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    All I'd change about the current ruleset is the scope of 2.3. I'd widen it to include not just anti-dogbraining measures, but also anti-stonewalling measures too. Too often have decent hostile RPers been stonewalled by people shit talking behind their walls, radio warriors who refuse to die after being beaten in fights multiple times, people who snap themselves back into existence after an execution, causing a neverending storyline that just leads to resentment on both sides. Stamping out both cancerous behaviours is the only way to move forward imo. Also change 4.5 back so victims of hostile situations can log without a timer.
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    "je to vaše právo na obranu své země a rasy" Nové Svítání is translated to “New Dawn” and it symbolizes a new beginning, the formation of a movement. Vania and Domek originate from different backgrounds, Vania, a Cerna Liska Gangmember, Domek, an ex-CDF soldier and guerilla fighter. Their mindset is not different at all however, they share a very similar worldview. Nationalistic, patriotic and free from degeneracy. Far from what is currently going on in their homeland. South Zagoria, eversince the infection started, is overrun and invaded by foreigners. As they are doing whatever they want, they are hurting the locals which became a minority by now. The infection brought with it lawlessness for the most part, and people soon started to exploit this. The majority of the foreigners currently in South Zagoria refuse to adapt to Chernarussian culture and push their western ideology onto the natives, trying to squash the proud past and history of this country. For far to long, there were only a handful of good men standing up against the foreign invaders, the Cerna Liska or the Kamenici to name a few of them. With both of them gone, or out of South Zagoria, someone needs to take up their role in defending the homeland. Vania and Domek both agreed, that to reclaim the region for the local people, violence would be the only option. Fear needs to spread, respect must be taught, foreigners must be deported, killed, or at least be put to good use. Male nationals refusing to fight must stand trial. Furthermore, the local population needs to be radicalized and called to arms to fight for their homeland. Way to many locals are to busy with simply just looking out for themselves, and are not realising what is really going on in their own homeland. They need to be shaken awake before it is to late for them. Notice has been made of russian troops mobilizing near the borders. A scouting mission made by Michael up north has proven that this is correct. He snapped pictures of the troops and their encampments. The fact, that South Zagoria is possibly facing another russian invasion just adds on top of current ongoing problems. Resources, especially weapons and ammunition, desperately need to be secured in order to be able to put up a fight against the russians, if they deceide to come. Domek and Vania started the idea of a movement and began to write a manifesto. The manifesto should act as a guideline for the people they would recruit. Domek suggested his friend Michael, who also used to roam with Kamenici, and Vania also came up with some people from Cerna Liska who were also still around. Eventually Branka Hnat, another Cerna Liska gang member and one of her friends called Marticka Vanek, short Marta, now were the very foundation of Domeks and Vanias plan for a better South Zagoria and eventually, a better Chernarus. Translation Manifesto English: @groovy patz - Domek Svoboda @RonPvP - Marticka Vanek @pijkaCZ - Michael Ondera @Terra - Branka Hnat @Grimm-chan - Havel Blazek @Solo - TBA Send a scouting party to start propaganding amongst fellow Chernarussians (ETA: Day 800) Collect at least 12 Assault rifles for the battles to come (ETA: Day 820 0/12) Deport less problematic foreigners to deer island (indefinite, 0/X) Get all Chernarussian nationalists on the same page , make them accept our manifesto and follow our path (indefinite) Sort out any and all tratiors to the homeland (indefinite 0/X) "Convince" able bodied chernarussians to pick up arms against the invaders (indefinte, 0/X) Recruit at least 5 more able bodied men to the closest circle of the movement (Day 830 2/5) Create a safe haven for Chernarussian children, elders and the wounded (ETA: Day 900) If you are interessted in joining, please shoot me, patz#0245 or ne.om#0586 a message on discord and we will take it from there. Credits to @ne_om for the graphics and the czechoslovakian boy @pijkaCZ for czech stuff and manifesto
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    As someone that comes from a community that had perma death for pretty much anything and someone that has also played on the Red Zone and multiple other Rp servers with different rules. Plus side: - Perma death can make gunfights more meaningful and make people think more about having one in the first place. - It leads to characters that died in front of you, not returning and breaking your immersion - arguments can get dealt with and end - some people play more realistic -in a community that all wants serious RP and care for each others character's story and life, this is great However MINUS side: -You would have to add a LOT of follow up rule to the perma death rule to make it fair so people don't just circumvent it -Perma death only punishes the players that put a lot of effort into characters. -People will rejoin the same group on new characters, their own brother, son, father... best friend... and just continue the same fight and story that way -Large PvP groups will just add that same player after death on the new character and nothing has changed for their fights. -People start making less meaningful characters cause they die anyways. -considering over how tiny things people get executed and hardly anyone ever plays out repercussions of actually being a murderer of actually having killed another human being, why should someone stay dead? If the person that kills you doesn't play like anything scratched them... why should you be dead? -characters that have long stories to tell become rare to none existent (Because fuck the effort for a shit meaningless death that has nothing to do with your own story and all just with the other persons backstory, because someone plays a serial killer or cannibal and ran into you.) -you would need to add more rules to when you can kill/execute people Now in general if you decided to become part of a firefight and died and had to Perma just to those firefight deaths: -again people would circumvent and just create new characters rejoining the same pvp group and only those with characters that care to play out meeting and getting to know naturally get the punishment of death actually having an effect
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    I have noticed that ever since the DayZ has left alpha we have had some major issues with loot economy. We've tried removing stashes, we've tried boosting spawns of guns, and we've tried lore events that give out guns as rewards. None have seemed to work so I have a few suggestions. Wipe the server at the end of the week. We could wipe the map on a week by week basis in order to keep things in circulation. No character wipes, just wipes that clear out bases, tents, and other storage. This would require that we also bring in some of the other suggestions however in order to balance out things we would be losing like base building. Encourage map / group settlements. We already have in place a way for groups to submit settlements. I think we should encourage these settlements more and in return for this perhaps they could get certain in-game perks. Not sure what that would be, but it would have to be something useful but not something that would break the game. This could also encourage people to make groups as they would get cool bases or other things. In order to balance out the loss of base building due to weekly wipes, we should open up a thread or suggestion area where people can submit map edits for the mission file. This would include things like kab gas station, perhaps a military checkpoint that was a final stand for the CDF, or other cool things that are just interesting to visit. Map edits would have to approved by Roland of course.
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    Hello! I just wanted to say that I am very sorry because of all the people from your group that got permabanned recently @WongRP's avatar of a hand scratching a wombat was the cutest thing possible (Joah's last reply to you is suddenly coming to my mind) And those moments with @RebelRP calling me foreign dog and pig were great! XD! I wish good luck to the rest of you with the group!!!!!!!!!!
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    All I can say is great fucking acting from @StagsviewRB. Honestly just go into acting already. @RoCKiE, @RedSky, [email protected] this is the beginning of the end aint it? @Franny and @Ducky so nice to see the angry local nationalist again . Finally @Revie and @Malet even tho I had no interactions, I kept my ear out and damn y’all good too.
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    NUTS Can i give my group approval to this group? @Randy
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    First day of classes: its only 8:30am.. so far ive: - gotten myself lost - dropped my coffee - realized i left my student card at home meaning I cant get into the building i need in for class (luckily someone let me in) - left my laptop charger at home.
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    @Masonn Loved the roleplay from your members today. The one on one we had was fun. and over all the rp was very fun and im glad the gunfight was not bad and ended quick. it was to bad one was not involved person almost ruined the rp. Looking forward to more from ya bro. Keep it up.
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    @Aisling Thank you for your feedback but I would like to address some things that at least from my perspective seem incorrect. As for RP, you seem to be saying it was bad because you believe it was PVP orientated... Please correct me if im wrong. You see, the specific situation where you died, we didn't do it for your gear or for PVP Sake. In fact, after we engaged and you raised your gun, I then told my guys to stop firing and the 2 remaining groups continued RP. You and 1 other were the only one who died out of like 14 people. If we had intended on only doing the entire thing for PVP, we would of continued killing the remaining people. Our group does not allow ANY disrespect IC in any capacity. You said Multiple things that were directed at my character such as "Are you Retarded you keep studdering." Also, you said twice, "Do I need to spell it out in sign language" You said twice. Before in the past with my group... Our group ICly does not take ANY Disrespect and to be honest, your character got a lot more leeway than most. Some people that even interupt My character (Noah Russo) has been intaited on before. We do not do all this for Gear sake and 9/10, people who comply leave with their guns and everything else. As for our RP, thats obviously subjective and if you think its bad then Im sorry. I thought it was actually pretty good and from my understanding, most everyone else thought so aswell. Im sorry for your shitty experience but what happend has been no different with anyone else. We dont have leeway when it comes to remarks like your character had made. And as said before, if we had been their for PVP we would of killed more than just you but we continued RP with the 14 other people. That is why I believe your claims of us being here for only PVP are invalid. Also this is not the most mature way of dealing with things i don't believe Also here is this @Aisling
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    I wish I could make a character that could act in a manner that would warrant her death. But, it seems all I can make are the boring Girl Scout types. (No Girl Scout shade intended.) But honestly, if one of my characters ever does something truly evil, I’ll gladly let her pay the ultimate price. But, I won’t force that price on anyone else. Nor do I want it forced on me. If that makes me selfish, then I guess I’m selfish.
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    Most executions have little to do with a character’s past hostile actions. Most executions are hostage related: “I’m sorry, I told you you repeatedly to shut up and you just said, “Okay”. So, now I’m going to put a bullet in your pretty little head. Time to go to sleep. Bye, bye.” *A loud bang cuts through the air* ”Your approved group refuses to negotiate, so, even though you’ve been a rather pleasant hostage and I really don’t want to do this . . .” *A loud bang cuts through the air*. “Your approved group refuses to stop firing at us . . . Blame them not me.” *A loud bang cuts through the air* “Put your hands up or you’re dead!” *As the panicked victim takes two seconds too long to comply, a loud bang cuts through the air* If people were executed only for past hostile actions, then I wouldn’t be against forced PK. But, the current rules allow all of the above plus more. (Yes, I exaggerated, but, only a little for emphasis.)
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    This all works in theory but in practice it never does. I've played in other communities that had Perma-Death as a rule and it did not work at all, storylines were ended abruptly and never got far at all. It became a whole lot of introducing yourself again and again. This should not be tried here and i'm glad that the community still is heavily opposed to the idea of a Perma-Death rule
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    I can only suggest, if you know a player doesn't perma anyways. do not lead the RP to an execution if you really want immersion, do not shoot them in the head or behead them. Punish them and send them off. You always have the option to say "You having to live with what you have done is a worse punishment, people often say there are things worse then death." be creative
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    Honestly the RP from this group is very lack luster and seems entirely pvp focused. After you misidentified @APositiveJade the other night who you had no rights on her but shot anyway, she talked things out and decided not to report. Since then, we decide to continue the RP and attempt to make contact with your group IC to sort things out about your member Miles shooting an unarmed 16 year old girl (Jack confirmed it was him who shot her), only for you to immediately initiate while I am explaining to you the situation with zero reason to initiate in the first place. Very disappointed and I hope you take this criticism and improve so these situations do not happen again and hopefully prevent reports.
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    This attitude, more than any rule, is exactly why myself and many people I know don't bother to get on. Yourself and people like yourself want to turn DayZ into something it isn't when all I want to do is grill get online and get into some hostilities (while following rules) without people crying.
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    From the album: Deer Isle

    Secret-ish place on Deer Isle, don't wanna give too much away because discovering cool places is part of the fun.
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    Back on the lonely road again... Wondering who I'll run into this time. Despite what has happened, it was a great time with you RPBois.
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    Hey, Quit mugin people for their beanz.
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    Yes, twice a month is fine. This would effectively bring back the aspect of multiple PCBs that spread people out. Bring back Prud, Electro docks, maybe Grishino gas station so I can day dream about CRA, SVR, and B-17. Created player settlements would be great. It can be balanced from the outset. Tired of looking at wooden walls tbh
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    Were certain loot spawns decreased recently?
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    Approved. Make sure to get those invites out for the GroupCP. @NozzyRP
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    How about no If some group fucks up and I want to raid them as a result, i'm not waiting some clueless "timer" to attack them. If they want a way out that doesn't involve us attacking them, then that group needs to do some serious repenting / appealing. All of the current groups have means to stop them attacking that actually involve roleplay and not a silly rule. Especially considering how often groups sit in their base, talk shit and then pikachu-face when they get attacked for it. If somebody is constantly attacking you for no reason so you can't get anything done, it's time to leave feedback on their group page or make a glorious 2.3 report. Also, fuck the amount of shit people horde inside their bases. Bring back the monthly wipes pls @Roland. There's 100s of entities inside each base and we wonder why the server performance is questionable, given we can't actually despawn any of it without getting banned.
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    Wouldn't it be amazing if the groups that shit talk and lose had actual consequences to acting like nothing happened. Elmo is definitely a visionary
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    Oh god this again. Absolutely not. I've died in pointless gunfights before, and if THAT was the end of my char forcibly I'd be PISSED. My hostile char has died in gunfights countless times because I suck at them, how am I supposed to progress my character if I have to kill them off and make a new one every time I die? They're my characters, and I will decide when their story is over.
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    Thanks, I do believe this could be a step in the right direction. I have thought about bugs, just general IG bugs and of course the infected. Like some rules already, you'd just have to hope that the player is mature enough to tell the truth in certain circumstances, "It wasn't a bug, infected got me!" or "Invisible Zombie killed me" blah blah. I have thought about this in more detail, about how staff could potentially make this work on there side as well. I do believe something needs to change, people keep wanting change but never come up with ideas to change things, like a lore wipe for example. They'll cry out about how it won't change anything but then a week later in another thread they will cry about something needing to change because things are boring or whatever. I think you and the rest of staff should just start implementing stuff, like the idea above for example. As parts of the community do want change in some way or another, but don't seem to want to explore/try things out, and like I said go back to moaning about things being boring and stale. Lets try something new!!!! The whole permadeath against the players will I believe is not a valid point, because there is a choice, an IC choice. We all say to keep IC, IC and keep OOC, OOC. Keep them seperate right? Then if you make an IC choice that leads to your death then thats the choice you made. There is a choice here, no one could contribute to your characters death count unless you give them a reason to. There needs to be consequences for actions IG, players playing friendly characters would be just fine and players playing hostile characters know the consequences of playing them.
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    No. There is no perma-death here (except by choice) because the point of a role play server is *gasp* not actually to kill characters, it's to interact with them. And because if there WAS perma-death, half the server would go nuts doing everything possible to exploit the perma-death system then pay for 'amnesty'.
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    Mr. Russo I must say RP WAS AND ALWAYS 10/10 entertaining especially when things could've turned south so quick for me and my people. TBH this is the first time I got the chills and frights and I had no control over the situation and I did not know how to react I was stumped. @Jim SmokesJust met you really today First... IM IMPRESSED LIKE REALLY I really think you are a prime example of what and who the russo syndicate is and honestly I hope to see and Rp with you more often because Idk you are just so believable and I love it 10/10 BOIS
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    Would love to be able to PK some people. They start wars, keep talking shit, try and kill some of us and then we capture them and are like "nah fam not PKing". One of the most annoying shits ever. But there is no perfect rule to make it fair for everyone. Like you get execution rights pretty easy, so that means you can get PKed over one hostile interaction so it's a bit meh.
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    I don't think forced perma-death will gain any traction on this community. @GreenySmiley already nailed it with the list of upsides and downsides and that latter list would definitely apply to this community if the ruling came to pass. People should retain the right to choose their own time to go, trying to force perma-death will be detrimental for the reasons stated above. What I'd rather advocate for would be the fact that people should be actively encouraged (if not required, but that'd be nigh impossible to enforce) to roleplay out injuries. Start acting like human beings and not some super soldier that come back a couple of hours after being shot without so much as a indication of any lead entering their bodies. I know there's some people that do that already, but that leaves a sizable group that doesn't roleplay out having been shot, witnessing their friends die or any of the aftermath, instead shrugging it off and continuing like nothing happened. But when it comes to perma-death, this community is not equipped to be able to deal nor agree with being forced into consequences. So I'm going to have to vote no on it.
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    All I can say for to night is wtf and omg , it was exciting and is getting extremely interesting and some of the best roleplay I have seen @Malet and @Revie Mary's friends are surely in a bad place and hope's that her decision to let them go is the best one and poor revie with the amount of times you were hit in the head I'm surprised you dont have a concussion. I am sure we will meet again but hopefully you will both be better. Loved both your rp it was amazing and believable, showed two different sides of something not pleasant. @RoCKiE I know you wanted me to keep emily there but it was the best decision to let her go with her husband. Your rp was fantastic and I'm sure the story wont end here. @RedSky I honestly thought jona was gonna just shoot you lol. Always a pleasure rping with you the story sure is getting interesting and I am enjoying every bit of it. @Franny even though we only rp'd a few times it was great. Mary trusts you will take care of them. @Ducky even though we didnt really rp tonight it was good. I hope you keep them safe (not every foreigner is an enemy there are those who genuinely want to help) @Inferno453 was great rping with you tonight. always have a blast when you are around. And finally @StagsviewRB the one with like a thousand names lmao who uses himself as a lab rat and tests it on himself wtf. Hope to rp with you again like I said shit is getting interesting So with that I am away to sleep cya all later well maybe not all lets say some tomorrow
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    In my unpopular opinion some people are pushing grey areas of the rules and then they are like this when they get hit for it, using the good old "but rules don't say it's not allowed". Vast majority of players has no problem following the rules - weekly player count vs report and ban numbers speak for themselves. I don't think the rules are the problem, it's some players failing to follow the spirit of fair play. Defining the rules more clearly and with specific conditions and requirements will only aid those trying to use grey areas not defined on the rule page as it will actually give them a valid argument such as "it's not on the rule page, you can't ban me". And then we will have to add that grey area to the rules to mitigate it. And then some people will come up with another thing not specifically defined on the rule page, and get away with it when its reported. So we will fix the rules once again to add that. Soon enough the rule page will be 7 pages long and complex af. We've done it once, I know how it works. Never again. I like the way it is now with wide coverage rules that can be easily applied to a lot of different situations or even combined together.
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    You fucking spoon. @APositiveJade
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    Yeah, at the castle right?
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    I would like to see rules on assaulting people's bases change... by applying a cool down timer (That includes an attacking group's Allies) would prevent groups from being constantly attacked every five minutes because they are getting rolled every time they look up... this would force groups to consider their attacks more carefully and it would give the people inside these bases a chance to actively roleplay (which is what they were here to do in the first place) resentment comes from being constantly attacked, resentment comes from not being given chances to recover and do it better next time. When it comes to defensive rights, there needs to be change so it's not constant harassment. Just me own person view.
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    I definitely think a proper discussion has to be had about what we can do to make things more interesting around here, mainly this discussion should be within the staff team after asking for thoughts and ideas from the community, people simply dismissing anything and everything because they don't like the idea (and not suggesting any of there own) or it doesn't suit them won't get us anywhere. What we have right now can be what we have until whenever all of this comes to an end or we can try to change it for the better.
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    Forcing people to PK after every death is not a good option, in my opinion, and I can't think of a rule that could be implemented regarding PKs. When there has been weeks or even months of conflict, community members should PK if it makes sense, because the story would actually move forward and affect others. However, from personal experience, people don't do this and at the moment, personally, the RP feels stale and has been so for a while. I think there is just a community divide between members, and groups trying to gain an edge over other groups, and that is what should be addressed. Although, hard to see a solution to this.
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    Wtf mann, ik wil meer content godverredomme hup! Op schieten! //i want more content
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    ALONE (A Dayz RP Survival Series) I don't know what beans do, but gimme some if you want. TRAILER More to come soon.
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    Google white couple with baby.
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    Now that ARMA 3 has released the Contact DLC, I propose we create an ARMA 3 DayZRP server where the aliens are the reason for the zombie outbreak. Aliens invaded Earth, released bio-weapons, and now humanity has been crippled with the only surviving governments being the military in a X-COM style situation. Do it or riot.
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