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    Question for @Roland You removed me from staff with no warning other than this message: You said that "to go as far as to recommend people to go to other servers to play crosses the line for me..." You deleted my original post that I presumed got me removed: In the last paragraph I said "I'd suggest looking elsewhere for fresh new stuff outside of changing dates or server Lore". I'm not sure how that could be construed as me recommending people to go play elsewhere. You don't stay in a Loremaster position for the better part of 2 and a half years in the community to simply throw it away by telling people to leave. That is absurd. I told people to look elsewhere for solutions outside of changing Lore. My 2 posts in this thread were not inherently positive, but neither is a doctor when he walks into the room and tells you that you have a serious disease and that they are going to treat you for it. We were discussing a problem in the community, I didn't agree that the proposed solution would work and was advocating for my point of view. If you think that the view I put across or the way I got it out there was unbecoming of a staff member then that's understandable. If a larger enough portion of the community wants a certain course of action I will help them achieve it, even if I personally don't think that would be the best option. At the end of the day, I'd just like a little more explanation regarding my removal, maybe even to come back if we can talk and come to some sort of understanding as to how you expect things to be. This is extremely unfair to me to just simply be removed over something that I can distinguish as none other than an incorrect opinion held by myself, and wording that made you believe I was telling people to go to other communities.
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    Hello fellow roleplayer, So, we had an little session erlier today. And there seemed to be alot of tention during and after it on a stream. So, after the session I hear you guys are pissed over the recent RP we had. So me and @OxeN go and talk it out with you guys cuz we really want to beef and if there was any issues and wrongs on our side we gladly take that in and get better. We sorted stuff out and there seemed to be no bad blood. Really nice. Okey, so the Trade Union meet the Pegans in Vybor. You guys from the start introduce yourselfs as the Pegans and say you are here to make armsdeals with russians. Since we are a different type of hero group we see this as an issue and tell you guys to put your hands up. You guys comply and that is great so we can form a story and do the RP we are there to do. Unionize the trading in the region. From the get go you are annoyed and give little to no RP back. And looking at the vod afterwards (I do this to make my own RP better and learn) i am conserned and dissapointed in some off the stuff said and acted ingame and in the stream on a OOC level. There is shit talk about members of our group including myself and others. below is one clip from the session. There is always two sides to RP. And it's hard for me to give RP when you from the start don't want any of it and avoid it. I try to ask questions but i can see in the vod that you guys pay little to no attention to what we are trying to do and just slag it off. If you go into an situation with that mindset it's not gonna be fun at all. You need to accept others roleplay and not just your own. Roleplay always goes both ways. We are trying our best with what we get. And yeah, we maybe did not bring our A-game but we where willing to talk about our flaws with you guys afterwards. And as I said above I look trough the stream to improve my own RP aswell. (I usually play a fucking stoner) So yes, i need to improve with this stuff. I also looked trough the group page and found the rules. And alot of the stuff said in the stream goes strait against those rules. And I really hope that you guys will work on that for future sessions with no just us but everyone. I'd also like to point out that we gave you guys alot of chances after members decided to tell us to fuck off numerous times while having guns to your heads. We where simply making a treat to make you guys talk to get information. So this lead to even lowering arms to yell at us as shown in the video below while we had you guys taken hostage. With all of this being said I have no personal beef with anyone involved. I just exept more from a member like @kimmylou that I have RP'd with for years here and other servers. And I have respect for her on a IC and OOC level. I wish we can both learn from all this and make future meet ups better for both of us. I will end this with some good feedback. You have some good people in the group and the thread looks really crisp. Have a good night.
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    Yes, it's quite ambitious, and long term. We do plan on staying long term, however you never know what happens. How do we plan on working towards the goal? It's simple, read the other goals that we have, and that answers your question. Establish Connection Between 2 Camps Inform local population Create a base of operation Recruit 20 clerks These above goals also coincide with Day 1245. All above attribute to the societal rebuild. Thanks for the feedback
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    When u spend more time of the day in a report thread than actually playing the game
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    Welcome! For this week of Interview with a Community Member we have @SaltySully This interview is to get to know the members of our community, and hopefully bring the community together. Comment who you want to see being interviewed next week! Thanks to @SaltySully for participating! Tell Us About Yourself? How did you find out about DayZRP, and what made you want to join? If you could thank one person for helping you get started here who would it be? What could we do, as the staff team, to make this a better place?  What is your most memorable experience(IC/OOC) here?  Do you regret doing anything in your time here? If you had to live in a jail cell with four people from this community who would it be? What's your current favourite song/artist? What has been your favourite character you have played on the server and why? What do you feel is missing from the community? Do you have any hidden talents? What was the origin of your username?
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    Still fighting for the goodside !
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    Wish we had rocket launchers/mortars to take down those pesky walls people love to talk shit behind
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    If all these dutch people get out of hand, I have just the thing...
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    This is incorrect, just thought I would point that out. I've personally done tests with the grenades to check what they go through, and the only two things that the explosion can penetrate is 1. Windows and 2. Doors. Check the spoiler for my testing: Yes it is correct, an RPK-74 was indeed being worked on by @Misho but I believe that addition was meant to be for the MoreGuns modification which he is the co-author of. Considering Misho got otherwise pre-occupied and ended up leaving the dev team due to not having time and having interests elsewhere IIRC, I do not think the RPK-74 will see the light of day. Now as for static emplacements, perhaps it will be possible in the future, for the moment I do not see it being feasible. We can pat ourselves on the back though, DayZ runs on a hybrid daughter of the Arma Engine, and we know Arma supports static emplacements as well as moving weapons (Tanks, Mounted weapons on trucks etc.) So maybe in the future it will be possible. And there is already a westernized single-use rocket launcher in the game, same with the RPG-7, they just don't function yet
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    To have .50 cal machine gun on bases would be awesome to see and other heavy duty weapons but maybe in the next wipe or something, might be a bit late to add them now. Also Cadia stands! The planet broke before the guard did!
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    As much as I would like them, I think mortars would be too much. The ability to launch explosives over walls from several hundred metres away does not give much towards the progression of RP. Things I would not mind seeing however would be some sort of placeable machine gun. Even if that just means fixing the recoil on the SAW and allowing us to deploy a bipod from it, or even giving it a tripod (official or self crafted from metal scrap etc.) - Something like an emplaced M2 would be super fun. Especially if there was a vehicle that you could mount it on however if we had something like this I think it would only work if the weapon was extremely rare and the ammunition even rarer. In terms of explosives I think the best thing would be something along the lines of pipe bombs for breaching walls/gates during raids. As for launchable explosives I think the limit for me would be some sort of single shot, disposable rocket launcher (something like the M72 LAW) where only one spawns on the map and even then it is not a garunteed spawn so you might not get the chance of finding one. With this you can then utilize it to destroy a wall or a gate during a raid and once the single rocket is spent, you discard the launching tube as it is non-reloadable.
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    First of all I wana thank all the great people I did meet the last few days that provided some great rp for my new char, I'm sorry to say most of your names escapes me but here are a few: @[email protected]@andysuter and so manny more Now to the Russian and his group I did meet in Kab just a small hint my char is cloase to 6ft8. Now to the people of the Trade Faderation awsome rp I really like the Swedish guy that really tried to get on my chars bad side hehe
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    Hector pulls out his journal and pen and starts to write again while sitting on the roof overlooking the compound "You know it's amazing to sit here so quite and watch the sun rise each morning, too much shit has happened in the last few days. A death of an unborn child, some new business, and a visit from someone I thought I could have let go." "Well let's start with the child....well it happen so fast, an accidental shot from a gun sent women ive been with, in a spot with a hole in her stomach, a best friend terrified that I might kill him for what he did....I don't know how to feel...didn't really know she was pregnant until she was shot....why would she keep this from me?....but thank got for Doctor Red for coming to my peoples aid. I might have lost Kat if he hadn't been there. As for my friend, brother... I understand it was an accident and the MC means a lot to me...we will have to sit down and talk about this. "So some of the new business is good, mono blanca/white hand is been sent out more and more everyday, the guns are going good and Pancho seems to have a handle of the mota and the compound. People seem to contact me more and more everyday looking for something else. I will continue to do what I can to provide for the familia." "Now for my visit....it was nice to see her again..nice to catch up on what I have missed...I know her coming to see me wasn't the only reason..but it made me feel good she came. I stood there in the compound and trying not to show her I was angry and about some of the things that were being said, but she always has a way with words that I can not say no to... A vacation is what I need." "With all the drama and death that comes with the regular life style of now a days...I wonder and think about what she said, how long do I think it will last......well as long as my breath will take me and as long as my familia stands together. My name is Hector Enrique Del Toro and I thought I could start over but this is who I am....Cartel, drug lord, father to his familia.... Notes - Think about cleaning out the warehouse up north Still need to find more ink Have a sit down with Jax Give Carnage his initiation Look for another cook
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    ALL MEMBERS OF THIS GROUP WILL BE KOSable AT ALL TIMES. THAT MEANS BY JOINING THIS GROUP YOU VOID YOUR RIGHT NOT TO BE KOSED. ANYONE MAY KILL YOUR CHARACTER AT ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON, OR NO REASON AT ALL. Part 1 Back in the Past (Day 244 of the outbreak) Part 2 Part 3 WAVE 3 CURRENTLY UNDERWAY CURRENT ROSTER FOR WAVE 3: @GaryCash Operator R @Keeeru Operator Nalim @Worldclass Operator Light @Juice Hand Operator Juice Hand @Caleb Bauer Operator Condor @HeinrichStawski Operator Kaiser @Brokenkaliber Operator Vector @Apex Predatour Operator Apex @Jameson Walker Operator Six AKA Snowman @Will Operator Capricorn @Nick Wilde Operator Storm @Mellstrom Operator Yggdrasil @knightxelite05 Operator Ice Dragon @Bofo Operator Diamond @Gen_Dan Operator Whistleblower @Heisenburg Operator Abel @Liwanu Operator Ace @Quackipoo Operator Church @TastyTreatz Operator Chimera @NamRm Operator Vasya @Lunsmann1 Operator Jezus @TrashTrooper Operator Jackhammer @Mason26 The Doctor @Desert Hawk Operator Mars @Klogg Operator The Jester @SwissCheese Operator Anvil @diesel12 @PhoenixCool Operator Sobek @Elijah Johnson Operator Lancer @Domchop Operator Chop @Aran Operator Dove @Marik Operator Boots @Mr Wolf Operator Guts @RoverBeast Operator North @UltraeDude Operator Vinter Day 790: The American, sat with his feet up on his desk and his gun by his shoes, reading the reports that had just come in. The lamps were all on even though the room was well lit by the daylight shining in through the windows. His French Interpol colleague walked into the room. Outside the door were two Peacebreakers, dressed in their blue military uniforms, dawning the full normal garb and then some. Peace symbols with hammers smashing them were sewn on the patches of their shoulders. Another group of Peacebreakers moved down the hall to head to another area to do their guard shift and clear out the infected on the walls. "This just came in, a whole another district-- nothing." He looked up at his compatriot taking the file. Flipping through the pages and the photographs paper clipped inside. It clearly had images of Potius Cras employees commandeering a factory some where in southern Europe based on the surroundings. "How long ago did this happen?" "48 hours ago." "Do we have any idea where they are routing it all too?" "It's unclear sir." Day 805: The operators sitting around the desk awaited for the man on the lap top to bring up the images on the hologram display. Spore grunted as he adjusted his arm which is in a sling. A prompt came up on the screen. Waiting on access code... … Access Granted Drone Footage comes into view, but it is not being taken from outside, it is hovering low inside some where, it is pointing in the direction of 12 Potius Cras Operators. Operator R's voice can be heard coming over the radio. "Copy that we are a go." Operator Sand Lizard Nodded and began hacking the control panel to the door. Within moments, the door clicked open. 2 of the other Operators entered the room at R's signal and began going to work spinning the massive crank mechanism that was only made easy by having two men on the levers. Another man who was in full Coporate uniform and was monitoring the water pressure in the pipes turned towards R and said, "It's working, we are redirecting the source." R, put up a hand telling everyone to hold, movement was coming up on the motion sensors they had set up behind them. "We got company." Operator Thunder said turning towards R seeing the same thing he was on his wrist tablet. "Is it R-Gon Tech?" "No." A voice said coming in over the radio, that was in the same room as Spore watching the live feed coming from their body cams. "It's the locals, they have dogs with them. They must of realized someone is at the water sanitization plant." "Deal with them." R said to Thunder. Thunder nodded and said "Can do." Taking his team, down the extensive underground system they were in. A few minutes later, suppressed gunfire could be heard ringing out through the halls, for about 12 seconds straight followed by complete silence. As soon as they had left Thunder and his team were back it seemed. "They've all been dispatched." "How much longer?" R asked. The man who was monitoring the pressure and the movement of the water said, "So long as the guys on the outside are doing their job, we should be okay." "Your out of time." Spore's voice could then be heard coming in over the radio. "You all have R-Gon Tech forces moving your way now. You need to get out of there. Flood the system." "But sir-- if we do that we are going to lose the sanitary water for this entire region--" "Just do it, if we can't control the water supply here right now no one will." "Copy that sir. Will execute." R gave the signal, and then Thunder, Sand Lizard and the nine others all began placing charges and moving out of the area down the way they had come once the two inside had finished spinning the cranking mechanism and the other operator had confirmed their job there was done. "They aren't going to make it out of their in time, send extraction through the parallel system. Order them to these coordinates." Spore said agitated, not wanting to waste or lose any more resources and frustrated with the situation at hand, holding his arm in the sling. Stone nodded at Spore and did just that. Thunder, R and the others were moving past the dead bodies of the men and the dogs that had been killed in Thunder's team's ambush a few minutes earlier when they could first hear the roaring of motors coming down the wet tunnels behind them. "They are on to us." Thunder said in an urgent but not entirely concerned sounding voice with his voice distorted by his gas mask. "We are almost there." R said checking his wrist tablet. Him and all the others slopping around in the 6 inches to foot of water they were standing in. Some of them out of the water up on the platforms running adjacent through the tunnels. "We are here. Everyone defensive formations. Clear that wall." Sand Lizard and the others all began setting up behind the best cover they could find as the engines of the quads and dirt bikes began to finally catch up with them and they could see the head lights of the vehicles coming their way. "NOW!" R shouted. Sand Lizard, Hollywood and the others blew all their charges. Causing the area they have just come from to begin to collapse and all the pipes surrounding the walls to burst, water then came crashing down from above flooding the tunnels. They began to open fire on the quads and dirt bikes coming their direction which in turn returned fire. "ETA 10 SECONDS." A new voice came booming in over their radios. "Copy we are at the rendezvous point! DO IT!" The moment that the 3 quads that were closest too them arrived and started pulling over to begin shooting on foot dismounting their vehicles, they were blown to bits by pieces of flying wall, as two APC's armed with RPG's along with mounted machine gun's began laying into the attackers from a flank. Having busted open the wall from a parallel underground tunnel system. "Go now!" R Shouted as he and Thunder covered the others operators, and all 10 of them, including Sand Lizard, who was dragging a wounded operator moved towards the armored transports which had their doors down. The people who were chasing that were at the tail end were already being engulfed by the incoming flood that was drowning the attackers and washing them away. Once everyone had loaded up and into the transports they began rolling out as quickly as possible, moving to escape the impending flood consuming their adversaries from R-Gon Tech. ….. Back in the room Spore watched them escaping. "This cannot happen again." "It won't." Stone replied. "I know it won't." He turned to Raven, "You will oversee that our operations in Italy continue as planned. He turned to Orion. "I want you to visit our people in Austria, see that they are still on schedule with the timeline, after that you continue to Slovakia, then back track to Germany and come back here." Orion nodded. "And you two." He looked at Stone and Tidal. "You too are going back to Chernarus. I want everything completely under wraps there in the coming months. R-Gon Tech may eventually try to start conducting research there as well." He clenched his hand from his good arm in a fist crushing so tight that you could hear his skin squeezing. "I want us to squeeze them dry of all the resources in the area, so them attempting to do operations on the ground their becomes compeletely infeasible. Chernarus is an orange and I want you to put it through the juicer. If they are so thirsty that they want a drink, they can pay us a trillion dollars for a sip." Tidal and Stone looked at one another briefly before looking back at their colleague. "You will be given more then the apt resources this time around do not worry, I can assure you that much. Now get me on the line with the board." Spore said to the man sitting in front of the phone on the table and the speaker. "And get me the Agent... Shadow in here, I need to speak with him immediately." Background: Potius Cras, meaning in Latin better tomorrow was a parent company organization formed at some point in the late 50's and it had grown into a massive entity by the early 2000's that had its tendrils in markets around the world engaging in various enterprises. Some of its services including, financing, consulting and research and development, but those were only among some of its activities it engaged in. It also specialized in military grade security, and weaponry. The R&D programs of the company were banned in some countries during the 90's but by the 2000's most of the countries around the world that the Corporation was willing to do business with had come around to the idea of working with Potius Cras because of the military and technological benefits they stood from working with such an entity and allowing them to engage in business on their soil. The company original was founded in the United States, but within in the first 5 years of its founding it was doing most of its business in Europe, before the outbreak, they were pretty spread out over all 6 continents and they even had a few research facilities that were set up and fully staffed down in Antarctica. The company developed all kinds of military grade technology but one of their specializations was bio-weaponry. Upon the infection beginning in Chernarus and starting to cause a global pandemic the Corporation immediately saw the outbreak that many perceived as an Apocalypse, instead as an opportunity. A major rewrite to the script of the global theater, and the planned on making themselves a key player in this new act. Operators of the Corporation are working in various areas of the Continent that the country of Chernarus is located in focusing on different political goals furthering their ambitions, but South Zagoria has always remained in the eyes of the Corporation an area of concern primarily because it is where the infection started and they believe there could be a lot to be learned and gained from doing research in the area. Some data that some of their scouts their on the ground just gave the Corporation even more incentive to be allocating its man power and resources to the location. Groups Premise: We are a nefarious transnational Corporation that has interests around the globe. The majority of characters played in this group will be the field operators sent out by the Corporation to retrieve data. Most of these characters are enforcers, wearing gas masks, hoodies, and Corporate logos on their gear (Pink armbands) they also carry gas masks, as well as non-lethals such as tear gas. We have no interest in harming any of the people in South Zagoria unless they interefere with our interests in the area. Harming anyone who is uninfected we meet would be counter productive to our research in the long run... This Group has been meta gamed in the past so I am going to be careful how much of our lore we give out this time around on the group page. If you have any interest in joining this group please let me know via PM on the forums here or messaging me on my steam name YOALLCAPSLOL Part of Old member list from wave 2 Goals for a Better Tomorrow: Continue with the research team's work from wave 1 and 2. On going. Reach the monthly quota for research samples. On going. Begin the next stage that is wave 3, and begin monopolizing the natural resources in this portion of the country. Beginning with the water supply. On Going. Determine where survivors have been getting their water from, and locate these areas so we can take the next necessary steps. On Going Uninforms: Variations of things like vests head gear weapons and back packs may occur but this is what most often we will look like: (THESE PHOTOS HAVE NOT BEEN UPDATED WITH OUR CURRENT ARMBANDS, THEY WILL SOON) <<------ This is what Potius Cras's Official Armband Looks lIke ----->> Link to the original Potius Cras Page: Potius Cras Part 1 https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/89200-potius-cras/ Link to the Potius Cras Radio Chatter: Mr Moons Video From Playing With Our Group! For A Better Tomorrow! Special Thanks to: @Combat Logo @Dr Brandon @turtlemilk @Pinkerton @SWAGRP for helping with the images for the page! And Mr Moon for the awesome footage! @Mr. Moon
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    Journal Entry 11 2 weeks since i've opened this thing, too much to do, too much to say. The Jackals carved my son, my friends, me. Of course it was I whom had an S indented into my skin. I added 2 more of them. SSS. No matter what they do, what they say. Their little S has been multiplied. What once was meant to be strong was changed by me. It stands for my country now. It stands for me, and those who've been labelled with the W. I share my S, to those with the W, turning them into me by exposure. The walls have been heavily damaged, torn down by the Jackals and the elements. Entire sections of wall have been just... removed. Gone. I have no clue how, but its glaring as a security issue. Completely open, we've had to had guards all over just to maintain some inkling of security for what remains of our people. How many more must spill blood in order for us to have a home. How many more of us must have their bones broken to defend ourselves. When the world around us wants war, we are peace. A bastion of safety no longer. And the Wolfpack and Nox.... I will have to go out and send an envoy, to both of them, to hopefully negotiate some sort of peace, some sort of truce so the south becomes that itty bitty much safer. And with the Wolfpack subdued, the Custodians will soon follow, forming a political bloc which will further safeguard our nation. Border disputes, trade agreements, no sense of diplomacy.... great. I will have to moderate children squabbling over past wrongdoings not realizing the true evil lies not in the man or woman they will scream at. God save us all. I miss you Cherii. You would know what to do, you were always so, so smart.
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    The following book is kept tucked away in a storage locker on the first floor of Storozh Prison, along with several cassettes. In the bottom of the locker is a small pile of ash. The leather cover of the book has several names carved into it, all with lines through them. The largest of them is scratched through several times. "Big Joey" First Cassette: The pages inside appear to be blank until about halfway through where a journal picks up. First entry: Second entry: Third entry: You notice an old tablet flipped over in the locker, you pick it up and find it unlocked. Flipping it over, the tablet seems to be stuck on one screen Fourth entry: Last(?) entry: On the first floor of the prison, found next to where a man had been carried away, a burning notebook sits open. It would have carried quick notes and entries from the journal in the locker, which is still tucked away. The blood and bullet holes created by a man ready to die fighting are slowly burned away after another man found the body. After briefly looking through the notebook, he picked up the lighter his old friend dropped next to where he fell, and finished what he started. Shoutout to @mcjey76, reading his journal entries got me back into this. If you haven't seen his, check it out here.
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    The Tower is Eternal. I do most of my wandering in the Northeast and East, but I don't run into people too often. Usually it's either people we've already met or groups that hear SOMEBODY has been in Novodmitrovsk in the Tower. (Whether or not it's the People of the Tower at the time.) The RPers are pretty few and far between up there, so me and mine have to roam more than we used to in order to find interaction. GM and The Triangle are a black hole. Edit: Groups come and go, but wanderers are life.
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    I was on one of the first ships to colonize the new world, it's good to see the word of this place spread to my fellow countrymen. Let's not sell it for fifty guldens this time, okay?
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    1 step closer to the coup , thx for the promotion tho
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    Might just be that you notice the accent a lot more as a Dutch person. Every time I meet one even if they are using some fucked up accent I still notice it right away. GEKOLONISEERD
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    @Hofer Thought I had taken care of it, let me check again. Thanks for letting me know. Roster changes: Removed @Francis Higgins. Hope to see you again, it was fun! Removed @GaryCash. Forgot to remove him from the roster last time! Promoted @MiniDelvin, @Parzival, and @Sorotiv. Congratulations to our new soldiers, keep up the good work.
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    These boys pretty much saved my life yesterday, thoroughly enjoyed the RP experience and the ominous aura they give off and cannot wait to see these fellas again.
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    DayZRP.com adventure with Daniel Karlsson https://www.twitch.tv/aron73
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    interesting, i like your stories man, keep ehm coming
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    Its a cold morning...Hector sits on the docks near his compound and enjoys the quite and the beauty of the fog on the water. Once again he pulls out his journal and begans to write. "This morning as I wake and sit up, I look over my shoulder and see her scar on her belly from the gun shot and the surgery. I know it's hard to feel what she feels, but she hold her self so well, she seems so ok but I know she is in a hard place. The way she hugs me tight and doesn't let go." "With everything we that goes on with the business, she hasn't left my side, I still I wonder why she didn't say anything to me about the child...I haven't questioned her, I figured I would give her time, as long as she doesn't kill me first. Hector gives out a laugh "As these people began to grow in the compound it's becoming more clear what my fathers would keep telling me "el padre de su familia protege el hogar que se le da, la familia del padre lo protege a él mientras les da todo" meaning the father of his family protects the home that is given, the family of the father protects him as he gives them everything. i understand now what it means, this familia, is something I need...my purpose with blood if necessary." Notes- Figure out the wiring for the lights for the compound Talk to Pancho about Terminator Finalize the meet for the guns and white hand Remember to sit down and talk to Kat Meet with this mystery group that wants to have a sit-down also Plan and take that vacation
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    Day 860 I f*cked up!! How can you be so foolish and commit a rookie mistake when we've come this far? I got too greedy, grasped for more than I could handle. What's that saying, "Grasp all, lose all"? They were everywhere. I could barely see. Fired off a salvo in the direction of the noise. Heard thuds so a few must-have went down. Their growls were intensifying. They were catching up on me. I could feel their hands grabbing at my bag. Exhausted, surrounded. I emptied the mag and started swinging, I could feel the machete delve deep into the soft, rotten tissue... Day 861 Survived. Clothes are trashed, weapons empty. I started making my way up north. My thirst grew extreme, insatiable. I fell to my knees, threw up. No... is this how it's going to end? Am I infected? Am I about to become, one of them...? Day 862 Hospital. I need medical supplies. Anything that can stop this, maybe it's just a bacteria! A map... where am I? Topolniki. The nearest town with a hospital is just nearby. Trudged over there, the utmost thirst was unbearable! The more I drank, the more I threw up. So weak. Searching for all my life is worth..! The dead outside thirst for my flesh. I know they can smell me. I am about to die and they are about to feast...
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    I like the idea of having a working currency. We have had ingame roubles before, but I never got the feeling it really became a big currency. Things like bullets and nails were still worth more. This is defenitely something to wrap our heads around, but in the ends there needs to be demand for the currency. A big trade group or organisation like for example trade union or green mountain chairity could set up and maintain a certain currency. As long as big traders like these keep a currency 'alive', it could work out.
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    @BrycePottre was fun running into Larry again. Odd to actually remember a character so distinctly from back then. Sorry I had to dip but hope @Morytania and @Eagles were able to keep you company.
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    From the album: The Iron Chef's Restaurant

    The Iron Chef finally gets to cook
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    Scientific studies have found people actually come together during times of adversity. But that doesn't make for an engaging game or narrative.
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    Again 24 hours is not a lot of time — nor is it realistic in a lot of situations. There will be days where I can’t get on the game or check the website. I will add the new 7 members to the groups roster later tonight, thank you
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    because Hazbin Hotel is the fuckin' bomb, @SaltySully (I didnt wanna clog that thread)
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    The group looks good, I would only change some things for example the goals they are a little generic, might be best to add some goals that would make the group unique and stand out from the other groups that have the same goals. Goals that unique but also obtainable and not impossible to achieve. But everything else looks fine your lore is good and the graphics look neat and you have a decent roster, I look forward to seeing you guys in game soon.
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    @Combine I agree with your solution. I would go on to say that any government group should be a lore group. They should have special kits that are activated in the item store that spawns in an outfit + weapon for them. It could be activated once a day perhaps. Only allow people that are trustworthy and vetted community members in those groups. Otherwise there is absolutely no reason for said groups to exist. @StagsviewRB yeah you have tools. But you came back rather recently did you not? For a long time it was just Major and he had to jump through hoops and beg just to be approved for a global message for a server event THEN he had to find a GM that was active or online, most of the time they were too busy to be bothered with that sort of “minor” thing. You were also an admin for quite a long time which gives reason as to why you would be granted tools. I believe you are trustworthy and deserve your tools, but I also believe other LMs fall under the same category. Major did a lot in terms of lore stuff, and he just wanted to write lore and do fun events but half of that he wasn’t allowed to do or there was so much bureaucratic bull crap it wasn’t worth it. In the end it all boils down to trust. If you can’t trust them with admin tools why trust them with a staff position? I understand wanting to limit abuse and corruption. Choose members you can trust and put them in the position. If they abuse their tools punish them based on the severity. If they’re spawning in gear for their friends removal of their staff rank and possibly from the community and leave it at that.
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    I prefer night over day, there is something about traveling in the dark with glowsticks and campfires that i enjoy way more then daylight.
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    Well my dudes, told some close friends in the community yesterday. But yeah, late april there will be a smal Kenneth or Kennethlina. Time to grow up i guess.
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    Doesn't look too bad, and there's even a private version available with more stuff for 50 bucks which ain't that bad either. I'll think about it.
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    The Trade Union & its loyal supporters meet The Corporation part 2. It's another lengthy video, however like before, If you could bite the 7.62 and give it a watch, I would greatly appreciate it, gamers!
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    For the white list application, it's a 1000 characters per each section. MY advise would be to take your time. Use was inspires you. Don't copy it but pay homage to it and create a character you wish you could be. As for yourself, tell us more. We'd love to get to know you. No one is boring and plain. Everyone is unique and holds a quality none of us have, or a passion some of us find interesting. Tell us about this.
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    I saw Hamilton during my recent trip to New York and caught these fellow tourists incredibly off guard with this picture.
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