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    Hello! I just wanted to say that I am very sorry because of all the people from your group that got permabanned recently @WongRP's avatar of a hand scratching a wombat was the cutest thing possible (Joah's last reply to you is suddenly coming to my mind) And those moments with @RebelRP calling me foreign dog and pig were great! XD! I wish good luck to the rest of you with the group!!!!!!!!!!
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    NUTS Can i give my group approval to this group? @Randy
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    I wish I could make a character that could act in a manner that would warrant her death. But, it seems all I can make are the boring Girl Scout types. (No Girl Scout shade intended.) But honestly, if one of my characters ever does something truly evil, I’ll gladly let her pay the ultimate price. But, I won’t force that price on anyone else. Nor do I want it forced on me. If that makes me selfish, then I guess I’m selfish.
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    This all works in theory but in practice it never does. I've played in other communities that had Perma-Death as a rule and it did not work at all, storylines were ended abruptly and never got far at all. It became a whole lot of introducing yourself again and again. This should not be tried here and i'm glad that the community still is heavily opposed to the idea of a Perma-Death rule
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    From the album: Deer Isle

    Secret-ish place on Deer Isle, don't wanna give too much away because discovering cool places is part of the fun.
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    Hey, Quit mugin people for their beanz.
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    Yes, twice a month is fine. This would effectively bring back the aspect of multiple PCBs that spread people out. Bring back Prud, Electro docks, maybe Grishino gas station so I can day dream about CRA, SVR, and B-17. Created player settlements would be great. It can be balanced from the outset. Tired of looking at wooden walls tbh
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    Oh god this again. Absolutely not. I've died in pointless gunfights before, and if THAT was the end of my char forcibly I'd be PISSED. My hostile char has died in gunfights countless times because I suck at them, how am I supposed to progress my character if I have to kill them off and make a new one every time I die? They're my characters, and I will decide when their story is over.
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    Mr. Russo I must say RP WAS AND ALWAYS 10/10 entertaining especially when things could've turned south so quick for me and my people. TBH this is the first time I got the chills and frights and I had no control over the situation and I did not know how to react I was stumped. @Jim SmokesJust met you really today First... IM IMPRESSED LIKE REALLY I really think you are a prime example of what and who the russo syndicate is and honestly I hope to see and Rp with you more often because Idk you are just so believable and I love it 10/10 BOIS
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    You fucking spoon. @APositiveJade
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    This depends on what rank you are If you are Emerald Rank then you will be able to upload a YouTube link to your profile, as you can see on my profile I have done exactly this, to do this go to the Edit Profile section on your profile and a box will open up where you can see the current perks you gain from your current rank, if you scroll down to the Emerald Rank section then you will see this: This is where you will enter your video ID for the song you want to upload to your profile, to find this simply got to the song you want on YouTube and in the URL there will be a line of text that looks something like this: All to do now is you copy the text line after the = symbol and post it in the Profile background video section click Save and you will now have the music + the video linked to your profile.
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    I think base building is great but I want actual settlements back in, Base building is limited in its current state as we all know, i'm all for it but again you can do much better in editors then you can in game, I want to go back to the grandness of approaching Solice, Ravens Nest, Altar Castle etc, Those moments really impact you as moments of Wow i'm not in kansas anymore.
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    Yeah, I was around when they had the monthly wipes, all that happened was people grabbed bags and filled them with things, a couple people grabbed tents and barrels so they could put them down immediately after the wipe and the hoarding began again for that next month.
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    Facts bro i feel it too the keeper of the forum lore moves on to greater tings Thanks Welcome the one and only @YNW Pep to the group
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    If you have a scheduled weekly wipe, people will just pick up the gear they want to keep before the wipe happens, to store it after the wipe. I agree. Although I'm not sure what in-game perk is needed other then 'We will give you a free base', thats pretty neat already as it is! I think this has been done, as there was a new checkpoint added between Kab+Stary, and a few other things. @Descendants I believe had a couple get implemented.
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    Prior to bases, people would be forced to roam around, or claim a small town as their own for a little while, if the attacks got too constant they can try to work something out with their attackers or if they are still attacked staying in a town was not too big of an investment, it was mainly a few tents and maybe some barrels. There were no walls, gates and time poured into a base that people feel extremely invested to stay in, which will attract those to want to attack the base(s) because for whatever reason, with no bases people walk around sporadically throughout the map and you would run into people all around, its unfortunate that base building has forced people to hide wherever they put up the 4 stack walls and feel like they can trash talk people outside because they feel invincible. Possible rule improvement : No bases to be built with higher than 2 stack walls, its unrealistic that a regular ass guy is able to carry a shit ton of wood up above 2 stack walls and place the third one down with precision, also creates a restriction and help reduce lag created from monster bases.
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    I definitely think a proper discussion has to be had about what we can do to make things more interesting around here, mainly this discussion should be within the staff team after asking for thoughts and ideas from the community, people simply dismissing anything and everything because they don't like the idea (and not suggesting any of there own) or it doesn't suit them won't get us anywhere. What we have right now can be what we have until whenever all of this comes to an end or we can try to change it for the better.
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    Nah I am good. I think we already have enough stress between members. We don't need more stress that would definitely come with those kind of rules. Didn't work on other servers, wouldn't work here either. To 100% sure of it.
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    Having read this, and being on the PK side of the fence i can Nozzys take on it makes sense. I guess what we need is not PK but a means of giving characters consequence to mak ethem consider their actions more carefully, rather than the invincible superheroes we currently are
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    Forcing people to PK after every death is not a good option, in my opinion, and I can't think of a rule that could be implemented regarding PKs. When there has been weeks or even months of conflict, community members should PK if it makes sense, because the story would actually move forward and affect others. However, from personal experience, people don't do this and at the moment, personally, the RP feels stale and has been so for a while. I think there is just a community divide between members, and groups trying to gain an edge over other groups, and that is what should be addressed. Although, hard to see a solution to this.
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    You're correct, we cannot control every aspect of our character's life. But, we do get to control when our character permanently dies. Don't force PK on the majority because of the actions of the minority.
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    Thank you @lunathecat @C-J @coolman23 Thank you guys so much for the feedback... Feels good to know were doing something right.
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    As much as I enjoy consequence, this kind of rule would open up some easy rule-playing, as it would only take a bit of previous hostility for people to hunt the offender down relentlessly to get those three executions to PK. Since PK's are somewhat of a status symbol within this community at times, I feel it would leave roleplay being forced towards executions far too often without even bothering to explore different avenues or resolutions. Though if a rule like that should be considered, I feel dying in a firefight multiple times within a certain timeframe should also lead to a PK. Say, three times in two days. This should also add more incentive for both the aggressors and defenders not to immediately initiate and/or not comply. But that rule would also be easily exploited because people will start initiating and causing trouble just to get the other person killed/kill a person several times. To pull a quote from a community member in another thread. this is; "a community were a lot of people have beef with other members." Adding any kind of rule where something can be forced through a certain amount of actions taken will inevitably lead to more beef and/or resentment and will be abused on a ooc level from all sides at some point.
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    Definitely need a way to counter the shit-talking after being killed, it happens a lot. People will have great story lines with someone then manage to execute him in great RP fashion to then just have them pop up on the radio thread talking shit. I think if you get executed by the same group / person three times you should be pk'd.
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    No. RP leads to permadeath. If RP leading to execution is great and it was building up to that point for longer time, than you'll get the feeling - "Yup, this is it, time to permadeath". There shouldn't be a rule forcing people to permadeath. I do understand that in group conflicts people getting executed every other day may get boring but that problem shouldn't be solved by rules. It's a players common sense problem. Edit: I agree with the minus side from the post above, especially copypasta characters that would be added straight away back to the group.
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    I am loyal to the royal family.
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    I can fully stand by this. I also watch "The Walking Dead" and all groups build bases. Base building is part of survival. Limiting that is unrealistic. Well spoken!
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    ALONE (A Dayz RP Survival Series) I don't know what beans do, but gimme some if you want. TRAILER More to come soon.
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    This song is actually fucking amazing. I set it as my background music so don't listen to it twice
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    Crazy to think this only happened a couple months ago. Even crazier part is this happened down the street from me. RIP AJ
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    He wanted water, I wanted water. I tell him where to find it and he keeps following me.
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    I would like to congratulate @G_Date for very quickly proving yourself and taking a big leap forward. Truly a believer of his divine grace.
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    I totally agree. Let people RP how they want. And hostile RP for a while was too common so people walled up. When the hostlities die down, more people will come out of thier walls. Just give it time. And if they want to go and commit hostile RP all the time and focus on PvP then they can go to an official server. So yes, I agree.
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    It was meant to be.
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    I've heard that the carnival was added to the map
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    There is no reason or point to own a 1911 in 9mm. 1911s are meant for .45 and 10mm.
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    Google white couple with baby.
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    Where have you gone my love?
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    Now that ARMA 3 has released the Contact DLC, I propose we create an ARMA 3 DayZRP server where the aliens are the reason for the zombie outbreak. Aliens invaded Earth, released bio-weapons, and now humanity has been crippled with the only surviving governments being the military in a X-COM style situation. Do it or riot.
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