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    Personally I feel that official groups who have clear identifying features should be more than capable of initiating using a megaphone, it would be amazing RP for groups like CDF, OREL, Potius, Legion or legitimately any other easily recognizable/sizable force to surround a building/compound and instruct it's inhabitants to surrender their arms. In my eyes the rule should be rephrased or changed to allow megaphone initiations as long as the following criteria is met: 1. It is clear who is being initiated on 2. It is clear who the initiators are That is the core of any initiation, defining who gets defender rights and who gets attacker rights.
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    You mean you don't do this as a member of the 2016 Group of the year Cerna Liska? Personally as a member of the VDV Group of the year 2017 I routinely make sure my beard has been shaved.
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    Enjoyed the roleplay with Legion and co today ❤ @NorwayRP
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    Had a nice chill night of rp @Isaiah CortezPVE loved our chat in the car hope we both listen to my advice "the lucky ones died at the beginning", @cheeks was nice rping with you even though it was short and we basically got flung out as soon as I relocated your dislocated foot hope you didnt do anything else @derNils, @Demaabd & @HeadKillz alcohol and truth and dare dont mix well was a fun chill night and we learned a bit about each other and learned headkillz cant hold his drink poor guy
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    The purpose of buying clothes on the item store should be to create an outfit, not to see which items have the most space for hoarding loot.
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    Had to get @Ryan Shepherds only kill in a video
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    I sense great potential in these 2 chernarussian groups... just like the good old days
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    Dalsi Stranka & Domorodci Foreigners Looking forward to it boys, congrats on approval.
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    I never fully understood this rule. You can't use the megaphone in most cases because people won't know who is initiating, from where and how many they are, but you can run in middle of Kab, drop a fat "Everyone put your hands up or die!" in chat and that would be perfectly fine although achieving the exact same thing.
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    yeah the way people have to initiate with the megaphone seems so unnatural and dumb. People need to give their location, group, appearance, social security number, height, eye color, and state if they have any medical conditions to have a valid initiation. And people literally sit there and make a checklist of the things you say so that if you miss 1 criteria they can report it as invalid. Not to mention the thing of the person having to be visible doesnt even really makes sense. As long as the people who are getting initiated on know whats happening it should be fine. Otherwise you have to send someone to basically suicide and stand out in the open
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    Well this night did not turn out the way i thought it would have. A very big compliment to the Slovak bratri and sistra. @[email protected]@Devin Simpson and @Hazard. @[email protected]@groovy ToeZies This was absolutely awesome 10/10 RP from you as well. @[email protected]@Scarlett It was fun having you over for some treatment. Very nice!
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    LASKA MAXIM DOM JAKUB MILOZ MILA LEO PAVEL STRÁŽ They all had different reasons to come to this Oblast. This forsaken part of the country called South Zagoria. Some of them were born here, others came here to fight, some ran away from their past in search of a safe haven. And at some point, their paths crossed. Laska herself found her way to South-Zagoria by running away essentially. Once she was in the Oblast she made friends with a foreign woman called Emily, but they lost track of each other at one point. Alone again, Laska eventually met a group of individuals calling themselves Generation Zero and while she thought of them as a family at first, things changed when she ended up in Polana and it was obvious that the people there and GenZ would never be on good terms. While she also met Emily again, various events eventually led her to stay at the small settlement. This small settlement in Polana, a group of chernarussians living by themselves and offering shelter to other locals, a group known as Černaruští Zdejší - was what originally brought most of these people together. It was here that Maxim and Laska first met each other, and while relations were originally hostile and tense, they somehow grew close. Zdejší lasted a good while, but it eventually came to an end, some of the people from Zdejší followed Maxim back to Kameníci, to fight for their country once more. One of those people was Dominik, who after Zdejší dissolved, followed Maxims advice and joined Kameníci as well. Meanwhile Laska tagged along looking for answers, and perhaps change. Fighting with Kameníci went as expected, it consisted of ambushing communists, foreigners and anyone who were effectively deemed a target. With the leadership of Mikhail and Alexandr things were going well. Fighting in South Zagoria went on for a long time, and even to this day people still fear travelling down mountain passes and dimly lit forest roads alone, out of the luring danger of an ultranationalist guerilla force laying in wait. Eventually, South Zagoria calmed down a bit, and seeing a calm for only a brief moment Mikhail decided it was best to focus on the bigger fight, and thus for the second time in history, Kameníci returned to the BPR border to fight the communists once again. Maxim, Dominik and Laska all following suit of course, ambushing BPR patrols along their border and fighting communism, something which the CDF were unable to do due to the ceasefire. A ceasefire which Kameníci did not intend to uphold. After all they disagreed with it heavily. Upon hearing from some of her friends and contacts about what was going on back in the Oblast, Laska decided to head back to South-Zagoria after some weeks had passed as she was worried about her friends and intended to keep the promise she once made. She knew she would have a hard time convincing Maxim to join her to head back ... he was hesistant at first, dismissive and protective, refusing to let her go back, but he was eventually convinced, and with him he took Dominik to make up for the lack of support. Now that they are back, they are driven by old and new goals alike. Laska is keen on finding her friends, keeping true to her promises and working on uncovering the truth about her fathers death, while Maxim and Dominik would still do anything in their power to fight for their country. While Maxim on one hand is ready to purge foreign pests from this country - Laska on the other hand prefers a much more diplomatic approach - and unbeknownst to him, she had already made contact with a few foreign friends, in the hope they would join her in her endeavours - so she may start to write of her adventures in her journal again - on the next page. IC ENSURING OUR OWN SURVIVAL - Find good hunting locations to sustain ourselves [3/10] [day 850] - Find some good locations were we can set up camp [2/5] [day 850] [reopened] - Find and secure a place on Jeleny Ostrovy [day 830] [achieved] - Teach members who are not from South Zagoria how to navigate through the oblast [1/6] [day 820] [changed] - Learn the layout of Jeleny Ostrovy and become familiar with the terrain [day 850] [paused] - Stockpile food for the winter [0/30] [day 850] IMPROVING OUR CHANCES - Establish an arsenal of firearms incase we need them [10/10] [achieved] - Ensure our arsenal remains stocked throughout the months to come. [0 Month(s)] [reopened] - Find like minded individuals to join our group [5/5] [achieved] - Find and repair vehicles for transport [0/2] [day 840] - Find a map of South-Zagoria and constantly update it with valuable information [map found - current additions: 10] - Find a map of Jeleny Ostrovy and constantly update it with valuable information [map found - current additions: 0] [paused] DEALING WITH THE PUBLIC - Gather intel on potential enemies of Chernarus and its citizens. [day 850] [ongoing] - Ambush, sabotage or otherwise hinder enemy movements working against our country and its people. [6/10] [ongoing] - Locating and establishing relations with groups that have similar interests, or are otherwise beneficial. [3/5] [day 870] - Find Emily and Jona Smekhov. [achieved] OOC - Provide story driven roleplay and character development - Try to further roleplay through only using ingame means of orientation - no use of izurvive or any third party map systems - Find a good balance between campfire & hostile and internal & external RP, so that everyone's RP style is taken into account and we can create good rp for ourselves as well as provide stellar RP for anyone interacting with the group Group-Relations do reflect the majority of the groups opinion on another group of people. It does not, however, guarantee that every individual of our group would like all the people of an allied group, or the allied group as a whole. We are not a hive-mind after all and people can still have personal opinions that differ from the rest or the majority of the group. ALLIED: Kameníci COBR TRUSTED: Domorodci NEUTRAL: Redwood Radio UNTRUSTED: Vultures Anarchy Runners Dalton's Gang Quarantined 5.0.3 ChDKZ @Franny - Laska Vrubel @Ducky - Maxmilian Vitek Myska @groovy ToeZies - Dominik Dvorak @Watchman - Leo Vacek @Phoenix - Mila Kohen @Greener161 - Jakub Hosek @cheeks - Miloz Kozlov @PaulB - Pavel Brondos @Major - Borivoj Kopriva @Mirotvurce - Vladimir Novak @Gaden - Mojmir Zakrajsek @Combine - Radec Sokov To join us, approach us IC or you can fill out this form below and send it to @Ducky and @Franny. Whilst we do accept foreign characters as well, we are very selective with this. If you want to join on a non-Chernarussian character, you MUST approach us IC and win the groups trust. You can not join on a foreign character through the OOC recruitment form. Credits Thread : @Franny @Ducky @Azu Lore & Graphics : @Franny & @Ducky
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    DISCLAIMER This is a joke and a meme, do not take this seriously. I am also aware that this is not a "discount" of any kind since, theoretically, anybody who would do this would still be paying a very large sum of money for digital items. Now please enjoy my boredom and play this music to enhance the Charlie math experience and click on the spoiler below.
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    You have probably noticed two new additions on the home page - Xbox and PlayStation servers. Private console servers have been recently announced by the DayZ team. We are going to give it a try with two small servers, one for Xbox and one for PlayStation, to see if there is potential for growth in these areas. Most of the common questions about console servers are answered in the link below, but here are the details from our perspective: Console servers are vanilla DayZ experience, with no modding. This means things like radio broadcast or item shop will not work there Very limited/no admin tools or logs are expected to be included, we don't even know if we're going to be able to set up a whitelist. In case we can't, we will have a dynamic password to the server that changes every 24h and is visible to whitelisted members on the whitelist page Console servers are not a side-project, they should be treated as servers 3 and 4 more than a separate game. Rules will be the same on all servers, reports will be handled the same way by the same staff team Servers have been pre-ordered and we are awaiting a launch date to get access to the servers. More details will follow once the servers have launched and we've had some time to experiment with what we can or cannot do.
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    The image you posted is a baguette.. This is a roll mate -
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    From the album: Jane´s stories

    He was shot, lost a bit of blood, and head multiple wounds. After a while he was up and 'running' again.
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    To have better grounds for discussion, let me actually quote the rule: Megaphones are almost useless due to wording of this rule, unless you want to say "Hi!" or keep it completely non-hostile (is a stern warning to stay away already possibly hostile action or the grounds for it?). I can only suggest a notable rework or rewording to incorporate PA or megaphone into initiations in an organic fashion that still allows clarity for situations, not random ass town initiations that are non-specific on who is targeted (or why) and from who it might be. I think it's anything but organic to completely rule this out ("cannot be done remotely", a megaphone I count as remotely) forcing to you ... what? Always run up to your (potential) opponents and yell at them, giving a potential tactical advantage away? An organic way I can imagine is (depends on the where, who, etc) you decide to attack a camp, and address the camp specifically while you, as attacker group, say that for example they are surrounded. This gives them the heads up that the attacking party is around them, without them saying "oh and by the way, we are East and North in the hills of your camp with men wearing the following: (....)!" I say: Open up the megaphone for this, keep it specific without spilling everything out, specific enough to make it clear to the involved parties, without it becoming silly due to hard requirements. Simple terms: If it basically is clear and apparent enough for the involved parties, it should be a viable tool. If not, one should refrain from using that in a specific situation until the situation becomes clear enough where usage would be fine.
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    That is a legitimately impressive kill.
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    Welcome to the man, the myth and the legend. GMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK! @GMAK
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    I was sat in discord with him, while he was working this out, took him 2 hours not a good usage of time
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    Hi. Gamemaster Phoenix here with some feedback. 1) First and foremost, I dislike the attitude you portray as a group leader in regards to negative or constructive feedback as seen above and on the other page. I'm sorry, but people here should be behaving maturely. 2) Not a massive fan of the graphics for the group. They seem to be all over the place with very strange coloring. Graphics aren't the most important thing when creating a group idea, but I am sure someone in this community could help you make your group stand out a bit more in terms of visual appearance. 3) maybe add some more goals that make the group stand out from the crowd. At the moment, they are pretty standard goals that 90% of survivor groups go for anyways. It doesn't hurt to add a few goals that make this a bit more interesting. Good Luck with the group.
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    Congratulations on approval my fellow chernarussians can't wait to finally meet you ig! Slava Chernarus!
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    yo i want beanz for being a photographer for some of these photos gang
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    Personally? I think that spamming their usage should be a lot more detrimental to the health considering the dosage we're talking about here. Abusing any substance should come with side effects and currently Dex has the relatively benign effect of making you slightly ill after taking them, on occasion. It should be an evident calculation of how much you're willing to screw your personal health over to push your body as far as it can go. Reserved for escapes or pushes into hostile territories, but certainly not left to be as abusable as it is now regardless of poll results.
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    The effect could be the same, if it could be made so that water and food meters go down faster. When you take damn amphetamine, your body goes into overdrive, and starts burning energy really fast. So, food and hunger meters should go down faster. It could be a good downside to this, if it could be made to work?
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    For the most part I've met quite a lot of people in the more northern areas. I find the "Hubs" like Cherno/Elektro etc.. can get bloated and make it harder for solo players to initiate and instead sort of make a "clique" style system where you group up or get left behind. Plus, whilst it is a Roleplay server, people will always want some sort of stash for when they inevitably get "Dayz'd" and can get a new set of their gear without having to pay 30 pound for clothing. Are bases an issue? I'd say no, but I'm sure that the removal and cleanup of abandoned bases should be considered. If a player can submit a report about an abandoned base perhaps an admin could look up the base creator, PM them, and solve it. As for finding more people randomly? Honestly I would use the radio more if it wasn't Map wide and didn't have the glitch where I'm hearing/talking thru a turned off and battery-less transceiver. Maybe when radios get fixed and we can make a use for Altar/Radio Backpacks/Etc.. it will open up more possibilities for people using In-Game comms to set up roleplay.
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    Uh a majority of us have met your group and been in situations with you all, however you may have not heard of the group as we kept it on the down low. But the same characters that had these past experiences are in this group and that information tends to pass over into the group making your our enemies based on past RP and our characters ideals and how we view the people associated with the Prison.
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    I guess liquor and rooftops don’t mix. Yikes
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    Forgot to post here yesterday about the RP we had north of Cherno with District and then the hostage RP inside the camp, thank you District & Co.
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    I feel so attacked and called out
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    Whilst we may have just gotten stoned and tipsy, i've had an amazing night, something I've really needed recently, and I've got so much love for all of you guys, to be able to chill, relax and actually still get some RP development? You're some of the best people i've met here, and i've met a lot of people. My love goes out to @McLeranth, @cheeks, @DookieCS, @Franny, @Ducky, @Azu and to anyone I missed, I'm really sorry, I can't think of usernames right now. Just know you're all in my heart.
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    @McLeranth @DookieCS @Devin Simpson @Hazard Solvaks know how to have a party! Was a hell lot of fun! Poor Anytom though @Azu @groovy ToeZies @Ducky @cheeks nice hanging out with you. Was a hell lot of fun again. We need to party with the Slovaks more often. Sad I have to leave so early @Revie @Malet cold Laska just wanted to invite you to ther party as well! Cut her drunken mind some slack! Would've followed you but sadly had to log
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    Love kalashnikov and kalashnikov love you back
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    We loved it! It was AMAZING meeting you and Andela. And the whole gang down in Cherno. The Knights and Queen look forward to more encounters, mmmn yess!
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    The most recent picture of me and it's a fairly old one. Might return here, not sure.
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    This is the reason we need to get rid of basebuilding and go back to traditional group settlements. Helps spread server pop. around rather than everyone hiding somewhere cutting down trees and building bases
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    I think they look amazing. Good work @wirpy Don't worry about what others say. I agree dude.. I just don't see how this is even remotely an issue. The more clothes the better tbh. That's mostly because the only people who lay into this kinda style are the people that only play as chernarussians and believe anything western is lore breaking, when infact tourism brings in a whole new world of clothing options. But to them if it's not chernarussian, it shouldn't be a thing.
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    Yeah honestly I'm for this. I was one of those that were confused so I used my Steam name at the time, when really I could have used my actual tag that I go by. But instead found myself stuck with this. I went with it, but it would have been nice for clarification.
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    What qualifies as griefing is very individual. To me, griefing is every destructive action that is not warranted by actions of the enemy. So taking your example, we would need to know the relationship and history between you and those owners. If you have previous history of murder etc, it would be fine to gain entry to their base and raid it, looting things. If you have no previous history and you simply get in there and replace the locks "for the lulz", that is griefing.
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