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    Sat alone in a room, the man sat with his hands cupping his face. He was sat upright, his legs over the bed, his hands hiding the concerned frown on his lips. Beside him, resting against his feet as he looked down gazing intently into its contents like a roaring fire, a bag of green pills sat growing ever more tempting by the minute. His vision did not avert from its contents, it was all that was on his mind: "Maybe... it would be easier just going back to... how it used to be... feeling nothing at all. When I could finally just be peaceful.." Even now he could feel the gnawing of against the very vertebrae in his back, like nails scratching softly at his back sending that pleasing shiver one often gets. His eyes rolled back. His leg twitched violently up and down. Beside him was a small table, a small journal style book left swung open. Inside was the ramblings of a man, left anonymous, appearing to be his only form of truly venting. He had no idea what would become of it, but he had to rationalise his feelings somehow. "This whole... ordeal happened because I lost control... everything that year. Desperation ravaged every cell in my body, the need to survive no matter the cost. I spent so long trying to escape the blaze that once gripped me, consuming all those around me. Yet here I am, back to square one. I offered to go with, knowing the area. What I saw there was unlike anything I'd ever seen, and before long I was recognised, my face still being familiar to those I had left behind. ..." A section of the page was unintelligible, as if whilst being written his hand had succumbed to the violent shaking. " ... grin he gave me when he saw me... as if he knew i'd be back... " More of what followed would be virtually impossible to read, the ink on the paper blotted with what could only be a droplet, a large raindrop or tear. Smearing over it akin to his mind trying to suppress back the feeling. "She... her... the grin on her face the whole time, her veins the way they erupted from her arms...so in control yet so mindless at the same time. I've never seen that done to a man's face before... have I lost my edge? She saw straight through me, that glisten in her eyes. I thought I had left this all behind me." On another page the story continued ... explaining poorly how a woman so chaotic could try to appear to in control. Reference to a "chernobog" cropped up from time to time among the scrawled words on the page. Turn over and its as if his mind jumped, racing to the next thought similar to a heart missing a beat. One could easily think, whilst reading, they'd turned two pages at once. " ... the man i considered my flesh and blood... was it a test... or was he actually beginning to lose it too? Did he really think I was that incapable of handling it ... my brother ...? ... can still feel the cold metal of that barrel against my neck, still feeling the warmth of his arm in my hand. Like standing next to a fire on a freezing cold night, half of your body is heated in the light, the other in the shade experiencing only the cold chilling air against your back. ... " Across the whole of the book, the same question seemed to be raised, darted all across the ramblings of this man's entry: "Why wouldn't I leave with her...?" As if reading what he had entered into the journal, he could hear his own written words echoing inside his mind. Reverberating inside his head, like a shudder through the ocean surrounding his mind. "She wants to leave but I held her back in my own selfishness... when she asked me to leave with her I did what was "expected" and not what I actually want. After everything, why didn't I take her offer...? Why wouldn't I run?" "And now... they look to me to turn on my own, to bring down those who are not welcome in our home. Why now...? Why does this all happen now...? As the winds slowly build up, you can gradually start to feel your feet getting swept away beneath you ... try so hard to keep your footing, with everything around me that once helped keep me grounded now starting to crack or bubble away. A mussel in the mouth of a bird. Like a scar, once a lie begins to fade it can never truly be reformed. Is there a way out... is this... the way out...? " As the entry ends, one can almost envision that he is holding something. By the time he had written this, he was holding one of those green pills. What had once given him relief now started to twitch within his eye. All his history with it flooding back into mind yet simultaneously his mind went blank, remembering so little under its influence. Its effect numbing you to the world; Was this world worth feeling empty once again? He'd bring the sample up to his eye, looking over it, checking its new design once more. Was it going to repair him, or act as a fault-line for the ensuing earthquake on its way. Was this finally a fissure in his shell? "Go ahead... pull that trigger. But if you do, neither one of us leaves this room alive..." Credit to @Brayces for this amazing piece of art of Vlad ( @Kordruga) pulling a gun on Radek. Genuinely one of the most fun and intense moments I've ever had.
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    I had myself an interesting interaction with you lads today when my boar hunt was so rudely interrupted by @tossVC single-handedly initiating and capturing three of us. I would have killed you again, but I saw your allies through the trees coming to back you up reeeeee Despite being divested of all my big pewpews, the roleplay provided was quite amusing and I was pleased to see this hostile groups interactions with their hostages, the roleplay provided by Luke and Dalton, and the general feel of the group. I was able to banter and have my jokes about my characters backstory, and we weren't unduly told to shut up during the interaction, despite distant sounds of gunfire drawing closer. The only criticism I would have is one I'm sure you are expecting. Don't pull peoples pants off. Just please don't.
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    This is so well written, Para. Who did you pay?
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    Fatties still getting laid. /shrug
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    --- You must go where I cannot, Pangur Bán Pangur Bán, Nil sa saol seo ach ceo, Is ni bheimid beo, ach seal beag gearr. Pangur Bán Pangur Bán, Nil sa saol seo ach ceo, Is ni bheimid beo, ach seal beag gearr. ---
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    I've encountered numerous of people around the map and you guessed it i met me or a character that is the same as mine. After a while it kills imo bc everyone looks the same matter of fact i gotten robbed bc i looked like the guy they were looking for go figure lmao. I would like to see something where we can either tweak existing models or increase the amount of model characters so when you meet someone its a unique character for a greater imo feel. I hope someone here would be able to implement something like this.
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    Welcome back Queen @RedVC to the gang ! Edited Goals aswell
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    Ah yes flipping a car over the most immersion breaking mechanic. Why should such filth of a mod be added. Let our cars fly in the air and triple barrel roll through the streets of Chernarus without the ability to just flip it back. As such my immersion will be untouched.
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    that's sexy, can't wait to land it on Mars
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    Glad our little encounter thickened the plot for u folks
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    Only if added with UAZ! But seeing a Humvee driving through the city would be awesome + let players mount a SAW on it, famous for its 750-1000rpm (RolePlay/minute). If only there were group logos on vehicles...
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    I like it looks good and makes sense. I think it does fit in with lore just make it hard to put together but doable
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    Thanks man. I told him to put the pants back on for a reason LOL. I appreciate it brotha
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    ABSOLUTELY NOT! Right now that is the only way to verify that kills in PVP montages were legitimately obtained on a DayzRP server and not some scrub public server where people just hoard gear and shit talk all day. But seriously, if anything it should be changed to DayzRP.com and not removed as it may bring more people in if they stumble across certain streams/youtube vids and bringing in more people is generally a good thing.
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    Screenshots Captured On DayZRP Myself & My Group Friendly & Hostile Encounters
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    Welcome the following people to our roster! @radiosalt - Stella Williams @Coco - Cain Stephanov Promotions! Congratulations to: @Husky. - Joe Collins [Goon -> Youngin]
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    I, Inferno453 hereby agree to follow the DayZRP Staff Agreement Version 4 in its current form.
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    It was one wild day with @Pirate he is one of the kind! If you want too RP with someone who has it on point this is ur guy! will definetly try to meet you again!
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    Just here to give that feedback on your guys rp lately. Its been incredible and I enjoy building storylines with you guys. Thanks for being patient with myself and others while we deal with internal stuff but always able to jump right in and create some great roleplay. keep it up guys!
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    Fast travel 100% should be in. @UndeadRP covered it all above
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    OMG PvZ will be perfect for a group I heard is coming! All of these mods, except fast travel, will be perfect to have!!! PvZ will finally make Zombies a challenge! Make them the true threat like they are on Deer Island. Finally sneaking around and being quiet will be a requirement in cities.
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    Wow not like SOME PEOPLE have been recommending this for the past few months or anything. Not sure why you didn't do this sooner, seems people found interest with other things. It's good stuff though that you are adding this shit, maybe it will increase server population.
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    Ive still gotta arrange an IC meeting with these guys
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    fast travel is just going to result in people using it to avoid conflict or some everything else is c00l
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    Yes to all vehicle ones, especially the truck. Used to be terrifying back in the day watching a truck with like 10 of an enemy group hop out right next to you. Get more vehiclesi n the game and down with that fast travel nonsense. Voted no for PvZ purely because i despise zombie mechanics as is. The PvE in this game has always been glitchy, bullshit and sometimes unreasonably unfair due to a bug. I'd rather not increase that chance. The extra item mods... sure? makes finding my sweet outfit harder but more diversity is something i can't argue with. Toxic zone is one i struggled to decide on. Went with yes in the end, but this would probably need lore and I'm not a fan of the randomly moving toxic cloud. Sounds unreliable.
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    I really enjoying reading this! Please more!
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    Me, when i came back to the tower last night and heard some voices i recognised. @Charlie
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    The above is for the not your active character issue. We don't recommend using the DayZSA Launcher, it usually causes issues. I know some players can, but most it causes issues. The below is so you can look like how you want. The latest update made it a bit more of a challenge.
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    I can read this and understand about 60 percent of the story behind it, the plot thickens indeed and I am loving every second of all of our parts that we are playing in it.
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    This would make owning a vehicle worth it.
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    Reeeeal Tinfoil hat hours here bois.
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    @[email protected] You guys look sooo good together (Norway returning from Valhalla 2019)
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    SIGH what is with groups meta gaming just to murder people. get creative and stop breaking RP rules R.I.P
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    https://gyazo.com/da00c96f269a43c6bf2c8647b9441959 i mean not true but hey if that what makes u sleep at night
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    to all the vc chad guys and my friends you're not just friends anymore you are family we will come and prevail brothers we are chad and we will always have eachothers backs even though some of you are real assholes @OpticVC @AidanVC @IotaSilver @SkullHead53 @NightlyVC @[email protected] @Nozza @MuffMart @RedVC @Mike Wazowski sorry if i forgot you
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    Oooh so you are the lot who came by to say hello yesterday? Well, good luck on your application buddy!
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