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    Since I missed the thread; I have never played, nor ever will play, a 9 or 11 year old character. The character who was kidnapped by anarchy was 14, and even that was pushing it for me. Directly after that I retired the character and haven’t played her since. My current teenage character is 16. She WAS 17 but people were being creeps and juicing like eboys in and out of RP so I deaged her to 16. I also purposefully lower my voice pitch to ensure I don’t sound like a squeaky toy. My character before her was/is 24, the current one I have active. Please do not comment on if childRP should be banned or not on my status, I am not posting this status for this reason. I am just clearing up a misconception that I willingly would play a 11 or 9 year old when I never have and never will. Thank you.
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    I mean, guys, it's pretty simple. Report the ones that are bad, commend the ones that are good. BadRP exists for a reason. We don't ban super soldiers, we don't ban the loonies, we don't ban the edge lords. We just report them if they don't do RP fitting for the server. Same rule(s) apply for child roleplayers. Like, cmon. Common sense my dudes.
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    Damn i missed the thread. As an actual child, I'm gonna give my POV. Child rp needs to be done right as does every other type of RP. I'm not gonna tag people as its hassle. I play a 17 year old atm and portray him how I think a 17 year old would act in the apocalypse and has had shit done to him. He makes irrational decisions and is still developing his mind. He'll get knocked down and fuck his mind up but he slowly recovers. He will fight back physically as he won't want to be shown as weak but he can't do it mentally. I played a 14 year old and hated it, but I can't tell if it was the people he was around - since they were bigdicking or getting all the attention because female - or the fact that I was pretty much myself and was boring. We're a minority but the ones who can do it right are even smaller.
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    "Back in my day sonny, groups traveled to settlements to dispute a conflict or to trade within them. Nowadays, they mostly just remain behind their own set of walls. It was a time to live in, my dear boy!" "New Grishno" October 25th, 2018 Notable Groups within the Photo: Kamenchi, The Saviors, The House, A New Moon, District, Free Medics Check out my contest submission!
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    Just bought another Glock. I now own a Glock 19 Gen 5 and a Glock 17 Gen 3 I need to stop heading to the gun shop
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    Dang. My discussion got locked. Time to genocide child characters.
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    I have come to the conclusion that the real issue is the fact we can RP, not the people that engage in it. We need to take the fight to RP before its too late, as our community will only fracture further the longer we ignore the true cause of all our woes and grievances. Stand strong, my fellow community members. It is the only way forward, as leaving RP to continue unchallenged and unopposed will surely lead to our demise. Cast aside your differences, shelve your preferences and come together to rival the plague that calls itself RP. With time and effort I'm confident we'll be able to wipe out this threat and remove the RP from DayZRP. (This message has been brought to you by satire.)
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    Seeing child characters make me want to die.
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    Bruhh I needed those cat ears for my new character. I'll be roleplaying as a Maine Coon.
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    Hello Ryan "Ask the Staff" Shepherd how are you
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    Red Dead Redemption 2 OFFICIALLY Coming to PC!!!
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    Just wanna be Wanna bewitch you in the moonlight Just wanna be I wanna bewitch you all night
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    @Roman The one who never wears a shirt, the "thrasher" skater and the one who always gets hurt are literally 100% the truth hahahahah
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    Let's address the elephant in the room... why isn't this already on the server? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1874545775
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