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    What are you tired of seeing most? Easy! Cat ears and fellatio
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    Im New here.. but in my opinion if this was to be implemented I think it should come with some standards.. civilians could not kill other civilians.. but could kill official groups on site along with official groups being able to lock down there territory and kill anyone who enter.. Taking an RP style approach.. and having a huge rebellious war going once or twice a day.. just an idea this could also allow official groups with allies to call in those allies to help secure there position if its getting attacked.. I think this would be fair and give dynamic groups an opportunity for shared attacker rights that they don't get.. that's my opinion good hunting all..
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    back in my day, players didnt shoot pornos in stary.. they shot each other. pls what is happening
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    Had a good time with @Terra ig as usual. We had a nice little chat in stary with @larpmoreleo & @ViperTCA , I believe. Also these people, great rp.
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    ODEZVA UPDATE 11/10/19_____________________________________ Recruited @Harlow as Silvestr Marecek under the grade of Strážník apart of the COBR. Awarded COBR Badge & State Defense Award. Recruited @Ducky as Ambroz Ctvrtnik under the grade of Nadstrážmistr apart of the COBR. Awarded COBR Badge, State Defense Award & Armed Service Award. Reassigned @Combine from Policie to COBR, awarded COBR Badge, Policie Badge, State Defense Award, Wound Badge in Black, Anarchy Campaign, Vultures Campaign & Armed Service Award. Awarded @daemonium the State Defense award. Awarded @Ulthel the State Defense award. Awarded @BroJack_4se_Man the State Defense award. Awarded @IrishRepublican the State Defense award. Awarded @Frenchie the State Defense award. Awarded @Nonplayer the State Defense award. Awarded @SaltySully the State Defense award, Armed Service award and the MIA/POW award. Added the Jackals Campaign, State Defense Award, Armed Service Award, Order of the Knight's Star, Order of Kozlov and Hero of the Republic. Deactivated @Notic3, @n0mi, @KingForADay, @daemonium & @ShuffleMoose Linked everyone's character's to the group page. Added recruitment dates to everyone. Added Service Medallions.
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    Chapter 5 Mikael runs through the castle and doesn't stop for anything until he reaches the ned where they put Fay. He looks at her for a long time and gently lets his fingers brush her face and looks at her neck where they wrapped some clean rags to cover up the cut that killed her. He looks up at Phoenyxx and Hutch that stands on the other side of the bed. "Go and avenge her, make them suffer for what they have done", Phoenyxx says knowing she doesn't need to nor would it matter if she forbade it. Without a word, Mikael takes a slight bow and walks away. "Do you think he will return?", Hutch asks "He will, with more heads for me to place on this wall then you can count", Phoenyxx answers, remembering the last time Mikael went on a rampage. "You have known Mikael longer than me...What kind of person is he?" "He is the most trusted man I have, even though you lack in trust to him", Phoenyxx says and looks at Hutch with the eyes that says "I know what you did" "I'm also sure he would kill anyone for trying to take his place around here, including his apprentice if she was too early. all in the name of his and our group's survival. So drop the investigation, you will not find anything and even if you did I would not act on it" "Yes, my Empress", Hutch answers and bows his head. As Mikael reaches his tent he removes his backpack and picks up another one stoved away in the back of the tent. As he opens it, reviling a Ghille suit Olivia, one of his apprentices comes up to him. "Master hunter...I would be honored if you let me aid in your crusade", She says as she bends a knee and looks down Without a word, Mikael changes into his Ghille suit and turns around. "It honors me that you have taken our cause to heart in such a short time. But you are far from ready for what I'm about to head out on" "You told me I have good eyes. If you wish I could stay in the tree line and look after you...No one have eyes in their necks" Mikael remembers saying this to Olivia ones several months ago and can't help but smile at her boldness to quote him. "I will move fast and stealth will be of utmost importance. Get your Ghille if you feel you're ready for this...And no fast kills unless it is needed. I will move out in three", said this he picks up his large sniper rifle and an assortment of different 408 ammo. "We should leave, we have been here for too long", Ivan whispers to Vlad Vlad nods and the two of them slowly slide back out of the bushes and son after several other Ghill clad men start to move to and stand up when in cover. "I believe most of those guards on the walls can be eliminated if your snipers can fire all at the same time. If that's possible allot of our opposition can be neutralized", Vlad says as they walk back to Tulga "I agree, but we still don't know what's inside of those walls, I got reports of 500 men and women, Granted most of them are slaves" "Well, I do not wish to kill slaves unless it is...avoidable" "I'm sure the Empress knows your dilemma and will use them as a meat wall if we attack" Vlad sighs loudly "I'm sorry Vlad but if we are going to have even a remote chance to win this battle we will need to forsake some of our...pride" As they reach a house, Kenneth comes out "We got a map that we edited slightly with the information we got" The men walk in and look over at the table, where Katie makes a few more marks on the map "Damn this is good", Ivan says as he looks at what could be a strategic map according to his standards. "So Mikael brought me over the bridge right here...I thought he was going to blindfold me but I guess he did not think about me escaping" "Anyways below the castle, right here seems to be where most of their forces recede and over here there seem to allot of their slaves" Vlad watches in silence as his wife points out the different areas. "I also did see some of the slaves carrying water from here, So I believe there might be a source of freshwater here", she says as she points at another location on the map. "Hmmm that's a long shot, that is if they have a pump there...I would say about 2000 meters", Ivan says looking at the map with a bit of concern. "You are right, there is a pump there and I ranged it to 2100 meters", Kenneth confirms. "Well it is slightly larger than a human so I might be able to take it out", Ivan says but doesn't sound too confident. "Anyways I'm sorry to say I did not see much of the castle itself, The...throne room is here and some smaller rooms along this wall and the dungeon I believe was far underground", Katie continues. "Were there any windows in the throne room?", Vlad asks "There might be, but if there is then they were all covered by there banners" "That reminds me, I found this Vial in one of the rooms, I did not reflect on it but it seems to be warm", She says as she shows the vial with the label B1 on it. "Keep it safe for now, we have to find out what it is later on, for now, we got a battle to plan", Vlad announces. Mikael and Olivia slowly make there way over the bridge as Olivia starts to speak. "So where are we starting?" "I'm sure she is heading straight back to Svetlogask where I found her, I'm sure Vlad and her friends are hiding somewhere up there", Sead this he is starting to slow jog but soon increases his pace as he notices Olivia is keeping up. "Don't go slow because of me, you have trained me well", Olivia says as she follows Mikael To be continue Chars included in chapter 5 @[email protected]@Hegedraagen @Jim Mcree @SquirtleKitty @[email protected]dreyQ Honorable mentions @Roland
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    Welcome @ShrimpRP, @BandsRP & @s8tanity
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    Imagine being addicted to a shit drug
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    The server takes place in an Eastern European 2nd world country that had a civil war, and now a zombie apocalypse. Why the fuck would there be weeb cat ears anywhere near this place? They look stupid and out of place. Nothing was really done with this post, except made them more rare, which doesn't solve the problem still.
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    Normally I wouldn't agree with anything a zoomer roblox roleplayer like @Chernon would say but please remove these ugly things
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    Alright, it seems this thread has become a place for cheap jabs and memes and has most definitely derailed from its intended purpose. Thank your for participating.
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    demon queen hello come back to your demon king @Nik
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    ♥ What the duck!! I hope you are all doing well!!
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    Had some great RP with @[email protected] the rest of the boyz in Stary allso wana mention @RonThat we did meet down the streat
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    Excited to see ya'll back. Even more excited for what this means for our storylines. enemies turned allies?
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    "Friends don't let friends sit in queue." - @TheGlassSpider (This is just an example of the idea I hope to implement.) Rather than getting another server, this clearly is the superior change the community needs to fix the ever growing queue issue.
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    Paul and friends take shelter in the charity center after a fight..
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    I just don’t understand why the colorful gorka jackets were shot down but this shit was added. Plis remove.
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    The Cat Ears in-game have a reduced spawn rate already and are extremely rare. It isn't a terrible item and sometime like to have it on their characters for RP reasons
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    tbh server is pretty fire i love to play on this server its a lot of fun
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    JimRP I dont know the guy that well but I will try based on his profile and dont worry @FalkRP You will get in, in the next chapter
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    Day is rising...so does a friendship?
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    @MouseWB I have really enjoyed my only meeting with the Black Roses! That scar that you gave me has brought a lot or RP to me and to my group. Some people discovered the "job" that I was doing for you, so they decided to sell me to Anarchy over the radio. They could not do it, so they kept me kidnapped. Then I got rescued by the NHF, and then joined the "civilian protection program" in Shakhovka, where I received a new identity. Unfortunately, I have seen two radio broadcasts recently: This makes me think that you will put your group to sleep for some time? If so, I want to say goodbye to your group, for now, while I still can! Enjoy your future! (hopefully I am wrong, but, if not, admins don't usually give much time to say goodbye. They did not allow me to write anything on the thread of the Saviors)
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    Hmm, I was panicked.. I may have took something immediately after. I'm not sure. Good to know, perhaps if I can find another Toxic Cure in time, I'll live! Thank you
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    Thank you Voodoo! I did try that immediately after exposure but... still dying!
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    I agree, feels good to be the best member of the Furry Club Wolfpack Awoooo
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    @FalkRP and some of his men I believe @TurkRP was one of them as well did an absolutely awesome hostage and slave RP with us and was definately a highlight of my week!
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    Was great fun running with you guys today and how things turned out, was excited for the Doc's return didn't expect it to be this soon, and hopefully Ghost still features from time to time
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    @R3d D3ad @Saunders @Realize Absolutely loved it today, wasn't expecting to have to bring "The Doc" out so soon. But glad I did. Till we RP again
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    Had a great time today. What started with a little "supply run" ended up in a lot more... Thank you @Saunders , @PizzaDoggyDog and all the other guys i met at the tower! Special thanks to @Realize Winston made things worse but for real i´m curious how our characters´ story will continue and wow @cammeh your rp was amazing! It was fun getting to know Ghost and of course to see him turning into The Doctor!
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    Hope. There wasn’t much of that back then, maybe even less of it now. When the infected first began to wander, everyone feared them. However, the shift in fear was quick to change. It wasn’t the dead that had to be feared… it was the living. The story of The Wolfpack started with a trio. Three strangers who were just trying to survive. They had come across one another in their travels after the outbreak. Their names: Phoenyxx Caine, Chris Jackson, and Henry Hanharr. The three had different backgrounds. One special forces, one a combat medic and the other a SWAT team captain. Despite the different backgrounds, the dynamic trio worked well. They had managed to survive together in Chernarus, keeping one another safe and becoming each others family. Eventually, their goals changed and they began to focus on the bigger picture. It wasn’t just about them anymore and it wasn’t about just trying to keep each other alive. They sought out survivors of the outbreak, looking for others to help out. Just like their jobs before the outbreak, they began to put effort into helping other survivors. The trio began to spread out their travels, helping anyone they could. They would simply provide food, water and anything else that someone might need to keep themselves going. They also provided what protection they could for those that couldn’t protect themselves. In the three’s travels, they had come across those that didn’t appreciate their efforts to help others. This was proven a few times after hostilities were shared between the trio and a hostile group. That was when the mindset of the trio changed. This pushed them to want to help people even more, and actively find people willing to help with the cause. Expanding their numbers rather quickly, this is when the journey of The Wolfpack Began. After establishing the pack, hostilities only increased. The pack had settled down several times and in multiple locations. Each time, hostilities found them and their choices caused them to run each and every time. They only wanted to protect each other. However, with the constant running, the reputation of being cowards and ‘puppies’ began. This reputation stayed with the Wolfpack for a long while. The pack, however, had only made the choices they made to keep one another safe and protect their friends and allies around them. During this time, they lost members almost daily including both Chris Jackson and Henry Hanharr, leaving Phoenyxx to lead the pack alone. Eventually, the pack got tired of running and got tired of being pushed around. They tried to develop a new mentality, one that they hoped would protect them. With this new mentality, they tried to stand their ground against Jaysh Allah and Pamyati. However, those that were present were taken hostage. During this incident, Connor Wilson, a member of the Wolfpack who had been there since the official formation, was executed. He had volunteered himself when Phoenyxx was forced to pick a member to suffer the consequences of her decision to stand their ground. Feeling as if everything was lost, Phoenyxx and Lawrence, another member who had been around since the official formation of the pack, had been taken away by Jaysh Allah. Jaysh Allah wanted information on Dean Lockwood, a long-standing ally and friend to the Wolfpack since the Wolfpack took up arms against The Time and Corporation. Phoenyxx handed over her radio, with Dean on the other end and what happened next was just the wheels turning for another change in mentality for The Wolfpack. Allies and friends of The Wolfpack sprung from the forest and began to fight to save the pack. The CDF, Captial Vices, Black Roses, and The Mafia had all come to the rescue. For the next several hours a hard-fought battle with casualties on both sides ensued from Myshkino to Berezino, where the pack sought shelter with the CDF. With no choice but to fight, the pack was back to attempting to stand their ground hoping that their allies could be the backbone they needed. During this time, however, it was clear that the pack had fallen to the bottom of the food chain. War. Death. Loss. Ever since the execution of Connor that is all The Wolfpack knew. It got to the point where members left, and death was around every corner. The Pack fought as best as they could, but it became harder and harder every day. Alliances fell apart quicker than they formed. Eventually, it came to the point where The Pack needed to bite the bullet. In an attempt to keep themselves from becoming extinct, they took a deal. This deal was their one way out. They had been given plenty of these chances and refused however they had no choice this time around. It was to protect themselves, their families and their friends. War wasn’t something they wanted anymore. They just wanted to survive. After the dust settled and this deal worked in their favor, the pack took a breather. They were finally able to find their footing once again and began to attempt to get back to what they set out to do a long time ago. Help others. Promotions were in order and Phoenyxx promoted those that deserved. Hutch being one of the ones she fully trusted, became her second-in-command. Settling into Polana, the Wolfpack began to establish a place they would try to make a haven for survivors. After months of enduring the worst (being hunted, attacked, driven out of town), The Wolfpack had no hope left. They had grown weary and exhausted. Members had given up. With no allies and just a world full of enemies, The Wolfpack wanted to make one final attempt to keep themselves from falling apart. It all started with enemies becoming friends and then with a contract with a group known as The Legion. Protection came from them. Surely due to this, they lost allies and friends. The first to turn was The Black Roses. They had declared hostilities with The Wolfpack and anyone who chose to stand with the pack. Slowly more former allies and even strangers started to turn against The Wolfpack. However, things this time were different. The Legion became the backbone of The Wolfpack. With this backbone, new courage was formed. Along with this courage came a shift in morale. There was no way that if The Pack wished to survive, they could remain the good guys. They were already the bad guys in the eyes of many for gaining this new ‘security force’. The Wolfpack had only been walked all over and taken advantage of while playing the hero. Benedict Falk had also joined the rankings, becoming an advisor to Phoenyxx. His support and advice helped the Wolfpack steady themselves and start to change. It was funny how enemies became friends and even mentors. This Time things were different. The Pack began to stand their ground, protect their territory and bare their fangs. They would no longer be pushed around and walked all over. That meant they needed to become hostile, in which they did. They became the enemy, the thing they swore not to become. However, that was the price that came with not being cowards anymore. Just like all fairytales eventually, the security blanket surrounding The Wolfpack had to be removed. The Legion was done with their contract work. For the Wolfpack, this meant losing friends but also losing the very thing that made them gain confidence. It was open season on The Wolves. Within hours of The Legion having left South Zagoria, The Pack became under fire. Trying to stand their ground, they struggled. It was becoming a repeat. Something that Phoenyxx nor the others wanted to happen again. It became clear that any relation to The Wolfpack name meant certain attacks or even death. Having seen too many of her loved ones hurt and even seeing them die, Phoenyxx needed to make a choice. It became clear what she needed to do the day she was forced to apologize to The Green Dragons and basically submit herself and The Wolfpack to them. Then came her short trip out West, where she had no luck in finding reinforcements and no luck of finding familiar faces. Nothing could replace the backbone that Legion provided. Upon her return to South Zagoria, she reached base with some former wolfpack members and they made their way to Deer Isle. However, things didn’t go as planned once more. It was only for the best that after a series of events, Phoenyxx leave the wolfpack and their friends to assume she was dead. In order to keep everyone safe, she decided to leave. With her, went The Wolfpack name. She headed North. Leaving behind everything she knew and loved, she forced The Pack to become Lone Wolves. After disbanding The Wolfpack, Phoenyxx had forgotten the most important part about the pack. “The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives”. Hutch and Lawrence had both joined her up North, keeping away from everything they knew in South Zagoria. After time to herself, time to figure out where she went wrong. She crossed back into South Zagoria. Upon returning, her first stop was Camp Eden. There she sat at the memorial tree the pack had created after the deaths of some of their members. Staring at the names, the plaques and the remnants of Camp Eden, it became clear what she needed to do. Clean Slate. Of course, their name would still have a lingering reputation. However, she could fix that with time. It was time to go back to the roots. Back to what her, Jackson and Hanharr started alongside the others, they had lost. Survival. That was what was important. Helping each other, caring for each other. Never give up on each other. Protecting each other, protecting others. That’s what they needed to do. They had learned to stand their ground, they had learned to fight. Taking their time with Legion and going back to their old ways.. This time around, maybe it would work. Maybe this time they could successfully become the heroes and not the laughing stock they once were. Enemies would always linger, but when did that ever stop the pack? The following is the lore story of Camp Echo Attacks started within days of opening Camp Echo to Survivors. It was tiring but the Wolfpack kept up the fight. They defended what they could but eventually due to injuries and mental exhaustion they gave up. They couldn't fight anymore, none of them had the fight left in them. The Wolfpack gathered their things and abandoned the Camp, heading North. In the North, things took a bad turn. Everyone was separated when they were ambushed by an unknown enemy. For most, that's the last thing they remember. Some remember the days of torture and pain, the days of interrogation or blood drawn. They had all be captured and held against their will. For what? They had no idea. Its unclear whether the destination was truly Livonia's Nadbor Region or if karma just kicked their captors asses. Separated from each other, several Wolfpack members ended up in Livonia. Upon arriving, they wandered alone eventually stumbling across one another. Talk about Chernarus was popular in the area and they met many familiar faces. Some friends, some enemies. The question of if they would return to Chernarus lingered in the back of their minds. Was it worth going back? A lot of them felt different in Livonia. It felt.. more like home. There was a sense of a fresh start lingering in the area, one where they could use this new world as their advantage to start over. However, was it worth the effort to try again? How many times did they try and fail. As the days went on, they found themselves hanging around the Soup Kitchen just outside Sitnik. 5.0.3 was also here, an old enemy to the Wolfpack. Trying to stay out of situations, Wolfpack kept to the shadows and just let things happen. They watched others get robbed, others camps get raided. It wasn't like them to standby and just let it happen. Watch their friends get hurt. That was until a spark was reignited. After hearing the fear in their friends and the worry in their friends... they couldn't just stand by. So, with the little numbers and just a little bit of hope... Wolfpack decided that it was time to try again. One last chance to make things right. Once last chance to help those in need. The world needed a little bit of hope.. and maybe they could bring it. Respect all members of The Pack Do not kill unless it is absolutely necessary Always give to those who need it most Defend those who cannot defend themselves Show no mercy to those that seek to cause harm to other survivors Loyalty to the Pack, Always DAY 948: Begins to lay out a plan in order to make contact with those potentially back in Chernarus February 13, 2020: Goals Updated, Roster Updated, Lore Updated In Progress • Successful • Failed Scout Out Livonia's Nadbor Region [Infinite]: Keep notes on groups and individuals. Look for camps, locations of groups and frequent travel route of groups and survivors. Form Relations With Other Groups in Livonia [Infinite]: Not Trusted/Enemies • Unknown • Neutral • Allies Make relations with the groups and settlements around The Nadbor Region (this list will be updated according to who we meet in game and our ic interactions, so not all groups will be listed yet) *do not meta this information* Potius Cras | 5.0.3 | Soup Kitchen | Joyces | Section 20 [NATO] | The Nameless | Kings Ridge Helping Out Survivors [Infinite] [10/15]: Help out survivors by providing essential needs (food/water), protection or shelter. Search for a Radio Tower [Day 965]: Search for a radio tower that will be able to hold a strong enough signal to radio back to Chernarus. This is for an attempt to reach other Wolfpack member still back in South Zagoria. Set up travel routes to aid survivors [Day 975 | Day 1010]: Come up with a plan of travel weekly to aid survivors. (this will focus on the most traveled roads and frequented towns in the Nadbor Region) Investigate the 'Windmill Factory' [Day 980]: Upon arriving in Livonia the first thing they heard of was the odd Windmill Factory/Farm that was constructed recently. Wolfpack intends to investigate this area and figure out who lives there. Search for Remaining Wolfpack Members [Day 980]: Search the Nadbor Region and maybe beyond for signs of any Wolfpack members that might still be out there and might have made it into Livonia. Investigate Why Corporation is Truly In Livonia [Day 990 | Extended to Day 1000]: After finding out that Corporation is in Livonia, The Wolfpack does not believe they are there just to be loggers. Investigating why they are truly there is a top priority for Wolfpack Find a Main Operations Place [Day 1000]: Find a main operations area to base out of. Here will be an OPEN community for others to come and seek shelter/food/water and protection. Create a Community Outpost [Day 1000]: After establishing a Main Place of Operation, create a community outpost for all survivors. This will consist of a food bank, trade shops, medical care, library/school. Assert Dominance in Nadbor Region [Day 1000]: Spread the name of wolfpack and assert dominance as a group aiding other survivors and working against those that impede on survival of others. Investigate the Drug Known As Nirvana [Day 1010][Ongoing still but basic investigation over]: Investigate the drug, from how it works to whose supplying it/producing it Get in Contact With the Translator [Nirvana] [Day 1010]: Figure out who the translator is and what he has to do with the drug. Gain Control Over All or Most of The Nirvana in the Region [Day 1050]: Gain control of the drug, but not for dealing or using but rather to prevent what we believe is occurring with the production and distribution of the drug Work to Interrogate Rogue NATO Agents [Section 20] [Day 1010]: Capture and interrogate Section 20, as they are working with Corporation Make new friends regardless of character interactions Provide outstanding role play to the best of our abilities for everyone we come across Offer assistance to those just starting out in the community and give them a chance to get involved in our storyline Maintain a professional attitude OOCly Roy ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson • @RiZ TBD Ivan • @cjackson821 Letonia Pelham • @kalyri Robbie Jackson @Malthis Nick Sauce • @duxpredator James Carter • @DStacey Dave • @Unfriendly_Hero Alex Murphy • @Biga Lucas Stevens • @Atrix Henry Hanharr Died protecting The Pack. Connor Wilson Executed by Jaysh Allah, died honourably and voluntarily. Ashton Piece Was forced into a hostile game of russian roulette, resulting in a severe injury. Chris Jackson had to put him out of his misery. Denis Sokolov “Grachi” Died from wounds suffered from Jaysh Allah and Pamyati. Died protecting the pack. Michael Fletcher MIA Chris Jackson Executed by Phoenyxx after killing her unborn children Charlie Davidson MIA Mikael Hansson Cause of Death Unknown Billy McKenna Legion Sends Their Regards Roy 'Bread' Copper Killed in Action Bands Sullivan Killed in Action Domino Executed by Unknown Phoenyxx Caine Ex-Alpha and founder of Wolf Pack. Left for a better life. Recruitment is currently: OPEN Our recruitment is STRICTLY IC only. You must come and find us by means of roleplay. Until our numbers get high, we are currently openly recruiting through DM/Discord. Once you have found us ICly you must message PhoenyxxRP and express an interest in joining. From there when we feel like you can be invited into the pack for a trial period, you will be approached ICly to join. Please note: that becoming an OMEGA does not guarantee a spot within Wolfpack. This is just a trial rank so we can get to know you and your roleplay. Omega trials can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. You are not considered a full-fledged member until out of the rank of Omega. Feedback can be given here in our thread or through DM’s. All feedback will be responded to as soon as possible and done so in a professional manner. Join our discord for our open freq. GRAPHICS DONE BY: @PhoenyxxRP LORE CREATED BY: @PhoenyxxRP
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    Seems like you got a grudge against cat ears keep them, aint no harm in having them. Plus maybe some chernarussian cat fanatic hid his cat ears under his bed and someone just so happened to come across it. i say lets add more colours
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    From the album: Psycho Dex

    One of Dexter's "playtime" outfits. That oughta scare his victims. Don't mind the blood, he didn't get any time to wash his shirt from last night.
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    Screenshot of the prison I built that replaces the Tisy summer camp.
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    I listened to this while I walked my dog on this cold morning. I tear fell from my eye because of this beautiful audiobook. I am very excited for the next book and audio version.
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    Hahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaa Thank you for giving me joy Aron oh my god this is golden
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    The RP interaction I spent hours walking around to find. Gracias for those 20 seconds, time to go search for others again. Could have at least RP'd catching the note.
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    Allow KOS in general If its abused-- ban the person If its for good RP-- allow it For A Better Tomorrow
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    No, the legendary Chip Lonegan has since passed, a true tragedy. RIP Chip
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    Things I am tired of; TLDR; everyone and everything. DayZ is suffering that we all constantly go back to for the brief high. Like drugs. DayZ is drugs.
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    Threads that moan about the state of the game and community
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