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    Mate that's the biggest load of shit I've ever seen. I've played racists and my best mate is... Hold on. He's Saddle Brown. I ain't racist OOC and I can play racists IC... I don't know where you've seen that but lord knows that aint the case.
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    I also have a problem with this and have been attempting to stomp it in my own group, which I suggest other Council members do in their groups aswell. A large proportion of DayZ RP's popularity comes from it being the premier roleplaying experience on DayZ but quite a bit of it also comes from the free advertisement from youtube streaming / videos and twitch streaming / clips. Racism and hate speech is something that negatively effects these live-streaming services as their specific TOS does touch upon those topics. I don't know about you but, I'm quite sure every streamer here on DayZRP have been discouraged from streaming DayZRP due to the language of these individuals (with even said streamers performing rulebreaks, as in the case of Psi back in the day) TL;DR, council members should discipline their members and themselves and make RP more enjoyable instead of making bland, pointless racist remarks that doesn't fit your character's story and person.
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    In my experience as a DM, people who play racist characters generally use it as a free pass to be racist OOC as well. I blanket banned racism and homophobia at my table years ago. Your enjoyment doesn't override my own.
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    What you think is a poncho is really just a tablecloth you're wrapping your head in to get those imaginary fashionRP points nobody cares about. This is a poncho you uneducated heathens.
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    Hello all. I've been playing this server for little over a month. I am new to RP and to DayZ .... kind of. However, I want to get people's thoughts on an in-game issue which I feel strongly about that I have encountered alot despite the fact I am a new community member. So, I have met a variety of people in game, most of who have engaged in some excellent RP and has made my experience on the server a positive one. I'm genuinely enjoying the experience but there's something that I believe is fundamentally wrong with the rules section. I was playing one night with my friend. We were being held up by members of Anarchy (the gang I love to hate and who have created an interesting story on the server). During a recent role play scenario, my friend was subjected to repetitive racial slurs. He was called a "black person"(we know the word) and someone sang "I'm an Alabama black person (we know the word) and I wanna be free!" down the headset numerous times because my friend's character was an African American. He is an African American in real life. I found it very hard to listen to and my friend became quite annoyed and to be honest, upset by it too. To my surprise, when I went to report or persue this issue, I was informed that this kind of thing is allowed and not condemned on this server. I am sorry but .... THIS IS WRONG. This server is used by people from all around the world and by people who love to game and like to relax and play video games. We all play to chill and escape real world bullshit. The fact that anyone who is different can be subjected to this is wrong (I don't care if this happens in real life or if it is considered RP banter, it shouldn't be condoned). Why is it allowed? Why do people do it? And why do we accept it when it happens? If this server is really about RP and for everyone, then it be should reflected in its rules. Would love other peoples thoughts or opinions on this. Peace ✌
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    You shouldn't regret anything. One of the main basis of every community is communication. Actually communication is one of the most important basis in regards to everything. That's why we have this website so we, as members of this community, can talk with each other, discuss things, maybe suggest some innovative ideas that could improve this community. Sometimes you'll get support, sometimes you'll find your opinion to be in a minority, sometimes it'll be 50/50. Its just how it is but just because one time, like you said, "you've found yourself being outnumbered" shouldn't discourage you from any future discussions.
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    This server would allow you to (theoretically), skin someone with a cheese grater and make them dance around singing 'singing in the rain' whilst having acid thrown at them so honestly calling someone a n*gger aint that bad. The right idea is to respond to and perceive these events as your character would. Yes maybe you may find it offensive but would your character? And if he does find it offensive seek justice in game, not on the forum. Track down the 'racist' character and give him a piece a' mind.
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    It does make sense. To me. Moreover, that's why Chernarus is a fictional country, where Chernarussian nationalists can be racist against everybody, and everybody likes them for that. In game, people like confronting situations that they don't in real life. Being insulted foreign dog was fun for me when the Kamenici were a thing! XD! Murder is much more serious and nobody complains about it. If you feel uncomfortable, just write ooc //stop those insults. But then, can you imagine how ridiculous it would be to get a //don't rob me. ???
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    The only people I could find and RP with at all today for my first day back. Appreciate the RP boys.
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    In the same old fashion like @Ryan Shepherd i have received permission to continue his legacy for another interview. This time we're interviewing the one and only @AndreyQ Which i think is well deserving of another interview because he is such a special individual. People @'ed: @Kordruga @APositiveElmo @ne_om Questions Asked:
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    A place to store some random screenshots.
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    Welcome! For this week of Interview with a Community Member we have @Imation11 This interview is to get to know the members of our community, and hopefully bring the community together. Comment who you want to see being interviewed next week! Thanks to @Imation11 for participating! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tell Us About Yourself? How did you find out about DayZRP, and what made you want to join? If you could thank one person for helping you get started here who would it be? What could we do, as the staff team, to make this a better place?  What is your most memorable experience(IC/OOC) here?  Do you regret doing anything in your time here? If you had to live in a jail cell with four people from this community who would it be? What's your current favourite song/artist? What has been your favourite character you have played on the server and why? What do you feel is missing from the community? Do you have any hidden talents? What was the origin of your username?
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    Don't worry about that! Like this, there are many recurrent things that are brought to the discussion every few weeks. It's just that sometimes I feel like discussions are not original, because they have already happened. FYI, other typical ones are: - "Hostile RPers are attacking people without reason, and should be permabanned with rule 2.3" - "Campfire RPers are hiding in their bases/weird places in the map" - "We should be allowed force people to PK, nobody wants to PK" - "Hostages do not comply" - "Who has attacker rights if A and B are dynamic allies, then B... then C appears..." - "The server is dying" Just let things be. Don't try to change the server too much. And please, don't bring the issue of streamers! XD!
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    Indeed, it is strange how a group like that was allowed and a group that has similar qualities to the IRA wasnt allowed.
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    @IrishChris88 Racism as a tool to convey roleplay and further a story is very much allowed. If however, the use of it was trolly or OOCly motivated, you can report, and from the sounds of it, it very much sounds like it was used in a trolly manner. However, let's address one of your questions: "Why is it allowed?" Because, two years into the apocalypse, the people who are left alive may not be the most friendly or most likable individuals, my character as an example is a war veteran from the 2009 Civil War, he was fighting on the side of NAPA, and extremist right-wing anti-russian hating chapter, and to add ontop of that, isn't particularly fond of foreigners in general. So would my character be singing a Johnny Rebel song out loud ingame as a taunt? No, probably not, that sounds pretty sad, however he very much would draw attention to the colour of ones skin, berate, humiliate, generally be an asshole, what is important to note is that this is an IC motivation, it is entirely a thing reserved for my character, and in no way should anyone assume I share the bigoted views of my character. And that's where it is drawn. The use of racial slurs, taboo subjects should be done in a healthy, realistic manner, when overdone because "It's allowed lmao" you end up with people singing Johnny Rebel on repeat, and that is, in my eyes: BadRP. So to answer your question, it is allowed because it can be a powerful tool to convey a story.
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    Lol I can see I'm out numbered here. Regret opening my mouth. Anyways, whatever ye are happy with. I've said what I had to say.
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    My guy he is Israeli, literally is Jewish
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    It is roleplay. These people are not racist, they are playing racists characters. There is a difference.
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    That's how the server is brother, it's roleplay, if ya don't like you don't have to play The server is not going to change their rules just because your buddy got offended
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    Wow, hit my 500 hours of ingame playing time mark.
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    @JimRP @G19RP @FalkRP (Turks preparing to siege Vienna 1683 colorized)
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    I launched myself to heaven.
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    From the album: Dan Morez Adventure and Tales

    Damn, we're really meeting up with a ton of people. This meeting is gonna be serious -Dan Morez @Milo @Nexino @Frenchie
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    Honestly a smaller but complete map would be better. That way there can be more infected and the server would be stable. I don't think that the map such as Chernarus+ can handle 100 player cap, hordes, and cars.
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    Only god has the answer
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    Agree with everything except I do not know those people and I do not think balance or diversity would bring all the groups outta hiding. Some people just enjoy their privacy or running a small survivor camp or something of that sort. But you are correct you would run into more people while traveling, because instead of being 1 power house, you would have 3-4 groups fighting for top dog. So more interactions, more people, and there may be a few less people hiding, but if you truly look you'll find these people. At least in my personal experience.
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    Creative Art had to watch it all. Nicely put together, great laugh
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    Since we are talking about it, something I notice a lack of is diversity when it comes to hostile RP. I remember at one time we had sell sword mercenaries, crazy cultists, mad scientists, capitalist slavers, underground smugglers and weapons dealers, and cut throat bandits. There was at one point a niche for everyone, even if you preferred campfire RP you could find an option that would interest you and allow you to dip your toes in. Now we got.. bandits. That’s really it.. Anarchy is really the only group that can actually do anything and their checkpoint and weapons license system is interesting but at the end of the day Anarchy at its heart is just that, anarchist bandits. They fit a certain role, but where are all the other groups? When I talk to some people and suggest a unique style or bring up torture RP I am met with “Bro that’s so edgy and stupid.” Well no wonder everyone is bored, there’s no diversity anymore and anything that isn’t standard bandit RP is torn apart. I remember when Jack Fish had that cannibal character, personally I liked the character but I know some people said it was too edgy. Bring back diversity and up the edge and the server would be more fun..
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    Okay so, here is what I view as the problem, when the whole point is holding people up they get sick of it very fast. People can only take so much because the roleplay is so rinse and repeat that it literally becomes the other party going "well okay we are getting robbed and shot again" it looses all meaning when it happens every single day. Honest view here. It also drives good role players to places like Redzone... if you want interaction you have to consider that your in game actions drive the story and the tone of the narrative but when that narrative is constant then people will refuse to interact due to the simple principle that it no longer is enjoyable. advice to change that narrative? Engage players from a hostile stance but do not just openly hold them up or rob them. Provide something that is less aggressive, outward constant aggression is what is killing your interaction Diversify your role play to include a wider range of emotions beyond 15 seconds of sheer terror. Provide meaningful caveats to your roleplay that distinguish yourselves beyond continual hostility If you are going to play the villain direct your roleplay to play the villain, not a mindless thug or a pitbull, be creative instead of shredding other's RP to bits by constantly terrorizing them.
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    Not an assumption. I've had people try to RDM me to avoid RPing with me, I've had people refuse to log in to further storylines, I've had people claim that hostility in-game is hurting them irl, generally people just crying in DMs over supposed metagaming, powergaming and god knows what else they wanna make up. It happens every other day, after every hostage situation or during it, always. Even with the Batteries, which was widely considered to be a great hostile group, I and many others dealt with this shit. Its not about the quality of the RP you provide, its about people losing fairly and not liking it so much.
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    I told the chernarussians I would leave the Island for 4 months since thats all their RP consist of. After having only western things on me they still claimed it to be their shit so I am out of country for 4 months missing the Western Weapons that I guess are theirs? Be back in 4 months with more western items for them to claim as theirs
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