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    THE WHYOS A gang originating from LA, the Whyos had begun spreading their influence and power over the eastern side of Chernarus just before the infection took hold. While rumored as having been involved in numerous murders and kidnapping, smuggling was their main source of income. The infection was as devastating for this business as it was empowering. While the law had decayed away with the sick, so had their influential reach. Ties to the Russian mafia had a dwindling effect, and without this strong arm reaching into the Whyos operations, their threat had dramatically decreased. Despite these setbacks, Lorcan Smith was determined to regrow his empire to its former glory and beyond. The east will be reclaimed with Lorcan asserting himself and his men as the controlling force. -THE START- Petty thieves, pickpockets, gas station robbers and short tempered thugs, none of those who made up the Whyos gang had ever been involved in anything larger than themselves. Whether in LA or Chernarus, the landscape had done little to change the men in Lorcan Smith control. Kidnappings and murders were used to tie up the loose ends their mistakes had left behind. The locals were untrusting and dismissive until Lorcan Smith sunk his teeth into the reshaping of the gang. Under his leadership, he had smoothed out his men’s edges and changed enraged caution amongst the locals into respectable fear. People still knew who they were, but they now knew better than to utter a word to the authorities. Those who still managed to gather the courage to report were met with indifference caused by lined pockets. Lorcan was ambitious, and he empowered his men to look beyond themselves at the bigger picture. -ALL GOOD THINGS END- The infection was devastating for the empire Lorcan had spent so much time perfecting and growing. Men abandoned to serve out the last of days with their families, or befell the mysterious sickness that plagued these lands. Their numbers were quartered, information was cut off, and what's more - those they had struct fearsome respect into had died or lost their need to fear anything but this new sickness. Lorcan struggled to get what remaining forces he still had inspired again. It was the roadblocks, the falling helicopters, and the abandonment of towns in mass that served as a motivation. There were fortunes ripe for the picking from open doors, abandoned businesses and banks. Roadblocks left behind by the military were turned into traps for the gang who were now supplied by those fallen birds of prey that boasted of military grade weapons. The nation was on fire, and Lorcan was fanning the blaze. Groups were sent out to loot and retrieve, offering the prizes they use to harbor to the remaining survivors in favor of good will - retaining the military grade items for themselves. People were grateful for the sub machine guns and pistols, but failed to see the assault rifles that the gang had replaced those things with. The leaders of survivor camps saw the Whyso gang as their saviors and protectors. They welcomed them with respect instead of fear, and for the first time the Whyos gang had real influence. -A DOOR CLOSES- Within the coming days following the infection, the Whyos gang had collected more than they could hold on their person. A base of operations was desperately needed, and the small towns and cities they had been operating in would need to be expanded upon. Influence was a new kind of drug and they craved more. Cars and weapons had become exchangeable for food and survival equipment, making both just as important. There was so much to accomplish and do, and never enough hands to complete these tasks. The gang would need to poach from their influence, once more kidnapping but with the intent of making slaves instead of corpses. With their influence at risk, it was time to expand. They had outgrown their reach. Soon all of the east would be theirs, and perhaps one day all of Chernarus. OOC GOALS: Give good quality and enjoyable Hostile and non Hostile Role-play to everyone. Give new members a chance to experience what being in a group is like. Give players Role-play with other groups and people including internal hostile role-play Take any and all problems people may have with members of the group seriously and deal with them accordingly Make sure all members follow and obey all rules inside the community and give appropriate penalties to members who break them Don't constantly be hostile towards the same groups or individuates IC GOALS: Find and store multiple guns for the gang [DAY 900] Removing the people who don’t agree with our rules [DAY 932] Kidnap multiple slaves, use them for work, and sell them for profits [On Going] Use other groups to become business partners in gun trade and human trafficking [ 0/10, DAY 950] Establish an army of Slaves to sell weapons and supplies to other organizations. [DAY 1000] Gain as much power and persuade as many people to join the gang and the cause [DAY 1000] Try to convince survivors of our cause of a free world and free from the government [On Going] If you wish, join fill out this template and send it to @LorcanRP. You can speak with us IC too about joining Age: TimeZone: Character Page: RP experience: Pervious Groups: Reason for wanting to join: Things you can bring to the group: MEMBERS: Leader: @LorcanRP – Lorcan Smith 2nd Command: @DK_Major - Hector Gomez Shot caller: Members: @HayleighJ - Gabby Miller @kalyri – Jessica Tyre @Timm WIlson - Carlos Gomez @Mademoiselle - Meika Dellouise @JoshAbstract - Morgan Walker Group graphics done by @JamesRP Thanks again.
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    I came from GTA 5 RP and needed a break. I signed up for DayzRP awhile back, but shit happened and wasn't able to really play out my original character or play on DayzRP at all for awhile. Decided recently with my boyfriend, to start RPing on DayzRP because we wanted to RP some where there is real RP. People on the GTA 5 RP server I am on, would follow the rules, but would do bare minimum RP. Instead, they'd just rob banks and provide very little RP in general. There wasn't any story in that. They did it because they could. They did it because if you weren't a cop or EMS, you played a 1 dimensional character that did everything everyone else was doing. Point is, what I've learned so far in DayzRP is that, everyone except maybe 20% of the server are bandits and just go around robbing people for their things. Not only that, but they also steal when no one is at their base. So you're saying that in RP, because you CAN rob people, that you should rob them every chance you get without roleplay? From my experience here, this is a some what watered down version of a PvP server. Roleplay should always come first and it honestly just seems like people decided to RP a bunch of bandits and that's the only route they are going to take in RP. I've met 2 people who are not bandits, but have been robbed multiple times. Does it make any sense for a person to be robbed multiple times in an entire week? This RP environment is not safe for those who want to RP solo characters. It caters to larger groups who can actually protect not only themselves, but their people and their things. You'd think with this being a survival game, after watching movies or TV shows that are based on surviving some kind of apocalypse, there would be more to just coming up on someone's base that no one is occupying for whatever reason, you'd leave it alone because you aren't gaining any RP. Is this a RP server or we going around exploiting the fact that you CAN rob people offline and rob those who are out and about etc. and can avoid YOUR character getting conflict for stealing someones crap? Because you can't get conflict or have pvp consequences for stealing someones things. You are literally providing zero RP to protect their things or RP giving up their things because they don't want to die over things that they could easily get some where else if they once again had to go looking for it. Some of you are missing the point of roleplay. This isn't roleplay. Just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you SHOULD do it. This is the same crap you get in a lot of GTA 5 servers. Too many crims, not enough originality with characters - everyone is a crim and does the same kind of crime. So because my character got their stuff stolen, I should use that to my advantage to develop my character and RP "not hording things and keep it in a safe secure place" or that my character should ALSO steal peoples crap when they are offline or out and about not able to protect or do anything about their things? Because that's character development to you? Are you guys aware of Conan Exiles RP? A lot of the rules and guidelines in pretty much every conan RP server is that roleplay comes first, you aren't allowed to just go to someones base and raid it and steal people's things because there is ZERO RP in it. The way Conan Exiles game lore is, would allow people to rob and steal things from other people because it is a survival type of game and its based on people who have done crimes who are exiled to lands where bad people go. But these servers, like myself, see no RP consequences in blindly raiding or stealing shit from others. Honestly the only reason I stopped playing Conan Exiles was because of personal reasons and because of the dumbass eRP/sex mods they have on it. Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes. But that's a whole other thing I won't get into. Like I said before, this server is a watered down version of a PvP server without the KoS. When your stuff is stolen offline or when you are out and about in server, your RP gets taken away from you because you can't RP conflict out and you can't do anything after it's stolen because you don't know who stole what. Your character can't go and retaliate or go after those people because they have no idea who did it. There is literally TWO ways your character can go from there. That is, become one of the thieves (super 1 dimensional character development btw) OR dust yourself off and try again until you do become a 1 dimensional character who does what everyone else is doing with their own characters. Keep telling yourselves over and over again, that it makes sense for people to be robbed while they are offline or out and about etc. It doesn't change the fact that there is zero RP in it.
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    I have a question about the amount of reports you can have against your group. Past week I have seen way to many reports against one specific group. (We all know what group) In these reports it is mainly just invalid executions and BadRP. So is there a limit to the amount of reports you can have against your group? So is there a limit to the amount of approved reports you can have against your group?
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    Putting the trash where it belongs.
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    Good first day back into RP, thanks to @Vast, @Connvexus & @Hez.
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    When I was 16 my pops said he was runnin' to Safeway to get some smokes and he'd be back in 20 minutes. 8 years later, here I am thinkin about how long that line must be. Poor guy
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    The who? Good luck bro
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    That is a Roland/Admin question. The answer is however yes, because groups have been closed in the past for it, but the reasoning/limit I am not sure of.
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    Friendly community-helper Banshee here! Make sure that your Steam-library and details are set to 'Public' Go to your Steam profile Click on 'Edit Profile' Click on 'My Privacy Settings' on the right hand side Go to where it says 'My Profile' and set that to 'Public' Go to where it says 'Game Details' and set that to 'Public' (Achtung! Make sure to un-tick the box that reads: "Always keep my total playtime private even if users can see my game details") If done correctly, it should look like this:
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    I voted no. If it's going to be an honor-system thing anyway, there's no reason two groups (or more) can't agree to terms ICly and OOCly and declare war as things stand now. As for PKing and Archiving - that would be up the agreement between warring factions. Personally, I think it's ridiculous to ask another group to archive whether they've lost a war with yours or not. Even if original characters died in a war, the group can continue. It's just not your place to ask someone to do that. The point in this server is to encourage role play, not to rack up the deaths of characters and forced archivals like notches in your belt. If folks get tired of killing people who won't stay dead, perhaps other goals are in order.
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    Wish people would actually reply to //permission to log out - instead of ignoring it... It’s more polite and common courtesy... Now I gotta wait til 7am to go to sleep...
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    I am just amazed about today
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    I think hardly any groups are ever going to willingly agree to a war with a group like Anarchy, hence the system is flawed.
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    It's starting to feel real god damn tense around here, think we all need to take a bit of a chill pill.
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    Why have blue and pink bunny ears been added in game? Edit: Apparently they are cat ears, excuse me.
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    Hello, I am NorwayRP I slide on the soap and make RP montage's every once and a while. I will post some here from now on thanks.
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    Have you ever wondered what life would be like, if.. we all got along without an hierarchy? If, people managed to maintain a group without having to pay their dues to someone? As Kant himself said.. from a certain point of view, anarchism is a society where law and freedom can be maintained without force. Of course, in today's society.. surviving is the hard part. However, with the right people, with the right mindset, surviving can be achieved and so can maintaining a society where no force is required to possess the rights that any person deserves to have. Anarchy is an ideology that most people would take for granted in our society, because of the massive chaos, but most people are not well educated on the matter and what anarchy really is about. Everyday, there's a new group of people out and about who believe they can rule the world. There's a group of people who believe they know the answer to what this world we currently live in is about, what is right and what is not.. but the answer had always been there and is the same for everyone. A self governed society where people's cause is re-establishing a society where no one is wrong except for people who try to force their opinion on other people. In our current society, there is only one way to achieve something remotely close to a society like that, a revolution. Violence is deemed right and wrong depending on the reason behind it, depending on people's perception on the situation and how necessary certain actions are. If for example the french revolution did not happen, or the revolution in South Africa, imagine how the world would've changed. Everything must be reshaped, reformed, even in a society where chaos rules.. if someone doesn't step up to make a change, then.. it'll never happen, which is this group's sole cause. Letting people know that they can all take part into opposing themselves against all forms of oppression, no matter what the cost is and no matter how that message can be carried across to other people. Collection of relics. Anarchy's art. Roots of Anarchism "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty." Anarchism is a political philosophy where a society is self governed by its own members and are not represented by another group or 'party' if you will. The idea of a nation state is opposed by anarchists. Anarchists believe in ideas of mututal respect for others, creativity and cooperation, while opposing hierarchy and government. Anarchism has traces from the 6th centuary BC by a Taoist philosopher Laozi and his successors had written pieces that hint to anarchism. Such as Zhuangzi's passage saying "A petty thief is put in Jail. A great brigand becomes a ruler of a Nation", a brigand being a foot soldier. The first sight of Anarchism in politics and religion was in Islam shortly after the death of their propher Mohammed, where Islam split into different branches as they all had different ideas on who to follow, you had the Shia, Sunni and Khawarij. Where Shia and Sunni had different ideas on who to follow, Khawarij Muslims believed that it was Allah's decision and that they would remain in their 'free' states in their own tribal villages where they shared similar ideas to anarchism but it was not full anarchism. Our tale "We anarchists do not want to emancipate the people; we want people to emancipate themselves." Dimitri Tarasov was born and raised in the region of the southern coast of the Black Sea, Pontus, near-by Trabezon in a really small village. The roots of his family originate from the Christian Pontic Greeks that remained throughout the area (including Trabezon and Kars in northeastern Turkey/the Russian Caucasus). He was moved to an early stage of his life inside the region of Caucasus and later on to Chernarus thanks to his parents getting into legal trouble with debts within the Caucasus region. He was brought up for the early stages of his life by a very caring family that only wanted to bring the best to their son, educating him well by actually homeschooling him for most of his life due to them not really being able to be in a position where they can properly pay for his education, but rather wanting him to teach other things which they considered mostly important in life. He was always a really silent person and tried to stay away from trouble, as much as he was able to. Dimitri joined the military and served for about two years when he realized the military was not the answer to our country's problems and that he was not helping the country by any means by spending his days aimlessly in the ranks of the army (pre-outbreak). He was much more of an artist and chose to quit the army at a young age to be able to focus onto his artistic side and look at life from a much different perspective. And oh boy was he in for a big surprise.. coming home in July of that year, to the outbreak. He knew he was fucked, he didn't know how to survive alone. Of course, he wasn't that social either and by that time the only way he could get involved with people was by signing up to join, kinda like he did with the military and so he did, he decided to join the ranks of PCC, not only to help his family out but to also become a part of a group that will help others, hoping he would actually not get in too much trouble but boy was he wrong. Dimitri Tarasov did get a warm welcome into PCC and was serving in their ranks for a long time. Dimitri saw a lot of things, he saw how people who everyone thought were all for saving people would turn as time went on. One valuable lesson for Dimitri was that no one is good and no one is actually right. People don't want to to help each other, they just want as much power as they can get. One great example would be Dimitri's encounter with the people north of Tisi, as well as multiple other groups near Stary that changed his view on what people really want to do during the outbreak. Same with BF, in Dimitri's eyes it was a handful of individuals that were all crazy from his point of view. After having a few situations with them, clearly people like them for Dimitri do not want a peaceful country, they want all the power in our country, rather than making the situation which we're currently in better. After PCC decided to disband the current organization built within the nation, Dimitri realized that there was no way law & order could be established in means that would better what was left of Chernarus, it was all about power. It came down to having to do what was necessary, whether that required violence or not, to preserve a world where Anarachism is the ideology which people follow. Dimitri of course realized that was certainly not easy along with the wide-spread activities of the Black Fangs and the PAU and also the slave traders and so on, it would be hard to get rid of every form of oppression. However, Dimitri has collected individuals that are all helpful in a way or another which can make his job a lot easier. People like Fyodr, Luke, Alexi as well as himself. These men were all collected by Dimitri for one job, to end the oppression on the people of Chernarus. To stop the evil of the power hungry men, to stop nationalism and in general all forms of oppression. These individuals were also gathered because they were all skillful in their own way, skillful social engineers, skillful marksmen and of course, great supporters of the anarch-communist ideology. The most important point promoted by this kind of anarchism is the abolition of the state. The group's views lean towards insurrectionary/platformist anarchism to an extent (organization wise). That means that this group was formed due to a common interest, which would be stopping the tyranny and oppression throughout Chernarus among also expanding knowledge about our ideology. The group also embraces the views of illegalism which means that the people of the group embrace the fact that they will have to get their hands dirty to achieve their goal. Every and each member that takes part in this group's activities know that violence will be the answer in most cases, due to what today's world has come to. These men are not scared to take part in such events, because it is needed to preserve our individual freedom and the freedom of our country from tyranny and terror reigned by other people and groups. Post Legion Corp Anarchy Dimitri returned to the southern part of Chernarus with Fyodr after Legion Corporation to form the great band of brothers for one more time. Dimitri and Fyodr heard about the tales of groups ravishing the lands, exactly as people finally started to properly build settlements and exactly when people began to form settlements and actually bring the state of the country to the pre-apocalyptic state it used to be in. Dimitri and Fyodr quickly found a few groups such as The Runners, The Messengers and other people which roamed the lands and hoarded everything, they both quickly realized that they needed to gather other like-minded individuals which agreed to having to get involved with even more criminal activities to get the state of the country to the unique and ideal state that was right in their eyes. Dimitri and Fyodr gathered people rather fast, some ex members of Anarchy and some people which agreed to their ways and people who wanted to help. Sure some wanted power and sure some wanted the better for this country, but Dimitri knew that it was inevitable for all of them to reach their ideal status without their hands getting dirty. They first began by setting up their gun embargo to start registering people and as a way to know who's in the country and who's allowed to carry what, enough people carried firearms who didn't know how to use them so that's the first measure that had to be put into place to secure the safety of the people as well as a base license so that the organization could keep track of where people are located and where businesses are operating. The next step... propaganda. Each member carries a relic on himself, which is a way to identify other members of the same ideology. Members of the group have their own unique relic, which is assigned to them by Dimitri. Short Term Goals (by Day 850) i) Find the remnants of the coalition and make them pay for the death of our friends and loved ones during the war. (by day 845) ii) Relocate and operate a new home. (by day 845) iii) Bring in a new form of ideal society (according to Anarchy's standards) and have multiple groups work together following our ideology. (by day 850) iv) Secure alliances with smaller groups get them to operate towns and offer them protection. (by day 855) v) Only attack when provoked. (ongoing) Long Term Goals (by day 880) i) Do a gun embargo. (continuous) ii) Dismantle all government forces in the South Zagoria Region. (by day 870) iii) Send emissaries from Anarchy to follow other groups and see how they operate. (by day 870) iv) When a trifecta of groups follow the Anarchy Ideology have them set up trade routes and send out security teams to protect them. (by day 870) v) look out for the smaller groups and help them flourish and advance their goals. (by day 870) vi) Pop out events every two weeks to help advance the lore. (ongoing) vii) Create a summit and have each group send a representative to openly speak out their concerns and how they contribute to South Zagoria (Once every 3 weeks meet up and discuss things) (ongoing) viii) Destroy anyone connected to Aegis or The Corporation make them suffer for capturing and torturing members of Anarchy. (ongoing) ix) Capture The Black Roses and have them pay for the false accusations against the doctors at Pavlovo. (ongoing) x) Restrict CDF airflow with anti-aircraft weapons. (by day 880) xi) Make sure that every single group around South Zagoria are Distributing their wealth to everyone equally. (ongoing) @JimRP - Dimitri "Dima" Tarasov @Infamous - Luke Krey @FalkRP - Benedict Falk @NorwayRP - Arri Graham @RandyRP - William Wolfgang @DallasRP - Dallas Kane @Kricket - Jakob Vasilev @ThrashRP - Tibor Jakov @JewRP - Jonathan Shmeck @General Rickets - Anders Du Plessis @Hex - Liam Sinclair @Fae - Fae Williams @PhoenyxxRP - Lilianna Grey @SeversonRP - Blake Anderson @LumenRP - Anthony Carter @NozzyRP - Miguel Santiago @JamesRP - James McDonagh @BandsRP - Luke Britt @Nik - Nik Khaos @SassyRP - Sassy Sullivan Jr @YNW Viking - Yuan Ling @Wendigo - Eddie Morrison @TurkRP - Mehmet Ayibogan @radiosalt - Stella Williams @DexAgonRP - Zadoc Sahakian Interested in joining? PM me with the form below.
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    @SquirtleKitty & @Fae this was an easier take over than i thought it would be
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    Lets go ladies, Go go go!
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    - Added a new Broadcast: First Father David Show with an interview with The Runners.
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    Someone posted a suggestion about forced PKs so I came up with this idea. What if we had a way on the forums where we can declare war if two parties are in a faction? The requirements would have to be 1. Both parties agree to the declaration. 2. After a series of firefights one side wins the war. The losing side is forced to PK and archive their group. To add on, the amount of firefights needed to win would have to be something like 3 perhaps 5. It doesn’t matter how they are won or how they occur. Of course you still have to initiate. If the party complies you have the option of executing them (you’re at war, so you gain rights) or you can take them prisoner where they will sort of have to be forced to stay with your group when they’re online. I think that this option would give an ultimatum to people that keep crying about faction wars and firefights being pointless and since it’s optional and both parties have to agree it doesn’t hurt by adding it. This could also create more RP because if one side wanted to they could have a trial for the “war criminals” (Whoever lost the war). Also if people get captured but then rescued that could make a lost firefight null and reset the board, though that begins to complicate things. obviously this would be on an honesty and Good sportsmanship type scale to an extent but so are a lot of other rules. The main suggestion is just add a declaration of war with the two bullet points above. The other stuff I added is just fluff.
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    Great time, my first day as well. First week playing the game even. I'm hooked
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    You need 10 hours of playtime on your Steam account on DayZ. + You also need to set your Steam to public.
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    Oh dear god! I have played 90 hours of DayZ in the last 2 weeks and the weekend isn't even over!
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    This recently closed report brought up a question I couldnt find clarified in the rule section or any other report before. In this situation a truck was used as a ram to forcefully stop another vehicle before an actual initiation via voice or text was dropped. This truck wasnt used as a road block so that the party in the car could have stopped and avoided crashing into said truck, but was actively driven into them and by this risking without valid kill rights harm or even death to the people inside the car. In other reports mainly the problem "Car vs pedestrians" was debated so here are my questions that were left unanswered in the report: 1. Is it allowed to ram other vehicles of the road without an initiation and if not, what rule violation would this count as? Attempted KOS/Invalid Kill? 2. If Car A gets initiated on by Car B during a car chase, what options do the inhabitants of Car A have if they would like to comply and surrender but the driver of Car A continues speeding? Jumping out of the driving car could potentially be lethal and be seen as NVFL. 3. How can the inhabitants of Car A from the previous mentioned point signal their surrender to the chasing party in the best possible way as voices can be difficult to hear in two speeding cars and Text isnt reliable due to varying distances between the parties during a chase?
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    Rose hips come kind of close, could they be used?
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    Now we can fuck shit up the right way
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    I'm 100% behind what @General Rickets said, needs to be removed ASAP as shown by the evidence provided above Not realistic whatsoever
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    It needs to be removed for reasons stated below
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    Since I missed the thread; I have never played, nor ever will play, a 9 or 11 year old character. The character who was kidnapped by anarchy was 14, and even that was pushing it for me. Directly after that I retired the character and haven’t played her since. My current teenage character is 16. She WAS 17 but people were being creeps and juicing like eboys in and out of RP so I deaged her to 16. I also purposefully lower my voice pitch to ensure I don’t sound like a squeaky toy. My character before her was/is 24, the current one I have active. Please do not comment on if childRP should be banned or not on my status, I am not posting this status for this reason. I am just clearing up a misconception that I willingly would play a 11 or 9 year old when I never have and never will. Thank you.
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    Store what you need to survive on your character. Store what you want to hoard in tents/crates/storage. No one can rob your characters model while you are offline, and very few people actually need more then they can carry, they just convince themselves they do. Gear isn't everything, don't worry about the stuff that got liberated while you were offline.
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    Go to the Military Training base near Tisy, you'll find them fighting zeds and mowing them down. Actually, why don't we up the wolf spawns? Going through the forests at night will be so much scarier and dangerous. Gotta add one more thing ; wild boars should be more dangerous and deadlier since whenever I meet these beasts, they barely pose any threat, just act as bacon on legs waiting to be cooked.
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    Go play Deer Island in order to appreciate the hordes there
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    I've personally had 4-5 account where groups ranging from 3-8+ roll up on me, a solo player, and just take almost everything from me. I didn't know them, I try to act nice and RP the best I can, but it does leave a bad taste in my mouth when I try to talk to them OOC to see why they did it just to get clarification to put myself at ease. 3 of the times the people told me on discord "You had civ clothing and don't know you, so we wanted to see what shit you had" or something like "Cause we didn't feel like RPing anything too important" and the best one was "We just felt like getting some gear today." That just makes me hate running into any group knowing that might happen and I might just waste my time and breathe trying to RP with them. Now I know that this isn't the case with every group that engages in hostile actions with people, but having gone through this, I already have a standard for what I'm expecting to see from most groups I would come across if I played more nowadays. I just don't like wasting my time and putting efforting into situations where I won't get decent RP back, and just leave a situation with a bad mood and little gear left. I personally feel that raiding offline people is scummy, but I can get why people do it at the same time. Most of the time, you won't know when they're online to try anything. Unless you stalk them out for days on end to know the times, you have to be safe. I know I might get some hate or just general memery against myself for this, but these are just my opinions and my feelings on what has happened to me.
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    All cars should spawn with all parts and ready to go.
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    I have been on the server for 2 days, let me sum up my roleplay experience. I encountered quite a few racists and egangsters. My character was insulted numerous times for having a darker skin tone. Overall I am incredibly disappointed with my time on the server.
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    From the album: We're Proper Bandits

    "where the grass is greener and the biters have formed a horde."
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