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    Me waking up today to all the notifications
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    There is basically a bridge there already via the shipping containers. You just have to be smart and take it slow. Its a prison, its not SUPPOSED to be easy to get to and from... so no, it doesn't need a bridge.
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    @Mr Anon Jimmy Humperdinck @Chuckdeuce Charles Wright @inar038JD Kincade @BaronVonGrumble Fergus Finlay @iBstoneyDave Dave Stone @TheScouseViking Samuel Kun Choi @ToeZies Jack Edwards @SidChaos Sid Sandman @Breadman Ryan Choi @Blom Dan Andersson @timjelly Timothy Tyler @dnSLmo Daniel Selmo @bigbluedave Jonathan Fredricks @V3rtical Gavin Cave @TwistedVenom Brodie Wright All recruitment must be completed in character, if you are interested in joining then please find us in game. Please reply any constructive feedback. Thread Graphics: @Breadman Thanks to all OG members of the 101.
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    Woah. Yeah, let's not do the clit pinching on the forums. Posts hidden.
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    Yo, fellow hobo Kenneth here. So, during some time now there have been alot off people living at the prison island. And to be honest it's making a split in the community. For me it seems like people go there to avoid others RP. So me and @Ryan Shepherd have bumped our below average IQ together and think we should tactical nuke that island. There is also the problem with going there. You get cold and it's annoying. So it makes it hard to attack. It's almost AOGM to live there. The place also looks like fucking hogwarts! NUKE IT! Trust me, i used to be a respected staff member!
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    From the album: A Deaf Girl's World

    I wonder where the fourth one went.
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    Good luck to you boys. Great meeting some of you OOCly. Never got to see the group during its fruition.
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    @FalkRP Dude has been seriously trying to join staff for years now. Think he deserves at least a shot.
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    Wanna join an Alliance?
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    The woman is awoken with a start, eyes wide, lungs inhaling and pushing air out as swift as a jet. Finally, they settle, looking around the small camp she had made for herself. With a hardly concealed grimace, she extracts herself from the sleeping bag, coming to her feet. Focused on only one thing... She finds the bottle, which never seems to be too far from her side. In goes one of the tablets, then two, then three. A slight smile breaks out over her features as the early morning dawn barely peaks through the leaves of the forest. Next comes the journal, lying underneath the bag. Day.... Does anyone really keep up anymore? I suppose not. Hans does, apparently. Strange how everything is gone and yet... It seems like everything is just starting. The rise and fall of civilization, doomed to rinse, cycle and repeat, on the constant basis. And my poor Cassandra... Doomed to fall into that loop, never to return. A professor once told me that the human body is capable of amazing feats. The things that I've been witness to the past few years have most certainly proven this to me. The dead being able to live once more, men and women surviving bullets to the skull... I wonder if I would, were I to put my pistol to my head? They've been asking more and more recently about my hands... Not that there's anything wrong with them. Nervous hands. Not the pills, not the pills, notthepillsnotthepillsnotthepills. I should be a comedian. Or a liar. I'm getting better with both, it seems. I'm alright, though, I tell them. Am I, though? Maybe, yes. Hans made another trip into the city, yesterday... Getting harder and harder to do so, with the dead roaming further and further out. He brought the medicine I requested. Oxycodone. For the patients. And my headaches. I'm the doctor - they can't tell me I'm wrong about this. I know this. I went to school for it. I was trained for it. -Olivia Eyes lifting off the page, Olivia matches eyes with the recently awoken man across from the camp. When had he woken up? Minutes ago? How long had she been writing? She closes the journal, returning it to it's hiding spot, grabbing the plastic bottle. One more for the road...
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    gear RP is encompassed by bad RP, which is still very much a rule.
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    Au Revoir I will return when i have the free time . . Although the NHF are gone for now, The remnants remain loyal to the cause
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    Hello again. Looking forward to getting back into role playing here and meeting old and new faces. : )
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    In all seriousness, it's nice to see you boys back. Can't wait for more adventures at Novaya.
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    Oh I know, but in the one I linked he looks more like the pic you used in the picture
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    Good old days coming back real quick i see. Good luck boys
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    Hey group looks pretty good boys
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    Oh shitttttttttt my boys are coming!!!
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    Slava the mob biiaatch
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    From the album: Murdoc's Experiences

    Falk and his older brother Werner (CoCoJamBo) surviving through the night on a military scrapyard. Abandoned tanks still provide good shelter.
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    thanks everyone. Great to see some known faces still around here. Can't wait to get the roleplay going!
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    This is correct. Official groups share both attacker and defender rights amidst themselves.
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    J...Just put cooked meat in your coat?
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    Woo woo!! They return once more! Glad to see y'all again! Look forward to all the great RP soon to come! Best of luck to y'all!
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    V I V A L A R O S E S
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    *Slips note bearing "Alliance Proposition" into protector case*
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    @NozzyRP another staff member may correct me but as long as it is not posted on the forums it would be perfectly fine. I would be cautious, though, if you intend on using other peoples characters for your fanfictions and I would urge you to gain their consent before you write anything sexually explicit.
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    The content on the DayZRP forums needs to be safe for work, the videos of people being "shot and tortured" are from the game itself and are fine. So no erotic fanfiction for you, @NozzyRP (though you can DM it to me ) I'd go with option 3, posting it elsewhere and sharing it among your friends privately, rather than posting it publicly on the forums.
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    Plan on taking a break from dayz so am requesting my group to be archived
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    Waiting for the Anarchy fanfic.
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    you know what the fuck goin on
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    And off to work I go. Gods, I love and hate night shifts at same time.
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    >chedaki beret You're playing with fire there boy, don't you know what country you're in?
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    Here's a guide that tells you the steps to take in order to make the character you want to look the way you want to.
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    The copy paste hostile roleplay that immediately starts with "EVERYONEPUTYOURHANDSUPRIGHTNOW" and is only then followed by mediocre or decent RP. While the group I'm apart of does have hostile interactions from time to time, we always try to at least have a conversation or something of the sort first prior to an initiation. I had @Masonn tell me that all hostile RP would preferably have a buildup to the initiation drop, this creates role play for everyone as the tension builds. Basically if I don't get robbed in 10 seconds of meeting someone I feel like I wont be robbed. Sometimes people run away from hostile RP so you almost have to drop an initiation without RP so there are exceptions.I'm not quite perfect yet with consistently building this tension and coming to a 'boiling point' but I hope it is something myself and others can work on.
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