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    Mentor program I have seen on the forums many complaints about the current state of the roleplay here at dayzrp, but with all those complaints there is nobody really willing to step forward and do something about it, I am willing to put my free time into this and help and teach the newer members of the community the fundamentals of roleplay, but I can't do this alone and I will need help from other community members, if there are any other experienced roleplayers that wish to be a part of this please PM me on discord Realize#2345. If there is enough interest in this and depending on the feedback I will edit this thread. This is not an official program.
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    Alright @Wolfpack I figured it out. Im confused, but I figured it out.
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    In an alternative universe far far away, the newly elected President Kozlov and his fascist regime has introduced new policies to cramp down on crime! Those who have fell victem to these new policies are members/voters of the opposition party, protesters and illegal immigrants. All have been transfered to Storozh, commonly referred to as the Prison Island, indefinitely. As this makes international headlines with 'Human Rights Abuse In Chernarus' a rebel force has been setup to try and rescue these innocent people from the hell they will now be living in.
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    I was having a chat with @KpopKilla last weekend while we did some campfire RP next to Prud Lake and it got us nostalgic. Can we please add a PBC to Prud like the golden days? Run by no groups, just an RP hub. Possibly somewhere that the Soup Kitchen can set-up at? Food for thought. Let me know what you think.
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    @RiZ-kun so the new two small groups ones called wolf - ones called pack bet?
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    @Realize @Roland (tagging you in as ultimately it will be your decision) As one of the former official mentors, I think that bringing this back is a great idea. Having said that, you haven't posted much and I hope you have a plan beyond "give me your names and I will let you know". As a quick list, if history is anything to go from in terms of such this program, the mentors are going to have to be mature, approachable and patient community members who are able to potentially deal with, but not limited to: People who are IRL socially awkward/lack self confidence; people who don't know how to play the game (I once spent about 1 1/2 hours trying to get to a person IG cause they had just got the game and kept dying after spawning); People who are a bit, um "wierd" people who have a hard time admitting that they really don't understand the rules young comunity members (especially with the no age restriction thing now) people of different race/ethnicity/gender/sexual preference etc etc. There will NEED to be some kind of staff oversight on this, even if it just a nominated liason like the old program had as some people in this community just shouldn't be let into this program no matter how badly they want to help. Just some things to think about before putting this together: There are some real creepy fucks in this community that shouldn't be let near females or kids (if you think there aren't or haven't been pedo's in this community or those with such tendancies you are delusional, and grooming over the internet is a real thing). Some females may feel more comfortable having a female mentor at times. There are what I would define as "toxic" people in this sommunity whose toxicity may only "infect" newer members and/or put them off the community. Maybe have a range of people to cover different types/styles of RP as theree was last time. Seek assistance from official groups who are willing to let you run into them IG with your mentor and agreeable to letting some potential minor rule breaks slide (again not every group will be suitable no matter how bad they want to help). you will need a range of timezones, don't forget about those in or with similar timezones as NZ and Autralia. There was a document or two lying around from the last mentor program about procedure and basics to cover I think, I can see if I can find it if you would like, perhaps it may assist you, let me know. Sadly I don't have the time to volunteer again right now, but I am willing to help you get this setup properly and let you know what did and didn't work with the last official program and what else you might need to plan for for you to incorporate into or at least take into consideration whether you want to implement any of it, just message me.
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    One of my friends asked me.. Song that pops in your head right now.. With roleplay and everything happening around you.. I said "Oh I got the perfect one" "Don't think about tomorrow deal with the here and now, believe me you'll make it out. I can promise you that. No matter how hard problems are either in RP or RL. Remember to breathe. And keep moving forward. You will be ok." Enjoy the beats!! Have an amazing day!!
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    Great meeting the legendary @Sung and also @Cow! The whole Prud Lake is coming up quite nice ! Let's see what the future has prepared for it ! Also nice meeting with @Joe's A&J Company Hopefully we could sort out some business in the future ! And last but not least @Chriso0911, a very nice and quirky character ! You gave me some doubts at first, but in the end you proved yourself alright ! Keep it up and if you need help, ask around !
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    I think the main issue with this would be the communities attitude towards this program, some people have ego's that they pride over anything logical. Far too many of the current community think they are super role-players and that is why newer players struggle to adapt and learn. I was fortunate and got in with two good groups of folks straight from he start of joining DayzRP but not everyone has this opportunity. I think its 100% worth a shot and it makes zero sense why Roland wouldn't want his staff doing something like this, he does run a role-play server... If people can't role-play its just TDM with rules. I support it as I was basically mentored by community members in a similar way and I like to think it worked a treat.
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    I agree with this statement, these community hubs (which is what they should be, not bases) need to be looked at and properly approved with requirements added such as a certain size of hub requires 2+ approved groups to be in charge of it. Personally I’ve see streams of the Wolfpack base and to me it looks way too OP and out of place with random buildings in a square. I don’t see any character to it whatsoever. How it was allowed to be implemented I don’t know, I remember when my group had Altar Castle which had 1 castle tower and we had to block 2 angles on the top of the tower with random items because it was deemed too OP to be able to have a 360 degree view of the surrounding area.
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    The WP base is definitely completely out of place and it's removal is overdue but with that being said I think the biggest problem is how the people that own it use it. The amount of times I've arrived or watched others go to the WP compound only to see 20 people running around hitting each other, making weird jokes almost OOC and goofing around between themselves barely contributing to the RP of outsiders and breaking the atmosphere really put this place under fire to not only the people that care about the Pvp/Raiding fairness of the base but also it's value in terms of role play.
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    The point of premade bases should be as follows... To create roleplay. Not eyesores. To make sense to the lore of that group. To have a lore. To forward roleplay not gear hording. .....I'm sorry but the WP base in my opinion is not what this amazing ability should be used for... and I hope for the love of god if a trader or heavy rp group wants one in the future I hope this doesn't ruin it for them. Because I think this has left a bad taste in our mouths of something that when used right could be amazing.
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    Honestly, I would love this just to meet some experienced RPers who the community holds up as a standard. Don't get me wrong, I have been lucky enough to run into a couple awesome groups IC who do excellent RP, but more often than not I wander Chernarus alone and only run into other players who aren't very experienced, or they're even newer to it than I am (veteran RPer, but back in "my day" it was mostly forum style, not really any voice acting). It's hard to improve at RP when you're solo 90% of the time. I still love every encounter, but it's always nice to catch a glimpse of how more experienced people do it.
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    Hmmm seems interesting, I wonder if I should participate
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    I "Bostwon" agree that while I am playing in the Potius Cras group CP, I waive my right to report anyone for KOS or attempted KOS on me under any circumstances. All kills on my character will be valid so long as my character is in the Potius Cras CP no matter how the character death came about. So long as I am playing a Potius Cras character that is working for / with the organization, or my forum name is on the group CP on the forums, I waive my right to report any KOS or attempted KOS on my character.
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    From the album: Shenanigans

    Good thing their necks seem to be frozen solid and they can't look up.
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    Would be nice to get a copy of prud lake back
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    Okay... As an approved group you should get a base through the editor, but not what you currently have. I don't think you're understanding what we mean when we say the base feels like a trader safezone on a public server with a bunch of random buildings. It makes no sense that a group of survivors constructed such a thing. And that its too op.
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    Absolute pleasure to be apart of this group, the roster it involves and the plans we have. Up Joyce, Up Ward, LETS HAVE IT.
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    Dearest @Roland, Firstly; I would like to mention that I was indeed in Denmark on a business trip last month. I met a Swedish guy. We had beers together. But he didn't know you? What gives? Secondly; As my favourite Owner currently listed on the staff page, I wanted to ask yourself to reconsider the latest update to zombie health and damage multipliers. In addition to also getting the communities feedback. I would like to raise awareness to just exactly how god-damn-mother-fucking tough these pissing-bitch-ass-anger-inducing zombies are in the current state. If you get surrounded by 3 and you're on your own, even with a relatively powerful .556 rifle, you are pretty buggered. I would honestly rather fight a pack of wolves with my only weapon being the herpes virus. Whilst I have no true issue with the damage the zombies deal in their current state, they are somewhat inconsistent currently. I believe that military do 4x damage when compared to female civ models currently? I know this was by design, but however I would like to suggest a different solution following shortly. Zombies should be fairly easy to kill, as long as you get a head shot. Is there a way to alter the values for head-shot multipliers on zombies? Making all (if not most) weapons result in instant kill on zombies when shot/stabbed in the head? With this, it means that no longer will we need a full mag in an AK-101 to take out 5 or 6 zombies with head-shots landing every time. I think accuracy should be rewarded, but body shots should be punished (as we all know you can only kill a zombie with a head shot hurr durr). Additionally, back to my previous point. Military zombies should be tougher, but not in damage output. I believe that military zombies should have a higher tolerance to damage instead. Meaning that the body-armour and helmets protect them from a lot of damage they can receive from players - relative to the weapon used. Please consider my plea Mr DayZRP Kind regards and much love Jakkyboy P.S: If the community doesn't agree, please disregard this and ban me forever. P.S.S: That was a joke. Please don't ban me. P.S.S.S: Sorry for cursing.
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    By the way, if anyone is actually wanting to play a Guard let me know, we will need them and I don't want people playing one if they really don't want to do so.
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    thank you Connor for conveying my thoughts from my brain onto the forum
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    Honestly I understand the reasoning, but in truth, the plate carrier has zero opposition in terms of protection, if you look at any other game almost 100% of the time they will have alternatives to protection. I felt like this could have been DayZ's big opposition to the plate carrier and it being a pretty good difference in style as well. I agree the protection should not be above a plate carrier, but perhaps a little closer? maybe 45 or 40%? Just to give people the actual reasoning to wear it....or whats the point of even having it? There are loads of other vests that give protection, but nothing that can beat a plate carrier or even come close. I think the 6b5 is the only vest that comes close to its protection values.
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    Well thats disappointing. Back to everyone wearing plate carriers it seems.
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    Would love to see this return, was apart of it myself close to a year ago, picked up a lot of tips from the mentor I had, definitely something people should have a chance to experience.
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    The nostalgia in this thread is insane. Can't wait for this
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    Exactly this is what I am thinking have like 5 experienced hostile roleplayers and 5 non-hostile mentors, so when people get into situations they are not confused on how to act. It is not going to make you the best roleplayers on the planet don't get me wrong, but it will give people the basics on how to act in situations and from there they can go on and develop their selves.
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    Sign me up I'll go too I think I should be good.
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    We had a perfectly good system in mod days: 1. Create base in editor 2. Put the base on a thread for people to review the lore, visuals and general fairness 3. Approved/Denied I don't understand why this wasn't the go-to way of implementing these things in the first place, I will be personally going to Rolle and recommending we switch over to this way of handling base implementations, I also offer anyone to come to me if you want to get into using the editor, I am more than happy to teach or help.
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    From the album: Seeing the world in my characters eyes

    I was driving up to Balota when I heard the shots. I saw you fall but I was just too late :( im sorry.
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    When I used to do the map development side for the arma 2 mod for dayzrp there were a few points I used to look at to approve a settlement. 1. Was it realistic The WP makes 0 sense, it sprung up over night by a group of survivors. Yes I have heard it’s meant to be a town that was walled off or gated off but that’s not the case. You can write lore all you want and say it was a wealthy gated community but no that’s not the case. There has never been a gated community up there not a town in that location. If you wanted a gated community it prob would of been better to just use the dayz in game building tools and wall off a town. As WP are survivors this would of given a more survivor theme and feel. 2. Does it look out of place It does looks massively out of place, there is no need for it to be there. It totally ruins that area of the map and looks like it has just been dropped there and doesn’t blend in how a town should. 3. Is it well made Sadly it isn’t from a developer side of things you can notice little areas, gates facing the wrong way, walls clipping, buildings higher then they should be and not placed into the ground at the correct levels. Clipping of soil and such, this again comes down to location and not being able to build on a flat land area. With such a large project the area should of been chosen better. 4. Does this provide an unfair advantage There are giant walls, and a 2 gate way system to get in. 5. Location It is right next to tisy, it is an unfair advantage currently, with a truck a few people and a few tents you could do constant runs to tisy and take all the rifles and ammo and anything else, promoting gear over RP and thus just making a big stash. I personally don’t care about the over powered nature of the camp at all, because I’ll be honest I’ll break in one way or another and all ready have so it’s not that hard. My main focus and complaint is just how out of place and poorly made it looks. I think the walls need scaling down and lowering to not make it looks like sector b from dayz origins. They are giant and just looks stupid. The clipping of the hospital floor is triggering and the church being raised up because of the ground slope shows it’s a poor location for these builds and maybe should of been looked at in the editor prior and thought this isn’t going to work. The grass area, in reality that wouldn’t be an open grass field. It’s be covered in concrete and a “town square”. The gates or statues, one is facing the wrong way. The radio tower and prison building look totally out of place. I couldn’t really care about the advantages the base holds or its location to tisy (they are just the points I would of made myself) but I am more about the looks, build quality and realism, sadly this has none of that.
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    Hey-- added all the members that are currently in the group to the forum roster there are actually two or so members that have some what slipped through our recruitment process -- which has never happened before, but i recently gave some more privileges as far as recruitment goes to our leadership, so it think their was so miscommunication there; so if they aren't listed here right now that is why-- we gotta figure out if they are actually in the group or not -- I accepted a couple members who signed the waiver saying they were KOSable thinking they had spoken to other members in leadership, but the ones i spoke with hadn't talked to them, i'm going to try to speak with them and the rest of leadership just to make sure they were properly recruited through us and didn't just sign the waiver and put up a group invite request
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    This is part of what I mean as well. Surely the lore should have been done and accepted before it was implemented? Not after?
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    Interesting to me how only certain groups can have pre-made bases that are huge and arguably impenetrable, but other groups can't have something even a fraction of the size...
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    If its anything like your chernarussian then you'll be.... Fine?
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    Yes, that's AoGM. Just like driving cars underwater, hiding behind indestructible barrels, glitching your body into a solid object so you can't be shot, peeking through walls by glitching your head inside the ceiling. Just because game allows you to do that doesn't mean it's ok. That's why it is called abuse of (existing) game mechanics and not cheating - something that the game would normally not allow you to do.
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    Greetings @Hofer, Thanks for the reminder! We noticed it on our own activity tracker aswell. Messages have already been sent out. I will give them a bit more time to respond and will update roster accordingly afterwards. Best regards, Bas
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    Greetings @Basko, Just a reminder about your groups activity, which is in fairness very good. Theres a couple members that are borderline here. Please reach out to them and ask them if they're still interested. Regards, Hofer
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    Welcome! For this week of Interview with a Community Member we have @neom This interview is to get to know the members of our community, and hopefully bring the community together. Comment who you want to see being interviewed next week! Thanks to @neom for participating! Tell Us About Yourself? How did you find out about DayZRP, and what made you want to join? If you could thank one person for helping you get started here who would it be? What could we do, as the staff team, to make this a better place?  What is your most memorable experience(IC/OOC) here?  Do you regret doing anything in your time here? If you had to live in a jail cell with four people from this community who would it be? What's your current favorite song/artist? What has been your favorite character you have played on the server and why? What do you feel is missing from the community? Do you have any hidden talents? What was the origin of your username?
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    From the album: Depressed Cowboy's Polaroid shots

    When you look around, You can see their ghosts in everything and every word you ever said.
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    figure does not rhyme with the word you rhymed it with because of how that word sounds. good lord. this seems really contrived to me is all
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    Sofar as having been involved in one of these on the staff side of things back when I used to be someone around here. Most of the questions that were asked were of the kind to provoke and antagonize. Which turned the whole event into an ordeal to get through as opposed to something we (As staff at the time) could potentially enjoy doing while answering and clarifying general things within the community. Its a good idea in theory, but the execution always gets disrupted by people looking for E-peen extensions.
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