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    I also am against fast travel. Half the rp comes from running into people when traveling. Its going to turn into people waiting at these fast travel places. With tickets which makes no IC sense to have. More promoted to gear and rubles, when it should be all IC. So a trader npc shouldn't be a thing, much like Ron said it negates Trader RP. On a rp server. We shouldn't be promoting this with all these new players. They are practically getting handed things, and then when it gets taken. They will get upset for how they grinded for that gun, that gear. You ask them to run rp "said place" they will be like which fast travel is that.... That shouldn't be a thing, I learned the map and hot spots IG. Not through fast travel. Most people who vote are your loyal players. The ones who make the new ones stay. Because if they don't get a good rp experience, like they saw here or there. Then they will leave. An most of the time that comes from the voting party. If they fast travel or go to traders, then what's the point? The vets are not going to stay there, and sounds like a good place to get robbed. Which will leave a bad taste to people. More complaints. Just...no..
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    @NorwayRP thanks for serenading me @radiosalt You think I could make it in the rap game? @JimRP I would write something here but you left me all alone @G19RP they don't want what the delta force operators got son @Wendigo fuck you @Dew my favourite little petite black bitch @Fae never thought I'd see someone's asshole be cleaned in game but yet here we are, enlightened Much love to everyone else I'm too lazy to type out your names, also I love @TurkRP
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    I don't think taking a small sample of the community who can't read clearly is a fair assessment. This is basically bloody brexit. You should go with the assumption that MOST of YOUR community should, can and do understand what the system is that you want to put in place. You're basically saying here: Well, you didn't understand and so we're going ahead because you're idiots. No. I think 90% of people quite clearly understand what they are voting for and what they want. We do not need a second referendum, we should stick with the first vote. Fair enough, you want to expand and develop the community and it's modpack further, that's excellent and I commend you, but clearly, these mods and ideas are not wanted by the majority. Please, don't make that majority then have to go through a phase of turmoil and annoyance, simply because you think it's the right thing to do because you think we can't read and understand. You asked the community, the community said no. You don't help people by ignoring their vote, you anger them. @Roland
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    The poll is closed, thank you to everyone who voted and submitted their loading screens. The top three winners are: 1. @NozzyRP 2. @Camo 3. @Watchman / @Glitch
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    From the album: Interesting things

    working on the base has never been easier
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    "Daddy, who's that girl in the picture?" The middle aged man looks at his drawing and tears start to build up in his eyes. He closes his eyes and thinks back to that day. "What are you doing back there honey?" "Just drawing the scenery." "Why don't you come join me? The view is beautiful!" "Yes... it is." "Hehe, I hope we have lots of kids and grand kids." "Mhm... me two my love." Back to the present "That's your mother." "Oh.... what was she like?" The man looks down at his daughter that resembles his beloved wife. Tears falling from his cheeks. "Strong, courageous, caring, cheerful, and she's the reason why you are safe with me now." "Are you sad?" "No darling. I'm very happy." "I wish I could have met her." "Yeah, you two would have been a fun pair. You're so much like her." "I love Mommy." "I love Mommy too.... very much." The father and daughter embrace.
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    Please voice your opinions and thoughts on this thread. The more voices heard the more clear the situation becomes, whichever way it swings. Much appreciated. Remember, Brexit means Brexit.
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    A lot of people voting on the mods have shown clear lack of understanding how these mods work and how they will be set up, despite me writing a description in the thread with the poll. They are blindly voting no based on how the mods work on other servers, completely disregarding our own custom plan for them. This has been clearly shown after speaking to some people on Discord who had completely wrong understanding on how these two mods (Fast Travel and Traders) are intended to work here on DayZRP. They thought it's going to be a universal and free teleportation so you can just jump between locations all day long and that the traders will be selling everything they need and all the best weapons. I have therefore decided to proceed with them despite the negative poll outcome so that these people can experience first hand how these mods will work in game and then make another poll whether to keep them or not.
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    Anyone interested in an ERP event?
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    The ideal solution actually is maybe try making peace with the hostile rp'ers. Most of the time, i mean actually, all of the time theres a way out. Meet their demands, comply to their ways and continue on with trading. I've seen where a trader came to a group and offered 100 rounds of 5.56 a week to be able to trade freely. Its all about working around the idea of "need to be safe from all hostile encounters". Work to find solutions. It's actually a lot easier than people think.
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    We actually did have this for like a month or so after the lore wipe. The UN established a safe zone down south, before moving to Kabanino where they spent a lot of time. Before giving up to the VDV and packing their bags and abandoning the place. I still remember going along the road between Stary and Kabanino watching the UN Convoy head east. Must have been 20 of em running carrying all kinds of tents and equipment. They wouldn't tell us where they were going, so from that point we knew we were on our own in this world and that the governments of the world were finished. The days after the lore wipe were fun times and had interesting group dynamics where it wasn't just hostile RP getting robbed 24/7. I haven't played much since August 2017, school and everything else had gotten in the way, but it was good times. I do say that we're in need of another lore wipe though. Its been over 2 years. And when they did the 2017 wipe it was over 2 years since the one before that.
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    So what you're saying is..... There is nothing wrong with being a nazi?? JK Yeah Safe zones shouldn't be rule enforced, that makes 0 sense and would lead to a greater divide between the community. Not needed
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    DayZRP 19.10.1 Released 2019-10-17 Mods removed GoreZ (performance concerns, no updates for most recent patches) Place Anything (conflicts with some base building) Mods added LittleQuieter (lowers sound of fires and cars to allow you to hear each other better) General General code cleanup, removal of unused prototype items that were abandoned @Roland Script error fixes @Roland Raincoat bag should now be placed on the ground after crafting instead of player inventory @Watchman You can now trigger unconsciousness from emote wheel @Kerkkoh Locker nade trap should no longer trigger @Kerkkoh Ratnik armor weight fixed when carrying in hands @Ducky Hit logging using melee weapons improved @Kerkkoh All vehicles should now spawn fully repaired @Roland Clothing Halloween clothing pack added @Watchman
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    Pretty much what ToeZies said. I get what you want, I understand it's not as bad as Skyrim teleportation or something stupid like that. I, and it seems like a lot of people, don't want teleportation, period. This is not the game for it and certainly not the community for it. Using the idea that everyone's too ignorant to understand completely undermines the vote in the first place.
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    This is the real PvP
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    Fishing when Anarchy is around be like: I love you guys, truly a unique hostile group, ya didn't shoot me despite me running lmfao. I love you guys so much, lettin' me get my attempt escape in. I hope when karma comes to bite y'all go down beating the devil with a licence of some kind.
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    Every day I see things on these forums that just push me further and further away from getting on again. We add ideas and deny ideas for the sake of RP according to the Staff but adding Fast travel and Trader NPCs is legit taking RP away from players around you. Now all we're going to have are people constantly doing laps around the airfield/military bases and gathering whatever they can find, hoarding it and selling it as some sort of DayZ rendition of Escape from Tarkov and obviously since there's no danger in these areas as long as you keep out of VOIP range you should be fine. People are literally going to grind instead of RPing and when they aren't grinding all they'll do is camp in the SafeZone. We shouldn't be adding SafeZones we should be adding KOS zones to stop people from going into military bases without any ounce of fear. This will promote better weapons spawns and leave more people going to certain areas of the map for safety. Add KOS zones
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    Hello, I am NorwayRP I slide on the soap and make RP montage's every once and a while. I will post some here from now on thanks.
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    ''Realistic Farming'' Farming in dayz has always been a great way to spent time around campsites while still being productive. From searching for the necessary tools to the start of a garden plot and the moment of harvest. The rewards of a good farm can help camps out a lot, because maintaining a steady food supply is something every camp needs to work on. Although at the moment it is too easy. Getting a full harvest only takes a short amount of time and garden lime doesn't even serve a purpose at the moment, because the growing speed is already really fast. These are all changes that came along with 1.0 while it was more balanced in 0.63 in my opinion. There are a couple of small things that need changing to make farming more interesting, fun and time consuming again. - Increase the time it takes for the plant to grow to its complete state (garden lime becomes more usefull, because it will actually make a change in growing speed again) - Increase the time between the following harvests - Decrease the amount of food per harvest Let me know what you guys think about this!
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    So we have had the new mods introduced for some time now. There was some initial growing pains and things to get used to (just press insert) . It has been my experience that the mod causing the most issues is the Toxic Zone mod. Below are some of the known issues and complaints I have heard personally: Gas is bugged and goes invisible for some players in certain situations. Various pieces of equipment that should work either logically or mechanically don't, for various reasons Why does Tisy have it? This doesn't fit the lore. Why is there a roaming gas cloud? This doesn't fit the lore. NBC items in the shop either provide an advantage, or if the advantage is removed will then make no IG sense as to why they don't work, and don't have an indicator or label to let you know that they are different from ones found in game. Mod added items that were not included in toxic-zone mod, such as reskinned/recolored NBC or certain gas masks don't work. Toxic-Cure is very rare and the disease kills too quickly to allow a realistic chance of survival. So what do you think? Have you enjoyed having the mod in the game? Do you want it to stay or have it removed? Interested in hearing the communities thoughts on the matter.
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    The Old Timers are a group of retirees stranded in Chernarus, who against all odds survived the end of the world. While on a trip to the country with the "Open Arms Retirement Home" the infection hit and they were stuck here. Their carers abandoned them and fled for themselves, leaving the "Old Timers" to fend for each other. This betrayal made them cautious of outsiders and all younger people. They had no one else to look out for them beside each other. Open Arms Retirement Home was a retirement village located in Austin, Texas. They cared for numerous elderly people while still allowing them to live as much of a normal life as possible. People from all around the world were apart of this community. Jim Pickett ,Douglas Montgomery, Jeremiah Woods and Burke Johnson quickly bonded due to their involvement in the Vietnam war. They shared war stories with the other members and were well respected within the Open Arms Retirement Home. One day another member shared his story of how spent 25 years in jail. Charleston King told them about how he lost custody of his kids and it led to him becoming an alcoholic who robbed a family one night while drunk. They felt bad for him and decided to look out for him in the retirement home. These five men began to be known as the "Old Timers" around the retirement home, due to them recalling the past any time they could. Every year during the summer the retirement home would organize a trip for the seniors. It was usually just a weekend journey to a neighboring city but this year they would be going on a trip across southern Europe. This was very exciting for all the old timers, most of them had never even been to outside of the United States. Jim and Douglas relished the chance to see some of the battlefields that their fathers fought in. The trip would take the group all across Europe, first stopping in France. Here they would see the beaches of Normandy before travelling to Paris for a couple of days. Next up they would venture to Italy, seeing the sights of Rome before making their way to Greece to visit the numerous ancient sites. From here they would visit the country of Chernarus before travelling to Russia where their trip would end. The gang at a castle in France The trip was going well and everyone was enjoying it, each of the countries were very interesting to visit. Next up on the list was Chernarus. Everyone was very excited to travel here. After the civil war they had heard great things about the country and were eager to learn more about its history. The Old Timers were particularity interested in the history of the civil war which happened in 2009. During trip to Chernarus they visited the capital city of Novigrad. Here they visited the popular tourist destinations and learned the history of the region. They enjoyed their time here but it was time to leave. Just before leaving however their plane was stopped on the Runway and they were all told to leave it and return to the airport. Their luggage was searched and they were all interviewed about who they were and why they were in the country. They didn't understand why this was happening to them and were not told anything other than they would not be allowed to leave today and had to return to their hotel until they were told they were permitted to depart. Days later martial law was declared in the country and they feared this meant that they were stuck here. A man at the hotel told them that he could arrange for them to fly from a small airfield in the North East of the country to Russia, where they would be able to fly back to the United States. They were weary of this but were desperate to get home before they country destabilized more and it would be unsafe to be there. They all agreed that this was the only way they could leave the country in the near future and all set off on a bus to the small town of Balota. They drove for hours and eventually arrived at the airfield. Here they saw no plane in sight and feared they were scammed. One of their carers exited the bus and went to a nearby building to ask if there would be any plane taking them to Russia. While he was inside the Old Timers were suspicious of how quite the airfield was. They agreed if anything happened they would stick together. A few moments later the carer who went in to the building ran out bleeding heavily. Behind him were two men dressed in military uniforms. The group feared that he was being apprehended by the military for trespassing on the Airfield, but to their horror the two soldiers began tearing the man apart with their mouths. There were numerous screams from the people on the bus and this attracted the attention of the lunatic soldiers. They rushed the bus. The remaining carers tried to get the group off the bus and away but when they were leap at they used the elderly people as human shields before retreating into the woods. The Old Timers stuck together defending each other from any attack before retreating into the woods as well. They ventured further north looking for any help before realizing this was happening all around them. They were disgusted what had happened and what the carers had done to them. They knew they had to stick together to survive and that they could only trust each other. @GMAK - Jim Pickett @Ryan Shepherd - Jeremiah Woods @Challenger - Douglas Montgomery @Cuchulainn - Charleston King @brk - Burke Johnson - Ensure the survival of the Old Timers [Indefinite] - - Find a suitable home for the Old Timers [Day 650] - - Establish good relations with groups [0/5] - - Explore the region [Day 670] - Graphics by @Banshee If you would like to join message @Ryan Shepherd on the forums.
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    Help me find the zombie that killed my wife. Nowadays the thought of revenge is the only thing that keeps me going...
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    While I remain skeptical about fast travel (not having access to this at all puts more emphasis on planning your routes or using vehicles), I actually look forward to the trade post. We used to have player run trade post events and I feel they were received well by the community (those going there to trade). I've been with, I think, every single one of them. But eventually they stopped. No matter the reason it's time consuming and binds up to a dozen players or more (traders, quest givers, guards) for a few hours. Some eventually lose interest, some might not be able to be there for a set date or time, etc. This could basically automate this to a large extend. We could also still run "trade events" in the future but keep them way shorter and simple or focus on rarer gear if the black market trader won't cut it for many. Let's give it a try for that particular mod, I say!
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    I met "the Inspector" yesterday. It was fun! XD!
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    @Wolfen I swear, we're going to hell and I'm going to laugh all the way there! Thanks so much for the long session forcing Laura to think about what she wants and how to shape the world around her. Also for the most awful jokes in existence. And fixing my fat fashion. I've had a ton of fun
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    Huge thanks to @Isaiah Rinkasonn and @Kailen Olsen, I wasn't planning on staying so late - thanks for some great RP. I wanted to also thank the couple we ran into, but I can't @ for shit... - but if you were there - thanks for an unexpected, nice little encounter!
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    Just finished watching MrMoons movie. That ending was a fucking twist. @GaryCash you need to check it out if you haven’t yet.
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    The server belongs to Roland. Not to the community. Therefore, "democracy" has nothing to do here. These polls serve to give him ideas about how to improve his server/business, but should not force the admins to do what the majority wants. I have other complains... particularly one BIG one... (about the amount of permabanned people) but, "ignoring the community's wishes" is not a problem for me, at all. This said... I guess that we will have to try these new mods, and give our feedback afterwards! XD!
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    Bandits go to where the people are. People are at safezones. The problem is the safezone, not the people choosing to play hostile characters.
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    I actually think this is a good choice of action. Nobody knows for certain if this is going to help the server and i think trying it out will help make it clearer. Pretty much what @CrescentGent said. It does not hurt to try it out and see if it works or not. Good choice of action El Presidente! Also this place did not become what it is because it was a "democracy" because let's be frank that's not an efficient way to run things. And yes as seen from the discord it is clear people voted without reading the thread which is why the polls cannot be trusted since it's just based of the title of the thread. To give an example, this was also a thing when the topic of rapeRP was being discussed. The thread title was "ban rapeRP" and when people hear the word "rape" they obviously don't think that consent is in fact involved. This caused 80%+ to vote for banning said RP from simply just reading the title alone. This is why you cannot just say "oh but people voted for it, so we can't do it" We need Enlightened Despotism, not Democracy. This has been my TED Talk, thanks for coming.
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    this still involves taking time for the mods to address/note the issue. also ruins the rp... which is the main concern here. I think letting people play the game and not forcing them to wait hours to play the game on your servers far out weighs the chance that someone may abuse the rules. which there are systems in place to handle. People are saying that the community here is dieing off. well what do you expect if your going to make it a inconvenience to play here and continually ignore what the community asks for. Ive personally never waiting longer than 10 minutes in a queue to play a game. I understand others may be wiling to to wait 2-3 hours to play WoW, but why would you use that as your example on how to run your server? wouldn't you rather provide a better service then that? It would be like if I took my car in for an oil change and one business said it will be done in a week so then the next guy sais yeh that's a good enough business motto ill do the same rather than undercut him and take all his business.
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    Congrats on getting approved y'all! Good luck!
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    Heading hunting again, hopefully will see some more deer
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    It took Emily several days to actually write something down.
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    I joined DayZRP this Summer. Being new and inexperienced to DayZ and RP in general, while also a little bit slower intellectually/socially IRL, I prefer the 'B.' playstyle. I like helping people as a 'sidekick' to their adventures. @NorwayRP's example of how most on DayZRP interact with this playstyle has been very true to my personal experience here so far. Even from those groups many have deemed as 'hostile'. I'm very grateful. I have been given a lot of patience by almost everyone in the playerbase for my slower responses and limited-creativity. Many have gone out of their way to make me feel welcome and a part of the game-world and their group. I guess, to me, it feels almost like real-life here. If one is kind, and tries hard to help others...people treat you pretty well.
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    @Mikkel Andre I don't think that everybody is shooting and robbing all the time in the server. The server has other problems, but this is not one of them. I think that, if you liked Mr Moon's video you will enjoy playing (either here, or in the other server where Mr Moon is currently playing). If you join you will find that, after the events in Mr Moon's video, "The Time" became "Anarchy", and they achieved what no other group has ever achieved: absolute dominance above all the other groups. Nobody can defeat them. Chernarus is living a dark age. I miss the CTF, the Watch, the Mafia, the Time, the Hilltop, the real Wolf Pack, the "hands up don't shoot" group... XD!
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    Just saw a 4 pointer come walking through the woods couldn’t get a shot though
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    Never, in my life, have i felt so bad as yesterday in RP on an OOC basis. My gun bugged out and insta fired when i initiated... Thank you @Mrfuntown for understanding i appreciate it!
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    trading post is a terrible idea, you've created another monster and fast travel! what are you thinking, even if you need a ticket to do this its still a terrible idea, basically created a trading hub that the biggest groups will over see, (watch the reports roll in and crying from people) and a fast travel system that just makes people lazy, massively disappointed if this is the direction dayzrp is heading,
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    Back later this evening heading to the Gun Bash
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    Okay, I am personally tired of seeing child characters. If you want to have a child in your story you can RP them as being in a safe-zone / city. Kids would not stand a chance outside of these places anyways as the outskirts and surrounding areas are full of raiders (some being cannibals, pedos, rapists, etc), infected, and wildlife. Some reasons to get rid of this form of RP below. It's weird okay? The game doesn't support a child character model. The role-play is frankly borderline creepy and not needed. Many of the people sound like regular adults and never emote being a child, thus people are put in awkward situations when RPing with said characters. Plis ban it like we did other things or just put me out of misery.
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