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    That sad moment when the server crashes and the rollback causes you to loose both M249s you have on your back... #NotAGearWhore
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    "It's a bird, no it's a plane, NO IT IS THE OREL OPEN UP"
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    Personally I feel that official groups who have clear identifying features should be more than capable of initiating using a megaphone, it would be amazing RP for groups like CDF, OREL, Potius, Legion or legitimately any other easily recognizable/sizable force to surround a building/compound and instruct it's inhabitants to surrender their arms. In my eyes the rule should be rephrased or changed to allow megaphone initiations as long as the following criteria is met: 1. It is clear who is being initiated on 2. It is clear who the initiators are That is the core of any initiation, defining who gets defender rights and who gets attacker rights.
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    @Devin Simpson @Hazard @McLeranth Never a dull day with y'all around. I however need sleep now. @Franny @Ducky @groovy ToeZies Love getting to know y'all better.
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    You mean you don't do this as a member of the 2016 Group of the year Cerna Liska? Personally as a member of the VDV Group of the year 2017 I routinely make sure my beard has been shaved.
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    When megaphones were first introduced I immediately thought it'd be a great fit for DayZRP, as many times in movies and tv hostage negotiations are done over megaphones. More practically, it makes it easy for an initiation to be clearly heard and for everyone in an area to know exactly what's going on and allow them to decide how to react. Instead of embracing a new mechanic, megaphones were almost made impossible to use for an initiation without breaking rule 4.1, as for some reason initiations need to be a very intimate experience at all times. I'm not saying 1 guy should initiate on a compound full of 20 people, but if a reasonable force has an ability to take a heavily defended and fortified compound it lacks all common sense to force one person to go up the gates and be a sacrificial lamb so the rest get kill rights. Nit picky rules like this are what drove many people from the server before beta, and I believe removing it would allow for more enjoyable large scale conflicts. I'm not saying a simple "everyone put your hands up" would suffice, but if a group goes "We are <group name>, everyone in <obligatory place> put your hands up as you are now surrounded by <random number of men>" there is literally no reason to make that invalid. It would give the defenders a chance to actually think and either comply or possibly call the initiators bluff. Situations like this are what make RP in DayZ fun and basically forcing people to initiate face to face at all times is completely unrealistic and makes 0 sense in many scenarios. That being said I understand why PA systems or radios can't be used as that covers far to big of an area and has no indication of where an initiation is coming from.
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    Leaned against the wooden wall behind her, Emily takes the old book in her hands. For a while, she turns her head to watch the figure next to her sleep, smiling a little as she hears him snore a bit, before she starts writing in her book. When she's done, she places it aside and grabs the English book for Chernarussian children to learn, though obviously using it for learing some more Chernarussian.
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    nb4 Cherno raid @Dew for ruining the picture
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    Nerf amphetamines, Increase stamina to 2x so i'm not an asthmatic sea lion on a gravel driveway.
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    Enjoyed the roleplay with Legion and co today ❤ @NorwayRP
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    Had a nice chill night of rp @Isaiah CortezPVE loved our chat in the car hope we both listen to my advice "the lucky ones died at the beginning", @cheeks was nice rping with you even though it was short and we basically got flung out as soon as I relocated your dislocated foot hope you didnt do anything else @derNils, @Demaabd & @HeadKillz alcohol and truth and dare dont mix well was a fun chill night and we learned a bit about each other and learned headkillz cant hold his drink poor guy
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    There are seriously some amazing people in this community. Honest to God, just the right attitudes to everything, roleplay, OOC, everything. So much love right now. Basically; thank you.
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    New profile tune who dis? Thanks again @Watchman
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    Shout out to @Watchman because he makes the best profile pictures & wallpapers.
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    Sitting here trying to download the RHS mods for Arma 3 and Steam decides to start its Tuesday maintenance. Feck.
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    The purpose of buying clothes on the item store should be to create an outfit, not to see which items have the most space for hoarding loot.
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    Had to get @Ryan Shepherds only kill in a video
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    From the album: Stan's travels

    Stole this tent so I could wander around the country and sleep where ever I want.
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    I sense great potential in these 2 chernarussian groups... just like the good old days
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    Dalsi Stranka & Domorodci Foreigners Looking forward to it boys, congrats on approval.
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    Historically amphetamines have been used by soldiers to stay awake and move extremely long distances without getting tired so if were thinking about "absolute realism" there is nothing wrong with it and the amount of pills in the bottle isnt unrealistic either. If something, the effects should actually last way longer. But since its a game and we need to think about balancing too, what about decreasing the spawn rate drastically and making the item super rare.
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    I never fully understood this rule. You can't use the megaphone in most cases because people won't know who is initiating, from where and how many they are, but you can run in middle of Kab, drop a fat "Everyone put your hands up or die!" in chat and that would be perfectly fine although achieving the exact same thing.
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    My God this gif is still killing me.
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    yeah the way people have to initiate with the megaphone seems so unnatural and dumb. People need to give their location, group, appearance, social security number, height, eye color, and state if they have any medical conditions to have a valid initiation. And people literally sit there and make a checklist of the things you say so that if you miss 1 criteria they can report it as invalid. Not to mention the thing of the person having to be visible doesnt even really makes sense. As long as the people who are getting initiated on know whats happening it should be fine. Otherwise you have to send someone to basically suicide and stand out in the open
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    Well this night did not turn out the way i thought it would have. A very big compliment to the Slovak bratri and sistra. @[email protected]@Devin Simpson and @Hazard. @[email protected]@groovy ToeZies This was absolutely awesome 10/10 RP from you as well. @[email protected]@Scarlett It was fun having you over for some treatment. Very nice!
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    Man today was relaxing beyond belief, @Franny hope we can continue that fun joke , @Azu stop drug. @ToeZies dude, fuck me man that was to much, @Ducky best party pooper was fun nonetheless (danger zone) @cheeks Very nice RP you got, Very nice RP you got ;). And who could forget @Hazard, @Devin Simpson, @DookieCS . Bring out the worst in me
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    Is the picture below a roll or a baguette? Certain Irish think this is a roll.
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    The image you posted is a baguette.. This is a roll mate -
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    To have better grounds for discussion, let me actually quote the rule: Megaphones are almost useless due to wording of this rule, unless you want to say "Hi!" or keep it completely non-hostile (is a stern warning to stay away already possibly hostile action or the grounds for it?). I can only suggest a notable rework or rewording to incorporate PA or megaphone into initiations in an organic fashion that still allows clarity for situations, not random ass town initiations that are non-specific on who is targeted (or why) and from who it might be. I think it's anything but organic to completely rule this out ("cannot be done remotely", a megaphone I count as remotely) forcing to you ... what? Always run up to your (potential) opponents and yell at them, giving a potential tactical advantage away? An organic way I can imagine is (depends on the where, who, etc) you decide to attack a camp, and address the camp specifically while you, as attacker group, say that for example they are surrounded. This gives them the heads up that the attacking party is around them, without them saying "oh and by the way, we are East and North in the hills of your camp with men wearing the following: (....)!" I say: Open up the megaphone for this, keep it specific without spilling everything out, specific enough to make it clear to the involved parties, without it becoming silly due to hard requirements. Simple terms: If it basically is clear and apparent enough for the involved parties, it should be a viable tool. If not, one should refrain from using that in a specific situation until the situation becomes clear enough where usage would be fine.
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    That is a legitimately impressive kill.
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    Welcome to the man, the myth and the legend. GMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK! @GMAK
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    Congratulations on approval my fellow chernarussians can't wait to finally meet you ig! Slava Chernarus!
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    Dom's keepsake photographs: The Family photo: Dom and Radomir find a pet deer in the woods: Dom taking it easy at the camp fire:
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    Wouldn't make much sense considering amphetamine specifically removes the feeling of hunger
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    I've had an amazing time with this group so far, characters with such depth and actual backing to them, loving every minute! Now that we're official it's only going to get bigger and better!
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    That's a lot of armbands! Tore up about 50 raincoats that I found at the harbor storage containers. 50x5x5=1375 pieces of fabric! Time to make holsters, knife sheaths, and belts to sell!
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    @McLeranth @DookieCS @Devin Simpson @Hazard Solvaks know how to have a party! Was a hell lot of fun! Poor Anytom though @Azu @groovy ToeZies @Ducky @cheeks nice hanging out with you. Was a hell lot of fun again. We need to party with the Slovaks more often. Sad I have to leave so early @Revie @Malet cold Laska just wanted to invite you to ther party as well! Cut her drunken mind some slack! Would've followed you but sadly had to log
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    May I suggest a character pic after witnessing you shave only one side of his face:
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    I think instead of just switching it over, keep it to the: "You cannot get involved in the scuffle relating to your death no matter where it has moved. You may also not return 1 km of your death for 1 hour after active kill rights have diminished." I don't like taking out returning to the fight even if it moved, because your allies can just bait the fight to move and then you can just join right back in. This would also make it realistic as in, well in real life, you would have died in that battle. that would have been the end of your presence on that battlefield.
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