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    We don't have a goodbye thread anymore... I didn't expect to be wanting to write a goodbye either but here I am, writing it. To explain why I am going away. Listen I love this community to bits with its ups and downs with all the drama and other problems, and I guess I am attributing to some of it right now, but the truth is I am burned out on this community. I have been in this community since November 2014, a time I remember both fondly and badly with many awesome people that used to roam this place, I don't even know where most of them are these days, whether they are permed or changed their name a bunch of times, the truth is it doesn't matter, people that made the stories awesome, people that taught others to roleplay, show them their potential, the same way they once did to me, those people are gone. Some of them left the community, for reasons well known, some other to a lesser extent, people like: @OGClownshoe a.k.a Percival Winstor, @Roach, @DJHato, @Chief, @Chaostica, @Cid, @Aurora Sky, @Ender, @Alex, Those from the Zeleno times(You know who you are), @Autumn, whoever played Thomas Jones, The people inside the Reapers V1 and V2, Groups like the masquerade, groups like the gamblers, the first iteration of the Jackals and all their members, Those that made hickory hill what it was, The many members of the trust, The members of the Crows, The members of Alcyone , The unnamed. The Chedaki from 2014, The regulators. Fuck me and so many more. These people paved the road for the community inside Dayz standalone and eventually, we hit a speedbump and lost a few, and then lost a few more and more. And now I wanna say we still have the knowledge they taught us but the truth is, we don't, storylines have felt bland and empty, consequences for actions are gone, hostile RP has taken a direction that makes me feel sick if I think back to how it used to be, and yes, I do pull that card and don't get me wrong, there are still those that know what they are doing but they are spread thin. Occasionally we get a spark of genius that rolls over the server, that brings back that passion I feel for this server, Storylines like the one I had with Liska, that brought a tear to my eye, or my storyline with the vultures when I was on Red, but, they pass just like all the others pass. And then to have to continuously deal with problems for things I honestly no longer have time for then that is it, that is where I have to draw a line. I am sorry that I am disappointing so many people, there are storylines I am actively involved in and for some I play big roles, I am sorry I am dropping out, but I am tired, frustrated and most of all sad. I am sad for letting you guys down, I am sad for feeling like a bad friend for doing this, but I have to. And I won't be like many that say the community is dying, but it has changed, it moved into directions that I don't enjoy and I hate it because I will never find another community like DayzRP, with its size and an expansive amount of lore and stories no matter what. Not a single clone will ever accomplish what DayzRP has and for that I thank Roland. And I thank those that made me want to keep playing till the end. @StagsviewRB , @Malet , @Revie , @Franny, @derNils, @Galland , @noir , @APositivePara , @Kordruga, @AndreyQ, @silvermoongaming @Fenrir , @Kapocss , @RoCKiE , @Isaiah Rinkasonn , @Razareth , @DerrickStorm , @Billy , @Craig , @Inferno , @Imation11 , @Scarlett , @DuquesneLR , @TheGlassSpider, @TheLamp1 , @Kenyi, @Halvenand so many countless others I am forgetting. But today's direction, is not why I played here and therefor I have to say goodbye, perhaps it is a final goodbye, perhaps it isn't. But it is goodbye. I am sorry. Signed, @RedSky ps. (It doesn't mean that today's direction is bad, it just means I don't feel like being a part of it any longer)
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    From the album: Memories..

    You have your weapon drawn, either you fight or fall A battle has begun. It's the undead vs the living. This is the moment where you pick, if you see them as alive anymore. Even if you see a familiar face in the chaos of it all. Remember how the lived not how they died. That's how you carry on, cry later. This is the moment where you either fight, or fall.
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    I mean, everyone else is doing it soooooo: Some of the first original men, just gaining their white and black
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    Had a lot of fun with @Credidred, your character is a lot of fun to RP with, but don't drive again . Also, The Cavaliers with @MrMelons, @Aristocrat, @CouldntFindYourNameOnTheForums:( Its always fun RPing with you guys, keep it up. The accent and the clothings gives a really unique touch. Couldn't maintain the voice, it hurts my throat after awhile of doing it.
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    Probably when B-17 defended our self's against 3 other groups (think one were CRA) at a castle. Most intense situation I've been in. We all died in the end.
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    NOX AN VICTORUM Originating in 1347 in Strausberg, Germany, Nox An Victorum was a secret Order of prestigious plague doctors. Watching as the plague and pestilence spread throughout Europe, the Order became suspicious of how it spread. Soon the Order believed that the plague spread because of impurities that certain humans have within their blood. A common practice to ‘expel these impurities’ was to “bloodlet” or slowly let the bad blood drain from a plague afflicted person. Nox An Victorum believed this to be redundant as you cannot release the impurities of an afflicted soul, you can only remove them. So the guild began a new practice: testing the blood of anyone who passed through their various towns, seeing if their blood was pure or not, and killing the afflicted to stop further spread of pestilence. This was soon discovered by various medieval nations, and the Order had to retreat once again into clandestine operations. After the black death ceased, Nox An Victorum members believed that they solely saved Europe by murdering tens of thousands of the afflicted. After the Black Death the Order spread to various regions of the world, reaching as far east as China and Siberia. They remained secretive, holding biannual meetings about how to rid the world of the pestilence and never allow an epidemic to occur again. This work for various outbreaks. Killing off people with smallpox, influenza, hepatitis, syphilis, leprosy, and polio. They would test for the “pure” blood and if someone was “worthy” they could be adopted into the brotherhood as a soldier. In modern history many families of the Order spread and became mundane enough to be outcasted. Remnants of Nox An Victorum were scattered far and wide among the world, usually unaware of their comrades locations. That was… until recently. The plague that hit Chernarus, and slowly spread into the world was well noticed by the Order. It showed that the need for a certain… medical practice was once again needed. So sending off a few of the remnants of Nox An Victorum to Chernarus was simply second nature for the Order. Starting with Daegon Blackwood, a true Nox An Victorum bloodline member, the order began to recruit and appear among the various towns of Chernarus. Members are always of Pure Blood, and must willfully accept the Order as their own family. They must know who is and isn't of pure blood, and must be ready to strike down the afflicted. The real pestilence of Chernarus isn’t that the dead walk the land. It's that the impure blood still is able to make its way around, untouched and out of control. You see… The afflicted with the pestilence are nothing more than pure savages. They will kill and rob for no reason other than to better themselves. They are selfish, cunning, sneaky, and deadly. The impure can hide in front of your very eyes, for years even, and then will murder you where you stand when the savagery reenters their minds. A simple test, blood test, can tell if you are pure or not… the question is… will you survive if you aren't? The goals of Nox An Victorum in Chernarus are very simple: 1. Establish a Chapel (safezone) for those of pure blood and a safe haven for those who do not wish to fight the pestilence: Done by day 865. 2. Fight those who are afflicted and have been tested, and make sure those who are pure are safe and alive: Done by day 910. 3. Trade and make well with various outer parties that are willing to aide in the fight against the pestilence. Especially friendly groups: Done by Day 910. 4. Attack and raid the groups with impure in their presence, especially bandit groups: Done by Day 900. 5. Maintain patrols in cities under the control of the Order: Done by Day 920. 6. Spread influence among the common people and become known by most citizens: Done by Day 925. 7. Create various FOBs and expand the reach of The Order: Done by Day 935. 8. Create a Christmas feast and celebration for the pure: Done by Day 899. 9. Create a clinic near the home-base in which people can be tested for purity and receive medical attention: Done by Day 920. 10. Establish a holy war with bandit factions and arise victor: Done by Day 950 Active Nox An Victorum Roster: Monker: Daegon Blackwood NotTyrone420: Tyrone Anderson CptGerardo: Alberto Vargas Jack Douchwa: Jack Douchwa Rookie52: Curtis Rook Jamen: Lewis Kane Colins: Harry Collins Lawsii: Luke DiPinto Dante Hazard: Dante Hazard GGVIX: Joe Frank Jamescook16: James Cook Spazz1313: Henry Pitifulpuitn: Chris Scott Poverty: Hans Weisengheimer Joseph Locke: Joseph Locke Those of pure blood will bask in the light of salvation, and will be saved when The Order reclaims the land. Those who are impure will die in blood and sacrifice, either from working in chains, or a quick bullet to the skull!
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    @Mr. Moon has created a new DayZ movie, recorded here on DayZRP. It's a full feature 2 hour long flick, so grab some popcorn and enjoy!
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    Hello guys, new here not yet on whitelist but really hope to play RP with everyone
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    My first few days have been great! Thank you all for welcoming me!
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    What were your most memorable moments on the server? Big or small, gunfight or group hug, it doesn't matter. Even Anarchy and Lorcan are welcome Mine was only a few months ago and both by the same player @Craig 1) when his character George did an inpromptu marriage of Mallory and her boyfriend. It was so funny and quite cute. We then had a dance party after in the middle of the field and even had @Lemons strutting his stuff, before the admins rudely interrupted with a zombie horde and some wolves 2) When i joined the nationalists and on one of the first interactions out in the field, @Craig dropping the N word at the runners base in Kab. "is there any N.....rs here?" followed by a few seconds of silence and then shouts of WTF!.... i literally leaked a bit of wee from laughing. It was done so well IC and was just shock factor more than anything. So lets here them?
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    Get in Discord you cheesecake.
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    Absolutely mutual - I really enjoyed the RP and was SOOOO surprised about what came out. You turned everything she thought about the place upside down. I cannot WAIT to see how this plays out.
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    https://youtu.be/pIhY9Qsck2U Thanks to @Vast I'm able to keep this AKM. Simply make sure there is enough space for the ghost mag in your inventory and it will work. I did lose the Sewing Kit that i replaced the mag with.
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    And here I thought our radio chatter and medical terminology gave off this:
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    Had a lot of fun briefly hanging out with @Ostara and trading some stuff back and forth. Thanks for the RP! And for saving my back from all that junk, good lord.
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    Follow this guide to get it right.
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    I'm highlighting a future problem in a sarcastic manner.
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    /Approved Make sure to get the GroupCP up and running and get those invites out @G_DateLR. Also, a few of the members seem to be inactive with three not playing in over two weeks. You still have five active members but make sure to maintain five active people otherwise the group can be archived. Please reach out to these three. Thanks
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    From the album: DayzRP 2017 memories

    DayzRP screenshot from 2017
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    Rose tinted glasses. I tell you, reinstall the game and mod, hop on a server. I give you about 30 mins before you realize that it wasn't the game that made you think "those were better times" and that the reason it seemed like a better game was actually the people you were playing the game with, and the state of the community at that time.
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    You've activated my trap card! With all of you inside this barn I play: close door!
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    You really freak me out with those teddy bears xD
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    I know right, something about ripping and tearing ...
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    Why do I suddenly have a weird heavy metal song playing in my mind?
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    The Unnamed definitely. Best RP I've ever had @Cid
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    7th Calvary masks down
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    -Removed @Aa-Ron, @MrTurtleman1107 -Added @William89
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    The Talk After a man named Vlad spared Kyle's and his dads life he told Panzer he was leaving the country without her so that she would be safe. However, after talking, crying and more talking, he realized that they had been through so much and she didn't care and as long as they were together.. Nothing else mattered. Dr Rivers Luckily Dr Rivers was still around and came to patch Kyle up. A fractured rib, deeply gashed leg, sprained neck and a black eye is what the previous encounter turned into. One Last Sunrise Kyle and Panzer share one last sunrise in Chernarus before leaving for Germany. Never Look Back After gathering as many supplies as they could and getting a car in working order. They left Chernarus in hopes for a safer life back in Germany. It's safe to say that they will never look back.
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    Met and was eventually killed by these guys last night. Great hostile RP theyre very good at being spooky and mysterious, never telling me who they are or what they intended to do just talking about "impurities in this world".
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    @Credidred Pleasure scuffling with you on Deer Isle today. First time I've ever initiated on someone and followed through, so I appreciate the roleplay and hope you enjoyed the albeit brief experience. I'm sure we'll run into each other again
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    Fuck the Queen. Good luck lads
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    now that's what the fuck I like to see
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    Ran into you guys at Balota airfield tonight. Fun time roleplaying with y'all!
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    Well its up to you how you want to keep it that way, my friend. Guns or paperwork, both work pretty well.
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    Can't wait to roleplay with you lot.
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    pretty sure axe and crowbar works, hacksaw/saw for use on locks. Just remember, if you break into the base of gear horders (cause apparently some people "need" 40 AKs, 20 full jugg suits, 40 M4's and a billion rounds of ammo to "RP") you might want to take some water to try dilute the salt, cooking pots hold a decent amount and are easily portable while full. Also remember to be neat and tidy, try not to leave anything (or much) on the ground if you take a storage container, and to carefully pack anything away that you can't carry because rules apparently (which don't speecifically say that).
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    Had the pleasure of meeting one your members recently, Best of luck with approval Also your group and mine could be potential allies in the near future, Seeing as we both share the same views against bandit factions
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    Thread looks really good and you guys are doing a great job on keeping everything updated. /Approved @RedSky Make sure to get the GroupCP up and get those invites out
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    -Hey man can I copy your HW? -Yeah bro just change it a lil bit so no one notices good shit bro goodluck with the group !
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    This brings back some great memories of training back in 2017
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    That's just kind of my thing and I do it on purpose. Thanks for the feedback.
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    So why not just say that it's just a trial period, instead of sounding like they are getting implemented and there's nothing to be done about it? Like idk about anyone else, but personally I don't mind trialing mods even if I am more than sure I won't like them.
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    Every day I see things on these forums that just push me further and further away from getting on again. We add ideas and deny ideas for the sake of RP according to the Staff but adding Fast travel and Trader NPCs is legit taking RP away from players around you. Now all we're going to have are people constantly doing laps around the airfield/military bases and gathering whatever they can find, hoarding it and selling it as some sort of DayZ rendition of Escape from Tarkov and obviously since there's no danger in these areas as long as you keep out of VOIP range you should be fine. People are literally going to grind instead of RPing and when they aren't grinding all they'll do is camp in the SafeZone. We shouldn't be adding SafeZones we should be adding KOS zones to stop people from going into military bases without any ounce of fear. This will promote better weapons spawns and leave more people going to certain areas of the map for safety. Add KOS zones
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    Due to a recent video by Mrmoon we are having a huge influx of new players. The possibility of a second server has been raised by myself but im sure it would be better to wait this out and make sure it isn't just a random occurrence that dies off after the weekend. Until then be patient and we will see how things go. Livonia is rumoured to be launched next month so it might be better waiting it out until then rather than bringing in another Chernarus just to be replaced down the line. Obviously this all depends on @Roland stance on the matter
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    Mod Name: WeaponExpansion Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1861252369&searchtext=WEAPONS Reason: More guns for us to you. More civilian weapons and rifles the represent other nations in NATO and the UN. More modern up to date optics that would have been available during this time. As well as some historical weapons that help expand the history and involvement of Chernarus during WWII. Perhaps a history museum was raided and the weapons of war made it to our neck of the woods. Not to mention weapons that look like Special Forces would have used. Mod Name: Docs Weapon Pack Standalone Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1864482799&s Reason: Even more guns and cleaner version of the weapons that the vanilla game has. Popular side arms that would have been in the region. Especially the TT-33 -Tokarev that would have very common before the Makarov came to the country.
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