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    “What the fuck da ye mean the Joyce’s are here too? Sure they’re the dorty wee bastards from Longford!” Irish Travellers Ethnic group: Irish Travellers are a traditionally itinerant ethnic group whose members maintain a set of traditions. Although predominantly English-speaking, many also speak Shelta. They mostly live in Ireland as well as in large communities in the United Kingdom. “The Wards man, really? Wee fuckers would really go anywhere for scrap like wouldn’t they?” Freedom, that’s the traveller life. The avoidance of tax, living on government land and beating the cunt out of bailiffs on eviction day. This is how law abiding citizens view these strong hearted and free willed people. To the travellers however, this is just part and parcel of their way of life. They live and breathe independence. All a traveller needs is family. “Ugh away on tae fuck Scoobie. You’re nothing but a thieving bastard and you’ve came all the way here to thieve aff these eastern bais too. I’ll box you and the rest of your Wards and the Joyces will be the ones parking.” Donovan Joyce. Manager of the Joyce family site in Longford, Ireland. A bare knuckle boy through and through. Thinks with his fists and is fond of a string vest. Don’t think of him as a dim witted gutter cleaner though. Donovan proved his worth in developing the Joyce site and as such, was the only man to build and own a house on the site. The Joyce family, with the leadership of Donovan set out on their journey, not for money or control. They set out to one day return to the women of the Joyce site with fame and glory. The bare knuckle boxing champions of Europe. The Joyce lads would fight any man, no matter the size or the name. Whether a fight lasted ten seconds or ten minutes, if one was a Joyce, he’d be the winner. The Joyce boys began their quest a month before the infection set the wheels in motion for the end of the world. Travelling in their preferred caravans, the Elddis Affinity 574, the Joyces arrived in Chernarus and parked up. This would be their last resting point before setting off for Crimea and taking on the Dimitrov family. “Listen to me will ye Donovan. You’re here to do your business and I’m here to do mine. There’s no point in scrapping the head off each other when there’s them slavic biting fuckers about. I’ll handle the business and you handle the undead bailiffs, aye?” Scoobie Ward. Manager of the Ward family site in Donegal, Ireland. A scrap metal dealing extraordinaire. Scoobie will repurpose anything from a stanley knife to a 2004 BMW 318i. A man with a big gut and an even bigger wallet, Scoobie allowed the Wards to live in the most luxurious of Elddis caravans. The Ward man was bred for business and led his clan to great heights. No bailiffs troubled the Wards as Scoobie had paid them all off. The Ward family was almost indestructible. That was until companies like WeBuyAnyCar came along. The haggling Wards struggled to compete with the corporate giants of the scrap metal world. No longer could they haggle a granny out of her Nissan Micra in exchange for tarmacing her driveway. She’d already sold her car due to the television advertisements of the corporate competition. Scoobie Ward had to find a new plain for grazing. Eastern Europe is the land of repurposed scrap metal. Babushkas in Belarus were eating their meat and potatoes off of forks made out of metal sourced from the door knobs of Chernobyl’s hospital and Scoobie knew well that he could take over that market. The nomadic blood of the Irish Traveller carried the Ward family across Europe and into the east. The Ward family travelled through Romania and Ukraine before trying to settle in Crimea. The Dimitrov family drove them out of Crimea through the Kerch Strait. The Wards sought out a suitable site in South-Zagoria before trying to catch a ferry to Turkey across the Black Sea. That ferry never came. The only thing the Wards had left was their Elddis Crusaders and their wit to fight off the infected. The two families inevitably crossed paths at the scrapyard in Novy Sobor. The Wards were there trying to salvage metal and the Joyces turned up trying to find a new place to settle. “Now look Scoobie. I’d never tell a lie, swear on me mother’s life and may God himself strike me down if I do. We’re not gonny make it back to the green green grass of home if we don’t carve our own path. The dorty locals have already been trying to stroke me last horse and I don’t know how many more times I have tae batter wee scrotes up in Stary Sobor before they pull a gun on me!” “Donovan Joyce of Longford. Usually I’d be standing with me brothers making a callout video looking to box your nose but yer speaking sense now. We’ll work on reinforcing the Elddis’ and if you take care of them stinking bastards trying to bite my bais, we’ll be home surely in no time at all.” With a handshake thrown in at the end, the two families became one. At least for now. 3 Months later: The Wards & Joyce's activity together was short lived, they had many disputes over the fruits of their labour, the wards began to swipe wheels away from underneath the massive nose of Donovan Joyce and his brothers. Kieren and Connor had noticed the sneaky behaviour of the wards being rather distant. They soon found Fat Eddie Ward red handed with the finest of Ada wheels being rolled down the road with a big smile on his face. 'Ay are ya going to be accounting for them yaucuntya? Eddie?' Said Conor 'Account for this slap across your mush you fuck!' Replied Eddie. Eddie gave Conor an unmerciful thump into the face landing him flat on his arse. Eddie began to run away, being a man of heavy construction he did not get very far before Kieren clattered the head of him with a frying pan. Eddie was dragged back to camp to be given his explanation, he said it was William who planned this all along. Every Joyce looked at eachother in confusion and almost in sync shouted: 'WHO IS WILLIAM, AH?!' The Joyce's vowed to find this William fellow. Tommy-Lee, stepped up from the back of The Joyces and shouted: 'I challenge you to a fight and if I bate you ya junky bastard, all of you Wards will fuck off out of Livonia, ya hear me?' Eddie, given no real choice agreed to this. The fight began, both men went hell for leather, in the end it was Tommy-Lee who ran, given his height, between Eddie's legs like it was a tunnel and slapped him in the back of the head, Eddie fell like a sack of shit. From that day Forth, The Joyces agreed, once they had set up Camp Joyce, that any man woman and child could settle a dispute against them by challenging them to a bare knuckle fight just like back home. They also vowed, anyone who enters camp Joyce respectfully shall leave respectfully, no man woman and child will place a gun in their hands at camp Joyce or they would be immediately sent to meet Mary Joyce, their mother in heaven. Up Joyce. The Joyce Family: @Ryan Shepherd - Donovan Joyce @Challenger - Paddy Joyce @Rutkiy - Cillian Joyce @Queerios - Hughie Joyce @Cuchulainn - Tommylee Joyce @ChrisW - Michael Joyce @Ronnie - Jimmy Joyce @Lucas - Lucas Joyce @Jackfish - John Joyce @Jerry - Jerry Joyce @Roman - Roman Joyce @Hanro - Martin Joyce Establish a Joyce camp site at Roztoka, furnished with caravans and a dashing mound of scrap [Day 980] Allow people, for a price, to take temporary refuge in Camp Joyce to escape a situation they have landed themselves in [Day 960] Show South Zagoria Tommy-Lee's supreme bare knuckle boxing skills through the hosting of an open contest at Camp Joyce [Day 1000] Starting small, bring 3 camp-sites under our protection/hegemony through any means that’ll cause a ball-ache [0/3] [Day 990] Find 'William' [Day 1002] Establish the Joyce Construction Company by never completing any construction contracts and raiding the area [0/3] [day 970] Continuously collect any substantial piece of metal to add to the Joyce scrap hill [Ongoing]. Camp Joyce Rules & Regulations 1) No funny business before marriage 2) No Gardaí 3) No snitches 4) Any disagreement with The Joyces, no matter the cause can and will be solved by means of a bare knuckle fight inside the pitt, man to man. 5) Any individual who places a weapon into their hands inside Camp Joyce will be immediately gunned down with no questions asked. 6) Any individual seeking refuge can have it at Camp Joyce, temporarily given demands that suit our needs at that time are met. If you are interested in joining The Joyces, send a PM to our recruitment officer @Rutkiy using the following template: Major thanks to @KordrugaRP & @neom for their work on the lore and graphics.
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    I handle staff abuse claims personally and thus it's done at a point that I decide to do so. This one has already been resolved with a satisfactory outcome for me by removing access to tools and a staff strike. She forgot to disable god mode after using freecam mode (this is required to be turned on so we don't die from flying). The admin tool logs confirm that and show no hint at intentional abuse or malicious intent. Yes, it happened in the past to multiple GMs and admins since there is no indicator whether the mode is on or off. Using staff tools is not cheating. I have added an issue to our developer tracker to add a feature to prevent that mistake from happening in the future That logic would imply any conflicting PoVs in a report that do not agree on how the situation happened would be "slandering" each other. It's ok to have a different opinion of what happened during certain situation, it's not slander. Clearly she thinks that things happened differently than what you believe and it's ok to have and express that opinion. Slander would be going out of her away and spreading the information multiple times and announcing to everyone completely made up information, attempting to make you or your group look bad.
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    Hello gamers buckle down for my daily rant about a certain base that was added into the game without any consideration of how it was going to affect the server, in my opinion. The base in question is the mighty WolfPack base that was recently implemented near Tisy, if you havent seen the base itself yet let me list what it has: One of the massive Hospital buildings Two different kinds of supermarkets The Kabanino Church Several civilian buildings The Main prison building from Prison Island among other buildings added in All of which are surrounded by what feels like 50 foot cement walls. This basically makes the base an impregnable compound with two entrances facing one another with the rest of the buildings tucked away with line of sight on both entrances. There have been several different threads about this, one of which created by a fine irish man @Ryan Shepherd where he had a poll to scrutinize premade bases prior to them being implemented to which he received a lot of support for. Now I would have no issue if this was a much smaller base that didn't contain such buildings that are not placed in every town for certain reasons, one of which being these buildings make no sense to be plopped right next to a big military base and that these buildings are somewhat of strongholds to hold and to capture. I believe the base is too overpowered because of the sheer amount of gear that is tucked away in several tents in the base, now I understand that the base is shared with other groups but the majority of items are tucked away in the Wolfpacks building of the base, the Prison. In which i believe there are near 10 tents or possibly more filled to the brim with different items including but are not limited to AKM's, AK-74's, PPSHKN's, several seachests filled with one kind of ammunition, tons of car parts etc. Link to some pictures of gear inside tents https://imgur.com/a/2JGBTxT I believe there should be some sort of restriction for these implemented group bases that stop them from getting to a point where they can just sit on a pile gear and stop the base in the first place from being implemented as it has affected the overall server. I believe that is what always happens with bases when they are created, but to keep a certain balance over the period in which we have had bases individuals have incentives to raid these player created bases to get the gear that they have but now with this new base i dont think its quite possible to try to get in as the prison has one way, through a tunnel in which you can be shot through several different windows, and once inside the usage of the base building mods allows them to place 3 different gates on their tents with 3 codelocks for each tent making it near impossible to sit there and break through them all. Now if you all would like to discuss like civil people why i am wrong or why you support my idea that would be appreciated.
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    This guide is an accumulation of what I have learned in my first 5 hours of DayZ Livonia, playing with @Exio. We played for about 5 hours, using a public hive low pop server with some gear we already had. It’s worth noting that once we met up in game we did not use any external maps aside from what was ingame, and about 3 hours in, we lost that in game map, so all the experiences I will share are from raw exploration. I will say our journey began in a barn near the airfield south of Lukow, and ended in Dolnik, the most South Eastern town on the map. I will begin the guide with a general summary of the map and environment. It is worth noting that Livonia’s loot system is flipped compared to Chernarus. The farther south you go, the better loot you will find. Livonia is a lush green woodland environment, it has a unique weather pattern as it has extreme storms and is consistently raining, making warm and fire starting equipment a mandatory part of any kit. The land is divided into two starkly contrasted zones. The northern zone is comprised primarily of vast open fields with large towns dotting the landscape. A large river divides a portion of the landscape, however the landscape on either side of the river is no different. The north contains most of the maps larger cities, industrial zones, and more civilian areas. There is a small airfield and some small military camps, however these, for the most part, are the maps “Pogorevka Military” and “Balota Airfield”. They are of similar layout and size with similar amounts of loot. The largest of these northern cities is Topolin, comprised of several industrial, civilian, and police sections with many useful supplies. It is worth stopping here before making expeditions to the south. The southern portion of the map is very spread out, mostly comprised of small towns separated by kilometers upon kilometers of forest. The south is considerably more dangerous, inhabited by wolf packs and the fearsome bear. This area can be hard to traverse if improperly equipped, and with towns few and far between, learning to live off the land is essential to surviving. However, the south provides many of the needs of survival, such as streams and ponds for water and plenty of deer for hunting. The environment itself is also much more lush than its northern counterpart, and is where all the pictures in this guide come from. Traversing the south requires some important equipment, which is all listed down below Quite possibly one of the most important pieces of your kit will be your chlorine/purification tablets. As towns are few and far between in the south, if you do not launch your trek with a large amount of water on you, and are planning to spend several days in the south, purification tablets are an essential piece of your equipment. This can be supplemented with Tetricyclne tablets or Charcoal tablets, however the best way is with Chlorine tablets. Obviously the next most important is a bottle for the water. Another important piece of equipment is going to be your trusty knife. You will need to be able to start a fire or skin your kills for food should you run out of your canned goods, as well as cut up the odd piece of clothing for bandages. A box of matches shouldn’t be forgotten, however if you have a knife, you can make a hand drill kit from bark and sticks. Ammo and a good rifle is definitely a must have, wolf attacks are common, and should you happen to be the unlucky victim of a bear attack, your rifle will be the difference between escaping to tell the tale, or being the king of the woods next meal. Finally, repair equipment should not be forgotten, your boots will be damaged after a long trek, and you want to keep them in tip top shape. To keep it clean, here is a list -Chlorine Tablets -Water bottle -Knife -Food -Matches -Repair equipment -Rifle and ammo. While the north of Livonia may have its fair share of interesting sights and locations, there seems to be no unique or interesting sights that may be different from Chernarus...that is only the north however. The vast woodland expanse of the south is full of interesting sights and locations. From the military radar encampment in the center of the wilderness, to the vast expansive woodland hiking trails, there are plenty of interesting things to explore and find in this Polish expanse and while I can’t list all of them the two best will be described here. The first appeared to be, at first glance, a simple industrial zone we had seen thousands of times already from Chernarus, however on inspection, the place contained more than we thought. My first question was sparked from the first infected we saw, “Why is there a military zombie in this civilian factory?” As we began to check for supplies, we began to find more and more high end military equipment. Saiga mags, M4 coupled mags, Two M4’s! Something wasn’t right about this place...the military was here for a reason-- but why? That’s when we found it. A large sink hole, with a mound of trash and rubble in the center, a sunken car inside, and a few infected bodies. What could have happened here? What caused the sinkhole? Why is the military here? It’s worth inspecting for the goodies alone… The next is in the far South east, just outside of Dolnik. As our trek was coming to a close, we emerged from the woods at a large, broken down building. It was unique, nothing we had ever seen on Chernarus, even in Kumyrna. The interior was explorable and it was fun to look at. Eventually we continued south down the road, and that’s when we found more of these burnt out buildings. Collapsed, rugged, overgrown, and it felt truly apocalyptic. Nature had reclaimed this destroyed town (which we surmised must have been a battlefield judging from the destroyed BMP and the Military Zone signs posted just outside of the town limits) It was truly an amazing town, with many interesting sights and is worth exploring. There isn’t much in terms of goodies, but the location alone is beautiful and worth inspecting. As the guide comes to a close, there is one burning question that needs to be answered: Is the map worth 15 Dollars? I would say yes. The region is an extremely refreshing change of scene, allowing for strong survival elements mixed with a beautiful scenery. The vast expansive woodland gives plenty of room for exploration, with the north giving room for those who want to spend more time in an easily traversable and more friendly, familiar territory. The map had me picking up items I never would normally, using a compass to help navigate, using in game maps, we even at one point were using the stars as a map! It gives a refreshing take on a half a decade old game that we all still love to play. It’s a breath of fresh air the game really needed, and frankly, I can’t wait to get back on and explore the map more!
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    Was actually gonna make a thread about the prefab bases and how they are exactly not what they should be. The Prefab settlements in my eyes should be there to promote RP and provide an aesthetic base of operation for the group that owns it. The way the prefab bases have been built so far is pretty underwhelming and look completely out of place. Let's take a look at the WP compound. I went there like 2 or 3 times and that's it as most action there doesn't happen in my timezone. I'm going to use it as an example as it's the current hot topic. The Wolfpack compound is the definition of how a prefab should not look. It looks out of place, it makes little to no sense and it provides the group a massive advantage when it comes to defending it. First of all, prefab bases should have some sort of "theme" around them. What I mean by that is the prefab should represent the group's intentions and goals. For example if Legion Corp was to create a prefab I'd imagine more of military theme with cement walls like in VMC, a few barracks for the members and maybe like an administrative building and some tents here and there with camo netting around. It would make sense as they are mercenaries, some with military background, so a more military style base makes perfect sense. If we talking about a survivor group for example I'd expect them to use broken down cars, wooden fences, dumpsters, etc. Basically I'd expect each group to create a base that makes sense for them to have respecting their overall group direction. When it comes to the WP base, which is a group of survivors, they have huge rock walls, 2 statues of soldiers at the entrances, a bar, a hospital, few apartments, a church, a tisy building, a prison and I think that's mostly it, as like I said don't really go there. These just feel like randomly thrown buildings in there with not much thinking behind it. The base looks empty and it literally just feels like I entered a safezone on a PVP server. It makes no sense for a survivor group to have such big walls let alone a big hospital, a prison and a tisy building. At this point every group can just slap the biggest buildings they can find behind castle walls just to secure their loot. The big point brought by Apollo is also the fact that their compound is a legit annoyance to fight in. I never had a fight there and still don't wish to ever have one because that prison building is just overprotecting anyone that is inside of it. I am sure it's not fun to fight for either side, like I don't think WP have a fetish of wasting 3 hours behind a wall hoping someone peaks or pushes. Overall bases need to have a proper aspect depending on the group and should not have such an enormous advantage over the attackers. I honestly don't know how people can be fine with this sort of settlement. It shouldn't have been approved to begin with. I understand the desire for prefab bases but we need some that actually look like we are in an apocalypse and not in a sandbox game.
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    Visiting your trucks soon
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    There are no situational exceptions to rules, if there were any they would be on rule page. It's unfortunate considered the amount of glitches and bugs in the game, but that's how it works and has worked since earliest alpha versions.
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    A State of Emergency is called by the Livonia President after the infection started to spread internationally and the Livonian Defense Force (LDF) is quickly deployed around the country. The northern and eastern borders were easily secured due to the river it shares with Lithuania and Belarus with the main bulk of the army deployed to the southern and western borders. Local police forces alongside other emergency services supported the inner towns and cities with the help of small battalions of the LDF, gasmasks were handed out to every civilian to help protect them against the infection. Airports were closed off and any planes that landed were quickly apprehended and placed under quarantine until authorities were satisfied that there was no infection on board. Many other Baltic states refused entry and held thousands of civilians in airports and opted to contain the outbreaks there. As the outbreak grew worse throughout Europe, old rivalries and the opportunity to seize resources became apparent. Russia decided to invade the Baltic States once again in the means to stop the infection coming into the country from its west and take control of all the country's farmlands. This would prove to be the killer blow to Livonia and its people. As Russia came to invade, the Livonia President in cooperation with Army Generals reassigned the battalions on the west and southern borders to the east, along with many other forces that made up NATO. War ensued and the battle for the Baltics began, the NATO forces struggled to keep back the massive land army of Russia and in a desperate attempt to stop them, 3 small-scale nuclear bombs dropped from French aircraft in Lithuania took out the vanguard of the Russian advance and decimated the remainders of Russia's ground force, killing 35,000 troops and 50,000 local civilians. Despite such an act, Russia refuses to retaliate accordingly and cites that it is only seeking to defend itself in the midst of airstrikes and the deployment of nuclear weapons against another nuclear power for the first time in the history of the world. LDF troops massed at the border move into Lithuania and with allies begin to drive Russian forces back. As the fighting escalates in the Baltics the outbreaks in and around airports in western Europe spread to the surrounding area, and one by one the fighting begins to peter off as France and Germany are forced by dire internal circumstances to combat the outbreak rather than attack retreating Russian troops. Mayhem ensues as the strong border protections of eastern European nations are undone by the fighting, allowing the Outbreak to spread into previously safe areas. Russia is the only nation that maintains territorial integrity as its troops retreat inside its borders. As the LDF successfully defended its borders, the infection managed to leak into its country. With the retreat of other NATO forces to their respective countries, the damaged and undermanned LDF alongside the emergency services were left to deal with the aftermath. Livonia President decided to evacuate the north and north-east regions of the country. He feared that if the populace living near the border of Lithuania weren't evacuated quickly then radiation sickness would be another problem for them to solve. Stokowsko seen the worse effects of the infection and the war due to it being the largest city north of the Capital Andrzejow, the government didn't have enough LDF troops and emergency services to help everyone living there and in the rest of the country, so the city and the surrounding areas were also evacuated down south to Andrzejow and the surrounding areas such as the Nadbor region. Here the government and the army could use the countries uniques landscape to not only help feed them but use it to protect them. Andrzejow was built up and turned into a fortress and the Nadbor region was used to farm and feed the rest of the surviving populace. Remaining LDF troops quickly took up new positions in and around the Nadbor region to the north, back onto the western border near Andrzejow. The large lakes to the east and to the southeast were used to help keep the country watered and also used on the farms. With this, the new border secured by the LDF and the remaining emergency services helping and protecting the remaining population within it, things were starting to look up. A small task force was set up to go out on missions out with the newly secured borders to help find any survivors left behind from the main evacuation. To there surprise, they found evidence of the Russian military still operating in the area near Stokowsko. It was unclear what it is they were doing but after the events that already transpired, it was decided that any Russian military was to met by force. The task force was then called 'Terra Mariana', an old name dating back to the 1200's that was the official name of old Livonia that was formed after the Livonian Crusade. They were tasked with attacking and stopping any and all Russian military setting up in the city or surrounding areas of Stokowsko. This, unfortunately, took up a lot of resources and it angered people that the government was adamant about spending it on fighting instead of them, there was also a lot of people supporting this action as well which then caused some inner conflict. As resources started to dwindle, both food shortages and emergency services resources started to run out, people started to riot. Crime started to rise within the borders and the LDF battalions situated in Andrzejow struggled to control the riots and were eventually overrun. The President was evacuated from the city and went into hiding elsewhere, LDF battalions on the borders struggled to hold back the infection due to the resource shortages and began to fall back to the rioting city of Andrzejow, some of them abandoned their duties altogether going back to their homes. Soon the city of Andrzejow was home to the infection, with the LDF no longer on the western border hoards of the infected from the already fallen Europe were free to wander into the city and surrounding regions. Task Force 'Terra Mariana' went quiet and only rumors exist of them now. Small LDF squads remain active throughout the Nadbor region and some moved away into other parts of the country. Large groups of the remaining populace left the Nadbor region and went back to their homes, only a couple of hundred decided to stay. It is now been over two years since the outbreak and this country belongs to the dead. Sometimes the only sound you hear is the dying breath of someone you didn't know, a cry for help echoing from somewhere you don't want to be. Small groups of survivors stay banded together for safety, and those brave and stupid enough to enter the forests don't often come back. The wild is no place for man anymore, something else has claimed that territory. Each passing lonely traveler has a story to tell, some tell stories of survivors taking in people, families still surviving given what has happened, and some others tell stories of those who have lost their last piece of humanity. Some tell stories of LDF and Russian military being spotted nearby, no matter who you bump into these days, they have a story to share. What will your story be? Here are some Livonia In-Game Facts: The playable region is called Nadbór The official language in Livonia is Polish Estimated population is 7 million (Pre-Outbreak) The River in the northern half of the map is called the Biela River - nicknamed by locals as the "Valley of Blossoms" Livonia regained its independence in 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union Livonia is an official member of the NATO alliance More information will be added when its released by Bohemia.
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    Bases should follow the same implementation as old mod days. Create a base thread, make screenshots, let staff look over it and approve/deny. People can leave their feedback and changes can be made before implementation to ensure it follows community standards and remains fair.
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    Yes, that's AoGM. Just like driving cars underwater, hiding behind indestructible barrels, glitching your body into a solid object so you can't be shot, peeking through walls by glitching your head inside the ceiling. Just because game allows you to do that doesn't mean it's ok. That's why it is called abuse of (existing) game mechanics and not cheating - something that the game would normally not allow you to do.
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    ODEZVA UPDATE 12/04/19_____________________________________ Removed the GIMP made graphics by @SaltySully, replaced them with @Commander's. Added the following group page graphics; @Commander Added the following group player graphics; @Commander Added the following to the Departed; @SaltySully Added the following awards graphics; @SaltySully Added the following Notoriety Level Graphics; @SaltySully Added the following Ranks/Structure Graphics; @SaltySully Adjusted the following Ranks/Structure Graphics; @SaltySully Adjusted the Wanted list; @SaltySully Added the following to the Most Wanted; @SaltySully Promoted the Following; @SaltySully Completed ODEZVA PLOCHA Phase One; @SaltySully Initiated ODEZVA PLOCHA Phase Two; @SaltySully Added the following goals for ODZ-PLC-P2; @SaltySully Completed the following goals for ODZ-PLC-P2; @SaltySully Completed the reformation, will be addressed in a completely separate update post. @SaltySully Several individuals have accumulated Group Warning Points pending group final warning, will be posted in Reformation update. @SaltySully Several individuals are due for more awards and promotions, will be posted in Reformation update. @SaltySully
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    In an alternative universe far far away, the newly elected President Kozlov and his fascist regime has introduced new policies to cramp down on crime! Those who have fell victem to these new policies are members/voters of the opposition party, protesters and illegal immigrants. All have been transfered to Storozh, commonly referred to as the Prison Island, indefinitely. As this makes international headlines with 'Human Rights Abuse In Chernarus' a rebel force has been setup to try and rescue these innocent people from the hell they will now be living in. Participants @Craig @StagsviewRB @Phoenyxx-chan @Turk-chan @RiZ-kun @JackZRP @JasonBR @ItsChocolateMan @Trijim @AndreyQ @Bobby-kun @Blake @Burak @BrycePottre @Hollows @VegasRP @Realize @Knightblast @[email protected] @[email protected] @LordSmuckenduck @DrMax @Jonaaaaaas @[email protected] @Francis Higgins @[email protected] @larpmoreleo @Vulf @Eagle @BravoActual @FalkRP @thicdickdaddy27 @Sassy-chan @ShrimpRP @MrNiceGuy957 @FallenArc Please state clearly below if you're attending THIS SATURDAY 8PM SERVER TIME! I will have the event server up and things prepared for everyone arrivng, we will meet on Discord around 8PM server time and then start once everyone is informed of their roles and some basic rules. EDIT: If anyone is worried about missing out, this can be done again in the future.
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    Absolute pleasure to be apart of this group, the roster it involves and the plans we have. Up Joyce, Up Ward, LETS HAVE IT.
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    We recommend that you use the Vanilla DayZ launcher, that comes with the game. We have recently experienced issues with people using the DayZSA Launcher, as there seems to be some conflict between the settings and parameters of the two. First, make sure that you purchased and installed the Livonia DLC, which can be found here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1151700/DayZ_Livonia/ Second, make sure that you have downloaded and updated all mods from our modpack, found here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1599372051 To make sure you get all of them, hit the "Subscribe to all" button Third, make sure you have all mods enabled, EXCEPT for the Winter_Chernarus mod. An important note, is to make sure that you have "CF" at the top, and "DayZRP Mod" at the bottom, the rest don't matter. It should look something like this: Lastly, also make sure that you have set your character name, under profile name in the parameters as well, if you are not currently using this launcher. Follow all of these steps closely, and you should be allowed on the server. If you still experience issues after doing these steps, I welcome you to the Help Desk on Discord.
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    We recommend that you use the Vanilla DayZ launcher, that comes with the game. We have recently experienced issues with people using the DayZSA Launcher, as there seems to be some conflict between the settings and parameters of the two. First, make sure that you purchased and installed the Livonia DLC, which can be found here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1151700/DayZ_Livonia/ Second, make sure that you have downloaded and updated all mods from our modpack, found here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1599372051 To make sure you get all of them, hit the "Subscribe to all" button Third, make sure you have all mods enabled, EXCEPT for the Winter_Chernarus mod. An important note, is to make sure that you have "CF" at the top, and "DayZRP Mod" at the bottom, the rest don't matter. It should look something like this: Lastly, also make sure that you have set your character name, under profile name in the parameters as well, if you are not currently using this launcher. Follow all of these steps closely, and you should be allowed on the server. If you still experience issues after doing these steps, I welcome you to the Help Desk on Discord.
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    Good morning staff of dayzrp I would like to discuss the following and get a clear answer as I have spoken to a few members of staff and as such not got the same answer from them. staff abuse: The staff member in question was caught using god mod during a fire fight and they’re excuse was “I forgot to turn it off”. Prior to this said staff member was talking a lot of trash in game, this leads me to believe that they were fully aware of there admin tools being on and they knew no harm would come to them. During the “fire fight” the staff member in question was mag dumped by myself with a ak74 mag at point blank range while they hid in a tree. The staff member in question said they were not aware someone was firing at them. I also find this extremely hard to believe unless you have your volume turned all the way down someone unloading a whole clip into you at point blank range is pretty loud. I have a dm from them to provide evidence they said they didn’t know they were being fired upon and also video of the start of the fire fight, so they were aware bullets were flying about. So surely at this point if you were “using” your admin tool to free cam around the map prior and as I have been told you need to be in god mod for this as it can kill. You’d be like “oh shit I forgot to turn it off, someone’s shooting at me fuck, let me turn it off and take the fate that was meant to happen”. The once I take the staff member in question hostage and up into the trees and start RP’ing with them, screaming at them to drop there guns couldnt they then turn off god mod and continue to Rp? After this is decide ok I’m shot up, it’s time to dip, as I do said staff member processed to pull out the trust m7 and start firing at me. Which is fine I tip my hat to her for being crafty and using the AndreyQ strat. I then whip out a .308 semi auto rifle and blast them at point blank range with a whole mag. My point is the staff member in question had 3 chances to turn off they’re god mode . 1. When they saw us in the WP base after they had free cammed (mistakes are mad and maybe they were acting quick to stop us raiding the camp) 2. when having a mag dumped into them while they hid in a tree (they could of noticed they are not in the YOU ARE DEAD screen and taken they’re fate) 3. when being taken hostage (they could of used this time to notice they had it in and accepted her fate) I see clear abuse of staff tools here and taking them away from the staff member in question isn’t enough as they have been found guilty of abusing there status in staff to have admin tools and not playing fair. If this was any other member of the community they’d be banned for hacking and cheating. At what point does it become “cheating” and punishable by staff to ban or perm a staff member for “forgetting” to turn off they’re tools. I have also been informed this isn’t the first time said staff member has been caught doing this. second question I made a support ticket regarding this and was informed it wasn’t what I thought it was. So I will rephrase it. I believe in this stream that Fae as a staff member is clearly slandering the group I am currently running with. And as a staff member you are meant to remain completely neutral. So at what point is ok for staff to openly accuse people of baiting ? Rolle you say they are explainIng they’re POV but the POV is a lie and also as it is to do with the points above and you were personally dealing with it, so you know it’s a lie! So why is it ok for staff (on a break) to slander people openly? People have been perm’d for less. please excuse any silly spelling or grammar mistakes I am writing this on my phone
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    But it's a survival game with zombies and zombies should be challenging, according to the lore they wiped the entire world so they shouldn't be pushovers that you just drop with a Makarov. Obviously, with them being stronger now your old tactics you've used up until now to handle the infected will not work anymore. Adapt and overcome. I think it makes the experience and role play more immersive, where appearance of zombies results in a reaction similar to "OH SHIT", not a "SIGH".
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    From the album: A Deaf Girl's World

    Meet the tallest (at least 7 feet tall) man I've ever seen. He literally looked like he was taken from a fantasy/sci-fi movie.
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    I understand that walking on barbed wire is something that is possible to do both irl and ingame. It is however very difficult to do and requires a fine balancing act. Fine, maybe your character has a great sense of balance or has been a circus performer in the past but running on barbed wire on the other hand is a totally different thing since it would be very hard not to fall over and you could seriously hurt yourself in the process. Watch the clip and see for yourself, is this something that should be allowed on the server? why? why not? I would be pleased if people gave their opinions on this.
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    “Remorse for the enemy is rare, mercy is unusual, but sacrifice is necessary.” If you wish to join Odezva, dm one of these individuals; Podplukovnik Ivo Zacpal, @SullyDat on the Forums or Sullivan#8239 on Discord If you wish to get some bomb ass graphics like we have, contact @Commander or find him on his graphic's thread:
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    Dearest @Roland, Firstly; I would like to mention that I was indeed in Denmark on a business trip last month. I met a Swedish guy. We had beers together. But he didn't know you? What gives? Secondly; As my favourite Owner currently listed on the staff page, I wanted to ask yourself to reconsider the latest update to zombie health and damage multipliers. In addition to also getting the communities feedback. I would like to raise awareness to just exactly how god-damn-mother-fucking tough these pissing-bitch-ass-anger-inducing zombies are in the current state. If you get surrounded by 3 and you're on your own, even with a relatively powerful .556 rifle, you are pretty buggered. I would honestly rather fight a pack of wolves with my only weapon being the herpes virus. Whilst I have no true issue with the damage the zombies deal in their current state, they are somewhat inconsistent currently. I believe that military do 4x damage when compared to female civ models currently? I know this was by design, but however I would like to suggest a different solution following shortly. Zombies should be fairly easy to kill, as long as you get a head shot. Is there a way to alter the values for head-shot multipliers on zombies? Making all (if not most) weapons result in instant kill on zombies when shot/stabbed in the head? With this, it means that no longer will we need a full mag in an AK-101 to take out 5 or 6 zombies with head-shots landing every time. I think accuracy should be rewarded, but body shots should be punished (as we all know you can only kill a zombie with a head shot hurr durr). Additionally, back to my previous point. Military zombies should be tougher, but not in damage output. I believe that military zombies should have a higher tolerance to damage instead. Meaning that the body-armour and helmets protect them from a lot of damage they can receive from players - relative to the weapon used. Please consider my plea Mr DayZRP Kind regards and much love Jakkyboy P.S: If the community doesn't agree, please disregard this and ban me forever. P.S.S: That was a joke. Please don't ban me. P.S.S.S: Sorry for cursing.
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    We are a group of 33 members and growing and people attack us and kill us daily or rob us. We have gear to regear so that we can defend ourselves. We also willing give out gear if you ask the right higher up and we have done plenty of charity times where we place everything in our store and give it away. I go through the tents personally each week and take what we have abundance of and give it away or let it despawn. As for the base being OP? We have been raided successfully a few times, the unsuccessful times is because we have been awake. On top of that, Everywhere else in the compound is owned by separate groups. We designed the compound to be the home of separate groups and increase roleplay in these areas. We have a shop for trade, a pub that has food stored in it for everyone, we place water outside. However its the people that complain about this base that come in and drive others away but senselessly beating people up for no reason or baiting people into initiating on them. We have had great enjoyable rp moments and have formed yet another hub but hardly anyone comes because of the way other groups act inside it. Our base is not impenetrable. Bring some hacksaws you can get in, if we are awake, well then its a little harder. Thats the point of bases though right? Defend them? It seems to me a never ending conversation of people complaining something is 'too hard' or 'impenetrable' when it truly is not. We also made the base in the way we have because we used to get attacked daily and now that people cant attack us so easily they complain about it. I don't truly understand. Until @Roland says otherwise, the base will stay. If he says it has to go, i will look into doing another idea and make sure that its PVP and Raider friendly so ya'll can stop complaining. Hell I'll even leave my doors wide open so you and relentless attack us and raid us day after day. But its okay, no one will complain about prison island (which is the same as ours, impenetrable unless you hacksaw or AOGM jumping in) or no one will complain about the groups that have 5 gates in a factory to go through which require you to hacksaw or break down a wall.
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    I mean... 2 of us took a member of wolfpack hostage in the middle of the night and forced him to open all the gates into the base. Got 4 backpacks full of loot and got out without any resistance. We did all this in about 4 to 5 minutes. It was a very planned, very scoped out heist that took about an hour planning and preparing and waiting for the right moment. Including 2 other friends of ours taking a seperate wolfpack member hostage a couple KMs away to bait the wolfpack away from their post. There are ways in youre ballsy enough.
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    To be honest, that's the only thing that was bothering me with the new zombie mechanics. I right now use .308 winchester to 1 tap them in the head; I actually switched to that from an AKM because the AKM (7.62x39mm) takes 2-3 shots to the head before an average zombie (without headgear) goes down. It's hard to calmly shoot zombies, and I feel for those who have to deal with 150+ ping. So this I can agree with, to change headshot health, if possible. Make it so that at least ARs can kill them more easily. Not so much smaller calibers like 9mm/.45 ACP from secondary weapons (handguns, SMGs).
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    Thanks, gents. @Eagles @Dingle
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    I am fine with everything about how tough they are except for the heads that are bullet sponges. I'd like them to go down in one headshot from most weapons. I wasn't surprised to see that a .22 was two shots, but rifles surprised me.
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    I smell the power of Chernarus coming together. Goodluck lads, looking good. Oxen, Kordruga, Ryan Shepherd, and Neom? Hype. ~ Only missing one person and this is top tier. Enjoy your time out there. Looking forward to interacting. @Ryan Shepherd love ya boyo. o7.
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    Hello, me and my homie Azamat ( @Sassy-chan) will be stopping by your trucks
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    Im down If I cant escape from my weeb prison maybe I can escape on this
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    2.2 Exploiting or abuse of game mechanics (AOGM) is gaining an unfair advantage by using game bugs or mechanics in a way that the developer did not intend them to work. I would say that AOGM fits in this case since running on the barbed wire is a mechanic that the developers did not intend to work, and you can surely use it to an unfair advantage. You are right that not much can be done about policing it though but on the off chance that this happens again ingame it would be good to know that this counts as AOGM due to this thread and it might deter people from doing similar actions ingame.
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    I didnt mean this thread to turn in to a contest of how many insults people could get away with in a forum post. Whatever you two have going on between you guys has nothign to do with this thread, either post something constructive or dont post at all.
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    Cartel boys take on livonia
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    I agree with you all that it should be a challenge. Hell yes. And I like it... But shit son, if you can keep your nerve and calmly shoot 8 zombies in the head that are rushing you, I think you deserve to live! @Ducky anyway to make headshot's more.... headshotty? Love xxx
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    I honestly stopped killing infected. I just run around and lock them in buildings.
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    Juice Hands, the one true giant.
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    I would like to hear any staffs members opinion to these questions along with @Roland personal and professional opinion. Any staffs are welcome to give personal and professional opinions So this is pretty straight forward about the rules around glitch deaths since the changes to the gear despawn times. If you die to the car glitch that causes you to crash or sends you flying into the air and you where not in any situation. You spawn a town or 2 away and run back is this a rule break you would get banned for or are exceptions made because of the circumstances? If It is a rule break should that change? Should glitch deaths have exceptions to NLR timer? What circumstances is it acceptable to break NLR timer if any? What circumstances Do staff members think breaking NLR timer should be allowed that its not currently okay to? @Roland Do you think with the amount of glitches and bugs that should change?
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    From the album: John's Photo Album

    '' The country side is sure beautiful.. Or.. Am I talking about the background or the lady? :) ''
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    Thought I'd post this here as well: This is the official Livonian Defence Force uniform, they're a NATO country after all so primarily western inspired, you'll be able to find this ingame on Livonia soon if not already. I will be doing some police uniforms for the Livonian Police Force and some Ranger uniforms as well, however that will be in a future update.
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    Up teh Joyce, here we go boyos
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    Two words; On a real though, I'm fine with the damage multipliers, zombies need to actually pose a threat and up until now its hard to argue that they've been more than a mild inconvenience. I'd like to see the health multipliers dropped a tad, there's no reason a zombie should be taking 2-3 heatshots from an AK. That being said the realist in me is saying that they are undead, they don't feel pain so they'll keep coming at you, hence the health buff...
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    @APositiveJade Wrenn n Bern are always fun, you know that already but still I promise to play more when I get my own pc ;-; @PropaGandalf Starting off the night with some relatively lackluster rp (and maybe getting destroyed by wolves as soon as I logged on...), it was very fun to meet you up the road and travel with you up to NWAF! Martin was actually fun to talk to and was a great addition to Wrenn & Bern's complaining crew @VikingHunter and co. You all were a hoot and great company, hope you didn't die to all the gunfire on the way back to your base with your building slave Enjoyed our roleplay though! I finally got those gloves To the boys @ the soup kitchen, was nice meeting you! Finally got to meet some of Bernie's bitches @marrysum289 (aka Ronald Mcdonald), was great seeing you again - glad to see Frisk is still kicking around! Luckily, no threats from Wrenn this time and actually pretty glad you remembered her!! @Rami What a way to end the night lol, Rami was an absolute trip to rp with - clearly we are still in 2005 Hope to see you again in rp and am looking forward to figuring out more clues to your mystery!
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    Very epic, where are the aliens though?
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    From the album: A Deaf Girl's World

    Okay, maybe not first but definitely first for me!
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    It is no secret that Permadeath and the thought of it is a daunting and somewhat dull topic for many a roleplayer, the basic concept of permanently losing something you've put time, effort, love and care into is not something people frequently want to face. Whether it's the thought of such a great loss to the point where in their own lives, they feel they lose a part of themselves and all the way to the opposite of the spectrum, people that simply do not wish to write new characters. Permadeath is something of a "Taboo" topic which this guide will put effort into displaying that in fact, not only can this be great, melancholic fun, but it also provides such a depth of experience I cannot even describe. Firstly, let's look at a definition of Permadeath in the context of RP, just so we're all on the same page: "Permadeath or permanent death is a game mechanic in both tabletop games and video games in which player characters who lose all of their health are considered dead and cannot be used anymore. Depending on the situation, this could require the player to create a wholly new character to continue, or completely restart the game losing nearly all progress towards completion. Other terms include persona death and player death. Permadeath is contrary to games that allow the player to continue in some manner, such as their character respawning at a nearby checkpoint on "death", resurrection of their character by a magic item or spell, or being able to load and restore a saved game state to avoid the death situation. The mechanic is frequently associated with both tabletop and computer-based role-playing games." - Source In terms of DayZRP and the context we will use frequently, permadeath refers to when an RP character permanently loses their life, dies and can never come back from death. Thought text is all well and good, why don't we look at some examples of how Permadeath has effected players, and how its memory served to burn into their memory a narrative they'd never forget, purely for the love of the roleplay. Below are spoilers to the series Critical Role, a tabletop live stream of Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition, albeit not related to our genre, it serves as a stark reminder of how much these characters meant to each other, because their lives, and deaths, were real to them: Examples aside, we're here to understand how we could possibly make a thing like permadeath fun, so let's stop lamenting the death of other players and their characters, and start talking about our own. Firstly and perhaps most important I wanted to shout out @Tomeran's original post that fueled the creation of this one. I have based all characters I've made in DayZRP on this system since, and while Tomeran's is a very good example, it lacks a clearly formatted definition and varied examples as it appears to simply be a concept. While by no means a flaw of the original, this guide sets out to streamline that information, give clear and concise examples and templates, and bring the information to light once more. That, and I believe it can be simplified. Firstly, Survival Points, hereon referred to as SP in this guide, are equivalent to "Lives" in any video game. "What in tarnation?! I thought this was a permadeath guide!" It is, and you're correct, but SP is the middle ground between true Permadeath, and a more lenient system for the sake of story telling in a game riddled with ways to die. SP acts as a buffer between yourself and death, currency to avoid the eternal sleep, SP can only ever work if you adhere yourself to treating SP properly. Without self-discipline and respect for your own RP and that of others around you, SP means nothing, and you should not use it, continue to enjoy the game your way, for which there is nothing wrong in doing so. For those of you with a more Ironman tendency, here's a breakdown of how SP's work: All characters start with 3 SP You may not retroactively apply SP, once you start using SP, you start with 3. All characters lose 1 SP on death. You can regain SP through specific methods. Followed by a breakdown of how SP can be gained: Every 24 (in game) hours spent in character, 1 SP is earned. This is recorded for you on your character page. Every 300 zombies killed while in character, 1 SP is earned. This must be tracked yourself. Every 10 players killed legitimately while in character after a respectable amount of RP, 1 SP is earned. This must be tracked yourself. Every major RP feat in character, or brilliant RP experience you provide, survive or contribute to, 1 SP is earned. This is contextual, see below. "These seem like some pretty heavy goals, don't you think that's too much?" Genuinely, no I don't. SP is something to be respected and again something that requires self-discipline to implement, this is a guide and not a set of laws, how you implement this can vary, but if you stray too wildly from this guide's intended use and purpose, the value and definition of SP loses substance. While fifty hours is a heavy amount of playtime for anyone with standard adult responsibilities, remember that much of your play time in game will be spent moving around and interacting in a passive manner. If you're a Hostile RP'er and you're looking to implement this into your game play, it is supposed to add a weight to every decision you make. Three hundred zombies is achievable, but something that requires you to maintain a log or note of exactly how many you've killed, no guesstimating, no cheating, otherwise there's no purpose in tracking it at all. To reward PVP'ers for their prowess in RPPVP, the 3rd point was added. Surviving hostile initiations, firefights or other forms of hostile role play is commendable, as it is perhaps the easiest way to lose SP, this is a total overall and does not reset after each encounter, or even if you die. Lastly, to define major feats or brilliant RP, this should be self explanatory but I'll provide context clues. This isn't about jumping off a roof and surviving, or robbing someone with more than a "Drop weps 10 secs" initiation, this is the substantial, major, lore and character changing arc moments that you contribute to or survive. Surviving a suicide mission, saving an ally from the clutches of an enemy unscathed, sneaking in and out of an enemy compound undetected and securing supplies for your group. These examples will become evident when they happen, and you must be both cruel and kind to yourself when you consider applying them for this reason. Naturally there may be cases where you get DayZ'd and die unfairly, be it by glitch or bug, a KoS or as a result of being caught by an opportunistic infected as you're logging in. In these instances it's completely okay to forgo expending an SP, and in the words of the man himself; "Write a pact with yourself in blood to follow the system and be honest with yourself, or don't follow the system at all." So how does this make permadeath more fun? It's intended to be a guide to soften the impact of a death that would otherwise wipe your character if you were following a true "Ironman" run of DayZ, and while it is in no traditional sense realistic, it is not designed to be as such. It is designed as a guide purely to add substance to each any every choice you make, the person you play and the situations you allow yourself to get into. You can make it more difficult, or easier depending on your requirements and what you can realistically manage, but the intention is to be as brutal as possible with SP, not to make it easy to gain. This is by no means ever intended to be a solution for everyone, but perhaps urging a few more role players to try the route of a softened permadeath may kindle a new passion for the art of nuanced roleplay. While it may look like I've written a lot please do bare in mind that this was all the brainchild of a community member that simply had my respect, and I think this idea should not be lost to time, hence my tribute to it here. I intend to add much more in time, and suggestions are welcome for what you might like to add, please let me know as I would love to hear your response to this.
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