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    I don't know... I have seen it all.
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    The 5.0.3 “True Evil will always hide behind a mask” The 5.0.3 is a code that all gangs of Northern London all recognise their self under. Chapter 1: Chapter 2(Coming Soon): Bosses: @C-J - Charlie James @Husky. - Joe Collins @MaybeleleLR -Martin Bjornstad Shot Caller: @Cow - Matthew Cade @JJRambow - John Jameson Street Soldier: @Alkis - Brando Kings/Alkis Rouber @Lil Timmy - Timothy Cathelwater @MR ZED JR -Gibson OConnor Youngin: @OnionRingOfDoom - Jak Onions @Atrix17 - Riggs Fuller @noudbouwmans - Marcus Rivermill @KobraKidd - Jacob Moore @Chris Right - Chris Right @silvermoongaming - Natalie Jones @Eagle - Ramon Pushkin @Mystery - Roy Davis @George - George Costello @DK_Major- Vasily Popov @Masonn - Noah Russo @Rjparker - Bobby Light Goon: @SnozzLR - Paul Pinkerton @lunathecat - Julia Mullins @ImBlisna - Nick Iris @ImCharlie - Charles Hargrove @Replaceful - Garret Loyd @BackInNam - Daren Wickens Outsider: @Hampze - Daniel Svensson @Alan Woods - Alejandro Veres Current Goals: Find and recruit 50 new broken men/women [Day 1000 26/50] Forge possible relations with groups of power in the area [Ongoing] Brand and Enslave people of South Zagoria [Ongoing] Drive fear across the land of South Zagoria [Ongoing] Give in to our utmost desires [Ongoing] Protect our claimed land - The NW Airfield [Ongoing] Collect 100 Tax payments on the airfield [Day 1000 10/100] Gain control over the group "KoG" [Day 1000] Eliminate the Merc group "Umbra" before they can build a fighting force [Day 950] Completed Goals: Failed Goals: Provide Good and Structured RP Provide High end Antagonistic and Torture RP Gain a good reputation on the forums and in-game Teach and improve new members hostile and torture RP Find us in game! Look for the purple Armbands! By joining this group you agree to be punished by forced respawn if you are caught breaking in-game rules or trolling in game. You will also surrender any PK rights to the characters you join on, if you decide to betray the 5.0.3. Or add CJ#0666 on discord and apply!
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    Should I build the next whitename army or leave them be?
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    Situation 1: Your are in your base talking to some people on the outside, they are aware it is your base and you are home as you are inside talking to them on the outside of your base. They start to saw off your gate lock. Situation 2: Your are in your base talking to some people on the outside, they are aware it is your base and you are home as you are inside talking to them on the outside of your base. They are boosting each other over your wall to land on the GROUND inside your bases walls. Situation 3: Your are in your base talking to some people on the outside, they are aware it is your base and you are home as you are inside talking to them on the outside of your base. They are boosting each other on top of a building that encloses your base (like the roof of a church) or on top of your base wall. Situation 4: Your are in your base talking to some people on the outside, they are aware it is your base and you are home as you are inside talking to them on the outside of your base. You open your gate for something and they take the chance and just walk inside without permission. Question: Does any of those 4 situations require initiation or are you allowed to just shoot them as a result of their hostile attempt to break in or even success to get within your walls? Does any situation not require an initiation? I think situation 1 does not need initiation by what I heard in the past due to them actively sawing your lock of your base knowingly you are home and right there. But what about the others? Where does the hostile action start and you do not need to initiate to be able to defend your base? And if you shot at them for sawing your lock, are they allowed to shoot you too without initiating? Does their lock sawing count as initiation and you are allowed to shoot them and their official group with them? Thank you for taking the time to try and answer this staff Just these questions recently came up and people died because they made sure to initiate when someone broke in. A lot of us are most interested in Situation 3 if you could make sure to answer that one as clear as possible, we would appreciate it.
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    Log: 1 - Day 3 Log One On Jelení Ostrov as I think its known Deer Isle, been on the Island for roughly Three days now, since our deployment things have went somewhat chaotic, locals are not as friendly as projected what are left are overly aggressive and currently not offering much in the way of aid to one another yes yesterday the Bird we saw flying around came thundering down, Couldn't say what took it down, hey maybe its God who knows if it is then at least he hasn't abandoned us yet. Victims at crash site, A&Ox0, Bilateral Mid-shaft Femur Fractures, distended stomach, Superior humerus Fractures, sucking chest wound, Obvious signs of Death noted. With those injury's who wouldn't expire. Its apparent that with the current situation here were gonna be deployed a lot longer then I thought, in any case this is Cerberus Operative Zeb signing off.
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    Hey, I live in a BR postcode zone, I know this believe me. 5.0.3. is meant to be a area code of gangs, nothing like a postcode.
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    After my appeal was done here, it has been set in stone that no matter the context of why people do punches you will get banned for invalid initiation even though it made perfect sense to punch the guy out of something I could tackle him out of or simply reach and stop him from doing so but since this is a game with limiting mechanics it had to be done to stop the animation, it is then made clear for him to leave the compound but he acts dumb he was fully aware what was being told to him and acted upon but yet the context to why matters little to the GM's. A punch in itself is not an initiation it gives rights yes but it's not an initiation meaning that my group gains no rights from me doing so or my friends but in this case I do 0 dmg to him lucky me I guess, he sprays several others and gets gunned down for it. Why is this even a thing? That means if I get punched randomly even by a mistake I can simply get them banned for Invalid initiation because why not... Asking the man that was quoted in all of the answers given for this verdict to understand it better @Roland
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    @King 2019: "Of course I know what a coyote look like! I have seen Lion King!"
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    From the album: Deer Isle

    Secret-ish place on Deer Isle, don't wanna give too much away because discovering cool places is part of the fun.
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    Love these peeps Been RPing with them for a good month, and they were instrumental in the survival of The Runners during the Kabanino war and what came after. Great RPers, and there's never a quiet moment with them around! Great hostile RPers, would RP with again 10/10
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    I have noticed that ever since the DayZ has left alpha we have had some major issues with loot economy. We've tried removing stashes, we've tried boosting spawns of guns, and we've tried lore events that give out guns as rewards. None have seemed to work so I have a few suggestions. Wipe the server at the end of the week. We could wipe the map on a week by week basis in order to keep things in circulation. No character wipes, just wipes that clear out bases, tents, and other storage. This would require that we also bring in some of the other suggestions however in order to balance out things we would be losing like base building. Encourage map / group settlements. We already have in place a way for groups to submit settlements. I think we should encourage these settlements more and in return for this perhaps they could get certain in-game perks. Not sure what that would be, but it would have to be something useful but not something that would break the game. This could also encourage people to make groups as they would get cool bases or other things. In order to balance out the loss of base building due to weekly wipes, we should open up a thread or suggestion area where people can submit map edits for the mission file. This would include things like kab gas station, perhaps a military checkpoint that was a final stand for the CDF, or other cool things that are just interesting to visit. Map edits would have to approved by Roland of course.
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    "je to vaše právo na obranu své země a rasy" Nové Svítání is translated to “New Dawn” and it symbolizes a new beginning, the formation of a movement. Vania and Domek originate from different backgrounds, Vania, a Cerna Liska Gangmember, Domek, an ex-CDF soldier and guerilla fighter. Their mindset is not different at all however, they share a very similar worldview. Nationalistic, patriotic and free from degeneracy. Far from what is currently going on in their homeland. South Zagoria, eversince the infection started, is overrun and invaded by foreigners. As they are doing whatever they want, they are hurting the locals which became a minority by now. The infection brought with it lawlessness for the most part, and people soon started to exploit this. The majority of the foreigners currently in South Zagoria refuse to adapt to Chernarussian culture and push their western ideology onto the natives, trying to squash the proud past and history of this country. For far to long, there were only a handful of good men standing up against the foreign invaders, the Cerna Liska or the Kamenici to name a few of them. With both of them gone, or out of South Zagoria, someone needs to take up their role in defending the homeland. Vania and Domek both agreed, that to reclaim the region for the local people, violence would be the only option. Fear needs to spread, respect must be taught, foreigners must be deported, killed, or at least be put to good use. Male nationals refusing to fight must stand trial. Furthermore, the local population needs to be radicalized and called to arms to fight for their homeland. Way to many locals are to busy with simply just looking out for themselves, and are not realising what is really going on in their own homeland. They need to be shaken awake before it is to late for them. Notice has been made of russian troops mobilizing near the borders. A scouting mission made by Michael up north has proven that this is correct. He snapped pictures of the troops and their encampments. The fact, that South Zagoria is possibly facing another russian invasion just adds on top of current ongoing problems. Resources, especially weapons and ammunition, desperately need to be secured in order to be able to put up a fight against the russians, if they deceide to come. Domek and Vania started the idea of a movement and began to write a manifesto. The manifesto should act as a guideline for the people they would recruit. Domek suggested his friend Michael, who also used to roam with Kamenici, and Vania also came up with some people from Cerna Liska who were also still around. Eventually Branka Hnat, another Cerna Liska gang member and one of her friends called Marticka Vanek, short Marta, now were the very foundation of Domeks and Vanias plan for a better South Zagoria and eventually, a better Chernarus. Translation Manifesto English: @groovy patz - Domek Svoboda @RonPvP - Marticka Vanek @pijkaCZ - Michael Ondera @Terra - Branka Hnat @Grimm-chan - Havel Blazek @Solo - TBA Send a scouting party to start propaganding amongst fellow Chernarussians (ETA: Day 800) Collect at least 12 Assault rifles for the battles to come (ETA: Day 820 0/12) Deport less problematic foreigners to deer island (indefinite, 0/X) Get all Chernarussian nationalists on the same page , make them accept our manifesto and follow our path (indefinite) Sort out any and all tratiors to the homeland (indefinite 0/X) "Convince" able bodied chernarussians to pick up arms against the invaders (indefinte, 0/X) Recruit at least 5 more able bodied men to the closest circle of the movement (Day 830 2/5) Create a safe haven for Chernarussian children, elders and the wounded (ETA: Day 900) If you are interessted in joining, please shoot me, patz#0245 or ne.om#0586 a message on discord and we will take it from there. Credits to @ne_om for the graphics and the czechoslovakian boy @pijkaCZ for czech stuff and manifesto
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    @Isaiah CortezPVE Wasn't me crashing it but rather one of the 503 But yeah will remember that!
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    @Magpie @Roman scared the shit out me and my friend as well and we had the guns on him yet we were too scared to harm him we were about to rp cutting skin off of him and then he talked and we changed our minds....
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    Goodluck guys, glad to see this up finally. Love the graphics.
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    OMG this is definitely one of the better written lores I've heard and reading the backgrounds on all the characters was just as entertaining. I really can't wait to see what this group really becomes. Im gonna wish you good luck but with the effort you put in you don't even need it
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    The more threads and discussions I read about things related to Gear, storing gear and/or hoarding gear (because the major grievances with basebuilding aee much related to gear), the more I feel the best option would be just to remove all containers. Not more tents, barrels, crates or the like. That would completely level the playing field and force all sides to make due with what they can carry (looking forward to seeing everyone triple-carrying assault rifles with backpacks full of more). I'd legitimately be very curious to see how it would change the server (and if it would actually solve anything or just make people quit). When it comes to wipes however, weekly wipes would very effectively kill any effort people will be willing to put into building anything. It sure would keep the loot fresh and increase in military base traffic by 50%. Monthly wipes would give people a bit more time, but again, people will not put in the effort if they know it's useless due to a abritrary timer (unless its the big groups that have the numbers to get it done quick). The only people this wiping process will really hit is the small groups (of say, 4 or less people) that run in dynamics. I am curious, if PCBs have already been approved, why have no official groups used it up to this point? All the biggest bases (generally built by the biggest groups) have been built through in-game means as far as I know. Maybe we should focus more on encouraging sensible PCBs being put forth by groups as opposed to wiping their efforts every week/month?
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    So you actually do have more than 3 members! Seriously though, you guys have been great fun to be around. Visuals are dope, props to whoever made those.
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    Good luck, son You will do great! Get them all
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    Good luck boys. Wait a minute..
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    I'll be interested on how you will do this in game anyways good luck ladys with this.
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    Here we go! About time, CJ! Took you long enough! Jk.. Dont hate me..
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    @Anouk fun RPing with you, will have to RP some more in the future @ImNovaaaFun running around with you again. getting ourselves into some more trouble for sure lol
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    I don't play as much as many people here since I work most of the time. But having a tent or a shack in the woods would be great to come back to. I don't want to have to build it or find another tent every week. And forcing people together is forcing people to RP how others want and that's not fair to them. IF the server wipes were every 2 months instead of monthly, I'd support it. Actually, I say go with Monthly wipes! If tents and crates and other objects would NOT despawn on their own during that time up until the wipe, then I'm all for it. For the rest of the ideas, I'm all for! Great suggestion @Zero +1
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    Bunch of russian nationalists? Can't wait.
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    Good luck! Especially to you two amazing ladies @Ron and @Terra neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeom @ne_om
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    Hey, Quit mugin people for their beanz.
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    @DerrickStorm @andysuter Hold it in your hand and look DIRECTLY down.
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    First day of classes: its only 8:30am.. so far ive: - gotten myself lost - dropped my coffee - realized i left my student card at home meaning I cant get into the building i need in for class (luckily someone let me in) - left my laptop charger at home.
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    As someone that comes from a community that had perma death for pretty much anything and someone that has also played on the Red Zone and multiple other Rp servers with different rules. Plus side: - Perma death can make gunfights more meaningful and make people think more about having one in the first place. - It leads to characters that died in front of you, not returning and breaking your immersion - arguments can get dealt with and end - some people play more realistic -in a community that all wants serious RP and care for each others character's story and life, this is great However MINUS side: -You would have to add a LOT of follow up rule to the perma death rule to make it fair so people don't just circumvent it -Perma death only punishes the players that put a lot of effort into characters. -People will rejoin the same group on new characters, their own brother, son, father... best friend... and just continue the same fight and story that way -Large PvP groups will just add that same player after death on the new character and nothing has changed for their fights. -People start making less meaningful characters cause they die anyways. -considering over how tiny things people get executed and hardly anyone ever plays out repercussions of actually being a murderer of actually having killed another human being, why should someone stay dead? If the person that kills you doesn't play like anything scratched them... why should you be dead? -characters that have long stories to tell become rare to none existent (Because fuck the effort for a shit meaningless death that has nothing to do with your own story and all just with the other persons backstory, because someone plays a serial killer or cannibal and ran into you.) -you would need to add more rules to when you can kill/execute people Now in general if you decided to become part of a firefight and died and had to Perma just to those firefight deaths: -again people would circumvent and just create new characters rejoining the same pvp group and only those with characters that care to play out meeting and getting to know naturally get the punishment of death actually having an effect
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    All I'd change about the current ruleset is the scope of 2.3. I'd widen it to include not just anti-dogbraining measures, but also anti-stonewalling measures too. Too often have decent hostile RPers been stonewalled by people shit talking behind their walls, radio warriors who refuse to die after being beaten in fights multiple times, people who snap themselves back into existence after an execution, causing a neverending storyline that just leads to resentment on both sides. Stamping out both cancerous behaviours is the only way to move forward imo. Also change 4.5 back so victims of hostile situations can log without a timer.
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    Thanks for the roleplay, always an enjoyable experience.
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    come on son, yall cant get rid of me that easy *Would wipe brow*
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    Who else is feeling a vacation from Chernarus?
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    This is going to be a breath of fresh air and hopefully something that will invite way more RP and some fantastic storylines, already loving the teased bits of lore in the TL;DR. Nice job DayzRP team
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    This is not an unpopular opinion, there just happens to be a very loud vocal group who protest it.
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    In my unpopular opinion some people are pushing grey areas of the rules and then they are like this when they get hit for it, using the good old "but rules don't say it's not allowed". Vast majority of players has no problem following the rules - weekly player count vs report and ban numbers speak for themselves. I don't think the rules are the problem, it's some players failing to follow the spirit of fair play. Defining the rules more clearly and with specific conditions and requirements will only aid those trying to use grey areas not defined on the rule page as it will actually give them a valid argument such as "it's not on the rule page, you can't ban me". And then we will have to add that grey area to the rules to mitigate it. And then some people will come up with another thing not specifically defined on the rule page, and get away with it when its reported. So we will fix the rules once again to add that. Soon enough the rule page will be 7 pages long and complex af. We've done it once, I know how it works. Never again. I like the way it is now with wide coverage rules that can be easily applied to a lot of different situations or even combined together.
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