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    This recently closed report brought up a question I couldnt find clarified in the rule section or any other report before. In this situation a truck was used as a ram to forcefully stop another vehicle before an actual initiation via voice or text was dropped. This truck wasnt used as a road block so that the party in the car could have stopped and avoided crashing into said truck, but was actively driven into them and by this risking without valid kill rights harm or even death to the people inside the car. In other reports mainly the problem "Car vs pedestrians" was debated so here are my questions that were left unanswered in the report: 1. Is it allowed to ram other vehicles of the road without an initiation and if not, what rule violation would this count as? Attempted KOS/Invalid Kill? 2. If Car A gets initiated on by Car B during a car chase, what options do the inhabitants of Car A have if they would like to comply and surrender but the driver of Car A continues speeding? Jumping out of the driving car could potentially be lethal and be seen as NVFL. 3. How can the inhabitants of Car A from the previous mentioned point signal their surrender to the chasing party in the best possible way as voices can be difficult to hear in two speeding cars and Text isnt reliable due to varying distances between the parties during a chase?
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    getting ready for a big fight
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    It needs to be removed for reasons stated below
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    So proud of my boy for making it onto this @Watchman https://bestnew.com/products/dayz-dreaming
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    So I am not close friends with the people who came up with this lore invention. Perhaps some people are familiar with it. For those that aren’t comfort is a drug created in one of the “safe” zones from what I understand. It’s a highly addictive and I’ve seen it used in a few storylines with people that are really heavy into the RP aspect of the community. @StagsviewRB would have more information about this. I would like to suggest an actual item for this comfort drug. It could be as simple as using an already made item and retexturing and renaming it. this item in lore is suppose to be rare so it should probably only be spawned in and not added to the loot table. I think if we added in the item it could encourage RP around it and get more people involved with the lore. I think the original creators should have a say so in this as well. The issue with just rping the item is anyone can say they have it. it would be cool to add as it could also create an economy.
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    i enjoyed last nights role play encounter looking forward to the next one
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    When you need a license to exist.
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    Someone posted a suggestion about forced PKs so I came up with this idea. What if we had a way on the forums where we can declare war if two parties are in a faction? The requirements would have to be 1. Both parties agree to the declaration. 2. After a series of firefights one side wins the war. The losing side is forced to PK and archive their group. To add on, the amount of firefights needed to win would have to be something like 3 perhaps 5. It doesn’t matter how they are won or how they occur. Of course you still have to initiate. If the party complies you have the option of executing them (you’re at war, so you gain rights) or you can take them prisoner where they will sort of have to be forced to stay with your group when they’re online. I think that this option would give an ultimatum to people that keep crying about faction wars and firefights being pointless and since it’s optional and both parties have to agree it doesn’t hurt by adding it. This could also create more RP because if one side wanted to they could have a trial for the “war criminals” (Whoever lost the war). Also if people get captured but then rescued that could make a lost firefight null and reset the board, though that begins to complicate things. obviously this would be on an honesty and Good sportsmanship type scale to an extent but so are a lot of other rules. The main suggestion is just add a declaration of war with the two bullet points above. The other stuff I added is just fluff.
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    Just want to say that in the situation at Anarchy's road block and even before the situation @Duquesne was great he RPED everything out very well and put together a great operation and led them well. I don't know the outcome of the attack but I want to thank you for the great RP you have gave me since I first met you and your group and until now. I hope to have more RP with you and the group soon and again want to thank you again for putting all this in motion today. I also got to give it to @GunRunnee02 for his great RP and stupidity always makes me laugh ICLY and makes every situation feel better. I will see you guys around but for now I am taking a short break as I need it. Wish all of you in the runners the best much love.
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    Could easily re-texture the pill bottle, make the label white as if someone taped some paper around it and put some shoddily drawn letters spelling "Comfort." Something like this I imagine? @StagsviewRB @Zero
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    Hey there folks, so the LM’s have been discussing for a bit now about giving the players more of an option to go and experience more than just South Zagoria and Deer Island. After trying out an experiment on a few members of the community the LM’s have decided to give you folks the ability to officially “visit” these lands through a DnD (for babies) styled game for your travels. This will give you folk the ability to go and gain experience for your characters and tell your “Cannon” adventures on this thread. The thread itself is going to have a general history, information that every player can use as IC information along with an IC update post for the situation what is happening IG right now. From here, you can visit these areas, this could be anywhere in Chernarus right now. The idea would evolve it being able to go “outside” of Chernarus to Russia, Takistan etc. However right now we are going to focus on “smaller” areas and key areas of the current storyline to get some plot moving. So for the first location we are going to be focusing on a city that has been named a few times IG now, evolving around the events IG: Kirovograd. General lore from the perspective of the Chernarussian Defence Force from a public information folder: Kirovograd, we saw this city after the civil war as an important industrial revival for the new Chernarussian Government, with the support of the new regime and the ideals of a Chernarussian industrial rebirth, Kirovograd was for us our little spark in the modern world to bring Chernarus up from the ashes that the civil war had taken us. But prior to then, prior to the war and the bloodshed in Zagoria, Kirovograd traditionally was a fort city to stop the advance of any Takistani or other Muslim invaders up until the Russian communist uprising, from a fort city with a small mining sector into an example of Stalin’s “5 year plan”. Changing the entire city from a small block into a huge industrial sector, later on in soviet regime it was expanded upon even further with the building with huge amounts of apartment complexes and an installation of a medium sized military garrison in the area due to its old fortifications being renovated to modern standards. With tall, unified blocks typical of the era, she was a prime example of Soviet and Russian Engineering. A mix of both a mining town and a small military outpost by the river, Kirovograd served as a key military point during the Soviet time, as she was a connecting point to Novigrad and Zelenogorsk via the river as became one of the central economic points in Chernarus up until the fall of the Soviet Union to where the city suffered greatly after mass Russian investment left the lands and the lack of contribution of the Chernarussian Government, pushing Kirovograd into a huge economic slump, making it one of the poorest cities in Chernarus. It was not until after the Civil War and the reform of the New Government that Kirovograd became a project of revitalization of the country. From an abandoned old industrial city the new Government encouraged the private sector into investing and a huge public investment to reopen the steel works factories, reopen the river and make it an important trade stopping point from novigrad and finally reactivate the weapons factories and relicense new weaponry for the new state. At first this proved to be a great success for the Chernarussian Government as many South Zagorians who fled from the region after the war moved to the new revitalised city, helping with the process to bring the city back to life. Factories reopened and foreign investment helped in the long run for bringing back the city thanks to the NATO countries that gave economic support to Chernarus after the war. But as all was going well for the city and its region, it could not prepare itself for the outcome that would curse it in the long run. Once the infection hit Chernarus, Kirovograd became one of the most dangerous cities in the region. Due to its mass population and heavy growth it became one of the most unstable cities in the country. The military itself abandoned their posts after months of fighting the infected off, along with small hostile groups they finally went rogue against the fractured and broken CDF. There was little to no attempt to regain control by the CDF forces outside of the city after the infection hit once their radio went silent. This gave the chance for these small communities to start to grow and fester, some being friendly survivor groups while others began to pray on these groups, forming small bandit groups run by desperate worse for wear survivors with the “infected” being an ever growing threat for those who lived in the city. The one thing was clear inside Kirovograd, there was no centered power of government or control within her walls. As the outbreak grew, the smaller bandit groups started to work together, from small little groups of five to six people, they grew into small little factions of forty to fifty people, each one with a complex web of alliances between leaders and organizations. Some settling and claiming parts of the city while others roamed and scavenged what they could find. But one thing united them all under a banner: Survive at any cost, any way and by any means. The city began its slow decay into pure and utter anarchy, a city dominated by fierce battles for territory and supplies only to leave more and more dead spring up and be taken by the infection only to leave more and more “normal” people question whom the real enemy was. Was it the infected or those who lived in the city? After a year of the infection, small groups of people began entering the city from the outside, these people brought in trade, food and more importantly a foreign drug known to them as “comfort”. As time passed and a lot of influence from groups outside the city, working together with local “Raider” groups from inside the city, Comfort overnight became a staple item within the city. A city ruined by internal fighting and conflict, a drug that gives you the ability to forget all the issues one could experience does wonders for the mind. With this, witnessing that the Novigrad raiders were moving from the capital to the city of Kirovograd. The Chernarussian Government sent a CDF force of 400 well trained and well armed soldiers to reoccupy the city to stop the trade of comfort spreading any further away from Kirovograd. But after months of fighting inside the city a large part of the forces inside decided to like its predecessors go rogue against the CDF, only leaving a small part of the industrial sector under their control. From this point, the CDF has been trying to regain contact with this isolated force for the last few weeks and gain territory to the important industrial sector. Former US/Chernarussian forces that act like NAPA. This faction is going to be a rather small but rather powerful faction inside the city of Kirovograd. These people are going to be quite an isolationist group. The faction is going to be focused on self preservation mainly from fear of punishment for abandoning their military high command. These people are mainly traders in the city. The group was originally a CDF squad sent in to “clean out” the city, but after long periods of fighting they finally decided to stay in the city and abandon their orders. With this they took large stacks of military supplies along with encouraging outcasts from military organizations to join their ranks.These people trade with corrupt CDF personal along with anybody else they can find for more weapon supplies to defend themselves or any sort of valuable items that they can get their hands on. Structure: These people run by military ranks. The higher rank leads the people, they deal with their own promotions and their own structure outside of the CDF. However they do not follow protocol and do whatever needs to be done to get what they need. The current leader is a man known as Vasili Kirvosk. These people believe in keeping their ranks pure from the drugs and will execute on the spot any member of their force consuming “comfort” or any sort of drug in their system. Alcohol and tobacco is allowed within ranks however anything else will result in swift punishment or execution. Location: Their last known location is the their main Police Headquarters in the city that is protected by the river bank. Half of the HQ was more or less demolished by bombing but has been built back up and fortified into an outpost. Shipping containers were dragged in and set up around the concrete walls, and the bunker beneath the station expanded and connected to a local Soviet-era subway where they set up a large bazaar for selling their equipment to anybody willing to trade with this faction. Objective: Unknown These people are a mix of raiders from Novigrad and groups in Kirovograd, raiders that allied up with the comfort dealers. These people are not tactile nor are they a military force, they are run by an alpha system and have huge numbers (500 plus) however the group has had a stable leadership for a while now with little to no internal conflict for leadership. Their main objective is to spread the comfort trade around the city and the regions around it. To this point, their trade has been extremely successful, with the help of the original creators of the drug itself (Novochov and his crew) along with the current alpha (Eclipse “Inka Harlow” (girl)). They are mainly kept supplied through raiding CDF outposts and also taking more from the city, they get a huge amount of supplies through the comfort trade. Structure: The raiders are loads of different raider groups formed into one big pack, however the main structure belongs to the Raiders from novigrad and minor ones from Kirovograd. They also have a division of scientists (under Novochov) that are dedicated to the supply of comfort. The faction is run under the alpha system, extremely hostile to pretty much anybody they encounter. Location: The raider’s have their base located on the western side of the city, in the heavy industrial area by the bank. They control an old industrial factory and have converted it into a huge industrial powerhouse in the region. Reactivating the steel works industrial side along with a minor weapons factory they managed to occupy. Objective: Spread the comfort trade outside of Kirovograd. The slaver organization is a group of around about 80-100 people. These people do exactly what their name implies. They are slavers inside the city. They pick on any random survivor inside the city they can find and bring them into the slave market. Aiming for any age or gender they can find, these people are willing to put any price on any person that they find. The slavers themselves used to have greater numbers before the CDF tried to retake the city, the slavers have lost a lot of their numbers and have a general mistrust towards the Na Zare. Structure: The faction is led by a person under the name Themistoklis 'Ikaros' Bakalov and is one of the few people and organizations that survived since the original outbreak started in kirovograd. Location: They are mainly located in the central part of the city. A lot of their forces are spread throughout the city. They have bare basic materials as general survivors do, but they are great survivalists and have very good knowledge of the city in itself. They have occupied the old government buildings of the city and have it fortified into a strong civilian styled bunker/stronghold. From here they also operate their open market for slaves for those that dare to enter their part of the city. Objective: Unknown --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There have been reports of other factions from within the city itself, however we have been unable to gather information on them to confirm if they are real or not. We will be sending scouts into the city to try and gather information and update us on the situation from the inside. We highly recommend to anybody that wishes or has an interest in the city to stay away. It is not safe nor is it worth the time and effort to go there, only the craziest people would even consider trying to find what secrets those streets hide. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lore @StagsviewRB Graphics @RedSky
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    It's starting to feel real god damn tense around here, think we all need to take a bit of a chill pill.
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    Lets be realistic about this as well and state some of the obvious things regarding this situation. This is a perfect outcome for most groups to go to war with each other and I love the idea of it (especially the PKs and Archive bit) but this will also turn into rights to gloat. One group puts out a declaration of war and another turns it down and suddenly the other group will use it as bragging rights, insults, and belittlement. Groups will start feeling forced into accepting declarations of war to stop the same situation that occurs with the global radio thread after people lose a battle which is people quoting numbers and taunting. This also turns into a situation where maybe not everyone in a group wants to PK their character just because they are in a group that accepted a war declaration, so there would have to be rules in place that during a declaration of war members can opt out of the PK, but this of course would then mean they couldn't help in the war against that particular enemy group that declared against them. The other very real elephant in the room...who is honestly going to declare against Anarchy? Do we allow multiple groups to ally to declare, or is this a 1 vs 1 declaration? There has and always will be only a small handful of groups out there that are and have ever been willing to fight against their group in the past due to their skills in PvP. It brings up needing rules regarding the numbers in a group, logging in during hostile situations to bolster numbers, what happens if a person not affiliated with the group gets a kill (does it become invalid and not counted as a kill count for the final winning count?), there's a lot of unknown that needs to be fleshed out, but if there could be some sort of system put in place to govern it all I think it would be a very neat idea and push for some great RP.
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    Now we can fuck shit up the right way
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    We add cat ears but not a turban? How am i supposed to smite infidels without a turban?
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    Currently writing a backstory for a psychopath character with a bunny ear fetish, do not remove them! Why shouldn't they not be ingame? DO THEY NOT EXIST IN THE REAL WORLD?! prove me wrong
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    This really looks awesome. Great work.
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    Sleeping on the beach, haven’t changed at all
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    There's no reason for anyone to waste their time removing them from the loot table. They actually exist in real life. My suggestion would be to get over it and don't wear the things if you don't like them. Seriously, we can skin people alive, crucify children, eat human flesh, and enslave people in this server, but the bunny ears are just too far?
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    "Ok. Thank you everyone for coming to our annual employee union mandated workshop. Before we get started, I'd like to address everyone here, please do not eat food in the employee lounge that's not yours! Thats not cool!" "We get paid to be here right?" "Yes."
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    Might want to note that Saiga-12k Buttstocks are still spawning all around the map.
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    I drove the hell out of dodge when I heard that 17 armed people were jogging towards the checkpoint from Stary Sobor. I tell'yah it sounded like the Fourth of July fireworks for a good hour there... Just in time for the toxic gas cloud to start hovering over in that direction. Sounded like everyone had a fun time. Glad to see that players can get along within the community. It's what we need here...
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    That's all we had to do was talk about things getting blown up and he shows up hours later...welcome back!
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    Thanks for the great RP tonight guys. It's good to be back
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    @ne_om LMs give their opinions when it comes to groups that are close to Lore factions, etc. but it is ultimately the Admins that will have to approve the groups
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    "Who ate my chocolate pudding?" "I don't know?"
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    "So did you find any supplies?" "Yeah..." "......"
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    Thanks for the great RP in the middle of darkness of the night; @RedSky @Fenrir @Kapocss @lunathecat and @radiosalt. Very unlikely meeting with last two. And there was that guy too... Can't remember who it was, but fun fun! Let's raid some more places later!
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    Just bought another Glock. I now own a Glock 19 Gen 5 and a Glock 17 Gen 3 I need to stop heading to the gun shop
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    (Thank you @Alkis for this image!) “Once upon a time, there was a woman named Catherine and a little girl named Virginia. And a stupid ex-husband who thought he could buy his daughter’s love with fancy gadgets and exotic adventures. So, Catherine ended up on her last adventure because of theirs.” “What happened to Catherine?” “I am killing her.” C.A.L. & J.M. This battered journal has clearly seen better days, and it’s mostly blank – there is writing only on the first few pages. There is also a collection of loose papers filled with scribbles and doodles, in no particular order, stuffed in the back. If The Stranger (TS) hadn’t found me, I probably would have died. This region has been unforgiving, and I left my guide at the border. This guy recognized my voice…from that last transmission. Gotta fix that. And now I owe him. At least it’s just supplies – so far. He lead me to people, said he figured I could handle the rest on my own. The surreality of it. I offered them spiked peaches and we sat in a church getting drunk – telling stories and laughing. They must be very strong. Not afraid to lose control. Especially the loud woman, she won’t take shit from anyone – drunk or sober it seems. They say I must have a new name. Mine sounds too much like other of their friends. But we couldn’t settle on a good one before this new guy comes in. New guy doesn’t have to talk loud to be heard. It looked to me like everyone was listening. He tells me his name, tells me it’s not really his name. Then tells me if I want drugs, I come to him. Any drugs. Any time. Sounds like my Dad’s line. I’ll call him The Pusher (P). I’m starting to let him know I’ll be in touch – even though I don’t want any drugs – when this slip of a woman rolls in wearing a skirt like it’s not cold as hell outside. She’s talking about ghosts and salt purification. The Pusher changes when she comes in – it’s easy to see. And she fills this locket he has with salt. Trying to protect him from ghosts. I hope it works for them. -- TS says I look like a Laura to him. So be it. I will become Laura. -- The days have been a blur, running with more people than I’ve seen in a while. The loud woman – the Star, Stella Minor (SM) her kid, P – some others. They make me laugh. They light up the towns and destroy the infected. I find myself not paying attention. How the hell did we get to this fountain reading Alice in Wonderland? I’m tired and Catherine keeps clamoring about tucking Ginny into bed, reading her bedtime stories, singing her a lullabye. Kindly shut your mouth, my dear. The Pusher could just as easily be the Herder. Quiet and urgent, his directions guide us through the forest to the next clinic, and the next. A dozen pairs of feet pounding through the night, guns out – the loud woman a Red Star shining through the trees. The rhythm, the wind, the ebb and flow of banter…make it easy to shut Catherine up. -- The Pusher’s girl is with us, with her legs – and cookies this time. They’re really good cookies. And there’s some new woman. She keeps poking at the Pusher’s girl, making fun of her. I don’t get it – the Cookie chick is nervous and sweet. Fragile. Can’t she see his growing irritation – is she blind or suicidal? Or does she think she can take him? Interesting. The first time he raises his voice, she slinks off. What are we doing? “Cutting 45 degrees right across the field.” We’re running, and I’m following. It’s getting later. We’re dropping people off for bed in every town. Eventually, it’s just the two of us and I can’t keep up anymore. -- The radio wakes me. The Pusher’s voice. What is he saying? I have to put on Laura’s voice, Laura’s posture. Laura is always ready to do business. Right. "Sorry, missed that first bit. What's this about taking?" "Hm. Merely seeing if you'll need assistance in acquiring shit other than drugs. I'm... as you put, an 'entrepreneur,'" The Pusher chuckles. "Able to nab next to anything these days. That kind of work comes at a cost, like always. A give and take." "Oh! Excellent. Yes, usually I only bother to carry medicines, though I know more recreational options are available, but I really rather like vodka - and occasionally wine...At any rate, you didn't radio to hear my morning prattle or preferences. Business to take care of, I'm sure. I could use a pair of night vision goggles - though I understand they're rather dear. And we have not clarified what forms of payment you accept. Some things can cost too much, you know. And I expect you are not a man to whom I would like to be in debt overly long." "My preferred payment is information. Materials are simple to come by. Debt shouldn't be a concern. I'm a reasonable man. Lies though, deceit. That's something neither of us will appreciate... I can start with something simple, if you're inclined." "I do appreciate honesty. Something simple will work. But what concerns me most is a clearly communicated exchange. After all, I require a single, discrete item, and want to be clear on my end of the bargain - which shouldn't be indefinite, I think. What, specifically, did you have in mind?" "For NVGs? Tell me how and what you know about Jack. Since I just came back into the country recently, I don't know much about him or his friends he's brought along." Our first deal is easy. They always are. -- Perhaps Catherine would have liked Chernarus in some other time. Its hiking trails and mountains can almost make you forget that most of the world is dead and the rest of it’s insane. That doesn’t matter, though. It’s a slow process…the more deeply embedded the memories are, the harder it is to cut them out. The trail has gone cold. The best thing to hope for is that Ginny’s dead. Catherine’s choking, fading – one memory at a time. That’s all right, too. I think I’m getting better at all this.
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    I’m sure we could push for it. The interest is more than some of the other items the devs added. Renaming and texturing is more simple than modeling as well.
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    Can see that point but, it should also fit in with the lore and they should makesure that it is current and works. Otherwise you’ll get people making groups that have no right or place to be here, You also say that aren’t effected by the lore, but everyone should be effected by the lore and the current climate of the server surely ?, @Ducky @ToeZies @Azu Zimbabwe space program soon ?
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    I mean, guys, it's pretty simple. Report the ones that are bad, commend the ones that are good. BadRP exists for a reason. We don't ban super soldiers, we don't ban the loonies, we don't ban the edge lords. We just report them if they don't do RP fitting for the server. Same rule(s) apply for child roleplayers. Like, cmon. Common sense my dudes.
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    Okay, I am personally tired of seeing child characters. If you want to have a child in your story you can RP them as being in a safe-zone / city. Kids would not stand a chance outside of these places anyways as the outskirts and surrounding areas are full of raiders (some being cannibals, pedos, rapists, etc), infected, and wildlife. Some reasons to get rid of this form of RP below. It's weird okay? The game doesn't support a child character model. The role-play is frankly borderline creepy and not needed. Many of the people sound like regular adults and never emote being a child, thus people are put in awkward situations when RPing with said characters. Plis ban it like we did other things or just put me out of misery.
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    Introduction: Hello there, traveller. So you would like to record, but you're not sure how. People say "use Shadowplay" but you don't have geforce GPU? Or you just simply don't like shadowplay and you're looking for another software. Well then, here you go - I may be not a specialist regarding this topic, but thanks to some basic research I've managed to setup working OBS - some settings and numbers you'll see in this guide are based on recommended setups. This guide is also based on my old guide from December 2015, but due to some simple UI changes and couple of people asking me about recording software, I've decided to update that baby. This guide is my take on quick and simple setting up. Since I've joined DayZRP community almost daily I go through solved reports to learn from them. It strikes me how many players don't have a video evidence - especially when one decides to roleplay as a bandit or tires to roleplay mental health issues, which may be percived as trolly. The following guide will show how to quickly set up recording in quality good enough for a possible report, even if you have a medieval PC (as I used to have when I've started playing DayZ, now I have a Renaissance one). You can adjust all the settings I will give but with the ones below I'm able to record all my gameplays (longest recordings lasting 6h) without a pause and any noticable frames drop. If there are any problems with this guide and some steps don't work, please let me know. If you have any questions, you can ask them here or reach out to me in a PM - I'll try to help if I can. Enjoy! Step 1: Getting OBS Get your OBS -> https://obsproject.com/ , pick desired system version, install it and launch it. Step 2: Pick what you want to record Now it's time to pick what you want to record. As on the image below, create a new scene: Rightclick the scenes window (it's going to be empty for you), click Add from the dropdown menu and then pick the name of the scene, for example "DayZRP.com". Now rightclick the window under the sources, pick Add from the dropdown menu and pick "Game capture" from submenu, as seen on image below. Name it. Start up DayZ and alt-tab back to desktop to make next steps easier. Now choose the settings as in the image below. As "Mode" pick "Capture specific window". You could probably go also with "fullscreen app" but I had some problems with that setting. As "Window" select your DayZ.exe from the dropdown menu (it should appear automaticly after running the game). Now scroll down a little bit and make sure that "Use anti-cheat (...)" is selected - this should prevent recording only blackscreen. If needed, check also "show cursor". Press Ok/Apply. If the preview window is still black, alt-tab back into the game, and once again into the desktop. Preview window should now show you the game. Step 3: Basic settings From the lower right corner of OBS pick "Settings" and go to Output tab. Video Birate -> depending on your machine specs, you can go with low number 2000-3000 for a low quality recording (that's still a viable proof) or higher qualities (I have 10000 setup for streaming/recording). The best way is to do some test runs and figure out how OBS is affecting your frames/game performance. I've recorded whole sessions on a very potatoe PC with birate set to 2000-3000, without any impact on the performace - but do some test runs! Encoder should be set to x264 - encoded files have smaller size then raw footage. If you don't see that encoder, you'll have to dowload x264 video codecs (QuickTime) or try other solutions. Recording path is a place on your drive where the videos will be stored. Recording format should be set either to .mp4 or .flv. If you're worried about OBS crashing and files being corrupted, you should go with .flv, as .mp4 files might get corrupted (according to the warning in OBS). Now go to Audio tab (below the Output tab) and add the audio devices you're using -> for me it's one microphone device and two audio devices. This strongly depends on your setup, and setup of your apps (like discord) that may be using different sources. Go to Video tab and just make sure that the desired resolution is set -> check Base (Canvas) Resolution. Now press "Start recording" and do some quick testruns. Review the test footage - if it's recording video, microphone and sounds correctly. I usally press start recording before starting up the game (unless I forget to start recording...) and stop it after I'm done (or you can alt-tab every now and then to stop/start, splitting this way session files into smalle chunks). Here are the examples of recording quality: 1. Bitrate ~3000 (video from 2015, old PC) 2. Current settings (as seen in images) Hope it helps with setting up your OBS. Have a nice day!
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    When you whistle and they have no idea where it is coming from.. @SquirtleKitty @PhoenyxxRP
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