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    Server performance has hit a new low in the last few days, with server TPS going as low as single digit numbers. To improve it I am attempting various tweaks while trying to avoid a full wipe. First, I have modified loot table and halved spawn numbers for all items in game. This is after seeing how abundant clothing and weapons are, where they are literally littering floors inside bases. Second, I have increased respawn delay of all items. Once an item is picked up, there is a delay of 1 hour before a new one spawns somewhere else on the map. Third, I have decreased life time of all items. Any items left alone on the floor will despawn within an hour. Some items like fresh food will only last 10 minutes. This is to more aggressively clean up the server and prevent littering. Fourth, I have analyzed contents of all mods we use and have decided to test removal of the two that involve most scripting and custom code which could affect performance. RepairMyCar and ToxicZone mods have been temporarily removed from the server. Make sure to uncheck them when joining the server. We will run the server without those two mods for a while and analyze the results and based on that decide whether to re-enable them or remove them permanently. Fifth, we will be doing a cleanup sweep of unmaintained bases around the map. Testing has shown that bases have huge impact on server performance: Empty server with bases: ~3800 TPS Empty server without bases: ~7800 TPS Sixth, all vehicles on the server have been wiped, which has somewhat helped the problem. Thank you for your patience while we try to troubleshoot the server.
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    Hello everyone. The new wave of players is fun I have to say, brought some different groups, different people to interact with however there are some major issues: 1. OOC communication in VOIP I have heard far too many times people talking about rules, discord, inventory, their food is flashing etc. This is the most unacceptable rule to break, if they can not understand that OOC communication does not fit in VOIP, how can they understand the rest of the rules? 2. Not understanding execution rights. I have witnessed far too many executing fully compliant hostages, no matter what they did, it's always been far too early. 3. Not understanding KoS rights / NOT INITIATING. This is the most infuriating one. For example, last night I was in Vybor, the shop was boarded off, I shouted hello to see if anyone is inside a couple times, no responce. I continue to cut the lock for about 5 minutes, I look behind me and 2 men roll up, one points his gun at me, so I stop cutting and say 'woah woah relax!' to abide my time to run and pull a gun, however without a single word the man sprays me down like the dog I am. I went to the help desk to speak to them after my friends killed them, they failed to understand the simple basic rules of base raiding. They were outside the base. Not a single person made themselves known that this base belonged to them. The base did not even belong to them. The base owner was apparently sitting inside and never said a word in game. The attacks were not even apart of the same group/dynamic. 'Because he told me to' They shot a completely uninvolved WOMAN and a man in the streets with both of them having their hands up and that in no way was involved Now I came to them to educate them on what they did, they were apologetic but they had absolutely ZERO knowledge of the rules, they failed to grasp the simple rules of the game and it's not acceptable, its been happening far too often and I am beginning to think it is not their fault but the whitelists fault, something needs to be changed in the whitelist, if they can go through the whitelist application and not understand the basics what is the point of a whitelist at all. Reporting them is not an option for me, people shouldn't have to learn SIMPLE rule breaks via getting banned in a report, I prefer that to be more difficult and larger rulebreak. Maybe there needs to be short tutorial videos of what is okay and not okay per each rule, I remember there was videos of what to do and what not to do back in the mod. What need's to be done to improve the knowledge of simple rules for first time players?
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    For example, the player I spoke about in my opening post regarding shooting without initiating and have very little knowledge if at all of the rules, in @Alan Woods report he show cases this; It just so happens the leading hostile role in this video is the same player I spoke about in my opening post. That video just is not good enough to be happening, this player has been in the community since July, which is 4 months, how can you not grasp simple rules in 4 months? Clearly this person has not and has not been forced to real the rules properly. I gave this player a chance by not reporting him and explaining attack and defender rights and he agreed he needed to brush up on the rules, however clearly this didn't happen. Enough is enough to be honest, whitelist revokes need to be more of a risk for these kind of new players. In his character backstory, not only is his name Clint Westwood but he is currently in 'Chernarous' if you can not even spell Chernarus what hope have you.
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    I agree that the current whitelist could be lightly converted into a lightly harder one for all our sakes.
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    Hello good to be back
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    Going back to college next year ayyy
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    Side notes Since everyone whats to win I will make two endings on this story. Feel free to read both of them and as a disclaimer, I will consider a good ending when the Empress is defeated and a bad one when she survives. Enjoy Chapter 6: Good ending Mikael stops in his tracks and seems to be thinking for a moment "They are no at there camp...They are on a rescue mission", He mumbles to himself barely heard by Olivia. She looks at Mikael in silence as he looks around before turning north. "Care to enlighten me, master?" "These are people that care about each other we are dealing with, they would search for their lost especially if it's their leader's wife" "Genious master, why did I not think of that" "You will when you got as much experience as I do now be silent I believe they reside in this village" "Vlad! The Anarchy has agreed to help us and also The Corporation", Ivan informs Vlad as he walks up to him "That's good news! When will they arrive?" "In a few hours" "So that's where your hiding", Mikael whispers mostly to himself "So how do we do this?", Olivia asks "I will walk in there and disrupt their plans and you will stay here and make sure you have a silencer on your rifle" Olivia looks surprised at Mikael "Just look at all those men wearing Ghilles, I will blend right in" "As you wish master" Mikael moves back slightly before standing up and walks in. As he almost reaches the first house someone calls out. "Hey, you! Who are you?" Mikael keeps walking toward the house "Stop or I will shoot!" Everyone stops what they are doing and Mikael can't help but moves his hand to his sidearm. Olivia aims and takes a deep breath just as Mikael has taught her and lets her heart steady before squeezing the trigger and her first shoot echoes through the camp instantly dropping Mikael to the ground. She drops the gun and stands up with her hands raised and walks out of her cover. She looks at Mikael as strong hands grab her and the familiar sound of handcuffs is put on her wrists A woman walks over to Mikael and turns him around and gasps "It's Mikael...she just shot Mikael the Empress Master Hunter" Vlad walks up to Olivia and looks at her for a moment "Who are you?" "I'm Olivia Bjornstad, sister of Martin Bjornstad" "Your sister of....", Vlad looks around for a moment "Get those cuffs of her" Kenneth walks over and uncuffs Olivia Vlad Olivia and Ivan walks into a house "Is Martin okay?", is the first words that come out of his mouth. "He is fine, Thank you for asking but let's get down to business I need to get back to camp" "I'm sorry but I thought I only sent your brother" "You did, but he is going nowhere without me even though he is my big brother", She says with a grin. "So as you might have noticed, we are preparing for an attack so what info can you give us?" "Well, the Northeastern shore is mined all the way up to the castle, now the good news is they are too tightly placed, blow one up and most of them will go off to." "Also most of there slaves will fight for the Empress, they are not allowed guns but there is a lot of other tools they can use" Vlad looks at Ivan for a moment "I guess we have to kill slaves after all then", Vlad says with a solemn voice "So one more question, Any idea what this is?", Vlad asks as he places the Vial with the label B1 on the table. Olivia quickly grabs the Vial and swiftly places it in a bucket of cool water "I can't believe that shit has not started to burn yet, That my friend is an experiment the Empress ordered and it is really unstable and must be kept cool at all times" "So what does it do, besides burning?" "It burns so hot ones going it melts almost anything, a few tablespoons of that could burn a hole in the castle wall big enough for someone to crawl through, The entire content of that bottle could make a hole in the wall big enough for an army to pass through...ones the stone cools" "hmmm, interesting...what happens if it hits the water while burning?" "Hydro shock...Big enough to take down a bridge...I like your plan", She says and smiles. The volume of the low talk outside the house increases as marching steps can be heard and the cheers increases as Anarchy and Corporation men and woman arrive at the camp. Vlad walks out followed by Ivan, Olivia, Kenneth, and Katie Vlad smiles broadly as he spots Dimitri and Petyr. "So I guess it is time for a revolution", Dimitri says with a big smile as he shakes Vlads hand "Indeed my friend, about time we remove the vermin from South Zagoria" After explaining the plan to the leaders and the troops Petyr starts to speak. "Jaren here is an ex-marine, I have no doubt he is your man when it comes to destroying that bridge" Jaren walks up and salutes "I can not guarantee success considering this substance is experimental at best, but I will do my best" "I got a feeling you will not like what I'm about to say, but this is how it works. It is self-igniting but as long as you keep it submerged in water it should stay cool enough not to ignite and nod it's not instant" "Now when it burns it will not stop and burn so hot it melts stone so I suggest you start on the aisle side and work your way back and ones it starts to burn you drop everything and swim as fast as you can back, because when it hits the water it will create a large hydro shock" Jaren looks at Vlad as if he is asking himself "What the hell have you been smoking?" "sounds easy enough", He finally says Jaren slowly makes his way over the road toward the bridge in the pitch dark and picks up the ten small capsules of B2 and places them in his west and slowly starts to swim underwater and from time to time sticks his head up for a breath of air. As he reaches the middle of the bridge he can hear the guards talking. "God Mikael scares the big Jezus out of me when he is that mode" A hearty laugh can be heard from the other guard "What? You cant say those eyes don't scare you" "Mikael looks scary, yes but he is the most loyal man I had the privilege to serve with" "Really? He looks madder than anything else to me" "oh trust me, he is the most loyal man you will find on this aisle." As Jaren continues to swim their voices fade and he finally gets to the first pillar. As he picks up the first bag he almost drops it as he can feel it gets warmer as soon as it is a bow the water. As he finally reaches the opposite shore he turns around almost expecting to see the fire. He quickly makes his way through the forest toward three abandoned buildings and hunkers down. As the sun rises he almost believes the mixture given to him has failed but no longer than a few seconds after the sun hits the bridge he can hear on the radio "Great job! The bridge is burning" Jaren leaves the house and makes his way toward the shore under the cover of some rocks he can see his friends swimming to the Northeaster isle just as the bridge collapses and a huge bloom of water vapor can be seen and soon after a loud boom as the B2 mixture hits the water. Les then a second after several gunshots can be heard and several of the guards on the wall drops and before the surviving ones can react several more of them drops from snipers fire. "What the hell was that!", Empress Phoenyxx calls out A servant comes running in "The...the bridge...It exploded" "Benedict!" "Yes my Empress", Benedict says as he beds on a knee "Get the slaves ready, We are under attack!" "Yes my Empress", he says as a small smile finds its way to his stern face. Benedict quickly walks away. "The Empress requires your service! Line up in front of the gate as many of you as you can the rest of you come with me!" Some of the slaves try to run away but is quickly gunned down by Benedict and his men "Anyone else wanna try their luck!", he shouts pointing his AK at them As Jaren reaches the isle he can see the first people reached the shore and he pulls out his M4 making sure no one comes around the castle. As soon as all of them hit the shore they start to move around the castle on the northern side and can hear sporadic gunshots from the snipers on the mainland, enough to keep the Empress soldiers occupied and not noticing their approach. Vlad almost jumps out of his shirt as a guard is falling from the wall right next to him. As they finally get around the gunfire starts to pick up and it doesn't take long before all of them lost count on how many they killed slaves or soldiers alike. Vlad can't help but second guess his decision to attack when he finally can see how many of the men he is known for such a long time lies bloodied and dead on the ground and shouts in pain can be heard from both sides. Several combat medics do their best to keep the wounded alive but in the end "to manny died", he mumbles to himself. "Don't let them die in vain", Petyr says with a solemn voice and grins in pain from the bullet wound in his shoulder, as he draws his sidearm and moves it over to his other hand. "There is only one direction to go. Let's finish this", he calls out as he gives Vlade a slight push. As they approach the huge castle gates several slaves stand there and behind them Slavemaster Benedict. "Wellcome Vlad, I'm sorry but the Empress doesn't take visitors today", He grins his evil grin as he says this Vlad can feel the tension in the air and he knows it only takes one gunshot and his men would gun down thees slaves in sheer reflex. Does he really want to tho...suffer the thought that he or she gunned down defenseless slaves? Vlad keeps his gun lowered as he starts to squeeze the trigger and as soon as the shot burns off all hell breaks loose and he closes his eyes but still can hear the screams of pain and suffering. He opens his eyes and to his surprise, he can see slaves still alive lying down with their hands on their heads. "Ivan, Kenneth, and Petyr with me! The rest of you take care of these slaves", Vlad barks out as he starts to walk into the castle. It doesn't take long before Vlad slam the large door opens to the throne room to be met by more gunfire one bullet hits Vlad in his plate carrier nocking the air out of him as he stumbles to the side. "Give up all your men is dead!", Petyr calls out. A low pitched boom can be heard and the sickening sound of a head hitting the floor. Ivan quickly peaks and shows three fingers and removes one indicating one is dead after that he turns toward the door and points at the locations of the targets Vlad shows a closed fist for attack and three fingers on the count of three and removes the fingers in smooth three seconds. All of them rushes in and kills Lord Hutch instantly and Phoenyxx is badly hit groaning in pain. Vlad walks up to her and kicks the AK away from her. He follows her thinking of what she forced him to do all those slaves he had to kill...yes he...He gave the signal a signal he knew was going to make every last one of his men open fire. Vlad walks past Phoenyxx and steps down on her hand making her cry out in pain before he kneels and draws his knife. "You rein of terror is over", he murmurs before slams his knife into her head instantly making her stop struggling The End Chars included in chapter 6 @[email protected]@[email protected]@Jim [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]
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    Leaving with the Military tomorrow will be back on 11/18/2019, DM me on Discord if you need to get in touch with me
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    Fuck yea, approval!
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    - Updated Roster: Leaving Unfortunately we have to say goodbye to a couple of people. First of all Erik or @Uhka. The roleplay surrounding your characters death was amazing and hopefully we get to meet your new character sometime. @Uhka or Erik was one of the five people that was in Redwood when we started off back in May. You will always be welcome as one of the original members! Secondly we are saying goodbye to @Ostara. You have been the best security guard the station has ever seen! We hope to see you around in the future and possible roleplay with you again. Lastely we are saying goodbye to @Groto. Always a nice guy to be around, but IRL always goes first! We hope to see you back as soon as you got more time to play again. Joining Luckely its not all bad news. We are welcoming @Tewudin and @Daisy to the group! Hope you two have a good time! Also welcoming @Winter Lianne back in the group! After being away for sometime due to IRL reasons, we really like to see you back! - Updated Newspaper: Added the latest newspaper to the group page.
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    For example: Here we have Mr Dragon Ball Z, he is 5cm tall and weighing in at a staggering 9kg, his relationship status is 'kayla', must be a new thing. He is 48 years old in his bio, although he did a Benjamin Button and lost 6 years in his backstory and he is now 42 years old. Staff are busy, obviously, Gamemasters are overloaded with reports, the supports should be taking the reigns here and waiting for shit like this to occur, I remember when @Water Scooter was staff, in his early days he went through every new character and forced them to fix mistake like this. Now its only a character sure he might be a great roleplayer in game abiding by the rules, it also doesn't mean he looks like Mr Dragon Ball Z in game, however has he been given the right view that this is a serious roleplaying community with strict rules and he must keep his shirt tucked in to stay in check and abide by the rules? Nope. Things need to change.
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    How can people be in a community so long and not know how Dynamic Rights work
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    Goodnight everyone!! Sweet dreams when you get there & if you can't get there.. listen to this. It will make you wiggle out of bed. If you want to know what she is saying its below. Enjoy and stay warm! ♥ "Even if those memories make me sad, I've got to go forward, believing in the future. Even when I realize my loneliness, and am about to lose all hope, those memories make me stronger. I'm not alone... because of you. Thank you."
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    @Joah puttin the moves on @G_DateLR Damsel faints at Ronnie's British charm @Scarlett
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    All these avatars are completely free to use! More to Come. feel free to use any of these Avatars, if any one asks where ya got it refer em here! and all i ask is if you take an avatar you leave some Beanz 99% of Avatars are 1 MB or lower! for your convenience!. Also i do take Suggestions and sometimes even Requests!
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    That line for smokes at the gas station was unreal Hello gamers. See some familiar faces
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    Welcome! For this week of Interview with a Community Member we have @Mademoiselle This interview is to get to know the members of our community, and hopefully bring the community together. Comment who you want to see being interviewed next week! Thanks to @Mademoiselle for participating! Tell Us About Yourself? How did you find out about DayZRP, and what made you want to join? If you could thank one person for helping you get started here who would it be? What could we do, as the staff team, to make this a better place?  What is your most memorable experience(IC/OOC) here?  Do you regret doing anything in your time here? If you had to live in a jail cell with four people from this community who would it be? What's your current favourite song/artist? What has been your favourite character you have played on the server and why? What do you feel is missing from the community? Do you have any hidden talents? What was the origin of your username?
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    YAY! GOOD JOB BOYOS! Slava the mob
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    SLAVA THE MOB !!!!! @Randy Thanks man
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    >when they declare independance
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    Very happy to join you guys. I've had a lot of great rp with you in the past, and I hope I can contribute to your story in the future.
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    Welcoming @Tewudin and @Daisy Have a nice stay
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    Performance seems to be improved on S1 after wiping vehicles and removing the mods above. We still have a cleanup to do, but it currently should be playable. Deer Isle server has been moved to our EU site, to not affect performance of Chernarus server, which it seemed to do during my tests. The IP address has changed. It is now s2.dayzrp.com:2400 I have also added new vehicle spawns to Deer Isle, trucks and BMWs should now spawn there as well.
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    The people around me....the adrenaline meeting new characters in game and having fun on forum and on discord. New story!
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    Slava Chernarus! Slava Kozlov! Resting up Bratři at night Drug dealers faith Odezva Patrol Odezva resting up in one of the old barracks Odezva STRONK Successful night raid of illegitimate S.S.S government Discussing state manners Tactical car parking
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    Arthur Kushnir Journal Entry 1: Chernarus has never looked so beautiful and chaotic in my time visiting, the outbreak has stranded me here with my guilt and pain ergo I must find its sweet spots. After spending a lot of time making my way back into Chernarus, the effort still seems pointless after the emptiness I have encountered. The infected scatter themselves on the streets, the remnants of what remained are now just a feeble attempt of humanity trying to persist; the people I have met have been on the edge of insanity or like myself just trying to survive. With my mission being to reach Zelenagorsk I headed north, or what I figured to be north, as the sun came up behind me, I began to see the contrasting beauty of Chernarus; how maybe this apocalypse hasn’t ruined everything. As it became day, I was getting hungrier and sat myself near a natural water source to wait for something to come feed, I waited an hour or so and as my stomach was telling my brain to move on to the next town a tasty boar made its way into sight; without hesitation I zeroed in and took my shot, clean through the throat the boar went down. My CZ rifle is trusty and has been with me through it all. Once I had skinned and quartered the boar, I made my way to a nearby barn where I set up a small camp to cook the meat. What I first thought was the sound of something heavy falling coming from what is known as Green Mountain I made my way up there in hope of finding some people. I did find people, however, I realised the loud noise was a gun shot, I was quickly approached by 5 men in blacked clothing one with a deep Russian accent spoke to me, I explained who I was and I’m merely just a hunter. The men seemed to take a liking to me but quickly two of the members began to argue and fight each other, it didn’t escalate to anything other than that. The men quickly said their farewells and were off, after taking a minute to comprehend what just happened, I saw the huge wooden walls surrounding Green Mountain, there were no replies from anyone inside when I attempted to shout in. I stayed outside the Green Mountain compound for a moment, when I ran into a fellow Hunter, he explained to me he hunts and trades the meet in at this compound which personally I never thought of doing. This man also explained that Zelenagorsk was just over the hill, but it was currently controlled by bandits and that if I need assistance going in I should find a group which has an interest in getting to it too. With my doubts of his truth I still accepted the warning and asked for his direction north, he told me which way the military airfield was. I continued north, finding myself in Dichina Military base but no sign of any military enforcement. Once I headed past Vybor I stopped to hunt for some more food, when I saw a smoke trail off in the distance. When I checked with my scope it seemed to be a helicopter and my first hope was finding some military personnel, I was scrounging for the idea of control and safety that it blinded me. Rushing in I saw the remains of the crash, the infected had already got to the soldiers and I had to kill them myself. Realising all hope had gone as the sun set, I sank myself into the corner of building in Vybor, I set up a fire and kept myself warm, ready for the following day.
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    From the album: Savage Stage.

    As first contact in seven months, the stranger in gas mask is unaware of the gift he gave. The words he say bless me with small chunks of my long forgotten memory.
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    i'm so glad i can read @Squillium argue on the forums again
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    Bro i think i just got whiplash from how wild that aim is, keep er steady lad Also at 1:07 what is that initiation man, i thought you have to give people time to comply on this server
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    Hey man, just wondering if there's an audio problem with your video because Joah's kill looks like shots went off the same time the initiation did?
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    We are Odezva come and play
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    We did it, lo hicimos, we did it, hurray!
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    @Stannis shit man... I still miss it.
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    Love it when bohemia hatemail is sent to dayzrp I rate this post 30 out of 30 new whitelists.
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    Nothing can stop us. Slava Chernarus!
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    From the album: A Deaf Girl's World

    Gather round! Today an epic battle took place to determine the next chess champion of Chernarus!
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    Wouldn’t say long mates. But had great story line fork once when I decided to follow and talk to two people who argued and left the pagan compound last lore. I just decided to follow them for no real reason and it led to something unexpected.
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