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    shadowplay seizure bug plz be gentle
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    Fishing when Anarchy is around be like: I love you guys, truly a unique hostile group, ya didn't shoot me despite me running lmfao. I love you guys so much, lettin' me get my attempt escape in. I hope when karma comes to bite y'all go down beating the devil with a licence of some kind.
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    Hello @Conor, a whole different team (not staff) has reviewed your appeal and came to the following decision for you and also for your group leader @Kordruga who failed to secure you. Kord, you manage to kill the person who initiated on your bf @APositiveElmo. You are a person to be forward-looking, of course you expect potential allies of the fool you just killed to arrive soon. This is where combatant 1 and combatant 2 join the situation. Sprinting, holding their firearms ready, moving towards the last known location of the armed conflict. In conclusion of these facts, you opened fire on them, along with the thought securing your own survival. As the report shows, you find yourself in a tricky situation. Your group leader was just killed a few meters away from you and what you encounter is two individuals sprinting right next to you, communicating their involvement in the ongoing situation. Even though you are one of the note passing role players, you could have initiated but from what you needed to identify your target, everything was given: Shots, friend not answering anymore, individuals from the other party at the direct location of the armed conflict, even communicating for you that they were indeed taking part in the fight. Keeping in mind that the current set of our rules leave a lot of room for interpretation for the individual judging a situation, this one is pretty clear. Combatant 1 & 2 joined in under an invisible protection known as mighty armour. This rule break basically allows them to take part in a situation but not get harmed by other people who were already fighting for their lives, being initiated on twice. Our community defines this as a bad sport or as the definition from the rule pages states: rule play. It is indeed correct to classify those kills as invalid wrongful deaths but the source of this rule break cluster does not lie within your fine role play group. It was the OP's party which started the chain of events which led to multiple rule breaks. With that being explained, you two should have never been banned in this report. signed by @Ron with notes by @Terra
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    Yeah bro. Why was my child RP thread ignored and closed. There were over 100 that voted (which is probably consisting of the most active players). But my thread was ignored despite 60% votes to ban it and for good reason. I thought the trader idea was a good idea ONLY because I thought we couldn’t monetize mod items. Well we can. So why is it being added? Let groups and people form merchant areas. Not an NPC.
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    Thanks for dealing with my drunk ass! I love the knew pass out emote lolllll @Hunter8008 @Pepper @Harry Taylor @Hampze
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    A huge thank you to @Hofer @Ducky @Fae @PaulB and @RedSky for the help tonight on the mini events! Hope everybody is enjoying what we are trying to do.
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    @ImNovaaa @Hunter8008 @Hampze @Harry Taylor really good rping with you, Hunter it's good to see fresh faces in the community. hope to see you again!
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    @Basko I'll have to leave the group during my little "vacation". Thanks for understanding and I'll see you all soon!
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    Someone attempted to rob @APositiveElmo.
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    The Commission The Commission was formed by two survivors who lost their leader. They shared a desire to bring more to the country of Chernarus after the outbreak. The loss of their leader was a huge blow to them and the goal of bringing prosperity and stability to the region of Chernarus instilled in them a renewed sense of purpose, hope and determination to survive. Many of us have a complex past, having had allegiances with previous factions/ groups which did not stand the test of time. However, we have come together, united by one vision or goal to bring stability and order to the region of Chernarus. Most of us, before the outbreak, came from gangs, mobs and military backgrounds and wanted to build a neutral environment to protect the people who needed protecting. People who couldn’t defend themselves or access food, water and health care. Our goal is to bring hope, stability and order to Chernarus by establishing trade arrangements and instilling fear into those who dare oppose us as we attempt to make things smooth again. Our unique set of services are available for hire, but at a price. We specialise in captures, information gathering, assassinations and search and rescue. Gareth has banded together with Daryl, who he knew from The Messengers, to make something great that can benefit all people and groups -Start- It all began when Gareth's and Daryl's leader vanished from the face of the earth with no explanation. Suddenly, they realised the group was no more. They took themselves to different sides of the country to figure out where to go from here. They were, for the first time in their lives, lost, having once been a part of a family that brought justice to people that would do the unthinkable, to then having nothing. So, Gareth and Daryl took to their radios and met up once more and started talking about making The Commission where their skills will surely be utilised. One was an ex-royal marine and mobster and the other an undercover intelligence officer in an unknown agency. They have both been known for great things, having demonstrated a caring and friendly persona previously. However, Gareth’s reputation has suffered as he began to torturing and killing in order to survive. Now he puts uses his skills for a better purpose. To form the Commission. -After- Gareth and Daryl started walking around the country in search of people that had the same ideals as them but only managed to find a few. They continued to look for somewhere to call home and to start to build a compound to have a base of operations. They continued to focus on becoming neutral with all groups in the country, to somehow find peace in the region and to get people to understand that a contract is a contract and they shouldn't be hurt by us as a group. They have alliances with a few groups already after being close to them for a long time and hope to build a better future with them and fight off the infection. They are now starting to learn that being hostile to people to build a reputation is a must so they can now get control of certain areas as well as building a reputation to also help people that need it. The group will consist of selling guns, drugs and giving out protection to those who need it. We will be also fighting against groups that cause a threat to the country and the innocent. We are a group that will also bring fear and will bring torture RP as well as hostage RP and many other things in situations. We have now been in fights with another group fighting against Anarchy with the coalition and now have won a few fights. We are now focusing on bringing some stability back to the region so we can then go back to our own ways. The Commission at the time our looking for ways to trade there skills for anything that will satisfy there needs so they can keep going. We are also hunting people that aren't allied with us or any other allies of ours and taking them and there gear to supply our own men and will use them as man power to either build for a short time or send out on supply runs then let them go again with food and water and a smaller fire arm and send them on there way or if they behave and do what we say we let them have all there belongings and let them on there way. We our the Commission we aren't friendly but we aren't animals we can be caring but we can also be hostile we care for our own and our allies. So if you see us please approach us don't be afraid and be a real man let us get to know you. We don't kill for sport we will only take belongings if we our in deep need of supplies but if you are a good person and follow our every word you will have nothing to worry about. -Provide great roleplay in RP and hostile RP and make it enjoyable -Keep the group professional. -Bring a whole different style of hostile RP that doesn't mean always robbing but to gather information -Giving people great RP and creating stories to be remembered. -Creating alliances thoughout Chernarus [Day 850] -Make stashes through Chernarus as back ups [Day 855] -Gather intel on all local groups in the north / south. (on going) -Establish a base of operations [Day 860] -To keep supporting groups around south Zagoria [Indefinite] -Deploy informants up north undercover to gather intel [Day 865] -Make a 2nd safe house in case the other gets found [Day 970] -Establish a safe route for food and water runs (on going) -Carrying out unfinished contracts [Day 870] -Enslave enemies and get them to work to pay off there debts and then sell them on to other groups (on going) -Set up a checkpoint to insure stability in the region (on going) -Make trading relations with other groups [0/5, Day 900] -Set up a open radio broadcast to allow people to reach out for help or contracts. [Day 950] -Continue to recruit and build numbers in the group [Day 1000] Members: Commissioner: @G_Date - Gareth Jones Vice Commissioner: @DuquesneLR - Michael Duquesne Capo: @devstatnglydank - Daryl Thomas @daemonium - Jaren Ward Lieutenant: @Dumstuff - Lakota Fairchild @its_pikaJEW - Nigel Jones @maybelele - Martin Bjornstad @KohlSkaal - Frederik Niclassen Soldiers: @OrigDom - Dominik McFeller @Romulus - Romulus King @RocJag - Jager Casanova @Calculian - Johnny Bringel @SlyKestrel - Soloman Yadin @Snozz - Paul Pinkerton Contractor: @Pr0z4c - Victor Mikhailov @Notic3 - Johnny Malong @VikingHunter - Danny Gray @Charlie - Gosha Sevcik Informant: @Breakingglitch - Thomas Monroe @GunRunnee02 - Ryan Rivers @Magpie - Merrick Pine To join please fill out this and send it to @G_Date on the forums. You can also send it to us on discord. We also we speak with you OOC and after doing that we will speak in game in a strict IC interview. We are recruiting now so if your down send me a pm or fill out the application and we can set up a meet in IC and OOC we welcome all. Age: Nationality: Time zone: Character page: Previous gangs: Reason's for wanting to join: What can you do for the group and bring: RP experience:
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    No biggie, I'll accept the DQ. As for anyone wondering on my use of it: It is a very popular wallpaper favored by many, like this image from the Arma 2 days, I attempted to find the original author and did look into licensing for the image but there is no information available online on the original author and i couldn't find any licensing information either. The contest itself called for loading screens but I didn't find anything in the header calling for originally self shot screenshots or the like, so I figured it wasn't an issue, however the big man has spoken so I'll accept the DQ Also, side note: There are other submissions like mine on the actual submissions thread IIRC with non original screenshots, they just didn't make the final cut. Here is an example: @JamesRP's suggestion which conveniently leaves out the watermark: Original author named P.Y.T: https://forums.dayz.com/topic/5505-day-z-wallpapers/?page=14
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    It took Emily several days to actually write something down.
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    Hello, I am NorwayRP I slide on the soap and make RP montage's every once and a while. I will post some here from now on thanks.
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    The Old Timers are a group of retirees stranded in Chernarus, who against all odds survived the end of the world. While on a trip to the country with the "Open Arms Retirement Home" the infection hit and they were stuck here. Their carers abandoned them and fled for themselves, leaving the "Old Timers" to fend for each other. This betrayal made them cautious of outsiders and all younger people. They had no one else to look out for them beside each other. Open Arms Retirement Home was a retirement village located in Austin, Texas. They cared for numerous elderly people while still allowing them to live as much of a normal life as possible. People from all around the world were apart of this community. Jim Pickett ,Douglas Montgomery, Jeremiah Woods and Burke Johnson quickly bonded due to their involvement in the Vietnam war. They shared war stories with the other members and were well respected within the Open Arms Retirement Home. One day another member shared his story of how spent 25 years in jail. Charleston King told them about how he lost custody of his kids and it led to him becoming an alcoholic who robbed a family one night while drunk. They felt bad for him and decided to look out for him in the retirement home. These five men began to be known as the "Old Timers" around the retirement home, due to them recalling the past any time they could. Every year during the summer the retirement home would organize a trip for the seniors. It was usually just a weekend journey to a neighboring city but this year they would be going on a trip across southern Europe. This was very exciting for all the old timers, most of them had never even been to outside of the United States. Jim and Douglas relished the chance to see some of the battlefields that their fathers fought in. The trip would take the group all across Europe, first stopping in France. Here they would see the beaches of Normandy before travelling to Paris for a couple of days. Next up they would venture to Italy, seeing the sights of Rome before making their way to Greece to visit the numerous ancient sites. From here they would visit the country of Chernarus before travelling to Russia where their trip would end. The gang at a castle in France The trip was going well and everyone was enjoying it, each of the countries were very interesting to visit. Next up on the list was Chernarus. Everyone was very excited to travel here. After the civil war they had heard great things about the country and were eager to learn more about its history. The Old Timers were particularity interested in the history of the civil war which happened in 2009. During trip to Chernarus they visited the capital city of Novigrad. Here they visited the popular tourist destinations and learned the history of the region. They enjoyed their time here but it was time to leave. Just before leaving however their plane was stopped on the Runway and they were all told to leave it and return to the airport. Their luggage was searched and they were all interviewed about who they were and why they were in the country. They didn't understand why this was happening to them and were not told anything other than they would not be allowed to leave today and had to return to their hotel until they were told they were permitted to depart. Days later martial law was declared in the country and they feared this meant that they were stuck here. A man at the hotel told them that he could arrange for them to fly from a small airfield in the North East of the country to Russia, where they would be able to fly back to the United States. They were weary of this but were desperate to get home before they country destabilized more and it would be unsafe to be there. They all agreed that this was the only way they could leave the country in the near future and all set off on a bus to the small town of Balota. They drove for hours and eventually arrived at the airfield. Here they saw no plane in sight and feared they were scammed. One of their carers exited the bus and went to a nearby building to ask if there would be any plane taking them to Russia. While he was inside the Old Timers were suspicious of how quite the airfield was. They agreed if anything happened they would stick together. A few moments later the carer who went in to the building ran out bleeding heavily. Behind him were two men dressed in military uniforms. The group feared that he was being apprehended by the military for trespassing on the Airfield, but to their horror the two soldiers began tearing the man apart with their mouths. There were numerous screams from the people on the bus and this attracted the attention of the lunatic soldiers. They rushed the bus. The remaining carers tried to get the group off the bus and away but when they were leap at they used the elderly people as human shields before retreating into the woods. The Old Timers stuck together defending each other from any attack before retreating into the woods as well. They ventured further north looking for any help before realizing this was happening all around them. They were disgusted what had happened and what the carers had done to them. They knew they had to stick together to survive and that they could only trust each other. @GMAK - Jim Pickett @Ryan Shepherd - Jeremiah Woods @Challenger - Douglas Montgomery @Cuchulainn - Charleston King @brk - Burke Johnson - Ensure the survival of the Old Timers [Indefinite] - - Find a suitable home for the Old Timers [Day 650] - - Establish good relations with groups [0/5] - - Explore the region [Day 670] - Graphics by @Banshee If you would like to join message @Ryan Shepherd on the forums.
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    A lot of people voting on the mods have shown clear lack of understanding how these mods work and how they will be set up, despite me writing a description in the thread with the poll. They are blindly voting no based on how the mods work on other servers, completely disregarding our own custom plan for them. This has been clearly shown after speaking to some people on Discord who had completely wrong understanding on how these two mods (Fast Travel and Traders) are intended to work here on DayZRP. They thought it's going to be a universal and free teleportation so you can just jump between locations all day long and that the traders will be selling everything they need and all the best weapons. I have therefore decided to proceed with them despite the negative poll outcome so that these people can experience first hand how these mods will work in game and then make another poll whether to keep them or not.
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    2 servers and they should be the same character. Temporary server that's only around for as long as its needed. 1 hour wait times are ridiculous. What happens if your in hostile rp and get dropped out of game and cant come back for an hour?? Ban bait
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    Having two servers before was really shit, S2 was basically the looting server. It just made interactions on there short and half arsed.
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    @Roland S2 is needed. There was a 40+ queue earlier. The only reason I was playing was because I got on earlier and stayed IG, otherwise I don't see myself sitting in line for an hour. On top of it the priority queue perk fucks over so many people. It's basically pay to play.
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    Every day I see things on these forums that just push me further and further away from getting on again. We add ideas and deny ideas for the sake of RP according to the Staff but adding Fast travel and Trader NPCs is legit taking RP away from players around you. Now all we're going to have are people constantly doing laps around the airfield/military bases and gathering whatever they can find, hoarding it and selling it as some sort of DayZ rendition of Escape from Tarkov and obviously since there's no danger in these areas as long as you keep out of VOIP range you should be fine. People are literally going to grind instead of RPing and when they aren't grinding all they'll do is camp in the SafeZone. We shouldn't be adding SafeZones we should be adding KOS zones to stop people from going into military bases without any ounce of fear. This will promote better weapons spawns and leave more people going to certain areas of the map for safety. Add KOS zones
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    We're experiencing a pretty heavy influx of newer players, I assume you came in with the MrMoon wave as well? Because of this, there are a lot of people trying to enter the server at the same time, apoligies. If we're lucky perhaps @Roland can be coerce to temporarily set up S2 for Chernarus like we used to have before Deer Isle.
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    So ye this wild ass report has concluded itself and I'm wondering what the GM team's criteria is for determining when people are sticking their face in the fan when it comes to firefights. In the video that the OP linked you can clearly see him and his friend do the following once shots are fired: Keep their weapons drawn. React to shots and take evasive action Put on identifying armbands Call for the execution of a member of the defending party Start flanking a position of the defending after exclaiming that the defending party opened fire Its pretty clear that there's zero ignorance in the comms as to what is going on, all of the points above occurred in the last minute of the video and yet none of this was mentioned in the verdict. This was all that was mentioned: Why is it all heaped on the defenders when the OP and co. literally ran at them with guns out. Its not as though they were simply in the area or unaware, they were running at what they knew was an engagement and died as a result. Why is the personal responsibility for your own life completely ignored here? I don't get it so I'd appreciate an explanation from @Rover & @Peril, as you two are the only ones that cannot be involved in the appeal process as you wrote/co-wrote the verdict. Edit: @Roland with the deepest of respect, if you are unaware of the particulars of the situation, perhaps it is best that I hear from the attending GMs @Rover & @Peril. Assuming that they are now allowed to speak about the matter instead of being told to hold their tongues. Nevertheless, thank you for your personal opinion on the matter. Edit 2: Cool, we agree this was a dumb move. Incorrect, they ran at shots and @Pepper herself calls for the killing of @KennethRP as well as she calls out that we have opened fire. These are facts that they are clearly aware of or believe to be true. Running at shots in a firefight you are not involved in is classic NVFL. Could easily be misconstrued as trying to identify themselves to allies so as not to be caught in a crossfire. A small point to be fair but nevertheless an unwise move if you wish to be seen as neutral. It is however relevant to context, as it displays a knowledge of ongoing hostility and thus provides valuable information as to the perspective of our supposed victim. Calling for a kill, assuming all rules are being followed, means you believe you have kill rights. Kill rights are gained through hostile acts, such as opening fire on an ally, which we most certainly did after they initiated on us. This statement from @Pepper proves she was aware of the fight, therefore her actions should be considered in this light. As a Game Master, it is your duty to see things from as many perspectives as possible, to assist in achieving the most just outcome. It seems you were aware of this call and yet it did not taint your overall view on their actions. This confuses me greatly as it is a critical piece of evidence that should decide whether or not they were aware of any armed hostility occurring. There are many small islands that they could have swam to. Furthermore, why do they need to move? If there is true fear of death, put your hands up, nobody will shoot a compliant hostage. Running at shots in a firefight is a surefire way to die, therefore their actions are either negligent or calculated, per my above points, and should be treated accordingly. Of course, Kordruga and Conor should bear responsibility for the invalid kills, though the acts of running towards Kordruga's shots, as he was the first shooter, calling for kills on our people and having guns out the whole time, regardless of whether or not the fight erupted around them, should have made this a much trickier case to deliberate. They can't control the fight, they can however control their actions, and their actions were negligent. Overall, if I were the GM examining this case, it would be difficult to sell to me that Pepper and Duquesne were unaware of any hostility occurring and should bear absolutely zero responsibility in punitive terms for their own deaths. Of course, I'm gladdened that you are now aware of exigent circumstance punishments being a tool the GM team can use, though to be fair this is a very basic tool that all GMs should be aware of to begin with. Before signing off, I would like to urge both of you to consider this: in reports, perspective should determine the outcome. Examine all perspectives, leave personal biases aside, look beyond memey PoVs and straight into the facts, do all of these things and you will write much more balanced, fair verdicts. People will still disagree with you but you will have the confidence that you have done your work to the best of your ability, in the fairest way possible. Thank you both for your replies, I now consider this discussion closed.
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    I was looking though the pictures, and I saw what other people posted and I noticed @RandyRP but this down on the bottom. @Ducky image inst his own work and its been taken off this site and probably others. He cant consent for this to be allowed to be used on DayZRP and I feel like its cheating because many other people have gone in game and taken this screenshots and put effect in and not just stole a image over the internet. Just my thoughts on it. If @Roland and @JimRP can look at it and make a final decision it.
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    Mod Name: WeaponExpansion Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1861252369&searchtext=WEAPONS Reason: More guns for us to you. More civilian weapons and rifles the represent other nations in NATO and the UN. More modern up to date optics that would have been available during this time. As well as some historical weapons that help expand the history and involvement of Chernarus during WWII. Perhaps a history museum was raided and the weapons of war made it to our neck of the woods. Not to mention weapons that look like Special Forces would have used. Mod Name: Docs Weapon Pack Standalone Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1864482799&s Reason: Even more guns and cleaner version of the weapons that the vanilla game has. Popular side arms that would have been in the region. Especially the TT-33 -Tokarev that would have very common before the Makarov came to the country.
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    Best lesson I ever learned was not taking the pixels seriously. Making people laugh is why I still hop IG, not for stories or deep RP, just for a quick session with mates or randos where everybody has a giggle. There'll be people with sticks up their arses that can't stomach that kinda RP, some people who won't like hostility, some people who will hate sitting around a campfire all day (myself included) but generally most people who don't thrive on misery are down for a laugh.
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    The door opens as Frank looks inside and stares at the person sitting before him. Slowly closes the door and walks out of the house... then runs. And... saved to my desktop. Nice!
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    "I can make that jump..." "5 Bucks says you cant do a back flip!" "You're on!"
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    From the album: A Deaf Girl's World

    I went back to the place I used to call home for a while. I had friends here. Good friends. I had hope that I've finally found somewhere where I belong. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever.
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    +1, would be a good thing to see in-game. Different sized gates would be a huge QOL expansion. Maybe even bigger gates for trucks and whatnot? Its always hard to squeeze in a ZIL through a normally sized gate.
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    Yeah the swamp was great especially at night with the wolves and zombies! dangerous? nooooo nice!
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    "Could this day get any more depressing?" Thunder cracks above "...... thanks......"
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    Thank you @TewudinAllways a pleasure to rp with you.
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    My fortress of solitude above the biggest town in the industrial
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    I mean no offence by this, but shouldn't these decisions be made by people actively playing on the server? We are the ones being affected by them and have at least some knowledge as to what actually happens IG and how the server plays. People voted No on fast travel and unless a new poll is made up and people vote for it to be added then there is but no reason to push this into the server. Like there are plenty of mods like AirDrop that I'd have loved to be added, but people voted against it so I respect that and move on. I get that you want to help Rolle, but bringing random mods like NPC traders without the community's input is not a good decision.
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    'When you meet nice people, nice people with cars.'
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    Just spit-balling ideas, because stuff like this has been discussed in the past. 1. Maybe not forced PK on firefights, but forced PK on execution can stay. Characters being forced PK on a firefight seems kinda iffy, even if both parties agree. 2. War should also not be determined by a single firefight. War can last a certain period of time, and groups can also opt to surrender. Regardless of a surrender or a forcible loss in the war, the result always ends in the group archiving. It's easier to archive a group than it is to permadeath a character, in my eyes, and seems like more a fair option. This puts the focus more on RP, forces groups to decide between the group as a whole and it's goals/survival or the lives of the characters they've been sharing their story with. It also makes the PK more about the hostile experience of capture and execution rather than just dropping a bunch of people in a firefight and calling it an easy clap and archive of a group/characters. Regardless of the outcome, some sort of war system should be and always should have been apart of this server to bring a means to an end for conflict within RP. So +1 to the overall idea.
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    Why would you ban any kinda roleplay. I think if we are banning anything we should ban the shitty super soldier. Or the chernarussians that go im going to rob you just because your not chernarussian.
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    @Ron Thank you for the feed back! We try our best to stay in accordance with the rules and try to be as immersive as possible for everyone involved!
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    @radiosalt and @TheMcCafeMenu removed added @Soviet Lizard
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