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    For example: Here we have Mr Dragon Ball Z, he is 5cm tall and weighing in at a staggering 9kg, his relationship status is 'kayla', must be a new thing. He is 48 years old in his bio, although he did a Benjamin Button and lost 6 years in his backstory and he is now 42 years old. Staff are busy, obviously, Gamemasters are overloaded with reports, the supports should be taking the reigns here and waiting for shit like this to occur, I remember when @Water Scooter was staff, in his early days he went through every new character and forced them to fix mistake like this. Now its only a character sure he might be a great roleplayer in game abiding by the rules, it also doesn't mean he looks like Mr Dragon Ball Z in game, however has he been given the right view that this is a serious roleplaying community with strict rules and he must keep his shirt tucked in to stay in check and abide by the rules? Nope. Things need to change.
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    How can people be in a community so long and not know how Dynamic Rights work
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    Goodnight everyone!! Sweet dreams when you get there & if you can't get there.. listen to this. It will make you wiggle out of bed. If you want to know what she is saying its below. Enjoy and stay warm! ♥ "Even if those memories make me sad, I've got to go forward, believing in the future. Even when I realize my loneliness, and am about to lose all hope, those memories make me stronger. I'm not alone... because of you. Thank you."
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    @Joah puttin the moves on @G_DateLR Damsel faints at Ronnie's British charm @Scarlett
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    All these avatars are completely free to use! More to Come. feel free to use any of these Avatars, if any one asks where ya got it refer em here! and all i ask is if you take an avatar you leave some Beanz 99% of Avatars are 1 MB or lower! for your convenience!. Also i do take Suggestions and sometimes even Requests!
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    Last pics of Rin
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    SLAVA THE MOB !!!!! @Randy Thanks man
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    Performance seems to be improved on S1 after wiping vehicles and removing the mods above. We still have a cleanup to do, but it currently should be playable. Deer Isle server has been moved to our EU site, to not affect performance of Chernarus server, which it seemed to do during my tests. The IP address has changed. It is now s2.dayzrp.com:2400 I have also added new vehicle spawns to Deer Isle, trucks and BMWs should now spawn there as well.
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    The people around me....the adrenaline meeting new characters in game and having fun on forum and on discord. New story!
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    Arthur Kushnir Journal Entry 1: Chernarus has never looked so beautiful and chaotic in my time visiting, the outbreak has stranded me here with my guilt and pain ergo I must find its sweet spots. After spending a lot of time making my way back into Chernarus, the effort still seems pointless after the emptiness I have encountered. The infected scatter themselves on the streets, the remnants of what remained are now just a feeble attempt of humanity trying to persist; the people I have met have been on the edge of insanity or like myself just trying to survive. With my mission being to reach Zelenagorsk I headed north, or what I figured to be north, as the sun came up behind me, I began to see the contrasting beauty of Chernarus; how maybe this apocalypse hasn’t ruined everything. As it became day, I was getting hungrier and sat myself near a natural water source to wait for something to come feed, I waited an hour or so and as my stomach was telling my brain to move on to the next town a tasty boar made its way into sight; without hesitation I zeroed in and took my shot, clean through the throat the boar went down. My CZ rifle is trusty and has been with me through it all. Once I had skinned and quartered the boar, I made my way to a nearby barn where I set up a small camp to cook the meat. What I first thought was the sound of something heavy falling coming from what is known as Green Mountain I made my way up there in hope of finding some people. I did find people, however, I realised the loud noise was a gun shot, I was quickly approached by 5 men in blacked clothing one with a deep Russian accent spoke to me, I explained who I was and I’m merely just a hunter. The men seemed to take a liking to me but quickly two of the members began to argue and fight each other, it didn’t escalate to anything other than that. The men quickly said their farewells and were off, after taking a minute to comprehend what just happened, I saw the huge wooden walls surrounding Green Mountain, there were no replies from anyone inside when I attempted to shout in. I stayed outside the Green Mountain compound for a moment, when I ran into a fellow Hunter, he explained to me he hunts and trades the meet in at this compound which personally I never thought of doing. This man also explained that Zelenagorsk was just over the hill, but it was currently controlled by bandits and that if I need assistance going in I should find a group which has an interest in getting to it too. With my doubts of his truth I still accepted the warning and asked for his direction north, he told me which way the military airfield was. I continued north, finding myself in Dichina Military base but no sign of any military enforcement. Once I headed past Vybor I stopped to hunt for some more food, when I saw a smoke trail off in the distance. When I checked with my scope it seemed to be a helicopter and my first hope was finding some military personnel, I was scrounging for the idea of control and safety that it blinded me. Rushing in I saw the remains of the crash, the infected had already got to the soldiers and I had to kill them myself. Realising all hope had gone as the sun set, I sank myself into the corner of building in Vybor, I set up a fire and kept myself warm, ready for the following day.
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    From the album: Savage Stage.

    As first contact in seven months, the stranger in gas mask is unaware of the gift he gave. The words he say bless me with small chunks of my long forgotten memory.
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    i'm so glad i can read @Squillium argue on the forums again
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    Hey man, just wondering if there's an audio problem with your video because Joah's kill looks like shots went off the same time the initiation did?
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    Love it when bohemia hatemail is sent to dayzrp I rate this post 30 out of 30 new whitelists.
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    @Mr Anon Jimmy Humperdinck @Chuckdeuce Charles Wright @inar038JD Kincade @BaronVonGrumble Fergus Finlay @iBstoneyDave Dave Stone @TheScouseViking Samuel Kun Choi @ToeZies Jack Edwards @SidChaos Sid Sandman @Breadman Ryan Choi @Blom Dan Andersson @timjelly Timothy Tyler @dnSLmo Daniel Selmo @bigbluedave Jonathan Fredricks @V3rtical Gavin Cave @TwistedVenom Brodie Wright All recruitment must be completed in character, if you are interested in joining then please find us in game. Please reply any constructive feedback. Thread Graphics: @Breadman Thanks to all OG members of the 101.
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    Can you start using that Diamond money to buy a new server?
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    Congrats on Approval!
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    Same as @Daisy I really hope to have much more fun and interesting RP with you. Especially now that I'm your glorified garbage cleaner... I'm sorry, quartermaster
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    From the album: Savage Stage.

    As the sun slowly sets, the demons of the night peek from every corner. Sleep is becoming more harder to achieve as cracking branches play the role of broken alarm, waking me up every time.
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    Need to quit drinking when I have a 10 hour shift the next day
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    welcome back to the community hope you have a blast here
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    Who guesses this charade gets beans:
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    Requesting staffs point of view on the current whitelist process and the current quality of new players. @Roland @[email protected] @Hofer @Fae @Rover @JimRP oh wait nvm scratch that. (Just kidding lad)
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    I ""Titus Young" agree that while I am playing in the Potius Cras group CP, I waive my right to report anyone for KOS or attempted KOS on me under any circumstances. All kills on my character will be valid so long as my character is in the Potius Cras CP no matter how the character death came about. So long as I am playing a Potius Cras character that is working for / with the organization, or my forum name is on the group CP on the forums, I waive my right to report any KOS or attempted KOS on my character. // Signed by Titus Young
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    you are gonna have to do some serious training to beat juice at arm wrestling
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    Finally I learned the difference between Preston and Rosalind... my head still hurts!!!! XD! You and @FireDude made it so complicated, so many lies... I got involved in that story, and I am still learning things about it! XD!
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    Time for some dank queue RP
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    From the album: A Deaf Girl's World

    We've met this guy who claimed to be the best taxi driver around. He also gave us a ride. P.S. Seriously, we almost died!
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    From the album: A Deaf Girl's World

    Gather round! Today an epic battle took place to determine the next chess champion of Chernarus!
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    I have to agree on that one. Also great rp from all the guys of Redwood Radio, and @Aron73 of course. Was nice to meet you with my new character.
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    *Ryans hands shake slightly as i take my journal out from behind my plate carrier.* November 11th, 2019 I have seem to find this life again, no no it is not my first time killing someone nor will it be my last i feel like but it has been years since i have had to. November 9th... November 9th is when i had to kill a man with none less then my cz-75. My house had been broken into and so were my neighbors i found man way up north in the mountains and i had began to talk to him only to see he had the same rifle i had stored in my locker so we began to hold him up but not to steal what was his only what was ares me and a friend as we told him to drop his weapon he then raised it shooting a young lady three times in the back which gave me no choice but to shot him in the head one fatal round and he dropped. The poor man all he had to do was comply and he would still have all his gear, but on the long term me and Murphy are doing alright we have been stock piling gear and food for winter as well as a working car, we have made new friends our neighbors their names are chase and Harvey or Harry i believe is name is i many be wrong i tend to forget names quite easily, but so far they have been a massive help giving us spare nails and a barrel, in return i gave them water barrel, 4 dial lock and a generator. So far i think surviving this winter will easy with the about of meat and vegies we have stored in a save location. -signed Ryan Dudley
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    Had some really intense medical roleplay the other night. @Uhka's leg turned black and we needed a doctor as fast as possible. We tried radio, but they didn't respond quick enough, so I ran to Stary Sobor to get help. Then @BandsRP and his friends @Woodsy, @DexAgonRP and @ViperTCA came over to help as best as they could. The leg got amputated, but unfortunately @Uhka died of blood poisoning later on. One of my characters' best friend died that day. Another friend of mine, Conor (@Billy), ran off because of Erik's death. Another chapter of Redwood Radio was done, but also alot of new things on the horizon to work towards. @Daisy arrived with her new character at a bad time, but also was there to help my character out during one of the darkest nights he had. Thanks everyone for the RP!
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    Thank you for your magnificent TED talk Mr. Sheperd ! Now onto the serious matters : Unfortunately, you also know that, every wave of new players that comes here after a certain Youtuber or Streamer is bound to make problems, either because they didn't understand the rules or they understood the rules but don't have a general grasp of them. Now the best way for new players to come here prepared in the best ways is the new whitelist system presented by Rolle which is still in the works and needs support or idea from the whole community, old members and new members alike. Although this system is away, that doesn't mean we can't provide help for the new players. Best place for new players and even older ones to vocalize their problems and not understanding the rules are in sections such as Ask the Staff (for staff related questions) and Questions (for questions towards staff and community members alike) or hop onto Discord where Staff and Community members alike can join and provide the best explanations to rules and outcomes of situations. It is recommended first to use the search function as to avoid asking the same question over and over. Problem is not many people do it... Which is also shown by various reports and general misunderstanding of the rules. Now, I can understand people are either not social, or they might be afraid, but nobody will ever come to bash you for not knowing the rules, you will be helped and put on the right path as it is in the best interest of the whole community as everybody is knowledgeable of the rules and reports are kept only for big problematics like Ryan mentioned. The passphrase is already in the rules iirc Well you are kinda wrong, videos are more efficient at understanding things and provide a more entertaining way to learn the rules. We can't go backwards and punish people for stuff like grammar and such, because it doesn't show up as a sign of not knowing the rules, some people that were banned recently showed their English is good, so it's more a problem of understanding situations where the rules apply, which is why people need to ask and experienced members / staff will answer. For the other part, I can't say I like it, but revoking whitelist for a rulebreak is not good. It's counter-productive and it doesn't help the member to acknowledge and learn better what he did wrong. You are doing your part which is nice to see and I hope more follow in your steps ! People need to give constructive feedback so the others can improve !
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    I, personally, like the idea of a video tutorial. I would be willing to help out. One idea that I can think of is perhaps putting the whitelist password/phrase in the Rules as well.
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    Resting at the old HQ of 93rd Brigade
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    For a lot of better roleplayers, they ended up getting banned on purpose because of the state of DayZRP and how events were unfolding with how the server was being run. Once you reach a certain amount of banned people in a community (including numerous former staff members) you seriously have to ask yourself what the real problems are.
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    I'm the drift king: @Roland
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    Yo, fellow hobo Kenneth here. So, during some time now there have been alot off people living at the prison island. And to be honest it's making a split in the community. For me it seems like people go there to avoid others RP. So me and @Ryan Shepherd have bumped our below average IQ together and think we should tactical nuke that island. There is also the problem with going there. You get cold and it's annoying. So it makes it hard to attack. It's almost AOGM to live there. The place also looks like fucking hogwarts! NUKE IT! Trust me, i used to be a respected staff member!
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    We truly do live in a society
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    Woah. Yeah, let's not do the clit pinching on the forums. Posts hidden.
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    Slava Chernarus! Slava Kozlov! Patriotic Ivo Zacpal First Responders Militarizing Odezva Camping The Night The Forces Of The Coalition The Leaders Of Coalition Discussing The Plans Tactical Boys
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    Slava Chernarus! Slava Kozlov! Tour of Černaruská Policie jail cell Černaruská Policie personal Tupolev Pavlovich discussing serious business Oheň Rádek Zelenka cooking fish Policie discussing business
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    Here is a few questions I consider important. -------------------------------------------------- Scenario: You have found another player and engaged them in conversation, the other player decides to point his rifle at you in a threatening manner and begins giving you instructions. Which of the following statements are true? 1. The other player has validly initiated and gained ATTACKER RIGHTS. 2. You have gained DEFENDER RIGHTS from the other player's action. 3. The other player has invalidly initiated and gains no rights. 4. You have not gained any rights from this encounter. -------------------------------------------------- Scenario: You and your friend are chatting casually in discord while you are running around in game, you suddenly come across a stranger and begin talking with them. After a few minutes of discussion with the stranger, your friend asks you in Discord if you want to rob them. Which of the following statements are true? 1. Your friend has broken rule 3.6. 2. The stranger gains DEFENDER RIGHTS. 3. You have broken rule 1.1. 4. The encounter had no rules broken. -------------------------------------------------- Scenario: You have just logged into your base after being offline for a few hours, as you stroll around your base you see another player trying to break down your wall, you decide to shoot them. Which of the following statements are true? 1. You have made valid use of your ATTACKER RIGHTS. 2. You failed to initiate and invalidly killed another player. 3. The other player was powergaming. 4. You do not need to initiate when someone is breaking into your base.
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