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    Mac Tire Interesting. Sign me up. Dean Lockwood is back.
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    A Nomadic Tribe reborn into the life that consumed them guided by a light that truly came from a place of divine worship. Within this treacherous landscape, a light shines oh so brightly into the aura of a man. James Mayson. James was a man, misguided, lost, and sinful. Delivered in his dying moment to a new life that beseeches him, he was saved. His newfound divine grace. James was then entrusted with a message so profound and precious that it forever shaped his destiny. “When man seeks peace he will never be forgotten. When man seeks answers he is enlightened. The path to righteousness can only be solidified through deliverance from sin.” There is religion that truly binds man to its beliefs, but we are free to choose, free to think, free to believe, free to find the path of the light that truly guides each and every one of us. We are not different, but one, segregated through human constructs and forced to live a life of sin through misguidance. Without leadership, there is no hope, with no hope there is no life, where there is no life there is no future. Sin itself leads to a life without leadership, therefore, leading to a life where there is no future. His Divine Grace watches us under his graceful eye guiding us to live the purest and most righteous lives and only those who truly believe and open their minds can truly feel his presence. In a world thought long forgotten by God, stricken with infection, ravaged by violence, mans only concern is protecting their own life for the short time they have left. The Messengers reach to transcend this selfish human perspective with the intention of saving others. The Messengers wish is to achieve a world once again brought to peace through the teachings of the divine path. To put one's life before your own is the noblest act a man can do. This is the goal of the messengers, to absolve those who wish to open their minds and walk along the path of righteousness. And to cleanse those who have turned their backs on their fellow man and fallen into a life of sin. Day 741: Create relations with fellow survivors (Completed) Day 750: Find the deviants that roam society (Indefinite) Day 751: Find those in need of his divine grace (Eternal) Day 753: Create relations within Chernarus (Compleated) - Maintain Relations with any and all group members (Internal) - Search for the gifts his divine grace fruitfully provides (On-going) - Spread his divine message (Eternal) Day 790: Census to find sinners hidden in society (On-going) Day 815: Begin cleansing of known sinners Day 855: Set safety precautions and Establish Watchers into existing sphere of influence Day 874: Establish a home so we may reside and bring in travelers for the winter Day 900: Ensure that his divine message is posted and encourages a safe a pleasant standard of living. More to come when his divine grace wishes…. Divine Leaders way is his Divine Graces will All are valued and divine under his eye Sinners are never forgotten Life must always be preserved Care and Compassion are the path to righteousness Respect guides his light Speaking of his divine location acts against his divine grace Never Turn Against A Fellow Messenger Rape Pedophilia Murder Greed Abuse Pretentiousness Public nudity Slander Bigotry Cannibalism Harming Children The Divine Leader... Blessed upon men to be gifted his Divine Message... Speaks to his Divine Grace... Lives through his Divine Grace... Cleanses the sinners and absolves them from all of lifes true evils. Always Wise. Always Forgiving. James Mayson - @coolman23 The most Devoted of the Messengers... These men have given their freedoms and life to his Divine Grace. Guided by his Divine Light these men watch over all and are positioned over all. These men report straight to his Divine Leader and carry out any and all commands. Nikolai Petrov - @Spillz Hector Krane - @alexnlena These men are the providers of his Divine Message... The most devoted of The Believers... They are above and protected by The Reluctant followed by The Believers, but if they were to ever fall under shameful practices The Reluctant will always assume charge. Jethro Parker - @SecretBeats The observant... The keen... Those who watch over in the name of his divine grace... Always listening... Never Forgetting. Daryl Thomas - @devstatnglydank Juno Alice - @lunathecat Not all individuals believe in his Divine Grace, but they believe in the Divine Leader his leadership guides them and so they guide the people. Under all circumstances. Khalida Furia - @NightMar3rGamer Alkis Rouber - @Alkis Deviants who have let go of their troubled past blessed and reborn true believers of his divine grace loyal forthcoming always trying to better themselves TBD - @TheMcCafeMenu Gareth Jones - @G_Date Yam Alvarez - @Yampa James OKennly - @Cactorrio The curious... The lost... The forgotten... They have many names but all seek the same thing... Hope. Seidr Seer - @its_pikaJEW Will Power - @Will Eden Ripley - @Anouk Cecil Blackwood - @Honeybee Anders Dregonovich - @CocaineLane Titus Crowe - @ForgetfulPanda Dennis Colson - @Nick Wilde
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    Glad to see you guys back. Can't wait to RP with you.
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    Thread got closed but deep down we know we're all good at PVP & RP @G19RP @Ryan Shepherd @Dew
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    @Kenneth @Kusken Really enjoyed that RP we had today
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    DayZRP Staff Agreement v4 This is a staff agreement that all staff members need to agree on and sign if they wish to be a part of the staff team. This thread has been made visible to the public in order to be more transparent as well as highlight staff teams rules and responsibilities. In order to be a member of the staff team in DayZRP community you must agree to the following terms and conditions. All staff members must follow the rules of this agreement. This agreement will continue to hold you accountable as long as your account is in good standing in the community, even after you leave, get demoted or kicked from staff team. DAYZRP STAFF AGREEMENT Version 4, DECEMBER 2017 §1. All contributions you make to DayZRP community in form of source code, binaries, images, videos, text, ideas, protocols, routines or other creative work created or submitted by you as a staff member can be freely used by DayZRP community without any limitations following the WTFPL License with credit to you, or the original author. All created and submitted content must follow this license. Any content created or published without a license specified will be assumed to follow the WTFPL License. §2. You agree to not share or mention any internal staff information, protocols, routines, credentials, server logs, discord staff chats, staff forum content, things said inside staff TeamSpeak channels, recordings of conversations or any other sensitive information obtained in staff to any 3rd parties outside the current DayZRP staff team. §3. You agree that you will always follow core values of DayZRP community, act professionally, uphold the rules and make best effort to remain unbiased and objective at all times. Failing to follow these rules as a staff member can lead to three outcomes: 1. Low severity - unprofessional behavior, lesser power abuse or bias - staff strike. Two staff strikes equals permanent removal from staff team. 2. Medium severity - greater power abuse or bias, internal staff information leak - instant and permanent removal from staff team. 3. High severity - intentional sharing of sensitive or private information like server logs or Slack chat logs, corruption - instant and permanent removal from the community. If you agree with this agreement, please fill the following template and post it as a reply to this thread. Your IP, browser information and date stamp will be saved along with it.
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    “Life is what you make it. Always has been, always will be.” Two years it has been by now... Two years since everyone's life was put upside down in a heartbeat... our lives. It feels like decades have passed, ever since this Infection started to ruin lives. Mother nature finally decided to pull the plug on us. Nations bleed, Governments broke, Armies fell and everyone is suffering. And we are right where it all started, in between the beautiful hills, forests and fields of South Zagoria, Chernarus. Three German Citizens trapped in eastern Europe, just like their grandfathers, just under slightly different circumstances. We've all lost people we held dear. The Stories The uniting and new beginning Sets of Goals: -The goals are dynamic and will change depending on the situation IC- General Goals: Make the best out of our life and enjoy it. [Ongoing daily] Offer our help to the people who are in need. [Ongoing: 7/20, Day 820] Help the group members achieve their personal goals. [Goals achieved: 15/x] Keep our people safe from those who would do us harm. [Ongoing daily] Fix up a radio tower to contact our families back home. [Day 800] Long term: Find out information about groups in the region. [11/20] Make contact with groups we deem fitting to work with and set up alliances. [Day 790-Failing] Chart out suitable locations for large scale habitation. [Day 800] Try to meet up with groups in the region and earn neutral or friendly standing with them. [Day 810-in progress] Upon forming sufficient number of connections between groups work towards uniting them together under one alliance with a functioning council of leaders. [Day 825] ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Completed Goals: Failed / Changed Goals: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Personal: Sofie Richter - @MajooRB Alexander Rudnik - @RoCKiE Thomas Kruger - @derNils Felicia Lindell - @Demaabd Willem Nedved - @Razareth Collin Rose - @Deagle Bella Kovar - @Mia Marie White - @Scarlett Grey Albright - @HeadKillz Charles Hanes - @Inferno453 Pyotr Karkaroff - @Ozymandias Aaron "Kent" Williams - @Fenrir Dr Kevin Shock - @Imation11 Konstantin Horak - @Arrow Nikolayev "Orange" Borishov - @Nikolayev -Will be added as we progress in making connections with people in game- Lemons and prison folk Alexandria Library and the Book Lady Kate People of The Tower The Slovaks Wolf Pack Legion Corp. Mercenaries Maxim and the Chernarussians Kuba's racists Legend: In Conflict / Disliked / Neutral / Friendly / Alliance Recruiting members for our group is done through IC but we still encourage you to send in app format in pm to @MajooRB if you are interested in joining even if you haven't had the chance to meet us in game yet. Before applying please consider that we heavily focused on RP and we are trying to keep 3rd party voice chat on the minimum as we focus on RP while we are IG, keeping the 3rd party voip in character for the most part. OOC Age: Character page link: What’s your roleplay experience (in general, not only DayZRP): Past Groups you’ve been part of: Why do you want to join us: Group media thread
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    I’ve been in a Minecraft mood and would love a good vanilla server to play on. No rules, just go out have fun. Hopefully there could be some good memes with people fighting and finding each others bases. Idk if anyone else would be interested but doesn’t hurt to find out.
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    I like looking at my characters ass while running ig.
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    I mean like ... WITH WITH. As in, not actively leaving and Hutch believes to be "brainwashed and kidnapped". Which I mean is like partially correct!
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    Yo wtf, I thought you died lmao
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    Det är märkligt att båda mina kusiner önskar föra krig mot mig. Nåväl, må det så bli. Men kung August har svikit sitt ord. Således har vi rätten på vår sida, och Gud kommer att bistå oss. Jag ämnar först krossa min ene fiende och sedan tala med den andre - Karl XI
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    Hi guys, I am putting a vote to see if the community wants @GMAK to become a Staff Member.
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    they have been removed for the time being to see if they were the couse in som server instability as stated by rolle her
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    Calling in @Kerkkoh @Ducky @wirpy @Watchman for their POV's.
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    Whisper/Talk/Shout coming in 1.05. Roleplayers raise your dongers. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
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    This is gold, good luck my friend
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    Oh boi this looks real nice!
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    Always a blast RPing with you bois.
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    It was nice meeting you @Zack Smit and welcome to the community. As always the shenanigans with @Zanaan @Derek Steel and @ISWidowMaker was very fun!
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    Linc will miss Maggie for sure
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    OREL arriving in zelenogorsk. OREL Heading out on patrol, only Criminals should fear us!
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    Good luck with this guys! Looking forward to meeting you all in game and seeing what you do with this.
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    Edited to add new graphics. Hopefully better than the last. Goals updated.
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    From the album: Kyle Mckenzie's Travels

    Kyle pretends to be a pirate and has Panzer in stitches. The accent was extremely bad.
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    Felt really really bored, so just decided to book up a midnight screening of once upon a time in Hollywood. dragging @Voodoo along too.
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    From the album: DayZRP

    Entrance To Wolf Pack Base
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    Where have you gone my love?
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    Megaphones used as general initiation tools are basically report magnets. Nobody can use them correctly and the correct applications are vague at best, being subject to specific context. I don't think the megaphone should be used as an initiation tool at all because they have a range that is shaky at best, and as we've seen in the past it's nothing but a pain in the ass for the admins every time a group of lazy bums pulls their "everyone in this town drop your guns or die" crap.
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    if @NightlyVC is on the roster you know shit is going down, looking good boys
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    I personally think S2 as a whole was always meant to be an overflow server. Primarily people would join S1, and when S1 was full they would migrate to S2. I liked that system, however on the other hand it meant that all the RP was found on S1, and no RP at all on S2 (It essentially became an overflow loot server) With the way it is now, and basebuilding making people migrate between the servers, there is roleplay happening on both servers, sure the overall amount of stuff that happens on S1 has decreased, but it has made it so that there is always RP to be found on S1 and S2 alike. As for the suggestions, here is my take on things. This was a good idea back when basebuilding wasnt relevant, and RP was directly tied to players and nothing else, sadly given that settlement RP has become a trend, this likely will not solve anything and it will just cause people to wait until S1 is full to join S2 for their rp, or worse, stop playing entirely. Currently, approved groups are the only ones who can have custom base designs using the BuilderItem tools, and given official status with good behavior for 4 weeks, you can actually create pretty big and fully fledged bases using the 100 objects you are allowed to place. I have yet to see an official group actually use these, and I am unsure why, considering it could be a good way to drive for extra safety as well as adding onto the creativity and interest in your settlement RP. With that being said, I don't think either of these two suggestions will solve anything, it will just drive players away or cause frustration. Another solution however which has been mentioned before is having S2 on a seperate hive, with an optional seperate map/lore, this would put a lot of extra pressure on the loremasters however, and could even be considered a "Side Project" in a sense, and we all know how those tend to end.
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    From the album: DayZRP

    very cool
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    From the album: DayZRP

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    From the album: DayZRP

    Chernarussian Settlement Life
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