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    So ye this wild ass report has concluded itself and I'm wondering what the GM team's criteria is for determining when people are sticking their face in the fan when it comes to firefights. In the video that the OP linked you can clearly see him and his friend do the following once shots are fired: Keep their weapons drawn. React to shots and take evasive action Put on identifying armbands Call for the execution of a member of the defending party Start flanking a position of the defending after exclaiming that the defending party opened fire Its pretty clear that there's zero ignorance in the comms as to what is going on, all of the points above occurred in the last minute of the video and yet none of this was mentioned in the verdict. This was all that was mentioned: Why is it all heaped on the defenders when the OP and co. literally ran at them with guns out. Its not as though they were simply in the area or unaware, they were running at what they knew was an engagement and died as a result. Why is the personal responsibility for your own life completely ignored here? I don't get it so I'd appreciate an explanation from @Rover & @Peril, as you two are the only ones that cannot be involved in the appeal process as you wrote/co-wrote the verdict. Edit: @Roland with the deepest of respect, if you are unaware of the particulars of the situation, perhaps it is best that I hear from the attending GMs @Rover & @Peril. Assuming that they are now allowed to speak about the matter instead of being told to hold their tongues. Nevertheless, thank you for your personal opinion on the matter. Edit 2: Cool, we agree this was a dumb move. Incorrect, they ran at shots and @Pepper herself calls for the killing of @KennethRP as well as she calls out that we have opened fire. These are facts that they are clearly aware of or believe to be true. Running at shots in a firefight you are not involved in is classic NVFL. Could easily be misconstrued as trying to identify themselves to allies so as not to be caught in a crossfire. A small point to be fair but nevertheless an unwise move if you wish to be seen as neutral. It is however relevant to context, as it displays a knowledge of ongoing hostility and thus provides valuable information as to the perspective of our supposed victim. Calling for a kill, assuming all rules are being followed, means you believe you have kill rights. Kill rights are gained through hostile acts, such as opening fire on an ally, which we most certainly did after they initiated on us. This statement from @Pepper proves she was aware of the fight, therefore her actions should be considered in this light. As a Game Master, it is your duty to see things from as many perspectives as possible, to assist in achieving the most just outcome. It seems you were aware of this call and yet it did not taint your overall view on their actions. This confuses me greatly as it is a critical piece of evidence that should decide whether or not they were aware of any armed hostility occurring. There are many small islands that they could have swam to. Furthermore, why do they need to move? If there is true fear of death, put your hands up, nobody will shoot a compliant hostage. Running at shots in a firefight is a surefire way to die, therefore their actions are either negligent or calculated, per my above points, and should be treated accordingly. Of course, Kordruga and Conor should bear responsibility for the invalid kills, though the acts of running towards Kordruga's shots, as he was the first shooter, calling for kills on our people and having guns out the whole time, regardless of whether or not the fight erupted around them, should have made this a much trickier case to deliberate. They can't control the fight, they can however control their actions, and their actions were negligent. Overall, if I were the GM examining this case, it would be difficult to sell to me that Pepper and Duquesne were unaware of any hostility occurring and should bear absolutely zero responsibility in punitive terms for their own deaths. Of course, I'm gladdened that you are now aware of exigent circumstance punishments being a tool the GM team can use, though to be fair this is a very basic tool that all GMs should be aware of to begin with. Before signing off, I would like to urge both of you to consider this: in reports, perspective should determine the outcome. Examine all perspectives, leave personal biases aside, look beyond memey PoVs and straight into the facts, do all of these things and you will write much more balanced, fair verdicts. People will still disagree with you but you will have the confidence that you have done your work to the best of your ability, in the fairest way possible. Thank you both for your replies, I now consider this discussion closed.
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    DayZRP 19.10.1 Released 2019-10-17 Mods removed GoreZ (performance concerns, no updates for most recent patches) Place Anything (conflicts with some base building) Mods added LittleQuieter (lowers sound of fires and cars to allow you to hear each other better) General General code cleanup, removal of unused prototype items that were abandoned @Roland Script error fixes @Roland Raincoat bag should now be placed on the ground after crafting instead of player inventory @Watchman You can now trigger unconsciousness from emote wheel @Kerkkoh Locker nade trap should no longer trigger @Kerkkoh Ratnik armor weight fixed when carrying in hands @Ducky Hit logging using melee weapons improved @Kerkkoh All vehicles should now spawn fully repaired @Roland Clothing Halloween clothing pack added @Watchman
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    @Mr. Moon has created a new DayZ movie, recorded here on DayZRP. It's a full feature 2 hour long flick, so grab some popcorn and enjoy!
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    I just wanted to be friends @SquirtleKitty @Conor @Hofer
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    @Realize in the helpdesk this last hour.
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    300 slot server and the yes/no teams fight it out, victorious side takes all.
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    Well, it seems lots of people are having fun with it, so that's cool - however, fixing the invisibility and non-working items issues would be ideal if we're keeping it.
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    Old save and have a KoS hour before we revert
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    I've brought up both of these issues in the past but it seems to have been entirely ignored. I spoke to Dmitri (The ToxicZone Mod Maker) and he confirmed its pretty easy to disable the roaming zone as well as tisy so that we only have it at Kamensk, but it is something that only @Roland can do. Maybe it's time he does
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    This deepfake stuff is getting out of hand: Damn he is good but there is something very unsettling about those face changes
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    the gender isn't visable anyway? so your question is irrelevent, my statement still stands anyway. There are only 2 genders
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    Hello, I am NorwayRP I slide on the soap and make RP montage's every once and a while. I will post some here from now on thanks.
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    Earlier today a small DayZ patch was released. There are no patch notes for it, so we are unsure what it changed, but this patch broke the servers somehow and caused them to constantly crash. Despite our best efforts to recover the servers by using older backups, it was not possible to fix the issue and the servers continued to crash. The only thing that we found to fix the issue was to start the server with empty database. We have therefore been forced to fully wipe the servers. All characters, vehicles, walls, towers, stashes and tents have been deleted. All item shop cooldowns have been reset to allow you to spawn back your outfits. We are sorry for the inconvenience! ==== EDIT ==== It's possible the yesterdays crashes and issues might get fix with a new update later today, see DayZ tweet. We now have to decide, go back to the old save before wipe or continue with the new save. Vote now!
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    Just push insert to cancel placing stuff.
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    Probably when B-17 defended our self's against 3 other groups (think one were CRA) at a castle. Most intense situation I've been in. We all died in the end.
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    Start fresh i think server needed it anyway. Mind you a had alot of good stuff on old one as well but it is what it is
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    When I'm trying to correctly setup DayZ Offline mode and then fix it to play Dayz Online...
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    New wipe it is a chance to really restart and all the horded items are now free for the time being
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    I like this fresh start. People are interacting and talking to each other. I've met new people now because no one knows who's in what group! I even met that Obama character. That was fun!
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    What were your most memorable moments on the server? Big or small, gunfight or group hug, it doesn't matter. Even Anarchy and Lorcan are welcome Mine was only a few months ago and both by the same player @Craig 1) when his character George did an inpromptu marriage of Mallory and her boyfriend. It was so funny and quite cute. We then had a dance party after in the middle of the field and even had @Lemons strutting his stuff, before the admins rudely interrupted with a zombie horde and some wolves 2) When i joined the nationalists and on one of the first interactions out in the field, @Craig dropping the N word at the runners base in Kab. "is there any N.....rs here?" followed by a few seconds of silence and then shouts of WTF!.... i literally leaked a bit of wee from laughing. It was done so well IC and was just shock factor more than anything. So lets here them?
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    I was on a server on Miscreated that had 4 safe zones and they all caused issues. Player made/enforced/ran safe zones like in Cherno when Wolf Pack and Legion were running, THAT is what I liked to see. I want more of that! I was even the enemy of Wolf Pack and I was let in with out issue and even the leader met with me and told me I was welcome because I wasn't stirring trouble. Had a lot of good RP there.
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    Going though the old DayZRP mod videos.
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    @TurkRP was great hearing your voice again lad, enjoyed the short little interaction we had with everyone in Anarchy in Novaya earlier. Don't worry we carry our licensed weapons at all time
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    old save and have a kos event 24/7
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    Mine would probably be when i first played this server and didnt know much people and i was Rping as a hunter from canada and i spawned up north and met my first group of people up at devils castle and they let me stay there and trade for awhile and then i would go hunt for people in severograd and when i went to hunt and logged off and came back the next day they were gone too. I spent the next few weeks travelling literally almost all of chernaurus and wouldnt find anyone and then i eventually just gave up and went to green mountain to kill myself with my rifle. I did that and the next character i play as I literally out of nowhere but pure coincidence i spawn as my next character Luke and meet the people from green mountain charity center and they tell me that a man killed themselves in front of their base and i had a huge bruh moment cuz that was me and so they gave me their frequency and now im apart of them
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    I would prefer invisible radiation over gascloud, but the toxic zone is a interesting thing to encounter. As I died due to wearing a moded gasmask that didn't work, after the mod was introduced, I do understand the bugs might be annoying but this is just DayZ I guess. I wouldn't remove it - in my opinion biggest military compound should have some threat - be it toxic clouds/radiation zones or at least way more/stronger infected. When it comes to antidotes I had three, and I didn't even look for them (I guess when you start looking for them DayZ Loot Gods conceal all the things you need). The NBC gear that's in the loottable should be fixed and inherit values after objects that work properly in Toxic zones.
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    What this man says is correct. It can't find your playtime, therefor defaults to thinking you have zero hours. Beans for OldSchool, my blind eyes didn't even see the checkbox in the image when I first looked.
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    You have to untick that box that says "always keep my total playtime private ever if users can see my game details", that's how we find out if you have the minimum 10 hours required.
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    It's not about the gear, it's also about all the buildings around crucial points of the map, look at Anarchy checkpoint and how huge it was, even the bases down south... It's work that's gone to vain and people will need to start working again to rebuild these glorious structures.
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    Ok so obviously you don't understand at most what is going on do I really need to argue with you. My point and im sure @NozzyRP can back me. The RP going on atm with the Coalition and anarchy was going all good and well and the stories was going good also now with the wipe we can't continue with are RP as now we have to rebuild and also look for supplies. Do you still not understand ??
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    Wipe because there was more RP then i had ob the whole time at the old one
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    whose the guy in the red hat? thats pretty intense, great RP!. Fairplay to @Imation11 for keeping his cool.
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    There are rules about ghosting, go read dem fam 2.5 Ghosting is switching between multiple game servers in order to gain an unfair advantage. For example, using multiple servers to get past defenses of a base that exists only on one of the servers, change your location to log back in behind enemy lines during active hostile situation or switching between servers to loot the same location twice in order to obtain more loot.
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    F to those had bases lol while me is just going from town to town and looking for chainsaws.
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    Vote for me and keep those Anarchists on the back burner
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    fresh start for me too, even though im crying like a kid with no lollipop since i lost my first ever NVG's. Too many old abandoned bases and random bits of fence dotted around. It will also redistribute gear for a very short while.
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    I don't believe so. Correct me if I'm wrong though. Well I was wrong. That didn't take long. Thanks @Astraal
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    Oh shit i get to see the time in action ? i might actually watch it to see good roleplay again
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    Thank you for being civil and thoughtful, I appreciate it! And yes, I think i've gotten a general consensus that people would rather not have this be a thing. Requesting a /close, would rather not get anyone warned on my thread. Big thanks to everyone.
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    Oh sweet baby Jesus... I've been in trouble on these types of threads. I'm just going to say no and leave it at that boys. Lord knows this is a topic I've argued against on several occasions and we all know what happened to me. I'm just gonna say no.
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    Hey! I was trying to figure out who you were, I don't think I ever got your name since I just kept calling you Cali. Thank you for the short but sweet roleplay, hopefully we'll meet once again. Sorry that I logged but I just couldn't be bothered with the state of the servers.
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    Hey Anarchy, so good to see you guys thriving in these dark times. It's been wonderful RPing with you and I hope that we can continue to work together against those who wish to bring us down! I'll include a little poetic verse below that I wrote about the haters
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    I've actually been watching these people the last few days in rp. They do better than most do and actually rp ig. Yes, anarchy has had a rough history but they are doing far better than most people.
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    1. Arkensor is the way to go 2. I personally dont even disable battleye, but its as easy as just renaming the BattleEye exe to something else 3. The mods need to be in your main directory and then a commandline is needed in the File that launches Community Offline mode (a BAT file i think which you can edit with Notepad or Notepad++) i think the command is [email protected];@randommod;@etc Hope that helps
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    So you're going to be a bunch crazy physicians that run around screaming about "the pestilence" when it's nothing and it's all in y'all's mind? Are y'all inspired by SCP-049? Either way, this should be fun
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