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    I just realised that on the 10th Sept it was my 6th year DayZaversary. Where the hell did the last 6 years go...
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    Well today and tonight was fun I am knackered mind you. @APositivePara this afternoon was interesting I enjoyed the rp. Your definitely more complex then I originally thought. I enjoyed our chat. @Imation11 was fun like always. Thanks for the antidepressants think mary needs them lol @Inferno always a pleasure rping with you. Thanks for helping me with the package. @GreenySmiley always great rping with you. Glad I fixed your nose I felt dead sorry for penny/elly today @StagsviewRB your great to rp with but confusing me you need to give me a heads up you have to many names @lunathecat omg I didnt even know I was rping with you lmao we have been trying since you got back but always missed each other aww was great seeing you lol. Your rp was great like how i remembered it lol Then their was the other two guys at the funeral and at novo sorry I dont know your forum names but was good rping eith you
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    Really enjoyed the rp today @Challenger you are apart of such an amazing group and I love our character development together. Top notch rp. Amazing. Once again thank you.
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    Sooo @Roland when do you plan on adding the mods
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    @Kordruga @SquirtleKitty @bur @DrMax @NorwayRP thoroughly enjoyed your roleplay today @Isaiah Rinkasonn our encounter was a bit hit and run @Korha I enjoyed being introduced to Chernarus' advanced robotics industry, thank you
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    All good things must come to an end Ano? May he rest in heaven with Jitka.
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    DayZ 1 Close to Death God i’m cold…and wet…to wet. Mikael opens his eyes and notices his he is deep under wather. Paniking slightly he strugles to the surface and looks around for a moment ”Where is the boat?” He asks him self before he sees the smached wreck against one of the pillars on a giant oil rig. He shakes so badly from the cold he can barely move his arms as he starts to swim toward it and barely gets on to of one of the lower moring platforms before passing out again. After a few hours he waiks up again feeling warm from a fire some one made close to him. ”Hello?”, he calls out but do not get an answer He looks around for his gear but all of it is gone. ”Well, a small price to pay for my life” He walks around and finds a way leading up. As he gets to the top of the oil rig he soon reilises that he got a long swim ahead of him if he cant find another boat. ”Damn…who parked this oil rig so far from the coast?” He mumbles to him self joakingly He soon spots what seem to be a controll center of sorts and starts to walk there Mikael slowly opens the door to the controll center and to his delight he spots a radio and quickly walks over to it. After looking at the diffrent knobs and switches he tries to turn it on and to his surprise it lights up. After about half an hour he finally got the right frequenzy tuned in and picks up the microfon. "This is Mikael! Calling anyone in the Berezino police department. Can you hear me?" Tupolev immediately hears the transmission and presses the PTT on his radio, a Chernorussian voice fills the transmission “This is Lieutenant Pavlovich unfortunately Chedaki drove us out of Berezino and we went to Cherno only to have Mr Russo’s men attempt to eradicate us here leaving us crippled” Mikaels voice comes thrue again and you might have to increase the voliuym ot hear him "I'm sorry to hear about that. I hope no one got hurt. Annyways I was asked to report back if I found the mystery isle everyone is talking about. Now the bad thing is I dont wana call out the cordinates over the radio and I wrecked my boat traveling here. Do you have a secure channel I can contact you on?" Tupolev hears the transmission and presses the PTT on his radio "Affirmative, contact me over a secure channel and I will share your findings to the Captain personally and only him" "Copy that! I will be with you shortly. over and out" After figuring out the Longitude and latitude cordinates Miael sends them back with a warning of ruf seas if they plan to come here. ”So now I just need to get off this tub” Het hinks to him self as he searches the cabinets and boxes and finds some food and a FNX 45. Mikael looks over the dark ocean and makes a quick estiment of the range and brases him self for the cold chock and jumps. As he climbs up the rocks his entire bodey is shaking again and he quickly makes a small fire from some dry branches and bark and curls up around the small fire mostly to hide the light from it and gain as mouch heat as possible.
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    You will be missed, thanks for everything you have helped me with o7
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    Where I capture moments, with friends and everyone I meet in this journey.
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    It is no secret that Permadeath and the thought of it is a daunting and somewhat dull topic for many a roleplayer, the basic concept of permanently losing something you've put time, effort, love and care into is not something people frequently want to face. Whether it's the thought of such a great loss to the point where in their own lives, they feel they lose a part of themselves and all the way to the opposite of the spectrum, people that simply do not wish to write new characters. Permadeath is something of a "Taboo" topic which this guide will put effort into displaying that in fact, not only can this be great, melancholic fun, but it also provides such a depth of experience I cannot even describe. Firstly, let's look at a definition of Permadeath in the context of RP, just so we're all on the same page: "Permadeath or permanent death is a game mechanic in both tabletop games and video games in which player characters who lose all of their health are considered dead and cannot be used anymore. Depending on the situation, this could require the player to create a wholly new character to continue, or completely restart the game losing nearly all progress towards completion. Other terms include persona death and player death. Permadeath is contrary to games that allow the player to continue in some manner, such as their character respawning at a nearby checkpoint on "death", resurrection of their character by a magic item or spell, or being able to load and restore a saved game state to avoid the death situation. The mechanic is frequently associated with both tabletop and computer-based role-playing games." - Source In terms of DayZRP and the context we will use frequently, permadeath refers to when an RP character permanently loses their life, dies and can never come back from death. Thought text is all well and good, why don't we look at some examples of how Permadeath has effected players, and how its memory served to burn into their memory a narrative they'd never forget, purely for the love of the roleplay. Below are spoilers to the series Critical Role, a tabletop live stream of Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition, albeit not related to our genre, it serves as a stark reminder of how much these characters meant to each other, because their lives, and deaths, were real to them: Examples aside, we're here to understand how we could possibly make a thing like permadeath fun, so let's stop lamenting the death of other players and their characters, and start talking about our own. Firstly and perhaps most important I wanted to shout out @Tomeran's original post that fueled the creation of this one. I have based all characters I've made in DayZRP on this system since, and while Tomeran's is a very good example, it lacks a clearly formatted definition and varied examples as it appears to simply be a concept. While by no means a flaw of the original, this guide sets out to streamline that information, give clear and concise examples and templates, and bring the information to light once more. That, and I believe it can be simplified. Firstly, Survival Points, hereon referred to as SP in this guide, are equivalent to "Lives" in any video game. "What in tarnation?! I thought this was a permadeath guide!" It is, and you're correct, but SP is the middle ground between true Permadeath, and a more lenient system for the sake of story telling in a game riddled with ways to die. SP acts as a buffer between yourself and death, currency to avoid the eternal sleep, SP can only ever work if you adhere yourself to treating SP properly. Without self-discipline and respect for your own RP and that of others around you, SP means nothing, and you should not use it, continue to enjoy the game your way, for which there is nothing wrong in doing so. For those of you with a more Ironman tendency, here's a breakdown of how SP's work: All characters start with 3 SP You may not retroactively apply SP, once you start using SP, you start with 3. All characters lose 1 SP on death. You can regain SP through specific methods. Followed by a breakdown of how SP can be gained: Every 24 (in game) hours spent in character, 1 SP is earned. This is recorded for you on your character page. Every 300 zombies killed while in character, 1 SP is earned. This must be tracked yourself. Every 10 players killed legitimately while in character after a respectable amount of RP, 1 SP is earned. This must be tracked yourself. Every major RP feat in character, or brilliant RP experience you provide, survive or contribute to, 1 SP is earned. This is contextual, see below. "These seem like some pretty heavy goals, don't you think that's too much?" Genuinely, no I don't. SP is something to be respected and again something that requires self-discipline to implement, this is a guide and not a set of laws, how you implement this can vary, but if you stray too wildly from this guide's intended use and purpose, the value and definition of SP loses substance. While fifty hours is a heavy amount of playtime for anyone with standard adult responsibilities, remember that much of your play time in game will be spent moving around and interacting in a passive manner. If you're a Hostile RP'er and you're looking to implement this into your game play, it is supposed to add a weight to every decision you make. Three hundred zombies is achievable, but something that requires you to maintain a log or note of exactly how many you've killed, no guesstimating, no cheating, otherwise there's no purpose in tracking it at all. To reward PVP'ers for their prowess in RPPVP, the 3rd point was added. Surviving hostile initiations, firefights or other forms of hostile role play is commendable, as it is perhaps the easiest way to lose SP, this is a total overall and does not reset after each encounter, or even if you die. Lastly, to define major feats or brilliant RP, this should be self explanatory but I'll provide context clues. This isn't about jumping off a roof and surviving, or robbing someone with more than a "Drop weps 10 secs" initiation, this is the substantial, major, lore and character changing arc moments that you contribute to or survive. Surviving a suicide mission, saving an ally from the clutches of an enemy unscathed, sneaking in and out of an enemy compound undetected and securing supplies for your group. These examples will become evident when they happen, and you must be both cruel and kind to yourself when you consider applying them for this reason. Naturally there may be cases where you get DayZ'd and die unfairly, be it by glitch or bug, a KoS or as a result of being caught by an opportunistic infected as you're logging in. In these instances it's completely okay to forgo expending an SP, and in the words of the man himself; "Write a pact with yourself in blood to follow the system and be honest with yourself, or don't follow the system at all." So how does this make permadeath more fun? It's intended to be a guide to soften the impact of a death that would otherwise wipe your character if you were following a true "Ironman" run of DayZ, and while it is in no traditional sense realistic, it is not designed to be as such. It is designed as a guide purely to add substance to each any every choice you make, the person you play and the situations you allow yourself to get into. You can make it more difficult, or easier depending on your requirements and what you can realistically manage, but the intention is to be as brutal as possible with SP, not to make it easy to gain. This is by no means ever intended to be a solution for everyone, but perhaps urging a few more role players to try the route of a softened permadeath may kindle a new passion for the art of nuanced roleplay. While it may look like I've written a lot please do bare in mind that this was all the brainchild of a community member that simply had my respect, and I think this idea should not be lost to time, hence my tribute to it here. I intend to add much more in time, and suggestions are welcome for what you might like to add, please let me know as I would love to hear your response to this.
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    Time to clap back Yeehaw Partner T'was fun knowing the server while it lasted ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    From the album: Katia's Memories..

    I know you’re scared That fear we share But we gotta live our lives You’re not alone, so keep on smiling.
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    I love Anarchy, but I'm confused how this group works when half are dead, and the other half are banned from the community now? Are you guys gonna go on a mass recruitment drive?
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    90% of the server just went: Nice to see it back tho
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    I'm glad I've ran into you - hopefully there will be more encounters in the future! Sadly my game crashed and I've wrapped that baby pretty nicely around the sign. Ahhh Dayz!
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    That'd be @Halven and me. Thank you to all involved, the RP was pretty enjoyable.
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    @Otto Shit's fucked. Great RP tonight man, last thing we gotta worry about is our under the table project... @Lyca Sorry I made you cry lol Though just a brief interaction, it really put into perspective the events unfolding around us. Much appreciated.
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    Thanks to @Kordruga and crew for the amazing roleplay as per usual today.
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    @APositiveElmo Ey if someone enjoyed it then my purpose is fulfilled.
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    That legend rank is more than deserved. Thanks for everything that you have done for the staff team and community as a whole. You will be sorely missed.
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    None, daily robbed while showing no hostile intentions as usual. Amazing RP
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    we've just updated everything... people are crying it dosnt go 200km and have 1500 inventory anymore edit: nvm we actually did screw somthing up today XD
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    RIP Viktor. A real pain in Kyle's ass, but he loved him like a brother. Rest easy big man
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    Everyone boo @Voodoo for not liking Post Malone
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    I appreciate the kind words Red! It was a sick ending and your RP was top notch. You definitely did leave Vlad with a nice black eye and cut on the lip
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    We really appreciated the RP last night man as well as the feedback, your hostage RP was top notch. Also credit to @Otto and @APositiveElmo, they're the ones that spotted you in the first place I simply went on a hunch
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    @Roland with the addition of the new cars, could they spawn fully functional? This way we can actually make use of them and not have to waste hours upon hours on them.
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    When you run into a cherna russian guy with an irish accent in the north and try not to meta who they are..... @Ryan Shepherd
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    Normally, I wouldn't give feedback, but in this case I will. That video, is all that needs to be said. You guys are great, no room for improvement because you are the defining group at the moment when it comes to hostileRP. (that means I cant give you any pointers because you guys are perfection) RIP Jason "Red" Dpres, Hopefully I broke Vlad's jaw with that. And @APositivePara congratulations on being the first to ever catch me in a man hunt
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    "I told you we should have asked for directions! We are so lost." "Real men don't need to ask for directions. And we aren't lost. I just need to figure where we are." "You're holding the map upside down."
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    Goodluck! I still remember coming to the server and Bobby Kalo and his Roses were the first to ever take me hostage along with a bunch of Wolfpack people that I had no affiliation to in Kabanino. I will never forget the glorious show of a hurt ex-wife that was presented infront of me. Hope you can deliver such fun RP again!
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    I hope that the base building mods, if added, won't just be slapped in with all their features attached. Some of them make loot hoarding extremely difficult to combat. Please add the survival parts like plant pots etc. Also some of the items in the items packs look like they're made of crayon, please no. Vehicles are a must, vehicle quality of life mods are a must too.
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    Week 4 DAY 22 - Surveillance night 1 DAY 23 - Surveillance day 2 DAY 24 - Back to Mogilevka DAY 25 - The charity Hub DAY 26 - The lost of humanity DAY 27 - Tracking under the moonlight DAY 28 - Another lonely night End of week 4 Scroll down for week 5
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    People should start roaming the map more. Bases should be removed.
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    Campfire rpers who literally sit inside their base all day in the middle of no where and do nothing but internal rp. I know it’ll never change but I’m still sick of seeing it.
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    Welcome to Estonian shit winters... Not every year you get -25C or colder and magical snow winterland... like this: Sometimes you get this... many years in a row... even on Christmas day it is raining... where roofs, trees and roads are dripping with water and snow is more like sleet... Thats what Chernarus winter mod reminds me. It is good atmosphere change... runny nose and a bag full of depression
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    Catch Up Catching up with Hutch after 3+ months without seeing him. Tank In A Tank Panzer and Kyle found a tank, they even got inside of it! Maybe one day he will get one working for her.
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    @Muntz fuck right in the feels. Allow me to contribute: Back when we tried epoch for a bit https://youtu.be/I0HvF-dSa2o The poison gas that I never got to use ingame but spent like 2 months making for the final event cries https://youtu.be/BMSDpAFHbsQ Execution at haven https://youtu.be/2GdwkURxaEA IRA take over Haven (peacefully) https://youtu.be/qE3p8M4zwDs Gino (RIP) singing ! https://youtu.be/5rWb1hWo_oo My POV of the infamous Chernorussian roulette https://youtu.be/Ax0W8f2tUq4 Rescuing @Rolandhimself Briefing for an invasion event by the amazing @Tomeran The trailer I made for patch 1.4.0 What i think was the last version of Ravens nest ever to exist The last admin event I ever took part in, we attack skallisty island and it was amazing Such memories. Such feels. I miss ya'll @[email protected] of [email protected] @DarkStyle @Gina @Hofer @Red @Sin @Dax @Caesar
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