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    Okay, I am personally tired of seeing child characters. If you want to have a child in your story you can RP them as being in a safe-zone / city. Kids would not stand a chance outside of these places anyways as the outskirts and surrounding areas are full of raiders (some being cannibals, pedos, rapists, etc), infected, and wildlife. Some reasons to get rid of this form of RP below. It's weird okay? The game doesn't support a child character model. The role-play is frankly borderline creepy and not needed. Many of the people sound like regular adults and never emote being a child, thus people are put in awkward situations when RPing with said characters. Plis ban it like we did other things or just put me out of misery.
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    Didn't you ERP in middle of Kabanino? Idk why you think you in the position to call others pedos. People don't want child rp cause most the times it's shit.
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    (Thank you @Alkis for this image!) “Once upon a time, there was a woman named Catherine and a little girl named Virginia. And a stupid ex-husband who thought he could buy his daughter’s love with fancy gadgets and exotic adventures. So, Catherine ended up on her last adventure because of theirs.” “What happened to Catherine?” “I am killing her.” C.A.L. & J.M. This battered journal has clearly seen better days, and it’s mostly blank – there is writing only on the first few pages. There is also a collection of loose papers filled with scribbles and doodles, in no particular order, stuffed in the back. If The Stranger (TS) hadn’t found me, I probably would have died. This region has been unforgiving, and I left my guide at the border. This guy recognized my voice…from that last transmission. Gotta fix that. And now I owe him. At least it’s just supplies – so far. He lead me to people, said he figured I could handle the rest on my own. The surreality of it. I offered them spiked peaches and we sat in a church getting drunk – telling stories and laughing. They must be very strong. Not afraid to lose control. Especially the loud woman, she won’t take shit from anyone – drunk or sober it seems. They say I must have a new name. Mine sounds too much like other of their friends. But we couldn’t settle on a good one before this new guy comes in. New guy doesn’t have to talk loud to be heard. It looked to me like everyone was listening. He tells me his name, tells me it’s not really his name. Then tells me if I want drugs, I come to him. Any drugs. Any time. Sounds like my Dad’s line. I’ll call him The Pusher (P). I’m starting to let him know I’ll be in touch – even though I don’t want any drugs – when this slip of a woman rolls in wearing a skirt like it’s not cold as hell outside. She’s talking about ghosts and salt purification. The Pusher changes when she comes in – it’s easy to see. And she fills this locket he has with salt. Trying to protect him from ghosts. I hope it works for them. -- TS says I look like a Laura to him. So be it. I will become Laura. -- The days have been a blur, running with more people than I’ve seen in a while. The loud woman – the Star, Stella Minor (SM) her kid, P – some others. They make me laugh. They light up the towns and destroy the infected. I find myself not paying attention. How the hell did we get to this fountain reading Alice in Wonderland? I’m tired and Catherine keeps clamoring about tucking Ginny into bed, reading her bedtime stories, singing her a lullabye. Kindly shut your mouth, my dear. The Pusher could just as easily be the Herder. Quiet and urgent, his directions guide us through the forest to the next clinic, and the next. A dozen pairs of feet pounding through the night, guns out – the loud woman a Red Star shining through the trees. The rhythm, the wind, the ebb and flow of banter…make it easy to shut Catherine up. -- The Pusher’s girl is with us, with her legs – and cookies this time. They’re really good cookies. And there’s some new woman. She keeps poking at the Pusher’s girl, making fun of her. I don’t get it – the Cookie chick is nervous and sweet. Fragile. Can’t she see his growing irritation – is she blind or suicidal? Or does she think she can take him? Interesting. The first time he raises his voice, she slinks off. What are we doing? “Cutting 45 degrees right across the field.” We’re running, and I’m following. It’s getting later. We’re dropping people off for bed in every town. Eventually, it’s just the two of us and I can’t keep up anymore. -- The radio wakes me. The Pusher’s voice. What is he saying? I have to put on Laura’s voice, Laura’s posture. Laura is always ready to do business. Right. "Sorry, missed that first bit. What's this about taking?" "Hm. Merely seeing if you'll need assistance in acquiring shit other than drugs. I'm... as you put, an 'entrepreneur,'" The Pusher chuckles. "Able to nab next to anything these days. That kind of work comes at a cost, like always. A give and take." "Oh! Excellent. Yes, usually I only bother to carry medicines, though I know more recreational options are available, but I really rather like vodka - and occasionally wine...At any rate, you didn't radio to hear my morning prattle or preferences. Business to take care of, I'm sure. I could use a pair of night vision goggles - though I understand they're rather dear. And we have not clarified what forms of payment you accept. Some things can cost too much, you know. And I expect you are not a man to whom I would like to be in debt overly long." "My preferred payment is information. Materials are simple to come by. Debt shouldn't be a concern. I'm a reasonable man. Lies though, deceit. That's something neither of us will appreciate... I can start with something simple, if you're inclined." "I do appreciate honesty. Something simple will work. But what concerns me most is a clearly communicated exchange. After all, I require a single, discrete item, and want to be clear on my end of the bargain - which shouldn't be indefinite, I think. What, specifically, did you have in mind?" "For NVGs? Tell me how and what you know about Jack. Since I just came back into the country recently, I don't know much about him or his friends he's brought along." Our first deal is easy. They always are. -- Perhaps Catherine would have liked Chernarus in some other time. Its hiking trails and mountains can almost make you forget that most of the world is dead and the rest of it’s insane. That doesn’t matter, though. It’s a slow process…the more deeply embedded the memories are, the harder it is to cut them out. The trail has gone cold. The best thing to hope for is that Ginny’s dead. Catherine’s choking, fading – one memory at a time. That’s all right, too. I think I’m getting better at all this.
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    Zero my friend we're a dying breed. +1, get them out of the server. Maybe like, 15 as a limit or some shit because I can believe that but 10 year olds running around is fucking weird.
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    So I am not close friends with the people who came up with this lore invention. Perhaps some people are familiar with it. For those that aren’t comfort is a drug created in one of the “safe” zones from what I understand. It’s a highly addictive and I’ve seen it used in a few storylines with people that are really heavy into the RP aspect of the community. @StagsviewRB would have more information about this. I would like to suggest an actual item for this comfort drug. It could be as simple as using an already made item and retexturing and renaming it. this item in lore is suppose to be rare so it should probably only be spawned in and not added to the loot table. I think if we added in the item it could encourage RP around it and get more people involved with the lore. I think the original creators should have a say so in this as well. The issue with just rping the item is anyone can say they have it. it would be cool to add as it could also create an economy.
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    Banning this will infact mean you are preventing someone from playing a character they wish to portray on the server. So we would be powergaming that member of the community. There is a real simple answer to this guys: 3.2 Your character must behave realistically and appropriately to the different situations you participate in, keeping the current world situation and context of post-apocalyptic world in mind. All you have to do is make a report for BadRP if you deem their RP to be unrealistic or report it for trolling if you believe the community member is acting in a trolling way. Reports are not there simply to punish they are there to get a better concept of the RP on the server and help to identify potential issues within the rules that need to be updated.
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    I went to make coffee came back and there is 4 pages, I started reading them thinking there would be valid discussion but I was met with posts like this; Its two years into the infection realistically speaking the only people who would have survived would be highly trained or lucky. Some 13 year old running around with a no gun alone gonna have survived? No is the only answer to that. "Oh rickets why don't you just report them reeeeeee" Because I have better things to do than sit and report every minor thing on the server that might break the rules. You must really have a screw loose if you think that. If anything anyone who plays as a child doesn't want their weird fetishes stopped which is the only explanation as to why you are so against this. Theres another post about banning hostile RP and fetishism and that isn't entirely incorrect however those people who see it like that stay off in the corner of the map and do it to eachother. Majority of hostile RP is done for no other reason than hostile RP and enjoying that style of character. The whole counter argument for this is bollocks to be quite frank, you want to roleplay as a minor in a videogame what is alright with that? Not only does it make little to no sense you're the one running around ruining other peoples experience. @lunathecat In this thread you're trying to put yourself across as some superior roleplayer but all my encounters with you i've had to walk away. But other people seem to have covered that now that i've read through the post slurping my coffee. I was gonna go off on more of a rant but people are just getting humiliated at this point so i'll take my leave.
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    Pretty straight forward, says it in the title, I believe the lore master team should have more say and input into groups and the approval process. We used to use it back in the mod days and it worked so why not now? It will help progress the lore and help to make sure groups are on trend with the current climate of the server.
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    If staff sets up an age limit, lets say 16+ ... it would a) only restrict people ig & b) it would not change shit since there are 17 year olds behaving like 5 year olds out there. Come on guys, isn't everyone adult old enough to deal with things he or she might be confronted with in the server? If you don't like a certain rp type - fucking hell, it is a game , grit your teeth and get it over with and try that without ruining the experience for the other party. That is what it takes to keep a certain diversity within the servers along with community members working together to create a role play process. Sounds crazy, I know. I think playing a younger character or "child-rp" comes along with a main issue, other rp types like ... hostile rp, nationalist rp, campfire rp, cannibal-rp, psycho-rp ... and many more, show too: if done shit people will generalize it and cry on the forums.
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    Child RP is hella weird and i feel like some people just got some cringe ass child fetish they wanna act out in a roleplay server please get it outta here
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    I know it's not a PNG, but honestly, could we?
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    Here is @Glitch's submission, he isn't able to post because of the file size.
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    Could easily re-texture the pill bottle, make the label white as if someone taped some paper around it and put some shoddily drawn letters spelling "Comfort." Something like this I imagine? @StagsviewRB @Zero
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    Can see that point but, it should also fit in with the lore and they should makesure that it is current and works. Otherwise you’ll get people making groups that have no right or place to be here, You also say that aren’t effected by the lore, but everyone should be effected by the lore and the current climate of the server surely ?, @Ducky @ToeZies @Azu Zimbabwe space program soon ?
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    We're not banning child roleplay, if people RP pedophilia on the server, report them.
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    In my personal experience, I've met far more people playing unrealistic adults (with that classic Power Fantasy experience) than I have met people playing cringe kids/teenagers. And at least the latter have the excuse of being kids/teenagers. Every single time this type of thread pops up I'm legitimately confused as to why there's such a strong push for banning the sparse few people that play kids/teenagers, as I'm fairly certain that the amount of people playing these characters can be counted on two hands. The fact that such a small fraction of the community gets so much condemnation amazes me and it always feels these threads are not so much aimed at amending the rules but rather to poke at the few people that play the underage characters in question. I'm of the strong opinion that we should let everyone play what they want, this is a roleplaying community. We got cannibals, psychopaths, memelords and immortals (you know, the type that get shot and just keep coming back every time, because realism) running around and somehow the four or five kids/teenagers running around are the bad apples in this? Besides, if we don't want kids/teenagers being roleplayed, then why in the hell do even allow people below 18 in this community. We've got kids playing adults and somehow that's fine. If you're somehow more comfortable seeing a IRL 16 year old playing a adult and torturing people than seeing a IRL 20+ year old playing a 15/16 year old, that's called hypocrisy. But we don't talk about that, because it's equally as sparse as people playing underage characters. At the end of the day, I feel the real issue is that people in this community let their OOC beliefs and morals guide them ICly. Isn't the whole point of roleplay to pretend to be something you're not? I've seen plenty of people do some horrendous torture RP of which I'm sure they'd never do themselves irl yet when faced with teenagers they complain about bad quality RP because they can't handle it purely from a OOC point of view. Ya'll know that you can literally hold up and shoot the kid if you find him/her annoying, right? And that doesn't make you a questionable person because this entire community is based on make-belief. I suggest you all take a step back and stop taking things in a videogame so seriously, as is often suggested on other topics. If you feel its considered badRP, we have a report system with capable staff in place to determine whether the quality falls within the set rules or not.
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    Why would you ban any kinda roleplay. I think if we are banning anything we should ban the shitty super soldier. Or the chernarussians that go im going to rob you just because your not chernarussian.
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    Ever met a 14 year old with an M4 and a Winchester model 70 on her back and was told that an area is toxic and not safe to enter but she goes anyway to save a Teddy Bear? I have. Never again. There is a player that plays an flamboyant 14 year old boy in shorts and it's fucked up. Please get rid of child characters! At least no characters younger than 18. I'm sorry but RPing with grown adults that play children just makes me very uncomfortable. Especially when they start talking. My God it's cringy.
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    Why have blue and pink bunny ears been added in game? Edit: Apparently they are cat ears, excuse me.
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    We can remove it from the spawn table if desired.
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    I have no intent to flame you. I just find it odd that a minor ERPing with others is now calling people that wanna banned childRP pedophiles. Is a stretch and a half and quite a horrible attitude to have against people doing nothing but express their opinion about it. I for one had some good interactions with kids and some that were an absolute disappointment. Like when I met your kid character that was big dicking around. An adult literally punched you (not slapped) but punch you, and your response was to fight back, because that is definitely what 13 years old would do. This is the problem that people have with this RP. Constant unrealistic behavior and all around unenjoyable interactions that makes people wanna close the game.
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    To be frankly honest.. I really hope this does not get passed.. I know a huge group of people I play with that love the majority of child chars that have existed in this universe. And my personal char I know for a fact is loved by many , but being realistic I also know my char is hated by many also.. this is ok though.. you cant please everyone.. (and to be honest im not that huge of a fan of you people that focus on being pvp big bois wearing "Tactical black gear with white sneakers" so its K) RP is great as it has such a broad spectrum of people.. filtering it down and banning styles that a minority deem fit or unfit for RP will be awfully boring and bland..
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    Is this topic really that much off an issue for so many? Its not like there are busloads of 10 year olds roaming in south zagoria. I dont think I've ever met a 10 year old on the server ever, even less played by an cringy, old dude. A "No" to the ban from me for the following reasons: 1. Child chars are a vast minority and even when seen as cringy by some, barely a problem worth a ban by rules. 2. Most child RPers like the ones tagged do an excellent job by playing that role with skill and dignity, adding to other peoples and groups storyline and RP. In hundreds of hours of RP I can maybe recall one child char that gave me a headache due to the voice. Other char groups so that way more often. 3. The Realism argument "They wouldnt survive" is a slippery slope and can be, depending on personal feelings be expanded onto other groups that would have reduced chances of survival based on personal view: pacifists, vegetarians or even people that dont know how to shoot. Where do we draw the line here? Fact is children throughout history have survived in some of the most hostile environments possible and survived. Why wouldnt some survive this Apocalypse here? 4. Last but not least is the question for a ban way to less specific. I see people talk about all different ages but what is even meant with child RP? 16? 18? 21? I agree a six year old would have a bad time but the phrasing of the thread title is really vague.
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    That would be me. I deleted it because I was completely weirded out by it. Didn't want it shared around with my name on it when I was only a bystander and dragged into an rp situation that I was not comfortable with... which has happened several times when around children being rp'd. the only successful people to play children, at least in my eyes is @Malthis, @GreenySmiley and @Brayces. The other children i have encountered have been rather trolly or not realistically roleplayed. They are also the only ones to have never made a situation around them as uncomfortable and weird as some of the ones ive heard about or seen myself. So props to these three for being able to roleplay their characters fantastically. Unfortunately for them, the bad taste of other child roleplayers results in threads like this. It sucks that they would have to be penalized for the actions of others. i think there needs to either be stricter rules in regards to child roleplay or an age limit placed on (i think 16/17). unfortunately threads like this pop up all the time and then nothing happens and another will pop up a few weeks later.
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    Yeah it's shit. In the apocalypse we'd probably hide or kill the kids anyway. Oh yeah and because we have perverts who are grown ass adults who get off on the sexual tension of playing as children, which is further down the ladder of degeneracy along with people who RP as the opposite gender and get off physically on ERP. We aren't here to recreate realistic existence, or to cater to fuck fantasies. Plus the character models are too damn big anyways. I'd say 16, anything below that makes me cringe
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    Introduction: Hello there, traveller. So you would like to record, but you're not sure how. People say "use Shadowplay" but you don't have geforce GPU? Or you just simply don't like shadowplay and you're looking for another software. Well then, here you go - I may be not a specialist regarding this topic, but thanks to some basic research I've managed to setup working OBS - some settings and numbers you'll see in this guide are based on recommended setups. This guide is also based on my old guide from December 2015, but due to some simple UI changes and couple of people asking me about recording software, I've decided to update that baby. This guide is my take on quick and simple setting up. Since I've joined DayZRP community almost daily I go through solved reports to learn from them. It strikes me how many players don't have a video evidence - especially when one decides to roleplay as a bandit or tires to roleplay mental health issues, which may be percived as trolly. The following guide will show how to quickly set up recording in quality good enough for a possible report, even if you have a medieval PC (as I used to have when I've started playing DayZ, now I have a Renaissance one). You can adjust all the settings I will give but with the ones below I'm able to record all my gameplays (longest recordings lasting 6h) without a pause and any noticable frames drop. If there are any problems with this guide and some steps don't work, please let me know. If you have any questions, you can ask them here or reach out to me in a PM - I'll try to help if I can. Enjoy! Step 1: Getting OBS Get your OBS -> https://obsproject.com/ , pick desired system version, install it and launch it. Step 2: Pick what you want to record Now it's time to pick what you want to record. As on the image below, create a new scene: Rightclick the scenes window (it's going to be empty for you), click Add from the dropdown menu and then pick the name of the scene, for example "DayZRP.com". Now rightclick the window under the sources, pick Add from the dropdown menu and pick "Game capture" from submenu, as seen on image below. Name it. Start up DayZ and alt-tab back to desktop to make next steps easier. Now choose the settings as in the image below. As "Mode" pick "Capture specific window". You could probably go also with "fullscreen app" but I had some problems with that setting. As "Window" select your DayZ.exe from the dropdown menu (it should appear automaticly after running the game). Now scroll down a little bit and make sure that "Use anti-cheat (...)" is selected - this should prevent recording only blackscreen. If needed, check also "show cursor". Press Ok/Apply. If the preview window is still black, alt-tab back into the game, and once again into the desktop. Preview window should now show you the game. Step 3: Basic settings From the lower right corner of OBS pick "Settings" and go to Output tab. Video Birate -> depending on your machine specs, you can go with low number 2000-3000 for a low quality recording (that's still a viable proof) or higher qualities (I have 10000 setup for streaming/recording). The best way is to do some test runs and figure out how OBS is affecting your frames/game performance. I've recorded whole sessions on a very potatoe PC with birate set to 2000-3000, without any impact on the performace - but do some test runs! Encoder should be set to x264 - encoded files have smaller size then raw footage. If you don't see that encoder, you'll have to dowload x264 video codecs (QuickTime) or try other solutions. Recording path is a place on your drive where the videos will be stored. Recording format should be set either to .mp4 or .flv. If you're worried about OBS crashing and files being corrupted, you should go with .flv, as .mp4 files might get corrupted (according to the warning in OBS). Now go to Audio tab (below the Output tab) and add the audio devices you're using -> for me it's one microphone device and two audio devices. This strongly depends on your setup, and setup of your apps (like discord) that may be using different sources. Go to Video tab and just make sure that the desired resolution is set -> check Base (Canvas) Resolution. Now press "Start recording" and do some quick testruns. Review the test footage - if it's recording video, microphone and sounds correctly. I usally press start recording before starting up the game (unless I forget to start recording...) and stop it after I'm done (or you can alt-tab every now and then to stop/start, splitting this way session files into smalle chunks). Here are the examples of recording quality: 1. Bitrate ~3000 (video from 2015, old PC) 2. Current settings (as seen in images) Hope it helps with setting up your OBS. Have a nice day!
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    My answers are in purple. This is my stance on how things work.
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    @Randy Happy? I'll edit the stupid ''DayZRP'' text at the top left at some point. Depending on peoples liking, I'll exchange the first one for this
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    I'll throw my two cents on this, 1.) As far as I know as long as you want, so long as you are continuing to provide good roleplay to them. However you need to be respectful of the fact people have RL and may not have the ability to stay with you until you ICly want to let them go. This is a case by case thing; If you catch someone and 5 minutes later they are saying they need to log out for RL, that is different then if you catch someone and 5 hours later they say they need to go. Try to accommodate players as best you can. 2.) If they are not collaborating with the capture (Staying in the area when you are logged out because they know you'd stop them from leaving) I see no issue with continuing to initiate on them so long as you do not wind up breaking 2.3 by stifling this persons ability to do anything else then be your hostage. I'd encourage OOCly having a discourse with the player to ensure the RP stays mutually fun and bad blood isn't brewing.
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    We will not be implementing a rule that disallows people to RP the way they want to. If somebody wants to play a younger character, they should be able to. The attitude I see portrayed by some people on this thread is honestly disappointing. In addition to reporting someone if you deem their RP is trolly or not up to our standards, in minor cases you could also just PM someone and let them know how they could improve their RP as a younger character instead of openenly shaming everyone who enjoys the RP style of a character younger than 17. We're a community of people who have all come here for the same reason so we should be pushing eachother further and helping eachother improve our RP. Instead threads are created shaming a group of people that enjoy a specific type of RP. If you have a problem with someone's roleplay either take it to PM's with them or create a report if it's worthy of a report.
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    I'm leaning towards a +1 for this. Honestly think teenagers wouldn't be bad but some of the so called "Child" characters that I've run into over the years make me question my existence. Just some character tropes I see all the time that just throw me off and make it hard to take the situation seriously: The kid with the 6+ split personalities. The 11~ year old with knowledge and speech equivalent to a philosopher or college professor. 12 year old Machine gun totting Susie who knows every part of every weapon in Chernarus. The 16-18 year olds who sound like my cousins preschoolers. The genetically bio-engineered assassin from the future. Almost every one of them afraid of nothing. Overuse of the desensitized excuse. e.g. Watches their guardian decapitated, responds with little to no expression. I could go on but I think I make my point. If you're going to play a kid, could you at least not all be child savant/paranormal demon/supersoldiers. That being said I have seen a few people pull off kids very well. But from my personal experience they're outweighed by the oddities.
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    I've seen these child roleplayers over the years and I've only seen like 2 decent ones. I came across a 11 year old once with AKM and a M4 super solider few weeks back. Nothing is worse when your walking though a town and one these child roleplayers comes running up to you, you would think they are going to pull up on you as most of them are screaming. Ban child roleplay please.
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    But can you prove that there are players out there doing this or is this an assumption? it's honestly not so cut and dry as saying that all players who child RP are doing it for kink. Logical conclusion is if you see someone and can tell that they are abusing it against server rules, report them to staff. you also have the right In game to walk away from a situation you do not want your character to be part of...
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    As a girl start at 13 earliest (girls are grown out to their final size between 11 and 14 mostly) Unless you wish to remove women completely because we would also be at similar disadvantage to guys out there. And the Rp itself depends on the Roleplayer because some you didn't enjoy or understand was something you met doesn't mean they would play that same thing as adult any better. One of the many reasons I choose to play a kid was because i constantly kept getting asked if i was one or assumed to be one just by my natural voice unless i tried really hard to make it sound more sure of herself.... if everyone always assumes I am one then might as well and OOC I am 30.. so too bad even if i played an adult you would have to live with my voice cause i am sorry but its tough to keep up talking in a more full voice, when I panic or am really happy i naturally get a high pitch.. NATURALLY so life with it. As a guy start at whatever age you think they are grown or would fit the character model, but again its up to the Rper how they do it. If you think the RP they give is not up to standard ask them to explain themselves, it could surprise you what you might learn... just because you have not seen it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Ask them to be serious about the rp if they want to keep doing it or report them.... No to complete Ban But obviously keep it to something possible. My child character is grown and taller then other women currently in the game just check character pages... if my child should die are you saying short women would not live either?
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    First off, sorry this was left for so long without an answer. Now the rule does state that it includes allies of the hostage's group, however each situation like this is case by case. If a hostage is killed due to their group/group allies deciding to fight back it can be considered ruleplay especially if a chance was there for the hostage takers to gain RP and work out a way before resorting to just pulling the trigger. So like a lot of the rules its all situational but in general RP>PVP. No matter what the situation involves (taking a hostage, getting robbed by someone etc.) everyone should always ask themselves "I have kill rights but should I use them?" remember that with NLR rules that person you kill will not remember the situation meaning that it isn't only your RP that wont progress it is theirs aswell. Sometimes its better to take someone you have kill rights on hostage to gain greater RP storylines and grow your character rather than just getting the quick kill.
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    The Time Base i also think look pretty good
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    To qualify for this contest you must create an image that deals with DayZRP that could be used as a loading screen. Community members will have until the 10/12/2019 to submit their best loading screen. You'll have a total of 2 Weeks to submit a image for judging. The voting thread will open on the 10/14/2019 and will close on the 10/21/2019. Here, community members can vote for their favorite loading screens, voting on yourself will not be counted. After the winner is determined the image will be added to the official DayZRP Mod on the Steam Workshop We ask that people only submit one entry. If you submit multiple images, only the first submitted will be judged. If you'd like to change your submission, snip your original entry and replace it with your new one. Requirements The image has to be submitted as a PNG. Image size must be 1920x1080px Tailored towards DayZRP We are looking forward to all of your submissions! Note: Any Memes will be pointed and removed. DISCLAIMER: If you submit a clip to this contest, you are consenting to allow DayZRP to use your submitted media in the DayZRP Mod on the Steam Workshop.
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    me and the bros after a day at the lake
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    You might be better off asking it here
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    I don't think that child RP should be banned. For example, I remember one character of @lunathecat that was great, and it was a child. She had been a used as a experiment by a scientist in Cherno. She barely spoke, and she would always keep a spear on her hands. Eventually the character developed, and she became "adopted" by Dean Lockwood and Ryan. It was original, I liked that!
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    guy1: "hey how are you" Child: *child voice* "hey" guy1: "ok see ya stay safe" clear it up?
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    If something needs to be conditionally done in order to make it tolerable, it shouldn't be there in the first place because most who do it are simply really, REALLY, fucking annoying. Breaks the RP mostly because some characters who wouldn't have hurt a kid have killed them because they were simply intolerable. It should be just bad RP, plain and simple. Remove them from the server. +1
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    I say nothing below 18. Make RP great again.
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    Gotta say it again guys just to get my point across, GREAT RP!!
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    Ah, interesting! Very nice interview, I applaud.
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    I tried out this map on a few pub servers before and it seemed to be the same. There seems to be a larger amount of zombies and the more you shoot it seems to spawn more continually up to a certain point and/or chase shots from long distances. The military grade weapons only seem to spawn from heli crashes from the bit I played. The 3 people I ran into today just ran away cus they kept shooting infected in military areas and get swamped cus they just kept generating aggro.
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