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    You can't retract favours my friend. Would not hold up in court, and dismissed immediatly upon the judge reading the "favour" part. I will send you the bill of 150$ for my legal advice. I did not do it as a favour. Best love and wishes. - Duquesne.
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    Didn't you take the logo from this? https://seeklogo.com/vector-logo/349584/mafia
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    Honestly This group looks amazing I've seen a lot of groups and I know the RP coming from this group is beyond phenomenal. You genuinely have a stellar roster and the lore behind all of this is amazing I just want to say that these graphics are well worth the $500 you invested into them and I can't wait to hang with all of you. Make sure to send me the contact info for that designer. Keep Up the Good RP BOis
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    LMAO This has gotta be the greatest thing i have ever seen. After what you've told me over discord i have full faith in your group and i can't wait to see where it goes, even though i am very inactive currently @G_DateLR
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    It is not your intellectually property as you've done well at screwing the case over yourself. Presenting exhibit A) "I did the design as a favor". A favour is a favour and is therefore non-refundable, non-rechargeable, and it is giving up your rights for the intellectually property, as it was given to G_Date as a favour for his group, therefore making all rights you had on such the piece, null and void. Presenting exhibit B) "I am no longer apart of The Commission & demand that the Group no-longer use my Graphics." As mentioned you hold no right for the intellectual property as it was given to G_Date for the use in the Commission, same goes with any workplace if you've ever signed a contract, that any and all work you do within that place, or anything you ever create in such a place, and thus give it to the company (in this scenario, a group.). You are the creator yes, but you hold no legality over it all. Closing statement: You hold no right, no claim, and you cannot simply just retract what you have given because you've left something. If such was the case, we'd have lawsuits left and right here. The only thing you have accomplished with this post is exiling yourself from any and all groups, and potentially is looking at a ban due to threats to another community member (don't hold me to that.) Do not get salty. Do not threaten with a lawsuit. You cannot retract a gift. Pay me my 150$. Best love and wishes xoxo. - Duquesne.
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    @Basko @Knightblast @andysuter @Daisy @Watchman @Tewudin yea it was quite a long night and early morning altogether with a priest who is trolling everyone :)) It was fun altogether.
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    The only furries I will ever tolerate, welcome back!
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    People who only do campfire RP and complain every time someone is hostile to them
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    Locking this thread until people have calmed down from the whole situation.
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    Maybe staff should re-think someones position in the community that just tried to extort and threaten a member based pretty much on lies...
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    going from Intellectual property that you "would normally charge 500 dollars for" and were threatening to sue someone over to "Pieced it together in 20 minutes lol" Now that's epic
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    I for one think the graphics are very cool and will be selling my work from now on. Please refer to my sampler anarchy piece in my profile picture. (HD original version available for $99) I think we should welcome artists and try to be supportive of all the creative voices on the forums. I'm happy someone finally said something! As far as the actual commission goes, I really enjoy running into you guys and Gareth has done a great job leading the group from what I can see externally. Keep up the great work!
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    Happy Halloween I hope you all have an amazing day & and spooky night! May it be filled with tricks and treats! Stay safe and have fun! ♥
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    Right guys enough of the responses to the post above. @DemmBones you claim to have made the graphics yet they can be obtained over the internet and you have edited them. You made the graphics as a favour to the group. Now I think it would be best to have a civil conversation via private message to the owner of the group and for you both to settle this in a way that suits everyone involved rather than getting the whole community involved.
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    I am no longer apart of The Commission & demand that the Group no-longer use my Graphics. I did the design as a favor, something I would generally charge upward of $500 for easily. After attempting to message Gareth about the issue, he blocked me. There will be legal ramifications if the images are not deleted within 48 hours. or you will be mailed a bill for $500 USD Regards, -Dugan
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    The morning is cold...seeing my breath in the morning air has my mind wondering. Hector pulls his book out and starts to write quickly before he has to move again. "My new friend brought me to town where it seems to have people trying to survive and is trying start something new. Many of the people are staying busy building, framing, and it looks to be trading...reminds me of some of the villages back home." Hector shakes his head to get back to get his mind in order "As we sit here patiently waiting for any sign of this killer, my new friend whispers to me....."that's her over there" as he points " I sit with eyes locked on and respond "are you sure?" My friend comes back at me while shaking his head nervously "Yes Hector 100% that's her" "At this point all I see is a young woman, I would have never thought someone so young and beautiful could be a monster that took something from me." I have no need for this man I have had with me for the two days looking for this killer, I look at the man and say..."go back to your camp, never speak about about me and I give you my word I will never return and finish what I had started." The man runs off and I go back to continue my hunt and wait for the right time to get the info I need from this killer. "I know not to judge a book by the cover, so I will follow and observe until I get my opportunity to become face to face with this monster." Notes- Keep an eye the others around me She has a short of swagger about her What's with the white in her hair She will pay for Rin!!!
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    I agree, priority queue isn't a system I like much either.
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    Omg, so @Watchman and @Daisy are ella and her boyfriend?. I didnt even realise, i just rp with whoever turns up. Sorry my character is a tactless dick , calling ella the cripple girl. Hes a bit stuck in the un pc past And sorry to @Tewudin for continuing to call you marge. It was on purpose as he always gets the names wrong. Loved the rp though, very believable.
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    Never ideally. Unless massive fundamental changes are made to the game. Lore wipes do nothing but waste time and give me headaches.
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    All these new players providing us with roleplay items
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    People who make comments like these.
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    I just want to understand why all this has now just gone off. I posted a report and that will stay in the report section. .2 you gave me some shit on discord and I proceeded to ask staff what to do and I have done so. If you want to talk as a civil party message me on discord and we can talk with someone from a civil party there to keep things from hitting the fan. Regards G_DateLR
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    I remember Gareth from The Mafia and can say he is a very calm and upright guy. When I will join back into this community I cant wait to meet this new group and engage in Roleplay!
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    Did you just copy paste my post from Discord. I'll see you in court. On a more related note, don't be bothered by him Gareth, lead the group well!
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    Livonia Open Beta is coming online today - Better install Dayz Experimental if you want to play it
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    Happy this group made a return, brings back some nice memories!
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    https://youtu.be/ytzue3cMUsw Just our day to day workout for all you nerds trying to get on our level
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    I can't figure out why this is such an argument. There's a bajillion people, the queue is ridiculous - and we used to have S2 Chernarus regularly anyway. There are rules against ghosting and combat logging - if ppl do it, freaking ban them, and fix it so we can goddamned play without insane wait times. God almighty.
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    @[email protected] @TIMELAPSE @[email protected] Navid Had fun with all and happy that my shop went well today besides getting attacked once and having three of my customers killed XD but other than that it was fun.
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    @Johnny Navid @DancyMrBob @Ritt Ansen @TIMELAPSE Holy shit was a KILLER night. That poor doctor. Shouldn't have run his mouth.
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    Aiming a weapon which shows hostile intent and giving a demand is an initiation. In the example you have put if you are being followed and you turn and aim the weapon at them you are threatening their life. Where the difference comes in is whether you are doing it to rob/take hostage someone or if it was used as apart of hostile RP. If this is done through hostile RP with you telling them to stop following and pull out a gun and they decide to shoot you that can be classed as baiting.
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    Nice to see you around Moxy. Still using that Xbox controller?
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    took me 3 days to get the timing right when someone was home at the tower but I finally got ahold of a man named George at the gate 2 days ago. I hope he told you about the supplies I dropped off for your group. I ran a charity center in elektro for a short time til it was raided, so I know the struggles. I stopped by today too, but it was during a bad rain storm and was only able to throw a gun over the gate to an unkown man. it would have been nice to warm up there but I understand your guys caution in not letting us in. We have more supplies for you, but we had to find shelter to warm up and time ran out. Maybe tomorrow we will come back to drop them off. My bud max amann and I will try to stop by when we can to donate more guns, ammo, food, etc. "all it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing"
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    From the album: A Deaf Girl's World

    Sitting around the fire, breathing carbon dioxide, listening to good music (not me :c) and swapping survival stories. That's what a true community of people is about these days.
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    Had some fun today with you two @Brayces & @Dino. Was fun meeting the fisherman and his emo, child friend again. Also thank you @HAMMERFALL314 for the tour around the map since we had no clue what was going on. Enjoyed it a lot! Not sure who the others we met on the way, but we enjoyed your roleplay too!
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    The Trade Union meet The Corporation. All proceeds were successfully donated to our fellow supporters around Chernarus. (Longer than usual video, however watching till the end is worth it )
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