when you wake up is Georgia's brains splattered out on the wall. Anyways love y'all!
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    I tried going for the paranormal activity feeling vibe.
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    Don't carry good stuff you won't get robbed as much
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    I really like your explanation for that so +1 beanz, but taking containers out of never be viable cause it would take away from the whole base building mechanic that they added in after so long. I had no exact answer on how to fix this issue, but I felt I should start the conversation about it so maybe we can band together as a community and change. You put what I was meaning in the perfect words. Many communities have tried many different things. The trader system, currency system, red zone area, green zone areas, but I'm not sure if any of those would work in a strict RP community.
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    Should it not be hard to acquire a military grade automatic firearm as a lone survivor?
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    It's a hard one, like I get where you're coming from, as I used to run on my own, and it was great RP. Now I run with a really fast growing group, i'm in one of those things where loot is stockpiled but... What may seem like a lot to you, is nothing to a big group. Gear is given and taken so fast, like after a big firefight loss, you may have 15 guys to arm up again, so that's 15 guns, 15 sets of clothes, 15 vests, 15 sets of ammo for each man, its ALOT, alot of bases probably look at their gear and think it's still not enough unless they're constantly winning gunfights. There is alot of group RP you're not wrong, most of the heavy RP stuff is done in groups and not much big developing things are due to lone wanderers which is a shame, it does happen but like you said not as much. But... You can't expect groups to stop being a big deal, it's not their fault, people wanna join the bigger groups so it gets bigger and bigger, it's not controllable from anyone unless there was an actual rule limiting group numbers but then ... groups would get annoyed and then what, you just get more groups instead of bigger groups. There are both pros and cons, and hey as the saying goes, if you can't beat em... Join em right? Maybe get a group together yourself, look into other ones, solo RP can defo be more fun at times, but you're much less likely to get into bigger RP situations apart from being robbed. Give it ago with some groups see what interests you. Sadly to conclude there's no way to counter this stuff unless there was rule but... then it would just annoy the other end of the scale to Edit: Wow just realised i use "...." way too much
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    Interesting to me how only certain groups can have pre-made bases that are huge and arguably impenetrable, but other groups can't have something even a fraction of the size...
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    You won't bother me no more [mp3]https://a.clyp.it/tzwkyjwl.mp3[/mp3] [mp3]https://a.clyp.it/sddt4zfc.mp3[/mp3] “Everyone likes fairy tales, don’t they? I’m sure everybody does. The princes and princesses, the happy endings and kings and queens and jokers and... I’ll tell you my own fairy tale. It’s good - I promise!” Act Zero Act One - Two and half Act Two and a half - Four Timeline Spread Fear Throughout Chernarus Establish a Hide away to relax after our shenanigans Remove masks from imposters Establish a steady supply of masks Protect each other Find different ways to entertain ourselves Lay some sick justice upon our wrongdoers Help Doctor D find true love, akin to a soap opera Our goals are dynamic and are determined by IG events They change as we play Sylvester Todd Jack Allen Tyler Dwight Bjorn Blasius Zachariah Jones Brad Johnson Aaron Smith Aaron Coates Charlie James Johann Fischer Joshua Robinson Thomas Hayes Edward Spades Kool-Aid Drinkers Jim Jam's Gambling Society Blue Moon, Now I'm No Longer Alone Colonel Sanders and his whip wielding buckaroos Banks and Friends Woody's Roundup Gimp Squad Jimmy Neutron and his pals Club Penguin Times Toilet Water Oreo-bros Sea Cops The Soft Zebras Bible Thumping Cross Fuckers Any and all "Russians" Spooky Skeleton Crew The Lost Tribe Sloppy Joes The Irony Fill out the application below and send it to the following users Sylvester Todd, Payne and Trix One of them will get back to you on whether or not your applications has been accepted How active are you on the servers: Where are you from: [align=left]Reason for applying: [align=left]Previous Groups: [align=left]RP Experience: [align=left]Character Name: [align=left]Character Back story/Additional Notes: There is a punishment system that will end in a forced perma death and being kicked out of the group. By joining the group you accept to this. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credit to Nezy for our original lore (Part Zero), Clumsy for the graphic design, and Payne for our timeline graphic. If you run into us at some point, send some feedback. Ye Olde Media Thread
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