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    Good roleplay today from all the usuals, @SquirtleKitty, @Kordruga, @VegasRP, @G19RP, @NorwayRP, @Fae, @Shroud, @Nik, @DexAgonRP, and whoever hell I missed. Something bout rain. I did enjoy the rain. Otherwise it was nice running into y'all today @YAKMOUTH, @Eugene Robinson, @Chace121, and whoever the two other people I ran with that I can't find on the forums.
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    When you get kicked from another Discord
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    Unfortunately Deer Isle isn't getting much attention, which is a shame. People would rather sit in a queue to get on S1, compared to hopping on S2 - Deer Isle. Personally I would like it if S2 Chernarus was a separate hive, but I do think that having S2 on the map that the majority, not the minority want to play is more beneficial to the community as a whole.
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    my feelings regarding this are, with the current queue many of our members are right now CBA with waiting in a 2 hour lineup to get in game. which is hurting our groups. It's a massive problem for progressing story, it is a massive problem for large groups to try and maintain their status as a group. lets bring back S2 chernarus. deer isle isn't even finished
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    @Opticillunitic coward
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    While I see where you are coming from with the suggestion, I hate to point out that even changing the map would most likely not achieve any change for the following reasons: 1. People build their bases mostly on S1 because S2 always runs the threat of being shut down again, including the bases people have invested much time in. 2. DayzRP is the most group based community I know of. Everything is about group politics and where they are. So people want to play with their group and groups interact mainly on S1 with each other. Point is, even if S2 is the Chernarus map, the groups, the bases and the RP are on S1 so very little would be gained from that.
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    those trying to crack the code. Do not use the program Black Chamber. It bugs out the code. Manually it is more than possible
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    Bro I'm actually down for this. If someone out there has enough of a reason to assassinate me, PM me the motive and I'll let you know if you can do it or not.
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    Lets see how quickly they solve this one.
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    Out for lunch and a nice treat
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    Thanks for running around with @Eagles_4L1fe, @Derek Steel and I this evening, @Vast and @Reno Sonozaki ^^ The RP was fun!! Hope to see more of you guys some time.
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    Always liked your RP Gary, good luck with the group man
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    What a hell of a good shot! "Alright fluffy! This town is ours!" "Woof!" "Everything is ours!" "Woof woof!" "No cats allowed." "Woof woof!" "No girl allowed!" "..... woof?" "This is an all guys club!" ".........." "Where are you going?"
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    Chad RP with @Ronnie best i've had in a while. Good shit with my boys @Johnny Navid @MasonnWB and the gang.
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    THE TRADE UNION"In memory of John Johnsson"
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    A morning right before I opened shop!!! Wow the memories.
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    Nice work @Watchman but you forgot the Voodoo's hot salsa food item made with 99% chilies and 1% tomato
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    I Voted no, here's why -People who have to deal with smart ass's who say to you "I have roamed Chernarus for months and haven't seen or heard about you" (Despite knowing that you come from S1) -Ghosting, this was a problem and its a something people will use to raid bases or use in combat situations. -And it will be used to get Gear.
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    Newest RP boi? @G19RP @JimRP Welcome
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    3spooky5me Really looking forward to finding the whole skeleton outfit! What model do the skeleton top and bottom use @Watchman?
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    I I ""peter fraze" agree that while I am playing in the Potius Cras group CP, I waive my right to report anyone for KOS or attempted KOS on me under any circumstances. All kills on my character will be valid so long as my character is in the Potius Cras CP no matter how the character death came about. So long as I am playing a Potius Cras character that is working for / with the organization, or my forum name is on the group CP on the forums, I waive my right to report any KOS or attempted KOS on my character.// Signed by peter
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    My stream is going to start a bit late tonight due to me selibrating my birthday with my mom
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    This should be a thing but staff shouldn't be in charge of it
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    Cool now my gun actualy disappear, im so happy!
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    As a Savior As Mac Tire As a STALKER Hunter did what must be done...
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    Gotta go with my main KAM (AKM). Love that thing. 7.62, good stopping power. Not so rare that you are afraid of never seeing one again if you lose it. Great weapon for all around protection.
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    Would absolutely love to play D&D again with these boys sometime.
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    Enjoyed hanging out with my peeps and the good old @Frenchie. Showed them my MLG Pro Driving skills! Hahaha!
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    When you and your friends want to play the same character so you're forced to use different outfits.
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    Welcome enjoy your stay a lot of good RP on this server!
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    "Operator Rain, Re-Deploying with Wave 3 Sir."
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    As a former Mafioso, I have been enjoying the interactions with Anarchy. My character is trying to make amends for his past transgressions and their apprehension/hostility is warranted towards him. I remember some serious beef/wars between the Mafia and other parties so the way they are towards former members and associates of Dean's is understandable. Sometimes the RP from Anarchy towards my character is short and sweet such as giving him tasks to try to earn their trust again. But I do not for one second expect them to want anything more with my character any time soon. Different strokes for different folks I guess. I for one have been enjoying what Anarchy brings to the table.
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    Day 7 As always the fog is thick as Mikael slowly approaching the isle most call Deer isle mostly due to its large population of Deer and other wildlife. As always the huge oil rig appears almost out of thin air and Mikael adjusts his course slightly to the east to avoid the rapids that made him crash into it ones. As he makes it to the land he hides the small boat and changes his clothing in case someone would recognize him and picks up an M4A1 and a Musin from the boat before leaving it. Gunfire can be heard from the northeast so he decides to stay on the docks as he walks east. As he walks he can see a person hiding behind a container, completely unarmed as far as he can see so he keeps moving toward his last known location as if he did not see him and turns the corner. "Hi, there!", Mikael says as he spots the man again. The man looks startled and seems to almost panicking when he sees the M4 in Mikael's hands. "Don't worry about me, I'm friendly", Mikael says as he shoulders his gun. The man looks slightly more relaxed and starts to speak. "I'm Tom, what's your name" "I'm Mikael, You seem to lack a weapon. I have a Musin that I have no use for if you want it" "That's really generous of you, Do you need anything?" "Well if you have some 556 I gladly take that", Mikael answers as he hands over the Musin and some boxes of rounds "I think I have a box unless the Russians did take them from me, oh yea you should stay away from the apartments behind you. Those Russians are not nice" "Thank you for the advice, I was actually heating over there when I spotted you" "Oh really, Then I'm glad I ran into you, You seem like a nice guy" "Well I try to be", Mikael answers and as always don't like those words, it makes him feel like he did something bad in the past. "So is there anything else I can offer you?", Tom asks "If you have a sidearm I gladly take that" "That I do", he says and shows a few guns, one of them is a P1 "That P1 I do have some magazines for so I gladly take that one", Mikael says as he inspects the gun that seems to have seen some action "I'm glad I could offer you something for this Musin" "Well, It was nice to meet you but I have to go", Mikael continues as he starts to walk. "Ok stay safe out there and I hope we will meet again" "You too", Mikael answers as he pulls out his M4 again and keeps moving east. As he almost walks closer and closer to the edge of the city he spots some garages and decides to check them out In one garage he spots a cabinet that seems to still be closed and shoulders his M4 as he opens and starts to look inside. "Hello there", The voice comes from behind him and Mikael pulls out his M4 as he spins around. "Woa, Woa! I'm unarmed and friendly", The man says as he peeks around a corner. Mikael can't explain why he feels this man is safe more than that he wears casual clothing and have no visible weapons and shoulders his M4 again and shortly after a second guy shows up and seems to secure the area. "Hi! Sorry for startling you, I'm Nixon" "Nice to meet you Nixon I'm Mikael" Gunfire rings out more and more frequent and Mikael keeps a close eye in the direction of the shots. "I have not seen you before, Do you come from the mainland?" "Yeah", Mikael answers shortly. "So what brings you here?" "It's a long story but, the group I'm apart of and I have some difference of opinion" "Well, I'm apart of Heros nation, we are the opposite of Anarchy that most people seem to have a problem with" Mikael turns his gaze toward Nixon immediately interested. "We do try to keep some law and order around here but not like the Anarchy" "Really, That sounds interesting" "Well if you want to talk to us or maybe even join us, then take this frequency, it is secure so we can talk in private", He says as he gives Mikael a small paper "How secure can it be if you give it to strangers", Mikael thinks to himself as he takes the paper. "Thank you, I will stay in touch but for now I need to get some rest" "ok well I'm looking forward to hearing from you" "Well stay safe out there", Mikael says as he starts to walk
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    @OxeN trynna cop a feel, dirty fecker
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    Considering the new influx of ya'll, I've been getting increasingly more and more un-contacted requests to join the group. So for all of you new whitelists, here is the actual process on how to join any group on the server. A) Find out their recruitment method: Some groups have different ways of recruiting. As for my own we prefeer to do it via IC means, but do have an OOC option as well that'll take you on an IC treasure hunt for us. The way to identify on how to join a group can usually be seen like this: Or some may have: Or! Even this! Here is three examples: The first one is self-explanatory, you either find us IC, or apply, and we'll selectively pick you from certain criterias that fits our group. The second is more open ended, and can usually take a variety of people into them. As for the third, it is "Strictly IC recruitment" you will -not- get to join this via sending a message, nor apply via the group button. And as you find the group which has the certain opening criteria that you're looking for, go to step b) B) Identifying how to be recruited: As for most groups, we will have written in our group page on how to get recruited. As for my own, it goes like this: Usually you will be able to find the "How to join us" in the bottom of the group page. Once you have found the group you wish to join, go to step c). C) Apply as it is explained in the group page. That simple. D) Reward? You might've gotten lucky and got recruited, yay you! Now just listen to your group leader on how to join the group via the forums, and have some dank RP. Of course, certain things in this guide may vary from group to group. But this is the most basic way of going about it. Another good way of finding survivors to band up with is via this thread: CLICKING THE "JOIN GROUP" BUTTON DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY HAVE YOU JOIN SAID GROUP.
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    What's up man, welcome to the community.
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    Welcome to the community get out there and have your revenge and have fun doing it
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    Fishing when Anarchy is around be like: I love you guys, truly a unique hostile group, ya didn't shoot me despite me running lmfao. I love you guys so much, lettin' me get my attempt escape in. I hope when karma comes to bite y'all go down beating the devil with a licence of some kind.
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    I was looking though the pictures, and I saw what other people posted and I noticed @RandyRP but this down on the bottom. @Ducky image inst his own work and its been taken off this site and probably others. He cant consent for this to be allowed to be used on DayZRP and I feel like its cheating because many other people have gone in game and taken this screenshots and put effect in and not just stole a image over the internet. Just my thoughts on it. If @Roland and @JimRP can look at it and make a final decision it.
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    shadowplay seizure bug plz be gentle
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    Alright sit back and enjoy the ride. Ps: excuse the bumpy road... haven't really been keeping it clean and cared for, with you know apocalypse and all.
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    Slava Chernarus! Slava Kozlov! Tour of Černaruská Policie jail cell Černaruská Policie personal Tupolev Pavlovich discussing serious business Oheň Rádek Zelenka cooking fish Policie discussing business
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    Slava Chernarus! Here is the lore.
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