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    @Scarlett - We're most grateful, it was getting a bit stuffy down in the archives. @DuquesneLR - Good to be back. @GunRunnee02 - Much obliged. @TheGlassSpider - We'd be delighted if you would join us for tea some time. @TryaxReck - A hope we share, God save the Queen. @TIMELAPSE - Likewise, good sir. @andysuter - There's an opening in our 'public relations' department, should you ever wish to retire from radio. @William89 - If you're very lucky we'll teach you Men of Harlech too. @NozzyRP - We shall endeavour to be worthy of your exceedingly lavish praise. @Crimson_Tiger - Your luck will be most beneficial. @Azu - Let's get you back in the saddle. @Kordruga - We're the red and whites. I assure you, we have no interest in pillaging your grubby taters. @Galland - Not a fox in sight, we'll have to settle for deer. @SeversonRP - Thank you friend-o. @FalkRP - And what a lovely crown it is. @Malet - We live to serve her Britannic Majesty. @JorrdanVC - In my dreams. @MouseWB - You're too kind. @Ryan Shepherd - We look forward to the opportunity.
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    Group has had an excellent run and the roleplay has been absolutely smashing. From the start of our like-minded peoples coming together, through hardship and an epic journey to Kirovograd to save our brother, and a tough hit to the brotherhood which has torn apart the family, this journey has been absolutely amazing, and thankfully it isn't over, however, for the group it is. Story lines have deepened, the roleplay will continue and perhaps in the future, brothers and sisters will once again be united, but until then. /archive
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    I need another good beanz farm someone start some drama that I can make fun of
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    Told the fella take a pose for a pic @Hampze @John Wahlberg @Kuhlide @OGBig_Nasty @Paul Burns The Fellas told me no mofo you pose @Hampze @John Wahlberg @OGBig_Nasty @Kuhlide @Paul Burns Alright fellas when we see fuck them up This how we walk away after 2 gun fights
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    This is how the rebellion starts. THANK YOU @Realize FOR THAT SIGNIFICANT PAIN/FEARRP YOU'RE THE BEST LAD OUT THERE. No one else was as good as this man in his rp.
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    @Kordruga @APositiveElmo @AndreyQ @Conor @KennethRP @SquirtleKitty @Realize and whoever else was there.. Thanks for that hostile RP today, been a long while since I had hostile RP that was that intense and good without it ending in being shot. It's really refreshing to see you not just go ahead and use rights "just because you have them" and you really helped with progressing a huge part of our personal stories. I look forward to running into you guys again and thank you again for making a bad situation for my character a fun RP experience.
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    Fuck the Queen. Good luck lads
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    I think I met you guys this night, with Frank the rockstar! I really enjoyed, and Frank, if you see this, thanks for the show ! Here is a short clip I made, didnt remember to record from the start: -edit- I hope that his music saved us from a grim fate btw. @SkezZHD
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    The Talk After a man named Vlad spared Kyle's and his dads life he told Panzer he was leaving the country without her so that she would be safe. However, after talking, crying and more talking, he realized that they had been through so much and she didn't care and as long as they were together.. Nothing else mattered. Dr Rivers Luckily Dr Rivers was still around and came to patch Kyle up. A fractured rib, deeply gashed leg, sprained neck and a black eye is what the previous encounter turned into. One Last Sunrise Kyle and Panzer share one last sunrise in Chernarus before leaving for Germany. Never Look Back After gathering as many supplies as they could and getting a car in working order. They left Chernarus in hopes for a safer life back in Germany. It's safe to say that they will never look back.
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    Night 1, 2 and 3 of Operation Valkryie // Operation Valkryie - communication networks have been established between some members of the 22ndSAS regiment in Chernarus. Operation Valkryie is the campaign operations name given to the regrouping and consolidation of the regimental forces. The first 72 hours of Operation Valkryie were rough. Lt. Michaels desperately made his way to all known stashes he and the other members of the 22ndSAS had set up prior to the out break.. these stashes were only supposed to be used as sites to recoop~ eat, drink and grab an extra mag. We had no idea of the outbreak we were going to be dragged into.. After gathering some basic supplies and equipment Michaels managed to witness a miracle.. at 18:00 hours Captain Josh Price made his daily radio broadcast calling the attention of any and all members of the 22ndSAS.. Lieutenant Michaels hadn't heard his voice in over a year and almost became quite emotional- Knowing that the communication window could close very soon he contained himself and informed Price of his location near Vyshnoye. Communications between the two were quick and effective, like they had been years prior in their operating days. Knowing it was important to find a landmark, Michaels' called for them to meet at Green Mountain. A dreadful storm passed over the region during the team between the two meeting, causing Michael's clothes to become drenched, hypothermia began to set on with Michaels being unable to find a place to get warm or inside in the forested area between Vyshnoye and Green Mountain. Michaels was under the impression he may not make it to the mountain... water and food was becoming scarce and the sun was going to be setting soon. However... Michaels dragged himself to Green Mountain where he encountered two other survivals of the outbreak, quickly they offered Michaels assistance and nursed him back to health before sunset.. as the sun set the gentlemen set up a campfire and continued to warm up. The band of survivors shared their stories and origins. The younger lad gave the name Billy Biscuit and the Chernorussian national simply responded he was a trader. Billy opted to name him "El Trado" and Michaels gained the name "Johnny Bravo" from the younger lad. As the sun began to rise the next day a gentlemen named Deacon arrived, wishing to trade with the settlement known by some as "Charity" a-top Green Mountain. As the sun rose in the morning, the settlers turned their lights on and offered the band of survivors food, water and warmth. Deacon supplied the trade village and survivors with stories of his own and the pain he has been through since the outbreak in 2017, and as the sun set on the second day Captain Price arrived and Michaels and his CO embraced, warming the hearts of the survivors in "Charity". The first words spoken to between the two being "Captain.." and "Chief.." - trying to hide their sheer disbelief that they would see eachother alive again. After wishing all the fellow survivors the best of luck on their travels and survival, Michaels and Price with Billy in Tony in tow left to attempt to find more equipment to better prepare themselves for the continuation of Operation Valkryie. Heading North East the trio made their way to Pogorevka, then through to Rogovo, where they encountered a once Cypriot National Guard member named Christos. The trio became four as they continued through to Vybor Military Base, where they encountered two other survivors looking for their friend, only god knows how long they'd been looking... They looked starved. The 22ndSAS offered food and water to the survivors, tested their blood types and wrote it down so they can be helped if the troop encountered them in the future. The duo of survivors moved on to their next search destination, Michaels' wonders every day if those two ever found their friend. The troop of four continued North to the airfield, hoping to use the communication equipment in the ATC to try and assist them in locating more members of the 22ndSAS... Captain Price and Chief Michaels were shocked to recieve a response from the Sergeant known as "WhiteHouse" on the net... Absolutely ecstatic at this news, The group of four moved to Grishino, a known trader town to rest up... acting as impromptu security while there before sleeping the night... Who knows what the future will hold for the Ladies and Gentlemen of the 22ndSAS. After all; τοῖς τολμῶσιν ἡ τύχη ξύμφορος
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    I've met only a few people yesterday but I wanted to thank @Watchman for his RP. Especially I wanted to mention @Daisy Your RP yesterday was fantastic and your character really provided a support (and a shoulder to cry on) for Maggie. You rock!
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    Mod name: dbo_lada_lm Steam workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1897598881 Reason to be added: I feel like this vehicle should be added to the DayZ RP server because it will add more RP possibilities for law enforcement groups as well as groups which has branches that consist of policing. On this particular model of the Lada LM you can find destroyed versions already on and scattered throughout the map. It was the primary police vehicle of departments all across Chernarus. This vehicle was present in the DayZ Mod version on Arma II and Arma II OA and will bring back nostalgic memories for players and would be a fine addition to other vehicles from this era and time period already on the server such as the Volga for instance.
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    Appreciate it Saunders! Now give us all beanz thanks
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    If we can have a Colosseum in the middle of a field in Eastern Europe then I don't see the issue with having a basic off-road vehicle
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    From the album: My travels and the people i meet

    Met the pink arm band goons in an undisclosed location totally unexpected rp tbh but glad i met yall @Worldclass great time bro wanted to tag the rest but didnt know their tag
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    Ran into these guys twice now and both times i had good rp with them cant wait to see how everything unfolds now with you guys in the mix of things
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    As if he never @ me and you we must have never been there according to @Saunders
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    The Trade Union meet The Corporation. All proceeds were successfully donated to our fellow supporters around Chernarus. (Longer than usual video, however watching till the end is worth it )
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    here you'll find a collection of stuff I have done on photoshop, some I've used other stuff that is free to use, if you are interested in me making some stuff for you holla i'll update as and when Nove Svitani - clan thread stuff Map Vultures clan thread Random back stories Trade Union - clan thread stuff My own sig saunders character back story headers New group idea ?!?!?!?!?! Ron's stuff - Vangaurd new Joyce stuff DayzRP stuff - Group idea ????? The Bastards
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    Imma polish your TV before I steal it from you
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    The 24 hours after the last entry- The Grishino incident.. Lt. Michaels woke up with a bedsheet over his face this morning... Flinging himself out of the cell bed he opted to sleep in he made his way down the police station stairs. In eerie silence filled the town, minus a singular pair of footsteps. Not knowing if it was a friend or foe Michaels flings his chest rig on and loads his UMP-45 expecting it to be one of the dead. The police station door had been left wide open, which is out of the ordinary as this building is normally securely locked down by Frank every morning and night.. Michaels exited by the front door, taking his earplugs out and seeing a large HESCO barrier had been erected across the middle of the road- "The raid emergency plan~?" Upon passing the HESCO barrier the extent of the damage becomes clear... the streets were scattered with bodies of the traders and empty magazines. Out of the corner of his eye Michaels spots a face he was unfamiliar with heading into the primary storage locker. "Who are you~!? State your name!" he yelled out at the fairly heavily armed man. An Australian accent called back from inside the doorway "Woah, I'm a trader! I think I'm the last one left from the attack" The gentlemen exited the building with his hands high above his head- a gesture of goodwill and friendly nature. In desperation for co-operation and survival the two trusted eachother in that moment unconditionally. For the next couple of hours Michaels helped this trader he called Aussie move equipment from the raided buildings and stockpiles to more secure locations for any possible survivors. Meanwhile Chris, the soldier met days before, made his way over to Grishino after being told of the incident over the radio. Upon arrival two additional traders returned, not knowing of the carnage left by the raiders. They immediately offered their assistance. the tragedy of the Grishino raid was bad enough to inspire any one with a kind hard to help rebuild... Michaels, the Aussie, Chris and the two traders named Bart and Jesse managed to lock up the storeroom and get Grishino to a state that people would be comfortable visiting for food, water, and comfort. The Aussie had seen some seriously graphic stuff that evening and locked himself in a house and ordered us to ensure he is left alone. Complying, Michaels led an expedition of the four of them to the Airfield in hopes of running into the group who caused the damage. The Airfield The band of brothers arrived at the airfield and began clearing buildings as they went, searching room by room for any trace of the murderers who disrupted the peaceful trader town of Grishino... Upon reaching the air traffic control tower, clearing it and arriving back at the bottom of the tower they hear a voice yell out "Hello? You fellas alright??" The voice was a Trader, Ryan Cooper, a survivor of the tragedy the night before, Michaels recognised his voice, and Ryan recognised Michaels. The four of them then continued to look for the raiders, with Jesse playing the Harmonica to pass the time between buildings. The group cleared most of the airfield, finding no other survivors the whole time, so they moved following Chris towards Vybor. Upon arriving in Vybor the sun had begun to set... biters were roaming the streets when a loud bang of a shotgun could be heard deeper in the town. In that instant a horde of 10+ biters throughout the town rushed towards the police station. The four of Michaels' group headed quickly towards the police station and helped rescue the survivors. After providing them with blood, food and water the group of now 6 strong moved into the Vybor Industrial estate as the sun had set and the rain had started pouring... that was about the last of the successful stories.. Julie... The group now 6 strong built a campfire and began telling stories as the sound of rain pounded against the roof of the factory the men were held up in. One of the survivors we had rescued ate his own food, without realising it had become spoiled... upon consuming the food he fell very ill. We tried all we could to help him, but it was decided that he would be best attempting to sleep off the illness, our medication needed time to work~ we couldn't afford giving him more. The night carried on and the men soon become hungry, cooking up chicken and eating canned fruit found in Vybor as the sicker of the two rescued survivors slept, trying to avoid throwing up or making anybody else sick, after 20 minutes the young man felt somewhat better and was able to join the group for dinner. Some time later that evening a young lady in a red dress opened the front door and entered the building drenched from the rain~ It was bizarre.. It was pouring down and she was not only unarmed but alone and now obviously drenched. She sat around the fire with us and was quickly accepted into the group, after all, we're all just trying to survive in this harsh landscape. She told us her name, Julie. Michaels' commented on her outfit and shoes. The group laughed and we all carried on as such... minutes later a gentlemen in much more militarised equipment shows up... Michaels' and Chris both began to feel unsafe. Prepping their bags and ensure they had enough water and food incase they had to leg it into the forests to avoid a gunfight.. today wasn't the day to die. The man who went by a name that sounded slavic in nature joined the group round the fire... tensions seemed to rise dramatically after an accidental misfire happened within the building. Prepared to run, Chris and Michaels' were prepared... when two masked men with large rifles and night vision goggles arrived through the back door. The main group hadn't noticed... before anything could go wrong the two of them made a dash to the front door, opening it and slamming it behind them... The pair ran for their lives into the darkness and the rain. Moments later 2 shots can be heard... followed by a quick three round burst and then some more. Currently the group are split apart, most of the new survivors are likely dead... and Chris and Michaels have no communications as they want to avoid water-logging the devices. As the rain beat down on them they spread further apart, unsure if any of their comrades had survived.. Michaels found a shed a fair distance from Vybor in the fields. It was dry, and it was a place to wait out the storm. Only time will tell how many of the survivors had made it out alive, how many were gunned down by the unknown group... and if Chris and Michaels will be able to regroup before they encounter someone else.
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    Ran into you guys at Balota airfield tonight. Fun time roleplaying with y'all!
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    It's the small things in life you learn to appreciate. Especially in the apocalypse.
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    I do say after setting my gaze upon this absolute beauty of a thread I have not anything to say but good luck my good sir. I trust that a gentleman of thou stature shall provide only the finest and most exquisite roleplay there is. May God bring thee good fortune as your journey begins
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    Only game I've preordered for the PS4. Spent 100 euro and the game is worth alot more. I'm thinking once it's out, RedM won't take long but there probably be server side issue's. So once they get everything sorted most likely be after christmas.
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    Tally ho.....good luck, another group my english accent would at least fit with!
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    Heard boats are eventually coming to DayZ..... though how soon is anyones guess. Deer Island is one of those maps in which boats would be hella beneficial, kind of sad though its not getting as much attention as it should.
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    @TheGlassSpider would suit well here with her insanely British accent. (also welcome back)
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    People love to win win win win win so getting them to perm is going to be difficult. God forbid we progress the storyline and moves things forward by having certain people be punished by the effect of their actions.
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    Fishing when Anarchy is around be like: I love you guys, truly a unique hostile group, ya didn't shoot me despite me running lmfao. I love you guys so much, lettin' me get my attempt escape in. I hope when karma comes to bite y'all go down beating the devil with a licence of some kind.
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    lets be real, the door is the most op weapon.
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