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    A Discovery... As you went about your early morning in South Zagoria, you may have seen several helicopters come out of west along the coast, the second one firing into deep woods with its cannons before heading off. It struck you as odd, normally the CDF wouldn't fly like that and such an occurrence normally could be witnessed closer to Russia where border skirmishes happened. You wait for a while to be safe, cautiously getting closer to the town to avoid any surprise or ambush. You notice a bit of smoke rising from the woods west of Pavlovo and start walking that way, scanning the horizon to check for other survivors or others attracted by the commotion before starting your trek into the woods and down towards the area. A radio call gets picked up which you hear: "Ano Miroslavl Tower, 6-7 RUSFOR foot mobiles mrtví, Jestřáb-2 returning to patrol path, over..." Something had gone down. As you make your way down to the site in the woods, you notice 3-4 men in what appear to be traditional Chernarussian nationalist flecktarn garb and black masks walking away from the area in single file back towards the north-west. You duck instinctively taking care to not make any noise. After they depart you arrive at the campsite. 3 rather rudimentary tents are deployed in front of you but off to the right you are immediately taken aback by what lies in front of them and behind. A number of bodies, 7 that you can count are sprawled out around the site drenched in blood. 2 are folded back into a tent as if they were sitting beside each other, with a still lit cigarette off to the side. You begin to slowly sift through the camp, but you note that while the men who you saw clearly disturbed the area they appeared to have not taken much. The camp has been wrecked by 30 MM cannon fire as is evident by the shell casings and state of the bodies, which also indicate the gunship managed to fly directly over during its pass. One of the men is resting in large fern off to the side and you go to him first as he is closest to you. He is wearing civilian clothes but has a military build to him. You turn him over, revealing a fatal blast of shrapnel to the face and neck which appeared to have been the cause of his demise. You check his pullover for anything of use, finding a lighter with some inscriptions and carving on it in the front pocket, along with a small GPS watch that you turn on. It has the exact location along with other data, seems to be used for overland travel. Aside from that there is also two rounds of tracer 5.45x39 ammo. Checking his pockets on his jeans you discover a map, you open it, revealing a large map of Chernarus with nothing notable but a couple red marks on an area north of Miroslavl and an added inscription next to them that reads: "Террористы". There are also marks around Vybor, and several other towns in South Zagoria but blood from his leg has smeared on it. Another line can be seen over the ocean and reads: "Вертолеты". You chuckle to yourself. His combat rig is multicam, and contains several AK-74 magazines, along with a complete Russian IFAK with a wealth of medical field supplies. It appears this was his side of the camp as a small foldable silver sleeping pad is laid out off to the side next to his pack and rifle which is leaned on it. Before moving to the other side of the camp where all the other tents and bodies are you locate a much smaller map in his rig. It appears to show just South Zagoria, with yellow markings on a nearby radio station towards the coast, and blue lines with arrows down from Russia, along Vavilovo and down the western side of the oblast with an ending point at the camp location, seeming to indicate the course of travel. Several military and other frequencies used by Chernarussian pro-government forces and civilian loyalists are listed to the side for some reason. You move over to his sleeping area, noting the sheer diversity of the attachments on his weapon and the attention to detail on the paint. Its something you haven't seen much of if at all. Going through his pack you locate several things of note aside from generic camping supplies that give no note of his origins or squad's intentions. Firstly, a Russian satellite phone with the labels and other writing still on it. You can't get it to turn on but it seems intended for long-range comms. You pull out an autumn covered leafy suit with matching tops and bottoms, along with a spectre camoflage suit. This appears to be his uniform. You move away from this area and go check out the 3 tents. It appears that these were built around wooden boxes wrapped with string and tent tarp to create an A frame at the top. One of the men is laid back in his tent, slumped sideways parallel to you. He is dressed in a more uniform manner, with a Sumrak patterned suit and a rig similar to the other. On his head he wears a multicam boonie hat. As you inspect him you notice something rather odd sticking out of his mouth. It's a picture. You gently pull it out of his mouth, taking care to not tear it asunder or to come into contact with the area of his body where the 30 MM round annihilated his clavicle and popped his jugular. It's an old Polaroid of Stalin grinning having been folded once before placement. The writing on the back reads: "Hořet v pekle". You place it to the side and move to the next tent as the stench becomes too much to handle. One man is laid back staring up at the roof of the tent, but once again the smell is too overpowering to justify staying any longer. Before you stand up, you notice a piece of paper that you grab from the second tent and read, stepping over the 3 bodies lying in the center of the camp area. This time it is in poorly scrawled English: "Here lies 6 foreign invader dogs and 1 Chedaki bitch. The hyenas caught a vulture, and string him up. But the noble bears of the forest saw the pack of traitors and called the mighty eagles, and the eagles screamed their vengeance amongst the pack of thieves and traitors. Such is the fate of all Ruski blooded kurwa who disturb our land. We fight for the memory of our eternal guide lord Přízrak, and for the existence of Duke Kozlov and our Chernarussian blooded folk. May Chernarussian brotherhood and unity in body, State, people, and land remain unbroken. Let this be a reminder to the hyenas who test the lion..." Also at the bottom of the piece of bloody paper is another inscription in english, but with clearly different handwriting that reads: "Putin is a motherfucker!"... You then move on, noting the last 3 bodies on the ground. One is dressed in Rastr camoflage, and has his mouth gagged and hands tied. He doesn't look any older than perhaps 18. The lower half of his torso has basically imploded from the shell impact, and you try and loot some things from his body without venturing too near this. You find a black Chedaki beret with a red star, folded inside his pocket. Alongside that is a Makarov magazine. In his other pocket you manage to locate a picture of a beautiful blond haired girl. She is sitting on a lookout area at what appears to be a local summer camp. The picture is older, but you note the area looks like the Black Mountains. The young man has several lacerations on his back, arms, and neck, along with severe pre-mortem bruising on his face in the shape of a rifle butt. The rifle you suspect of causing the blow is next to one of the other men, and has a large scope on it. Moving on, you note the other two. One of the men is missing the top half of his body from the ribs up, and a glance up across the area at splatter of blood and flesh on an adjacent tree point to where the rest of him went. He and his comrade appear to have been holding the young man in what can only be described as an interrogation stance. The fire in the center of the camp contains a knife that has been placed on the edge, still burning. Some fuel in a bottle that spilled nearby appears to be the cause of the smoke that attracted you in the first place. All 3 bodies are crumpled tightly together, and the final and third one cannot be readily recognized as a body, but rather as a collection of twisted flesh and bone wrapped around the other two with some shredded blood-soaked clothing tossed in. You take a step back from the entanglement to get a good view of the whole scene. 4 large packs are arrayed to the side by a big tree, well clear of the tents and bloody mess. You open the first one, which is piled to the top with a load of C4 big enough to sink a ship, along with detonators. The next pack has several manuals, phones, radios, boxes of parts, and finally a odd metal device that looks important, and almost as if it fits into a slot. You flip it over, exposing a digital interface and a couple of buttons. You set it to the side for further inspection, picking up a manual that looks like it goes to that device. Moving on, the third pack has several mines stacked one on top of the other. To the right of those a couple flares and long range distance signals are piled. The fourth and final pack contains multiple notebooks, and as you open one what you see shocks you. Lists of names. Names of groups, survivors you know, Chernarussian, Russia, American, etc. Lines and lines of them. A kill-list perhaps? Or something else? Some groups and alliances that are now defunct are also listed. You flip through the pages, seeing the names of dead people you once knew, some with lines through them, others circled. You flip again, and the sight of what lies on the page sends a feeling of terror that washes over you like a flood. Your name. Suddenly, your inspection is rudely interrupted by the sound of crunching underbrush from the forest that you came from. A dozen feet at least. You silently drop to the ground, rolling into a thicket just beside the packs as the group comes over and slowly approaches the camp. They pause abruptly, and so do you. The same sound of people moving in from the opposite direction, rapidly getting closer. They begin to spread out, saying things like "Get ready..move it!...get over there!...should we attack?...Fuck!" Now you hear even more footsteps from the flanks, and as it becomes obvious you are being surrounded as yell pierces the air: "Everybody put your fucking hands up or die!" The shooting immediately starts, some from the first group falling just meters away from you to the ground as the attackers begin to circle and start moving. The deafening "thud" of a grenade can be heard as it goes off somewhere in the midst of the attackers. You stop thinking and react, grabbing the odd metallic object and shoving it into your pocket. Crawling back towards the path you took initially, you narrowly avoid 3 of the defenders as they begin to run around the site to the right, opening fire in the direction of the attack. The distinctive crack of an AK round bolts past you, slamming into a tree above you which showers you with greenery and splinters as you crouch run away. It wasn't aimed at you, a fact which becomes clear as more rounds strike the trees above you. You reach a bushy area that provides concealment and check the coast to see if you can escape without a run-in with somebody. It's clear, and you jolt off towards Zelenogorsk. As you run the distant din of shots and return fire continues, but that is at your back now. You come onto a clearing with a large field, and see a group of maybe 6-7 people running in the direction of the fight in an Autumn colored thicket of thin trees and orange. Who were all these people you think. District? Green Dragons? NATO? CDF? Cartel? Nationalists? The Mob? It doesn't matter you reason. They haven't seen you, and you head off towards the relative safety of somewhere that isn't exploding... Hours later... Farmhouse... You take stock of what you grabbed, your rifle resting on a stone wall. The surrounding fall countryside is in complete peace, unlike the scenario that unfolded down south. You have objects with stories. But you have no clue who to bring them to or what to do with them. Out beyond your campsite answers to the questions you have exist. Who were those men? Why were they here? What were the notebooks for? The explosives? The strange device in your hand? It isn't the first time you've been in the dark about what's going on. You radio flares to life with chatter of some survivors, and as you tune in you ponder what to do with what you have found...
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    Here I think you need one of these. Also Chernarus isn't an Island.
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    My husband @NorwayRPhas finally come home! Yes, I know I'm a bit late but I was away.
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    When the whole one person you RP with goes to bed + you cant find anyone else.
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    I told the chernarussians I would leave the Island for 4 months since thats all their RP consist of. After having only western things on me they still claimed it to be their shit so I am out of country for 4 months missing the Western Weapons that I guess are theirs? Be back in 4 months with more western items for them to claim as theirs
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    Ya welcome dude! That was the following; @APositiveElmo @Wolfen @Mugin @bur @Chumpkin @Dino and myself! Glad you had fun and thanks for being engaging hostages!
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    Voted to be changed to the website logo because to be honest, I'm quite biased since I made it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Pop goes up and down I found it weird at 2 am my time how dead it was. It propply has to do something with the fact that a large portion of the RP right now is starting to feel dry all people do now Is complain "That guy took my rifle now my RP days are over" others just focusing on themselves and not carring where the RP leads, the whitelisting questions are impossible to fail, weird staff actions and lack of consistency along with no strutucter what is and isn't allowed. Along with the game itself map and people not being interested in change at all since the horse isn't dead just yet.
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    Think maybe its time to be nice so I'll start All the Liska lot @StagsviewRB-made me fall in love with RP again and with Liska gave me what I had wanted ever since joining back in 2013 @groovy patz-just a donny really and turned me into a racist and helped me with me HOSTILE RP @AndreyQ- the most laughs in liska came from him, from liska DB and vultures made me laugh and has the dopest music taste (apart from mine) @Ron @Terra - 2 german homies some strange times have come in disc (that one ASMR night) and some great RP seeing Juri blast his junkie girls brains out on my first day in Liska @Craig - just a lad, great storys, great banter and great all round friend and (lowkey traitor) @Roman - gave me a great story line and amazing rp'er @Jannik - always in the back ground but I knew if shit went south he was taking heads @Unknown Entity - french bastard, miss you man wish you'd come back one day @Emile - legend made me laugh so hard recording things over the car bluetooth for our RP There are so many more in liska, you know who you are, all amazing humans and made some of the best RP ive ever had @Kordruga - just a straight legend, some funny ass moments in game and out of game can always count on you for banter @SquirtleKitty - squirtle!!! @Aiko - killed off my character and your a weeab but one of my oldest friends here legend @Dew - don't think I can say I have laughed harder when I've been around you in game when we were in DB together @Ryan Shepherd, @Challenger - just some wasteman irish people right? top lads @NozzyRP - the best swed, I look forward to them swedish fish one day bro @JimRP - my G, tattoo homie @Ducky - top bloke @Franny - top girl @Azu - fucking weeab @RedSky - Helping Vania to make some of the best stories out there and always wanting to carry on the Liska story, thank you @FalkRP - Legend JBG boys, all the CRA boys, All the NRF boys, RAH homies and the homies that arent here anymore from the mod days (daniel, wunsley, terry, tom and so many more) @Biiddy - get your own part, for being in nearly every single group I have ever been a part of or made, JBG was a hell of a ride and has been there outside of the community for me, hope our paths cross again
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    @[email protected] You guys look sooo good together (Norway returning from Valhalla 2019)
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    From the album: Depressed Cowboy's Polaroid shots

    When you look around, You can see their ghosts in everything and every word you ever said.
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    I just quoted all of you because I'm lazy. The basic idea is that your character has now come across this site. It might have been after the events of the post, or you might have been that character. It is open ended. Meaning that you know have the opportunity to search for an explanation of who did what here and why. This isn't exactly an event, if it was then it would be in that section. It is just meant to give you a personal storyline to explore if you so choose. So, if you want to learn more about what went down, you can make an IC post on this thread of when your character visited the site and I'll start to interact with you, or if you already have items from that place mentioned in the post then you could also make a radio thread and @ me in it.
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    why must you hurt me in this way, Undead? I had fun, @YNW Pep, thank you to you and everyone except Undead because he's mean to me all the time.
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    @APositivePara, @Wolfen, @AndreyQ - Great stuff last night. I guess the first time we never forget. Since I'm pretty new to the server I have never been robbed before. It was super tense for me. You guys were very aggressive but nothing over the top. We had a very interesting convo, one that got me so excited I couldn't sleep afterwards imagining where this whole thing is going. I was about to log off and go to bed when I heard your group outside my house. I reckon I could have, wouldn't have lost my SVD or my plates, but you know, where is the fun in that! I guess I'll see you in 4 days Feel free to check my character's diary. You made into it hehehe
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    Did the people of Chernarus give up and run away when SVR enforced directive 4.6? No they got allies and fought back. Common no need to go away for 4 months start a coalition I haven’t played just because ive been enjoying Tarkov more. I think its that post summer time era when people get their routines set out. Once settled they will be back online. another issue could be the amount of people just coming here to base build rather than RP
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    was a pleasure to rp with you all leaving with lives intact is the best type of rp i hope to see you all again some time. *Swamp Thing out*
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    Jan de vries (aka Depressed Cowboy) has been carrying a polaroid Impluse camera with him for a while. He found it in the basement of a house. It also came with lots of cartridges. Enough to last for a while.
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    “Remorse for the enemy is rare, mercy is unusual, but sacrifice is necessary.” If you wish to join Odezva, dm one of these individuals; Podplukovnik Ivo Zacpal, @SullyDat on the Forums or Sullivan#8239 on Discord If you wish to get some bomb ass graphics like we have, contact @Commander or find him on his graphic's thread:
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    Helicopters. Gunfire. Interesting. Phoenyxx watched from afar, listening and observing. What could it be this time? Russians? Chernarussians? Something more? She was never one for the politics, the wars. However, her interest was peaked. She would check out where the helicopter was firing after everything seemed to calm down. She waited for a while and eventually made her way to the area. As she neared, she was cautious and tried to keep silent. Observing to make sure no one was around she quickly moved into what looked like a scene straight out of a movie. Coughing and pulling her scarf over her mouth, she’d look at the bodies and the carnage around her. “What the fuck have I walked into” She’d mutter to herself. She’d observe the bodies, noting the camouflage they wore. She’d hear the crackle of the fire. Was here recently? She’d looked around her in almost a panicked manner, wondering if they were still around. She’d have to move quickly. She’d step over the bodies and start to look through the belongings laying around. There was a map, smeared in blood. What was this? Russian? She’d stare at the words, having no understanding of them but wondering if there would have been anything in it that she’d recognize from the little Artyom had taught her. Not far from the bodies was a piece of paper that looked to have English writing on it. She’d pick it up reading it. “.. interesting” The mention of foreigners, Ruski’s and Chedaki caused her to remove the Russian hat from her head, a gift from Artyom. She’d slide it into her bag quickly as if someone might be watching. She’d place the note back on the ground and continue her search of the camp area. What else could be around here? Anything that’d tell her about who these people were, who had attacked them? Eventually she’d come across a few notebooks, a page or two ripped out from one. She’d flip through the books, however what she read would make her stomach turn. Names. Names of people she knew. Names of people she knew to be gone, dead… missing.. “What the fuck” She’d keep looking eventually she’d pause and stare at her own name. Who the fuck were these people? Russians like that note said? Why did they have the names of everyone? What were the circles? Those crossed out? She’d skim further, finding the names of her own group. Her own people. There’d be a crack of branches near her. Was someone here? She’d take the notebook containing her name and she’d stuff it in her bag before slipping out of the tent and making a break for the bushes quickly. She needed to get out of there, and quickly. //Hopefully did this correctly, tried to make sure I went in accordance to the posts i've seen in regards to the above. If not just send me a DM and i can adjust accordingly. First time doing something like this in relation to Lore etc. Don't wanna screw anything up.
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    As you make your way back to civilization, you hear the crunch of a stick behind you and rather guttural command uttered with a harsh Chernarussian accent "Stůj! Don't turn around or move návštěvník." 2 men run up on each side wearing black hunting jackets and Chernarussian military berets, they look sharp and cleaned up if not a little overdressed for the occasion, pointing AK-74Ms at you. The gravelly voiced man behind you asks, "Who are you?"
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    THIS is what the community needs. Sadly I've been playing on Deer Isle in the past weeks but your post actually makes me want to hop on back on Chernarus. I'll be looking forward to more of this. Thank you for doing this.
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    Campfire RPers bore me. Hostages that don't give anything in RP bore me. Nationalists bore me. Base raiding bores me. I just play now cause I enjoy my friend's company in-game. We had a nice change of pace with Deer Isle but nobody wants to play cause the game is a bit harder and there's less places to hide their tents. I imagine I'd not be playing if I wasn't in a group.
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    Yeah i feel you bro, Nationalist quality ain't what it used to be. AK only is what's up. Me and @BorisVC are lobbying for it to get done so we can show everyone lvl 100 Chernarussian Nationalist Roleplay
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    Kamenici Coming back :D.... My main problem recently is the groups taking shit because its part of their country like what you mean? I got a m4 or Fal or whatever shit, this aint yours. I wouldn't be salty if I heard a better reason. Like tell me you taking my guns because after I told you my character is 17, Children don't need FALS. Hand him a IZH rifle and say thats more appropriate. Don't take western shit if you are chernarussian and say its from your country. Atleast make it make sense. Am Happy to see Kamenci Coming back though. Edit: Make your reasons for taking my shit make sense.
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    Previous profile was WAY WAY better
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    @ne_om appreciated lad. Don't forget our talented script kiddie @Kerkkoh though, his work may seem like it's behind the scene, but I can safely say he is way ahead of me when it comes to raw talent. As for external mods, there are very few exceptions because we require the following: 1. Mod Author needs to give us permission, which the majority usually say no (Seems to be an anti-monetization wave going on) 2. Mod cannot include any copyrighted material. (You will notice quite a few mods out there use stolen assets or assets ripped from other games.) 3. Mod has to be constantly updated and the author needs to have a quick response time when things do not work. MoreGuns was an exception, because we have @Misho in house, one of the Co-Authors, and ontop of that, Banana himself is quick to update it. Summer and Winter Chernarus were an exception as well, as they only change a few textures, and @Roland specifically got permission from the author to use them IIRC. CF is the Community Framework, it is in itself a good mod that allows other mod creators and general server features to work better. BuilderItems is a small simple mod that allows us to add a few small additions to our server in terms of buildings placed around the map, I cannot comment on the author or what agreement was made, but I don't think one was necessary.
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    The game gets boring after playing for long periods of time and people just get burned out. Also the amount of people that cba to actually roleplay with others and just do internal RP does not help either. The lack of mods is also a big part of it. Cool mods and features make people want to play more. I understand as to why it is not possible, but it's still a problem nonetheless. We lack content. I love you Craig.
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    Thank you for explaining it to me. I get it now.
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    Nicely shot! Well done!
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    you can keep stating the same thing over and over again about mods but its simply not going to happen, dayzrp doesn't use external mods coz they don't get updated quick enough and if the mod author decides they cant be fucked anymore and abandoned the project them lovely civ guns and other guns you constantly make threads about wont work with the game [LOGIC] and you'll want them to be fixed and that will create another job for the dev team in house. And if people cant see the quality of the mods being made by the dev team here @Ducky @Watchman and the others then they are looking at other places with rose tinted glasses like yourself
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    You down to play with me? I have two Thicc containers full of loot to waste along with 26 million rubles and 14 lab cards. BE got introduced, so it should limit the amount of hackers we'd encounter. Hideout will be coming out soon as well, so might as well waste it while I can. I want to enjoy WoW Classic, but all the good stuff has been patched. Like spreading the plague into major cities.
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    These pictures.. You've created a great scene and then you added to it with the after affects. Find yourselves a horde and take a picture of the aftermath, might be a cool photo to have! Have your beans for the photos and for the photographer! Time for ya'll to start the Chernarus Photography club, go around Chernarus enlisting people to pose for you, pay them in beans.
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    I'm not sure what you mean by "another one of these threads." I didn't make this thread for people to say what's wrong with RP or ask where everyone is if that's what you are implying. More just personally curious why others aren't playing compared to myself.
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    Thanks @Roman & @OxeN and the Domorodci for today's role play. It's the best I've recently encountered. I'm definitely going to have to brush up on my Chernarussian lore if I'm to hang with you all, that's for sure. Děkuju!
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    Well sure your base would be gone, but i think griefing is mainly about destroying stuff with malicious intent. So destroying walls that were not blocking entry, despawning gear or shooting tents to make them ruined. If your tents get discovered and they can take all of the stuff out without dropping them on the floor(despawning) then it is fine to steal the tents even if that leaves you with nothing.
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    Problem is, it gets tiring when RP hubs are made and: a) gets relentlessly attacked because why not right? No motive behind these attacks at all. I get if there's motive, most of the time there isn't. b) people complain and complain about the walls put up and bases being built, however if you don't make some area to defend, the hub goes to shit because no one wants to just stand out in the open when an attack happens every hour. c) the groups that make the hubs and bring the roleplay get pushed out forcefully from these hubs, causing the hub to die off. Or d) all of the above
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    1. People shit talking on radios or ingame. Then when they get raided or shot and find out there are consequences to there actions they cry 2.3. 2. Groups that piggy pack other groups then act big. But cant defend themselves. 3. When someone makes salt filled replys on gp that have nothing to do with the groups or there roleplay. 4. People who sit around all day doing nothing but seeming to bitch about groups/people they have never met because they are to hostile 5. Gear hoarding you dont need 10spare ak/m4 in your tents for your 5 man group. And also complain about spawn rates cause they want 15 not 10 spare guns. 6. People who only get on the server to pvp. Not people who can pvp but people who sit inactive in a group and only get on when they are getting raided or in a situation that will lead to a gunfight.
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    I haven't read through all the responses because I'm tired and lazy. Here's the deal, and frankly I don't give 3 adjacent fucks what the rules say on not using other languages or the people who got yelled at by GM's because they spoke some other language occasionally in-game for the purposes of immersion or verisimilitude, because that's stupid we are big boys and girls here and can handle stuff like that. I'm not talking about in hostilities I'm talking about generally. The obvious exception is some stupid Bulgarian kid who is like 16 years old and manages to BS the whitelist and literally speaks nothing but that the entire time in-game and has no knowledge of English and therefore can't navigate the world of rp and subsequent hostilities. English is English. Czech is Czech. Chernarussian is Czech but we don't call it Czech, native Chernarussian characters speak Chernarussian. It's the same language but this isn't seen as odd ICly because it just exists as two different languages. Confusing? Don't think about it too hard. Calling the Chernarussian language as spoken by Chernarussian characters Czech ICly would be world breaking, as the accents are typically different canonically. People should speak English normally with occasional additions of whatever their second language is at their discretion. Some people who have played cartel members will use Spanish slang and basic greetings and phrases. If two such individuals were both fully fluent speakers then if they are walking behind their group having a conversation in Spanish then that's just cool for passerby's and for their immersion on a broad level. If I'm hiding nearby and I hear that it is going to provide an extra level of RP for me as my character doesn't speak Spanish. I don't know what they are saying. That's cool, and it beats this: *speaks in Spanish* "We are going to Lopatino and meeting the Redeemers" Same for Chernarussian. Don't impede comprehension for non-speakers in times where what is being said must absolutely be understood, IE firefights, run-up hostilities, etc. Russian was the predominant language from the State's point of view until 1991, and prior to that date Chernarussian speaking would probably mainly have been done outside institutions as the Soviets would have clamped down on all non-Soviet or non-Russian culture and language. The Chernarussians have reclaimed this properly, and now Russian is just considered a language most ethnic Chernarussians can understand and might use even if not as their main language. Somewhat similar to the ethnic differences of pro-Ukrainian areas versus Donbass pro-Russian areas.
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    Also its my birthday and I'm drunk so I just wanna say I love the following people. And I'm glad to be back with y'all @ThrashRP @Vegas @ZorullRP @OiramRP @Nik @DallasRP @Apollo @SassyRP @G19RP @PhoenyxxRP @Randy @DexAgonRP @BandsRP @NozzyRP @General Rickets @Kordruga @bur @Aiko @Sleepyhead @Hex @AndreyQ @TurkRP @NozzyRP @WombatLover69 @JimRP @JackZRP @Kai @perqeRP @RavenousRP @Kenneth @FalkRP AND MY WIFE @SquirtleKitty who I love with all my heart.
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    Just to make sure you guys are called the Vultures right? It's like Vlad's Lads or the Harem patrol All jokes aside I love u guys, especially my [email protected] and the nicest weeb out there @Aiko @Kordrugaur a chad @burand with kenny involved we all got the same name @AndreyQis straight up a stereotype lowkey, and it makes it perfect You guys have a phenomenal group of people, and your RP is great keep up the good work and don't forget to.... Slide on the Soap
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