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    Added some neat new avatars! enjoy this early Christmas present!
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    Early Christmas Present from your special boy Watchman, enjoy some new avatars!
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    Bears are enabled. They do however mostly spawn on the edge of the map:
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    The Joyce bhoys host the first episode of Stary's got Talent
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    That's because @Roland hasn't let me fix the table yet, he wanted to see how the vanilla loot table performs first before I fix it Ideally I want to move things like the SKS, UMP, MP5 and Saiga-12K out of military spawns and into hunting/police spawns. Make things spawn in places where they make a bit more sense, like I have done for Chernarus, but as said, I need clearance from the big man first.
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    My 1st attempt at Chernarussian, don't hate on me. Thank you @Craig for the event, keep them coming my dude.
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    How is this not worth making a report over? There is a badrp punishment for a reason that in my opinion we haven’t been giving out enough. No matter if it’s minor or major a Rulebreak is a rulebreak. People keep saying about how their immersion was broken by this person or that group yet never report it. Only way the server will get better is to punish the ones breaking the rules which will help them learn for the future. If they don’t learn then they eventually get a permanent ban which means one less person who doesn’t care about the rules to worry about.
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    From the album: Seeing the world in my characters eyes

    Same scenario as the time with chedaki and the same church.Sometimes its good to know the right people but unfortunate for the people who don't. All you can do is look on with guilt.
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    Threads like this have absolutely no value IMO. If you witness someone break a rule, create a report. If you don't want to report them for whatever reason, at least come to the helpdesk and get staff to bring them in so you can have a chat and teach them the wrongs of their ways. Creating a thread on the forums that I would quite happily bet money on the fact they will never see achieves nothing.
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    So I see everyone posting cool pictures so I decided to join em so here ya go, I will post screenshots I deem adequate for a photography Emmy award. Enjoy. Some music to enjoy it with I guess.
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    I don't want to be an ass or anything but people really had a reason to hate your group (in-character). This is coming from a primarily a solo player that occasionally runs with groups just because my character has gotten a long with many people. Here's some friendly points, 1. Try not immediately creating an evil group when you don't have the manpower/skilled fighters to back it up. 2. Try creating characters around a easy to obtain base outfit. Mine for example is a Hoodie/long sleeve, Combat pants and a courier bag. I can get such items within 30 minutes of spawning in. Taking your precious time to get an all black outfit and fill your bag up with gear will only leave you disappointed when someone robs you because you stand out like a gift basket for bandits. 3. Build your character around easy to obtain weapons, that way you're comfortable RPing with them and if you find an AR, sweet... thats a bonus. I personally do not go out of my way to spend my whole time looting military bases when I could be roleplaying. Wasting your time looting is only going to bring you disappointment when someone robs you after. 4. HostileRP is paramount on this server. We used to have rules where you couldn't initiate unless someone did something wrong against you or you had a reason. People would literally look for ways to play off ways to initiate like you stepping on their foot, or completely taking something you said the wrong way. The server almost died then and free hostileRP brought it back and people came back. I think you would've gotten a better first impression if you played a more neutral group instead of one that collects blood and is gives off evil vibes. Wolfpack barely initiated on anyone until your group came along, it's the fact that your group was evil is why it got so much hostility from people including predominantly passive groups like the wolfpack.
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    Been playing quite a bit in the last days. 90% of the people I meet were friendly. So not everyone is doing it. First of all, situations end in a gun fight if you yourself make that decision. You have the option to comply or not. As for the robberies, they are a form of RP the same as sitting by a fire and telling stories or just meeting a random guy by a well. If they happen often to you, then it's for a reason. Unfortunately, that's not the mentality I see coming from you. An RP focused mentality would look at the robberies and fights occurring and develop their character accordingly. One's character may have a breakdown, couldn't handle it and just give up, another could try and gather up forces and fight the evil of the land, another may give up on his friends and ditch them hoping he'd leave the trouble behind and so much more. When you come here and say "hostile rp ruins the server" it just feels like you got upset when things didn't go your way. Also, you look at hostile situation as just "robberies" and "bootleg PVP", so how do you expect things to evolve and progress when you approach them with such negativity not even the God of roleplay could change your mind. Not to mention the most character progressing and deep level roleplay I got was during hostile encounters. So I think the server will be just fine.
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    Outstanding performance. Who knew my singing lessons could save lives?
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    Only been here 6 months but managed to get myself on nearly all the hitlists of the hostile groups, and on some lists i dont even know who they belong to. Spent some time in the prison 'helping' with the inmates, before joining Redwood Radio as a talk show host. Did get a show going but then everyone archives before we get a chance to interview them. Went into hiding for a while to avoid getting strung up for not having numerous licences. Still making friends.......no idea why people call me a fake preist I had a brief spell on a different character as a nationalist which was fun but too hard for me to master
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    Found a Cheytac and a Kivaari right next to each other, the DayZ loot gods have smiled upon me this day.
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    cheers guys. Im not going mad then.
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    A couple of days in Livonia and I've personally got to say that it's been well worth the money. I get the grievances people have with buying DLC for the game, especially since we're still suffering from some bugs and/or lack of features. But honestly, most people here (despite the lack of content) have still poured hundreds upon hundreds of hours into the game. That proves that you can look past the faults and instead enjoy the game for what it it. But if you decide not to buy it on principle or to make a statement, that's well within your right and there's nothing wrong with that. Livonia for me has been a much needed breath of fresh air. A change from 6/7 years of Chernarus. My friends and I found ourselves legitimately lost at times and that's a feeling I haven't felt since back in what... 2015? There's new things to explore, new stories to make, a entirely new environment with new assets, not to mention the way things are made are far more spread out, leaving people to have the entire map to explore instead of exclusively the North-West corner of South-Zagoria. Unlike Deer Isle (which is made by a modder and while valiant in effort, clearly shows that its made by someone that's doing it in his free-time and with 'amateur' knowledge) Livonia shows that it's been made by a professional team. The map is polished to shine and every place feels handcrafted. I get if you boycott Livonia on the principle that you don't want to support Bohemia for their business practice. But if you're boycotting Livonia purely out of spite or because you're inherently adverse to change (which this community kind of is at times), then I'd heartily recommend trying to step past that. Namalsk will no doubt be a fairly decent map (albeit small) as its made by the same guy that worked on Livonia (fun fact, the guy making Namalsk works for Bohemia). It'll be new way to play the game for sure, I'll look forward to trying it out one day as well. The only concern I have is that this community is not able to deal with the far harsher survival aspect the man is going for with Namalsk, but hopefully the community will at least donate the money they're unwilling to spend on Livonia to him for all the effort he's put into it.
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    Hello @andysuter, The cooldown for swapping characters is 6 hours.
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    Anarchy wardog, current slavetrader and slaveholder ex-Wolfpack member Turk!! Nice to meet you!
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    I was so scared thats why i was barely talking
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    My accomplishment... my character is still alive. Seen groups rise and fall and survived some horrific gun fights. Yet he carries on. Living in itself is an accomplishment in my opinion
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    I will applaud @Camo's use of //Timestamp, always the clever one there. I think that those of us who value roleplay should definitely come together and make a strong push for the mentor program as well as exemplifying what we see as positive roleplay experiences as much as possible in the forums. I've seen a lot of DayzRP..and I've had my ups and downs with it but I always come back chasing those special rare moments that I know can still be possible. I definitely think with evidence like this they should be required to speak to a mod or something and go over the situation. The issue our community faces with the whitelist is the constant battle of it being too difficult and risking a stagnant player base or being too easy and swarming us with low-effort roleplay..the tightest of ropes.
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    If you are getting triggered about something fairly minor like what you showed, then I don't what to say. The whitelist right now is widely viewed as shit, they are potentially just as much a "victim" of the shitty whitelist as you are. Here is what I generally do when I run into things like this: chuckle say something to them IG to give them a hint (e.g. using the vids you showed, "what the fuck do you mean restart?" or "what, like you hold some kind of key when you run, is it from your house? Does it have sentimental value?" //stop OOC in voip (if they continue and dont take the hint) find out who they are on the forums and let them know in private (so as to not try and publically humiliate the new community members who may be completely new to RP) and contact them either via dayrp DM or through discord and let them know what they did and why they shouldn't do it, explain that to me it isn't a huge deal, but they should be more careful because some people get super triggered about these things and may throw up a report against them. I will point out that there may be situations that are so bad a report is probably the best thing, but personally these would be extremely rare.
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    They aren't frozen on livonia, and they're in groups of 12 filling streets or fields sometimes so I don't think the same logic would carry over from Chernarus.
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    That's because the military areas are spread out a lot. I think most of the good stuff is in the southern woods tho, when I was chilling up north I only found SKSs and SMGs. When I went down south I f0ound a Saiga-12, 2 AKs-74Us, an AKM and a AK-101 at a single base. I do like how spread out the military bases and how rare stuff is though. It really spreads the population out. I've noticed that in any military base you're able to find military gear in industrial buildings and the residential buildings closely surrounding it. I found a Saiga-12 in a garage.
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    The problem is that the responsibility falls on whoever witnesses the OOC IG to report it, but it happens so often that if we did report each time it happens, we'd spend more time reporting than playing. At this point, it becomes an issue that needs to be fixed BEFORE those players make it in game, not after. Either make the whitelist more difficult or my take would be to have some of the rules in your face on a splash screen while it's loading. Example
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    What is there to be discussed though? If you're not willing to report the rulebreak or at least speak to those responsible, nothing will be done about it and the people will never learn... if you want to get the attention of those accused of OOC VOIP, a discussion thread is not the place for it. The place for it is the report section of the forums. The place where rulebreaks are handled. If the attitude towards rulebreaks is to not report and instead just make a rant thread on the forums, this is less useless than "a temporary Band-Aid". Why is the frequency of people going OOC in VOIP higher in recent times? I don't know. Probably because of the state of the whitelist but for that we already have numerous threads regarding the whitelist and discussing why/how it needs to be changed. We don't need another.
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    I've logged over 3.6K hours (shameful, I know) in this game since I first bought it back in 2016. I paid $34.99 if I remember correctly, so, the cost per hour so far (for Bohemia only) is just under $0.01. And I've enjoyed almost every one of those hours. If I hadn't, the game would lay virtually unused like so many other games I've purchased. So, no, I don't mind giving Bohemia $14.99 for a new map. But, that's just me . . . we all determine value differently.
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    Crunch, Crunch, Crunch. Sn-ap. Lev took a moment to glance down at his boot, noting the sound that broken the monotonous tune of his boot crunching against snow. He glanced around, and upwards, at the trees above, and then the moon past them while taking a drag from his blunt. He knew he'd been in a forest, the fact that with half a foot of snow on the ground, he hadn't really expected to walk on anything but snow, the noise alone causing his instincts to flare up, as if he'd stumbled upon a trap. A few scant moments later, his nerves cooled, and took another hit of the small, smoldering lit up paper. His form sank into the snow slightly, on account of the black juggernaut armor that donned his form, a Heavy Gorka Helmet hanging from his vest, which was replaced upon his head by a simple white poncho. An AKM and Praetorian M300 hung on his shoulders, left and right, respectively. He reached onto his belt with his right hand, while his left held his blunt, briefly raising up the hem of his red quilted jacket, to access a canteen that had been partially covered by it. Unbuckling the canteen from his belt, he flipped the cap open with his thumb, he took a long sip, exhaling once afterwards with a pleased sigh. Reconnecting the belt, he continued walking, not bothering to readjust his belt or jacket. After nearly five minutes of walking, the forest, with it's trees that might as well have been black pillars holding up the sky, opened up, and cleared away ahead. Taking a moment to teeter upon the rim of the clearing, he gazed inwards, leaning against a tree. Ahead, was a small church, it's construction one of traditional style of the Eastern Orthodox manifold, but one would wonder where the small group of attendants come from. As far as Lev knows, there's not a single village in the convenient area. Positioned at the back, the Chernarussian man was able to identify a sizable graveyard behind it, the moon flying high. He held up his right hand, extending his wrist outwards to glance at his watch, the hands and time indicators lit a neon green. Thirty minutes past midnight. Good time to take a break. Slowly, he approached the church, taking a wide-step over the low-bearing stone fence. As he got closer, he noted a singular door at the back that would lead into the church. Sliding the blunt into his mouth, he reached out to push the ancient wooden door open, the door hinges creaking with such agonizing stress that the doorway itself seemed to threaten to collapse upon him. Thankfully, it didn't, and he shut the door behind him. The roof was caved in, roughly at the middle of it's shape, yet the structure itself was largely intact otherwise, letting in enough moonlight to illuminate a majority of the room. Appearing from a small alcove behind where the preacher would stand, he noted a stairwell up to a second floor. Maybe that's where the priest's office was? Placing a hand on the small, dusty metal stand, upon which an old-looking bible stood. Out of boredom, Lev pulled on the edge of the book, thumbing through the bible, before continuing to walk by as he browsed the pews, which he found strange. The Orthodox didn't usually sit for services, except maybe the old. Was this actually a Protestant Church? He glanced over his shoulder, at the cross that stood lordly over all else within the building, just beyond the preacher's stand. A stone statue sat upon the cross, it's feet rested upon a lower bar, while it's arms were hung prostrate upon the upper bar. Certainly a slavic cross, Lev reasoned, so why the pews? After one last moment of contemplation, he gave a shrug, before sitting down at one of them. Pulling his blunt from his mouth, he looked about. He sighed and exhaled loudly, setting down his MOLLE pack between his legs, looking at his own feet for a moment, before closing his eyes. He inhaled once, absorbing the crisp, cold air that ventured even within the confines of this ruined church. He allowed his senses to focus without his sight, and took in the sheer quiet of nature. Ka-clang That's when he heard the clattering of wood, and in an instant spun around, the AKM slung around and gripped tightly in his hands as he gazed down the kobra sight. Aiming towards the front of the church, he slowly got up, gazing from his left to right, never letting down his guard, or the weapon, venturing into the center of the of the aisle between the pews again. Slowly, the barrel of the AKM lowered, as he gazed towards a small pile of refuse and wood, painted white by snow. Probably the material that was left behind from the collapse of the roof's center, he figured. Yet, he noted that now, a singular piece of wood, no larger than his leg, was now moved from the pile, having moved snow quite recently as it had not been covered back up, and it scraped the snow off the red carpet underneath his feet. His instincts kicked up again, and he slowly began to back up, and in his peripheral, noticed a human figure to his left. He nearly leapt back into the right(from his perspective) pews, training his weapon on the figure. There, sat at the pew, was a man, his head slightly bowed, and concealed by a black hoodie, wearing darkened jeans. Along his left arm, he could make out the lettering on the hoodie, 'Να κρίνετε, τους νεκρούς.' "Who the fuck are you, and how long were you sitting there?" He asked, and the man didn't respond. "I'll ask one more time. I repeat. One more time. Singular. Not plural. No more than one. Less than two, greater than zero. Who are you?" He stated, and yet again, no response. Lev narrowed his eyes, pulling the trigger. A single bullet ripped through the hoodie, and the figure fell onto it's side. A skull fell out of the now perforated hoodie. Lowering the AKM again, he raised an eyebrow. "Sick fucking joke, someone. No wonder I didn't see you. You're already fuckin' dead, and in the pitch black at that." He turned back around, about to sling the AKM. The wood probably just fell from the roof, he assumed. His eyes fell upon his MOLLE pack, and noted a pair of feet sticking out from behind it, one on each side, from the row of pews behind it. Following the feet, his eyes set upon another bowed, sat figure. Reaching out, he pulled the hood back. Another skeleton, another skull rattling along. "Ohhh this fucking guy...." Lev said, his voice tainted with annoyance. He went back to his own row of pews, grabbing his pack as he moved to sit a few rows ahead. "Wait...I should of seen those feet when I sat down." As he turned to face the second skeleton's position, wheeling left, he was met with a third bowing figure, sitting closest to the aisle. Sitting closest to him. Wearing another hoodie, the same hoodie. 'Να κρίνετε, τους νεκρούς.' Reaching out, he punched the third skeleton's head clear across the room, glaring back at the former two, confirming their prior positions. "That weed, I am not buying again from the Not Very Sober Novy Sobor place again...fuck me, missing skeletons and getting spooked, that's just sad." Holding up his hands, he'd realized now that he'd left the blunt down when he'd grabbed his weapon. Seeing it's vanquished form in the aisle, without a flame, he sighed. "Thing was almost done anyway, I guess." Taking a seat in front of the preacher's stand, he glanced around the pews. No more skeletons appearing, just the three he'd discovered. That was enough weed for one evening, he dictated internally. "Να κρίνετε, τους νεκρούς." Again, Lev shot up, turning to face the voice that sounded from behind the preacher's podium. There, he came face-to-face with a man, who was certainly shorter than him by a good foot, their heights equalized to allow such a view as a result of the stairs that ascended to the podium. He wore the same damn black hoodie the three skeletons had worn. Lev grasped onto his hip and aimed his Stetchkin APS at the figure. From this angle, he could see there was more than bone underneath this hood. A feint-looking beard, clearly growing back from being shaved atop tanned skin. "Hood off, hands up. Now." He coldly ordered, and the man complied, pulling back his hood in silence, to reveal short, black hair, with a face occupied by dull, green eyes and pointed eyebrows, with a slightly prominent nose. A Takistani man, Lev figured. "This your idea of a joke? I could of shot you, dude. The fuck's wrong with you? Should've made yourself known." Lev chastised the man as he rounded the podium, the Takistani's eyes following him, but otherwise no movement continued. Lev noted that the man had no gear. No backpack, belt, no body armor, not even a weapon. "Dude, you just get robbed? Where's your kit?" He asked, to no reply. "I want your name." The man pursed his lips. 'Malang. My name is Malang Teishaum.' He spoke in a thick accent, his english harsh but understandable, somewhat. The name, though sparked in Lev's mind. Did he know this man? "Okay, Malang. What is this?" He asked, gesturing with his free hand to the church. "Your sick joke? Art statement? Seems you're sharing clothes with the skeletons. Did-did you kill these people?" Malang merely shook his head. "They are simply here, as am I. They are dead, as am I." Lev spoke up, correcting the man. "You will be if you keep fucking with me. Why are you here?" Malang gave a shrug. "I am dead. Where else would I go?" Lev sighed, lowering his pistol, holstering it. "Yeah, sure you are. Okay, look, gun's away. We're friends, see?" He held up his hands, before placing his hands on his own hips after a second. This was a trick, he had a second holster on the back of his belt, with a Glock 18 on full auto. If Malang tried anything, he'd eat a 30 round magazine. Malang simply gave another shrug. "Okay, Malang. I can tell you're not all there, but I intend to sleep here tonight. So I need to know I can trust you, and that you're not going to try some shit." The Takistani man merely turned. "Why sleep so close to the dead? Have you not seen the graveyard, and the pews, Lev Yelagin, son of Bohumir and Maria?" Lev sort of just stared at the man, before speaking up. "I-I'm sorry? I didn't give you my name, and how did you-" "I am dead. We all know each other in death, eventually." Lev contemplated reaching for one of his weapons. This guy knew too much. "Do I know you from somewhere, Malang? Were you with the NHF? Lopatino Survivors? The House mercs? SDF? How did you know my parents' name?" Malang exhaled loudly through his nose, the edges of his mouth turning upwards. "I tell you again and again. I am dead. The dead all know each other. If you wish, I could tell you which of, if any, of your siblings have passed-" Lev reached out, grabbing the man's collar, the Takistani showing no emotion from the effort. "Quit. Fucking. With. Me." Lev held up his other first, slowly lifting the 5'5 man up to his towering 6'5 face. "Who told you my name? Who told you any of that?" As soon as Malang opened his mouth, Lev let the man go, taking a few steps back as he pinched his nose. "I am dead-" "I aM dEaAaAd, aND tHe DeAd kNoW eAcH oThEr." He mocked, utterly annoyed, Malang continued after a moment. "But yes, Lev Yelagin. You do know me. I met you back when you were part of the 3rd Airborne Special Operations Battalion of the Chernarrusian Defense Forces, dubbed the 'Jacks' by the Americans for your versatility." Lev narrowed his eyes at the man, raising an eyebrow. "I didn't-do anything to you, on deployment in Takistan, did I? Like, I mean, we had to do some fucked up shit, you know, but I didn't blow up your village, or-or accidentally kill someone you knew, did I? Were you the guy whose sheep I tagged with a 5.56 during that ambush? I-" The Takistani held up a hand. "More recent. Go back to right before your battalion was overrun, in Tisy, as the hordes of undead rushed against your encampment's gun lines." Lev's head quizzically tilted. "I...I don't remember any Takistani men at that time. My guys didn't interact with any civilians, we just...were there as part of a deployment. We shored up defenses and did long-distance ops. Only time I even spoke to one of the civilians was during the evac, when this guy tried to pull a gun on me as I was getting in a military Humvee. Put a .45 to my head and didn't see my rifle underneath my rain cover, or didn't care. He was some Takistani-...." At this moment, Lev got quiet, sloooowly reaching for his Stetchkin. "I told you I was dead. You unloaded your weapon into me. 'I had it coming', was what you said to me." "Let's say I believe you. Let's say I fucking believe you. Shouldn't you be in muzzie heaven? What? Is the waiting list for Allah and his virgins long enough that you gotta sit for two years in this dingy church, which by the way isn't even Islamic." The man shook his head. "I'm not the one who should be asked 'why are you here'....I should ask you that." The incredulous look on Lev's face almost seemed insultingly blatant to his otherwise cool temperament. "I'm just looking for a place to sleep, dude, I..I mean, what?" The Takistani man walked towards Lev now, who drew his sidearm. "Or were you drawn to this place? Perhaps you felt the slightest need to repent for your sins? For all the things you've had to do. That Chedaki man, who had no weapon and was surrendering to you? How about after the apocalypse? What about that woman who you killed, for her cans of food as you fled to the mountains? How about when you came down? Those two Italians who saved you would regret saving you if they knew. The first thing you did was mug that man of his canteen and his coat. He died, you know. He died. You weren't even thirsty, or cold." "Yeah, I did." Another voice rang out, and Lev turned. The first skeleton, the skeleton he'd shot, was replaced with a sitting man, who slowly got up. Pulling back his hood, he recognized the man as the one he'd done just that to. An American, one who reminded him of that todgering fool Chris. "We both know you only followed that Chris guy around for so long because we were so similar. You felt bad. Yet you'd go on to do worse, right bud? Like how 'bout that other fella, before you met Chris? That Englishman. That guy who you and a few others held up, and he took off running. Your buddies told you he wasn't worth shooting, he didn't have anything good on him. You popped his kneecaps at 300 meters, bud. Then, as he crawls away begging for his life, you put two in his back. Your boys called you '310' after that, for the number on his jacket.' Another voice now joined the symphony of persecution as Lev raised his pistol at Malang, withdrawing his Glock to cover the second man. "And you liked that name so much you use it to this day, bruv." From the second Skeleton's position, a third man approached. Tall, African-descendend and British. "Shut the fuck up, all of you. I don't, you're all just fucking with me...no, no it's the fucking weed, ain't it? That fucking shit was laced, I knew it." Now it was Malang's turn to tilt his head. "If that was the case, you'd of felt these effects sooner don't you think? You smoked that weed for nearly a week. That's just your last one, back there." Sweat began to drip down Lev's face. Malang, now, found himself near point-blank with Lev's Stetchkin, the barrel pushing into his chest. The second and third closed in, and Lev opened fire. Pulling the triggers of both weapons, a combined 50 pistol shots rebounded through the old church, brightening it up in a symphony of fully-automatic fire. Only after the weapons were empty, did Lev note that all three men had been gunned down. Their forms laid still, but Malang shot up, bullet holes perforated his center mass, and several in his face. "Guns don't solve your problems, Lev. You just keep going for the kill whenever you run into an obstacle. How about the dozens of others you ended?" The pews were filled now. But, among the pews of hooded people, was one particular woman. "You let go, because it was me or you. If only you'd held on a little longer, you'd of realized the tide would of settled. So much for being your FRIEND." Her voice echoed, as he felt nearly a hundred eyes on him. The two other men he'd gunned down slowly rose, their wounds hindering them not. Lev took several more steps back, re-holstering his pistols as he reached for his AKM. As his shoulder shifted slightly to allow the sling to fall, he paused. Gulping once. He took a deep breath, before setting his AKM against the wall, his Praetorian following suit. Sighing, he spoke up. "I'm....sorry. Not for what I did, God no, I am not sorry for any of that. I'm sorry you all died as a result." He glared at the crowd. "If I am being persecuted by the dead of my past, then everyone should be. I'm far from the worst piece of shit in existence. Ask Anarchy, or the Dead Batteries, or the Jackals, or...fucking name a faction, if any of them regret killing all of the people they put down. I guarantee many of them don't give a shit! You know why you're all bothering me? Because you all lost to me. Humanity is driven by conflict....legal and illegal, good and evil, fuck all of that. There are only those who do or die, who win or lose. The best I can do is do what's best for me and mine. As for all of you? You lost the game of life. Malang, I shot you because you had a gun to my head, you fucking Taki-muzzi fuck. As for you, hick, the reason I took your shit was because you were bragging about how you'd mugged a girl just earlier. It was payback. As for you, you English FUCK. You and your friends crippled a guy I was good with, and it was in retaliation! You said you'd do more! We made sure you didn't, but we only intended to beat you all up! How 'bout you?" He flipped off the girl, shooting his eyes to her. "Your grip slipped. That was never my fault in the first place. It was storming, raining, and we were on a boat. I let go because you'd of taken me overboard with you. You were always talking about how you didn't expect loyalty from me, or anyone else. Don't blame me." He stared back at the rest of the crowd now. He made out some faces, and others he didn't. He recognized a few Dead Batteries, the Anarchy man who wielded an M249 on Prison Island, that Corporation Operator, that female Cannibal. But, for every face he identified, ten more were lost to him. "You all made your decisions, I made mine. I met you all in combat. You'd of all killed me. I can't show kindness to my enemies when they've made the choice to try and kill me. I would of loved nothing more than to sit down and talk it out. If you remember my bad actions, at least remember my good ones too. Do you know what I do? I make peace between groups, I sell my services. I conserve lives. I'll take them as needed, and sell them as needed. That's the best anyone who lasts long in this world can do at the moment. But you know what? I will do better. You're all the foundation to a better world, and I will make your sacrifices have meaning. I won't forget what I've done. That's what I resolved back then, I'll resolve it again now. When my time comes, you can drag me down to Hell with the rest of you, but I won't apologize for fighting for what I believe in." There was a tense silence, as the eyes of his past stared upon him. Malang finally broke the silence, his expression one of clear confusion. "Lev....why are still you here?" Lev shot awoke, sitting up from the pew he'd sat down at. His blunt sat expunged between his boots, MOLLE pack hanging from it's left sling in his hand. Leaning down, he held up the blunt, he noted some kind of certainly-not-weed fell out of the back. Bastard had spiked the joint with something. Just to make sure however, he glanced about. No skeletons. No hoodies. No Takistanis. He breathed a sigh of relief, and took himself upstairs, to the Priest's office. Locking the door, and placing a landmine at it, he nuzzled up in his sleeping bag behind the priest's desk. He left eight hours later, but offered a few spare coins at the offering table. "Lev! We can't see you, damn it! This forest is too thick!" The good Dr. S's german voice rang through his radio. Lev could only roll his eyes. He's gone for one night and the doctor loses his navigational ability. "I'll fire up a shot." Reaching onto his hip, he withdrew his Stetchkin, and pulled the trigger while aiming up. To his surprise, the gun clicked empty. Examining it, he found the magazine missing. Patting down his pockets, he found the magazine in his MOLLE back-left pouch on his belt. He never put anything in that pouch, and pulled it out, his fingers catching a second magazine; his thirty round magazine for his Glock-18. Both were full, but he only ever carried one of each, and he hasn't removed them. "Lev? Waiting on that shot...Chris is getting jumpy." Lev pulled his radio to his mouth as he held up the now-loaded Stetchkin. "Firing." He replied, a feeling of content residing deep within his being, and a smile on his face as the pistol let out a bang. "Guess you're holding me to it then. Gonna be a long road...I hear Poland's good this time of year..." He mused, aloud as he waved to his encroaching friends. (Critique welcome in replies. Thanks for reading!)
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    I'm not boycotting. I bought it and I like playing on it. It's different and I'm excited for the new uniforms that the Dev Team made to come out. They are amazing! Plus it's only $15. That's not asking for a lot.
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    Today, December 7th is a day which will be remembered in infamy. The Empire of Anime, led by Generalissimo Rollando Batista based in Sweden launched a deliberate, unannounced and devastating attack on the profiles of Allied Freedom Fighters, usurping what was rightfully theirs and replacing them with images and songs hailing from the island nation of Japan. Though information on these attacks, our Intelligence has brought with us some photosurvalence evidence to prove the connection to these atrocities. Graphic images are below, viewer discretion is advised. Following these images is an artistic rendition of the attack from a first eye perspective of @Gatorr: It will be recorded that the distance of profiles between Generalissimo Rolando to both Bobby and Turk makes it obvious that the attack was deliberately planned many days or even weeks ago. During the intervening time the Anime Government has deliberately sought to deceive the Allied Freedom Fighters by false statements and expressions of hope for continued peace. The attack on the profiles has caused severe damage to Allied Freedom Fighters naval and military forces. I regret to tell you that very many Allied Freedom Fighters lives have been lost. In addition Allied Freedom Fighters ships have been reported torpedoed on the high seas between the United Kingdom and New York. Let it be known that this is an official declaration of war. In retaliation, I am declaring a preemptive strike at the heart of General Rolando's military, as seen drawn in the map below: Supreme Commanders of the Allied Forces: @Tony78 - Brigadier General of the 44nd "Nice" Aero Squadron @JewRP - Lt. Colonel David 'The Banker' Goldstein of the 93rd Armor Division @Nik and @thicdickdaddy27- Major Generals of the 556 Infantry Brigade "The Yackals" @Hollows - hollows @Blake - Danish The Objective: To liberate affected profiles and to eliminate the Anime threat and spread Democracy throughout the region while maintaining positive relations to friendly countries and superpowers. The Allied Freedom Fighters will not submit. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in the forums, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our profiles, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender and we shall taste victory! FOR FREEDOM! FOR LIBERATION! ANIME WILL BE STOPPED.
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    Livonia is such a nice change. Things I like about Livonia: Military areas are spread throughout the map from south east to north west. So everyone isn't always running into the same military base, which really spreads the roleplay out and gives you a better chance at finding stuff. Regardless of the type of building inside a military area it can spawn military items. Dense forests you can get lost in if you aren't careful and a fear of the Bears and wolves that live in them. Realistic farmland. No needing to swim over water to get to certain key points on the map. A much more modern / newer looking map, Chernarus hasn't aged well. Realistic military training area. Things I don't like about Livonia So many infected, you can even find a dozen infected surrounding a house or in the middle of a field. But it does satisfy those that have always wanted roaming hoards. Some buildings still have Chernarus maps. No schools wtf. I have to learn a new fucking language to be a local again.
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    Just chillin in some Helmut Lang. That’s not my belly button it’s a button lol
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    So the event didn't go as smoothly as I would have liked, we will do this in the future again with more organization. Running/Organizing this sort of event smoothly wasn't possible in the 3 days that I did it. I will do this again in the future like I said but with more time to organize it and stricter rules and a whitelist.
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    Discord is having an Persistent disk problems with the permissions blocking the app from completing a command to the OS. This may take a while guys.
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    i agree with that one headshot should kill them instantly. but i love the extra damage they inflict. a group is really dangerous now and i like that. although one is still easily killed with punches to the head.
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    Interesting to me how only certain groups can have pre-made bases that are huge and arguably impenetrable, but other groups can't have something even a fraction of the size...
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    Another suggestion: Add some Soprano Avatars (The Soprano's) (If I had to pick out the coolest one, there is one where Tony Soprano is smoking a Cigar and has an AK on him as he sits on a lawn chair.)
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