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    Hello DayZRP staff team and community. I would like to apply for a position on the DayZRP staff team. And I thought a video would be the best way to show my thoughts about how I could contribute.
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    @LifeLight @OxeN Fuck, just noticed a grammar mistake. Whatever.
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    Are we ever getting the Lore Time Line back again? I really liked it, and it provided new players with a sense of where the Lore has gone since the outbreak. I understand we took it down, since we removed LMs during ... the dark times ... But the LMs are back and pumping out Lore stuff so can we perhaps have the Time Line back too?
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    FUCKING FUCK FUCKING FUCK FUCK FUCKING FUCK FUCK FUCKING FUCKITTY FUCK!!!!!!!! 3 Days since my last entry, 15th of July. After the Royalists lost the English Civil War, and yes they lost that by the way, Oliver Cromwell (may he Rot. In. Pieces.) invaded Ireland, given back then we were still part of the United Kingdom and, foolish us, supported the King that.. owned us, during that. A year of war, sieges, civilian massacres led by Cromwell later (and another 2-3 led by others in his place), during which a famine broke out, followed by the plague. Not A plague of something. THE. LITERAL. PLAGUE. The Great Famine (The Irish Potato Famine) lasted four years, 1845-1849, during which the population the population fell by over 2 million (half to dying, half to exodus to the US.. not precise numbers but estimates, so meh). So if you were a young man, or were born around then, you were old enough to fight when the US Civil War went from 1861-1865... Did you know between 200 and 300,000 of the Unions two million soldiers (over the course of the whole war) was Irish. That's 10-15%.. 20% of the Union Navy too. The same fuckers who had just gotten off the boat to come live there. Not to mention the smaller, but still present, number of Irish in the Confederacy. And then, of course, the Irish had their own Civil War almost immediately after their war for independence from British Rule. The same soldiers who'd fought and died together were fighting each other over the stupid fucking terms of the treaty. It tore the country apart, in every sense of the word. Now this last one was by far the smallest of the conflicts, but it was 10 months of war almost immediately following 2 and 1/2 years against the British (and their oh so lovely Black & Tans). And noooow the group has their own civil war, albeit a quick one; Loyalties and sides turned during this thing almost on the hour, every hour, and alliances made with.. people I care not to even fucking name. But now, well, the King is Dead. Long Live the Queen. Is it a curse in the blood? Something about being Irish? Doomed to keep getting caught up in other stupid bastards 'Civil' Wars, why can't they just kill each other and leave me alone? ------ *The handwriting for the following passage is more rough and shaky then those before it, written by a much more unsteady hand* ----- And twice I tried to use the chaos to try and slip away, for a time, to distance myself and sort my shit out while everyone else calms down. The first time I was spotted in Sosnovka, I had to refill my canteen and Alyssa's side passed through town and I was 'invited' back. I didn't have to go but it would've looked bad. And the second time I got as far as Zelenogorsk.. And I ran in to fucking Anthony. We gave each other false names but I should've known, I should have fucking known, I let slip about the group so he knew it was me, we were just outside of town heading Pavlovo way and he was limping; next time Sunny should aim higher, actually make sure the prick is dead! So he was right behind me when he pulled his gun, took me off into the woods... Fuck.. Fucking fucking shit bugger damn blast fucking of all the fucking shit outta luck stupid shit-eating fucking dumbass stupid nonsense, I get dragged into this. So now he wants me to spy for him. Tell him what happens. Be his good little fly on the wall or he'll be back for me. The sadistic prick... I returned just in time to see Ace being buried alive. They buried her alive right next to where they buried Derek, for fuck sake! She at least was let out again, but what happens if Anthony tells them I tried to escape while they were busy? What happens if they find out he wants me to spy on them?!! I don't know what to do. I can barely think straight. And why do I keep yawning?! If this is the luck of the fucking Irish... God help me.
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    can we also get pornhub tshirts please delete the twitch shirt it makes no sense
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    New sad beet on SoundCloud, peep it pls
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    Don't call me a thot. Also I agree with this suggestion. It's super annoying when both servers are sitting at 50 or 60 people, especially with groups of people hiding from everyone else. The RP is hard to find lately.
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    "In actual fact, we have nothing to worry about. According to our research the next emission will not occur for at least, two months, four days and seven hours." - Young Ecologist moments before the incident. I see a Clear Sky inspiration and I raise you a toast, good luck Stalker.
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    Because it's an Eastern European country that isn't exactly the most developed? I doubt very many of the 3.8 million people that live in Chernarus are even going to watch Twitch, never mind buy a twitch shirt.
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    Id like to see more eastern/soviet weaponry. Kinda stupid to have more western than eastern weapon varieties in a post soviet state.
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    Yeah Shane wtf you haven’t been here you’re suppose to know we’ve tried this before smh
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    I consistently see both servers fill up, or get close to it, quite a bit. Though I will concede that, on off-hours, it can be a drag to find people. As for the last bit, that's a whole other debate about overall roleplay quality, not server population, IMO.
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    we’ve literally been over this before the server can barely handle 80 it is unplayable at 100 this discussion literally happened a month ago server 2 definitely should be closed till s1 is 70+ though
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    If you never emote you forcing the button down you well never pressed the button so how can you transmit information with your hands up? The rule is fine as it is.
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    Went on NW airfield recently for RP Weaponry but came out out with 5 boxes of nails instead, lotta industrial buildings there
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    Dude had a 20 round drum mag and missed 7 shots.
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    make sure you have this mods installed https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1599372051 and take a small read on this to make sure the other things are in order https://www.dayzrp.com/join/
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    just take the ak out your name
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    Dancing your way through staff be like... Well done fella! Glad to both my boys rising to the top!
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    Just give me the word and I'll dig up the stuff for it and we will fill it in.
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    I mean... It just kinda breaks the 4th wall? And who the hell would RP as a twitch streamer?
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    Damn! You'd think third time lucky. A few of us including myself are having some troubles trying to get on as much as we used to however this'll hopefully improve when our lives are a bit more in order . And gotta admit we've definitely enjoyed hosting some tasty parties, for any occasion! Appreciate the feedback Brayces, we'll try to be there next time you show up!
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    We already do. Rude.
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    I can't! I'm crying xD That was fucking brilliant!
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    @Terraand @Ron, I'm so glad you guys had a good time RPing as much as we did. We had a lot of fun.
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    Glad you finally decided to post it, told you it'd be okay Good luck lads
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    RIP Derek Crow. Thanks to all that made him so unbelievably fun to play. One of my favorite characters I've ever had the pleasure of playing.
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    Bring back the mentor program
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    I didn't really read through the other responses to your question but here is mine so consider it from the horse's mouth. There are roughly 3 eras of modern Chernarussian history. Dark times when the republic was forming (1991-2004), the Interim period (2004-2009) where the Chedaki movement began to coalesce and the Chernarussian government was very weak and run by a centrist party with little influence, ending in the civil war, and the Kozlov (2009-present day) which saw the lessening of NATO forces, the increase in size of the Strana Vzkříšení (Resurrection Party) and the CDF, the unification (more or less of the Chernarussian political right and center), and the utter consolidation of the militaristic, statist nationalist faction. It was at this point directly after the war that Chernarus refused to join the EU to play into Russia's hand, they are still part of the UN as every nation is but they limited NATO bases to MNBG 1 and MNBG 2, which is Utes Island and a small base outside of Kirovograd that is mainly comprised of non-American personnel from across NATO's member states. The base on Utes was evacuated in late 2017 if I recall correctly and the base near Kirovograd was utterly destroyed after week 2. (Pro-Kozlov poster 2010) These bases were the only one used by NATO in Chernarus after 2009. A key desire among the new establishment was to placate the Americans in the aftermath of the war, as the CDF was seen by many as just riding the coat tails of the Marines that liberated South Zagoria. The establishment also ensured that Chernarus did not become a NATO proxy or a battleground for the East and West. Access to local rebuilding contacts and trade agreements that leveraged Chernarus' vast resource wealth made this possible. The reality was a bit more nuanced on the part of the actual conflict, and this is evident in the harvest red campaign that you can play in Arma 2. We follow "The War That Never Was" ending of the campaign. The simple fact was that once the Marines pushed the Chedaki inland towards Stary Sobor and re-took Krasnostav Airbase to use as a spring board for air attacks the game was pretty much up for the Chedaki as their leadership was hunted down and eliminated by Razor Team with assistance from Chernarussian State Security (COBR) and OREL spetsnaz subunits. From Vyshnoye onward, virtually every assault was spearheaded by joint Marine-CDF formations, with the Marines relying heavily on the CDF's army intel branch (there's a portion of the campaign where you as a Marine visit Lieutenant Marny of CDF intel in Electrozavodsk.) The Chernarussian government DID ask for help once it became clear they couldn't handle it. Misinformation is how stories get created, it's part of RP even if it is false. There are western weapons strewn around mainly because of (from a Lore perspective) the movement of so many people groups into and out of the region, moving from place to place, getting eliminated, dropping weapons and cycling them around. The loot table has actually just recently reduced the amount of western weapons that spawn. No Russian forces have maintained bases in territorial Chernarus since 1991. The Chernarussian bases in South Zagoria are property of the 93rd Brigade of the CDF and are rightfully government property as far as they are concerned, but nobody is as bothered with looting in such places now as the government has it's territory in the west that is more critical.
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    Pfft imaging using A-listers in your character photos, amateurs.
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    So.. I'm a Game Master. Now you're all doomed
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    I present you with the following image and statements to go with it: The council had a clear and precise purpose. That purpose has not been utilised in the month or 2 it has been up. Furthermore, the first time a member has posted there, with the purpose of discussing implementing one of the reasons the council was made, it was shot down after 2-3 comments, seemingly with the general concensus agreeing with @Terra's point. As such, the Council seems to be nothing more than a waste of space on the website, and I suggest immediate removal of the feature. Alternatively, I think there needs to be a major discussion between the council members about what they want out of the council idea.
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    Archangel I write this as my hands finally have come to work again. From what I gathered I was lost for sometime last night, staring off in the distance. Old memories coming back to haunt me. Thankfully this time, what happened didn't end up repeating itself, and everyone got away relatively unharmed... The past few days have reminded me of why I eventually knew I would retire from active duty. I have had to be on constant high alert ever since the last time ... they ... showed up to our gate, and when someone says they have a gut feeling that more radio broadcasts are coming? It is like it never ends. Toss in the constant radio traffic on UN / NATO frequencies and it has become a mad house in Chernarus... Guess the storm is finally here? Preacher and Cole have been contracted to help protect us... funny. The Good Guys defending us? The same men that lambasted me for taking the black are now potentially pulling the trigger for us, or at the very least, Ace. The irony would be something outstanding if I could actually take time to revel in it, but there's no time for that anymore. No time for really anything. Even when I do try to go and do something, its always within minutes that I am being recalled because something has happened, someone has gotten hurt, taken, there is shooting or strange people. I'm almost tempted to not leave the compound ever at this point... In... 'good'... news, friend of mine is going back to the States for a while, top secret he said. Gave him a radio frequency of a longtime friend of mine, he has some things that he kept on reserve for me, things that either needed to be destroyed, or things that I have sorely missed. I know not what else he will have, Falcon said that he had found something of interest to me, but refused to say what over the long range that I jerry-rigged for a few hours the other night. Ace said a while ago, when I first brought the dream up to her, that the dream was starting to cause me to dress in all Black... that I was doing the oldest trick in the book when it came to surviving, to dress and act like what was coming for me. When Mischa said that we were both falling to the darkness together, it started to come together somewhat. While there is no such thing as good and evil, there is such a thing as a really... really dark grey... I pray I do not go that far, that I do not entertain the thoughts that sometimes bounce in my mind... I pray that I find some reason to cling to humanity... For this dream... this nightmare I keep having, it is changing far too much. It is coming closer and closer and I worry that I may already be too far gone... The Archangel of Death may already be here.
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    Were you around for mod? I dont recall there being levels, any clan that had an impact on the server got a camp and a few swayed from hero to bandit or vice versa. A clan that labels them like this is silly because RP should progress and change them overtime. Free Medics are probably the only exception that done it well, but even they got into some dirt with the FMDS. Anyways, settlements are fucking great and building could be removed depending on how the new update works out, @Roland I saw you post all the objects that have been built and theres quite a few bobs out there so the server will probably be having it rough in a few weeks. HYPE though, (Guy with his hands up only one not to resist, the sanctuary was nearly impossible to take) edit: goin through 100s of screens trying to find interiors, DayZ standalones building is cool nd all, but hopefully we can get stuff like this using assets in the game.
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