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    We don't have a goodbye thread anymore... I didn't expect to be wanting to write a goodbye either but here I am, writing it. To explain why I am going away. Listen I love this community to bits with its ups and downs with all the drama and other problems, and I guess I am attributing to some of it right now, but the truth is I am burned out on this community. I have been in this community since November 2014, a time I remember both fondly and badly with many awesome people that used to roam this place, I don't even know where most of them are these days, whether they are permed or changed their name a bunch of times, the truth is it doesn't matter, people that made the stories awesome, people that taught others to roleplay, show them their potential, the same way they once did to me, those people are gone. Some of them left the community, for reasons well known, some other to a lesser extent, people like: @OGClownshoe a.k.a Percival Winstor, @Roach, @DJHato, @Chief, @Chaostica, @Cid, @Aurora Sky, @Ender, @Alex, Those from the Zeleno times(You know who you are), @Autumn, whoever played Thomas Jones, The people inside the Reapers V1 and V2, Groups like the masquerade, groups like the gamblers, the first iteration of the Jackals and all their members, Those that made hickory hill what it was, The many members of the trust, The members of the Crows, The members of Alcyone , The unnamed. The Chedaki from 2014, The regulators. Fuck me and so many more. These people paved the road for the community inside Dayz standalone and eventually, we hit a speedbump and lost a few, and then lost a few more and more. And now I wanna say we still have the knowledge they taught us but the truth is, we don't, storylines have felt bland and empty, consequences for actions are gone, hostile RP has taken a direction that makes me feel sick if I think back to how it used to be, and yes, I do pull that card and don't get me wrong, there are still those that know what they are doing but they are spread thin. Occasionally we get a spark of genius that rolls over the server, that brings back that passion I feel for this server, Storylines like the one I had with Liska, that brought a tear to my eye, or my storyline with the vultures when I was on Red, but, they pass just like all the others pass. And then to have to continuously deal with problems for things I honestly no longer have time for then that is it, that is where I have to draw a line. I am sorry that I am disappointing so many people, there are storylines I am actively involved in and for some I play big roles, I am sorry I am dropping out, but I am tired, frustrated and most of all sad. I am sad for letting you guys down, I am sad for feeling like a bad friend for doing this, but I have to. And I won't be like many that say the community is dying, but it has changed, it moved into directions that I don't enjoy and I hate it because I will never find another community like DayzRP, with its size and an expansive amount of lore and stories no matter what. Not a single clone will ever accomplish what DayzRP has and for that I thank Roland. And I thank those that made me want to keep playing till the end. @StagsviewRB , @Malet , @Revie , @Franny, @derNils, @Galland , @noir , @APositivePara , @Kordruga, @AndreyQ, @silvermoongaming @Fenrir , @Kapocss , @RoCKiE , @Isaiah Rinkasonn , @Razareth , @DerrickStorm , @Billy , @Craig , @Inferno , @Imation11 , @Scarlett , @DuquesneLR , @TheGlassSpider, @TheLamp1 , @Kenyi, @Halvenand so many countless others I am forgetting. But today's direction, is not why I played here and therefor I have to say goodbye, perhaps it is a final goodbye, perhaps it isn't. But it is goodbye. I am sorry. Signed, @RedSky ps. (It doesn't mean that today's direction is bad, it just means I don't feel like being a part of it any longer)
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    Meant to post this the other day and got side tracked by some stuff however, wanted to thank ya'll for the last bit being apart of this group. Its been fun and I've enjoyed every last moment in it. Thanks for making my first time playing the 'bad guy' a fun one. It was nothing but fun and a great learning experience. You guys provided such good roleplay and were always willing to teach me, so thanks again for allowing me to be apart of this group. However, time to finish some old storylines for a little before I try something new again. Wishing you all the best and looking forward whatever comes in the future! Keep up the good work guys.
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    This is a thought that has been buzzing around in my head for a while now. Even while playing mostly one character on the server I am still writing my own fair bit. Characters, Groups, Factions and events. Things that I would like to do in the future but on the other hand probably won't ever have time for in the next year. I wondered if anyone else is similar positions with the same thoughts on things? Would people like to see full made group concepts that they can simply pick up with the permission of the writers ? Maybe people want to find someone like minded to write on groups together ? Maybe it could be an outlet for lore-masters as well to try out new things that would fit with the lore so people can be part of it if interested? I'd like to hear your thoughts on this "Groups for Grabs" Concept!
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    From the album: Katia's Memories.. Past Memories

    You have your weapon drawn, either you fight or fall A battle has begun. It's the undead vs the living. This is the moment where you pick, if you see them as alive anymore. Even if you see a familiar face in the chaos of it all. Remember how the lived not how they died. That's how you carry on, cry later. This is the moment where you either fight, or fall.
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    I mean, everyone else is doing it soooooo: Some of the first original men, just gaining their white and black
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    Had a lot of fun with @Credidred, your character is a lot of fun to RP with, but don't drive again . Also, The Cavaliers with @MrMelons, @Aristocrat, @CouldntFindYourNameOnTheForums:( Its always fun RPing with you guys, keep it up. The accent and the clothings gives a really unique touch. Couldn't maintain the voice, it hurts my throat after awhile of doing it.
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    In stereotypical pirate accents "Hard port master Turner!" "Aye Cap'in!" "Yarg! We be home soon boys! Deblooms weel be ouars soon!"
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    The Trade Union meet The Corporation. All proceeds were successfully donated to our fellow supporters around Chernarus. (Longer than usual video, however watching till the end is worth it )
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    Probably when B-17 defended our self's against 3 other groups (think one were CRA) at a castle. Most intense situation I've been in. We all died in the end.
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    This thread is somewhat of an open discussion and somewhat of a message to @Roland and staff. Please, I seriously hope for the betterment of this community you listen to the people who are actively playing in it. This has happened multiple times in the communities' past with various topics, but this is the most egregious one I can find. Upcoming mods coming to the server appear to be a fast travel and NPC trading system. This was the response for the fast travel system: (Seen in this thread) And @ZeroRP made a thread for the NPC traders here: (Seen in this thread) 76.5% of people voted against the fast travel addition for VARIOUS reasons, with the biggest one in my opinion being it goes against what DayZ and role play are in general. This is only one example though. I understand that not everything that a majority of the community votes for should win out in the end but it seems that in most cases whatever the community votes for is inconsequential. This thread deserved way more of a discussion considering 60% voted to get rid of child role play and it was just completely shrugged off by staff DESPITE being an actual in game problem that at some times appears rampant: The anime-voiced 13 year olds are one thing but the fact that there are no younger models also completely breaks immersion and makes talking to a full grown man saying he's 10 years old weird. Should they be banned? Maybe not, but any discussion was shut down by staff as if it was just a stupid idea that more than half of those that voted didn't agree with. I'm not ranting for the sake of ranting, but these are legitimate concerns. The last time DayZ approached this level of popularity we had four different 60 player server full and now we can fill one 80 pop on the weekend with not enough overflow to justify a second server. Please, if a majority want something and it's a reasonable request put more consideration into it, as we all just want to have the best experience possible and 1 person or a small group of people probably won't have the best idea of what everyone wants.
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    @Mr. Moon has created a new DayZ movie, recorded here on DayZRP. It's a full feature 2 hour long flick, so grab some popcorn and enjoy!
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    What were your most memorable moments on the server? Big or small, gunfight or group hug, it doesn't matter. Even Anarchy and Lorcan are welcome Mine was only a few months ago and both by the same player @Craig 1) when his character George did an inpromptu marriage of Mallory and her boyfriend. It was so funny and quite cute. We then had a dance party after in the middle of the field and even had @Lemons strutting his stuff, before the admins rudely interrupted with a zombie horde and some wolves 2) When i joined the nationalists and on one of the first interactions out in the field, @Craig dropping the N word at the runners base in Kab. "is there any N.....rs here?" followed by a few seconds of silence and then shouts of WTF!.... i literally leaked a bit of wee from laughing. It was done so well IC and was just shock factor more than anything. So lets here them?
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    Get in Discord you cheesecake.
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    Absolutely mutual - I really enjoyed the RP and was SOOOO surprised about what came out. You turned everything she thought about the place upside down. I cannot WAIT to see how this plays out.
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    Holy. Shit. @TheGlassSpider was my highlight of the year, not lying. Nothing will top that. The jokes and laughter, banter and intellectual thought climaxing into a throat clenching resolution of yelling and angry hushed whispers, the fear and rage mixing, leaving both parties confused about what to do, who to believe, and what to think. That interaction is going down on my personal sheet of story-changing events. Thank you for that. You changed Jonah's life.
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    Had a lot of fun briefly hanging out with @Ostara and trading some stuff back and forth. Thanks for the RP! And for saving my back from all that junk, good lord.
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    Follow this guide to get it right.
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    From the album: DayzRP 2017 memories

    DayzRP screenshot from 2017
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    You really freak me out with those teddy bears xD
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    Why do I suddenly have a weird heavy metal song playing in my mind?
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    The Unnamed definitely. Best RP I've ever had @Cid
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    Saoirse: Group of the year, most of the boys are banned now, but it was the best time I've had here.
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    The Talk After a man named Vlad spared Kyle's and his dads life he told Panzer he was leaving the country without her so that she would be safe. However, after talking, crying and more talking, he realized that they had been through so much and she didn't care and as long as they were together.. Nothing else mattered. Dr Rivers Luckily Dr Rivers was still around and came to patch Kyle up. A fractured rib, deeply gashed leg, sprained neck and a black eye is what the previous encounter turned into. One Last Sunrise Kyle and Panzer share one last sunrise in Chernarus before leaving for Germany. Never Look Back After gathering as many supplies as they could and getting a car in working order. They left Chernarus in hopes for a safer life back in Germany. It's safe to say that they will never look back.
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    Night 1, 2 and 3 of Operation Valkryie // Operation Valkryie - communication networks have been established between some members of the 22ndSAS regiment in Chernarus. Operation Valkryie is the campaign operations name given to the regrouping and consolidation of the regimental forces. The first 72 hours of Operation Valkryie were rough. Lt. Michaels desperately made his way to all known stashes he and the other members of the 22ndSAS had set up prior to the out break.. these stashes were only supposed to be used as sites to recoop~ eat, drink and grab an extra mag. We had no idea of the outbreak we were going to be dragged into.. After gathering some basic supplies and equipment Michaels managed to witness a miracle.. at 18:00 hours Captain Josh Price made his daily radio broadcast calling the attention of any and all members of the 22ndSAS.. Lieutenant Michaels hadn't heard his voice in over a year and almost became quite emotional- Knowing that the communication window could close very soon he contained himself and informed Price of his location near Vyshnoye. Communications between the two were quick and effective, like they had been years prior in their operating days. Knowing it was important to find a landmark, Michaels' called for them to meet at Green Mountain. A dreadful storm passed over the region during the team between the two meeting, causing Michael's clothes to become drenched, hypothermia began to set on with Michaels being unable to find a place to get warm or inside in the forested area between Vyshnoye and Green Mountain. Michaels was under the impression he may not make it to the mountain... water and food was becoming scarce and the sun was going to be setting soon. However... Michaels dragged himself to Green Mountain where he encountered two other survivals of the outbreak, quickly they offered Michaels assistance and nursed him back to health before sunset.. as the sun set the gentlemen set up a campfire and continued to warm up. The band of survivors shared their stories and origins. The younger lad gave the name Billy Biscuit and the Chernorussian national simply responded he was a trader. Billy opted to name him "El Trado" and Michaels gained the name "Johnny Bravo" from the younger lad. As the sun began to rise the next day a gentlemen named Deacon arrived, wishing to trade with the settlement known by some as "Charity" a-top Green Mountain. As the sun rose in the morning, the settlers turned their lights on and offered the band of survivors food, water and warmth. Deacon supplied the trade village and survivors with stories of his own and the pain he has been through since the outbreak in 2017, and as the sun set on the second day Captain Price arrived and Michaels and his CO embraced, warming the hearts of the survivors in "Charity". The first words spoken to between the two being "Captain.." and "Chief.." - trying to hide their sheer disbelief that they would see eachother alive again. After wishing all the fellow survivors the best of luck on their travels and survival, Michaels and Price with Billy in Tony in tow left to attempt to find more equipment to better prepare themselves for the continuation of Operation Valkryie. Heading North East the trio made their way to Pogorevka, then through to Rogovo, where they encountered a once Cypriot National Guard member named Christos. The trio became four as they continued through to Vybor Military Base, where they encountered two other survivors looking for their friend, only god knows how long they'd been looking... They looked starved. The 22ndSAS offered food and water to the survivors, tested their blood types and wrote it down so they can be helped if the troop encountered them in the future. The duo of survivors moved on to their next search destination, Michaels' wonders every day if those two ever found their friend. The troop of four continued North to the airfield, hoping to use the communication equipment in the ATC to try and assist them in locating more members of the 22ndSAS... Captain Price and Chief Michaels were shocked to recieve a response from the Sergeant known as "WhiteHouse" on the net... Absolutely ecstatic at this news, The group of four moved to Grishino, a known trader town to rest up... acting as impromptu security while there before sleeping the night... Who knows what the future will hold for the Ladies and Gentlemen of the 22ndSAS. After all; τοῖς τολμῶσιν ἡ τύχη ξύμφορος The 24 hours after the last entry- The Grishino incident.. Lt. Michaels woke up with a bedsheet over his face this morning... Flinging himself out of the cell bed he opted to sleep in he made his way down the police station stairs. In eerie silence filled the town, minus a singular pair of footsteps. Not knowing if it was a friend or foe Michaels flings his chest rig on and loads his UMP-45 expecting it to be one of the dead. The police station door had been left wide open, which is out of the ordinary as this building is normally securely locked down by Frank every morning and night.. Michaels exited by the front door, taking his earplugs out and seeing a large HESCO barrier had been erected across the middle of the road- "The raid emergency plan~?" Upon passing the HESCO barrier the extent of the damage becomes clear... the streets were scattered with bodies of the traders and empty magazines. Out of the corner of his eye Michaels spots a face he was unfamiliar with heading into the primary storage locker. "Who are you~!? State your name!" he yelled out at the fairly heavily armed man. An Australian accent called back from inside the doorway "Woah, I'm a trader! I think I'm the last one left from the attack" The gentlemen exited the building with his hands high above his head- a gesture of goodwill and friendly nature. In desperation for co-operation and survival the two trusted eachother in that moment unconditionally. For the next couple of hours Michaels helped this trader he called Aussie move equipment from the raided buildings and stockpiles to more secure locations for any possible survivors. Meanwhile Chris, the soldier met days before, made his way over to Grishino after being told of the incident over the radio. Upon arrival two additional traders returned, not knowing of the carnage left by the raiders. They immediately offered their assistance. the tragedy of the Grishino raid was bad enough to inspire any one with a kind hard to help rebuild... Michaels, the Aussie, Chris and the two traders named Bart and Jesse managed to lock up the storeroom and get Grishino to a state that people would be comfortable visiting for food, water, and comfort. The Aussie had seen some seriously graphic stuff that evening and locked himself in a house and ordered us to ensure he is left alone. Complying, Michaels led an expedition of the four of them to the Airfield in hopes of running into the group who caused the damage. The Airfield The band of brothers arrived at the airfield and began clearing buildings as they went, searching room by room for any trace of the murderers who disrupted the peaceful trader town of Grishino... Upon reaching the air traffic control tower, clearing it and arriving back at the bottom of the tower they hear a voice yell out "Hello? You fellas alright??" The voice was a Trader, Ryan Cooper, a survivor of the tragedy the night before, Michaels recognised his voice, and Ryan recognised Michaels. The four of them then continued to look for the raiders, with Jesse playing the Harmonica to pass the time between buildings. The group cleared most of the airfield, finding no other survivors the whole time, so they moved following Chris towards Vybor. Upon arriving in Vybor the sun had begun to set... biters were roaming the streets when a loud bang of a shotgun could be heard deeper in the town. In that instant a horde of 10+ biters throughout the town rushed towards the police station. The four of Michaels' group headed quickly towards the police station and helped rescue the survivors. After providing them with blood, food and water the group of now 6 strong moved into the Vybor Industrial estate as the sun had set and the rain had started pouring... that was about the last of the successful stories.. Julie... The group now 6 strong built a campfire and began telling stories as the sound of rain pounded against the roof of the factory the men were held up in. One of the survivors we had rescued ate his own food, without realising it had become spoiled... upon consuming the food he fell very ill. We tried all we could to help him, but it was decided that he would be best attempting to sleep off the illness, our medication needed time to work~ we couldn't afford giving him more. The night carried on and the men soon become hungry, cooking up chicken and eating canned fruit found in Vybor as the sicker of the two rescued survivors slept, trying to avoid throwing up or making anybody else sick, after 20 minutes the young man felt somewhat better and was able to join the group for dinner. Some time later that evening a young lady in a red dress opened the front door and entered the building drenched from the rain~ It was bizarre.. It was pouring down and she was not only unarmed but alone and now obviously drenched. She sat around the fire with us and was quickly accepted into the group, after all, we're all just trying to survive in this harsh landscape. She told us her name, Julie. Michaels' commented on her outfit and shoes. The group laughed and we all carried on as such... minutes later a gentlemen in much more militarised equipment shows up... Michaels' and Chris both began to feel unsafe. Prepping their bags and ensure they had enough water and food incase they had to leg it into the forests to avoid a gunfight.. today wasn't the day to die. The man who went by a name that sounded slavic in nature joined the group round the fire... tensions seemed to rise dramatically after an accidental misfire happened within the building. Prepared to run, Chris and Michaels' were prepared... when two masked men with large rifles and night vision goggles arrived through the back door. The main group hadn't noticed... before anything could go wrong the two of them made a dash to the front door, opening it and slamming it behind them... The pair ran for their lives into the darkness and the rain. Moments later 2 shots can be heard... followed by a quick three round burst and then some more. Currently the group are split apart, most of the new survivors are likely dead... and Chris and Michaels have no communications as they want to avoid water-logging the devices. As the rain beat down on them they spread further apart, unsure if any of their comrades had survived.. Michaels found a shed a fair distance from Vybor in the fields. It was dry, and it was a place to wait out the storm. Only time will tell how many of the survivors had made it out alive, how many were gunned down by the unknown group... and if Chris and Michaels will be able to regroup before they encounter someone else.
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    Met and was eventually killed by these guys last night. Great hostile RP theyre very good at being spooky and mysterious, never telling me who they are or what they intended to do just talking about "impurities in this world".
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    When it comes to tools it have been posted by others above. When it comes to rule's specially griefing i highly suggest to go trough solved reports Here marked as griefing that will give you best insight how this rule works. General note: I highly suggest to go trough as many closed reports as possible specially for new players as clarification how rules works. Rules cannot cover all situations with every, even small,important details.
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    Fuck the Queen. Good luck lads
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    Ran into you guys at Balota airfield tonight. Fun time roleplaying with y'all!
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    Ran into these guys twice now and both times i had good rp with them cant wait to see how everything unfolds now with you guys in the mix of things
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    Mod Name: dbo_uaz Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1893501528 Reason: This will add some more dynamic vehicles. Military vehicles that make sense for the region they are in. It has a very Russian look so it can work alongside Chernorussian military and Russian military.
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    Thread looks really good and you guys are doing a great job on keeping everything updated. /Approved @RedSky Make sure to get the GroupCP up and get those invites out
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    Hello all. I enjoyed the roleplay the other night, especially from the doctor, Kaiser? Anyway, here is the video of the situation.
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    This brings back some great memories of training back in 2017
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    That's just kind of my thing and I do it on purpose. Thanks for the feedback.
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    So why not just say that it's just a trial period, instead of sounding like they are getting implemented and there's nothing to be done about it? Like idk about anyone else, but personally I don't mind trialing mods even if I am more than sure I won't like them.
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    We used to have a system that S2 only opens when S1 is filled. If that comes back I would love an S2 server tbh that isn't deer isle
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    Said it on the other thread, but decisions should be made by people actively playing the game. There is no way of knowing what fits the community unless you go IG and actually experience how the RP on the server is. Always was against them, but at this point I am actually with you on this one.
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    Due to a recent video by Mrmoon we are having a huge influx of new players. The possibility of a second server has been raised by myself but im sure it would be better to wait this out and make sure it isn't just a random occurrence that dies off after the weekend. Until then be patient and we will see how things go. Livonia is rumoured to be launched next month so it might be better waiting it out until then rather than bringing in another Chernarus just to be replaced down the line. Obviously this all depends on @Roland stance on the matter
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    Mod Name: WeaponExpansion Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1861252369&searchtext=WEAPONS Reason: More guns for us to you. More civilian weapons and rifles the represent other nations in NATO and the UN. More modern up to date optics that would have been available during this time. As well as some historical weapons that help expand the history and involvement of Chernarus during WWII. Perhaps a history museum was raided and the weapons of war made it to our neck of the woods. Not to mention weapons that look like Special Forces would have used. Mod Name: Docs Weapon Pack Standalone Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1864482799&s Reason: Even more guns and cleaner version of the weapons that the vanilla game has. Popular side arms that would have been in the region. Especially the TT-33 -Tokarev that would have very common before the Makarov came to the country.
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