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    So people....when it comes to lore...should i be harsh on players being stupid? Making the wrong choice and consequences for their actions?
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    Yes. Ivan Horsenarus will be there.
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    *Holds out tin cup* pleaze spare a beanz for a poor, homeless man.
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    The Trade Union meet The Corporation. All proceeds were successfully donated to our fellow supporters around Chernarus. (Longer than usual video, however watching till the end is worth it )
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    It's quite hard showing initiative in roleplay when you're a giant introvert.
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    Look at all these groups returning...Throwback Thursday Week! Excited to see them all come back.
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    Thank you all for the quick answers...I cant beleve I have been here for several months and still not seen the expanded search window
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    This was an interesting day. Things were going slow until @Baps showed up at our gates, seeking refuge from the elements. He ended up giving us like 7 boxes of nails for our walls, and a new lifelong friend was made that very second. @Aa-Ron was blasting some ACDC through the car radio, which was nice for Jonah to hear the glory of American Rock and Roll. Then, @MrTurtleman1107 and I both sweeped and cleared a whole ass city! Was damn fun to let loose on some infected hordes with my AK with you. Overall, a great day in dayzrp. Wish everyday was this good!
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    Gareth Jones Journal So G_Date's name is Gareth and he was a streamer on twitch before things hit the fan and his twitch was G_Date. So he is 29 years old and is from the UK. He came from the UK to Chernaus to visit family who was in the military but a week after arriving things seem a little off. When the infected starting rising and become a lot more of them I fled to cherno with my family but sadly on the way they got picked off by bandits and my mother got taken by another bandit aswell as my daughter. Now I am here to team of skilled people and bring my mother and daughter back to me and bring them bandits to justice. My mother suffers with anxiety and my daughter is my one and only and I will ask many people and hold who ever hostage until I get answers but that will only happen if violence is needed. My daughter is called Gracie-Mai and my mother is called ruth. My back story. I was in the military for a long time and toured the globe I was trained to kill. When I left the army I was bouncing around from family to family member until I could find a job and somewhere to live. Going on a year I met someone who was my world and we became best friends and more we had a child called Gracie-Mai but when my little girl was born I lost my partner at birth. I had my family supporting me and keeping me going with my little girl now im a stay at home dad that streams full time and it works perfect. I was a sergeant in the forces and led a lot of a decent men though we lost many to. Now He will have to take up arms and once again SGT Gareth Jones will be looking for his family as well as helping others on the way. On my adventure to find my daughter and mother I came across some survivors in cherno and they took me in to the trading compound as I was really badly hurt and needed medical attention. I then spoke to the leader of the mafia and they took me in as I was getting medical help by a doctor I then had somewhere to call home and people to call as family. Gareth then had a incident and it was a blur he then woke up else where and took off to loot up and gather medical supplies and go back home to what he thought was still standing cherno trading compound. As He arrived many hours later it was empty and no one to be seen just dust waling in the wind and gates left open and ladders at the wall. At this point Gareth had to reach out to his radio and call for any survivors of what he once new as home was no more. He managed to get hold of the mafia and went back home with them now Gareth has now became some one who he never wanted to be he will now use his army tactics to his best and find if his daughter Gracie is still alive or dead as well as his mother. So he headed back north and took off to zelenogorsk to gather supplies at the army base there as he was gathering a few survivors turned up and we talked about the past how the world was and how my daughter must be alive as she is the only one thing I have left. After two long months searching far and wide he struggled to cope and had no luck finding his daughter in other countries so he took him self back to Chernaus in hope to go back to the mafia and continue to search for his daughter and mother there. He arrives back in the northern part of Chernaus and hears that the mafia was no more by a friend Gareth gets slightly angry and asks why then to find out Dean left and Uncle Ronnie who took over left to Russia. So until now Gareth just lost his uncle and is still searching for his family. At this time he starts to see no hope and makes his way to Polana to see if anyone knows anything else about it all. He makes it to Polana and see's a lot of people who was inviting and he got reunited with some people from the wolfpack and explained his journey and asked to stay around and help and asked for help back to find his daughter and mother. Gareth kept going on runs for the wolfpack and enjoyed helping good people but at the same time is worried as they don't know what lays beneath and he doesn't want to let that part out yet unless he has to in order to protect them or dies trying. About a say after he met someone called Sergai nice Russian chap served in the Russian army and we ended up telling each other our stories. So we took off to the NWAF to get supplies for the wolfpack and met a few people om the way. We ended up going towards green mountain with Doctor Shaw and his companion and had a laugh on the way. Gareth started feeling alright again and then parted ways with the good doctor and waited with Sergai at green mountain for a friend only to get approached by a two shady people and resulted into getting robbed. Now Gareth wants blood so after they held us up we tried tracking them but couldn't find them anywhere so after a hour of looking we decided to leave and head to Polana and help the wolfpack move so we did. We ended up listening to Gareth's MP3 player on the way back and had a great laugh and dance then we done the same to cherno and from there we helped with security on watches and helped build the walls. A hour or two later Gareth went out with Boss lady and Hutch to look for Luka and that's when Gareth became one of the wolfpack. Now he will die for these people and protect them at all costs and will slowly show them that somethings within no matter how dark and brutal they will come to understand that he would go so far to protect these people who are now family that he loves and classes them as blood as he looks for his daughter and mother. Gareth has been with the wolfpack for along while now and learned to care for them and love them as his own blood. In the time he was there he gained to like a individual someone who boosted he morale and made him feel again but things didn't seem to last. The time Gareth was with the wolfpack he seen so many attacks on them and got himself held up many times when he was out alone or with one other. Sometimes he thought to himself that people there didn't see his opinions and thought different but what ever Gareth done he always had some negative feedback for some of the solutions as he didn't want to stay behind the walls and wanted to go out and do something about the threats but in the end it became so much that himself and Leigh and Sunny ended up getting smuggled out by a good friend and met some people at the destination and Gareth took to them he met James Mayson and some of his people and they took care of us and took us under there wing for the day and night until me and Leigh took off back to cherno the next day. A few weeks later after being in contact with James for a long while and things falling apart with the wolfpack and then disbanding Gareth took off to go and see James and begin the next step on his journey. The 1st week with the messengers was great I gained to meet people and take part in journeys that has fitted me perfectly and taking part of some issues with some cannibals and attempting to deal with them accordingly. James has shown Gareth a lot of trust and words and Gareth seems to be indebted to James for taking him in and showing him the path on becoming the person that he will need to become in order to take down his enemies that have now arise. The passion and that we all have for each other and love for bringing people together is one of a kind. We have travelled far and wide over the lands to keep spreading the word of his Divine Grace and keep on bringing people together to become more. Gareth has became close to so many people now in other groups also like the runners who he see's as family and also some others that was in wolfpack but are no longer following Hutch. I will keep looking for my daughter and with the runners as ell as James and the others I will be able to find her and continue to be a father. So much has happened to Gareth now he is changing and becoming something more scary to people and more willing to capture certain people that have wronged him. It has been a while now and the search is growing more concerning as Gareth has yet to find his daughter. He grows impatient and has started lashing out and robbing people for sport. All this has started kicking off over the past few weeks as James went missing and the messengers just vanished of the face of the earth. Gareth turned to his radio and calls out Daryl ex member of the messengers and calls for a meeting. This is when the Commission is born they stuck there heads together and started coming up with Ideas about how they will make a difference in Chernarus one side being good the other bad. Gareth wants to go all in on Anarchy as now he part of a council with other group leaders that he will fight along side to defeat the scum. The leaders of the coalition met in prison island and had a meeting to discuss what will happen from here on out. The meeting lasted half a hour or more with 5 or more leaders there and there trusted council we agreed on terms and swept our beef from the past under the rug and took to the ongoing threat that grows larger everyday. Later on that day we had some people go to shore to check the cars but as they got to shore they was surrounded by anarchy. After a short while they came to the boat that sunk many years ago to discuss a surrender option its either we give up are guns or we die. When all that was going down Gareth took to the hostage we currently had in the prison come china man saying he was a spy and had to gather intel on the country to take back to china but I knew he was lying. Gareth beat him a few times but the man wouldn't talk so Michael Duquesne comes up asks what's going on so I tell him. He then turns to Gareth with the look in his eye and asks for his pistol so I give it to him. He pulls up the pistol and loads it then shoots the spy in the leg to try and get him to talk. When the shot was fired that's when things was going south outside as we heard that the guys that went to shore are no longer alive so we all took to our battle stations and held the prison. The battle at the prison will forever be remembered as a great victory but the war is not over. I'm not going to talk about the battle itself as it was a dark moment where we lost a lot of friends. Gareth after the battle took to a cell and rested for the night only to be woken the next morning getting shouted out to get out. He took to a barrack outside and rested in there to make sure he was fully rested and could continue being a leader that the people need in the coalition and in the Commission. The Commission has been around for a long while and Gareth led them well we had our ups and downs but we got through it. Gareth does not hold any regrets it was his first lead of a group and he done well. We lost many people in some fights and yet we only lost one fight and won the rest. Gareth is strong and yet people see him as a joke but maybe they are right. Gareth then merged groups with his uncle Ronnie and now they are going to great things. Gareth however isn't feeling as great as everybody thinks he is. He got shot 3 times and went into hiding a man named James and Roberto helped Gareth to safety and helped him recover and helped him stay hidden. Gareth feels like his has let everyone down still in search for his daughter he has yet to find her and he knows the end for him is coming near. What he will do no one knows not even his brother or uncle now comes the real test will Gareth be able to find his little girl before his end. After the Commission Gareth merged his group with the Mob and they became one. His uncle and brother was also in the group and his uncle Ronnie ran the mob. Gareth was still spiralling and got into a few fights with his group mates as well as his uncle. Gareth done as he was told but many people hated the Mob and didn't see them as a group of people who wanted to bring stability to the region or bring trade. After a while the mob met its end and Ronnie took to his own and wondered off the same with most of the lads and myself. Gareth took to his own and started looking again for his daughter for a few weeks searching everywhere and didn't have much luck. His return to Chernarus he heard the 5.0.3 was still around and heard a wedding was going down in kab church. He got a lift off one of the school boys and took off to C-J's wedding. After a short time Gareth became one with the 5.0.3 and things started to get better for him but not so much for other people who don't know him or come across him in a bad manner. Suffering from PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and a thrill to kill he has grown a passion to shed blood and torture. He lets all his anger and rage get to him and then he would explode on anyone he see's fit or that is even close. A few weeks later Gareth gets married to a women called Emika and at first he thought nothing of it. She was a praetorian Guard or still is and we took her as a prisoner of war and got her to force marry to Gareth. The wedding was short but the celebrations was long and now Gareth and Emika our joint hands in marriage. Gareth started off by feeling nothing to wards her but after a while he starts to feel some what sympathy for her and wants her to see her friends and have a good life. A few days after that Emika threated Lucifer and at this point Gareth has had enough of Emika running off and running her mouth at other 5.0.3 members. So After Gareth and Emika have a fun time things spiralled and Emika threated Lucifer and threated him with her gun and told him to turn around. Gareth was told this and was fuming he felt betrayed and wanted nothing more to discipline her but lets lucifer do it and torture her. Only now Gareth hates himself to see Emika in so much pain and he knew she needed to learn. After Lucifer was finished with her she got into the car and this man came out of nowhere so I started speaking to him. This man so called said he has been sent by The Praetorian Guard but it sounded weird and I didn't really believe him. To when Emika ran from the car and we started chasing her only to for me to turn around and saw this man hop in our car and starts to drive off. Gareth then gets into his BMW and chases this man down and crashes in the back of him. This man tells me to stay in the car and I get out and say my hands our going up please don't shoot. Only for him to shoot at infected then switch to his pistol and gives me the chance to pick up my m4 and finish him. Hearing his screams and pleading for his life behind a tree Gareth laughs with a blood curdling laugh and a shoots him in the head and finishes him. This man was one of many who tried to fool us and failed. Gareth put his finger in his blood and started smothering the trees in his blood. What was once a nice friendly person is now changed and no longer cares about nothing no more. After a good while in Chernarus we moved to Livonia to claim that land and bring war to those who ran away from us in Chernarus. We first looked for gear and made are way to the KOG base. We went the to siege them but CJ managed to worm his way in and get 503 access so from then we took the prison under the noses and took control from it. We then started moving are forces towards Sitnik to attack An Pobal and was a back and for fighting. Gareth wasn't around much after that and took on his own devices and made his way back to Chernarus leaving everything in Livonia in Livonia and took to finding his daughter and mother back in Chernarus. Two Months later When he arrived back into Chernarus he found himself meeting his old friends Michael, Martin, Fred, Gibson, Alkis and some faces he thought he wouldn't see or speak to again like Hutch, Fae, Lilith and some other's. We met in Krasnostav where Gareth met a person and handed over some frag grenades and went up the road past the store to meet the lads. We then ran down the road after meeting to only bump into Juno who Gareth was in the messengers with and the man who he just met came back round and gave Fred some lip. Fred is dealing with this man and took his weapons away from him and told him to go up the road and don't come back for 2 hours. With me Alkis, Fred, Martin, Gibson there he was out numbered and so he denied stuck his finger up at us and ran to his apartment building and so me and Gibson ran up the stairs to where he was around a corner with a gun pointed at my direction so I storm the room and take him out. My first time back in Chernarus after a long journey and looking for my daughter and I kill someone already "Sigh". We then meet up with Hutch and him and Fae take me under there ranks and I become one of them in there group. I started running medical supplies to another group and then scouting mission's. I have been in Novy summer camp and now near cherno. It is better to travel and not stay in one place for long at this moment in time with all the Russians around. more coming soon
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    ⊕ ⊕ ⊕ The Cavaliers have always been something of an enigma. On the exterior they present themselves as the perverted realisation of an eccentric nobleman's fantasy. Garbed in scarlet coats and equipped with antiquated rifles, their garish regalia is neither practical nor menacing. Yet beneath this jovial facade lies a pertinacious will to survive. More than that, they flout the morbid conventions of cataclysm with a sangfroid sense of assurity that has become a hallmark of British stoicism. Others might be content to breathe another day but to be a Cavalier is to live, fight and die for the honour of one's Queen & Country. Though they march through fields overgrown with anarchy, their polished boots tread the righteous path of civility. Whether drawn to serve by a patriotic sense of duty or personal loyalty, every member is sworn to uphold the core values of the order; strength, duty, honour. ⊕ ⊕ ⊕ Bleak Beginnings History of the Manor The City The Law ⊕ ⊕ ⊕ Send the following form to @Aristocrat and if we like the cut of your jib, we'll provide an in-game taster session. If you're mad enough to want more, we can make further arrangements for roleplay encounters, giving your character a chance to prove themselves worthy of wearing the redcoat. Remember, being accepted on the forums doesn't guarantee IC acceptance. ⊕ ⊕ ⊕ Lore written by : @Aristocrat Graphics by : @Sam Fields Group Icon by : @Xum Xum
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    Im looking out for a lady to play a psychobitch character. Whos willing?
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    From the album: DayzRP 2017 memories

    A DayzRP screenshot from 2017
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    Great way to hit my 1500 hour milestone rp brought me back to this game and has allowed me to expreience it in a way i never thought possible so thank you everybody involved i cant wait to see yall in chernarus ~MrTurtle/Mike Umbridge
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    Have you ever wondered what life would be like, if.. we all got along without an hierarchy? If, people managed to maintain a group without having to pay their dues to someone? As Kant himself said.. from a certain point of view, anarchism is a society where law and freedom can be maintained without force. Of course, in today's society.. surviving is the hard part. However, with the right people, with the right mindset, surviving can be achieved and so can maintaining a society where no force is required to possess the rights that any person deserves to have. Anarchy is an ideology that most people would take for granted in our society, because of the massive chaos, but most people are not well educated on the matter and what anarchy really is about. Everyday, there's a new group of people out and about who believe they can rule the world. There's a group of people who believe they know the answer to what this world we currently live in is about, what is right and what is not.. but the answer had always been there and is the same for everyone. A self governed society where people's cause is re-establishing a society where no one is wrong except for people who try to force their opinion on other people. In our current society, there is only one way to achieve something remotely close to a society like that, a revolution. Violence is deemed right and wrong depending on the reason behind it, depending on people's perception on the situation and how necessary certain actions are. If for example the french revolution did not happen, or the revolution in South Africa, imagine how the world would've changed. Everything must be reshaped, reformed, even in a society where chaos rules.. if someone doesn't step up to make a change, then.. it'll never happen, which is this group's sole cause. Letting people know that they can all take part into opposing themselves against all forms of oppression, no matter what the cost is and no matter how that message can be carried across to other people. Collection of relics. Anarchy's art. Roots of Anarchism "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty." Anarchism is a political philosophy where a society is self governed by its own members and are not represented by another group or 'party' if you will. The idea of a nation state is opposed by anarchists. Anarchists believe in ideas of mututal respect for others, creativity and cooperation, while opposing hierarchy and government. Anarchism has traces from the 6th centuary BC by a Taoist philosopher Laozi and his successors had written pieces that hint to anarchism. Such as Zhuangzi's passage saying "A petty thief is put in Jail. A great brigand becomes a ruler of a Nation", a brigand being a foot soldier. The first sight of Anarchism in politics and religion was in Islam shortly after the death of their propher Mohammed, where Islam split into different branches as they all had different ideas on who to follow, you had the Shia, Sunni and Khawarij. Where Shia and Sunni had different ideas on who to follow, Khawarij Muslims believed that it was Allah's decision and that they would remain in their 'free' states in their own tribal villages where they shared similar ideas to anarchism but it was not full anarchism. Our tale "We anarchists do not want to emancipate the people; we want people to emancipate themselves." Dimitri Tarasov was born and raised in the region of the southern coast of the Black Sea, Pontus, near-by Trabezon in a really small village. The roots of his family originate from the Christian Pontic Greeks that remained throughout the area (including Trabezon and Kars in northeastern Turkey/the Russian Caucasus). He was moved to an early stage of his life inside the region of Caucasus and later on to Chernarus thanks to his parents getting into legal trouble with debts within the Caucasus region. He was brought up for the early stages of his life by a very caring family that only wanted to bring the best to their son, educating him well by actually homeschooling him for most of his life due to them not really being able to be in a position where they can properly pay for his education, but rather wanting him to teach other things which they considered mostly important in life. He was always a really silent person and tried to stay away from trouble, as much as he was able to. Dimitri joined the military and served for about two years when he realized the military was not the answer to our country's problems and that he was not helping the country by any means by spending his days aimlessly in the ranks of the army (pre-outbreak). He was much more of an artist and chose to quit the army at a young age to be able to focus onto his artistic side and look at life from a much different perspective. And oh boy was he in for a big surprise.. coming home in July of that year, to the outbreak. He knew he was fucked, he didn't know how to survive alone. Of course, he wasn't that social either and by that time the only way he could get involved with people was by signing up to join, kinda like he did with the military and so he did, he decided to join the ranks of PCC, not only to help his family out but to also become a part of a group that will help others, hoping he would actually not get in too much trouble but boy was he wrong. Dimitri Tarasov did get a warm welcome into PCC and was serving in their ranks for a long time. Dimitri saw a lot of things, he saw how people who everyone thought were all for saving people would turn as time went on. One valuable lesson for Dimitri was that no one is good and no one is actually right. People don't want to to help each other, they just want as much power as they can get. One great example would be Dimitri's encounter with the people north of Tisi, as well as multiple other groups near Stary that changed his view on what people really want to do during the outbreak. Same with BF, in Dimitri's eyes it was a handful of individuals that were all crazy from his point of view. After having a few situations with them, clearly people like them for Dimitri do not want a peaceful country, they want all the power in our country, rather than making the situation which we're currently in better. After PCC decided to disband the current organization built within the nation, Dimitri realized that there was no way law & order could be established in means that would better what was left of Chernarus, it was all about power. It came down to having to do what was necessary, whether that required violence or not, to preserve a world where Anarachism is the ideology which people follow. Dimitri of course realized that was certainly not easy along with the wide-spread activities of the Black Fangs and the PAU and also the slave traders and so on, it would be hard to get rid of every form of oppression. However, Dimitri has collected individuals that are all helpful in a way or another which can make his job a lot easier. People like Fyodr, Luke, Alexi as well as himself. These men were all collected by Dimitri for one job, to end the oppression on the people of Chernarus. To stop the evil of the power hungry men, to stop nationalism and in general all forms of oppression. These individuals were also gathered because they were all skillful in their own way, skillful social engineers, skillful marksmen and of course, great supporters of the anarch-communist ideology. The most important point promoted by this kind of anarchism is the abolition of the state. The group's views lean towards insurrectionary/platformist anarchism to an extent (organization wise). That means that this group was formed due to a common interest, which would be stopping the tyranny and oppression throughout Chernarus among also expanding knowledge about our ideology. The group also embraces the views of illegalism which means that the people of the group embrace the fact that they will have to get their hands dirty to achieve their goal. Every and each member that takes part in this group's activities know that violence will be the answer in most cases, due to what today's world has come to. These men are not scared to take part in such events, because it is needed to preserve our individual freedom and the freedom of our country from tyranny and terror reigned by other people and groups. Post Legion Corp Anarchy Dimitri returned to the southern part of Chernarus with Fyodr after Legion Corporation to form the great band of brothers for one more time. Dimitri and Fyodr heard about the tales of groups ravishing the lands, exactly as people finally started to properly build settlements and exactly when people began to form settlements and actually bring the state of the country to the pre-apocalyptic state it used to be in. Dimitri and Fyodr quickly found a few groups such as The Runners, The Messengers and other people which roamed the lands and hoarded everything, they both quickly realized that they needed to gather other like-minded individuals which agreed to having to get involved with even more criminal activities to get the state of the country to the unique and ideal state that was right in their eyes. Dimitri and Fyodr gathered people rather fast, some ex members of Anarchy and some people which agreed to their ways and people who wanted to help. Sure some wanted power and sure some wanted the better for this country, but Dimitri knew that it was inevitable for all of them to reach their ideal status without their hands getting dirty. They first began by setting up their gun embargo to start registering people and as a way to know who's in the country and who's allowed to carry what, enough people carried firearms who didn't know how to use them so that's the first measure that had to be put into place to secure the safety of the people as well as a base license so that the organization could keep track of where people are located and where businesses are operating. The next step... propaganda. Each member carries a relic on himself, which is a way to identify other members of the same ideology. Members of the group have their own unique relic, which is assigned to them by Dimitri. Short Term Goals (by Day 850) i) Find the remnants of the coalition and make them pay for the death of our friends and loved ones during the war. (by day 845) ii) Relocate and operate a new home. (by day 845) iii) Bring in a new form of ideal society (according to Anarchy's standards) and have multiple groups work together following our ideology. (by day 850) iv) Secure alliances with smaller groups get them to operate towns and offer them protection. (by day 855) v) Only attack when provoked. (ongoing) Long Term Goals (by day 880) i) Do a gun embargo. (continuous) ii) Dismantle all government forces in the South Zagoria Region. (by day 870) iii) Send emissaries from Anarchy to follow other groups and see how they operate. (by day 870) iv) When a trifecta of groups follow the Anarchy Ideology have them set up trade routes and send out security teams to protect them. (by day 870) v) look out for the smaller groups and help them flourish and advance their goals. (by day 870) vi) Pop out events every two weeks to help advance the lore. (ongoing) vii) Create a summit and have each group send a representative to openly speak out their concerns and how they contribute to South Zagoria (Once every 3 weeks meet up and discuss things) (ongoing) viii) Destroy anyone connected to Aegis or The Corporation make them suffer for capturing and torturing members of Anarchy. (ongoing) ix) Capture The Black Roses and have them pay for the false accusations against the doctors at Pavlovo. (ongoing) x) Restrict CDF airflow with anti-aircraft weapons. (by day 880) xi) Make sure that every single group around South Zagoria are Distributing their wealth to everyone equally. (ongoing) @JimRP - Dimitri "Dima" Tarasov @Infamous - Luke Krey @FalkRP - Benedict Falk @NorwayRP - Arri Graham @RandyRP - William Wolfgang @DallasRP - Dallas Kane @Kricket - Jakob Vasilev @ThrashRP - Tibor Jakov @JewRP - Jonathan Shmeck @General Rickets - Anders Du Plessis @Hex - Liam Sinclair @Fae - Fae Williams @PhoenyxxRP - Lilianna Grey @SeversonRP - Blake Anderson @LumenRP - Anthony Carter @NozzyRP - Miguel Santiago @JamesRP - James McDonagh @BandsRP - Luke Britt @Nik - Nik Khaos @SassyRP - Sassy Sullivan Jr @YNW Viking - Yuan Ling @Wendigo - Eddie Morrison @TurkRP - Mehmet Ayibogan @radiosalt - Stella Williams @DexAgonRP - Zadoc Sahakian Interested in joining? PM me with the form below.
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    Mod name: Atv_mung Steam workshop link: LINK Reason to be added: More variety, country like Chernarus would have these.
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    Welcome to the community. If you have any question, do not hesitate to hit me with DM!
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    Welcome to the community. If you have any question, do not hesitate to hit me with DM!
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    God I love the views in Chernarus
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    You can search for characters on the forums. (Top right search, click on it and filter for characters)
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    Search there character name up and find them that way.
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    There's nothing confirmed about RedM, we don't even know if it will work at all. So we are standing by until game release to get more information.
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    @silvermoongaming Had fun RPing with you and getting to know your character. Having you run around with us while we do whatever we wanted was fun. When we cut Black Roses into the one creepy dudes back and you threatened to cut the guys dick off if he ever came after us I couldn't stop laughing. RP was amazing and look forward to the future @moxx Bro always fun playing with you. Between the people we robbed, and carving Black Roses into the Dudes back was a fun night. Keep it up man @Ronnie for still playing the best old man character there ever was. And also being a fun as hell person to RP with And Seth Reeves (I dont know your forum name sorry!) Bro you are fucking amazing, Between making small talk for 3 and a half hours and still doing amazing Hostile RP, You are amazing bro keep it up Also Black rose dudes.... I appreciate you guys standing guard for me while I sit inside a house and talk to someone. You guys are legends and Im happy to be part of you guys and looking forward to the next gang shit we do.
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    i want some potato salad now, thanks nova -___-
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    "There will be a pop quiz for the next class, remember the words!!"
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    "Condor reporting for wave 3"
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    Great first interaction with New Hope today! I hope we will be seeing more of you in the coming future!
  32. 1 like
    Was truly a heartwarming experience. Hopefully we can do this again sometime.
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    All free items should have been refunded. If I missed something, just contact me.
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    I think it would make for better RP if a group leader adds that element to things; as long as the hitman/woman was able to accept retaliation. I don't think a staff agreement would make sense, or would be fair.
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    No, you are not for that. You have to analyse if things got the way they are by forces within your control and if you think that you can change things with your actions. But if I never modified my avenue of approach to issues here or in life in general I'd be stuck in a constant cycle. You are a person I consider a friend and the worst thing we can do for our fellow hoomans is to have no standards for them or to just let them wander in the wilderness perpetually. Try something different concept-wise, shake up your approach, that way in two weeks you won't have to archive for lack of members.
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    I'll quote the full rule to clarify your last bullet point, as the key addendum is 'proportionate to damage done'. I'm going to lead with this: TL;DR: My interpretation of 'IC reasoning proportionate to the damage done' is different then yours. Now that that is out of the way, onto the explanation! This is why I qualified my above statement with context matters. I have no idea how anyone will ever meet the OOC knowledge requirement as its as likely to be proven as rule 3.6 without video evidence or a self-admitted guilty by the party involved. Ill intent is again, just as unlikely to ever be proven because short of having the player admit they were salty and doing it for that reason alone, or an established history of OOC issues between two parties, I don't think it will be applied. I can't recall a single griefing verdict where that was factored in. In my eyes its usually always the last option that matters most; having a proper IC reasoning that is proportionate to the damage done. I do not accept the IC reasoning of 'I didn't want to move it the other tent.' Much the same as we expect players to abide by the initiation and kill rights rules, despite in reality us all knowing if you wanted someones items the safest way to get them would just be to shoot them and loot the corpse, not hold them up and risk dying. If your argument leans on trying to define the fourth bullet point as any IC justification makes it valid, then its remarkably easy to have a character that just goes around destroying every stash/base/supply cache they come across under the justification of 'Its what my character would do' for [Reason]. This is why all situations are viewed independent of each other, and the staff team weighs the merits of the case and the damage caused and the justification of the raider to determine if we would consider it griefing or not.
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    I think Deer Isle is getting a fair amount of attention, yesterday it peaked at 30 players, which for its size is not too shabby and definitely playable. Regardless what map I put on S2, the queues for S1 will remain because people have their group members and bases there. The only solution is to draw more people to the second server and have people establish permanent group presence or base there. For this purpose Deer Isle is ideal, since it can successfully support smaller populations that S2 will undoubtedly have. The plan is to do events on S2 that will draw more people to the server. I will also be giving out free building materials to approved groups who are willing to build a base there. Joining servers is no longer an option because we tried it before and it completely ruined server economy and performance: Only one golden desert eagle spawns on each server Loot the one on S2 Move it with your character to S1 and stash it there Now there are two eagles on S1 and none on S2, so S2 spawns new one Repeat X amount of items for 900 players we have active S1 has 2-3 times the loot it should, killing its performance. Also nothing spawns there anymore. Meanwhile S2 continues to respawn even rarest of items because they are taken from its economy Item economy and rarity is ruined, so is performance, forcing us to wipe S1 persistence including all bases Repeat Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
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    I like the idea, but i think in order to do this there should be a list made OOC with people that agrees they can be KoS'd by an hitman. I would sign up for it myself
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    I'm on the same wavelength as @Rover here. If you want to conduct a situation between two character like an assassination, just reach out to the person you want to take out. If the two people can discuss it mutually, the assassin gets a fun plot for their character and the assassinated gets to write their character's death how they want, and then it's actually conducted in game with no issues at all. I see no need for staff intervention unless a report stems from it.
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    I, JobScholten hereby agree to follow the DayZRP Staff Agreement Version 4 in its current form.
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    You need better friends.
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    Fishing when Anarchy is around be like: I love you guys, truly a unique hostile group, ya didn't shoot me despite me running lmfao. I love you guys so much, lettin' me get my attempt escape in. I hope when karma comes to bite y'all go down beating the devil with a licence of some kind.
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    I run a trader up at Altar, I would hate to see NPC traders. I think traders will ruin the realism
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    MP5 for close range because its reliable and has a good magazine size. For long range its the winchester purely for the sound
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