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    Visited the Giant's Causeway today. Was pretty lit. 8 hour round-trip was definitely worth the effort
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    but in all honesty thanks for the roleplay guys
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    You answered your question already. The custom armband was ordered for an approved group and was available for its members on the group roster. Since group was archived, the roster is gone and automatically so is access to the armband. That's how the underlying code for group armbands work. There cannot be a group armband without a group, system doesn't know who should have access to it without the roster. I think it's pretty logical and self explanatory even without a disclaimer. I'm sure that if Diamond and Nik have questions about it they will contact me personally, there's no need for you to be getting involved and lawyering for them Hollows
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    PART 3 - Lost causes Suspicion wracked the nerves of all, it gnawed like a mosquito in the summer eve that you could not quite get a hold of. It would always return to buzz at your ear, to remind you of the what if's and worse case scenarios. The gazes from behind gas masks and sunglasses now set on the woman wearing the bright blue UN-beret. Not the best of fashion choices in Chernarus, Leo had learned this the hard way for his own blue attire. The dance continued along until the woman roused up in defense of the UN. The new Slovakian acquaintances saw blood in the water, like sharks with multiple rows of teeth, only the rows were the bullets in their magazines. Telling a tale of how the UN had blundered and their leadership fallen down into degrading depths even in the terms of the new world. But Leo knew he was there just to listen to the music, as he always had. He knew what would happen if he danced along the irrational distorted tunes of the apocalypse his friend had gotten shot over not long ago. Perhaps the woman would get blown to bits, perhaps just roughed up. It was her choice. A freedom of choice that had been molded in the constant hail of bullets he had seen in the field, the scraggly child soldiers, the ones who worked the fields. The beggars, the scavengers that sold their wares. The warlords and the mercenaries. A dead-set mentality of what is there really to lose but your life, but you always will have a choice. He chose to watch what the UN-woman's own words and actions would reap her. Even though the signs were all there for things to go the path what they usually did, she folded and discarded the hat that she seemed to hold great pride in. A hail of gunfire was surprisingly steadied out into a stern sermon. And the deer scurried off. His gaze flowed over the new company of people, a "hmh" of laughter lacing his throat at the turn of events. His digits lacing against the frequency he had been given as he wandered off on his own again. He could appreciate the woman's bravery, but medals and commendations rarely did anyone any good if they were six feet under. That's what people rarely tell about heroes, that they aren't there to get that handshake, those moments of silence in respect. The cold medal hanging from their cross might as well be any bauble set to decorate the sullen sight. Meaningless in the end for the person beneath it. But to his chagrin Leo was not beyond those sentimentalities as perfect as he thought his theory was. His broad form standing over the grave of Milan as he stood there silently, setting the row of wildflowers against the wooden cross he had hammered for the man after making his grave deeper. The cranes he carried with him, resting now just like he was. "You know Milan, I think it's better you died fighting like this. It was stupid as all hell, but at least you did not live to see the people you cared about downtrodden like this. @DinoThe strong stallion reduced to an old haggard nag ready for the glue factory, trailing after the @Braycesstrong farm-cat that stepped with confidence that turned into a raggedy malnourished kitten afraid of it's own shadow." It was their choice. He knew it was their choice the moment the @Kordrugaconductor stepped in, suckling in the information that had been laid on the table. And they were more than willing to bleed it over willingly, her even more so. Leo knew the voice, he had heard it in many places. In different languages, different places, but it was the same. That soft firm tone, like dripping honey that stuck in. It forced you to hang onto his words, to believe it was the truth and the single truth. Enough of it for that young mind and it would probably have her believe in whatever he said with enough circumstantial facts laced in the woodwork. The way he blatantly explained in Leo's face that the situation was different, that they were helping her instead. Normally it would've made him sick to his stomach, but the lack of protest, the lack of any form of resistance made him draw himself out of the situation. Dancing along the tune of the masked pied piper with one eye. Eager to walk away already. He was not there to sweep after Milan, or anyone. That was his single truth for now, he did not share the same promise he had made with the two lost souls. Even though that small mosquito still buzzed in his ear.... A small prod with a stick to test the ice to catch the villain in contradiction, but that would be enough from Leo as far as pushing it went. It was not his fight after all, he had learned what he came to learn. The girl was scared, clinging onto the idea of safety, not wanting her kidnappers to be hurt, not wanting anyone to be hurt. Confused, lost, scared, wanting to stay. And the man whom the old wolf had told was close to the girl just accepted it all seemingly, perhaps to remain by her side even if it mean't tossing himself and his principles away. The irritation was poignant in his voice though, but was that the extent his rebellion would go to at it's zenith, who knows. Leo's mission was at an end.. but His hand reached for the radio, perhaps as a last favor to the old wolf who had waited on the sidelines for Milan and Nikolai to give word that never came. The call to action that would probably by all lengths prove fruitless in Leo's mind by the scene he had seen. "I think she has been fully indoctrinated, And Nikolai is following in line to be near her. I doubt she would double cross you or anything, but she is covering for her kidnappers. Whatever you think is left of them, I think it is too late to salvage, I am sorry." The @RiZStream old wolf answered in confusion, at Leo's words. Options and theories flowing, as they always did. "I would focus your efforts on protecting your people instead. Believe it or not, it is your choice." Leo bluntly stated. "What is my choice?" "To believe me or not, they made their choices, now it's time to make yours." Not a single beat skipped as the voice hailed through the radio "I will get them back" An involuntary smile tugged at Leo's lips, just like that involuntary buzzing in his ear had risen when he looked at Ellie and Nikolai in their state, that threatened to drive his boots forward into uncharted territory. "Mmm." And so choices were made... Whether it would end up in new graves being dug or uncharted territory with new sets of boot prints on it, only time would tell. The same time would flow on Leo's part and push him forward, his blue gaze painting over the wildflowers that decorated the grave. Luckily they were abundant so upkeep of the grave would not be a challenge. At least it would be routine, chasing away the ever growing abyss that haunted his mind. The lack of purpose and commitment to any other route but his own. And the road itself.... looked emptier than ever
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    Buying untradable, unsellable, virtual clothes, that you are only able to use on this server is not an investment my friend. They will not decrease in value, as they never had any to begin with. You will still have your clothes, the only thing that'll change is that other people might be able to get them aswell. Saying 'No' to this because you chose to spend money on them is pretty egoistic in my honnest oppinion. Just because you chose to spend money on something doesn't mean that others shouldn't be able to get it by working for it. I fully support this idea, as it is a great incentive to promote play-time and rewards those that choose to spend their time playing on our servers. In all honnesty, I feel like this should've been implemented when the item-store was, but better late than never!
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    I know exactly what I'm doing, okay?
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    Enjoyed the roleplay throughout this evening from @Kordruga @Baron @SquirtleKitty @Brayces @Dino (hopefully I have not forgotten anyone?) Some good raids were had. @Ducky and @groovy ToeZies - Really enjoyed the RP from you both at green mountain. Was trying to give John a helping hand to find some balls but he seemed to be a bit too slow... OOCly looking forward to our next meeting, ICly not so much. Also a far too brief but enjoyable interaction with @Franny during her attempt to intervene. Good job from all
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    To increase server population and retainment , an idea was born on Discord to reward you with a tiny amount of account credit for every full hour you spend on the server. This way the server gets more full because people are more inclined to join and stay for longer, which means more populated servers, which means even more people will join. Obviously, there's nothing free in this world, so to counter balance the loss of potential income caused by giving away free credits, a new perk would be added for Premium ranks which would give you a multiplier for the play bonus that ranges from 110% to 200% (so 10% extra - 100% extra). This wound grant an incentive to buy a premium ranks which could be seen as an investment and partially or fully pay itself off in long term, depending on how much you play. This is how the prototype looks like (you can find your own play statistics under main menu Dayz -> Play statistics). Values are preliminary. Obviously, the big issue here is AFKing in the server, but considering one dies from hunger/thirst reasonably quickly, an anti-AFK measure added to our mod and the fact that servers crash fairly often, we believe AFKing would not be a major problem. Let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions for improvement. We also want to do a similar thing for recruiting new members to the community, more info on that soon.
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    I'm congratulating myself on 100 posts. I'd like to thank my friends and family. @aaroncoates, @Drezen, @AkaRand, @FalkRP Yeah I don't have that many. *pats self on back*
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    On my way to my convention. Excitement abounding! I'll be back in-game in a few days from now. See you all then!
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    About that snip... I take the snip back. Due to unfortunate circumstances and the very small likelihood of recovering I have decided to archive this group. I loved the idea and storyline and working up to godfather was a brilliant experience but it was definitely a group that died with dean. I appreciate my homies giving me the opportunity to lead however, despite the recent events. I am sure the Mafia will be back one day, but for now? This is Ronnie and the Mafia, signing out. o7 boys
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    The title speaks for itself Introduce a rule where a group/individual must initiate on a group/individual before raiding their base, thus removing the oppertunity for offline raiding. I fully expect this suggestion to get a lot of flack, and I know exactly who the flack will come from but this is the reasoning for this suggestion. In the last 5 days, our base of a non-approved group attempting to RP and be neutral has been raided, every single day. Most of the raids have happened when ALL MEMBERS are OFFLINE. This results in ZERO RP for the raid itself, we don't know who did it which means we can't even RP with the group that did it; we are unable to defend it and finally we have to spend hours going out and looting to get the stuff back. "Don't spend hours looting to get it back then" I hear you say ... Our group primarily relies on having stuff in our base for us to be able to trade with. We are a group of traders attempting to set up a sancturary where people can come, trade, hang out and chill. What brings people to our compound(s) is that people can come and get food, drink, medical supplies and ammo. "You sound like a bunch of sore losers" Says a bandit from the back of the room ... We may sound like a bunch of sore losers, however - there is no WINNING for the raiders, when all they have to do is spend 7 minutes snapping a lock to take days of hard work. There should be some level of initiation to prevent this. Where is the roleplay there? I close with quotes from our group on discord The floor ... is open.
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    -1 takes up staff time that can be used for more important things. The time it took to prove it etc you may as well just wait the NLR timer.
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    Love to see it. Welcome back Taryn!
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    Answers above in red. This is a topic that has been asked and gone over numerous times in both the discord, and on the forum, since base building was implemented. Its a bit of a dead horse.
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    Been really enjoying running into you fine folks lately always fun and great RP!
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    Now isn't this nice, welcome back Taryn
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    Welcome back, Taryn! :O! Riptide 3.0, when?
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    Well yeah otherwise it would be put down as trolling. You can toss it with the initiation not like that changes anything as it doesn't kill anyone unless you get unlucky.
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    From the album: Mia's Never Ending Footsteps

    When my eyes catch the light and sparkle! Or am I really possessed by an evil spirit? Only time will tell.
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    I really loved running around with you guys. I have a feeling Leo will be seeing a lot more of you and we will see where it goes from there! 10/10 trailer and the repeated use of the word "freedom" for Leo is like
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    Flashbangs do kill randomly. @Baron and I were messing around with them, @Kordruga told us they have a random chance to kill but like most misbehaving children we didn't listen. After Baron chucked the third one and I was standing ten feet away atop a car it killed me instantly. I was at full health, with no injuries or lack of food/water. So yeah, no flashbangs without a initiation. They are deadly at times!
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    I added randomly because that's how the rule was supposed to work, to prevent random acts of hostile actions and KoS. It doesn't take into account that some people agree to certain things that normally be rule breaks, like for example some groups are OK with being KoSed and that's fine by us. Doesn't change the fact that for the rest of us KoS is still a rule break. Any hostile action that deals damage to another player should meet requirements of 4.1. However if people want to punch each other because of escalating situation/RP they can do that and all they need to do is make sure that other people are fine with it and won't report it. Cause if not, not only any initiations or kill rights that come afterwards will be considered invalid in a report, but even a punch can be classified as an attempted invalid kill given certain circumstances. If it worked the way you claim, we could just shoot at each other with guns without initiations and as long as nobody gets killed and only knocked out/slowed due to injuries it would be just fine - it only disables them for a minute as long as someone patches them up, right? Nah, it does't work that way. It's a smart move, but it is way too OP to be used without an initiation. Just imagine sucker punching someone and knocking them out and then initiating while they are decked. People need to have a chance to defend themselves, and throwing sucker punches or flashbangs without an initiation does not allow for that.
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    I see that sneaky "punch randomly" in there You are allowed to punch people though. If a situation escalates and you punch someone its a hostile action and the person gains defence rights on you. Why should a flashbang be any different. Ive heard that @Zanaan had told someone that initiating on someone while stun locking them with punches is AoGM which is understandable but a flashbang shouldnt be because disabling someone for a few seconds is its intended purpose in the game. Using it to initiate when outnumbered is just a smart move in my opinion.
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    Throwing a flashbang at someone prior to an initiation, would mean the initiation is invalid, as it is a hostile action.
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    Whats with this propaganda?
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    Had a good time running with @KillSwitch today. You're flashes of and battle with schizophrenia was keeping me on edge!
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    Logs in for the first time in a month. 100+ fucking notifications. Logs out.
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    It is what I do best, roleplay with the people who "chat shite".
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    - User has been warned for this post -
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    Ah, the time comes for all good things to come to an end. I have decided to close the group now. Thank you to everybody who has joined the group and roleplayed with us dynamically, you really did make the group work. Especially you doctors! Big thank you to all the patients too as we couldn't of done this group without you people roleplaying out your injuries and calling us for help. You too, made this group work. Also like to thank Lemons and your evil island for the roleplay and fear you gave us all. But with that said, this group will now flatline and go to the afterlife. Thanks to everyone who helped out! /Archived.
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    Since I'm working on graphics lately I though I might upload these I guess? Chernarussian banners ~ because people asked me to make these:
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    I have attempted to fix this and found it impossible. As a result I will be quitting DayZ as it is a broken unfinished game that is ultimately unplayable.
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    District liberation part 3
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    Seems a certain guide will be useful
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    Just teargassed my whole school, my face choking in this tight ass motherfucker.
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    Hai! I've been a SAMP roleplayer for about 5 years. I'm hoping to RP here. Alright people. Let's wait for my app which is 433/831 queue now, holy shit.
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